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It was finally Halloween night. Emily had been eagerly awaiting the holiday ever since Franky and Bridget had asked her if she'd like to go to Liz's party and have a sleepover. The young girl was inspired by her bedroom design and said that she wanted to be an astronaut. Franky and Bridget had decided to keep their costumes a secret until that night.

Bridget had decided to be a pirate. She had tight black pants, a white shirt with gold buttons, and black boots that came almost up to her knees. She had gone to a used clothing shop and found a long black jacket with large metal buttons and decorations on it that she thought would work for the look she wanted. She had also found a red silk scarf at the same store that she tied around her waist. She’d had to go to the costume shop though to get a toy sword and belt, but she thought the outfit wouldn't be complete without it.

Franky, of course, had the cop shirt that she planned on wearing, but she didn't think that it would be appropriate for the party at the Centre. She had packed that costume into a bag and put it in the car earlier that day when Bridget had left to go to the grocery store. She had been browsing around online for ideas a few days ago when she saw one that made her laugh a bit. For the first party, she was going to be a burglar. She had black pants and shoes, and a black and white striped shirt. She had even found a black eye mask to go with it.

Franky had spent the morning helping Liz decorate while Bridget helped Emily put some finishing touches on her costume. Now that it was almost time to go, the two had decided to get dressed in separate rooms then show each other what they had for their own costumes. Franky had taken her clothes to the bathroom while Bridget was in their bedroom. Emily was already dressed and waiting for both of them in the living room.

"Ready babe?" Franky stuck her head out the door and called out to the blonde.

"Almost! You go out first and I'll be there in a minute." Bridget yelled from the bedroom.

Franky opened the door the rest of the way and went to the living room. When Emily saw her, she had a big smile on her face. The brunette held up one finger to her lips to tell her not to say anything that would give away her costume.

A minute later the bedroom door opened, and they could hear Bridget walking down the hallway. Franky saw the smile grow on Emily's face, and she turned around to see the blonde's costume.

"Gidge, you look good!" Franky gave her a quick kiss.

"You too, baby. The mask makes you look mysterious." She reached up and touched the soft fabric.

Franky gave her a wink. "You guys ready to go?"

"Yeah!" Emily jumped up off the couch, and ran to the front door.

The brunette put her arm around Bridget as they walked out of the house, and turned to whisper in her ear. "And by 'you look good', I meant you look really fucking hot." Out of the corner of her eye, Franky caught a bit of a blush in the blonde's cheeks. She thought it was cute that she still had that effect on her girlfriend.


"Liz! This place looks amazing!" Bridget looked around the large room at all the decorations.

"Thanks, Franky was a big help this morning." Liz was setting out the last of the food.

"She paid me in candy," Franky said, throwing miniature chocolate bars at Emily and Bridget before taking one for herself.

Liz looked at her for a moment, confused. "No, I didn't."

"You may not know it, but you did," Franky laughed, as Liz smiled and shook her head.

It wasn't long before the kids started to come in, along with some of their parents. Franky didn't recognize most of them, but she did catch one familiar face in the crowd. Cynthia had brought Owen, and it looked like she was planning on staying.

It wasn't long before the party was in full swing. Bridget and Franky were standing by the refreshment table, watching all the kids play the games that Liz had set up for them, when Cynthia came over to get a glass of punch.

"Franky, haven't seen you in awhile." Cynthia looked her up and down, taking in her costume. "Nice costume. Very appropriate."

"What's that supposed to mean?" The brunette felt Bridget's hand on her back.

"Oh nothing, I just mean it looks good on you." The woman took a sip of her punch with a smirk on her face.

"We both know that's not what you meant." Franky wasn't going to lose her cool, but she wasn't just going to stand there and let someone insult her.

"Well, it really is good to see you again. Seemed like you were gone for a while. I thought maybe there was trouble in paradise."

"Oh there's no trouble." Bridget spoke up. "She's still banging me." Franky looked at the blonde, surprised. "Quite often in fact. This morning in the shower, last night, and the night before, and the night before that, and well pretty much every night this week, and probably tonight as well."

