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Cooking Classes

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When Franky heard the bedroom door open again a few minutes later, she lit the candles on the cake and everyone got ready to sing ‘Happy Birthday’.

Bridget entered the main part of the house again, wearing the dress she had bought earlier that day, paired with the heels she had thought of when she tried it on. Franky stopped singing in the middle of the song. She’d seen Bridget dressed up before, but she thought she’d never looked as beautiful as she did tonight. The blonde caught her eye and then quickly looked down as a blush started to form on her cheeks. She’d never get used to that look from her girlfriend.

At the end of the song she blew out the candles and, with help from Emily, cut and served everyone a slice of the cake.

As she was taking her first bite, she felt two arms wrap around her from behind and a soft kiss placed on the side of her neck.

“You look really beautiful.” Franky murmured into her ear and she felt the older woman shiver in her arms. “Come outside with me for a minute, I’ve got something for you.”

Bridget placed her slice of cake down on the counter and followed the brunette out onto the patio. Franky sat down on the porch swing and gently pulled the blonde down next to her.

“I got you something. It’s not much, but when I saw it, I thought it suited you.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small, black jewelry box. She noticed Bridget’s slight look of apprehension. “It’s not a ring, promise.” She gave a small laugh, handing over the box.

Bridget opened it to reveal a small, silver star on a matching chain. “Oh, Franky…”

“Here, let me put it on you. It will go well with your dress.” Franky took the necklace out of the box and motioned for Bridget to turn around so that she could place it around her neck and fasten it.

When Bridget turned back around, she reached up and placed her hand on Franky’s cheek, moving her thumb back and forth. “I love it, thank you, baby.” She leaned in and gave her a slow, gentle kiss. When she pulled back, she looked into green eyes and considered her next line carefully for a second. “And I love you.”

Franky leaned in and kissed her deeply, and Bridget wondered if she had made a mistake and this was her girlfriend’s way of avoiding saying it in return. The brunette pulled back, cradling Bridget’s face in her hands.

“I love you too, Gidge.”

Bridget let out the breath she was holding. She gave Franky another quick kiss, “We should get back inside with our guests.”

The blonde grabbed her slice of cake and headed over to the kitchen table to sit with her niece. “Hey, love, Franky says you made the cake, how did you know chocolate was my favourite?” She smiled and the young girl giggled, shrugging her shoulders. “Are you enjoying the party so far?”

“Yeah, Vera said we could watch a movie later. That will be fun. I’ve never stayed at her house” Emily paused. “I told Franky I was going to miss you and her. She packed my teddy bear and your penguin to keep me company there.” Bridget couldn’t help but smile. Franky had known exactly how to make Emily feel better about being away for the night because of course she did. She’d done it effortlessly ever since the first time she’d met the small blonde.

“That was very thoughtful of her and I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time with Vera.” Emily nodded and they continued to eat their cake.

As the evening went on, Franky made small talk with a few of the guests. She hadn’t invited any of her friends as they hadn’t had the chance to meet Bridget yet, and she wanted this party to be all people with whom Bridget was comfortable. She could meet Franky’s friends another time. When she went to the kitchen to get a glass of wine, she noticed that Vera was sitting out on the patio at the table, alone. She filled her glass and headed outside to talk to her.

“Hey,” she said, sitting down in the chair across from her. “Why are you out here all by your lonesome?”

“I just needed some air.” There was something about the way she said it that made Franky think there was more to it than that, but didn’t want to push.

“Thanks again for taking Bridget out today and for looking after Emily tonight.” The brunette said, taking a sip of her wine.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Bridget and I don’t get to spend much time together outside of work so it was nice. And I love spending time with Emily. I don’t have any young kids in my family anymore.” She paused, resting her head in her hand and looking up to meet Franky’s eyes. “You know, I’ve never heard Bridget talk about someone the way she talks about you.”

“In a good way, I hope?” Franky chuckled.

