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Kirishima didn't want to be here. He had been tricked. All of his friends had insisted on hanging out in the common area of the 1A dorms since it was a Friday night and one of the rare instances they didn't have homework. Kirishima had been fine and had even gotten Bakugou to tag along. Or at least he was fine until Mina announced a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven.

"I'm not playing that fucking game," Bakugou growled, arms folded across his chest. He had a deep scowl and indeed looked like he planned on taking no part in the silly game. "That's a child's game."

"Aww, come on, it'll be fun!!" Mina whined, a pout forming on her face. "You don't have to do anything in the closet, you know. You can just stand there until the seven minutes are up." The pink girl looked expectantly at Kirishima, hoping he might be able to convince the moody blonde to lighten up a little.

Kirishima jolted a bit when Mina looked at him with pleading eyes. In fact, Jirou, Kaminari, and Sero were giving him the same look. They all knew that if there was anyone their grumpy friend would listen to, it would be Kirishima. With a soft sigh, Kirishima worked his famous Bakugou charm and lightly nudged the boy he had quickly come to consider his best friend.

"Come on, Bakugou, don't be such a killjoy," he teased, a comfortable smile working its way across his face. Bakugou glared at him sideways, a low growl boiling up from the back of his throat. "Fine," he spat. "But only because I know you won't leave me the fuck alone if I refuse."

Mina squealed excitedly and scribbled names in sharpie on napkins she got from the kitchen. Once she had everyone's names, she got a big bowl from the kitchen and put them all in the bowl.

Kaminari and Sero ended up going first, and they just spent the whole seven minutes showing memes to each other and quoting vines, much to Mina's dismay.

"Okay!" Mina said, wiggling excitedly as her hand hovered over the bowl of names. "Who is next?" Her hand plunged into the bowl, and she pulled forth two napkins. She grinned widely as she read off the names.

"Kirishima…." She paused, dropping the napkin with his name on it back into the bowl before taking a breath to read off the other name. "And Bakugou!"

Kirishima stared wide-eyed at Mina, opening his mouth to protest but unable to find the words. If there was anyone he absolutely did NOT want to be stuck in a closet with for seven minutes, it was Bakugou. In the time that the redhead had gotten to know his bitter classmate, he had slowly begun to realize how inspiring the temperamental blonde could really be. He wasn't ashamed to say he was inspired by his friend, but he was a bit ashamed to admit it went deeper than just inspiration. He admired Bakugou, too, and there might be a slight chance that he had developed a crush on his best friend. But of course, he would never act on it. He couldn't. He knew Bakugou wasn't interested in a relationship, and even if he was, there was no way he was interested in the redhead. He had more or less learned to suppress his crush on the blonde, but that was about to go out the window.

Mina managed to pull both Kirishima and Bakugou to their feet, Bakugou letting off a few warning pops from his palms. With Kaminari, Sero, and Jirou's help, they managed to herd the two flustered boys into the closet and close the door behind them.

Kirishima blinked in the darkness, frozen for a few seconds. He felt like there was heavy pressure on his chest. The only light in the closet was the minuscule amount leaking through under the door. And as his eyes started to adjust, he wondered if they could just get away with standing in the closet in complete silence. He could faintly hear giggling from outside the door. Wide eyes stared at the faint, outlined shadow of his best friend, and he wondered if the blonde could hear the way his heart hammered against his ribcage as if it were trying to escape so it could throw itself at Bakugou and out the poor redhead for his feelings.

After a few seconds, Bakugou shifted closer. Kirishima instinctively tensed, the skin on his chest and arms hardening as he put his hands up to stop Bakugou from advancing. He could hardly see in the darkness, but he could faintly make out the way Bakugou's head tipped slightly in confusion as he stopped.

"W-what are you doing?" Kirishima stammered, wondering if his heart really was about to break free from the confinement of his sternum. He forced himself to relax, deactivating his quirk. He backed up a bit in the tight space, his back hitting a solid wall. He had nowhere to go, and Bakugou was moving closer again. He saw a flash of white in the dark that nearly made his knees given out. Bakugou was smirking.