Cynthia just stood there with her mouth hanging open, while the brunette stared at Bridget wide-eyed. Franky knew that there was no way anyone else had heard what the blonde had said, but she still couldn't believe what had come out of her girlfriend's mouth.

"Well...I...uh." Cynthia soon gave up trying to find a comeback, and simply turned and walked away.

"What?" Bridget looked at Franky and simply shrugged. "Got her to shut up, didn't it?"

"Well, yeah, but I think you exaggerated a little bit." Franky gave a small laugh.

"Not much." Bridget gave her a sly smile. "Unless I'm not getting any tonight?"

"Oh you definitely are." The brunette laughed, and gave her a quick kiss.

They walked around and talked with some of the other parents, and played some of the games with Emily. Before they knew it, it was time for the party to wind down, and for them to head over to Allie's.

"You sure you're still okay with keeping her for the night?" Bridget asked as she helped Liz tidy up some of the games that the kids were already done playing.

"Of course, love! I've got everything ready to go when we get there. We had such a good time last time you let me look after her."

"Aww, okay. If you need anything though, we both have our mobiles, so just give one of us a call." The blonde gave her a hug, and a kiss on the cheek.

"Are you excited to spend the night with Liz?" Franky asked Emily as they played another round of a bean bag toss game.

"Yeah she said we were going to watch Hocus Pocus. I don't know what that is though," the young girl said, tossing another bean bag.

"It's a classic. I watched it with her when I was younger too." Franky loved that Liz had always treated her like she was her own kid. She'd wished many times that she'd met her sooner.

"When you were my age?"

"No, I was older than you when I met her." Franky was worried that if this line of questioning continued, it might lead to a conversation with the young girl that she didn't want to have just yet. Luckily, she was saved by Bridget.

"We should get going," the blonde said, putting her arm around Franky. "Liz said everything is under control here. I told her we'd meet her back here in the morning to help clean up."

"You're going home now?" Emily asked the two women.

"No, love. We're going to meet some of our friends first, but then we're going home for the night." Bridget thought at first that Emily looked upset, but then the young girl simply nodded. She knelt down in front of her, "Be good for Liz, okay? I love you." The blonde gave her niece a hug.

After she had said her goodbyes to Bridget and Franky, Emily happily stayed behind with Liz.

"I just need to grab something out of the car before we go." Franky told the blonde as they exited the building.

"Sure. I'll call the cab while you do that." Bridget pulled her phone out of her pocket. They were going to pick up Vera on their way to Allie's house.

When Franky rejoined her, the blonde didn't say anything at first, but just looked at the bag. She couldn't imagine what the brunette would have needed to bring with her. They were planning to spend the night back at the house so it wasn't like they needed extra clothes or anything. After a minute, she couldn't stand her curiosity any longer.

"What's in the bag?" She tried to sound casual.

"A surprise." Franky gave a small smile as she looked up at the night sky.

"For who?" Bridget narrowed her eyes.

"Everyone except me I guess." The brunette was having fun leaving her girlfriend to wonder. "Are we going into Vera's place before we go to Allie's?"

"Yeah, I think we will. We're a bit ahead of schedule," Bridget said, checking the time on her phone.

"Perfect. You'll find out then." Franky gave her a mischievous smile as the cab pulled up.

“Vera! We’re here!” Bridget called out as she opened the front door of her friend’s house.

“I’m in the bedroom! Almost ready.”

“No rush, we’re early anyway,” Bridget said, sitting down on the couch.

“I’ll be right back, babe,” The brunette gave her girlfriend a wink and a quick kiss before heading to the bathroom to put on her second costume of the night.

Bridget looked around the living room. Vera had inherited the house from her mother, who had passed away not long after she and the blonde had met. The governor had never spoken much about her, but Bridget got the impression that their relationship had been strained at best.

Franky sat her bag on the small counter in the bathroom, unzipped it, and unpacked the contents. She had brought Bridget’s shirt that she had found, a pair of military-style boots, aviator sunglasses, a black leather belt, a toy gun with a holster, and of course, handcuffs. She took off her shirt, shoes, and mask, and placed them into the bag.