“In a very good way. She’s been on her own for awhile now and it’s nice to see her happy.” Vera hoped she hadn’t said too much.

“Is this where you tell me not to fuck it up and that you know how to hide a body if I do?”

“Yeah. Don’t, uh, fuck it up, okay?” They both burst out laughing.

“Come on back inside, I got some tequila for shots.” Franky stood up from the table.

“Oh, none for me, thanks. I think I’ll take Em and head to my place if that’s okay with you guys. It’s getting a bit late, and I promised her a movie.”

“Oh, shit, sorry, yeah, yeah I’ll grab her bag for you.” Franky headed into the house to let Bridget and Emily know that Vera was ready to leave, and then headed down to the girl’s room to grab her bag.

“Be good for Vera, yeah?” Bridget reminded her niece every time she left her with someone even though there was never any trouble. “She’ll bring you back tomorrow after lunch, okay?” Emily nodded and Bridget gave her a kiss on the cheek goodbye.

“Thanks so much for today Vera. If there’s any problem tonight, just give me a call.” She gave her friend a hug and a kiss on the cheek just as Franky returned with Emily’s things.

“Oh it’s no problem. I’m sure we’ll be fine.” She took the bag from Franky. “See you tomorrow. You two have fun!” She winked and then was out the door.

Back in the kitchen, Franky set out a row of shot glasses, a couple of salt shakers and a bowl of lime wedges. She moved down the line of glasses with the bottle of tequila, filling each one.

Once everyone had collected their glass, Franky raised hers in the air, “Okay, happy birthday on three! One….two…..three…”

“Happy Birthday!” Everyone shouted and took their shot. Bridget shook her head back and forth feeling the burn of the tequila going down her throat.

A few moments later, after the guests had cleared out, Bridget poured two more shots and handed one to Franky. Just as the brunette was about to drink hers, Bridget stopped her.

“Wait a second, baby.” She grabbed Franky’s shirt and pulled her in for a smouldering kiss, then began a trail down the brunette’s neck. She reached for the salt, sprinkling some where she had just kissed. She reached over to the bowl on the counter and picked up a lime wedge, holding it up to Franky’s mouth. The younger woman raised one eyebrow at her girlfriend as she took the wedge between her teeth.

Bridget picked up her shot glass. She leaned in and ran her tongue along the line of salt on the brunette’s neck then tipped her head back, downing her tequila. She moved her left hand to the nape of Franky’s neck, pulling her down slightly to meet her so she could take the lime with her mouth.

Franky eyes locked with the blonde’s briefly before she began kissing down her neck, sucking gently in spots along the way. When she reached the base of Bridget’s neck, she moved along her collarbone, nipping slightly then soothing it with her tongue. She grabbed the salt shaker off the counter and tipped it upside down, letting some of the salt stick to where her lips had just been and Bridget picked up a lime wedge from the bowl.

“Ready?” Franky asked. The older woman nodded and Franky bent down and licked the salt from her collarbone, continuing with her lips, back up the blonde’s neck, causing her to tip her head back then ended by scraping her teeth lightly against Bridget’s jaw below her ear.

“Mmmm, god, I could let you do that all night.” Bridget gasped. Franky smirked and the blonde placed the lime wedge between her teeth. She tipped back her shot of tequila, then took the lime from her girlfriend’s mouth. She reached over, placing the lime peel and empty glass on the kitchen island, then snaked an arm around the blonde’s waist, pulling her close.

“Want me to do it again?” The brunette asked cheekily, reaching for the bottle of tequila to refill their glasses.

“Mmmm yes,” Bridget sighed “but I think we’ve had enough of that.” She tilted her head towards the bottle. “I don’t want either of us passing out early tonight. I have plans.”

“Oh, do you?” Franky’s eyes went wide in mock surprise. The blonde smiled and nodded. “Well, in that case, maybe….” She reached over to her right, opening the fridge door and grabbing the container of extra frosting from earlier.

“Franky…” Bridget narrowed her eyes at her girlfriend.

