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You Look Like A Girl

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Accusatory claims in the form of slurs that would usually be hurled around by teenagers had made David doubt himself even into his adulthood; the front of being unbothered could only be kept up for so long, angry tears seering his line of sight as a tightness tugged at him, the one he could never figure out why it came or how to completely get rid of it. He had always been an analytic sort, yet when it came to himself that was harder to figure out especially when interactions with strangers who mistook him for the opposite gender made him somewhat giddy.

“You have lovely hair, miss!”

“Oh, thank you.”

Until cover was blown by a testosterone fueled voice he felt more at ease, high levels of anxiety soothed until the passerby corrected the pronouns being used that invited a negative mindset back. Perhaps that was where the identity crisis was coming from combined with enjoying what was typically classified as feminine, trembling fingers combing through the split between naturally brown and dyed red hair as he stared unblinking at the monitor with a word that summed up all of the sharp pains of discomfort deep within a sensitive soul: dysphoria.

“Is that…?”

Continuing to read thoroughly from a few different sources over that seemingly simple concept he went on to typing in a few keywords he had seen floating around on various social media platforms, not noticing how early in the morning it was until a long-term best friend turned boyfriend entered. As soon as their eyes connected over the few meters that separated them, Dave burst into a fit of sobs that wracked a thin frame, cheeks burning brightly at hearing the other over roughly crashing waves. There was no way he would want to stay with someone so wrongly pieced together in a body that did not fit quite right.

“Davey, sweetheart?” the younger one asked, soft Swedish accent soaked with concern as he rushed over to sit on the mattress padded with a thin coverlet to combat the rising summer temperatures, pulling him close as he set the computer aside, “What’s going on?”

“I-I want Quistis.”

“I’ll get her in a minute, ‘kay? Wanna make sure you’re alright.”

“Dunno if I am.”

“That’s okay too,” Joel reassured, gently swaying the two of them as he gave a gentle squeeze to the middle his arms were wrapped around, “You goin’ through another slump?”

“I think this is worse…”

“Well, I wanna help. You’ve been in here , alone, for hours, but I don’t think you’re doing this for a video…”

“It’s ‘bout me, as a person. You can look at what I’ve pulled up, I don’t wanna say.”

Curiously a finely crafted eyebrow raised as he pulled away temporarily to grab the piece of technology that had been shoved away earlier, waking it from hibernation with the swipe of a trackpad to see a list of articles that described different gender identities with links to additional resources. About to ask where this was going Joel noticed the theme that they were all about identifying as some sort of woman, humming to himself as the information sank in as he calmingly combed fingers through long strands when he turned back to the sniffling someone sinking in on themselves in shame.

“I would like to hear it from you.”

“Babe, I can barely say it to myself!”

“Has this been on your mind for a while?”

“Few years, on and off. Never knew if it was real, so I didn’t give it too much thought,” Dave explained, eyes downcast to a pattern of freckles along the other’s collarbone as the words coming next kept sticking to a cleared throat, “I know my style is perceived that way, but never thought it extended further.”

“Into what, my love?”

“...Being a girl. Is that what you wanted?!”

“Didn’t want you to bottle it up any longer. You suffer with so much and it breaks my heart seeing you that way.”

“S-Sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped.”

“S’all good, I’m still here.”

“I don’t even know what I wanna be called!”

“Well, we can look for a name together. If you want, that is.”

“Please? After I calm down a bit though.”

“‘Course, ‘sides I gotta go get a certain kitty for you, darling.”

Blushing profusely at the pet name Dave reluctantly moved from the folded lap and scooted back against the headboard, resting with less weight than usually carried as he pulled an old, worn stuffed white rabbit with a blue bowtie still among the pillows after all these years of adulthood to be company until the others returned. This was going to be a hard adjustment, what with already misgendering him- no- herself, but it felt better to be allowed to use the correct pronouns knowing now that her boyfriend would follow closely behind without complaint.

“Here we are, Quis, to your mama.”

“Did you just call me her mother?”

“Shit, is it too soon to switch over?”

“Have I told you how much I love you?” she asked, soft smile chasing away remaining melancholy as the two approached, leaning over to press a peck into a slender jawline as the feline was passed between them, “My worst fear was losing you over this.”

“Well, you’re not gonna!”

