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Cooking Classes

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Bedtime was now something that Bridget didn’t dread quite so much. Almost every night since she had taken the phone to Franky, they had talked for a few minutes while they both laid in bed, unwinding from their days. The brunette didn’t tell stories of her past though, she saved those now usually for their sessions, saying that she wanted to tell them to Bridget in person, not over the phone.

Bridget had just settled in when her phone rang. “Hey, baby.”

Franky could hear her smiling on the other end of the line, “Hey, spunky.”

“How was your day?” No matter what time of day Bridget had last seen her, she always led off with this question.

“Ah, you know. I have the same conversations with the same dickheads every day, and if I’m spared from those, then it means I got to sit in my cell alone. The only good thing about this place is when I get to see you.” Franky signed.

“I know. Every time you leave my office, I wish that you were leaving with me instead.” Bridget needed to find something happy to turn this conversation around. “I tried one of your recipes tonight for supper.”

“Ooo, did you? Gidge is getting bold,” Franky chuckled. “Which one was it?”

“The lasagna you made for us that first night. I think I was after the memory of it more than the food itself.” Franky had made that dish for them a couple times since that night. Every time Bridget took that first bite, she was transported back to when she first stood in the classroom doorway, and watched her niece and Franky talking and joking with each other.

“That’s the amazing thing about food, huh? Sometimes the experience around it is better than the food itself. How did it turn out?”

“Well, considering I called you one night to ask how to put cheese on a sandwich, I think it turned out okay.” Bridget giggled. It definitely hadn’t turned out as good as the ones Franky had made but it was edible.

“We both know you didn’t really call to ask about a sandwich that night.” She heard a small laugh from the blonde on the other end of the phone. “I’m willing to bet you were in bed, just like you are now, and you just wanted to talk to me again.”

Bridget scoffed, “Is that what you think?”

“Mmm, it is. I would even go so far as to say that maybe it was a booty call, and you lost your nerve.”

The blonde laughed, “Franky! I would never.”

“But you did.” Franky let that hang in the air for a moment. She could hear the blonde’s breathing pick up. “Just a couple nights later.”

“Mmmm, yeah, I might have done it then.” Bridget had vivid memories of pulling Franky through the hall to her bedroom, Franky picking her up and putting her on the bed, and the way the brunette looked at her when she told her she intended to use the whole night to fuck her. She turned onto her back, and let one hand brush over her breast, feeling the hardened peak of her nipple under the fabric.

Franky laid there for a minute just listening. “I got the same silences that night as I am now. Tell me what you’re doing.”

“Franky.” It was meant to be a protest, but it died on her lips as a whisper.

“You’re thinking about that night, aren’t you?” The brunette smirked.


“You know what I remember about that night? About you? You knew what you wanted, and you weren’t afraid to tell me. So tell me what you want me to do.” The brunette moved her hand under her t-shirt and ran her fingernails over her stomach.

“I want you to fuck me.” Bridget let her fingers slip under the top edge of the fabric of her underwear.

“Tell me how you want it, babe.” Franky reached down and guided her hand into her own shorts, feeling the wetness there meet the tips of her fingers. “Fast and hard, or slow and soft?”

“Slow,” the blonde quickly put Franky on speakerphone and laid it beside her on the pillow. She reached her now free hand up under her shirt to squeeze her breast. “I want it slow.” She let her hand dip lower, gliding over her slick folds, and brushing over her clit. “Fuck. I want to make you feel good too, baby.”

“If you want it slow, I’d lay you down on the bed and kiss all the way down your neck.” The blonde let her fingers trail lightly where she imagined her girlfriend’s lips would be. “Then I’d suck on each of your nipples while I fucked you like I did that day in your office.” She heard a moan come from Bridget through the phone. “I’d let my fingers slide inside you. I’ve always loved how you feel. Then, I’d let my palm rub against your clit in between each thrust.”

