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Cooking Classes

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The past few days had flown by, and summer was quickly approaching. Emily only had a couple weeks of school left, and most of Franky’s classes would be finishing around that time as well. She’d then spend a week prepping for her next set of courses before the Summer session started.

“I love my job, but I have to admit I’m a bit jealous that you get to switch things up at yours every few months,” Bridget said, applying her makeup in the bathroom mirror alongside Franky.

“You get new clients though right? People get released, people get arrested.” The brunette gathered her hair, and tied it back with an elastic.

“I suppose that’s one way to look at it.” The blonde put her makeup back in the drawer, and turned to face Franky. “You look nice today, baby.”

A big smile came across the younger woman’s face. “Aww thanks, Gidge. You look beautiful, too.”

Bridget reached up and touched the phoenix tattoo on Franky’s left arm. “Are you going to get more?”

“I don’t know. No plans as of right now, but maybe someday.”

“I like them.” Bridget smiled up at her.

“I know.” The brunette gave her a slow kiss.

“Alright, I need to go and drop Em off at school. I’ll see you tonight.” The blonde gave her another kiss, and went to gather hers and Emily’s things.

Ten minutes later, Franky went back to the kitchen to see Emily’s book that she needed for today still sitting on the counter. Each student had to talk about their favourite book in class today, and she had picked one that Franky and Bridget often read to her at night.

“Shit.” She took the book and put it into her bag. She’d have to drop it off on her way to the Centre.


Franky parked in the parking lot at the school, grabbed the book from her bag, and made her way to the main doors. When she got inside, she met the principal in the lobby.

“Good morning, Franky.” Ms. Johns smiled at her.

“Hey, good morning. Em forgot this,” she said, holding up the book. “Is it okay if I run it down to her?”

“Of course. I’m sure she’ll be glad you brought it.”

Franky walked down the hall, and knocked on the door to Emily’s classroom. She stood to the side so that the girl wouldn’t see that it was her and want to come out and talk to her. She didn’t want to disrupt the class, she just wanted to drop off the book and leave again.

Ms. Williams opened the door. It took her a second to notice the brunette standing off to the side. “Oh! Hi, Franky.” She gave her a smile.

“Hey. I just came to drop this off. Em forgot it this morning.” She held out the book.

“Did you want to give it to her yourself?” The teacher glanced back into the room.

“Oh, uh, I didn’t want to disturb- are you sure it’s okay?” Ms. Williams nodded. “Okay, sure.”

Franky waited while the teacher called Emily to the door.

“Franky!” Emily’s face lit up.

“Shh, indoor voice, bub.” She crouched down and gave the girl a hug.

“You came to visit me?”

“I came to bring your book. You forgot it.” Franky handed her the book.

“Thanks! Will you read it to me tonight?” she asked quietly.

“Sure.” The brunette smiled at her. “You should get back to class now though, okay?”

“Okay.” Emily gave her a kiss on the cheek, and went back into the classroom.

Franky stood up to see the teacher still standing in the doorway with a smile on her face.

“What?” the brunette asked, feeling a bit self-conscious.

“I always knew you were a softie deep down.” Franky simply shrugged her shoulders, not really knowing what to say. Ms. Williams continued. “Since you’re here, there was something I wanted to mention to either you or Bridget. I know Ms. Johns told you guys about it, but I just wanted to remind you that on Friday we’re doing the family tree stuff. I don’t know if you think Emily will be okay with that or if you wanted to talk to her a bit about it first. If it’s something you guys want to do with her on your own instead, I can give you the worksheets and it’s perfectly fine if you want to take her out of class for that afternoon. Whatever you think will keep her from being too upset.”

“I’ll talk to Gidge tonight, but I think we’ll probably just go through it with her ourselves. I can pick her up at lunchtime on Friday.” Franky felt that Bridget would agree that it was better if they did it with her. She was worried that Emily might have questions or get upset, and she would rather they were there to help her instead of her teacher.

“Okay, I’ll grab the worksheets for you.” Ms. Williams went inside and was back a few seconds later with a packet of papers which she handed to the brunette.

“Thanks, I gotta run now, see you later!” Franky took the papers and went back to her car. She put them into her bag so that she wouldn’t forget to ask Bridget about it later that night.


“I don’t know who was putting who to bed just then.” Franky came back into the living room, yawning and rubbing her eyes.

“You laid down with her, didn’t you?” Bridget asked, looking up from her laptop with a small smile on her face.