That was the primary reason she had fallen for Joel, that undeniable sense of loyalty to those considered most important. Soon enough her breathing evened out with the calico, a whisker covered cheek rubbing enthusiastically against the side of a curled palm even while she went through a list of possible names to see which ones would fit better.

"Never thought I'd end up looking through baby names."

"Well, it's somewhere to start."

"I guess… Maybe try a female version of my birth name?"

"Whatever the lady wants," Joel stated, giving a wink that gained a giggle before keying in a new search, "Any of these sound right?"

"Maybe Daphne?"

"No harm in trying it out, you can always change it later."

"Now all that's left is a middle name."

"I swear if you choose Paulette…"

"Ew, no!" she exclaimed playfully with the wrinkle of a wide nose, "Even If the first one changes, I want it to be Marceline."

"Daphne Marcelline Berghult, beautiful."

"You still wanna get married?"

"Without a doubt! God, you're gonna look stunning on our big day."

"Hopefully I won't look like a bridezilla, my man hands are gonna look ridiculous in a diamond ring."

"Won't the estrogen help slim em down?"

"... You'd let me start hormones?"

"It's your decision. Hell, even if that's not how it works you're still gonna be my wife "

"Babe, you're gonna make me cry," she warned, stretching a curved spine to slide her lips against his before resting a still tear stained cheek against a thin, tight fitting shirt, "Might turn in early for the night."

"You're basically falling asleep on me anyway."

"Don't want this to be a dream though."

"It won't be, my little Daft Punk."

Still uncertain in the following few days Daphne debated the potential options to transition, for while she knew there was at least one supporter it still brought high amounts of anxiety as the phone number was typed out on multiple occasions, finally dialed. Kept from pacing around their flat by being anchored by clasped hands, a thumb swiping calmingly over curled knuckles every time she seemed tempted to end the call when a tongue got tied despite being able to lay out complex verses in her musical genre.

"The 19th, as in later this week?"

"Yes ma'am, that's our soonest available appointment."

"Um, that should work," she remarked, ocean eyes washing over soft facial features for some source of solace amidst a threatening typhoon of emotions, "Is my boyfriend allowed to be with me? I don't wanna do this without him."

"Certainly! We're used to patients bringing loved ones for support."

"Alright. What times are available?"

"We've got some from 9 to 12, and one at 3."

"Three is fine."

Confirming the details and what was to be expected at the appointment, she was met with a tight embrace after the conversation ended that she sank into gratefully, "Guess this is happening?"

"Hell yeah it is girl!" Joel confirmed, caressing a freshly shaved cheek to cup it as he leaned in to connect their lips for a long moment, "There is just one issue."

"What're you on about, love?"

"Your sister's having lunch with us at noon."

"...Shit. And it's not like we can reschedule, she hasn't been home in a few months."

"That's kinda the point of why we're going out, Daffy. You don't have to tell her anything, y'know?"

"Don't wanna lie to her, we've always been close."

No wonder it was so painful putting off the reveal for the following few days, for she could easily phone Hannah even though she knew it would be better to say I person for everyone involved. On the ride over her hands would not stay still even as one rested on a denim covered thigh, trying not to arouse him on accident due to anxiety, pink blush flowering along her cheeks at the slow wink aimed at her before attention returned to the road. Apologizing gently, she tried to retract the flatly pressed palm when thin fingers laced through her manly ones and gave a slight squeeze of affirmation, "Should've taken the Xanax after all."

"You're gonna be alright, baby," Joel stated as they pulled into a parking spot, lifting their clasped hands to kiss the top of hers, "We're gonna have a lovely time, I'm sure."

"How can you be sure?"

"Cos she's like you, kind and open to others. C'mon, let's not keep her waiting."

Highly aware of how she would most likely be mistaken for a man Daphne tried to distract herself from the incoming dysphoria by focusing on her partner, but it did not last long. Hearing her other name she reluctantly responded, the three entering the Japanese steakhouse their guest frequented and sliding into selected seats, "It's good to see you again, sis, how was your trip to Tokyo?"

"Went quite well, it's always nice getting to visit again."

"Thought you'd be tired of their food," she quipped quickly before drinks and an appetizer of spring rolls were ordered for the table, turning to the lone man go a moment, "D'you wanna share a California roll, babe?"

"Yeah, sounds fine to me."