Bridget pinched her nipple with one hand while she buried the fingers of the other one inside her. She remembered exactly how Franky felt inside of her that day. She could hear her now, breathing hard. “Tell me what you want, baby.”

“Mmmm, the night of your birthday. So fucking hot.” She pushed in hard with her fingers to reach that certain spot.

“You liked it when I took control and fucked you.”

“Yeah, babe. I never let anyone else do that.” Franky hadn’t meant for that last part to slip out, but it was too late now.

Bridget hadn’t realized at the time that it had been a new experience for the brunette and it turned her on more now to know that she was the first who got to share that with her. “I’d fuck you slow, and hard, and you’d beg me to make you come.”

“Fuck, Gidge.” Franky could feel the first familiar sensations of her orgasm building. “I’d want to taste you. I love all the sounds you make when I do that.”

“Shit, Franky.” Bridget felt her muscles flutter around her fingers. “You’re really fucking good at that. It always feels so good.”

“I’m really close.”

“It felt really good that night, didn’t it? I got to fuck you, and still be able to touch you and kiss you..” She heard the brunette’s breathing pick up, and she sped up the pace of her own hand. She knew it wouldn’t take her much longer as she thought of Franky touching herself, close to her own release.

“Gidge, I’m gonna come.”

“Me too, baby.”

The brunette drew in a breath and held it while her muscles tensed and her body shook. She heard the blonde moaning and was happy that Bridget didn’t have to try to be quiet. Hearing the other woman’s reactions was one of her favourite parts. As she shakily let out the breath she was holding she heard one final “oh, fuck” from the blonde before release came over her as well.

They both laid there in the quiet for a moment, relishing the feel of their muscles tingling.

“Definite bonus points for thinking of this phone thing, Gidge.” Franky was the first to break the silence.

“I don’t think it’s an overly original idea but I’ll take the credit, sure.” The blonde gave a small laugh.

“How are you feeling, babe?” Franky knew that her girlfriend liked to be held after sex and she felt bad that she wasn’t there to do that for her this time.

“I’m good, baby. I’m good. Just a little sleepy now.” Bridget’s voice was showing signs now of how tired she was, and had been, ever since this all started.

“I’ll let you sleep, okay? And I’ll see you in the afternoon for our session.” Franky had made sure to ask to be scheduled for one every day since Vera had had her change of heart towards her. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“Wait. Gidge, you still there?” The brunette remembered something she wanted to ask for. “Can you bring me a shirt?”

“You need more clothes? Yeah, I can get Will or someone to deliver them.”

“No, I mean one of yours. Like how you took mine.” At first Franky had told herself that she was fine. That the daily sessions were enough, but as time went on, she hated this place even more and anything that reminded her of her life on the outside seemed to make it a bit more bearable.

“Yeah, sure, baby. I’ll have it for you tomorrow.” The blonde decided she’d take her the one she was wearing that night.

“Thanks, Gidge. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, baby.” She waited until the line went dead. She never wanted to be the first one to hang up. She put her phone on the bedside table and quickly drifted off.


It was just after lunch when Bridget’s phone rang, “Hello, Bridget Westfall.”

“Auntie Bridge?” Bridget heard a small voice on the end of the line.

“Hey, love, how are you?” The blonde always enjoyed calls from her niece and they had become more frequent since her and her dad had moved here.

“Good. Dad picked me up from school early, and we’re having ice cream!” Bridget could tell from the background noise that it sounded like they were somewhere busy.

“Ooo, ice cream sounds delicious. What kind did you get?”

“Chocolate chip cookie dough. Can I come stay with you this weekend?” This would be only the second weekend that Emily was back in town and the second time that she’d asked to stay with Bridget. She hoped it was just due to the fact that she’d had a good time staying with her while Tim was away, but she made a note to ask her a few questions to see if everything was okay at home.

“Of course, darling, as long as it’s okay with Dad. Can I talk to him for a minute?” She heard Emily tell Tim that Bridget wanted to talk to him.

“Hey, Bridge.” Tim sounded tired.

