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Charm And Chains

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The enforcer rolled his red optics as he patiently waited in line at the grocery store. Mornings were the worst when it came to such necessary shopping trips, because the stores where full and the lines long. But after Jazz had organized his three free days on sick leave and Barricade had showered at the mech's club to get rid of the keeper’s transfluid, the dark Praxian had been treated with a transport back home, where he had fallen into recharge shortly after he had arrived.

When Barricade woke up in the morning he felt strange. Not really hurting or hung over but… off. He wondered if it was due to the little accident or the unlabeled highgrade he drank at the club, but decided after some musing, to not waste too much time think it over; it wouldn't do him any good anyways since he was no medic and would not consult any for it.

Shortly after he had checked his small kitchenette and realized that he didn't have anything to counter his low energy levels with. Well, besides some flavoring-agents and toppings and highgrade. His stock of plain energon had been completely depleted.

What had brought him into the nearest grocery store and into this absolutely unmoving line. Of course the one he had chosen was the slowest, like always. Having so much time just standing around, he started to think and reconsider his chosen products. Maybe he should put the more expensive energon back away?

Usually he went for the cheaper 'buy 5 get one for free' energon six-packs. Today he had grabbed two of those, when he had spotted the premium triple filtered double-packs, innocently sitting just a little further down the shelves. Those two where as expensive as his usual six-packs, and really not that much better… he always thought. But after tasting them at Jazz' he grabbed a double pack of those as well. To treat himself after a nasty shift or if he should ever have Jazz over.

It was a stupid and irrational thought, really. But he liked to be prepared. And even if he had them himself, why not? At least Jazz seemed to see something in him that was worth the busy mech’s time and credits. Sure, their first times together haven't been perfect, but it seemed that Jazz at least tried. He was just… weirder than Barricade's lover were so far.

Or maybe he was just eccentric? Mechs with credits mostly were, at least from what he grasped from his roommates telenovelas back at the academy, but in the shows deep down in their spark, the rich and famous were always just mechs, looking for the true love, their destined sparkmate. Maybe Jazz was like that as well? Misunderstood and wary of mechs only wanting to be with him for his credits? Just looking for someone special? Something -

"Uhm… Sir? Officer, it's your turn" Barricade reset his optics surprised, realizing that he had been daydreaming long enough, to nearly miss that it was his turn in the line. Hurriedly and still with as much dignity as possible he placed his energon on the counter and waited for it to be scanned before he paid and left.

One thing was clear, whatever Jazz wanted with or from him, making scenarios up and contemplating how likely they were going to happen, won’t get him anywhere. But a call, later today or maybe tomorrow, might get him closer to an answer. Jazz did give him his comm frequency after all. But before he would do anything, he decided to do a little web search about the proper timing for a call. He wanted to see the mech again but didn't want to look too eager or desperate, neither.

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“Who do you think you are? Not only crossing the line once, but twice, selling your cheap, cut Syk in my territorry to my clients? Wasn’t my last warning enough to stop you from being this brash? Or are you just that stupid?” Jazz calmly asked, while he paced back and forth in front of the restraint mech, servos behind his back. The green grounder was held down in a kneeling position by Trailbreaker and Warpath. The dirty, one opticed drug-dealer sobbed and shook with nerves, begging half-incoherently for a second chance.

Jazz chuckled lightly and stopped in his tracks to look down to the filthy three-wheeler. “But my dearest Crumplezone, have you forgotten? You did indeed get your second chance. I don’t think that that was something one would forget… At least I thought so, when I let Mirage remove that other optic of yours with a piece of your very own plating. Maybe I was wrong?”

Jazz mused for a second, before his silky smooth voice rung out again. “Trailbreaker, what do you think? Is it my fault that he forgot the rules and tried to sell his dirty drugs in my territory for the second time?” The big goon seemed surprised to be spoken too but regained his composure quickly and shook his head. “No Boss! Not at all! You made yourself perfectly clear!”

Crumplezone’s sobbing turned into wailing and Jazz rolled his optics behind his visor. He looked like he wanted to address the mech in question but instead turned to Warpath. Jazz held optic contact to the big mech for a second before the Polyhexian touched his own throat with two digits and turned them. Warpath nodded and without any hesitation or warning leaned down, tore into Crumplezone’s throat and with a twist dislocated the mech’s voicebox.

It was clear that the mech was in pain and tried to scream and cry but all to no avail. Jazz sighed contently. “Finally some silence… anyways. I am a generous mech. Always give out second chances, never killed a mech for their first offence” Jazz sighed again, this time dropping his shoulders slightly, as if he was deeply disappointed. “But thirds? No, Crumplezone, I can’t give out third chances. If I start with that, mecha will come to me and ask for fifth and sixth and seventh chances… no one would take me serious anymore! I can’t let that happen, my friend. You understand that, don’t you?”

The visored club keeper asked, as if he would actually expect an answer. Which he, of course, didn’t get. He was about to continue as he received a comm call. Jazz nearly terminated it as he realized who was calling. He raised a digit and tapped his audio receptor twice, indicating his goons that he was busy talking over comms.

::Barricade! My sweet mech! How come you’re honoring me with a call? Missed me already?::

Jazz answered cheerfully, turning from the other three mecha in the dimly lit storage room.

::I.. uh, I just thought, I just wanted to tell you that I’m fine? You know because of the incident… and I wanted to thank you, it’s nice to eventually have some free days to relax a little. I hope you're not busy and I'm interrupting?::

Jazz turned to the waiting mechs. “How much syk did he have with him?” he asked coldly.

::That’s absolutely great to hear! I am still sorry for it, you know, I would never hurt you! I detest violence from the very essence of my spark. And no, I’m not busy at all, especially if its you who is calling. Soooo, tell me, do you have any plans for the remaining time of your sick leave? Because I might!::

Trailbreaker pulled out a bag with five pre-filled, single-use syringes, which, by the look of it, have already be refilled more than once. The Polyhexian contemplated for a second before his icy gaze went down to the scared, bleeding mech. “Slam him all five and throw him out. Mechs like him overdose all the time, so even if the cops find him they won't waste any time investigating. I am sure no one will miss him and whoever does, will hopefully see this as a fair warning and refrain from dealing in my part of town.”

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He turned and twisted in front of his fullframe mirror, making sure that the polish he had applied was spread evenly. Barricade had contemplated to go to a studio to get polished up, there was a less expensive one two streets away from his place, but even that one would have required the Praxian, to have made an appointment a week ago. But a week ago he didn't even know the mech who was the reason why he was trying to look his best right now.

He felt silly, really. It wasn't like Jazz didn't know how he usually looked and they had interfaced on two occasions already, for fucks sake. So this ‘date’ shouldn't make him this nervous. It wasn't a real first date, where he had to impress the mech he was meeting, to make sure he had a good enough effect on the other to be invited to a second. Barricade tried to reason with himself since he started getting ready, but still couldn't entirely get over it.

Especially with Jazz being so attentive to set them up at another part of town, so he would not be at risk to run into one of his colleagues while he was out and had a nice evening. He was still on sick leave after all. Too bad it was his last free day, though. Barricade had enjoyed the extra break it had provided him. Maybe he could convince the Polyhexian to organize him another sick leave, after some time had passed? At least if that didn't mean any trouble for the other. Jazz did mention that he only had the medic’s trust because he knew that Jazz would not misuse him being so accommodating.

But then, with Jazz as his lover, he might really need another sick note at a point, seeing how things have been so far... He couldn’t go on patrol when he wasn’t able to walk straight, right? Barricade chuckled as he realized how much Jazz' self-indulgence had already influenced his thinking.

Deciding that he was good and ready, he checked his chronometer and saw that he was well within the time range Jazz had requested his appearance in, at his club. From there they would take a transport to another place that belonged to Jazz. Apparently the Polyhexian owned quite a few businesses around town, no wonder he was always so busy. At that place, Barricade had not asked what it was, Jazz would meet up with one of his business partners first; afterwards they could enjoy their date.

Barricade wasn’t sure if they would stay at Jazz business, maybe go to a more private part of it or actually have a dinner-date at a restaurant. Jazz had not told him that much over comms, just that he would organize something Barricade would enjoy for sure. The Praxian stretched one last time, while he stepped out of his residential building, before he folded into his alt-mode and drove to Jazz’ club.

As usual around this time of the day, the club's music resounded loudly into the busy street and the dancefloor was packed with dancing frames. Barricade walked past the crowd and headed to the upper floor without a second though, just to hesitantly stop a moment later. The mech who blocked the way to the private areal was not Trailbreaker, as he anticipated but another big and intimidating looking mech, one he had never seen before. Barricade’s presence was noticed and cold blue optics roamed over his frame, something he couldn't really classify filtered through the other's emf and the enforcer considered calling Jazz, to get out of the situation, as the mech stepped aside, indicating that the Praxian was allowed to continue his way.

Barricade nodded and hurried past the bouncer, chiding himself for being so surprised to see another faceplate. Trailbreaker probably had a free day or maybe even worked at another club this evening. Maybe even at the place they were going to today? Not that it mattered; he wouldn’t regard the staff too much tonight, not even to Bumblebee, should he be around. This evening was his and Jazz, so the visored mech would have his full attention. So that Barricade could finally make up his mind regarding his enigmatic lover.

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Barricade looked around the corner, where Jazz was usually seated, observing the crowd mostly unseen. Today he wasn't there, though. The Praxian's doorwings went up in mild irritation as a look around revealed that Jazz was nowhere to be seen. What he could see was Bumblebee appearing from a backroom at the small bar of the upper level, smiling in Barricade's direction before he walked over to the darker doorwinger, accompanied by the light jingling sound of another bodychain against the black and yellow frame.

This one was adored with small blue crystals placed where the chains were linked together. It distracted Barricade long enough, so that he did not even notice that the waiter had grabbed his servo until he was pulled in the direction of Jazz favourite seat.

Barricade came along without struggling and sat down. Bumblebee didn't hesitate a second before he slid on top of him, practically straddling a very surprised Praxian, as a text based message arrived from the pretty waiter.

::The boss is about to be here. He got a very important call regarding his business meeting tonight and has to settle things. Anything I can do for you... or with you heretofore?::

Barricade looked up to the mech, who patiently waited for an answer from the Praxian. Barricade was torn. On one servo there were quite a few things he'd love to do with Bumblebee... on the other he was on a date with Jazz… what meant that this affair of theirs was slowly enveloping into something more serious. And he had no idea how Jazz' view of this would be. Maybe he was less thrilled to have him interface with soneone else in this new context?

He let a servo travel down Bumblebee's side. "You know Jazz better than I do… And if I interpret his signals right we are getting somewhere more serious with this date… won't he get jealous or something, if we just fuck around? Especially right before our date?" Because he had the feeling that he really had found a very special mech in Jazz and really didn't want to frag things up right before they started out.

The black and yellow regarded him with a soft gaze for a moment, Barricade could feel Bumblebee's field reach out, calming. The others servos followed suite, cupping Barricade's face, tilting it in the right angle for a slow, sensual kiss. Which probably meant that Jazz wouldn't mind, right?

The enforcer slowly started to warm up under the kiss and the other's daring touches as Bumblebee stilled for a second before he broke apart. Jazz employee looked like he was thinking things over, then to the big red mech, staring in their direction, the Praxian followed Bumblebee's gaze. Another message arrived for Barricade.

::I know Jazz won't mind us having fun, he's very easygoing and would probably enjoy the show and I'm not shy neither. But when I remember right… you're not into being watched. How about we get a room and I help you relax a little? I'll inform Jazz where we are and he can get ready without having to feel bad about letting you wait::

Proposed the waiter and cocked his head into the direction of the private bedroom. Something in him still didn't wanted to go back to that room... Another part boldly told him, that this was the best that could happen to him. He'd get under Bumblebee's plating without having to feel bad about it and he would give Jazz some time to get ready without being stressed out. And being an independent business owner surely was already stressing enough. Plus he really didn't like the way the big lug was looking at him…

"Alright. But no restraints!" he insisted what earned him a peck on the lips from Bumblebee followed by a nod. Climbing off him, the black and yellow grabbed one of his servos and tugged him along.

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Once inside the bedroom Bumblebee walked around the bed, hips sawing promising with every step. He climed on top of the expensive covers, sitting down in the centre of the broad bed, casually leaning back against the headboard, legs cocked and lightly spread, his own digits slowly traveled over his cover up his body to one of the perfectly polished headlights.

Barricade just stood at the food of the bed and stared at the other hypnotized as the internal ping of one of Bumblebee's messages got his attention.

::How do you want he? Come and show me.::

Barricade licked his lips absently, slowly starting to move on top of the bed as well. His processor had the courtesy to supply him with all the things he wanted to try with the seductive mech but somehow the reasonable part of his mind was able to chime in and remind him of all the time he had spent getting all polished up. So whatever we would decide on it had to be something that didn't risk his effort being wasted.

He though back and forth. The cleanest solution would be a blowjob, not much frame contact, no fluids that mights stain his plating, no need to wash up afterwards. But would Bumblebee be in for it? A blowjob won't give him anything and Barricade still couldn't imagine anyone would enjoy to give it… But Jazz had said that his staff member was easy and liked getting spike anywhere.