“Relax, Gidge.” Franky opened the container and dipped in two fingers, taking a generous amount of frosting and spread it along the blonde’s collarbone where she had placed the salt earlier. The cool feeling of the frosting mixed with the warm caress of Franky’s lips and tongue was making goosebumps rise on her skin.

When the brunette pulled back, Bridget reached into the container, taking some frosting then leaving a trail of it down Franky’s neck with her fingers. She began working her way up with her lips and at the halfway point gave a small bite; not enough to hurt or leave a mark, but sharp enough that it made the younger woman gasp and let out a small moan.

Bridget moved her head back to look at Franky. The brunette was distracted enough by her blue eyes that she didn’t notice that the blonde had gotten more frosting and before she realized what was happening, Bridget brought her hand to Franky’s face and smeared it all across her cheek and the side of her nose, giggling at the look of surprise on her girlfriend’s face.

Stunned for a moment, the brunette quickly recovered, “Oh it’s on now.” She grabbed a handful of the frosting and Bridget took off, running to the other side of the kitchen island. Franky chased her for a second then quickly changed directions so she’s meet her head on. She caught the blonde, putting an arm around her waist and holding the smaller woman against her. She looked at Bridget for a moment with a cheeky grin, letting the older woman squirm for a moment and wonder what her fate would be.

“Franky….” Bridget giggled, “Franky, you wouldn’t…” Just then, the brunette brought her hand that was holding the frosting to Bridget’s left cheek and spread the sugary mixture all the way across her chin and opposite cheek.

They both laughed until they had tears in their eyes, and when the laughter died down, it was Bridget who eventually broke the comfortable silence. “I want to take you to bed. Let’s get cleaned up.”

Franky placed a kiss on the blonde’s lips and they headed to the bathroom to wash up.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Bridget pushed Franky up against the wall and kissed her hard. She ran her hands down the brunette’s neck and across her shoulders, letting her jacket fall to the floor. The blonde pulled away, tugging on Franky’s bottom lip with her teeth, and reached down to rid her of her t-shirt.

The younger woman immediately moved her lips to Bridget’s neck as she moved her hands around to the blonde’s back to unzip her dress. Pushing it down Bridget’s body, she followed with her lips, capturing a nipple in her mouth on the way. Franky moved her lips down the blonde’s ribcage eliciting a sharp gasp from the other woman. Bridget felt her grin against her skin.

“I found another one of your spots.” The brunette murmured.

“Mmmm, you did, baby.” Bridget sighed.

Franky continued down the blonde’s stomach and finally pushed the dress down over her hips so that it pooled on the floor around her feet. “Shit, Gidge.” Bridget gave a low laugh because she knew that Franky had just discovered that she hadn’t been wearing any underwear. She looked down to be met with darkened green eyes. She had intended to be in total control tonight, but as she felt the brunette’s hand running up the inside of her thigh and then along the length of her slit, she thought that maybe that part could wait for just a couple minutes longer.

Bridget felt herself being turned and gently pushed back against the wall. Franky ran her hand down the outside of the blonde’s right thigh, down to the back of her knee and lifted, placing it over her shoulder. She turned her head, kissing the inside of Bridget’s thigh, moving towards her centre. She ran her tongue along the blonde’s slit, tasting her for the first time that night. Franky moaned as she wrapped her lips around the other’s woman clit, sucking and licking gently.

“Franky…”The blonde closed her eyes and let her head fall back against the wall behind her. Between the foreplay of the body shots and frosting and Franky’s amazing tongue, she was already feeling her orgasm starting to build in the pit of her stomach. It would have been easy for her to stay there and get lost in what the brunette was doing to her. She forced herself to open her eyes and look down at the woman between her legs. She reached down and tangled her hand in the younger woman’s hair, signalling for her to stand up.

“Everything okay, Gidge?”