“Maybe.” The brunette let herself drop onto the couch beside the older woman.

“The trick is you have to stay sitting up, or else some night you will fall asleep, and I’d leave you there if you did.” The blonde went back to her work.

“No you wouldn’t.” A small smirk played on Franky’s lips.

“Yep. I would.” Bridget kept a straight face, watching the brunette’s reaction out of the corner of her eye. “I’d have the bed all to myself. I could sleep in the middle and spread out like a starfish.”

“Nah, you’d wake me up.” Franky shifted closer to her. “And ask me to come to bed with you.” She leaned in so that her lips were next to the blonde’s ear. “Because if I wasn’t there, you’d miss me.” She was close enough that her lips brushed the older woman’s ear on the last two words.

Bridget’s eyes fluttered closed for a second, and when she opened them, she turned to face Franky. “How do you do that?” she asked with a smile on her lips.

“Do what?” The brunette looked from her eyes to her lips then back again.

“Make ‘annoyingly cocky’ so fucking hot.” She held the younger woman’s gaze.

“Guess it’s just my natural charm.” Franky placed a soft kiss on her lips, and Bridget just shook her head. “On a serious note though, Gidge, I do have something we need to talk about.”

“Okay.” Bridget closed her laptop and put it on the coffee table. “Nothing bad I hope.”

“I don’t think so. Just something we have to figure out.” The brunette got up, found the worksheets in her bag, and brought them back with her as she sat down by the older woman again. “Beth gave these to me when I went to drop off the book that Em forgot today.”

“Beth?” Bridget thought for a moment. “How did I not know her first name?”

Franky shrugged. “I haven’t seen it on anything Em has brought home so far.” She handed the papers to the blonde. “It’s the family tree thing. They’re doing it in class on Friday afternoon.” The brunette had prepared her reasoning for why she thought they should keep Emily home and talk to her about it. She had just opened her mouth to give her side when Bridget spoke.

“I think we should do this with her. One of us can pick her up at noon and then we’ll have the weekend.” The blonde looked over at Franky, who still had her mouth half open. “What?”

“Nothing. I was just going to say the same thing, and you beat me to it.” The brunette smiled, relieved.

“I think she’s been through enough. I know it seems like something small, but she’s going to hear the other kids talking about their parents, and I don’t want that bringing up things for her. Even the happy memories can make someone sad in certain situations. She’s only got about a week and a half left anyway so one afternoon won’t matter. Let’s just ease her through the rest of this term then she’ll have the summer, and hopefully she can have a more stable, settled year next year.”

Franky let out a long breath, and nodded her head.

“Baby.” Bridget put a hand on the brunette’s cheek. She knew what the younger woman was thinking. “I know you love her, and that you’re protective of her, and I get why that is. We’re on the same page though, okay?”

Franky nodded again. “I’m sorry.”

“Nope, no sorries, everything’s fine. I’m so glad that Em has someone else who cares about her now, too.” The blonde gave her a quick kiss. “Okay?”

“Yeah.” Franky’s voice was quiet, and Bridget put an arm around her. “Gidge?”

“Mm?” The blonde was still reading through the papers Franky had given her.

“I was thinking about the summer. The Centre has some day camp stuff.”

“Yeah, I was just looking at that the other day actually. There’s an art one on Mondays and Wednesdays I thought she might like, and a science one on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then of course you’ll have both of us on Thursday evenings.” Bridget smiled and squeezed the brunette’s shoulder. “Plus they all end about the same time as her school day did, so you’ll still get to spend some time with her each afternoon.”

“That sounds great! Bea is teaching the art one. She’ll love it!” Franky knew her friend would be happy to have the young girl in her class, and Emily loved to draw already.

“That would just leave Fridays.”

“Fridays are my short days again anyway so she can just come with me for the morning.” Franky’s mood was already lifting.

“Okay, good, it’s settled then.” Bridget set the papers aside on the coffee table. “I can leave early this Friday and pick her up from school.”

“I can do it. It’s kind of silly for you to take time off when I’m available anyway.” Franky ran her hand along the top of the blonde’s thigh.

“I know, it’s just…” Bridget trailed off.

“It’s just what?” the brunette asked, giving her leg a small squeeze.

“I literally don’t know how I would do all of this without you,” the blonde sighed.

“Good thing you don’t have to then, huh?” Franky leaned into her and smiled. “But even if you did, you’d figure it out, you’d make it work.”