"Don't tell me he's trying to turn you vegan too!"

"Nah, we're just trying to save money wherever we can," the Swede stated matter-of-factly, reaching over to take a roll after entrees were added to the order, "We have a few things comin' in the near future, so we have to be prepared."

"Well, if he tries to just lemme know, I'll set my brother straight."

Interrupted by platters of food being served Daphne decided not to try and correct her yet as the shared sushi was positioned between them. Pulling chopsticks apart she busied by reaching out for the first piece, fingers fumbling for a while until she calmed and managed to chew on the combination of rice, cucumber, and avocado; from the look she received the body language had not gone by unnoticed.

"Dee, what's wrong? And don't say it's nothing, we both know that's bullshit."

"Well, jt's kinda complicated," the woman I question claimed, chest tightened with nervousness as Joel moved closer to her, "For starters, I've been going by a different name."

"Finally stopped using Boyinaband, eh?"

"Technically, but that's not what I meant. I'm called Daphne now," she explained, leaning into an open arm, "I identify as a woman."

"That explains why you look like a girl, makes sense."

"You knew?"

"Thought you might be. What does it matter though? You're still my sibling."

"Han…" she trailed off at the touching declaration, nearly falling into her significant other's lap as the weight of not knowing melted away, "One down, another to go."

"What're you on about?"

"Between waiting to tell you and her appointment, Daph's been on edge."

"Are you starting your transition today then?"


"I'd like to come along, if that's alright."

"I have a feeling you'll follow us either way."

"Well, sisters have to stick together!"

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Friends and family alike had been chosen for the journey she was now about to start as pristine walls blended into the tiles they tread following a nurse to a designated room. Generic questions about her health answered a sedative sense of content came from hearing her birth name only once during the conversation.

"Dr. Stein will be with you shortly."

"Thank you kindly," Daphne gave politely while she swept the lock of hair behind a slender shoulder barely seeing the smile spread across the Swede's face, "What, love?"

"I can tell how ready you are for this, it's gonna help so much."

"Is it that obvious?"

"Babe, you're allowed to get your hopes up!"

She admired that others had that ability, but a heavy amount of uncertainty and being let down made it all the more difficult even when necessary. Grimacing at the reminder she reached out for Joel knowing he would be able to sense slight discomfort settling in her stomach as a hand rested on her skinny jeans covered thigh, the two sharing in a soft smooch for a few seconds before being interrupted by a faint knock. Allowing the doctor access to the room they were greeted by a short woman with medium length hair similar in shade to Daphne’s own, a silver Star of David pendant standing out against a sleeved dress covered in galloping horses; she seemed nerdy, which the patient and her technical fiance could both appreciate.

“Good afternoon, you must be Daphne. Is this your partner you’ve brought along?”

“Yes ma’am, he is.”

“Nice to meet you, my name is Joel.”

“Pleasure is mine. I’m Dr. Sarah Stein and will be overseeing your hormone levels, dosage, and refills.”

“If I’m put on it, you mean?”

“There’s no question about it, you’ll be leaving with your first prescription after we discuss side effects to make sure you’ll know what to expect once you start.”

Unable to handle how certain the medical professional was to getting her on hormones a bout of bottled emotions burst from out of nowhere, catching the accompanying man off guard with a fit of asmatic snorts filling the room. Catching her breath, cheeks heated even as light pierced the twin ocean eyes, a tense tidal wave breaking when the news was processed, “Sorry, I didn’t expect this to happen.”

“That’s what you came for, isn’t it?”

“She’s not the most optimistic person,” Joel filled in, shifting slightly in his seat so their knees bumped in case there was a need for intervention, “What’re the available options?”

“Oral medication is what I usually give my patients.”

“Good, don’t think I’d be able to take needles,” Daphne determined knowing how sensitive she was to having hair regularly dyed and how only the gentle touch from her partner was permitted to help brush luscious locks, “I’m fairly aware of the side effects, but I know it’s a requirement.”

“Yes ma’am, and for your partner’s information too. Considering he’s supportive enough to come here with you.”

“I’m pretty lucky in that regard.”

“Quite right,” the doctor confirmed, turning to face Joel so he was more directly included in the conversation, “One of the most important things to know before we continue is that Daphne will more than likely become sterile in the process. Have you discussed options if you want to have kids in the future?”