The blonde nodded and pulled Franky in for a kiss, tasting herself. She reached down unbuttoning the brunette’s pants and lowering the zipper before slipping her hand inside Franky’s underwear. She could feel the wetness that had already coated the brunette’s folds and soaked through the thin material. She drew slow circles around the younger woman’s clit and moved her mouth beside her ear.

“Take these off and get on the bed.” Franky whimpered at the command and nodded her head.

Bridget withdrew her hand and retrieved the bag containing her purchase from earlier that day. Seeing that Franky was already laying on the bed, she removed her heels and got on top of her, straddling the brunette’s hips. She placed the bag beside them on the bed and leaned forward, grasping both of Franky’s hands and moving them above her head, pinning them against the bed.

She placed a teasing kiss on the brunette’s lips, pulling back when Franky tried to recapture her mouth, wanting more. “Patience, baby.” Bridget murmured, smiling against her girlfriend’s lips. “I bought us something today.”

“Oh? What did you buy?” The brunette asked, raising her hips against Bridget, trying to get any bit of friction or relief that she could.

“Close your eyes.” Franky did as the blonde instructed her to, and she heard Bridget take something out of the bag beside them, letting it fall to the floor empty, and felt the older woman’s weight lift off her.

Bridget had gotten everything ready when she was in the bedroom putting on her dress earlier in the evening. She stepped into the harness and placed it around her hips, securing the straps tightly. She climbed back onto the bed, laying on top of the brunette.

Franky’s eyes flew open feeling the toy, that the blonde was wearing, against her body. “Gidge….”

“You good, baby?” Bridget checked in with the brunette, having felt her breathing and heart rate pick up.

“Mmhmm.” Franky hummed, smiling. “Just a bit surprised.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet, baby.” Bridget kissed the brunette, swiping her tongue along Franky’s bottom lip, asking for entry which was granted immediately.

The blonde reached down between their two bodies and once again found the wetness that was waiting there. She moved her fingers up and down over the brunette’s folds, dipping in teasingly every once in awhile, causing the younger woman to moan and try to push herself down onto them. When she was satisfied that the brunette was wet enough, she guided the strap-on to Franky’s entrance and pushed forward slightly. The brunette let out a shuddering breath and reached down to cup Bridget’s ass, trying to pull her into her further, but the blonde wouldn’t give in.

“Gidge, please.” Franky’s voice was full of a need that the blonde had never heard before.

“Please, what, baby?” Bridget lowered her head to suck on the brunette’s left nipple. Franky groaned beneath her as she pulled back slightly, then pushed in a little more than before.

“Oh god.”

Bridget had moved on to the opposite nipple now, continuing to take her time. She was still waiting for Franky to say what she wanted to hear. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

Franky Doyle rarely ever gave up control, let alone begged, but with Bridget, it was different. “Gidge, just fuck me.”

With that, Bridget raised herself up on her elbows and pushed the strap-on the rest of the way in, watching Franky’s face as she went. She began to move slowly in and out, peppering kisses all over the brunette’s neck, face and shoulders and eliciting small moans and gasps from the woman underneath her. They soon found their rhythm and the blonde could feel Franky’s pulse beating rapidly under her lips as they pressed against her neck. She could feel the other woman’s nails dig into her back slightly each time she pulled out and began her next thrust back inside.

“You like that, baby?” Bridget asked huskily in the brunette’s ear.

“Fuck, it feels so good, just…..ah, fuck…just…faster, babe.”

Bridget sped up, raising herself up on her arms slightly to get more leverage. Franky was impossibly wet at this point, and the only sounds that could be heard in the room were their rapid breathing and the sound of the toy moving in and out of her.

The blonde dipped her head down to kiss Franky fully on the lips, and moved her tongue against the brunette’s. She moved her lips to the younger woman’s jaw and kissed along the length of it until she got to her earlobe. She took it between her lips then let her teeth graze over it as she pulled away.

Franky grunted. “Gidge, fuck….I’m gonna come.”