"Something I've wanted to do for a while," the blonde practically purred. "But I could never get you alone. Not like this. It was always to study or train. And I didn't want to freak you out and make you run off. But now it's the name of the game, and you have nowhere to go, Shitty Hair~"

Kirishima felt a foreign shiver work its way up his spine as he opened his mouth to reply to Bakugou. But suddenly Bakugou had him pinned to the wall, trapped. He didn't have to be able to see to know how close the blonde was. He could feel the heat from his body. Hear the way his clothes ruffled when he moved. He could smell the rich scent of burnt caramel that he had come to associate with the explosive boy. Hot breath brushed against his lips, and he felt like he was about to have a heart attack. His eyes fluttered closed, not that it really changed his sight in the darkness.

Suddenly there was a gentle touch on his hip and Kirishima's eyes snapped open. All he could see in the faint light coming under the door was Bakugou. All he could feel was Bakugou. All he could think was Bakugou.

"Tell me you don't want this, and I'll stop," Bakugou said, so close now that Kirishima could feel the faintest brush of lips against his. So faint he wasn't sure if he had imagined it. Kirishima sucked in a sharp breath. Of course he wanted this. He had wanted to kiss Bakugou since they had rescued him from the League of Villains. But he had never gotten the blonde alone, and he was too much of a chicken to act on anything while they were studying. Not to mention he was damn near convinced Bakugou didn't like him like that. Apparently he had been wrong in that assumption.

Kirishima opened his mouth to say something when the hand on his hip slid to his lower back, causing another shiver to dance along his spine. "Bakugou," he managed to whisper breathlessly, and it seemed that was all it took for the blonde because the very next second there was hot, fervent lips against Kirishima's.

Whatever Kirishima had been thinking about beforehand went flying out the window as every nerve in his body screamed for him to never let go. The hand on his back pulled him sharply closer, causing him to gasp as Bakugou's lips against his became more frantic. Kirishima timidly reached up to wrap his arms around the blonde's neck as he kissed him back, his skin on fire wherever Bakugou was touching him. It was almost like the blonde was setting off small explosions against his skin, and honestly, he wouldn't tell him to stop even if that were the case.

Kirishima both felt and heard the faint growl that escaped the blonde. He could feel the rumble in Bakugou’s chest against his own. It caused another soft gasp from Kirishima, which caused him to part his lips. That seemed to be what the explosive blonde wanted as his tongue brushed along the sharp points of the redhead’s teeth before sliding past the sharp points to explore the rest of his mouth. It felt like he was carefully searching for buried treasure, leaving no corner unexplored.

The hand that wasn’t already on Kirishima made its way to his hip, pulling him even closer than he already was. Kirishima moaned softly, but it was swallowed by the kiss. One of his hands migrated into wild locks of blonde hair, and for a second he didn’t think he was actually touching Bakugou’s hair. It was shockingly soft for such a wild style. Kirishima decided he would be fine touching the blonde’s hair for the rest of eternity.

Suddenly, the hand that was on Kirishima’s back found its way under his shirt, and it set his skin on fire. A shiver coursed up his spine like an electric shock at Bakugou’s touch. He hadn’t realized how bad he wanted Bakugou until they were actually kissing and exploring each other’s bodies, respectfully staying above the hips.

Almost as quickly as Bakugou had started kissing Kirishima, he suddenly stopped. His hands didn’t leave the redhead, but his lips did. Kirishima sucked in a sharp breath, his eyes fluttering open. There was no way their time was up already. He wasn’t ready to be done. He wanted to keep kissing the blonde.
That was until he felt hot breath on his neck as Bakugou started leaving a trail of kisses. Kirishima sucked in a breath, one hand staying in Bakugou’s hair while the other hand traveled down to his hard abs. He felt the blonde’s muscles twitch under his touch, and his hand found its way under his shirt the trace against hot skin. Bakugou let out a shaky breath against Kirishima’s skin and paused his trail of kisses. Kirishima’s hand stayed on Bakugou’s abs, and eventually, Bakugou returned to kissing Kirishima’s neck.