“Yes, we plan on getting married and neither of us want children.”

“Well, I am the mother of a cat, but that’s the extent of it.”

“I’m so sure you won’t adopt another at some point,” the Swede gave in an accusatory tone that was dismissed with a playful eye roll, “But yes, we are on the same page in that regard.”

Light laughter shared all around at the joking manner between both they continued to go over a list of effects that were to be expected at varying times the longer she was on the prescriptions, the woman in question nodding along when her fiance looked over for confirmation. Informed over other health concerns that she would have to come in regularly for check ups every few months and what amount of pills she would need to take every day, the two were giving their goodbyes as they left to check out. Sharing the news with her younger sister the three were on their way to a nearby pharmacy, full of enthusiastic energy for once instead of Roomie being expected to carry it all on his own even as they waited in the queue.

"How can I help you, miss?"

"I need to get these filled out," Daphne spoke, trying not to wince at the look of confusion she was met with, "How long will we need to wait?"

"You won't have to, sir, I don't serve trannies."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, get out."

Blinking repeatedly as the blunt refusal sank in, she was ready to retreat when a steady palm pressed against a hip to keep her in place. About to suggest they should accept the employee's answer, she was frozen by the frigid glare twin glacier eyes pinned onto the clerk, jaw just as rigidly set as an unoccupied hand slapped somewhat threateningly onto the counter, "Who d'you think you are refusing to service her?"

"As I said, sir, your boyfriend is-"


"Is not getting his medication. Next customer!"

"We're not going 'til we get her medicine. I'll pay for it myself if needed."

"I won't accept business from a faggot either."

"Look mate," Hannah interrupted, clearly angered at the disrespect they were both getting over a simple slip of paper, grabbing a fistful of his uniform to level their gazes, "Do your bloody job or I'll break your fuckin' legs."

"Are you threatening me?!"

"It'll be more than that if ya don't treat my sister and brother-in-law with respect."

Standstill reached between the blonde and the employee, a manager was summoned from seemingly nowhere which only made Daphne shrink away even further as the two fought to tell their sides of the story. Out of all the places to get denied she did not expect it to be done over a doctor's direction to start hormones, excitement diminished by disgust at the blatant ignorance and at herself; if it was not for her being born wrong then the others wouldn't be caught in the crossfire. All of this arguing over a simple health concern…

"I'm sorry about your experience, ma'am, well get your prescription out to you shortly."

"Thank you," Joel gave with a grateful grin knowing that it would take a moment for his fiancee to be respondent, relocating to a waiting area where he tenderly linked their fingers together to steady a still shaking form, "Finally getting your estrogen, baby."

"Guess so. Sorry I caused this chaos…"

"Daffy, none of this is your fault. You didn't refuse to help a trans woman."

"Still, I'm the reason it started!"

"I was denied too, y'know."

"Not even for the right sexuality," she added with a hint of amusement, giving a gentle squeeze to the man whom had been her steady constant even through all these changes, "He's too dense to even know what being pansexual is."

"Most likely. Probably thinks I'm attracted to pans."

"It'd be better than dating someone like him," the clerk commented dryly as he handed over a white paper bag with instructions stapled on the front, "Give me every one minute back that I wasted looking at your face, will ya?"

"Maybe you should get dicked down, you might stop being so shitty."

"Doubt it, seems to be part of his personality," Daphne determined, finally facing the antagonist head on, "You see me as a threat to gender identity? You must be trying to compensate for something that's barely there."

"That's my girl!"

Applauded by the few strangers who had stuck around she felt a fierce need to defend despite the dysphoria that had built up, finding her footing as she continued to call out abhorrent behaviour, "At least my fiance's strong enough to admit to his weaknesses, makes him even sexier."

"Aww babe!" Joel cooed, throwing himself at her I a show of affection before their mouths melded for a few minutes, smirking at the visible discomfort of the employee they'd been harrassed by repeatedly, "C'mon babe, Hannah, let's get outta here."

"With pleasure."

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Making a note to find another pharmacy that would give less trouble, if none at all, over her prescriptions Daphne drifted along unfocused, the events still fresh in her mind. Normally the weight of a simple engagement band would help her be grounded to reality whenever she was not holding onto the Swede_s slender hand, yet an empty space awakened awareness, thumb swiping over ring finger to only feel exposed skin.