Barricade keeled in front of Bumblebee, feeling just a tiny bit uncertain. "Would you suck my spike? I mean only if you're into it" He really didn't want to come over as a jerk. But from the way Bumblebee eagerly nodded and ushered him to lie down it seemed the mech really had no problem doing it. Barricade let the waiter spread his legs and move between them, kissing and licking the still closed but warm cover until the darker mech opend it.

The cover didn't stay long under the enticing assault, it folded away to reveal a ever so slightly wet valve and a already proudly errected spike. Bumblebee looked up at him with a playfully smirk on his face. He held optic contact while he slowly went down and gave the Praxian's valve a shallow lick, ending it with a little swirl with his tongues tip around Barricade's exterior node.

The enforcer moaned at the unexpected stimulation. Not even getting a moment to collect himself before Bumblebee continued, licking up his spike's shaft. As he arrived at the tip the mechs soft lips enveloped around it and Bumblebee sucked, drawing another shaky moan out of the Praxian. Shorty after he slowly sunk down the mech's spike, still looking him straight in the optics until all of Barricade's member disappeared between his lips.

It was the enforcer who broke the optic contact, offlining his entirely, while his spike was being skilfully sucked. The waiter seemed to know, without a doubt, where he had to apply pressure, where it felt great to brush with his teeth against and when to speed up or slow down, with the mech's apparent libido and skill he'd probably could make a good credit if he ever decided to take money for this…

Inwardly Barricade chided himself, that was a nasty thought and he shouldn't go there. A moment later his processor slowly fogged up by build up charge as overload neared. The dark mechs servos grabbed the covers hard, shaky digits digging into the soft, silky material.

His entire frame stiffend as his climax hit him, drawn out by the feeling of Bumblebee's intake contracting around his spike while he swallowed Barricade's transfluid, before he slowly got up into a kneeling position and let the now soft spike slide out from between his soft lips. The Praxian, still in his after overloard haze, just laid there, vents working overtime. Nearly missing the message he received the moment Bumblebee laid down besides him.

::Jazz is ready and awaits you at his table. Want me to walk you up or go alone?::

Bumblebee looked comfortable on the bed, so Barricade didn't wanted to bother him to much. After another moment his hydraulic pressure was good enough and he got up, hesitantly giving the waiter a small kiss. "Thank you… I'll go alone. But I guess you need to help me with the door" he still remembered that Jazz had told him that the scanner only allowed cleared staff members to open it.

::Jazz put your ID in. Seems like he wants to keep you around ;) ::

Bumblebee messaged him with a smirk. Barricade blushed a little and tried to suppressed a smile that was forming without his consent.

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Jazz fumed. He had everything for this evening organized and planned out during the last few days… and of course that stupid fragger had to ruin it all. And Jazz wasn't even in the position to hurt said fragger for his stupid ignorance.

::… I get it Prowl, really, but it doesn’t change the fact that I hateit. I set this whole thing up for you, Pax and me. Adding another number to the calculation will only proof to get things complicated::

The Praxian dealer* had to see reason. This was going to end bad if he didn't. Jazz just knew. Prowl took his time answering, probably talking to someone. Or thinking, calculating how bad it would be if they postponed their meeting, just for another mech to enter their round. Finally Prowl answered.

::I see what you mean and can only agree to it. The risk that we get busted by enforcement rises by 35% if we propone the meeting by a day. And alone Sentinel's presence would raise it to additional 20% what results in a 55% higher chance of getting in contact with the law. While I am certain that your security measures are good, it might still impact our businesses negatively::

Jazz was about to answer as he received another comm call from Warpath. He opened the secondary comm line and hoped for the goon that his reason for disturbing him like this was good enough, or he would be Jazz’ punching back for the night.

::Uhm, sorry Boss, that Barricade mech is here, want me to send him away or stuff?::

Jazz pinched his nose. He'd have that talk with Mirage tomorrow for sure. But now he had to get some damage control done.

::No. You'll let him in. Don’t talk to him. I send Bumblebee to take care of Barricade::

Without further ado he cut the comm line only to open a new one to Bumblebee. It took a moment until the mech opened it, which wasn't surprising; he probably was getting ready for his shift, since his first booking was due in one hour. But Jazz couldn't care less right now. So he didn’t waste any time with pleasantries as his prostitute finally took his comm call.

::I'll require your services. Barricade is here to play his part in my little deal with Prowl tonight, but I am still at the comm with our lovely dealer. Keep ‘Cade busy, I’ll trust you to be quite capable of that. Tell him I have an important call and that I'll be there as soon as possible. Do good and you’ll get some Syk on the house tomorrow::

Jazz received a double ping, which counted as an affirmative from his staff member and cut the line. He needed a moment to get back to what he had been discussing with Prowl a moment earlier. Ah, right, they agreed that Sentinel was being a pain in the exhaust pipe.

::Sentinel doesn’t get that being Ultra Magnus' heir and slowly taking over the old mech’s business, doesn’t mean that he automatically inherits our trust. This meeting was planned for the three of us and we should be the only attendants... or wait. If I remember right he is still set up with your youngest brother? Bluestreak? He's been there before and he was on your list of mechs you bring over from Praxus… How about, we allow him to attend in Sentinel’s name. Sentinel has to take his word as truth since he is his soon to be… while he's still your younger brother::

Prowl paused another moment as Jazz received another comm call. From no one else, but Orion Pax. This just had to mean more trouble. Next time he would not agree to host their quarterly meeting. Taking the call he tried his best to sound relaxed as always.

::Pax, my friend. How can I possibly help you?::

::I'm at your club, but I have the slight feeling my assistant got places mixed up. If that's the case you surely would not mind me spending the time waiting in your private lounge area? I'm not the type for crowds and loud music::

Jazz wanted to slowly cut that assistant in two. With a blunt knife soaked in acidic rainwater.

::Yeah, you are at the club. But meet up is supposed to be in half an hour at one of my hookah lounges. I'll organize you a transport and tell the bouncer to let you in. I'm there in a few::

They exchanged pleasantries and cut the lines. Jazz realized that Bumblebee probably got fucked by Barricade, where Pax would arrive soon. Orion Pax didn't know about the mech and vice versa. Chances that something was said what the other should not know were good. Jazz went for a drawer and picked one of his favorite cygars, laced with the best medical pot one could get. Starting it a moment later he took a deep invent, calling Bumblebee again. Just as Prowl was about to continue their comm conversation.

::Give me a moment Prowl. Pax just arrived at the club, I need to sort things out. Just a moment::

He turned his attention back to Bumblebee .

::Listen. Whatever you do or get done to: stop. Orion Pax accidentally arrived at the club and will be in the upper level in a minute. So do whatever it takes to move Barricade to the Chamber and continue with whatever you’re doing until I call you again::

Without waiting for an affirmative, Jazz cut the line again turning his attention back to Prowl.

::You got my attention again. Sorry about the little delay, I'll listen now::

::Very well. That, and with that I mean: including Bluestreak, only increases all risks by 7%, which is acceptable. Bluestreak is a good kid, he won't tell Sentinel a word more than what I will clear for him. That way Sentinel will be pleased to be included and we keep the control about how much and what Intel he will receive. So this should be set. But I'll take you have to take care of Orion Pax now and I need to prepare and brief Bluestreak as well. See you later, Jazz. I can't wait to set my optics on your part of our little deal.::

With that Prowl cut the line leaving Jazz with the next complication at servo: Orion Pax. At least he only had to keep the mech company, until his transport arrived...

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Barricade made sure that he didn't have any traces of his overload anywhere on his frame, while he walked down the corridor to the private area of the club. There, at his usual seat, was Jazz, already awaiting him with a bottle of highgrade and two filled glasses… smoking a cygar.

As Barricade stepped closer he could tell from the scent that it was a laced with pot. The enforcer slowed in his tracks and stopped in front of the table, his smile fading and melting into a frown. Jazz seemed to notice his hesitance and carefully placed the cygar on a small crystal tray, before he got up and put one servo on Barricade's shoulder and one under his chin, lifting it slightly, to place a soft kiss on the Praxian's lips. The enforcer drew back a little, giving Jazz a disapproving flare with his emf, the taste of the other’s smoke still lingering on his lips.

"Oh come on sweetspark. It helps me relax, had been a very stressful day. Had to cramp my schedule to clear the evening, so I’ll be able to spend it with ya after only one short meeting" Jazz practically purred, pressing his frame seductively against Barricade's, stealing another kiss. "Come and sit. You are off work and a small laced cygar isn't hurting anyone"

Barricade let himself being led to the soft lounge seats where he sat down besides Jazz. He sighed and leaned against the visored mech, contemplating. It was kinda sweet, that his… lover? had worked so hard just to spend time with him. And if Barricade was honest, it wasn't that surprising that Jazz smoked pot. The enforcer already knew that the mech did have some drugs around, and laced cygars were the most common. And knowing that the mech he was dating wasn’t fully law-abiding, even if it only was in a rather harmless way, it was a tiny little bit hot. He’d always followed his creators wishes and been a by the book officer... so even this small delinquency was a thrill he started to enjoy.

Barricade took a sip from the sweet highgrade and shrugged. "It’s your business, so I guess it's nothing I should intervene with. Just… try to not get in trouble because of it?" He requested. Because even if he like Jazz and his more or less renegade character, he’d rather not risk his job and career, for misusing his authority to help Jazz out sometime.

"I promise that I'll be careful" Jazz took the cygar from the tray and took another invent, causing the cygar's tip to light up for a second and then he offered it to Barricade. "You know there are city states where this is perfectly legal and there are proven health benefits" Jazz reasoned and nodded to the highgrade. "This on the other servo is all nice and well but no whit better and probably unhealthier" the visored mech continued. As Barricade didn’t take his offer Jazz turned the cygar off and subspaced it after waiting a second to let it cool down.

Of course Barricade knew most of that, but what mattered was, that smoking pot laced cygars was still against the law here. And while he didn’t chide Jazz for doing so he didn’t feel save to try it himself. Though, for a second he was concern about Jazz taking his laced cygar to their date, but then: owning one cygar for personal use wasn't a crime per se and the worst thing possible would be, that the thing would be confiscated to be annihilated at a later point. So he decided not to comment or care about it for now and simply enjoy this evening.

"Whatever… You’re perfectly capable to choose your poison, just like I am. And I'll stick with highgrade" Barricade explained and sipped at his glass. Jazz took his as well, taking a swing, smiling. "Sounds great. But I didn't plan on staying and drinking here all night. I indeed just got a ping from our transport that it arrived outside the club. So how about I show you one of my other places, while we warm up on the way?”

Barricade chuckled at Jazz last comment "Sure. Is it a dance club as well?" he asked while he set his cube down, curiosity clearly recognizable in his field. Jazz grin widened and the keeper shrugged playfully, while he got up gracefully. "Who knows? Maybe it's a drug den, full of criminals and sinful temptations…" Barricade rolled his optics and followed the Polyhexian. "Sure and you’re the big bad mob Boss…" the enforcer shook his head; at least the cygar had gotten Jazz relaxed enough to joke around, so it did at least some good.

Chapter Text

The drive wasn't a long one, and they spend it mostly chatting about random topics and exchanging light touches. At one point they started kissing and Jazz had pulled Barricade from besides him on his lap. But before any covers came loose they had arrived at Jazz' other business, which was apparently a hookah lounge.

For the enforcer it was the first time entering such an establishment off work. It was quite different from the ones he'd picked up delinquents and junkies, though. It was a lot cleaner, the interior was tastefully chosen and looked expensive, and the mechs sitting around the hydro-pipes seemed of better standing as well.

Something that caught Barricade's attention were the many private booths along the walls of the lower floor, separating the mechs inside with illuminated glass partitions from the one in the open main area. Some of the glass walls were opaque, not reveling whoever sat in there. Electrochomic glass was very expensive, they had a few of those in his predict and whenever one was broken by a suspect it took basically forever until it was exchanged because of their rather tight budget.

So either Jazz had taken it over from a mech who had put a lot of credits and effort into it or the visored mech had been the one doing so. Both options meant that a lot of credits were invested from Jazz’ side, what meant that the mech really was relatively affluent. “Like what you see?” Jazz asked as he had to manoeuver Barricade around one of the waiters, since the Praxian had been busy looking around, not noticing the approaching mech.

“Ah, sorry, yes it is” Barricade answered while he gazed after the waiter who hurried past them, nodding in Jazz direction. He, like Bumblebee most of the time, wore a pretty bodychain, that went around the mech’s entire frame. So that accessory was probably what Jazz considered his trademark uniform for his staff. He had to admit, he really liked the Polyhexian's taste.

Though, he wasn’t here to stare at Jazz employees, Barricade chided himself, even if they were quite nice to look at. And still Jazz decided to go out with him instead… that had to mean something, right?

He followed Jazz, again like in his other club, to an upper level. Here the décor and overall furnishing seemed even more valuable. All lounges were separated by already opaque glass walls, just that these were artistically chased with old Cybertronian glyphs. Barricade hadn’t had much time to inspect them, before Jazz ushered him into one of the smaller séparées. “And here we are” the keeper said and let Barricade take his surroundings in.