“Yeah.” Bridget returned her smile. “You don’t mind picking her up?”

“Of course not!”

“Okay, I’ll call the school tomorrow and let them know.” The blonde picked up the remote. “Want to watch an episode of this show I found before bed?”

“Sure. What’s it called?” Franky got up to get them each something to drink before they settled in to watch it.

“Rush. There’s this really hot cop named Stella.” The blonde navigated through the screens.

“You and cops, Gidge.” The brunette laughed, as she sat down beside her.


It was lunchtime on Friday, and Franky had just pulled into the parking lot at Emily’s school. They had told her that the brunette would be picking her up early today, but they hadn’t said why.

She walked through the hallways until she came to Emily’s classroom. Ms. Williams was just finishing up the morning’s lessons, so Franky leaned against the wall with her arms crossed, and waited. After a few minutes, kids began leaving the classroom. She was lost in thought when she felt a tap on her elbow. She looked down to see a small boy standing there.

“I’m taking your class this summer,” he said quietly.

Franky crouched down. “That’s awesome! So you like cooking?”

The boy nodded. “I don’t know much yet.”

“That’s okay. That’s why you take classes, right?” He nodded again.

“I’m taking your class, too. With my mom.” A girl from Emily’s class had joined the boy.

Franky saw Emily making her way out of the room. “That’s great! I’ll see you both in a couple weeks then, okay?” They both nodded, and the brunette stood up. “Hey, bub, you ready to go?”

“Yeah!” The young girl reached up and took Franky’s hand.

When they got home, the brunette was restless. It would be another few hours until Bridget got home, and she was worried about how their talk with Emily would go tonight. She decided to distract herself the best way she knew how; cooking.

She and Emily were just finishing up their lunch. “So I was thinking, would you like to make a special dessert to have after supper?” The brunette knew that part of the reason she was making the offer because she was worried that what they were going to talk about afterwards would upset the young girl. On the other hand though, she reasoned that it wasn’t that far out of the ordinary either.

“The one you made with fire.” Emily had a big smile on her face.

“The one I made with fire?” Franky thought for a moment before it came to her. “Crème brûlée?”


“Okay, help me clean up then we’ll get started. It has to sit in the fridge for awhile before we can eat it, so we’ll start early.” The brunette did a quick check of the fridge and cabinets to make sure they had everything they needed.

Franky watched while Emily carefully followed the recipe, letting her do as much as possible on her own. The brunette remembered when she had made this same dessert for Bridget the first time.

“You know, I made this for your auntie on our first date.” Franky helped her turn on the stove.

“You did?”

“Yep, I did. I cooked supper for her, and this is what we had for dessert.” The brunette thought back to the moment she opened the door and saw Bridget standing there in her little black dress.

“And then what?” Emily carefully stirred the cream and vanilla in the saucepan.

“Then we talked and played a board game.” Franky was beginning to think she had started a bad conversation.

“Then you came here,” the young girl stated.

“The next morning, yes. Remember we made breakfast for Auntie and Vera?” The girl looked at her for a long moment, nodded, then went back to stirring the contents of the saucepan.

After they had baked and cooled the desserts, they set the pan in the fridge to chill until it was time to use the ‘fire’ as Emily called it to brown the tops just before they were ready to eat them.


Bridget had left work about an hour early, and was greeted by the smell of baked goods when she arrived home. She dropped her bag at the end of the couch where Franky was flipping through a magazine.

“Hey, babe.” The brunette let her head fall backwards.

“Hey.” Bridget leaned over from behind and gave her an upside-down kiss. “It smells great in here. Where’s Em?”

“We made something special for dessert, and she’s in her room playing.” Franky put the magazine down beside her.

“Okay. I’ll be right back, I need to get out of these clothes.” The blonde gave her another kiss.

“Need any help?”

Bridget just shook her head and smiled. “Maybe later.”

When the blonde returned, she sat with Franky, and leaned into her. The brunette wrapped an arm around her.

“What do you think is the best way to talk to her about it?” Franky had been thinking about it for days, and she finally needed to talk about it.

“I think we should just go through what the teacher was going to talk about and then do the tree. It might not even be an issue for her. This whole thing with us doing it with her instead is kind of just a precautionary thing. She might not have a problem with it at all.” Bridget was hoping if they approached it like it wasn’t a big deal, then maybe Emily wouldn’t think too much about it.

“Okay. I’m going to start supper.”