"Babe, we may have to go back."

"We got what we went for though. Are you feeling alright?"

"Think my ring fell off, didn't notice 'til now."

"I remember you putting it in your pocket when you had your physical earlier. I'm sure it's somewhere.

"Can we stop for coffee while I check?"

"Of course, milady."

Snorting at Joel's over the top formalities she lead the way inside a nearby cafe, knowing the teasing she would get for opting to get a warm beverage instead of iced despite the heat. Not thinking, she gave the name gone by for the past thirty two years instead not bothering to correct herself as she paid and retreated off to the side, her heart fluttering at hearing a loud whisper as her significant other got to the counter.

"'Scuse me, but the person who just ordered? That's my girlfriend," Joel started, cheeks heating a little as the barista listened, "She goes by Daphne, not the name she gave. Autopilot, y'know?"

"Oh, certainly sir, I'll have that changed. Is that all or do you wanna drink?"

"Iced mocha with an added double shot. Whipped cream too, please."



With an exaggerated eye roll at how hyper the drink would make him, she gave a grateful grin for him being brave enough to make a correction on her behalf. When all three had been tended to they took to a table far from the other customers, antsy appendages digging into the two front pockets in quiet desperation that resulted in her heart dropping at being left empty-handed, trying not to let disappointment drain more energy than was already displaced. Names called, each claimed their coffee as the lone steaming cup was carefully kept waiting while attention was turned toward the vials taken out expecting to see black text using her dead name when Hannah hurriedly took both and crossed it out so the only letter present was D.

"Thanks sis."

"'Course! Can't have that staring you in the face every day."

"We should look into changing your name."

"It'll have to wait 'til after the wedding," she stated solemnly knowing that the first marriage license would list her as male as she stared at the two pills in an open palm, "At least two men can marry."

*in my eyes, you're not one. The government can disagree all they want, but we know who you really are."

Bashful at how adamant her fiance was about the amount of changes continuing to come and disrupt their quiet life, calmly cupping her hand to catch both capsules on an awaiting tongue that was followed with a swig of her latte. Blinking back tears after taking a swallow, she sank against a slim side as an arm closed around her: she knew it would be a while to notice any changes, yet the milestone meant just as much as it solidified her sense of reality rather than this all being an elaborate daydream.

"How does it feel?"

"Dunno how to describe it," she stated after another sip, looking between her partner and younger sister, "I can't thank you enough especially with that dickhead at the store."

*Pleasure's ours. D'you wanna go look at clothes with me?"

"Won't that be awkward?*

"Nah, might help you feel better," Hannah remarked, finishing her muffin, "My treat, you could use a makeover."

"How do you feel about being dragged along, love?"

"I've got a few errands to run, so it works out. Go have a girl’s day, you've earned one."

"You're too good to me."

Parting ways after pressing a peck into artificially tanned skin the siblings did not waste time as they took the tube to a mall a few kilometres away to avoid some of the summer sun. Some shops proved to be more selective than others, not staying stuck in the vibrantly lit rooms for long until they came upon a few more promising options for people of her stature, skimming through racks of flowing quarter sleeved blouses that beckoned to her for some reason. As a guy, she did not have a distinct style so it seemed like a convenient opportunity to try implementing one since she was not entirely sure what kind of woman she wanted to embody.

“You don’t have to dress like a typical girl, I sure as hell don’t.”

“You’ve got a point,” she confirmed, still selecting two that caught her eye before moving on to simpler shirts with some vague interest, “Too many colours to choose from.”

“Overwhelming, eh?”

“A little bit.”

Determined to develop some sort of defining fashion choice she found herself gravitating toward punkish looking items once a shredded charcoal shirt was added to a folded arm followed by a few racer back tank tops and slim fitting band shirts, staying true to her roots. Moving along, she had even picked up a few short skirts that ruffled in places along with her preferred article of skinny jeans, one pair in black and one in silver, and a pair of combat boots when she was hit with a realization that made her cheeks burn at a fierce temperature.

"Han… Would it be weird if I asked for help finding pants?"

"You kinda need some, a bra too."

"I meant for Joel specifically."

"Should be able to find a special set too," she stated without batting an eye at the implication, "Anything you want in particular to woo him with??"


"You really wanna get laid, eh? Let's look around."