“I ordered that the minibar is filled up with a little bit of everything. Test whatever you want, if something you want more of is empty, just use the chime there and it will be taken care of. Oh and of course you can take a snack, start the hydro-pipe, a box with flavors and additives is in the drawer at the table. Just get as comfortable as you wish.

I’ll be busy for hopefully just an hour and after that…” Jazz’ servos ran down the Praxian’s sides, he pulled him closer, just to place a promising kiss on Barricade's lips. “Sorry that you have to wait, but I’ll promise to make it up to you later, sweetspark…” Jazz pulsed his field affectional against Barricade’s and slowly pulled away from the darker mech, waving him goodbye before he left the room.

Barricade lingered a moment near the silently closing door, before he turned to look around.  The whole room was lit by slowly colorchanging indirect ambient lighting. Soft lyricless music played from hidden speakers, after a moment Barricade realized that the colorplay of the light was in sync with the tune, another gadget that showed how hight class this place was.

On the right side of the room was the typical round table with the oflined hydro-pipe, around it were big, colourful pillows, which looked illegally soft. Besides the table was a smaller one with a plate on top, on which someone had arrange a selection of energon goodies in an elaborated fashion. Barricade even spotted lead filled energon jellies. He loved those and couldn't resist to take one and slowly let it dissolve in his intake. Primus it was fantastic!

The other side of the room held a variation of small decanters filled with various bright liquids. Luckily they were labelled, so it was easy for Barricade to pick two things he knew he liked, he had enough of strange drinks lately… On this side of the room a big soft mattress was embedded into the floor, the edge just slightly over ground level. It was adore with many small pillows on the long side that was against the wall, evectifly rendering it into a very big, comfortable couch.

He contemplated his options and decided to take the plate with the treats and sit there. Which proved to be a great idea. It was comfortable, the highgrade was as well of good quality and mixed perfectly with the goodies. Even with Jazz still missing Barricade wasn't bored at all, but used the time to relax and enjoy himself. Soon he started to feel the highgrade's effects on his systems, and he leaned even deeper in the soft pillows behind him, feeling warm and content.

Chapter Text

"Oh sweetspark, that far gone already?" Jazz' voice sounded as if the mech was behind a thin wall, but as the enforcer onlined his optics - when had he offlined them? - he saw that his date was kneeling right in front of him, lightly touching his cheek… just that even the touch felt odd, as if his face was no longer attached to his frame.

Barricade only realized that he had grabbed Jazz' servo when it was pried off again by the visored mech and gently put down. "None of that. Now just let me… there" The Praxian wondered what Jazz just did, since suddenly a red message appeared on his HUD informing him of… something. It said that he had lost some sort of signal, but even as he tried again and again to make sense out of it, he wasn't successful.

Out of nowhere his whole word started to spin and he clung to Jazz for dear life, while his lover seemed to be everywhere. "It's okay pretty, just got you more comfortable, now we just have to get rid of this… good. I gonna prep you just a bit and then you gotta help me out, alright?"

Barricade tried to make sense out of Jazz words but failed. What he did notice was that he felt… bared? Oh, was his cover open? Shouldn't he close it? If he only remembered how… did he even have one in the first place? "Ahh!… J-Jazz?" He moaned with a shaky voice as a warm feeling started to spread through his frame, starting from his valve.

"Hmmm? Feels good doesn't it? I bet it does as slick as your getting. You don't know how much I'd love to just fuck you all night long, you're so much more fun when your not fighting back my love. Maybe, when Prowl is done and I cleaned you up... But business come first. Always"

The enforcer tried to focus, to remember who was Prowl… why didn't he? But then it was so much nicer to just enjoy Jazz digits on his anterior node, slowly building his charge. But before he could get anywhere near overload it stopped and a low whine escape him. "Don't stop" he managed, trying to see why Jazz had done so, what he was doing now. Only to be pushed down again. Had Jazz always been so strong or why couldn't he do anything against the single servo pinning him down.

"Stay down, I don't want you to get dizzy and nauseous. Usually doesn't happen but I rather don't have you puke all over the covers. Prowl isn't into that... next time we go out I'll actually invite you out for your little help here… even if you probably won't remember a thing past eating those energon treats. But rest assured! The roofies are high quality, so there should be no side effects as soon as they are out of your system, besides a little hangover"

Barricade tried to understand why his processor wanted him to be alarmed, to fight and run. Was it because of the things Jazz just said? He mentioned roofies… weren't those drugs? Right, Jazz was into drugs and… A sudden ache combined with a cold sensation made Barricade stiffen, it took him several tries to tell from which part of his body it came until he was able to get it together.

"Stop, Jazz. Not there. I don't want to be touched there..." He wondered why his voice sounded so airy. Was it always like that? Did Jazz even hear him? The ache didn't stop, but he was still held down by the other's servo. "Jazz… please" "Oh beat it, will you? I'm doing you a favour here, Prowl would probably fuck you dry as you are and get the slide from tearing your mesh and drawing energon" This time Jazz sounded impatient, annoyed? He didn't want to make the Polyhexian angry... But he didn't want his port to be touched neither.

And why Prowl again? Whoever that was wasn't here… or was he? Barricade looked around slowly. No. No-one else... then something clicked in his mind, right they were on a date. And they were alone. No wonder it didn't make sense what Jazz said. Maybe the visored mech was drunk? Or maybe high?

"Ready, now let's make you look inviting… that's it. All done" Barricade felt strange with his legs spread and cocked like that. But at least Jazz was smiling again, he even leaned down for a kiss, it felt nice and warm but was over way too soon.

"I really hope Prowl is gonna like you. He'd be a great regular. Maybe a little demanding but he pays well especially because you are such a rare treat. You know enforcer and fellow Praxian. No wonder he offered me such a sweet deal if he can get a test ride… didn't think that I would make money with you this soon…" Jazz chuckled as Barricade looked at him questioning. "I.. Oh! Showtime!"

Jazz was gone before Barricade could make put things together, make sense of what he said. There was dread rising in his spark and the same feeling from before he should run… but his limbs were just so heavy. But there was a comm line he knew he could always get a hold off. Something he didn't have to focus on. Ah for emergencies… but was this an emergency? He couldn't tell. But maybe whoever took the call could? He wasn't sure but tried it anyways. Not even noticing that Jazz let another mech into their private booth.

Chapter Text

The red alert he had seen before, poped up in his HUD again. Barricade tried reading it but whenever he wanted to concentrate on the text it seemed to blurr even more. But why was he so focused on it anyways? He wanted to start a comm call not a read error note... So He tried and… nothing. Just the message on his HUD. Oh. So his comm was out? Why?

"Yeah. He's well under but awake enough for some fun and ready to use. Just don't damage him. Explaining that won't be easy and I'm currently trying to build his trust. Oh and don't mess up the breaker I magnetized at the base of his neck, don't think he's there enugh to consciously call for help but there might be a automated emergency beacon he might trigger without realizing" following Jazz' voice, his words, was nearly impossible. But Barricade grasped enough to be afraid. This… this wasn't right. And who was that black and white Praxian?

"As always you manage to organize the finest goods" the Praxian leered down at him. Burning golden optics inspecting his frame, as the enforcer suddenly realized how exposed he was and tried to close his legs. Just that he couldn't reach them. As if they weren't really there. "Jazz..I.. something's off" he managed, looking up to the visored mech standing besides the closed door, smiling down at him.

The Praxian stepped closer, between his numb legs and kicked them even further apart with a ped. "Oh it really is Cop. You are drugged" he nodded to Jazz before he squatted down, two digits went in his valve, spreading him and Barricade started to panic, he stirred lightly, while his processor felt like it was scattered into a million pieces.

"Jazz won't help you because he did it. I gave him a nice discount and now I can fuck you however I want little officer... and soon enough he'll have you in his stable and I can come and fuck you whenever I want… and then I won't have to keep you intact. Just make sure to pay enough to patch you up again"

The mech's voice was calm and icy. But what scared Barricade the most was the the others emf, which pressed down on him with pure lust and malice. He realized that he had started to shake; it was no surprise, really. He was sure he'd never felt such pure terror. As Prowl started to lean down over him, to touch him he worked really hard to move his arms, to push the other Praxian off him.

He more saw than felt his servos on the other's frame, uselessly push and claw with no real strength. "Jazz… Jazz please. Jazz help me, please. Jazz he's, he's going to-" He sobbed as he realized that Jazz wasn't there anymore. Everything started to be to much at once; the other's words, the unwelcome touches, his uncooperative frame, Jazz leaving him alone with this Prowl and on top of it his vision started to blurr as well. He wasn't really sure but he though he had started sobbing even more, crying, but he still couldn't focus, didn't want to as he realized that the other Praxian was moving against him. Inside him.

Barricade offlined his optics and finally let the all resistance go, let himself drift away. This couldn't be real. No. Jazz would never do this to him… he was an enforcer, not a victim... He just had to let go and then he'd wake up from this horrible nightmare. So he just faded away not even realizing anymore what was being done to him.

Chapter Text

He slowly stirred awake, disorientation being the first thing that hit him, followed by a very nasty processor ache. He slowly moved his head and remembered that he had optics he could online. Of course he did, how much did he drink, for fucks sake, to be this hung over?

When he onlined his optics and was greeted by soft pulsing light, he absolutely regretted having optics for sure. Everything turned and twisted and he started to feel nauseous. "Primus…" he mumbled, deciding on 'too much highgrade' and was perplexed by his own voice, which sounded alarmingly raspy, too. Cutting his optical feed again, he tried to remember what exactly had happend last night, as something moved half on top of him.

Not daring to online his optics yet again, Barricade let his servos inspect the lightly moving source of warmth and realized that it was another frame. Right… he was on a date with Jazz!

A black and white frame above his, fucking him with strong thrusts, he; calling Jazz' designation, pleading…

The enforcer stilled at the sudden flashback. It was fragmented badly and all in all just a blurr of colours, sensations and sounds. But what he could grasp was enough to piece together that he and Jazz had interfaced last night. And from the feeling of his lower region he got nailed good. He's gonna have a word or two with Jazz about his roughness while 'facing, though. He could just hope that he wouldn't have to run at work today, because that wouldn't be pleasant, or possible.

"Morning, sweetspark" the silky voice besides his audio receptor whispered. And the frame half blanketing his cuddled up to him even more. "Good morning" Barricade answered and Jazz chuckled. "Looks like I made you sing my name, while facing often enough, to overuse your voicebox..." the Polyhexian nuzzled his face underneath Barricade's chin, playfully biting down on a line. Then he slightly moved "But don't tell me you shorted out your optics, too."

The Praxian twitched slightly as there were digits touching a tender patch on his face right under his left optic. "Ouch. No, they work, but I decided to keep them off after onlining them and nearly purging my tank... what's with my face?" Jazz shifted off him and moved away. "I'll set the light on a darker hue and stop the colorchanging... that should help with the nausea. That and some high quality add-blue. Got a few cans riiiight here"

Barricade dared to online his optics. The now darkish room still spun, but the nausea was a little bit better. As he spotted the frame of Jazz he noticed that the mech rummaged through a hidden drawer on a corner of the room. Then the visored mech turned around and shuffled closer again. Offering him a cool can. Barricade took it and opend the seal, slowly trying the strange tasting liquid.

Jazz was applying something from a tube onto a silvery medical pad. "What do you mean with 'what's with my face'? Can't you recall how that happend?" Jazz asked instead of answering. Then he carefully affixed the patch on Barricades face, smoothing down the edges.

"I… don't remember too much. I had a very fragmented flashback about interfacing and calling your name… and from how sore I start to feel I guess we didn't stop after one round... " The enforcer fully shifted into a sitting position and frowned. "Nothing more… but, oh Jazz really? What is it with you and not getting that I don't like it in the port?! That's...-" "Ahahah, stop right there love" his date interrupted him, silencing him with a digit over his lips.

"I started it, okay. But you agreed with the condition that I let you stick it up my ass, as well. I'm not one to bottom often but every now and then it's worth it"

Barricade considerd that a moment. That… sounded like him? He did enjoy doing it to Bumblebee… and now that he though really hard he remembered a cold, wet sensation. Digits in his port. "Right. You used lube… and stretched me" Jazz nodded "Yeah. Wanted to make the experience better for you than last time. Remembering a little more?" Barricade cocked his head slightly, questioning. Was there a light edge in the other's voice? He couldn't really tell…

"Just bits and pieces… nothing really usefull. Especially nothing about this here" Barricade prodded on, pointing at the patch, still sipping the cool liquid. It did calm his system and his tank effectively. Jazz chuckled and looked away… sheepishly? "You… err, well. That was me. When you claimed your part of the deal we both were kinda tipsy and I might have… I dunno mech. One moment I was riding you and the next I was all over you. Slipped or something. I didn't even notice that I hit you. Sorry?"

Barricade covered his face with a servo, shaking his head lightly. "With you involved, I'll probably offline one day during interface…" he just replied with a smile tugging at his lips. Jazz shrugged. "Sounds good to me… but right now. How about breakfast?" Barricade nodded, stretching. He still felt like a convoy had tackled him, maybe getting something nice inside his tank would change that.

