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Destination Destiny

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Natsu Dragneel, heir to the Dragneel coal company ran away from home at age 18, he was set for marriage, that was the final straw for him and ran as far as he could. After all the abuse from his mother he endured, enough was enough, so what if his father didn’t make it, and if he was the spitting image of him, he just wanted the love of his mother. 


He found himself in Hargeon walking around, he only brought so much money with him to just eat and rent a room. He wanted to join a guild, but he couldn’t find one that was just “cool” enough for him. There was a specific one he tried to keep an eye out for, Fairy Tail, He’s heard so much, from the celestial maiden, to the great titania, and many others that fascinated him. Maybe they could help him figure out his magic after all, his father only taught him a few things. 


He figured that he’ll stumble by it eventually when he wondered.


“Ouch!” A girl with blonde hair with a hand on her head looked like she was in pain. 


“O-Oh i’m sorry I wasn’t looking, did I hurt you?” Natsu was being frantic and feeling panicked, he really didn’t see her


“Yeah i’m fine, are you lost by any chance sir?”


“Natsu is fine, and kinda, I’ve been searching for something, other besides that-“ Natsu looked at the girl in front of him, she had big eyes that looked like they were sparkling, they were huge too and she had a big grin on her face, she looked excited. 


“You’ve been looking for someone too! So am I, in fact i've been looking for my mom, I haven't nseen her since she disappeared but still I know she’s out there, I just know it!” She kept rambling, she kinda looked cute like that, she looked so hyped. “Oh i’ve been on and on, my names Lucy! nice to meet ya. Maybe I could help ya look for what you’re looking for”


He could see she was being really genuine with her words, maybe he’ll take her up on the offer, then his stomach growled so loud you would think a bear was with them. 


“I can buy you lunch if you want, you seem pretty hungry” Natsu has a slight blush to that comment, maybe he lost track of time again, either way, free food!




It was already sunset when they finished talking and eating, they got along pretty well, it didn’t seem like it was hours they were talking. Over that he learned that Lucy’s mom was actually and goddess, he didn’t believe it at first but she insisted. He also found out she’s a mage as well, also that she kinda lost her cat, Happy, so they’ve been looking for him too, apparently he’s a blue talking flying cat, that would be so hard to miss. She was starting to get worried and Natsu reassured her that all will be solved soon, that’s when they heard a voice that sounded like they were calling Lucy’s name


“Lushiiiii!” Lucy looked mad, I guess that’s her cat. Hold kidding! that was an actual blue cat how’d he get her hands on him, even he’s never see that. As he snapped back to reality he noticed that she scolded her furry partner like a mom, or what he thought a mom would look like. Lucy took Happy into her arms after they made up and turned to him. 


“Happy, i’d like you to meet Natsu, I found him wondering around here”


“Wow Lushi, you have a nack for finding weird people, who has pink hair like that-“ Lucy covered his mouth and laughed nervously. 


“I’m sorry about that Natsu, he doesn’t have much of a filter but I blame that on his surroundings”


“Yeah our guild doesn’t know when to shut up, it drives Lushi crazy but she won’t admit that she’s apart of it either” Happy laughs until he sobers up and pats Lucy’s arm. 


“That’s funny Lucy, you seem like a total hypocrite now,” Natsu was the one laughing now “anyways, what guild are you apart of anyway?”


“Oh! we’re apart of Fairy Tail, ever heard of it?” Lucy and Happy showed their guild mark and Natsu straight up deadpanned. 


“Fairy Tail…."

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Chapter 2
It has currently been 2 weeks since Lucy has brought Natsu to Fairy Tail. She couldn’t get the image of Natsu’s face when he stood in front of the guild. His expression was disbelief pure and utter happiness. If only the memory warmed her heart imagine what she felt the moment she saw him. He seemed to fit in as if he was always apart of the guild, he was shy for a split second but as soon as he smelled food there was no stopping him now. As if he was raised in this very guild as she was.

“Oi Lucy! get your fine ass over here” Lucy snapped out of her reminiscing and looked who called her over.