First she put on the shirt, leaving a couple of the top buttons undone. As she tucked it into her pants, she looked in the mirror and smiled, remembering the picture of Bridget wearing it all those years ago. Next came the belt with the holster. She buckled the belt, then fastened the straps for the holster around her thigh to keep it snug against her leg. She knew the gun didn’t look realistic since it was just a piece of brightly coloured plastic, but she wasn’t looking to go back to prison anytime soon. She put on the boots, and grabbed the sunglasses and handcuffs. After one last look in the mirror, she was ready to reveal her costume to Bridget and Vera.

“I don’t know, it just seems like some-“ Bridget stopped mid-sentence when Franky came around the corner. Vera turned to follow her gaze.

“What do ya think?” The brunette held out her arms to either side.

The blonde stood up and walked over to her. She reached out and touched the fabric covering Franky’s bicep. “Is this mine?”

The younger woman smirked, picking up the unintentional double meaning in Bridget’s question. “Yep. I found it when I was cleaning out the closet in Em’s room.” She watched the blonde’s eyes roam up and down her body.

Bridget cleared her throat and shook her head. “Yeah, looks…really good.”

Franky laughed, as she put her arm around Bridget’s shoulder and turned them to face Vera. “How about you?”

Vera nodded, and Franky noticed a bit of a blush in the other woman’s cheeks. “You look nice.”

“We should head out now. I’ll call us a cab.”

While Bridget made the call, The brunette put her arm around Vera. “You look nice too.” Franky gave her a genuine smile. The smaller brunette had chosen to dress as a black cat, and Franky thought she looked cute.

“Thanks.” Vera gave her a small smile.


When they arrived at the party, Allie greeted them with a tray of purple-coloured shots. They each grabbed one.

Franky felt the burn go down her throat. “Those are good, but strong, Al.”

“You know me, go big or go home. You look hot by the way, Franks!” Allie gave them a wink, and continued making her way around the room.

Allie had pushed all the furniture to the edges of the large living room, to make space for people to dance and mingle. Franky grabbed Bridget and Vera by the hands, and led them into the middle of the crowd.

“I’m just going to hang out here, I think,” Vera said, as they passed by one of the couches.

“Nah uh. Come on!” The brunette tugged on her hand.

“It’s okay, I’m good. You guys go and have fun. You don’t need a third wheel.” She gave a small smile.

“It’s all good.” Franky pulled on her hand again, and Vera reluctantly followed her. “Besides, wouldn’t be my first threesome,” she said with a smirk, as Bridget giggled seeing the look on her friend’s face.

Vera seemed a bit more at ease after a few songs, and another one of the purple shots. “I’m going to find the bathroom,” she told them.

Bridget wrapped her arms around Franky’s neck, and pulled her down for a long kiss. “I’ve been wanting to do that ever since you walked out in that outfit.”

“Is that so?” The brunette had that cocky grin on her face again. “Gidge, I think you have a thing for women in uniform.”

“Mmm, maybe.” Bridget smiled and pulled her in for another kiss. Franky let her hand roam under the blonde’s jacket, and felt her press her body into her.

“I’m going to go get us more shots.” Franky said in Bridget’s ear, before giving her a small kiss.

When the brunette got to the kitchen, Allie was just making a fresh batch.

“Here, I’ll help.” Franky grabbed the tray and started filling it with plastic shot glasses.

“Thanks, Franks!” Allie giggled at her own rhyme, and Franky figured she’d probably sampled a few of the drinks herself before the party. “I’m glad you guys came.”

“Ah, well thanks for having us!”

Bridget scanned the crowd, waiting for Vera to return when she felt someone walk up beside her.

“Hey, I like your costume.” The blonde turned to see a woman probably about Franky’s age, dressed as a cowgirl.

“Oh, thanks.” Bridget smiled politely. “I like yours too.”

“You wanna dance?” The cowgirl took a step closer.

“Actually, I’m here with someone, but thank you.” The blonde shifted her weight a bit to discreetly put some space between her and the other woman.

“Someone?” The cowgirl gave a flirty smile.