She shifted her weight, reaching down between them to move her finger back and forth over Franky’s clit. Bridget sucked hard on the brunette’s neck and gave a sharp bite. That was all it took for Franky to dig her fingers in the blonde’s back as she cried out, her body shaking, releasing all the tension that had been building up.

Bridget slowed her pace as the waves of pleasure washing over Franky subsided. When she was still again, she planted a gentle kiss on her lips, feeling the brunette’s breath tickle her face as she tried to regulate her breathing.

“Fuck….” It was the only word that Franky could utter at the moment.

“Was that good, baby?” Bridget asked, giggling and slowly pulling the strap-on out of her girlfriend, moving to lay by her side.

“Mmmm.” Franky gave a contented hum as she laid on her back with her eyes still closed.

“Have I fucked you speechless?” She laughed.

“I think you might have, Gidge. It’s a first.” Franky smiled, turning to capture the blonde’s lips for a slow, lingering kiss. “Time for me to repay the favour.” The brunette reached down, tugging on the strap of the harness.

Bridget got up and unbuckled the harness, stepping out of it. She motioned for the brunette to get up and stand in front of her. She held the harness while Franky stepped into it and waited for her to adjust it on her hips. When the younger woman was done, Bridget placed her hand on the middle of the other woman’s chest and pushed her back onto the bed.

“Lay down.”

Franky did as she was told and before she knew what was happening, Bridget was straddling her waist, with the toy behind her. She raised herself up and positioned the toy at her entrance. Holding eye contact with the brunette, she lowered herself onto the dildo and began riding it at a slow, steady pace. She immediately felt Franky’s hands on her body, sliding up her sides over her ribcage and finally coming to rest on her breasts. The brunette squeezed the older woman’s breasts and pinched each nipple causing the blonde to let her head fall back, mouth open.

She watched, mesmerized, as Bridget continued to move herself on the strap-on. Franky ran her fingertips down the blonde’s stomach and over her hips, letting her left hand come to rest there while her right continued until it found Bridget’s clit. She drew small circles, causing her name to spill from the blonde’s lips.

Bridget was clearly well on her way to her orgasm after the events of the night and Franky, craving more contact, sat up so that the blonde was sitting in her lap. She continued her movements on Bridget’s clit and moved her hand to the nape of her neck, pulling the older woman in for a kiss.

Bridget felt like her body was on overload. She could feel the strap-on moving inside her, Franky’s fingers on her clit, her hand on her neck holding her close and her tongue in her mouth gently massaging. It all became too much, too fast and the blonde’s orgasm hit her like a train. Franky’s hand moved from her neck down to her back, pulling her close and the blonde wrapped both arms around the younger woman’s shoulders, hanging on for dear life.

As she came down, she felt Franky’s lips on her cheek, then beside her ear, and her fingers trailing slowly up and down her back. She heard a quiet “I love you, Gidge” whispered in her ear and pulled back, looking into green eyes.

“I love you too.”

They shared another long, lazy kiss then Bridget pushed herself up and off Franky’s lap. She helped the brunette out of the harness and dropped it over the side of the bed to deal with in the morning. As she lay on her side, near sleep, she felt Franky pull her towards her and wrap her in her arms. The last thing she heard as she drifted off to sleep was “Happy birthday, Gidge.”


The next morning, Franky woke to find the bed beside her was empty. She picked her head up looking at the clock, and realized she had slept well past the hour when she normally wakes up. She could hear Bridget in the kitchen and the smell of fresh coffee had made it to the bedroom.

She laid there for a moment, thinking back to her conversation with Vera, “Don’t fuck it up.”. Those words had been echoing in her mind ever since. She knew she was shit at being in a relationship in the past, but she’d worked hard to get past what had happened to her as a child and knew now how to control her anger after the incident on the TV show. There was one thing though that she felt she’d not been honest about with Bridget. She hadn’t told her about the note that Kim left mentioning Emily. She hadn’t told her that she knew where the blonde and her niece lived. She hadn’t heard anything from Kim in a few weeks, but she had heard through a friend of a friend, that Kim was away on holiday and she was worried that things would pick up again when she came back. She knew Bridget might still be mad at her for waiting this long to say anything, but she knew that by waiting even longer it would only make it worse if Kim did in fact show up again.