Cana, one of her dearest friends who is also a thorn in her side. Along with another named Levy and practically most of the girls in the guild, she was her best friend, although if most people were her best friend then she guessed “best” wasn’t used correctly. Of course Lucy would also banter at her for such crude language but couldn’t hide the amusement in her eyes.

“Yo Lucy, what’s up with you and pinky over there” Cana pointed at the direction Natsu was at, who happened to be in a rather heated argument with their local stripper, Gray.

“I guess we’re friends Cana, why would you think otherwise”

“Only because he stares at you most of the time you’re not looking, just ’cause I'm a drunk doesn’t mean i’m not conscience I got eyes everywhere, and don’t act like you don’t stare either, you were just a moment ago”

“I’m just checking to see he’s okay here, he seems to fit in but we all know how Fairy Tail can be”

Cana gave her a knowing smirk, maybe having tarot cards was giving her an upper hand.

“Shut up Cana”


Another few weeks passed by and by now whenever you saw Natsu, you would be guaranteed Lucy was with him. Same goes for Lucy, practically joined at the hip. They appeared to be fond of each other, at least enough to form a team. They also seemed to be an old married couple, considering most people would ask if they were a couple but they just disprove it. Although, if a special or free food was in the picture they have no problem nodding their head and get all touchy for the sake of food in their stomachs. It would be considered amazing to know these two were so open within just a couple of weeks and that even the blue cat was attached to Natsu as well, that cat was as fussy as a toddler but Natsu seemed to just be adored by the little guy.

“Oi Natsu, I was wondering if you had a place to stay at, since you always crash at my place. You know you could ask to go on more jobs if you’re in trouble”

Natsu just rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment “I do actually but I get lonely…”

“Lushi, let him stay with us~” Happy chimed in with big round eyes

“You don’t need to beg Happy...But Natsu that doesn’t explain the full reason why you visit so often when we hang out all day, if you want to keep that up then at least help me pay. I mean you have the appetite of a horse”

“I’ll be more than happy too Luce! ask anything and i’ll do it, that’s why you’re my best friend”

Now if Lucy wasn’t mistaken she could have sworn Natsu was the sun himself with a smile like that, maybe that’s why she felt her face burning up, he’s too damn bright.

Thus it was officially the day Natsu and Lucy started living together.
As time flew by more Natsu saw the more reckless side of Lucy more often in battle on the job or a couple of guild spars. He could see how well she fought and her strategies were head on 98% of the time. He was inspired by her to become stronger himself and push himself to new lengths.

He also grew closer to more members of the guild, though if you call constant sparring and arguing bonding, yeah he was pretty close to a few people by now. Lucy mentioned being happy for him as she had a hard time adjusting when she first joined. A warm feeling in his chest started to happen more often now when they had heart to heart talks. He wouldn’t call himself a wuss cause a real man would open up, or that’s what Elfman keeps saying. Maybe that’s just what being besties is like, having his heart beat almost triple around her or feeling his face burn when she complimented him, like when she brought him or showed him objects that reminded her of him and like the time she helped him look for ways he can learn more about his magic. Lucy Heartfilia was amazing.

“Natsu! I'm back from the store help Happy put the food away while I get the rest” Lucy was already out again when she called him.

“Alright Luce” he responded and started to unload.
After 2 major events happened, 2 new members had joined who had the same magic as Natsu, he was ecstatic to talk to them and see if they knew anything about their magic. Turns out they were also very inexperienced. The more time went on the more it seemed like a blur.

“Natsu come on we got to celebrate our victory!” Lucy yelled with all her might and looked so happy, she was practically glowing. Now he couldn’t fathom life before her. She was a part of his life and he didn’t want that to change that. She was kind enough to let him stay with her and befriend him, defend him, make him feel like a complete person overall without feeling like he was alone. When he thought about it, he remembered his life before he met her and dread washed over him thinking about how he was supposed to act proper and show no emotion, how we would get reprimanded for his big outburst with any overwhelming reaction. To think he dealt with that treatment, he now has more of a will to do anything now than ever and he’s never going to go back to being restrained, if he wasn’t Natsu a Fairy Tail then he was no one at all.