“My girlfriend.”

“I don’t see her anywhere.” The woman gave a quick glance around the room.

Bridget felt something touch her hip, and took a step back, looking down to see the other woman’s hand there.

“Relax, it’s just my number,” she said, slipping a small piece of paper into the pocket of the blonde’s pants. “You know, in case your girlfriend doesn’t come back.”

“Hey Franks, someone’s hitting on your girl.” Allie nodded towards the living room as she started to pour the shots.

Franky saw the woman slip something into Bridget’s pocket.

“No worries, Al.” She picked up three shots and headed back towards the blonde. “Hey, Gidge. Made a new friend?” She looked at the cowgirl with an obviously unimpressed smile on her face.

“Candace.” The woman smiled at Franky.

“Candace? Well, Candace, one of these is for you.” The brunette handed a shot to the cowgirl. “Consider it a parting gift.”

The smile on the woman’s face disappeared.

“Candace, this is my girlfriend,” Bridget said, barely holding in her laughter.

“Oh. Right then. Thanks for this.” She held up her shot, then turned and went back into the crowd.

Franky handed Bridget the other shot, and they tipped them back.

“God, what is in those?” the blonde asked, placing their empty glasses on the coffee table.

“Vodka, raspberry liqueur, lime juice and food colouring.” Franky looked around the room. “Hey, where did Vera go?”

“Over there.” Bridget nodded towards the opposite side of the room.

Vera was talking with a tall, good-looking guy with short dark hair and blue eyes. Franky hadn’t seen him before, but figured that he must be one of Allie’s friends. She guessed it didn’t really matter who had invited him, she was just glad to see Vera enjoying herself.

“Guess we’re on our own then,” Franky said as she wrapped the blonde in her arms.

They spent the night dancing, and talking with friends, but mostly dancing, and had lost track of time. They’d each had a third and fourth shot at some point through the night, and while neither of them would say they were drunk, they were definitely not sober.

A slower song came on, and Bridget moved in closer to the brunette. Franky remembered from their night at the bar that after a couple of drinks, the blonde was pretty open with her affections, and tonight was no different. She nuzzled her nose against the brunette’s cheek, urging her to turn her head to the side, leaving her neck exposed.

Bridget began to work her way slowly down one side of Franky’s neck, starting just below her ear. The brunette let her eyes close as she felt her girlfriend’s lips on her. The blonde took her time, letting her teeth scrape lightly across a patch of skin, then soothing it with her lips and tongue. A few times, she found a spot that made the younger woman shiver. When she had made it down to Franky’s collarbone, the brunette tilted her head back and turned in the opposite direction, allowing Bridget to continue on the other side. At one point, the brunette opened her eyes to see Candace sitting on the couch at the side of the room watching them. When the cowgirl realized she’d been caught, Franky gave her a wink, and she quickly looked away.

“Fuck, Gidge.” Franky let out a slow breath when the blonde had made it all the way up to her ear. “You need to take a break from that.” The brunette smiled at her.

“Mmm, why?” Bridget gave a small laugh.

“Because otherwise we’ll end up fucking in one of the bedrooms or the bathroom.” The brunette gave her a small kiss.

“I wouldn’t say no.” Bridget looked up at her.

Franky laughed. “I know, babe, but I’d rather have you at home later.”

“Then take me home.” The blonde gave her a lazy smile.

The brunette scanned the room, and saw that Vera was still talking to the guy from earlier. “Okay. We should see if Vera’s ready to leave though. We can’t just abandon her here.”

Bridget nodded. “I’ll go talk to her.”

The blonde wound her way through the crowd until she got to where Vera and the tall man were sitting on the couch. “Vera!” Bridget let herself fall onto the couch beside her friend.

“Bridget, this is Jake. He’s a friend of a friend of Allie’s.” Vera had a big smile on her face.

“Nice to meet you Jake.” Bridget reached out to shake his hand. “Listen, Vera, I think we’re ready to take off. Did you want to come with us, or are you good here?” The blonde gave her a wiggle of her eyebrow.