Embarrassment aside, Daphne was appreciative of having a sister who did not seemed fazed by the fact she wanted to thank her soon-to-be husband personally, looking through a few choices when a bright red pair caught her eye. Sizing the undergarment to make sure it would fit her frame the set was added after a few normal ones were picked out. Satisfied with the selection of new clothes the two were toting the bags outside after the transaction went through, the older sibling seemed to be walking on air as they searched around for her partner for a while when thin arms snaked around sneakily from behind, a soft smooch sinking into a freshly shaven cheek.

"Found you! Looks like you found a lot of new clothes."

"Couldn't have done it without Hannah."

"Naturally. What've you got there, Roomie?"

"Figured a pretty lady like Daffy could use a new ring," he responded simply, opening a velvet box similarly to when he first proposed to offer a silver band inlaid with a single blue diamond, "Matches your eyes, so it was perfect."

"Oh Joelly bean, just like you!" she exclaimed, expression changing to an accusatory one when the pieces clicked I her brain, "You stole my old one?"

"Guilty as charged, I just wanted to surprise you."

"Well, I have one for you too once we're home."

"Ohh, I like the sound of that."

"I'll let you two have fun. We can meet up for dinner later if you'd like."

"Sure! Seriously sis, I can't thank you enough."

"Of course, Dee, you spent all those years protecting me. It's only fair that I do the same." Hannah remarked, giving a quick good-bye hug to the couple before handing over the bags she helped carry and parting ways.

"Shall we??"

*Lead the way, it's your turn to have the upper hand."

Chapter Text

Splendors shown off were simple especially when compared to putting on unfamiliar undergarments. While Hannah had described the basics it was a different story when she was learning on her own, struggling with the clasp for what seemed impossibly long strung out by having to untangle strands of hair from getting caught on metal teeth.

"You need help?"

"Wanna do it myself," she called from the bathroom, trying to contain her arousal as matching panties were put into place before a half twisted black skirt and low cut blouse of a similar shade were added, "Finally!"

"Ready now??"

"Hang on!! Wanna capture the moment."

Trying a few poses the camera clicked off somewhat quickly until she was satisfied. Discouraged by the lack of pockets she decided to slide the cell phone into her bra knowing it would be the last outfit before they would resign to their shared ber, stepping out sheepishly to be met with an empty couch where Joel had been waiting patiently. About to call out for him, an opening front door interrupted her intentions entirely now that there was unexpected company in the form I a familiar face framed with thick rimmed glasses, "Jonas, what're you doing here?"

"Roomie wanted me over as soon as possible. Is this a bad time…?"

"Kind of."

"Oh, Daphne, I thought you'd be done by the time he got here," the man in question commented as he poked out from a designated recording room, slowly joining them, "Hope you don't mind, I got an idea and wanted to run through it with him."

"I can come back later if that'd be better."

"No, it's alright Jonas, you can stay."

Tension tentatively entered the air as she refused to look Joel in the face, sighing softly as she retreated to another room dejectedly. While subliminal messages were not the most effective she did not want to make their guest feel caught in the middle since he would not have known she was planning for a private evening at home. Instead she tried to appear busy until the two were gone, lounging on the couch I a slightly uncomfortable position even though the underarm wiring poked into her sides; logically, she could take a few seconds to slip it off, but so much effort had been spent getting dressed and there was a chance the two would finish fast enough for Joel to make it up to her.

A quarter of an hour into waiting was easy enough to.pretend the men were rerecording, doubt settling in as the minutes dragged on longer. Pondering over whether or not to interrupt their session, squeaky hinges announced someone's arrival, shifting suddenly to see that the visitor was not accompanied as she let out an exasperated, sharp sigh that she immediately regretted.

"I have a feeling you don't want me around. Should I…?"

"Nah man, I'm upset at Joel," Daphne admitted, catching movement in her peripheral when the adjacent cushion dipped under added weight, "Sorry, it's silly…"

"You can let it out if you want."

"It might make you uncomfortable, are you sure?"

"Go ahead, dude. Or, is that something you don't wanna be called?*

"It's fine. Guessing he told you?"

"Only to explain why you're dressed differently. You're a girl now?"

"Always have been, just didn't figure it out 'til a couple weeks ago."

"Ah, well I'll do my best to get the new name down… Daphne, was it?"