“Hey, so Em is asking to stay over again this weekend. You’re okay with that?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all. I love having her around. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t taking away from your time with her. You’ve only been back a few weeks after being gone for months.” Bridget thought that Tim and Emily always had a good relationship, but maybe with Sarah gone he was finding it harder to bond with her.

“I spend all week with her. Besides, I don’t think the old man is cool enough anymore. All she talks about is you, and asks when Franky is coming back.” Bridget could definitely hear the weariness in his voice now.

“Okay, I’ll be home by six so you can drop her off anytime after that.” Bridget hesitated, “Tim? Are you doing okay?”

“Yeah, Bridge, all good. I’ll catch you later, okay?” He hung up the phone before Bridget could say goodbye.


At three o’clock Franky arrived, escorted by Linda, although her and Will had basically stopped “escorting” Franky and more or less just walked by the door with her now. The brunette opened the door and came in as Linda gave them a nod and continued on. Franky shut and locked the door behind her and plugged the phone into the charger that she kept in the office, while Bridget got up and closed the blinds. It had only been a week, but they had settled into their routine already.

She wrapped her arms around the tall brunette and Franky picked her up and sat her on her desk. Bridget moved her legs apart so that the younger woman could stand closer to her, and put a hand on the back of her head to pull her down for a long kiss.

“I brought you something,” Franky grinned against Bridget’s lips, and gave her bottom lip a small bite as she pulled away.

Bridget watched carefully as the brunette unbuttoned her shirt. Franky discarded it on the chair behind her, and reached down to the hem of the t-shirt she was wearing.

“Franky.” The blonde warned her.

“Relax, Gidge. I’m not getting naked,” Franky leaned in and gave her a quick kiss. She removed her t-shirt in one quick motion, and handed it to Bridget. “I figured you could use a new one by now.”

“Thanks,” Bridget took the shirt, and laid it beside her on the desk.

She let her eyes wander down the brunette’s body. She still had her bra on, but it was the most naked she’d seen her since she was arrested. She reached out and ran her fingers down the sides of Franky’s ribcage; feeling the muscles tense, and let them finally come to rest on her hips. The blonde thought she must have been going to the exercise yard regularly since she’d been in here.

Franky smirked as Bridget’s eyes came back up to meet hers. “Like what you see?” The blonde dropped her hands, smiled, and mumbled a slightly embarrassed ‘sorry’. “Nah, Gidge, it’s all good.” She placed Bridget’s hands back on her hips and leaned in, capturing her lips.

Franky could feel the other woman’s hands move around to her back, fingers spreading wide so she could touch as much skin as possible. The brunette moved her lips along Bridget’s jaw, and she felt a hand come up to tangle in her hair, as she found the spot just below the blonde’s ear. She heard her sigh as she left small kisses there. Franky went to move down Bridget’s neck when the hand in her hair tightened, and a barely audible ’stay there’ left the blonde’s lips. She lingered there for another minute then whispered ‘I love you’, before pulling back and resting her forehead against her girlfriend’s.

“I love you too, baby.” Bridget gave her a small kiss. “And I have something for you.” She patted Franky’s side, signalling for her to step aside so she could get off the desk. She reached into the clear, prison-issue bag they were allowed to bring in and took out a rolled up t-shirt. “As requested.” She handed it to Franky and the brunette immediately put it on. “It’s the one I wore last night.”

“Kinky, Gidge. I like it.” Franky laughed and grabbed her button up shirt from the chair and put that on as well. “So you’re out of here soon for the weekend?”

“Yeah.” Bridget still hated the weekends. “Em called me this afternoon. She asked if she could come over again.”

“Aw, hey, tell her I said hi, yeah? She’s been doing okay since she’s been back?”

“I think so, yeah.”

Franky sensed that Bridget’s mind was working on something. “She’s gone through a lot in the past year. If anything seems off, I’m sure it’ll be fine once they really get settled in here.” Bridget nodded. “Do you think I could talk to her for a minute one of the nights she’s at your place?”