Chapter Text

The last week had been busy for Barricade. Some of the officers from his unit had been requested to join a new specialized unit that took care of daytime break-ins, since the number of that particular modus operandi had risen by 60% in the last two months alone. Of course he wasn't part of the new task force called 'hyem'.

It wasn't that he wanted to be, he liked to simply do his patrol rounds and response to emergency calls. But it bothered him that he hadn't been asked at least. Just because he wasn't a suck up like that talkative idiot Skids. Of course that mech got the head position.

Barricade sighed and checked his chronometer as he send his report out. Just half an hour left, then his 'weekend' would start. After pulling seven half-day shifts, three of them being night shifts, he couldn't wait to rest on his couch for the next four days he was free.

Or… he could try to contact Jazz. He'd informed the Polyhexian that he won't be able to meet up while working since their meet ups tended to be too intense to go back to work afterwards. So he told the mech, that he would comm him as soon as he was in his free-turn. But… something inside him was not too thrilled about it. It was sparklingish, but over the past week he had been rather restless. Had strange nightmares in his recharged.

golden, ice cold optics piercing though him. Pain. An unknown voice. His own screams.

He couldn't make sense of it. From what he knew about drugs he had feared that he was tripping somehow but neither his plug in drug test nor the single use disposable tests from work he had used yesterday showed anything. So that wasn't the problem. And then there was the heavy feeling of cold dread whenever he wanted to call Jazz. But Jazz didn't have golden optics… did he? He had never seen the club keeper without his visor...

Maybe he could try to convince his lover to show him his optics the next time they met? But for that they had to meet up in the first place. And for that he would have to contact him first. After his shift. Or... better tomorrow He decided and offlined his workstation. He was done writing reports and would probably spend the last few minutes with cleaning his rarely used shotgun.


On his way back home he decided to visit a grocery store, he had made his mind up; tonight he would watch a movie and treat himself with a few snacks. But in the end he left the store empty handed and with a racing spark.

First he just stared at his favourites 'Blurr's lead filled energon jellies'. He had loved them when he was at Jazz place but right now he simply didn't feel like getting them. So he looked for something else he could snack. He had just grabbed a box of titanium toters and studied it as another customer asked him to make way for a moment, since the mech needed something from were he stood.

Barricade nodded and stepped back, deciding that he would try the toters. As he looked up he noticed that the mech, who already walked away had Praxian frametype as well, doorwings giving a idle flutter as the mech rounded the corner. One second later his knees nearly gave and he had to grab the shelf to brace himself against it. It took several minutes until the panic attack subsided and he felt less shaky.

He had stormed home, locked the door and walked straight to his bed, where he had spend the rest of the evening trying to calm himself and wonder why he couldn't make sense of anything. The worst was that while he was tired and wanted to recharge, he didn't dare to. Too afraid to be haunted by his reoccurring nightmares. But just resting in bed, always on the brink of the next panic attack wasn't helping him neither. So he decided to accelerate what he had planned for tomorrow. It took a moment but tgen his comm call was picked up and a friendly voice greeted him

:: Greetings sweetspark! Finally free again?::

Chapter Text

Jazz ended the comm call, grabbed a bottle and flung it against the nearest wall, where it shattered into uncountable pieces. Bumblebee, who had just walked out a patron and came back to the upper level to have a drink, flinched at the rare outburst of his boss. Unsure how to react to it he just stood there, as if frozen.

"What are you waiting for? Clean this mess up before your next customer arrives!" The keeper snapped as he walked past the hurrying mech, just to disappear through a door behind the bar. Slipping in his office he grabbed and lit a cygar, cycling a few deep vents to calm himself and make another comm call.

::Prowl. My friend. Sorry to disturb you this late, but there might a very concerning issue comming up. I just got a call from Barricade; you remember the pretty Praxian cop I let you test?:: Jazz asked trying to sound as neutral as possible.

::Evening Jazz. Of course I do. Can't wait to be able to book him and show him a good time…::

Jazz took another deep vent. ::Well, about that. He just told me he suffers from massive flashbacks and panic attackts and has recharge issues because of 'nightmares' which actually might be even more flashbacks. Prow, he remembers more and more. Right now he can't make sense of it, but who knows what's tomorrow or next week? He even did a drugtest... luckily it was too late for it to show anything...::

The line went silent for a moment and Jazz already started to contemplate how bad of a loss it would be for him, if he had to substract Barricade from his plans now. Not only all he invested up until now would be wasted, including the time and effort lost on the Praxian but also the costs to actually get rid of him, a cop…

::I got in touch with Swidle's pet medic, it's something he can probably handle, but he has to link up to him physically. Just get something to knock him out, of course just something that 'helps his recharge issues', and send Swindle the address. No charges. Since this is in our shared interest. Just call me as soon as you take bookings for him::

Jazz calmed. Good. He told Barricade that he'll come over already, so Jazz just had to go through his stash to see what he had to get the enforcer 'charging. Hopefully it worked out better this time...

::Alright. Tell them to get on the way, we can meet at my club and get there together, I'll let them in his flat as soon as he is out::

Because there was no way he'd give Prowl or one of his mechs Barricade's address. The enforcer was his.

::….Sure, Jazz. I'm sure I'll hear from you later::

Cutting the line after saying his goodbye Jazz got moving, targeting his well stocked home pharmacy first.

Chapter Text

Barricade nearly jumped as his doorbell rang. He reluctantly crawled out of his bed and walked up to his door. He already knew that it would be Jazz but he still hesitated a second before he undid his locks and opend his door.

"Jazz" Barricade just stood there, uncertain. Frozen. It was Jazz who moved. "Sweetspark…" the visored mech stepped over the threshold, closed the door and embraced the Praxian who immidiatly buried his face in his lovers neck. "Thank you" Barricade mumbled into the warm cables venting in the Polyhexian's scent, already relaxing. After a moment he stepped away a little to look into the others visor.

"I… Primus I know this is stupid but… but can I see your optics? Just once. Please I need to… to know" Jazz nodded, then looked around. "Lets sit down first. Couch, bed? Lead the way love" Barricade contemplated both options. "Bed… I don't think I wanna do anything but… maybe we can just lie down?" "Of course"

They silently moved into the Praxians bedroom where he suddenly felt a little flustered. His flat wasn't substandard but it wasn't Jazz' standard neither. At least it was clean…

Jazz didn't comment on it. Just sat down on the bed and pulled Barricade onto his lap, his arms around the enforcer's waist. "I unlocked it. You can take it off yourself darling" Jazz announced with a sweet smile. Barricade was a little taken aback by it. Red optics stared into the skyblue visor for a few seconds. Then two shaky servos reached up and very carefully detached the visor and slowly took it off. Barricade's gaze was still attached to the visor in his servos, turning and twisting the add-on.

He should look up though, to look into Jazz optics. That was the only reason he had the other's visor in his servos after all. But avoiding it was so much easier. What if Jazz optics are golden? It wouldn't mean that they haunted him at night… there were do many mechs with golden optics an-

A single digit appeared under his chin and forced his head up. "I'm pretty sure you didn't wish to check my visor out… or did you?" Jazz asked, practically forcing Barricade to look at him. And Primus, the enforcer thanked him for that, as he finally looked in light blue optics. A relived smile appeared on the enforcers lips, suddenly his spark seemed to be released out of the iron grip of fear that had him on the edge.

"Oh Jazz…" pressing his face in the crook of his lovers neck he started sobbing. While he was relived that the Polyhexian was not the monster that robbed his recharge. He was still devastated, because now he wasn't any wiser as before. "Shhh, it's all right sweetspark. I'm here now and I've got something to help you with your little problem" Barricade pulled himself together and detached himself from Jazz shoulder, looking at the mech questioning.

"After our little comm chat I was a little bit concerned and contacted my medic friend and considering everything you said; your sleeplessness and the panic attack and all... it probably is something stress induced. Your frame telling you that's too much. My method to get that handled would be a nice laced cygar… but I know you're not into that so I got some things from the pharmacy my friend recommended. Something for a better recharge, something to clear your processor... regarding to him you should be better in a day or two"

Barricade nodded and leaned back against his lover. Venting slowly. "Thank you Jazz. You're beyond question the best thing that ever happend to me" he whispered against the warm plating.

Chapter Text

After giving Barricade the 'sleeping pill', Jazz didn't have to wait too long until the frame in his arms lost all tension. Carefully he placed the now knocked out mech on the bed and walked to the door while comming the waiting mechs in the transport, telling them to get there.

Swindle and First Aid entered the flat a moment later and let Jazz walk them in the bedroom, where the dark enforcer was still exactly where Jazz had left him.

The young medic waited for Swindle to give him the okay to walk over before he did so and started with his work immidiatly. "We'll wait in the living room. Just make sure that there will be nothing left that might cause trouble, or I'll have to get someone else to put out instead of him…" Jazz said with a smile and an even voice but First Aid already knew that there was a very real threat in the other's words.

Swindle and Jazz were gone before First Aid could even think of answering, what he was thankful for. Jazz had roundabout the same standing as Prowl and was at least as scary.

He snapped open Barricades hidden neck cover, not surprised to see that everything was in pristine condition, probably only used for medical and work related reasons. He opend his own cover and unspooled a connector cable before he pulled out a spray bottle to cover Barricade's slot and his connector with a clear, strong smelling liquid. It improved the conduction and sanitized all involved components as well.

He hesitated a moment before he plugged in. Doing something like this to a mech who wasn't able to consent, because he was drugged into oblivion still felt wrong. But then; he'd performed worse things on mechs who were openly disagreeing, so he really should be thankful that Barricade would never know that this took place. And he was helping the mech after all.

First Air only hoped that he had guessed right earlier, when Prowl had confronted him with the drugs used and the symptoms of the enforcer.

Careful to not strain the connection he sat down in front of the bed, offlined his optics and used his medical overrides to smoothly slip into Barricade's systems. From there he went for the mechs memory files. If his guess was right, the roofies had started to fragment the memory files from the moment they where in the mechs system but failed to trigger the deleting process for all of them and the mechs processor had started to puzzle things back together again showing him whatever was 'successfully' restored as flashback.

He started a diagnostic program and waited for it to pull the affected files into a sub-foulder he had created, before he went to inspect them, after all he had to make sure that he marked the right files for the deleting process.

It took a moment until all fragments were collected and stored into the folder. Where First Aid used another program to put them back together again, to make sure he found all bits and pieces of the left memory files. Then everything was intact and his scan told him that there where no gabs.

Now the most unpleasant part started; he had to check the files to make sure that the program didn't accidentialy put a wrong file in the selection, he wasn't a mnemosurgeon after all, just used some parts of their software illegally, so there always was a chance things went wrong, so double checking was a thing he always did to stay functional. Prowl's way of dealing with failure wasn't something he wanted to feel in person….

So he started the first memory and while it already was awkward to do this with regular files, knowing what he would watch this time made him even more nervous.

his visual feed was blurred and slowly fading to black as he was roughly shaken, causing the feed to slowly online again. "None of that Barricade. I didn't skip such a nice profit to fuck a doll. We are going to have this fun-time together… and now…"

First Air stopped the file. That clearly was one of the ones he was looking for, so it was marked and the next started.

"…No, please! It hurts, please, sto-" he begged with a strained voice. Looking up to a grinning Prowl, just to be backhanded with a mecyless force, his head snapping to the side, his cheek right under his optic felt like it has been set on fire

First Aid vented heavy, touching his own face with a shaky servo. He wasn't meant to do this. Wasn't a professional mnemosurgeon, who was trained to live through another mechs memories. He didn't have the upgrades to detach them from him. And getting it would only increase his debts. He took another went and steeled himself. Only two more files!

the glass table underneath his frame was cold and unmoving as he sobbed helplessly, his digits clawing useless at the polished surface while the mech being him tore at his doorwing hinges in the same rhythm he thrusted into his sore port

The file was marked and the medic onlined his optics. Took in the room around him. The pictures on the wall, a small, empty bag of ruststicks looking out of the trashcan in the corner… soon this sparks normal live would be over and he would be there, see him break. Help breaking him? No… he was only making sure that the poor mechs at the criminal's mercy were taken care of, stopped hurting. He offlined his optics again and opend the last memory.

He was on his back. His hinges ached badly underneath him, he coughed, the taste of live-energon and transfluid on his tounge. Prowl was with his back to him for a second, doorwings proudly displaying that he was in a good mood. The other Praxian turned back to him, cold golden optics leering down at him "I wish I could t-…"

First Aid realized that he had bitten down of his own bottom lip, the taste of his own energon reminding him to much of what he had just witnessed. He dry heaved a few time before he collected himself, marked the files and made sure they were gone for good. He run another diagnostic test too make sure everthing was well and disconnected himself from the enforcer.

He was helping Barricade… he was a medic... He just did what had to be done to keep those mechs and himself as undamaged as possible... and as soon as his debts were paid he would be gone for good.

