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Trying To Get Through The Dark On A Feeling

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He doesn’t remember what he said or did to Bakugo, but as the explosion hit him, he knew he must’ve done something. Why else would Bakugou be trying to hurt him?

Bakugo frowned when the explosion landed to the side of Shinsou’s face.

‘He didn’t dodge it...why didn’t the fucking idiot dodge it!’

Everyone in the classroom froze, staring with shock and surprise, unable to move or speak.

Shinsou covered his face, his body shaking from the pain. He bowed politely and walked out of the classroom to the closest bathroom.

“What is wrong with you?” Came that voice Bakugou hated OH so much.

“Shut your mouth, half ‘n’ half bastard!” He growled.
“I didn’t MEAN to do it. The idiot didn’t move!” He frowned.

Todoroki sighed.
“Maybe you should take him to the infirmary.”

Bakugou glared at him.
“Why don’t you.” He snarled.

Todoroki clicked his tongue, going after the Omega.

Shinsou was leaning over the sink, water running over his face, his body still shaking.

Todoroki rest his hand on the boy’s shoulder, Shinsou turned around quickly.

“S-sorry.” The Omega mumbled, turning the tap off.

“I’m not telling you to leave...I’m making sure you’re okay.”

Shinsou stood shocked for a moment before shrugging.
“‘M fine.” He turned away, breaking eye contact.

Todoroki reached out, causing Shinsou to flinch.

Todoroki activated his ice Quirk and held it near Hitoshi’s burnt face.

The Omega sighed with relief.

“I want to apologise for Bakugou.” Todoroki said.

Shinsou sighed.
“You don’t have to. I get it.” He mumbled.
“I’m new to the class. I...I don’t have a very heroic Quirk...”

The Alpha frowned.
“That’s not it. Bakugou doesn’t think before he acts...”

Shinsou shrugged again.
“Doesn’t matter.”

“Of course it does.”
“You have a powerful Quirk, Hitoshi. And Bakugou...he-“

“There you two are!” Came Midoriya’s panicked voice, barging through the door.

“Oh! Shinsou, your face...” The green haired Alpha frowned.

Shinsou turned his head away.

Midoriya gently put his hand on the Omega’s cheek. Slightly turning his face to inspect the damage.

“We should get back to class now. The teacher told me to come find you both.”

Todoroki nodded, deactivating his Quirk.

The three walked back to the classroom in silence, everyone looked to them as they entered. Except Bakugou, who was glaring at the wall.

Shinsou took his seat, pulling out his book for the subject.

Class went by without any problems... (tho Shinsou’s cheek still stung.)

The bell rang, and every student was quick to pack up their books and race out of the classroom.

Shinsou sighed, putting his book and pen in his school bag.

He heard a shuffle, startling him. He thought he was alone.

He flinched when Bakugou stopped at his desk.
Shinsou turned away from the brute.
“If you’re going to burn the other side, just get on with it.” He mumbled.

The Alpha growled.
“No! I...” he blushed.
“I...I’m fucking sorry, okay! I-I didn’t meant to hit you with my Quirk.” Bakugou grit his teeth.

“It’s fine.” He said, standing up from his seat, flinging his backpack over his shoulder.

“What ever.” Bakugou huffed, walking out of the classroom.

He paused and looked to the two Alphas standing by the door.

“Happy now?” He snarled.

Todoroki chuckled.
“That’s the best he’s going to get.”

Bakugou clicked his tongue and stomped off.

Midoriya looked to the Omega with a smile when he walked out of the classroom.
“Hitoshi! Would you like to sit with us?” He smiled brightly.

Shinsou froze.
“Is that okay?” He asked hesitantly.

Midoriya nodded eagerly.
“Of course it is! Come on, let’s go.” He said, gently pulling Shinsou by the hand to the cafeteria.

Todoroki smiled, following after the two.