“Uh,” Vera looked between Jake and her friend. Part of her wanted to stay and talk longer, but she didn’t want to be left here at the end of the night to make her way home alone.

“It’s okay if you have to go. I can give you my number, and we can have coffee or lunch sometime if you’d like.” Jake had noticed her hesitation, and decided to offer her a way out.

“Yes, sure, I’d like that.” Vera found her phone in her pocket, and handed it to Jake.

“It was really great to meet you,” He handed it back after he had put in his number, giving her a smile.

“Who was the tall, dark, and handsome?” Franky asked Vera as they waited outside for their cab.

“Jake.” Vera smiled.

“She got his number,” Bridget said, putting her phone back in her pocket.

“Nice!” The brunette playfully nudged the smaller woman with her elbow, and Vera blushed.

“Yes, well, we’ll see.” She avoided eye contact with Franky and her friend.

“You’d better call him.” The cab had just pulled up, and Bridget opened the door for the other two, then climbed in after them. She gave the driver Vera’s address and then her own.

Franky had ended up in the middle, and put an arm around each of their shoulders. “What? So no threesome then?” When she saw the look on Vera’s face, she burst out laughing. “Relax, I’m joking!”

After they had dropped Vera off, Bridget stayed close to Franky. She played with the straps of the holster that were fastened around the brunette’s thigh while Franky did her best to ignore where her hand was.

When they arrived at the house, Bridget made her way to unlock the door while Franky paid the driver. “Keep the change.” The brunette climbed out of the cab, and joined her girlfriend on the front porch.

When they got inside, Franky closed the door behind them and turned the lock. She smiled, thinking of what she had planned for the rest of the night, then shook her head and took a deep breath to get into character. Bridget turned, and raised herself up slightly on her toes to give the brunette a kiss. Instead of lowering her head to meet her, Franky stood still.

“Babe?” Bridget searched her face, thinking something was wrong.

“I’m going to need you to stand and face that wall.” Franky nodded towards the wall at the end of the hallway.

“What? I-”

The brunette took Bridget’s shoulders and turned her around, holding the blonde’s hands behind her back. “I said I’m going to need you to stand against the wall.” Franky started walking her forward.

The brunette stopped just a few inches from the wall. “Put your hands flat against the wall and move your feet apart.” When Bridget didn’t move right away, Franky took the blonde’s hands and placed them on the wall above her head to each side. “Spread your feet.” Bridget moved her feet a few inches apart. “Further!” The brunette took the toe of her boot and tapped the inside of Bridget’s feet, making her move them apart more. “Now, I have reason to believe you’re carrying contraband on your person.” Franky leaned in over Bridget’s shoulder so she could see the blonde’s face. “You think this is funny?” she asked, seeing the small smile playing on Bridget’s lips.

“No, baby.” The blonde was more than willing to play along.

“That’s ‘officer’ to you.” Franky stood up straight again.

“No, officer.” Bridget could feel the anticipation running through her. This whole scenario was definitely working for her.

“As I was saying, I believe you have contraband on you, so I’m going to have to search you.” Franky leaned in close. “Okay?” She broke character just for a second to check in with the blonde. Bridget gave a small nod.

Franky started at the blonde’s arms and worked her way slowly down the left, then the right one from her wrist to her shoulder. She moved in closer behind Bridget and pushed her jacket open a bit more so she could run her hands down each side of her girlfriend’s body. She felt the blonde take in a deep, shaky breath.

When she reached Bridget’s waist, she untucked her shirt, slowly pulling the material free. Franky let her hands slide up and over the blonde’s stomach. She flattened her left hand against the older woman’s hip, and slid her fingers into the pocket of the tight pants. The brunette made sure to let her fingertips glide over the blonde’s hipbone since she knew that was a sensitive area. Bridget let out a small moan.

“Quiet!” Franky’s voice was close to her ear.

The brunette repeated the action, this time dipping into the right-hand pocket, where her fingers were met with a small piece of paper. She pulled it out and held it up in front of the blonde’s face.

“What’s this?” Franky asked. Bridget shrugged. “I think you do know. You could get into a lot of trouble lying to a police officer. Let’s try again. What’s this?”