He dropped to the junction of Kirishima’s neck and collarbone and carefully nibbled at the sensitive skin there, eliciting another soft moan from the redhead as he tipped his head slightly to the side to readily expose his neck to Bakugou. The hand that was in the blonde’s hair tightened, not pulling but definitely having a tighter grip on the soft strands. Kirishima felt Bakugou’s lips curl into a smirk against his skin, and nibbling quickly turned to licking and sucking, and pretty soon a dark mark started to blossom on Kirishima’s tanned skin.

He nearly melted against the blonde, hardly able to hold himself up as Bakugou left his mark on Kirishima’s skin.

“How much time do we have left?” Bakugou asked, his voice a husky growl against Kirishima’s tanned skin.

“Not enough,” the redhead replied breathlessly, his grip on Bakugou’s hair loosening as the blonde came back up to meet red eyes with his own fierce red eyes.

“Then I guess you’ll have to come to my room later so we can finish this~” Bakugou said, brushing his lips against Kirishima’s. Kirishima just nodded, too in shock to do anything else.

By the time the closet door finally opened, Kirishima and Bakugou were both flushed and breathless with kiss-swollen lips. Bakugou left the closet first, fixing his shirt. He had a devilish smirk on his face as everyone stared at him with wide eyes and open jaws. He just flipped them off as he took his seat. “Who is next?” he asked. “I want to get this game over with. I have studying to do.”

Kirishima stood in the closet, shellshocked for a few seconds. Now that he no longer had Bakugou making his nerves send rapid-fire signals, he was left processing what had just happened. Bakugou had come on to him. That meant he liked him...right? Unless Bakugou hadn’t meant any of it. But Kirishima hoped he wasn’t that type.

Kirishima finally stepped out of the closet, fixing his shirt with burning cheeks as he took his spot next to Bakugou. He always sat next to the blonde, but now he felt too close and too far away all at the same time.

No one asked the two any questions about what had happened in the closet, and they played a few more rounds. Nothing happened in the closet, and eventually, Mina gave up and declared they were done for the night.

As everyone returned to their rooms, Kirishima was left to walk back with Bakugou since their rooms were right next to each other. When Kirishima stopped in front of his own room, Bakugou whipped around to glare at him. “Oi, where do you think you are going?” he asked, stopping between his room and Kirishima’s room.

Kirishima blinked in confusion, looking at the blonde. “” he said hesitantly.

Bakugou scoffed and continued to his own room, stopping in front of his own door. “I thought I said you were coming to my room later,” he said.

Kirishima felt his face burn as he shuffled closer to Bakugou and eventually followed the blonde into his room. Without turning the light on, Bakugou turned to Kirishima and moved to pin him against the door. Kirishima put his arm up, stopping him from advancing any further.

“Wait,” he said, nibbling nervously on his lip. Bakugou’s brow furrowed, but he relented and stepped back. “I don’t...I can’t…” He sighed. “I don’t want to just make out all the time unless there is going to be something more. My heart can’t handle it. I don’t want to be some way to escape. If we are going to do this, we are going to do it right.”

Bakugou’s brow only furrowed more. “What the fuck do you mean do it right?” he snapped, mostly out of frustration.

“I mean I want to be together,” Kirishima said. “Like a couple.”

Bakugou crossed his arms, narrowing his eyes. “Are you asking me out, Shitty Hair?” he asked.

Kirishima nodded slowly, his cheeks flushing. “I like you, Bakugou, but I can’t just be something fun for you to play with,” he said.

“You’re such a fucking idiot,” Bakugou said, a soft chuckle escaping him. He reached out, finding Kirishima’s hand and pulling him close. “I like you, too, dumbass. I didn’t kiss you in that closet to fuck with you. I did it because I want you. I want everything about you.”

Kirishima smiled slightly as he looked at Bakugou. “Even my Crocs?” he asked.

“Maybe not your Crocs,” Bakugou said. “Those are still an abomination.”

Kirishima huffed. “They are comfy,” he said.

“Alright, alright, even your Crocs,” Bakugou chuckled. He kissed Kirishima, but this time it wasn’t frantic or rushed. It was gentle. Kirishima smiled softly and kissed him back. Turns out his crush did like him after all.