Chapter Text

With Jazz' medication Barricade's recharge became deep and dreamless and he didn't suffer from any panic attacks or anything anymore as well. After their shared night, just cuddling on his bed, Jazz had left the enforcer with the request to contact him as soon as things weren't perfectly good, so that he could actually meet Jazz' medical friend, or if he was simply up for spending some time together. Which was something he started to look forward again, now that he knew that Jazz had nothing to do with his prior condition.

Barricade had lazed around for the day and another, being rather tired and not feeling up to do much, which was probably a side effect of the medication, he guessed. But as evening of the second day had rolled by he had felt less numb and decided that just going to bed again would be a waste of his precious free time, so he had commed Jazz, who, for the first time invited him to come to his apartment for the night.

That got Barricade by surprise. He simply never imagined Jazz being anywhere but at his club or other businesses. And while he was busy to get his plating spotless and shiny he tried to imagine how and where a mech like Jazz would live. Sure it would be at a better part of town. A maisonette or a studio apartment maybe? He ruled out a house, Jazz wasn't really the type for it and knowing that he was always busy, keeping it and the surroundings would probably just be a nuisance for the Polyhexian.

The transport his lover had send him arrived shortly after he decided enough polish, wax and highlighter was enough. He was about to leave as he stopped and turned around sharply.

Barricade walked over to a small closet were he produced a small flacon out of a drawer. A scented oil he had once gotten at a conjux ceremony he was a guest at. It was meant to be enticing, a little thing that was given to all unmated guests to help them to get together with someone special as well. Back at the ceremonial he had rolled his optics at the 'stupid' Praxian tradition. Maybe it would do him some good after all?

After applying a generous amount on his neck cables and the insides of his wrists, it did smell pretty well, he put the falcon back and made his way out and into the transport with just the smallest amount of nervousness in his spark.

Chapter Text

"Welcome sweetspark, I am happy to see you seem to be way better. All back to normal?" Jazz greeted him and guided Barricade through the hallway into a living room. "No. Nothing strange anymore. Thanks to you" The enforcer answered, but was already preoccupied taking his surroundings in. Everything was neat and clean, what was remarkable, was that the main room bordering the hallway was more of a bedroom than a living room.

On the far end a big window was placed, from which one could watch the city underneath. They were on one off the top floors of a skyscraper and the view was breathtaking. In front of the window was a big round tub, way to enjoy a nice relaxing bath… even if the setting was a bit strange.

On one wall a big flat screen was installed, Jazz had it set on one of the many music channels, playing a soft tune while displaying colofull pictures of galaxies and such. Fitting Barricade thought, since the ceiling was dark blue, contrasting to the all white interior and the many small embedded lights placed on the dark surface looked like sparkling stars.

But the most interesting detail was a big, thick, circular bed with a few fluffy pillows and a tablet on top of the covers of it, filled with a bottle, two cubes and ruststicks. The only other furniture was a chair and a nightstand and a small lamp on it.

"Why don't you get comfortable?" Jazz asked and pointed to the bed, a sly smirk on his lips. "I'll be over in a second. Just have to make another call regarding a shipment of vosian highgrade that's stuck at customs" Barricade nodded and walked into the room all by himself, checking out the view of the nightly Cybertron. It was beautiful. Hypnotizing.

Sitting down at the sturdy bathtub's edge he spend the time wondering how much his life had already changed since the evening he had met Jazz. It was a rollercoaster, but if he was honest with himself he kind of enjoyed it more than it had stressed him out so far. Still, there was something else, a gut feeling that made him wonder if Jazz was really the right mech for him...

"It's one of the best views in the entire city" Jazz filled the cubes and walked over to Barricade, offering one. The Praxian nodded and took one, smiling at his lover. "I can imagine that." he gave Jazz a short kiss, looking back at the room. Jazz chuckled and turned as well.

"The layout is eccentric I know. See, I travel between my businesses a lot and rarely sleep at my own flat, so I chose one that's nice but not too big. Meeting up with friends at my 'working' places is much more fun anyways. But I still needed a office beside a sleeping place so I used the smaller room for work and the former living room for everything else. Made it bigger by including the part of the bathroom into it as well…"

"It's nice. I like the ceiling" The enforcer added. The keeper's explanation sounded logical and clever, so very Jazz. Barricade though. But there was something else that was typical Jazz, even if Barricade didn't like it. "You smoked again" he stated with forced neutrality in his voice, the tell tale sweet smell still lingered on his lovers frame like perfume.

Jazz shrugged and sipped from his drink, then he looked up. "Those are the musical constellations 'Lyra', 'Vulpecular' and 'Cygnus'" Jazz skipped the question and stated. "Want me to tell you a little more about them?" Barricade took a swing from his cube as well, enjoying the warming effect of the sweet highgrade in his intake. "Yes, sure"

Chapter Text

They stayed beside the window for some time. Just talking and complimenting each other, until the first touches and kisses were exchanged. Which led to them moving to the bed at one point, where Barricade was now splayed out on his back, Jazz' servos all over the darker mech's frame, drawing moans and whines from him.

Jazz initiated another sensual kiss, his frame slowly sinking down on Barricade's, Jazz hard spike pressing against his dark valve lips, rubbing against his anterior node with each and every movement the mech topping him made.

After their kiss broke apart the visored mech kissed his throat, venting in deeply a few times. "Hmmm. You smell good… Put on something for me? I could devour you, really" he breathed against the exposed cables. Barricade considerd answering but couldn't really think straight with Jazz setting his sensory network on fire everywhere at once.

"Hmmm what am I gonna do to you first…" Jazz then mumbled, his spike still pressed against Barricade's equipment, keeping him charged but still too far away from a nice satisfying overload.

Barricade couldn't wait for his lover to start and thought that, maybe, if Jazz was really pleased with him, he'd get a change to go for the other's valve for once. Maybe he would have better chances if he let the Polyhexian have his port? Barricade also be kind of owned Jazz for all his help, time and effort…And for all the money he always spend for Barricade a tiny voice inside his processor added snidely, which he chose to ignore.

So as his lover let a servo slide between them, pushing a teasing digit against his still tightly closed opening before moving to Barricade's valve, he didn't move away nor did he tell the other to stopp, but lightly pushed down. Tonight he'd let Jazz have him that way if he wanted. Just this once.

Barricade nearly bet that the other would tease him about this, or maybe ask for his reasons but it never came. Instead Jazz just got off him a little and urgent him to turn, what Barrricade did with a racing spark. He kept telling himself that it would be okay, Jazz would take good care of him, be gentle.

He wasn't sure, but just as he tried to get comfortable on his forarms and knees, carefully not thinking about his current position, he thought he heared a small sliding sound. After another vent he definitely heared a low clicking, just to feel something cold against his port. Then he remembered, lube. Something told him that he should remember this, as it came back to him; Right! Bumblebee had used lube as he had allowed Barricade to do him. So Jazz was taking good care of him.

He steeled himself after he felt Jazz press in with two digits, still just accepting and not linking it. "Relax my love, you're doing so great. I'm so lucky having you…" Jazz whispered directly in his audio. And Barricade felt a small nervous smile dance over his lips, while he tried his best to relax, slowly venting in and out.

Chapter Text

Barricade bit down on his thumb as two unyielding digits pushed inside him. It stung, not as bad as it had the first time, but it was nowhere close of being a good sensation neither. Jazz slowly started to pump his digits in and out, taking his time before he scissored his digits and spread Barricade open. Finally the digits were gone but the enforcer didn't dare to relax, knowing pretty well what it meant for him. What was coming.

Jazz moved around behind him for a little, before he felt the pressure of something thicker than a digit or two pressed against his port. "If you want, I can touch your spike to make it even better for you, sweetspark" Barricade nodded lightly, giving the internal command to release his spike. Wondering for a fleeting second, when he had stopped doing that when he opened up for interfacing… Before he could think more about it, a slick servo wrapped around his shaft, stroking him with a firm grip.

"Oh Primus…!" Barricade offlined his optics, it has been quite some time since he or Jazz had given that part of his equipment some love. So this was feeling great. Even if a valve or a nice, tight port would feel even better, but right now, he took what he got.

Then his slowly building charge came to a stop as Jazz pushed in firmer, slowly sinking his spike into Barricade, causing an uncomfortable stretch. "I agree, Primus indeed must love the two of us… ‘cause ya feel so damn great baby…"

Barricade let out a small whimper as the sting turned to a light but nasty feeling pressure. Just then Jazz drew out and it was bearable again. Barricade used the small break he had, as the other pulled out, to vent, to ground himself, before the spike went in again, just that the stretch wasn't as harsh this time.

Slowly Jazz found a steady rhythm and Barricade tried to only focus on the pleasure radiating from his spike. Then the visored mech tugged one of his thighs further apart, effectively changing the angle. As he thrusted in this time Barricade gasped at the strange sensation. It… wasn't bad but he wasn't fully sure if he could get to like it or not. But if he was doing it this way, he could at least try to enjoy the ride.

He slowly decided that hi kind of liked that and wondered what exactly it was, what Jazz did there, wasn't sure if he had the courage to ask Jazz later, since there was no way in hell he would admit to like anything about being spiked in the port. Maybe he could look it up in the datanet later>?

"Ow!… Careful…!" Barricade muttered as Jazz’ pace became harsher and his thrusting turned into pounding. "Only a sec, I'm nearly there, you can handle this pretty, ahh… yes!" The enforcer bit down on the heel of his servo again, his digits tore at the soft material beneath him. Not much later Jazz finished with a few deep thrusts, venting heavy behind him.

Barricade relaxed as his lover suddenly started to work his spike again and, after moving a little, his anterior node as well. "Oh…Jazz! Don't stop that, please!" He moaned wanton, finally getting close to his own overload, now that his lover had finished.

Barricade ignored it, as good as he could, how the other’s transfluid ran down his thighs as he chased his peak, feeling how his valve started to clench down on nothing. Then Jazz’ deft digits squeezed down on his spike and it did the trick to push the enforcer over the edge. After overloading hard, Barricade broke down completely burned out, not even caring that he stained his pristine plating with his own transfluid. He was teetering on the edge of rebooting, barley staying awake.

Jazz lowered himself down as well, his warm frame slid between the Praxian's doorwings. "Rest a little sweetspark, we have all night to play, after all" the Polyhexian promised and Barricade finally let his systems take him into sweet oblivion"

Chapter Text

Stirring slowly awake Barricade buried his faceplate into the soft material underneath him, stretching his whole frame excessively.

"What a tease" a smooth voice sounded from somewhere besides him. The enforcer onlined his optics, looking around in a moment, perplexed. The light in the strange room was dimmed and it was enough change to confuse him a little longer.

Then he spotted Jazz in the bathtub, leaning against the edge, a flute of greenish liquid in one servo. He finally remembered where he was, and why he was there. "Ah, sorry, was I out that long?" He managed before he couldn't hold back a yawn.

"Nah, not at all, just finished filling this up and took a dip. It's still nice n hot and there is space for two in here…" "and I really need to wash up, sorry 'bout your covers" Barricade gave back as he sluggishly sat up and noticed how sticky his from was from his very own transfluid. And as he sat there he also noticed how Jazz' juice sullied his legs and probably the already stained covers as well, as it trickled out of his still loose port. It felt horribly humiliating.

"Still think that's a good look on you" Jazz took a swing from the flute and toppled his head back, lips lightly parted. "Just looking at you, makes me all ready to go again..." Only now the Praxian noticed the light movement of his lovers submerged arm. Was he? Oh.

"I...uh. Yeah I'm there in a second" Barricade shuffled around, and climed off the bed, less graceful than he would have wished. he'd have to ask Bumblebee next time he saw the mech, how he was doing it. Maybe the cunning waiter could show him a trick or two?

Trying very hard to ignore the sensation of the cooling transfluid running down his legs and the fact that his equipment was still not covered he walked over to the tub. The enforcer had the nagging feeling that closing his cover now be nothing but a waste of time. As Jazz emf brushed his he knew what was in the other's interest at least.

Chewing on his lower lip, he hesitated before he climed into the tub. Perfectly aware how much on display he was in that very situation. And from Jazz unashamed leer, which run down his frame and stopped somewhere between his legs, the Polyhexian had known it too.

Barricade's doorwings gave a nervous flutter and he hurriedly sank down into the nearly too warm water-mixture, a light blush on his cheeks.

"It's cute how shy you still can be. Come here and hold this" Jazz reached for him and gave him the flute with the strange carbonated liquid. Which Barricade held without protesting. The he let the other pull him into his lab, froze for a second as he felt the errected spike being lined up with his opening, after quick digits parted his valve lips.

He was busy holding the drink, not spilling it, as Jazz pulled him down with ease, his valve still lubricated ebough from his prior overload. A light moan escaped his intake, not able to hold it back, then he gave Jazz a scolding stare. He wanted to tell his lover how rude it was to not even ask or wait for him to consent. It just seemed… disrespectful? At least after all the visored mech had done for him.

So he let it slip, just this once, and took a sip from the flute instead.

Chapter Text

Barricade took another swing from the drink Jazz had handed him, he actually really like this one. The last time he had a carbonated liquid was, when he still was a youngling, he'd always enjoyed the prickling in his intake but at one point decided that he had grown out of enjoying the drink named 'cackling kremzeek' and stopped drinking it and instead took more 'adult' drinks.