“A number?” It was taking all of the blonde’s control to stay standing against the wall. Franky was playing her role very well, and it was turning her on.

“Whose number?” Franky stepped a fraction of an inch closer to Bridget’s back, and she felt the blonde try to push her body against her. “I didn’t tell you to move! Whose number is it?”

“I don’t know.” The blonde decided to at least pretend to put up some resistance.

“Yes you do. I know you do.” Franky moved her lips next to the blonde’s ear. “I know who’s it is. I rarely ask a question I don’t already know the answer to, so you’d better tell me the truth. You got one more chance.”

“Candace.” Bridget’s voice was barely audible.

“Mhm, the cowgirl. I saw her put it in there.” Franky let her lips lightly brush over the edge of the blonde’s ear.

“Fuck,” the older woman sighed.

“Sorry? What was that? I don’t recall asking you anything.” Bridget breathed out slowly, and shook her head, and Franky let a small grin appear on her lips. The brunette flicked the small piece of paper to the side. “You won’t be needing that, right?”

“No,” the blonde answered.

“I think you forgot something there.”

“No, officer,” Bridget repeated.

“That’s better. Now, I’ll need to continue my search to make sure you don’t have anything else on you.” Franky let her hands move under Bridget’s shirt, and up her stomach again. She let her fingers run over the fabric covering the blonde’s breasts, and felt her hardened nipples beneath it.

She moved both hands back down to Bridget’s waist, and around to her belt buckle. She undid the belt and the button on her pants, and slowly pulled down the zipper. At first, she let her hand slide in between the blonde’s pants and underwear, touching as lightly as she could to tease the older woman. Bridget let out another small moan, but this time Franky didn’t silence her. She moved her hand back up and this time when she went back down, she slid it under the fabric of the blonde’s underwear as well.

Bridget knew she was wet. She could feel it ever since Franky had started her search. She hadn’t realized how much though until she felt Franky’s fingers glide easily over her folds. The brunette smiled to herself, pleased that the blonde was enjoying this.

“Has my search gotten you all worked up?” Franky’s lips brushed against Bridget’s ear again.

“Yes, officer.” Bridget shifted her weight, trying to encourage the brunette to move her fingers.

“What do you think I should do about that?” Franky whispered. “Let you off with a warning? Or finish what I started?” Bridget didn’t respond so the brunette let the tip of her finger slide over the other woman’s clit. “It’s your choice. Tell me.”

“Finish it.” Bridget knew what she wanted, and she wanted it now.

Franky let her fingers sink deep into the blonde, and she felt the older woman move against her. The brunette quickly realized that Bridget needed more support so she turned her around to face her, and planted her knee against the wall between her girlfriend’s legs. It gave her more leverage, and it let the blonde hang onto her.

Franky thrust her fingers inside Bridget, curling them every so often. The blonde had a grip on Franky’s bicep with her left hand, and had wrapped her right arm around the brunette’s neck.

“Ahh, fuck.” Bridget buried her face against Franky’s shoulder, and the brunette could feel her warm breath against her neck. With each thrust, Franky could feel the blonde’s grip on her arm tighten. “Harder, baby.”

Franky obliged and it wasn’t long before Bridget was moaning against the brunette’s neck. Franky loved listening to her and knowing that she was making her girlfriend feel good. She felt a shiver run through her body, and a warmth in her stomach. Maybe this was the mental component of an orgasm that Bridget had been talking about that time. She pushed it from her mind, and focused her attention back on the blonde. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to come, but it wasn’t about her right now.

“Fuck, baby.” Bridget had felt the shiver run through the brunette, and knew she was enjoying this as well. “Oh god.” She felt Franky’s fingers curl inside her. “You’re close too, baby.” It wasn’t a question, Bridget could tell, but Franky answered with a small moan anyway.

A few more thrusts, and Bridget felt her muscles contract and release around the brunette’s fingers as her orgasm ran through her. Franky took a deep breath and tried to focus on the blonde, rather than her own body.

