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Colourful days

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A good fifteen minutes after you had called, he entered the room. Jacob Black found you in a pile of Embry’s clothes, frantically searching for something. 

‘There’s no suit. No suit at all. He doesn’t even have a single suit’, you told him with big, watery eyes. You picked up a shirt and watched the emersion of dark dots on it. 

Jacob, shocked by your heavy emotions, finally managed to ask you what on earth was wrong.

‘He’s gone, Jacob.’ Your voice broke as you said the words. You collapsed and fell right into his arms. Jacob held you there for a while as you cried, clothes scattered across the floor, with your face in his neck.

Then you told him; ‘He won’t come back, I just know. He’s dead and there’s nothing I can do about it. I can only find him some nice clothes for his funeral; that’s the only thing I can do for him.’

Jacob cupped your face with his hands and looked you sternly in the eyes. ‘Embry’s just gone, not dead. There’s no need to mourn him already.’

‘But there is; I know, I just know’, you whispered, tears still forming and falling.

‘He’ll come back - that’s what I know.’ 

Jacob covered your mouth when you tried to object, and told you to hush. Whether he did that because you were telling nonsense, or he just didn’t want to hear the truth, he did not know. He only knew that he wanted to stay there like that, and that was quite alright with you.