This green liquid here was just as sweet and had just the right amount of spice to it to make it a more adult version of his favourite younglinghood drink. Plus it was clearly infused with highgrade, which already gave him a nice buzz. He took another sip as Jazz rolled his hips. "I've got a whole bottle of it. You can have it when your good..." he promised with a smirk. "But you better empty that one now, or it will only spill"

Barricade chuckled at the other's bluntness but simply emptied the flute before he handed it back to Jazz, who placed it at the windowsill.

"Now… how about we make this thing a wave pool, sweetspark?" He was guided up by the other's servos, only to be pushed down again, rinse and repeat. Barricade let it happen, enjoyed how the movement made him lightly dizzy, how nice Jazz' ridged spike rubbed his nodes. The water sloshed around them, out of the tub, without anyone even caring.

"I can't decide what feels better, fucking your tight little ass, or your slick cunt. They both feel so great around my spike." Barricade snickered at that "language!" He chided playfully, a slight slurr in his voice. Jazz didn't reply to that, just started to quicken the pace, not reciving any protest from the tipsy mustang riding him. Then one of Barricade's servos was grabbed and pulled down between the two of them.

"I gonna cum in a bit. How about ya get youself over the as well? I'd love ta feel ya clench around me just before…" "You want me to… mastubate?" Barricade wasn't sure about the request but let Jazz guide his servo to his valve and after a nod from the visored mech, started to play with his anteriornode. It did feel good, even if he'd rather have Jazz do it for him.

His other servo held onto Jazz shoulder, kept him balanced as he was nearing his overload. Barricade moaned and called out for Jazz, working his node with passion until his charge reached it's peak, causing the Praxian to tumble into a drawn our overload. "That's it baby" Jazz groaned, slowing the pace, until he pressed Barricade down for a last time, keeping him there with a vicelike grip.

Then the visored mech relaxed and let go of the enforcer's hips. Spent, Barricade immidiatly leaned against Jazz' frame. His spark was racing and his vents fast and shaky and he was still slightly dizzy from the highgrade.

Both mechs stayed like that for a while, Jazz' servos idly patting the Praxian's sides until the keeper moved to pull something out of one of his subspace pockets. Barricade didn't care to check what it was, too content to just cuddle up against Jazz' frame in the warm water. Until a certain smell pulled him out of his drowsiness. He sighed and pushed away from the other, watching as Jazz tugged at his cygar, only to blow out the smoke in Barricade's face.

"Really?" The enforcer responded, shaking his head to get rid of the smoke surrounding him. Jazz' smirk grew wider "You need to learn to relax a bit, or your gonna get sick again, pretty" his lover took another invent and offered Barricade the lit cygar with a smile. "I…" the nice buzz still ran through his system and he knew that he should better make such decision in a sober state... But Jazz was, somehow, right, wasn't he?

Chapter Text

Barricade shook his head. "I can't even smoke a regular one without coughing my vents out" he argumented. It was true, he tried regular cygars a few times at parties and didn't like how harsh the smoke burned in his throat, and from what he theoretically knew about pot, it was even harsher. Additionally he was sure that giving in to the temptation, even once, was not a good idea.

Jazz didn't seem too disappointed by being turned down. "Thats no proplem, in that case I can just shotgun you. It takes the burn from the smoke, and it's nice sharing with a pretty mech like you" just staring at his smoking lover for another moment, trying to make sense of the visored mech's words, Barricade resignated and decided to ask "What exactly…?"

"Just trust me" Jazz took another hit from his cygar before setting it aside, then Barricade was drawn closer and kissed. The other's tongue pushed through his small resistance, parting the enforcers lips. A second later the warm smoke was released into his intake and he could taste the strange flavour before giving in and inhaling slowly.

It was strange and as soon as Jazz broke the kiss Barricade exhaled again, not daring to hold the smoke too long in his vents. "See, no burn or anything. And you'll get a lot less of the chemicals, too" he nodded and checked how he felt, not really feeling high or off or anything, what calmed him significantly. "So I won't get high?"

"Nah, not from one hit. Taking a few more will calm you but you'd need quite a lot to really feel it…" and it was a good way to get a newbie used to the smoke.

"But how about we continue with whatever this leads to, outside the tub? It's getting fresh in here" Jazz suggested and with that Barricade could agree. "Yeah, but I'd rather get another glass of the prickly stuff instead of more of your smoke...." the enforcer admitted a bit shy. "That won't be a problem, pretty" his lover was the first to climb out helping him and handing a very soft towel.

Drying happend silently, then Jazz opend a hidden panel in the wall and took out a bottle containing the nice sweet highgrade. "It's called synt-en. Not very
High-proofed but due to the carbonation and the sweetness it kicks in fast and nice" retrieving the flute and pouring the green liquid in, the visored mech took a sip before handing it to Barricade, who was thankful that he finally had something to wash away the taste of the pot.

Chapter Text

Meanwhile Jazz put the bottle back, moved over to Barricade and wrapped his arms around the other from behind, servos traveling all over the freshly washed frame.

Barrricade squirmed in the embrace; Jazz field was still filled with arousal, hinting exactly where this was leading to. The Praxian turned around and leaned against his lover with offlined optics.

"I don't think I have the energy for another round" the enforcer mumbled tiredly into Jazz plating. He was exhausted from his previous overloads and sleepy from the warm bath and the highgrade.

"That's very understandable. But you’re such a sweet little temptation… I just can't keep my digits off your frame" Barricade sighed and onlined his optics again, looking up at his Jazz. "That's sweet and all but I really don't think I can do much more… probably gonna fall into recharge after I finish my drink and crash on the bed…"

Jazz just chuckled, tipping the others chin up with a digit before kissing him shortly. "No one said that you have to do anything. Just finish up, take a replacement blanked from under the bed, set it up and lay down… I'll take care of everything else" the keeper promised sweetly, his free servo still trailing down the others dark frame.

"But I-" The enforcer tried to protest as Jazz forced Barricade’s own servo with the half empty flute up to his lips and tipped it up. "Drink, change the bed, lay down - I'll be right there" the visored mech repeated, friendly smile still in place, even though his words sounded more like a command now, than a request.

Barricade drank up before he choked from his drink, then he bit his rising protest down, already too wasted to really have an argument right now. How hard could it be to let Jazz do his thing. And his valve would certainly not feel sore from another round… and Jazz would be happy if he complied.

So he let his lover take the empty flute and walked over to the bed, only now feeling the highgrade’s whole effect hitting his system as he nearly missed the bed as he tried to lean on it, luckily he was able not fall to the floor like a disgraceful drunk.

Barricade took a steading vent and collected himself. It took him a second of fumbling around to actually find and open the build in drawer and pull out a new sheet from said drawer.

It took him even a little longer than usual to get his task done, before he was finally able to crawl on top of the bed, turning to lie on his back, enjoying the soft, clean sheet under him with offlined optics.

"You better not fall into recharge on me, sweetspark" feeling caught, since he really just started to slowly power down, Barricade shook his head, groggily looking into the direction from which Jazz voice just had been coming from. "M awake, I'm awake" he regretted shaking his head as everything seemed to spin around him.

Jazz chuckled and climbed on the bed as well. "That's why I'm more into other things. Highgrade is such a crude way to get a nice buzz… so many downsides" he chided and moved between Barricade's legs, spreading them without any resistance form the Praxian, who was contemplating to apologize for getting so overcharged, as he felt something strange being pushed inside his valve and against his anterior node.

"Wha… What're you doin'? Jazz?" He slurred, not daring to move. "A surprise. Just look up and count the stars love, you'll like this"

Chapter Text

Barricade felt helpless for a moment, nervous. This… felt wrong. He didn’t like it. Didn’t like the way Jazz had started this. But then, maybe it was because the highgrade made him feel strange?

Helpless he simply did what Jazz had told him; he looked up to the dark blue ceiling, trying to remember what Jazz had told him about the star constellations "A-alright…" he muttered with a trembling voice.

Jazz grabbed Barricade’s legs under his knee joints and bent them, pushing them up and in Barricades direction, forcing the enforcer’s hips up with it. Jazz appeared into the darker mech’s direct view, sporting a strangely lopsided smile, it caused Barricade to pull his plating firmly against his protoform reflexively. "Hey there, didn't think you're this flexible, lovely"

Jazz' spike was squeezed inside his valve, besides whatever the Polyhexian had pushed in and Barricade gasped at the uncomfortable stretch, while making a face. Jazz spike pushing in also made the thing against his anterior node press down harder, rub against the sensitive sensor unpleasantly.

"Yeah, it's rather tight besides the toy, but it's worth it, just a moment…" Barricade saw that his lover fumbled with a small device. A second later his array was flooded with a lot of input. Not only did the thing inside him start to vibrate, but the part pressing down on his anterior node did too. It was nearly too much pleasure at once, overtaxing his sensitive parts.

He moaned and squirmed, could hear Jazz hum in pleasure above him as he started to thrust inside him. The way Barricade's hips were bent up, made his partner hit his ceiling node hard with every strong thrust. The Praxian whined under the ruthless assault, which caused him to hit his first overload pretty fast.

He grabbed Jazz' arms, his head thrown back, trying to signal his lover to slow down, to offline the ‘toy’, as the other continued to take him. It wasn't that it hurt, but it started to get close to the point where pleasure turned into pain, something he wasn't into at all.

Jazz kept a fast pace, up until Barricade’s hypersensitive valve was able to overload a second time, finally taking Jazz over the edge as well. For a moment the pressure inside him grew even more, as Jazz’ hot transfluid was being trapped inside his valve, by the device and the still pulsing spike

Jazz drew out shortly after and let go of Barricade’s legs, so that the Praxian could stretch out again. Being folded up like that for so long, had taken a toll on his venting, he realized as he was now able to vent in deep and steady again, not even caring about the transfluid, that ran out of his valve.

The visored mech stretched and laid down on to top on the darker mech, snuggling up to him. "Want a third overload, pretty? I could turn that sweet thing up a few more notches…" he asked only to laugh as Barricade begged him persistently to offline the toy and get it out.

After teasing the enforcer a little, Jazz finally did as he was asked, taking it out and wiping the U shaped toy clean on the sheets before he flung it over to the small nightstand, where it landed with a clattering sound. Barricade glared at it for a moment, before he decided that it wasn't worth staying awake much longer. So he just got as comfortable as possible and tried to recharge. Tried to not think about the 'face.

"Sleep tight ,sweetspark" Jazz whispered before the apartments lights offlined, and the big window turned opaque. Blocking out most of the cities nightly glow.

Chapter Text

The sweet smell of lithium spiced, warm energon was the first thing Barricade noticed as he woke up. The processorsplitting headache was the second.

"I'll never drink again. Ever" The enforcer muttered into his pillow. He stretched, at least he didn't hurt, just the usual soreness between his legs, that came after a night with Jazz.

For a second, the memories of their interfacing seeped into the enforcer's awareness and he frowned, glancing to the nightstand, nothing.

"That sounds like an awfully boring life If you ask me, hot stuff" Barricade looked around, carefull not to move too fast. Jazz sat on a comfortable looking armchair at a table, that hasn't been there before. On top of it were various dishes and cubes.

"Morning Jazz" the Praxian greeted neutrally, slowly getting up from the soft bed, waddling over to his lover. Now he could see that the table was a simple foldable model that Jazz must have pulled out of the wall, the other's chair was most likely the one from his office, while the free one Barricade took a seat in, had been in the room before.

The small table was filled with enough food to feed a lot more mechs than just the two of them. He didn't even know what he should try first.

There were soft fluffy waffles with sweet pink energon chunks in them, partially coated in tin-cream, crispy copper wafers, two kinds of hot energon, one being the lithium spiced version he had smelled, the other was a milder kind with an interesting looking foam on top. Jazz had a partially eaten thick pancake with eneer-geel oozing out of it… the sheer variety was simply overwhelming.

"Nothing of your liking? I tried to order a little bit of everything. Since I didn't know what you're into" Jazz took another bite from his pancake, washing it down with the foam topped energon.

"No, that's not it. Just. All of it looks pretty great. I don't know what to try" he replied sheepishly. Jazz cut another piece from his pancake and offered it to Barricade. "One of my favourites" he promoted as Barricade took the small piece, taking his time tasting it. He could tell why Jazz liked it. It was not too sweet and the light bitterness of the ener-geel rounded the flavours nicely. Then Jazz gave him a small can be already knew. Add-blue, for his hangover.

"Good isn't it? But then those waffles are, too. Don't feel obliged to try everything now. It's not like it's the last time we have breakfast together…"

Barricade blushed a little at that, taking a small swing from he can and a bite from one of the wafers. Did Jazz plan to always spoil him like that? Primus he'd never be able to make up for that.

"So… you have plans for the day?" The visored mech asked, probably already having something else set up for them. Barricade nodded, grinning at the small surprise in Jazz field. "I plan yo spend it with you… make it count, since I'll be at work tomorrow again..."

Jazz chuckled at that. "Got me for a second mech. Well… how about I make it nice enough so that you remember me all week?"