Bridget picked her head up from Franky’s shoulder and kissed her deeply, massaging her tongue with her own. The brunette took her hand out of her girlfriend’s pants, and reached down, placing her hands on the backs of Bridget’s thighs. The blonde gave a small jump, as Franky lifted her, and she wrapped her legs around the younger woman’s hips.

Franky managed to walk them both down the hallway and placed Bridget on the bed without ever breaking their kiss. The blonde could sense that the younger woman was getting ready to go for round two, but Bridget was ready to have her fun with the brunette. She tightened her legs around Franky’s hips and quickly flipped them over so that she was on top. She reached down, unbuttoning the brunette’s shirt and pulling her up so she could remove it along with her bra.

She threw them into the corner of the room, and pushed Franky back down on the bed. She leaned down, and captured one of the brunette’s nipples with her mouth.

“Fuck, Gidge.”

She didn’t linger for long, because she knew it probably wouldn’t take much to make Franky come, considering how aroused she was already. She felt the brunette’s hands on her jacket and shirt, so she sat up and discarded them both as well as her bra. Bridget pulled the red scarf out of her belt loops. She leaned down once more, connecting her lips with Franky’s. She felt the younger woman lift her hips, trying to create some friction where she needed it.

Bridget pulled back slightly and took each of Franky’s hands in hers. She moved them up above the brunette’s head and wrapped the scarf around one, then looped it through the headboard and wrapped it around the other, securing it with a knot. Franky hadn’t realized what she’d done until she tried to reach out and touch the blonde. When she couldn’t move her arm she looked confused for a second, then looked up and saw the scarf. She looked back at the blonde.

“My turn,” Bridget said with a smirk on her face.

“Oh fuck.” Franky let her head fall back onto the pillows.

Bridget straddled the brunette’s thighs and felt the younger woman trying to raise her hips again. The blonde reached for her toy sword. Franky watched as she let the tip of it come to rest on the brunette’s shoulder. Even though it was plastic, it still felt a bit cold against her warm skin. Bridget let it trail over Franky’s collarbone, and then slowly down between her breasts, and down the middle of her stomach.

When she reached the brunette’s belt buckle she tapped the tip of it against the metal, and Franky looked down. “Not yet,” the blonde said teasingly.

Bridget took the sword and ran it along Franky’s tattoos. The brunette felt a flutter in her core. When the blonde once again reached Franky’s pants, she sat the sword aside. She leaned down and connected their lips briefly, before turning the brunette’s head to the side, and going back to her neck, kissing, licking and biting like she had been doing at the party.

She let her hand trail down and undo Franky’s belt and the button on her pants. She didn’t plan on teasing her much more, so she flattened her hand against the brunette’s stomach and let her fingers slide all the way down to where Franky’s wetness had pooled.

“You’re so wet, baby.” Bridget murmured against the brunette’s ear.

The blonde heard Franky’s breathing pick up. She placed a final kiss on the brunette’s lips before she raised herself up and moved off the younger woman.

“Gidge?” Franky lifted her head.

“Relax, baby. I’m just getting rid of these.” Bridget moved to the end of the bed and untied Franky’s boots, letting them drop onto the floor. Next, she unclipped the holster from around the brunette’s thigh and pulled her pants and underwear off over her feet. Franky was now laying completely naked except for the scarf tied around her wrists. Bridget removed her own boots, pants, and underwear before settling back on top of the brunette’s thighs.

She saw Franky’s eyes travel over her body. “I love how you look at me.” Bridget smiled down at her. She leaned forward, and took one of the brunette’s nipples in her mouth again. She let her tongue run over the hardened bud and felt the muscles in Franky’s legs twitch beneath her.

Bridget moved to place her knee in between the brunette’s thighs, allowing her to open her legs. She moved to the other breast as she reached down and found Franky’s wetness once more. She let her finger’s slide inside as she brushed her thumb over the younger woman’s clit. She set a steady pace and curled her fingers.

“Fuck, babe.” Franky pushed herself onto the blonde’s hand. She could already tell it wouldn’t take long. “I’m really close.”

“I know. You almost came when we were out in the hallway. It was really fucking hot.” She let her teeth scrape gently over the brunette’s earlobe.