“I think she’d really like that, yeah.” Bridget glanced up at the clock and was sad to see that their time was almost over.

Franky grabbed the phone and put it in her pocket. She walked over to the blonde and cradled her face in both hands. “I’ll see you on Monday, okay?” Bridget nodded. “I love you.” They shared one last kiss before there was a knock on the door, signalling that it was time for Franky to go.

The brunette unlocked and opened the door and was met by Linda who started walking back to H-block as soon as Franky exited the office.


Bridget arrived home just before six. She had stopped and picked up a pizza on the way home, thinking she didn’t feel like cooking anything that evening. She dropped her bag onto the couch, and sat the pizza on the kitchen island. She went to the bedroom to change out of her work clothes, opting for one of Franky’s old t-shirts and a pair of sweatpants, and came back to the kitchen setting out a stack of plates for her, Emily, and Tim beside the pizza box.

“Auntie Bridge!” Emily ran around the corner and wrapped her arms around Bridget’s waist.

“Oof! Hey, love.” She reached down and placed her hand on the back of the girl’s shoulder, returning her hug. She looked toward the hallway expecting to see Tim not far behind his daughter but he was nowhere to be seen. “Is your Dad coming in?”

“Yeah, he has my bag.”

“Hey, Bridge!” Tim called from the entryway. He walked to the hall and dropped Emily’s bag under the large mirror hanging on the wall. “Here you go. Have a good weekend, okay? I’ll see you guys on Sunday.” He turned to leave.

“Tim! Hey, Tim!” Bridget pulled herself away from Emily and followed her brother back towards the door. “Hey, wait!” She jogged a couple steps to get close enough to grab his arm and make him stop. She glanced back to make sure her niece hadn’t followed her. “Tim, where are you rushing off to? I thought we could all have supper together. I got pizza.”

“I can’t, Bridge, I’m not really feeling so well. Thanks though.” He went to leave again, but Bridget didn’t let go of his arm.

“Call me if you need anything, okay?” She made him look her in the eye before she let go.

“I will. Thanks again.” He gave her a kiss on the cheek, and headed out the door.

When she returned to the kitchen, Emily was sitting on the couch. She put a slice of pizza each on two plates and put the third one back in the cabinet.

“Dad didn’t stay, did he?” The little girl asked when she saw Bridget put away the third plate.

“No, love. He said he wasn’t feeling well.” Bridget sat down beside Emily, putting her feet up on the coffee table, and handed her one of the plates.

“Okay.” The girl took a bite of her pizza.

“So, we’ve got all weekend, what are we going to do?” Emily shrugged in response. “Well, I looked online after you called me today, and I was thinking we could go to the Sea Life Aquarium tomorrow. How does that sound?”

Emily’s face lit up at the mention of the aquarium. “They have penguins there like the toy one you have in your bedroom. They have sharks too!”

Bridget laughed, “Yeah, they do. So we’ll go there tomorrow. What do you want to do tonight though?”

“Can we watch a movie?”

“Sure, love. Let’s finish eating then we’ll get you washed up and in your pyjamas, then we can settle in and watch something.” Bridget had learned her lesson one of the first times she had looked after Emily: it was much easier to get her to change her clothes early than to try and make her do it when she was half asleep and uncooperative. She noticed that the girl had finished her slice of pizza already. “Do you want another piece?” Emily nodded and Bridget got them each another slice.

When they finished, Bridget carried Emily’s bag down to the guest room for her when she sent her to the bathroom to wash up, and noticed that she had brought the teddy bear that Franky had won for her at the park. She smiled to herself, remembering that day.

Bridget went back to the kitchen to put away the leftovers while Emily got changed. She sat out a wine glass for herself and a small glass for Emily. She was just pouring herself some red wine when her niece walked back into the kitchen.

“What are you having? Orange juice or milk?” Bridget put the cork back in the bottle and set it on the counter.