Chapter Text

After their shared breakfast and Jazz laying out what he had planned for the day, Barricade felt a little bad, while he cleared the tables and bagged their leftovers. Not only did he get another high priced meal from his lover but Jazz had also organized them an expensive full frame detailing. At a very fancy place.

Of course he liked being spoiled but this relationship wouldn't work out like that … and even if the enforcer tried, he could never even try to pull something like that of… but maybe if he was honest with Jazz, they would find a middle ground between too much spending on Jazz side and not enough on his?

"Jazz…?" He stepped over to his lover who leaned on the bed, checking something on a datapad, which he switched off and laid aside as Barricade stepped closer.

"What is it, sweetspark?" Jazz grabbed him as soon as he was close enough placing a swift kiss on the Praxian's lips. Barricade leaned against him, searching inwardly for the right words. "You do so much… and I have the feeling I can't give you half of it back. Neither effort wise nor from what you spend…"

Jazz ran his digits over Barricade's doorwings "don't split your processor over it. Really. You're making it up whenever you help me forget work for a moment… for example; just a moment ago I got a note that my shipment arrived and I can only hope that my employees take good care of my sensitive vosian goods…"

For a second Jazz field was tainted by worry and Barricade drew back enough to look at him. "Tell me how I can help you relax until he have to leave for our appointment?" The enforcer asked, happy that there was at least something he could do for Jazz.

The visored mech smirked at him, than moved to fully sit on the bed, spreading his legs, a second later his cover slid aside, revealing his half errected spike "How about you allow me to sit back a little while you take good care of this?"

He still wasn't liking this too much, but he just offered Jazz to take care of him and help his lover to release some stress… so stepping back now would be more than rude.

So he nodded and sank down to his knees. Grabbing the other's spike with a servo, giving it a few slow pumps, before he leaned in taking the warm spike into his intake, not complaining as he felt Jazz' servo on his head, guiding him down, until he had to stop to not trigger his gagging reflex.

"Too bad you can't take it all… that would feel great…" Jazz muttered under his vents as Barricade moved his head up and down the other's length, already contemplating what might be better; asking Bumblebee for advice or doing a datanet search on the topic, to make it better for Jazz the next time he helped his lover out.

Chapter Text

The studio Jazz had them booked in was amazing. Barricade had no idea if it was even possible to get an appointment within a month without having the connections Jazz apparently had.

Knock Out, the shop’s owner, greeted them personally. Then he ordered one of his employees to get Barricade into a specialized 360° cleansing shower.

While Knock Out took personal care of Jazz.


Knock Out walked around his desk and sat down opposite from Jazz, plating as pristine as always. "So that's him? He's pretty but still... an enforcer? You are playing a dangerous game my dear... are you really sure he's worth it?" The red racer asked concerned.

"It is and he's already halfway tamed and before long he'll spread those pretty legs, earning me some sweet credits" Jazz announced, taking one of the purple ruststicks from the holder on the desk, nipping at it.

"But for that he needs to get fancier on his private parts" Knock Out nodded at that. Taking out a datapad "You have something in mind?" Jazz shook his head "I trust you to be the best at picking colors and patterns. Make him think it's his idea and keep in mind his spike has to match the ring he's getting"

"I take you want the usual treatment in the meantime?" Jazz nodded and Knock Out left his office for his appointment with Barricade.


Barricade enjoyed the warm shower, it made him relax, reminded him of the warm bath from last night, the nice prickly drink, how Jazz had just taken him without even asking… he shook his head. It had been nice and he had enjoyed himself. It really had been nice, opposite to the more than unpleasant stunt with the toy...

His relaxed smile faded from his lips. He'd really disliked that… all about it had felt wrong and strange, even the overloads... but then he hadn't told Jazz to stop. Hadn't told him no. How was his lover supposed to know? he could have asked his processor promoted. Maybe it really was time to talk with Jazz about those things?

Suddenly the shower stopped spraying him with warm cleanser and the mech who has brought him to the showers led him to a drying chamber. It only took a few seconds and he was dry. From there he was escorted to another room and asked to take a seat in a really strange but comfortable chair, which was adjusted to fit his size before the mech left and told him that Knock Out would be there in a moment.

"Hallo there, my designation is Knock Out certified plastic surgeon and esthetical upgrader, everything has been up to your linking so far?" Knock Out asked with a friendly smile, sitting down on a small rolling stool. Barricade had been pretty happy with the treatment so far and he told the red mech so. Who handed him a datapad. Before the enforcer could even look at the datapad Knock Out continued.

"Now there are just three more steps, detailing and sealing and wax'n'polish. Well, actually just wax and polish… but Jazz is one of our favorites and since you seem to be his current favorite I'd like to offer you the detailing and sealing on top, no charges" the plastic surgeon offered.

"O-kay?" Barricade didn't really know what to think about that, deliberately ignoring the little sting he'd felt at Knock Out's addition of 'current' before calling him Jazz favorite. "Does… Jazz take many mechs here?" He asked wary. Up until now he thought he was receiving a special treatment from his lover but from the way Knock Out worded it…

The plastic surgeon seemed confused for a second before he caught himself and something like shock washed over his face for a split second before it was replaced by a chuckle and the usual smile. "Primus no! Ok sorry if it sounded anything like that" the red mech looked around conspiracly before he leaned in, voice a little hushed.

"Barricade, right? I gonna tell you a thing or two about that lover of yours -between you and me - if you promise not to tell anyone that I was the one telling you"

Chapter Text

Jazz sat in the waiting room reading a semi-interesting article about politics, checking his chronometer every now and then. He had hoped that Knock Out would be done by now.

Sure he knew that a quickie wasn't possible today, if the medic had successfully completed his work, but he had hoped to get his little cop to kneel in front on him again to suck his cock. At least one of Knock Out's little employees had given his spike some attention after a nice massage and a warm waxing.

But he had to be in his club later and time was slowly running out. He wondered what exactly Knock Out was doing, since what he’d paid for were only a few valve and spike upgrades that never took the red racer longer than an hour, two if he got creative with the biolights. He also wondered how much it would cost him additionally... Knock Out was great at sneaking ‘necessary’ extras in to up the price. Whatever it was he would simply add it to Barricade's list…

"Here we go" Knock Out's voice pulled Jazz attention to the far side of the room. The visored mech looked up and was actually surprised. While he only guessed that Knock Out would add some details and highlights to Barricade’s general paintjob, the red race had done a full all-over.

Jazz stood and walked over the waiting mech's, his optics fixed on the Praxian who fidgeted nervously, doorwings fluttering lightly under Jazz’ attentive gaze.

"Amazing. This is… you really overdid yourself Knock Out" Jazz complimented as his servos traveled over the dark mech's frame.

Then he smiled up at Barricade. "You’re gorgeous like this" he added and Barricade preened at the compliment, shy smile appearing on his face. "Thank you... it's not too much?" Jazz shook his head. "Not at all" the Polyhexian replied, still taking all in.

Knock Out pushed the enforcer past Jazz to a big full-frame mirror, so that he could check himself. "Oh"

He started to twist and turn amazed at what he saw. Basically he had the same color scheme as before, just a few small white highlights added here and there. Though his main colors where slightly different.

His plain black had been replaced by what Knock Out had called 'dark midnight blue' and his plain white with 'fine station pearl white'. Both were within his allowed color scheme for the job and had amazing reflective effects whenever they caught the light. He never thought that such a subtle change would have such a powerful effect on his appearance. On his self-esteem. But right now, he felt marvelous.

Behind him Jazz and Knock Out conversed quietly over comms about everything the surgeon had done to Barricade's more private parts as well, without the distracted enforcer even realizing.

Chapter Text

After receiving a few more compliments from everyone in the shop and a few care instructions from Knock Out, Jazz and Barricade were on their way again, this time to a small but nice café where they had lunch together.

Barricade felt like he was catching way more optics than before and when he thought about it, he probably did. It felt strange but exciting at the same time. The enforcer didn't even realize that he wore his doorwings unusually high and flared them proudly, until Jazz teased him about it.

"Sorry, that our date will end after this meal, but business is calling and from what I remember you do have to get up rather early tomorrow anyways… but maybe we don't have to wait with another date until your work turn is over, again?" Jazz stirred some additives in his energon before he smiled sweetly at the enforcer in front of him.

Barricade set his own energon aside "It's all right, really. I understand that you have to take care of your businesses, you are self-employed after all. If you want I can accompany you? Help out, carry Stuff… since you said you received a shipment?"

Jazz made a face "Yes… no. Not this time. I already got mechs for the carrying, who aren't freshly painted and should be careful to let the colors fully set. Seriously, Knock Out would have cyber-kittens if he found out you even thought about it…" Barricade winced lightly. Right, he had to be careful for the next few hours.

He still mused about Jazz request about a date during his work turn, though. It would probably be best after his primary half day shift, he contemplated, then remembered why he thought it was a bad idea to date Jazz when he had to work the next day, to begin with… which reminded him that there still was the incident from last night he wanted to talk about.

"About the date..." he looked down and fumbled with his energon. "I don't know about that… and can I be honest with you?" He bit his lip, trying to ignore how nice the new high-class paint looked on his forearms.

"Sure, sweetspark. Always" Jazz assured him, the enforcer was about to start, looking up at his lover, who gave him the warmest, most reassuring smile.

Suddenly Barricade felt horrible.

How could he seriously consider complaining after the great day he just had? He didn't want to come off as bitchy or ungrateful, after all.

It also left a strange feeling in his gut to not acknowledge his own troubles... but for now it seemed to be for the best? He would see how Jazz behaved on their next date and make sure to enforce his own needs then. Simple as that.

"I… we can meet up, sure. Just, uhm, promise me I'll be able to work the day after?" He requested sheepishly, already knowing that the interfacing that day would be rather different with Knock Out's upgrades to his array…

Jazz agreed happily, and they set a date before continuing their meals. Shortly after they were outside the Café, bidding their farewells.

”Have a nice evening Jazz and don’t overwork yourself” Barricade breathed against the other’s lips, after Jazz had pulled him into a heated goodbye kiss. “I won’t, I promise. Stay save love, can’t wait to see you in a few days…” They parted and Barricade wondered if his co-workers would notice his new appearance tomorrow…

Chapter Text

Jazz arrive at his club in no time, having used his own fast altmode for once. Warming his tires every now or then was nice, even if he hated having to deal with everyone else on the road.

Today he wasn't annoyed though, the streets had been empty enough and now he could finally set his optics on his new Vosian goods himself, see if the remarkable amount of credits he had paid was well invested.

He pawed the doorpad and typed his code in; to unlock and open the small side door for him, the club itself was dark, still closed for another hour, but inside the preparations for the night were already finished.

He didn't even cross the empty dancefloor halfway as Mirage walked up to him and fell in step with Jazz.

"Greetings, boss" his head of security smiled slim at him, field strained. Great that meant something was not going well. Joy. At least he already knew that his investment had arrived alive and kicking, not like the unfortunate sparks that had been discovered last week, who had died in a shipment container because it had been accidentally sealed shut, whoever had tried to smuggle them and had paid for it was probably fuming at the loss…

Jazz shook the thought off, not his problem, and just waved his hand mildly annoyed, prompting the blue and white mech to continue.

"Sorry to bother you, but while the shipment arrived well and all… the new toys aren't too cooperative…" Mirage explained after they went up to the private area of the club, where an assortment of mechs waited for them.

Warpath and Trailbreaker stood each behind a kneeling mech. The mechs’ wrists were shackled behind their backs and while one of them, the mostly blue one with a visor, seemed to try to mutter something to the other, said other was snarling and spitting curses at no one in particular, golden optics burning in uncontained rage.

Jazz rolled his optics behind his visor. Great, was this Prowl's idea of ‘tamed’? He walked in front of the kneeling mecha with Mirage at his side. The angry tirade stopped for a moment, while both mechs looked up to him, eying him suspiciously.

"You must be Jetfire and Jetstorm I take? Lovely finally meeting you in person, I am Jazz, the keeper of this wonderful establishment and now you as well. May I ask what's the problem here?" He asked with a sweet smile plastered over his face.

Chapter Text

The two bound mecha exchanged a short look, then the blue mech spoke up first. "I'm sorry Jazz sir, we… we are just tired from the travel. There is no problem at all. We'll cooperate, we really don't want to cause any trouble…" he said, mostly addressing the orange mech with the last part.

It wasn't working though. "How can you say something like that, brother? I never agreed to this! We never did. We are no whores! We just owned that Swindle mech some credits from our upgrades and then that Praxian came and, and-!"

"And you weren't able to pay up in time. Now Prowl, Swindle’s boss, sold you and your debt to me, what means you have to pay it back to me, working for me. End of story. Stop crying. It won't help you. Working - or, to use your words - whoring yourself out - on the other servo might help you to get your freedom back, if you are able to make enough to pay me back the credits I've invested in you"

"I'll tear you a new one before I spread my legs for anyone!"

Jetfire roared and rose from his kneeling position, faster than Warpath could grasp what was happening and nearly succeeded in head-butting an unmoving and seemingly uncaring Jazz. Mirage had him knocked out on the floor within seconds, though. Ending the attack before it even really started.