“Mmm.” Franky’s hands tightened around the scarf, and she strained against it. She could feel every muscle in her body coil up tightly. “Oh fuck.” Her body shook as Bridget continued to move her fingers inside her. Waves of pleasure washed over her as she felt the blonde’s lips on her neck and jaw.

When she finally opened her eyes, she was met with Bridget’s bright blue ones staring back at her.

“Hey, baby.” The blonde leaned down and gave her a kiss on the lips. “Let’s get this off you.” She reached up and untied the scarf.

Franky immediately wrapped her arms around the older woman, and ran her hands up and down her back. “Happy Halloween, Gidge.”

The blonde laughed, “You silly goof.” She gave her another kiss before she settled in against her side.


The next morning Franky awoke with Bridget still close beside her. They needed to get up and meet Liz and Emily at the Centre, but the brunette didn’t want to wake the sleeping woman next to her. She brushed a strand of hair back from the older woman’s face and tucked it behind her ear. Bridget sighed, but didn’t move.

She laid there and watched her sleep for a few more minutes before placing a barely there kiss on her lips.

“Babe.” Franky ran her fingers across the back of Bridget’s shoulders. “We need to get up.”

“Mmm, I want to stay here with you.” The blonde buried her face in Franky’s neck.

The brunette let out a small laugh. “Come on, babe.” She placed a small kiss on Bridget’s shoulder. “We have to go help Liz and pick up Em. I’ll go turn the shower on so it’s nice and warm for us when you get there.”

The blonde sighed as she felt Franky move away from her and get out of the bed. A minute later she heard the water in the shower turn on. As much as she wanted to stay in bed, she had to admit there were worse ways to start the day than a shower with your girlfriend.


They arrived at the Centre just as Liz and Emily were going inside. Franky’s car was still there from the night before, so they had taken a cab.

“Good morning, darling!” Bridget picked Emily up and gave her a hug. “How was your night with Liz?”

“It was good! We had popcorn and watched Hocus Pocus and she let me stay up late!” Emily told the blonde with a big smile on her face.

“Sounds like a big night!” Bridget said, as Emily ran off to say good morning to Franky. “Everything go okay, Liz?” The blonde asked, as she helped the other woman fold up a large tablecloth.

“Oh yeah, it was all good. I couldn’t get her to eat any breakfast though. She said her tummy was a bit upset.” Liz gave her an apologetic look.

“Probably just all the excitement and candy from yesterday. We’ll find something for her when we get home.”

It didn’t take them long to get everything cleaned up, and they were just about to head out the door when Liz stopped them.

“I almost forgot about these. I meant to give them to you on Friday.” She handed Franky a few copies of the local paper that had her interview in it. The brunette flipped through the pages. Liz put her hand on the younger woman’s arm. “I’m proud of you.”

“I know.” A big smile lit up Franky’s face. “Thank you.” The brunette gave her a kiss on the cheek before leaving with Bridget and Emily.


That evening, Franky was laying on the couch flipping through the TV channels while Bridget finished some work on her laptop at the table, and Emily was in the shower. The brunette heard Bridget close her laptop and walk softly toward her. Franky smiled and moved to a half sitting position, to allow the blonde to sit between her legs and lean back against her. The younger woman wrapped her arm around Bridget’s waist.

“I read your article earlier while you were making supper.” The blonde broke the comfortable silence between them.

“Oh yeah?” Franky rested her chin on her girlfriend’s shoulder.

“I thought it was nice. You spoke really well in your interview. It reminded me of something too.”

“What’s that, babe?” The brunette kissed her shoulder.

“I was going to sign Em and Tim up for your class this summer.” The blonde picked a piece of lint off her pants. “I’d still like her to do the class, so I thought maybe I could sign up with her instead.”

“Sure, but if you want to learn stuff, I can just show you here.”

“I think it would be fun to do the class, and she’ll get to meet some more kids her age.” Bridget turned so she could look at her girlfriend.

“Okay,” Franky had a big smile on her face. “I’ll put you guys on the list tomorrow.” She gave the blonde another kiss.