She decided that she needed to talk with Bridget and get it all out in the open. They didn’t have a lot of time together without Emily being in the house so she wanted to take advantage of the time they had left before Vera brought her back. She grabbed some clothes from the dresser and headed out into the kitchen.

She was greeted by Bridget pouring a mug of coffee for her. “Good morning, baby.”

“Morning,” she put an arm around the blonde’s waist and gave her a kiss on the cheek, taking the mug that was handed to her, “Thanks, babe.”

She sat down on one of the orange stools at the kitchen island across from Bridget, who was leaning back against the opposite counter beside the oven. She took a mouthful of coffee, looking out into the backyard and watching the morning sun hitting the leaves on the plants. There was no good way to start this conversation.

“Gidge,” she began, “there’s something I need to tell you.”

Bridget’s posture immediately became tense, as she stood up taller and gripped her mug of coffee tighter.

“There’s this woman..” Before she got any further, Bridget’s eyes snapped up and locked with hers. “No, no, not like that. I promise, nothing like that.” She knew right away where the blonde’s mind had gone, and reminded herself to choose her words more carefully. “Hear me out?”

Bridget nodded and moved around the island to sit on the stool beside Franky, and turned to face her.

“Before I met you, there was this woman. She’s kind of in my circle of acquaintances that I hung out with. A few of them were friends, but mostly they were just people I’d end up partying or hanging out with. There was this one, Kim. I knew she liked me and I kept seeing her around. One night I ended up fucking her in the bathroom of the bar we were at.” Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Bridget wince slightly and shift on the stool. She continued, “Anyway, after that, she said she wanted to hang out, get to know each other. She seemed alright so we set up a date. I wasn’t really expecting it to go anywhere, but I thought, ‘hey why not?’. It was supposed to happen the night of Em’s first class. I ended up calling and canceling on her to stay at the Centre and she was pretty pissed off. Then I ended up having supper with you and that was when I knew that I didn’t want anything with her anymore. Instead of calling her and being upfront, I avoided her and ignored her calls and messages. That was probably a bit of an asshole move on my part. A couple days later she shows up before one of my classes, upset, and I tell her that we’re done and I’ve met someone else and not to call me anymore. As you can imagine, again, she wasn’t happy.” Franky paused, looking over at Bridget who’d been silent all this time. She couldn’t read the expression on her face but the blonde nodded for her to continue, so she did. “The night after our first date at my place, she showed up. You had barely left, and I thought it was you coming back for something you’d forgotten, but when I opened the door, it was her. She said she’d seen you leave, passed you in the hallway and asked if you were the reason I’d called things off with her. I told her yes and she started making a scene in the hallway and pushed her way into my apartment. She threw some shit around then stormed out. I was cleaning up when you called and well, you know the rest of that night. I wasn’t really worried though until the day we went to the park. I had blocked her number by that point and I ran into her at the coffee shop on my way here that morning. She must have followed me because there was a note on my car when we got back saying that my girlfriend had a cute kid and it would be a shame if something happened to her.”

“She thinks Emily is my daughter.” It was the first thing Bridget had said since Franky started talking. “And she knows where we live.”

They were more statements than questions but Franky nodded yes to both anyway.

“I’m so sorry, Gidge. I knew she was crazy, but not like stalker crazy. I thought she’d just mess with me a bit and then get bored. Maybe that’s still all she’s doing. She hasn’t come near either of you, and I haven’t seen or heard from her since that day she left the note.” Franky looked up nervously at the blonde.

“So why tell me now? Why not earlier or why not at all?” Bridget asked and Franky sensed that it was very important how she answered. Don’t fuck it up.