"Brother!" Jetstorm called out panicked before he looked up to Jazz. "Please don't hurt him! I.. I'm going to convince him. Please give me a chance to talk some sense into him. Please…." The blue aerial begged, fear tainting his field.

Jazz’ smile turned ice cold as he crouched down in front of the blue Jet, firmly trapping Jetstorm’s chin between his digits.

"Listen. I'm no monster, but I paid a lot for the two of you. So if he keeps that attitude up and refuses to work the way I planned, I'll get his bolt removed and we'll see if I can make more money with his womb than with his valve, got it?"

Jetstorm froze in pure horror before he tried to nod, not trusting his voice box to cooperate right now, which was impossible with Jazz’ iron grip on his chin. He vented sharply “Yes, understood. I promis he will behave” He finally breathed with a shaking voice.

"Good" Jazz got up again, nodding towards Mirage. "Get this mess cleaned up. They'll get room four" he turned around to Bumblebee, Blurr and Drift.

"As soon as they both are up and cooperative show them around. Make sure that they don't do anything stupid. Get them all cleaned up, as well. First Aid and Knock Out are due tomorrow to install the usual and I want to do a test ride with both before that…"

Chapter Text

The next day had started early as usual, Barricade hadn't even checked himself over before he drove up to his station. Everything was as usual.

It was in the briefing room where he noticed shy glances, felt more than once how optics roamed his frame, as his colleagues slowly gathered.

First Barricade didn't know what was going on, then a small thought slowly bubbled up.

They knew

They knew that he had consumed questionable highgrade, had been taken in every way possible while his lover was clearly into drugs. That he had taken drugs.

Sure he had tried not to do it at all and only inhaled what Jazz had… how had the visored mech called it? Ah right, Jazz had 'shot gunned' him the smoke. All because he'd told him that he didn't wanted to smoke the pot because he couldn't stand the burn… Instead of simply telling him no

He should have. Shouldn't he?

Barricade send a small prayer to a god he didn't really believed in, begging not to have a surprise drug test today. He had no idea if the small amount would be even detectable…

"Way to show off..." startled, the enforcer nearly jumped out of his chair, looking at the mech who now sat besides him. He hadn't even realized that Drive-By had taken the seat right besides himself.

"What?" The Praxian asked, not able to tell what his colleague was meaning with the comment. Snorting the slightly higher ranking officer draped one arm over his chair's backrest, his optics shamelessly, slowly mapping Barricade's entire frame.

Barricade drew back a little, not approving of the way his colleague was looking at him, as it hit him. "I… it has been ages since I did anything with my paint job. I though I could as well, you know, make it somewhat nicer…"

He explained uncomfortably. Not even knowing why he lied. There was no apparent reason for it… but then he wasn't close with Drive-By, why telling him more about his private love live than necessary?

"Is that so? Though 'somewhat nicer' is quite the understatement. I'm sure your mate can't keep their digits off your frame the way it shines…" the mostly black mech murmured, his own digits now lightly trailing down the side of Barricade's chest plate.

"Or are you still looking for someone to appreciate your lovely paint job?" The Praxian just stared as he realized that his co-worker was actually hitting on him. Ugh. Great… there couldn't possibly be more unwanted attention right now. Especially here, where everyone could notice.

Before he could tell Drive-By to remove his servo or he would have a sexual harassment report filed against his designation, their commissioner, Switchable entered the room and everyone's attention was directed at him, even Drive-By's attention, and servos where drawn from Barricade.

Thankfully for it, Barricade exvented annoyed and turned as well, waiting for their superior to start the briefing.

Chapter Text

Because he wasn't the most unlucky mech in the Galaxy, for once, he didn't get paired up with Drive-By for the shift but with Roadhandler, who luckily didn't comment on Barricade's appearance.

They patrolled most of the time in silences and kept most of their interaction professional, not knowing each other too well yet, with Roadhandler being rather new in the city.

It was only on their lunch break when the smaller mech started some smalltalk with Barricade. Which also included the subject of his paitjob, only on a much more friendly level than Drive-By's earlier.

"Could you, maybe tell me where you did it and how much it was? I still have to go through the nececary repainting from my Altihexian enforcer colors to the ones I need to have here and thst shop seems good based on the way your paintjob looks"

Barricade blanked at the question, thankfully that he just took a big bite from a leftover pancake from Jazz' generous breakfast. Because that bought him some time at least.

It was easy enough to do a quick internal datanet search for Knock Out's shop getting the name and the address, but in opposite to the cheaper ones Knock Out's had no listed Prices on their homepage though and he had no idea what Jazz had paid.. but then why should keep it a secret that he had been treated with the visit?

He send Roadhandler the databurst with Knock Out's shop information and added, shyly "I can't really tell you anything about the costs though. I didn't have to pay myself since… the owner of the shop is a good friend of a friend…"

Barricade fished in his leftover bag, and decided to go for a crispy wafer this time. Pointingly not looking at the other enforcer, not wanting to get caught lying.

"I see, thanks though. And… well, Barricade?" Roadhandler waited for the darker mech to look up to him again, which Barricade did reluctantly. "I think it's only fair to give you a small...hmm, warning of sorts? I might have been asked to switch partners by a mech or two today…" he offered awkwardly.

Barricade groaned at that, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Uhh… well, I'll see what I can do about those... Thanks for the heads up" the Praxian replied, now silently hoping that there won't be more incidents after the shift, now that he knew that he had more than one admirer. Great.

Thankfully he was able to avoid most mechs after work, he was swift to lock his equipment away and used the slowly arriving mechs from the next shift as cover to get out unnoticed, after he decided to skip his usual washrack visit and shower at home.


The next day Barricade was a little bit reluctant to get to work, but he had already a strategy laid out on how to possibly avoid most unwanted attention this time, so he meched up and got going a little later than usual.

He arrived later as well, just as planned, and took a seat far in the back, most had already arrived and while he could feel iptics on his frame, no one was bold enough to get up from their already claimed seats to take one closer to the mustang.

A moment later the commissioner arrived and the briefing started, hopefully today would be eventless, since his mind was already traveling to his date with Jazz after his shift.

Chapter Text

More than enough uneventful hours later, Barricade was as fast as he had been the day before to get out of the station and on the way to Jazz' club, where they would meet for the evening. Only this time he was grabbed by a strong servo, just before he was about to transform.

"Hey, not so fast precious! Got a moment?" Drive-By wanted to know. Of course his tactic had to fail today, when he had a date set up. The Praxian wanted to tell the other to fuck off and take his dirty servo off his arm. But the mech was still his colleague, so he bit his tongue and nodded "A moment"

"A few of the others and I are going to a bar, enjoy some highgrade, watch a race… you in?" He was already pulling Barricade in the other direction, still firmly holding onto the Praxian's arm, forcing Barricade along a few stepps. Drive-By was a lot stronger than he looked…

"Ah, sorry but I, uhm, Drive-By? Wait a moment" Barricade had to raise his voice in the end since Drive-By didn't seem to listen at first. Now the other enforcer had stopped and was looking back, impatience written all over his face. "What? Do you still need to grab something?" The dark mech sounded annoyed.

"I, no. I can't. I didn't know there was something up after shift" Barricade tugged at his arm "next time?" He tried, faking a hopeful friendly smile.

Drive-By looked at him for a long moment, then nodded. "All right. I take your word for it. See you tomorrow then?" Barricade nodded and looked down to where he was still held. "Ah sorry… it's just pretty hard not just to grab you and… well, see you" the other gave him a snide smirk and let go, finally allowing Barrricade to get going.

On the way to the club he caught himself a few times speeding way above the limits, what was even easier, with all others making way for him, thanks to his paint job and markings. Knowing that he wasn't supposed to exploit his privileges like that he always slowed down again.

So even with the delay in his schedule caused by Drive-By, he was still early at the club. Barricade transformed infront of Jazz establishment and looked himself over before walking up to the entrance, hoping Jazz was even here yet.

Chapter Text

Barricade took another sip of his sweet oil-infused energon as he leaned at the counter of the small bar in the club’s private area, enjoying the silence. At this hour of the day the club was still closed and the only mechs inside were him, Jazz and his lover's employees, readying the club for the night.

While Barricade took his energon in slow, lazy sips, Jazz was still in his office, taking a few comm calls and… probably smoking pot.

By now the enforcer was too used to it to care any longer. It was just a thing he had checked off as 'typical Jazz'. It wasn't like he could get in trouble for it. As long as he kept Jazz from sharing it again.

Barricade looked around searching, wondering if Bumblebee had a free day or if he would only arrive when his shift started. He had hoped to meet the waiter before Jazz was done with work, wanted to ask him quite a few things... but he wasn’t that lucky. The Praxian hoped, that what he had gathered from the datanet was efficient enough, for what he had planned for Jazz this time.

And while he sat there calmly, Barricade’s doorwings moved up and down, showing just how nervous he really was. Today was the day Jazz would see everything Knock Out had done to the enforcer, feel it. He really hoped his lover would like it. Thinking about his upgrades also kept the Praxian's mind off the last days, about today, absently rubbing his arm where he had been grabbed. Should he tell Jazz what had happened?

Barricade looked around again only now realizing that something was different today. He wondered for a second why Jazz upped his Security. There wasn't just one bouncer standing around on the upper level like usually, but two. The one from last time and Trailbreaker.

As his gaze stayed on the bouncers, he noticed that Trailbraker was looking in his direction as well, a sinister smirk on his lips before he leaned over to the other, who apparently had been in a struggle with a customer lately, judging from the patches littering his nose and lower lip, whispering something.

The other mech listened and looked over to Barricade, openly leering at the doorwinger, snickering. Then he whispered something back to Trailbreaker. And both shared a nasty laugh.

Barricade decided to look away, ignore the crude mechs. They probably just gossiped or talked about him in a way he didn't want to think about right now. They were probably judging him by his new nice paintjob, just like Drive-By.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting, sweetspark" Jazz voice drew his attention from the bouncers and the strange feeling he had about them, in less than a second and a small, honest smile appeared on his face.

"Waiting for you is always worth it" the enforcer gave back and kissed his lover. Happy to be close to Jazz again, to the one mech who had been interested in him even before he got all shiny.

Strange that just a few hours ago, after his shift, when he hurriedly polished up for meeting the keeper, he was unsure about this. He’d even considered not coming at all, just wanted to get home and rest.

Looking back on it now, it must have been his nervousness about the upgrades Knock Out had given him, they weren't something he had thought about getting ever, before Knock Out had suggested them to him. And he wondered if Jazz would like them as much as the plastic surgeon had promised.

"Can we go somewhere more… private?" Barricade asked after their kiss, shooting the two bouncers a short glare.

"Sure, pretty" Jazz answered already leading the Praxian to the private bedroom.

Chapter Text

Jazz had led Barricade wordlessly to the private bedroom, only waiting for the door to close behind them, before he pushed Barricade against it.

The visored mech kissed his enforcer hard, servos already all over his frame, groping and pulling, digits pushing between the dark mech's plating, causing Barricade’s charge to rise faster than he thought possible. Because of the sudden, intense attention, the Praxian didn’t even feel disturbed by the sweetish taste of pot on his lovers tongue.

As the kiss broke apart and Jazz vent for his neck, Barricade moaned lowly, trying to catch his lovers arms, to stop those clever servos for a second, especially since his lover was already clawing at the black and white's panel. Sure, he really wanted Jazz too, but not like this.

Not this evening. Jazz seemed to disagree.

"I had a hell of a day, so how about you stop playing 'hard to get', pop your panel open and spread those pretty legs for me so that I can relax a little. Don’t think that’s too much to ask for, is it love?" Jazz muttered against Barricade neck cables, biting down on one, actually causing the Praxian to wince lightly.

Barricade understood that Jazz just wished to get his processor off things; the enforcer desired the same thing after all. So pushing Jazz away, was the last thing he wanted to do, but he had planned something else for his lover. For this night. So he did and grabbed Jazz arms to stop him for a moment. "Jazz, please. I'm happy to finally see you too, believe me; the last two days have been... eventful. But I have something for you first"

His lover worked his arms out of Barricade's light hold and grabbed his wrists, pinning them besides the Praxian's head possessively. Jazz leaned in so close, their lips gently brushed against each other as he spoke again.

"Is that so…? You better hurry telling me then what it might be, or I won't guarantee anything, if you keep me waiting much longer..."

For a moment Barricade honestly wondered if Jazz was simply teasing him, or if the Polyhexian actually meant that threat… then he remembered that he should better hurry or he would find out. So he stopped that specific chain of thought and focused back on what he had planned for Jazz again.

"Kno- Some… tech-sparrows might have given me a hint about a very particular preference of yours… and since I already had some lovers before you, I couldn't give you that one thing for real... So, uhm, it might not be the authentic deal but… I was told it feels pretty real. So, Jazz, how about I make your day somewhat better, by letting you have my seal?"

Barricade looked down nervously, shy. Spoken out loud this seemed so silly. He really hoped Knock Out had been honest and that Jazz would indeed like it and not make fun of him for doing this.