Once they had eaten, Franky and Emily went to work on the final step of making the dessert. They sprinkled the last of the sugar and vanilla on the three dishes, and the brunette got out her chef’s blowtorch.

“Now, a few very important things,” Franky began, still holding the blowtorch. “I let you do a lot of things on your own today, and I’m going to let you do most of this part too, but the rule is that you don’t cook, or use sharp knives, or anything hot, or any of the appliances without an adult in the kitchen with you. Either myself, Gidge, or Liz, okay?” She waited for Emily to agree. “Okay, so the trick to this part is to get the sugar on top brown and crispy without burning it.”

She moved to stand directly behind the young girl, who was on the small step stool to give her enough height to comfortably work on the counter. She set the blowtorch on the counter. “Pick it up with whichever hand feels most comfortable.” Emily reached out and took it with her right hand. “I’m going to help at first, okay?” The young girl nodded, and Franky reached out from behind and covered Emily’s hand with her own. “So this button turns it on, and the same one turns it off when we’re done.” The brunette clicked the button with her thumb, and the blowtorch lit. “So you don’t want to be too close or it’ll burn really fast.” Franky guided her hand until the first dessert was a golden brown on top. “Now move on to the next one, and do it just like I showed you and try to make them all the same colour.”

The brunette loosened her grip and allowed Emily to do most of the work on the final two.

“Okay, good. Turn it off. We have to wait for a few minutes while they cool a bit.” She waited while Emily clicked the button and the blowtorch turned off. “So after you use that, it’ll be really hot for awhile. You need to leave it upright, don’t lay it down on anything, and don’t touch the end where the flame was.”

Emily nodded and hopped down off the stool.

“What was the rule about that that I said before we started?” Franky asked, pointing to it on the counter.

“Don’t use it unless you’re in the kitchen too.” She started back to the table.

“Right. And Em,” the brunette waited for her to turn around. “You did really well with that.” A large smile appeared on the young girl’s face.


"That was delicious, Em." Bridget gave the young girl a small squeeze of the shoulder as the blonde passed by her on her way to the kitchen. "Don't go too far, we have something we want to do with you in a minute."

"I'm really hoping she just thinks it's fun and interesting," Franky said, wiping off the stovetop as Bridget put the dishes in the dishwasher.

"I know, baby," the blonde sighed.

Franky grabbed the worksheets, and sat on the floor in front of the coffee table.

"Em, love, can you come back out here?" Bridget called down the hallway.

When Emily came back into the living room, Franky patted the space on the rug beside her. "Come sit with me."

Bridget followed, putting the young girl between them. "Ms. Williams sent home a little project for us to do together. Do you know what a family tree is?" the blonde asked, as Franky spread out the sheets on the table. Emily shook her head, so Bridget started to explain. "A family tree is kind of like a map of your family, the people you're related to. So people like parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins."

The brunette slid one of the sheets in front of the young girl. "So on this sheet, we're going to write the names of the people in your family. Auntie will tell you their names if you don't know them and I'll help with the spelling. So this first box here is for your name."

The blonde waited while Emily wrote her name in the box. "In the next boxes would be your mom and dad. Do you know their names?" Bridget held her breath.

"Dad is Tim. Mom is Sarah." Emily began to write the names in the boxes.

"Good. Did your mom have any brothers or sisters?" Franky asked her. Emily shook her head. "Did your dad have any?"

"Auntie Bridge." Emily laughed, clearly thinking it was funny that Franky would ask that with Bridget sitting right there with them. The two adults smiled as well. Things were going better than they had anticipated.

They worked their way through her grandparents and great-grandparents. The project only went back to great-great-grandparents, which Bridget knew all but one of their names.

"There, you're all done, love. You should go put it in your bag so you don't forget it on Monday." The blonde moved to the side so that Emily could get out from between them.

"It's not done yet. I need to put Franky with you." The young girl touched her pencil to the paper.

"No, bub. I'm not on there," Franky said as she gathered the rest of the papers.

"Yeah, you're with Auntie Bridge." She started to draw a line from Bridget's name.

"That's not how this kind of a family tree works." Bridget said gently.

"What do you mean? You said we were a family." Emily looked from her aunt to Franky.

The brunette looked over the top of the young girl's head at Bridget. "Yeah we are," she said, lowering her head so her face was next to Emily's. "But there are different kinds of families."

Bridget decided to try to help explain. "The people on this tree are related to you in some way. Some of them are your blood relatives. That means that part of them has helped to physically make you. That's why maybe you look a bit like some of them."

