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Cooking Classes

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Bridget woke to the feeling of Franky’s lips on the back of her shoulder. It had been a week since she’d asked her to move in, and today was the day it became official. Some of their friends had agreed to come help them move her boxes of stuff to Bridget’s house. They had decided to spend the night at Franky’s apartment so they would be ready to work first thing in the morning.

Bridget smiled into the pillow. “Mmm, good morning, baby,” she said, stretching.

She felt Franky’s hand reach around and up to squeeze her breast as she placed another kiss on the back of her neck.

“Not that I don’t love to be woken up like this, but we have work to do this morning,” the blonde said as she turned over to face the other woman.

“I know, babe,” Franky leaned down and gave her a soft kiss. “Come shower with me, then?” The brunette placed a kiss on the spot below Bridget’s ear.

The older woman sighed, “Fine, let’s go, but no funny business.” She pointed her finger at Franky as she got out of the bed.

“I promise. Scout’s honour.” The brunette winked at her and followed her into the bathroom.

While the two had become efficient at showering together when Franky had been injured, today it took them almost an hour. Franky had broken her promise more than once, but Bridget wasn’t complaining.

They had just gotten dressed when the first of their friends knocked on the door, and Bridget opened it to see Will and Vera standing there. Franky had seen Vera since she’d been released, but this was her first time seeing Will.

When he entered, he greeted the brunette with a smile. “It’s good to see you back on your feet.”

“Thanks, yeah I think I’m almost back to normal.” She noticed Vera hanging back a bit. “Hey, come here.” She opened her arms, and Vera reluctantly returned her hug. “You alright?” Franky asked, low enough that Will and Bridget wouldn’t hear her over their own conversation. She felt Vera nod against her. “Alright.” She stepped back.

They chatted for a few minutes, and by that time Allie and Bea had shown up as well.

“Where should we start?” Allie was eager to start working.

“All the boxes go, but none of the furniture.” Franky looked around to make sure she wasn’t forgetting anything. “There’s a few things still to pack in the bedroom, so we’ll do that then help with the boxes. Just put them in whatever car they’ll fit in, and we’ll sort it out when we get to Gidge’s.”

“Home, baby.” Bridget gave her a kiss on the cheek on her way by.

“What?” Franky looked after her.

“You said it was my house. It’s not just my house anymore, it’s yours too.” The blonde continued into the bedroom to put the last few items into boxes.

The brunette looked back at their group of friends to see them all smiling at her. “Alright, come on let’s go!” She gave a small laugh and went into the bedroom to help the blonde.

“You going to miss this place?” Bridget asked as she took the sheets off the bed.

Franky looked around for a moment. “Nah, there aren’t really many memories here, good or bad. Best one was probably the night you came over for our first date. You were my only dinner guest.”

“Ever?” The blonde looked up, surprised.

“Unless you want to count the couple of times me and Booms had some crappy takeout here after a night out. As far as like actually cooking a meal and inviting someone over, yeah, just you.” She noticed that Bridget had stopped what she was doing. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I just assumed…I don’t know.” The blonde shook her head.

Franky walked around to the other side of the bed, and took Bridget into her arms. “I told you you’re special.”

“I know. I just thought you’d probably at least wined and dined a few ladies.” She gave a small laugh at her own comment.

“Nah, I didn’t date those women, I just slept with them.” Franky thought for a moment about how honest she wanted to be right now. “I didn’t care about them. I mean, in the moment I cared that they were having a good time, but beyond that, no.”

Bridget was having a hard time reconciling the version of Franky she knew with the one Franky was saying existed before they met. In the end though, it didn’t matter. She stretched up, and gave the brunette a kiss.

“Ahem.” They both turned when they heard Vera clear her throat. She was standing in the doorway holding a bottle of something. “I was doing a final check through the bathroom, and I found, uh, this.” She held up the bottle, and the brunette could see it was a bottle of lube. “I figured you’ll probably need, um, want to pack it. Anyway, I’ll just leave it here, yep, okay.” She sat it down on the corner of the dresser, and wiped her hand against her pants before she quickly left the room.

Franky looked at Bridget. “Oops.” They both burst into laughter.

They rolled up the bedding, and placed it in a laundry bag along with the towels they had used that morning. They carried it out into the living room, and put it with the boxes, then began helping the others carry things out to the cars. With six people, it didn’t take long, and soon Franky was doing a final walk through, making sure she hadn’t left anything behind.


A few hours later, all the boxes were moved into the house. As a thank-you to their friends, Franky decided to cook a meal for everyone. It wasn’t anything big, or special, since the house was littered with boxes until she got a chance to unpack, but she had prepared burgers the day before with her own special blend of seasonings, and they were ready to go on the barbecue.

She was waiting for the grill to get to the perfect temperature when Will came around the corner carrying the plate of burgers.

“Bridget sent me out with these,” he said, placing the plate on the table beside the grill. “This is really nice of you, you didn’t have to do this for us. It’s going to be a long enough day for you two without feeding us as well.”

“Ah, no worries. I did most of the prep work yesterday. Besides, we have to eat too.” She gave him a playful nudge with her elbow.

“I know you’re the pro, but I’ve got a great kebab recipe that I could share with you some time.”

“Yeah, for sure, that sounds great!” Franky was always up for trying out new dishes. Will gave a nod and was about to leave. “Hey, Will. Thanks for everything you did while I was in there. I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t shown up when you did.”

“It’s my job, and you’re a friend on top of that. When I saw Linda in the staff room before I’d traded off with her, I knew it wasn’t going to be good. How’s the shoulder?”