“I didn’t tell you before because I felt like I needed to deal with things on my own. I’m not used to having anyone on my side. Then after last night, that changed.”

“What made it change?” The blonde asked, setting her mug down on top of the island.

“When we said we love each other. I’ve never said that to someone before, never felt it.” Franky felt like there was so much more she wanted to say but didn’t have the words for it.

Bridget was quiet for a moment and the tears started down Franky’s face. The brunette was waiting for her to yell and scream and throw her out. Instead, the blonde reached up, cupping Franky’s cheek in her hand, “Don’t keep stuff from me anymore, okay?” She leaned in and gave the brunette a quick but reassuring kiss.

Franky let out a huge breath she was holding and nodded. “Holy fuck, I thought you were going to break up with me.” She gave a small laugh.

“Keep something like that from me again, and I will. And from now on, if you even so much as think that she’s anywhere near you, me, or Em, you need to tell me immediately, got it?” The blonde was holding Franky’s stare.

“I promise.”

“Okay. Let’s finish breakfast and get this place cleaned up. Em will be back soon.” Bridget got up and started putting the glasses from last night in the dishwasher.

“Also, Vera told me she knew where to hide a body if I fuck things up with you.”

The blonde burst out laughing, “Yeah, she probably does.”

They worked to finish clearing the mess from the party, ate some brunch and took a shower together before Vera was due back with Emily.


Just after lunch, Vera and Emily arrived back. Bridget greeted them at the door, taking her niece’s bag from Vera after a quick hug from the child before she was down the hall to find Franky.

“How was everything?” Bridget asked her friend.

“Oh it was good. We had a snack and watched the movie. She fell asleep pretty soon after that. Then we watched it again while we had breakfast.” Vera’s eye caught the necklace that Bridget was still wearing. “That’s lovely.” She said, reaching out to touch it.

“A birthday gift from Franky.” Bridget smiled, remembering when the brunette gave it to her last night. “Come in for a minute? Have a cuppa?”

“Uh, sure, yes, I’d love to.” Vera followed the blonde into the kitchen where Franky poured them each a cup of tea and they headed over to sit in the living room.

“Thanks for looking after Em.” Franky said, sitting down beside Bridget and putting her arm around her shoulders.

“Oh, anytime. I hope you two enjoyed the rest of the evening.” Vera took a sip of her tea.

“Oh we did.” Franky winked at her and noticed a blush creep into the governor’s cheeks. She knew very well that Vera was talking about the rest of the party but she couldn’t resist messing with her just a little bit.

Just then Emily entered the kitchen. “Franky, can we make those cookies today?”

“Which ones, bub?” She asked from the living room.

“The ones we have the extra frosting for.” She opened the fridge door and looked inside for a second. “Where is it?”

Franky and Bridget looked at each other wide eyed while Vera looked between the two of them with a knowing smile on her face.

“Did you and Auntie Bridge eat it last night?” She came around the corner with a very serious look on her face. Meanwhile, Bridget and Vera were trying to contain their laughter by hiding behind their mugs, leaving Franky to field this on her own.

“Uh, yeah bub, sorry, we got hungry after the party.” It wasn’t a total lie, Franky reasoned. “We can make some more though, and you can even pick a different colour if you want.”

“Did it make your tummy hurt?” She asked innocently.

“No, nah, we were okay.” Franky sat down her mug and got up, leading Em back to the kitchen, hoping to distract her from the missing frosting by starting the cookies. She wasn’t about to explain that more of it ended up on them rather than in them.

“But there was a lot left.” The kid wasn’t giving up.

Franky slapped a recipe down on the counter. “Read this to me and tell me what we need.”

Emily started to list the ingredients and Franky reached the ones that were in the high cabinets for her.

Vera moved to sit beside Bridget.

“You staying for cookies then?’ Bridget laughed.

“Wouldn’t miss it.”

They both laughed and drank their tea, watching Franky and Emily bake their treats in the kitchen.