"Like how you and your dad and Auntie all have blue eyes, and you and her have blonde hair." That was one of the first things that Franky had noticed when she'd met Bridget; how much the little girl looked like her with her blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Bridget nodded. "Or they would be on there if they married one of your relatives and had kids. Sometimes though, you meet people and you become really good friends, or you're in a relationship but you aren't married, and they become like your family too. They aren't a relative though, or married to one, so they wouldn't be included in something like this." The blonde pointed to Emily's family tree. "They would be on their own tree with their family. It doesn't mean that you care about them any less, sometimes maybe you're even closer to them."

"But I love her like I love you and Mom and Dad, and I want her to be family." Emily looked to her aunt again.

The blonde looked at Franky, who was wiping tears from her cheeks. "I know you do, love, and whether or not her name is on this paper doesn't change that," she said, focusing her attention back on the young girl.

Franky put her arm around Emily. "I'll always be here for you."

"Olivia in my class said that her Mom and Dad stopped loving each other and now she doesn't get to see her dad."

The brunette looked at Bridget. She certainly wasn't planning on leaving the blonde. She loved her more than she had loved anyone before. She often thought back to their night in Wentworth, and the promise she had made to her girlfriend. It didn't matter to her that Bridget hadn't heard it, she intended to follow through. Initially, she had thought that she'd ask her not long after she'd gotten out of prison, but things with Emily and Tim had become the priority. It didn't seem right proposing to the blonde when she had so much else on her mind. Things were starting to fall into some sense of normalcy the past couple of weeks though, and it was playing on her mind again.

"Love, even if for some reason Franky wasn't my girlfriend anymore, you would still be able to spend time with her if you wanted to," Bridget said, rubbing Emily's back. The blonde looked up and made eye contact with the younger woman.

“Yeah, yeah definitely. I’m not planning on ever going anywhere, but no matter what, you’re always welcome with me.”

“Em, why don’t you go have your shower now?” Bridget sensed that Franky needed a minute to gather her thoughts.

The young girl looked at Franky, then back to her aunt. Bridget tilted her head towards the bathroom, and Emily quietly got up and started down the hallway.

The blonde moved to sit beside Franky. “You okay, baby?” She asked, rubbing her back.

“Yeah, they were happy tears. It was just a bit overwhelming, you know?” The brunette took a deep breath.

"I know. She has a way of getting to you, doesn't she?"

"Oh yeah." Franky looked off into the kitchen.

Bridget could practically see the wheels turning in the brunette's head, and knew that she needed time to process. She figured the younger woman would probably be ready to talk when they went to bed. That had always seemed like her time to open up and decompress.


They had spent the evening playing card games, most of which Emily had won. Now, Franky and Bridget were laying in bed. The brunette pulled the older woman close against her, leaving no room between her front and Bridget's back.

"I never thought I'd have anything like this." Franky said quietly.

Bridget smiled. She knew her girlfriend too well. "You didn't?"

"No. I knew Liz would always be there for me, but I never expected something like this. Coming home to the same person every night, and being completely happy with it. A kid that I'd care about so much. Those were things I never even thought about, and if someone had asked me if I wanted them, I would have said I was doing okay without them."

"Maybe you were." Bridget said turning over.

"What?" Franky didn't understand what she was saying. She definitely didn't think her life before Bridget was better.

"Maybe you were doing okay without them. You didn't know at the time what you were missing, or how much you'd enjoy what we have now." She smiled at the brunette.

"I love you."

Franky's admission had caught the blonde off guard. "I know you do, baby. I love you, too."

"Gidge, can we.." The younger woman trailed off.

Bridget looked at her for a moment before pulling her close. She leaned in and brushed her lips against the brunette's. "Baby, if you want something, just ask for it." She trailed her fingers over Franky's back. She didn't think she was asking for sex; that was something neither of them were shy about, and they were pretty much past the point of having to ask.

"Can we sleep without our clothes? Just for tonight?" Franky asked quietly.

"Yeah," Bridget replied, giving her another light kiss.

Franky got out of bed and locked their bedroom door. Emily had been sleeping well lately, but she didn't want to take the chance. When she turned to come back to the bed, the blonde got up and met her. Bridget reached down and took the hem of Franky's shirt, pulling it off over her head. She then slid her hands in either side of the brunette's shorts and underwear, and slid them down over her legs. Franky quickly repeated the blonde's actions so they were both standing there in front of each other naked.