“Are you sad?” Emily looked at the glass of wine then at Bridget.

“I still miss Franky, but no I’m not sad right now.” Bridget found that getting to see her girlfriend almost daily was making things a little easier. Spending weekends with Emily was good for her as well. “Why do you ask?”

“Dad says people drink that when they’re sad.” She looked at the glass of wine again.

Bridget thought carefully before she answered. “That can be true for some people, but it’s not always the case.” Emily was still looking at her. She sensed that this was an issue for the young girl. “You know what, I changed my mind.” She turned and dumped the wine down the sink, and took another glass out of the cupboard for herself. “I’ll have what you’re having. Which do you want?”

Her mood seemed to lighten. “Milk.”

“Alright, two milk it is.” The blonde said, taking the carton from the fridge. “Would you like to go pick out a movie, and I’ll bring these over?”

When Bridget arrived with their drinks, Emily had picked out something to watch, and had gotten a blanket off the back of the couch for them. Bridget sat down beside her, and spread the blanket out over them. Emily immediately curled into her aunt’s side, and the older woman put her arm around her.

About halfway through the movie, Bridget’s phone rang. It would have been just after final count at Wentworth. She figured Franky was calling earlier than usual because she was hoping to catch Emily still awake.


“Hey, babe.” It was always a relief and comfort to hear Franky’s voice. “How is everything?”

“It’s good, yeah really good. Everything’s good with you?” Bridget always held her breath when she asked this. She knew there were probably things that happened in there that Franky kept from her because she didn’t want her to worry, but she hoped if anything major was wrong, that she would tell her.

“Yeah, all good. I’m just calling early, hoping to catch you all still awake.”

“We’re all here. I didn’t say anything about this.” Bridget hadn’t mentioned it, in case something happened that the brunette wasn’t able to call that night. She didn’t want Emily to be disappointed. “I’ll put you on speaker so you’ll have both of us.” She pushed the speakerphone button and held the phone out between her and Emily. “Okay, We’re ready.”

“Hey, Em.”

“Franky!” Emily practically squealed the name.

“Yeah, it’s me, bub. I’ve missed you.” Bridget could hear the smile in the brunette’s voice when she talked to the young girl.

“When are you coming home?” Emily asked. It was an innocent question, but the blonde knew it would get to Franky a bit.

“I don’t know, Em. I really really want to be there with you and Auntie Bridge but I can’t leave here until they tell me I’m allowed to. When I do get home though, we’re going to spend loads of time together, okay? I promise.”

“I want to make cookies again.”

Franky was pleased to hear that she still had an interest in cooking. “Yeah, we can do that for sure. What are you two doing tonight? I hope you’re not having too much fun without me.” The brunette laughed at her own joke.

“We’re watching a movie and tomorrow we’re going to see the penguins.” The girl was excited all over again about the trip with her aunt tomorrow.

“The penguins?” Franky wasn’t sure what the girl was talking about.

“We’re going to the aquarium.” Bridget chimed in.

“Ohhhh, hey take lots of pictures for me, okay guys?”

“Okay!” Bridget and Emily both answered at the same time.

“Listen, I’ve got to go now. I’ll try to call again tomorrow, but I can’t promise.” Franky knew she would call, but on the off chance something happened, she didn’t want Emily to be upset.

“Bye, Franky!” Emily cuddled back into her aunt’s side.

Bridget took the phone off speaker and put it back to her ear. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you too, Gidge.”

“I love you, Franky!” Emily shouted so that the brunette would hear her.

Bridget put the phone back on speaker. “I love you too, Em.”

They said their goodbyes and Bridget and Emily settled in to finish the movie.

Not long after Franky called, Emily had fallen asleep. Bridget gently picked her up and started down the hall toward the spare room. After she got her settled, she went to her own room, and changed into the shirt that Franky had given her earlier that day. She breathed in deeply and smelled the scent of the brunette’s soap lingering on the t-shirt. She hoped that the one she had given Franky would bring her some comfort as well.