“Not completely healed but much better than it was. It just aches if I push it too far. I went back to work on Monday though since Liz said she’d help out with some of the prep.” She began placing the burgers on the grill.

When they’d sat down to eat, Vera noticed that Will was the only one who hadn’t tried any of Franky’s cooking yet.

“Will, you’re in for a treat. If the burgers are anything like the omelettes she makes, they’re going to be amazing.” Vera sat down at the table out on the patio.

“Oh! Franky this is seriously good! You could sell these.” Will took another big bite.

“That’s the plan someday.” Franky gave him a wink as she started eating her own burger.


A couple hours later everyone had gone home, and Franky was starting to unpack her things. She started with the boxes of clothes she had taken to the bedroom, thinking that they would be the quickest to get through. Bridget had cleared out some drawers for her, and she’d put away most of her underwear, bras, socks, and sleepwear. The next box she opened had some of her shirts and jackets. She opened the closet door, expecting to find some empty space, and was met with wall to wall jackets hanging up. There were two closets so she thought that maybe Bridget had cleared out the other one for her and that’s why this one was so full. When she opened the other one though, it was also packed. This one contained what looked to be the rest of her shirts and pants she wore to work and a shelving unit in the bottom filled with shoes and boots.

“Gidge?” Franky called out to Bridget, who was in the kitchen unpacking a box.


“Can you come here for a minute?” Franky could hear her girlfriend walking down the hall already.

“What’s going on, baby?” She looked at the open closet doors and the boxes of Franky’s clothes that were still packed.

“There’s no room for my stuff.”

“What about the drawers I cleared out?” Bridget opened the drawers Franky had just filled. “Oh. Um. Okay, maybe I have a bit of a clothes addiction.” She gave the brunette a weak smile. “You know, I’ve been thinking about getting rid of some of these.” She walked over to the closet that contained her jackets and began looking through them. “Oh, but this one goes so well with that silky blue blouse, and this goes really well with that black skirt I have.” She moved on to the next one.

“Babe,” Franky just wanted to get the unpacking over with so they could relax for the rest of the evening. “What about the closets in the spare rooms? Can we just put some in there, and you can go through them another day?” Bridget gave her a guilty smile. “Seriously, Gidge?”

“I admit I have a problem.” She gave a small laugh, and Franky walked over to her, giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “How about I’ll just lay them on the bed in there and I’ll get them sorted over the next few days?”

Franky gave her another quick kiss. “I’ll help you.”

After the clothes were dealt with, they moved on to the kitchen. Bridget had readily agreed that Franky was free to set that up however she liked since she’d probably be spending the most time in there out of the two of them. As she unpacked, the brunette swapped out Bridget’s things for hers. The blonde had agreed to donate anything that Franky didn’t think she’d need at the house, to be used in the classroom at the centre.

All in all, other than the lack of closet space, the unpacking went smoothly, and only took a couple of hours. It had been a long day though and they’d decided to call it an early night.

Franky was already laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, when Bridget returned from the bathroom. The blonde got under the blankets and laid next to Franky, resting her head on the younger woman’s shoulder, and draping her arm over her stomach. The brunette didn’t say anything, just pulled the other woman in and held her close.

“You alright?” Bridget looked up at her girlfriend, and saw that she was still looking at the ceiling. She had tears in her eyes. “Baby?”

“Yeah, I’m good, Gidge.” She gave Bridget a quick smile then went back to looking at the ceiling. The blonde thought that maybe she was done talking for the night, so she closed her eyes. She could feel herself drifting into sleep when Franky began to speak. “I just never really had a place like this before.”

“Hm? What do you mean?” Bridget fought her way back out of sleep. She loved when Franky shared what was going on in her mind, and she had a feeling this was going to be one of those times.

“A place that was really home. Liz’s place was really close, I felt good there, but I knew eventually I’d have to leave and make my own way. Here though…” She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I never thought I’d have someone like you either. I didn’t think I could love someone, I didn’t understand what that even meant.”

“You’re really good at loving someone.” Bridget turned her head, and gave the brunette a kiss on the shoulder. “You’re good at loving me, I’ve never questioned how you felt. You’re good at loving Em too. She’s not drawn to many people, but I saw your connection with her right away.”

“I probably owe that to Liz. I was so wary of her when I first met her. No one had ever just been nice to me.” Franky wiped away the tears that had fallen. “I had gotten involved with this guy. He saw me on the street one day, said he could see that I was struggling, and offered me a way to make money. He turned me into one of his dealers. I’d had a few close calls with some of the customers. Mostly those guys I told you about that day in your office. I’d been lucky that I went as long as I did without anything majorly bad happening. If I hadn’t met Liz, I don’t know where I would have ended up. I thought for sure for the first few weeks that she was going to want something in return, especially after she offered me her spare room. All she ever asked for though was that I stayed on the right path and worked hard. That’s when I realized that maybe that’s what people were talking about when they spoke about their mother loving them unconditionally. I was still angry, and I was a long way from being able to feel love for someone else, but that time with her was definitely the catalyst for who I became later on, who I am now. After all the therapy, I realized that I did love her like she was family. She’s the closest thing to a mother I’ve had. I still couldn’t let myself fall in love though. That was way too scary to think about. Until I met you. You made me feel like falling in love was easy, and safe.”

It was Bridget’s turn to wipe her eyes. “I’m so glad you’re here.” She picked up her head and gave the brunette a long kiss. “Turn over.” She motioned for Franky to lay on her side, and the blonde moved in behind her. It wasn’t often that Bridget was the big spoon, but tonight she felt like it was what her girlfriend needed.