Bridget reached up and wrapped her arms around the brunette's neck. Franky smiled and walked them backwards to the bed, keeping her hands on the blonde's hips to make sure she didn't stumble over their discarded clothes. When they reached the edge of the bed, the brunette reached down, and with a hand on the back of each of Bridget's thighs, lifted her up and placed her on the bed. The blonde never let go of Franky's neck, so she followed her onto the bed, ending up on top of her. She gave her a quick kiss, and moved to lay on her side, pulling Bridget along with her.

"I've never slept naked with someone just because before. I've, you know, passed out after sex without getting dressed, but never just slept." Franky moved closer, and Bridget intertwined their legs.

"I like that I get to be the first for some things with you." The blonde gave her a warm smile.

"You were a lot of firsts for me. First serious relationship, first time showering with someone, first time saying 'I love you'." Franky let her fingers move along Bridget's side.

"First time letting someone fuck you with a strap-on." The blonde smiled seeing the look of surprise on her girlfriend's face.

"Did I tell you that?" Franky asked, her face turning a bit red.

"You did. During one of our phone sex nights when you were in Wentworth." Bridget smiled. Obviously the brunette hadn't realized what she was saying at the time.

"I never trusted anyone else enough to let them." Franky saw the smile leave the blonde's face. "I spent so much of my life not having any kind of control over what happened to me, the abuse from my mom, all the shit that happened on the streets, that when I finally got it, there was no way I was letting anyone else have any of it back."

"You should have told me that night." Bridget rested her hand on the brunette's cheek.

"I didn't need to, Gidge. It didn't bother me to let you do it." She saw a bit of the smile return to the blonde's face.

Franky leaned in and connected their lips. She took her time, she'd always loved kissing Bridget much more than any of her previous partners. She felt the blonde shift closer to her. When she broke the kiss, Bridget moved forward, following her, wanting more. The brunette connected their lips again.

"You're really good at that." Bridget said when they finally had to break apart for air.

"At kissing?" Franky grinned, and the blonde gave a small nod. "You did that same thing that night at my apartment when I kissed you. You didn't want it to end."

"Ugh, that whole night, I just wanted to fuck you. Ever since that kiss in the classroom I knew I was in trouble, but that night was torture." Bridget saw a flicker in Franky's eyes. "You looked so good when you answered the door, and you had cooked an amazing meal. Then you surprised me with the boardgame thing. Very few people surprise me, so it was nice. And well, afterwards, if you hadn't stopped, I think we know what would have happened."

"You looked amazing in that dress." The brunette's eyes scanned over Bridget's face as her fingers ran the length of the older woman's back.

"I've always liked how you look at me," the blonde whispered.

"And how's that?" It wasn't something that Franky had ever thought about before.

"Like you want me. Like you love me."

"Because I do." The brunette gave her a kiss. "I think you're beautiful."

Bridget looked at her for a minute. "It doesn't bother you that I'm older than you?" Franky shook her head. "Because the other two women I've seen who you've been with have been a lot younger."

"I don't care about age, Gidge. Besides, you're not old, you're making yourself sound like some old grandmother." The brunette gave a small laugh then got serious again. "If you're worried about that, stop. I love you so much."

"I love you too, baby." Bridget leaned in and connected their lips again.

"Did you mean what you said earlier when we were talking to Em?"

"Which part?" Bridget had meant everything she'd said, but she wanted to make sure which thing specifically the brunette was talking about.

"That if we ever weren't together she could still see me." The comment had surprised Franky at the time.

"Of course. If for some reason things fell apart for us, she shouldn't suffer because of it. I would never keep her from someone who was a good, loving, caring influence on her. I don't really want to think about it though." Bridget looked down.

"Me either." The brunette pulled her closer and connected their lips. She let her hand slide from the older woman's shoulder, down her back, and over her butt, then all the way back up to let her fingers tangle in her hair.

"Mmm, you're making this really hard." Bridget giggled against the other woman's lips.

"Making what hard?" Franky asked, kissing her softly again.

"To just sleep naked." They both laughed.

The brunette shifted a bit, allowing Bridget to bury her head in the crook of her neck. Franky drew lazy circles with her fingers between the blonde's shoulders and felt her immediately start to relax. A couple of times she felt Bridget's hand, that was resting on her lower back, twitch, and she knew this meant that she was falling asleep. It wasn't long after that that Franky felt herself drift off.