"You've got it!" she confirmed with a cheeky grin that gained a chuckle from the younger one, "Must've been so shocked!"

"A bit, but it's none of my business. Anyway, you're having boy troubles?"

"Well, he's been so supportive these past few days and I wanted to repay him," she started, flushing furiously upon realizing her chest was slightly showing from the open v-neck that cut off just below brassiere cups, "You can probably guess how, this was the outfit I wanted him to take off me."

"And he passed up the opportunity?"

"Yup... If only there was a way to make him regret it."

“If we won’t pay attention, we’ll make him.”

Curious as to what the younger one had in mind she shuddered slightly at the charge he took as a thick hand swallowed hers to take the lead toward the unoccupied, cluttered bedroom. Transferring trust to him, Daphne watched as a palette was brought out from a drawer along with a few different tubes and brushes, which she recognized from a video from two years ago with a girlfriend of hers, evening her breathing out when a sharpened eyeliner pencil came close. Unlike with Mykie, she did not flinch away quite as violently when a steady hand underlined the lower lids, dark blue irises inching open to stare into a similar sheet of ice as her fiance for a breathtaking moment that froze the captivated woman to the core throughout the process of also applying eyeshadow and mascara until she thawed as lipstick was rolled out by a skilled flick of the wrist.

“Jonas, are you sure this isn’t too much?”

“You wanna catch his eye, right?”

“Obviously, but… What if I’m doin’ that to someone else in the process?”

“I wouldn’t object, if you’re hinting at what I think you are?” he tried to pass off as a joke that did not land quite right, "Damn, you look stunning."

"Am I?"

"Yas girl! While I dunno what you're dealing with, but I can tell you're more self-confident."

Rather than respond verbally with gratitude from getting gender affirming compliments, she waited for the maroon colouring to highlight her lips before reaching out to hold onto a firm, wired bicep as she leaned forward to meld their mouths. Heartbeat hammering heavily in her ears it did not take long to be laid down underneath him securely, fingers finding their way into short strands similar to Joel’s, rougher lips smothering her own still. Knowing she should stop this before it was out of either’s control, yet this was the attention she so desperately craved even if it came from someone else who had twined his tongue with hers, whose hardened member pressed against an uncovered thigh from where the skirt had ridden upward as he squeezed a non-existent breast through layers of frilly fabrics.

"God, you're even breathtaking sprawled out," Jonas mused loudly, raspy voice rumbling as a visible shudder was sent down her spine combined with rubbing his hard on suggestively, "How does that feel, baby?"

"You're making me so wet, I just got these panties!"

"Oh? I have a solution to that, if you'll let me."

"Please, take me…"

Reduced to a squirming mess at his thighs pinning her in place, Daphne gasped at the gentle grip on her hips, thumb tracing her softening skin under the light blouse before it slipped overhead. Chest thrust out to display the decorative piece, a moan was muffled by another chaste kiss only broken off when she returned the offer of stripping an athletic shirt off, hand gliding over the lean muscle of his abdomen appreciatively. Lost in each other it would have been so easy to let the handsome prospect continue the heavy petting that she craved although those caresses to her spread legs were not quite calmly calculated enough, jarring her back to the startling reality that a line she had sworn never to was about to be crossed.

“Wait, I can’t go through with this.”

“I’ll be gentle.”

“That’s not what I mean,” she let out, heaving from the adrenaline fueled arousal shared between them, “I’ve been cheated on, I can’t do that to Joel.”

“Oh, so now you’re concerned about how I feel?”

Eyes clamped shut as her heart sank at the the stoic sentiment in his soft voice, footsteps barely registering in the shell of her ear as they were joined by her… no, she did not want to face that yet, would rather stay buried between the disheveled beige bedspread and Jonas instead. Not bothering to look at either once they untangled awkwardly, she waited for a berating voice that would come from being betrayed, but it never did, making it a whole world worse than she could imagine.

“We hook up, on and off, for years and now you’re making moves on my girlfriend?”

“It’s not like that!”

“Stay out of this, Daphne,” her partner hissed, face falling momentarily at seeing how hard she winced, “We were never in a real relationship during those times!"

“She wanted you to notice her, Joel, i was trying to help her.”

“And last I checked, I just got here. What other excuses do you have?!”

“It’s true! And it’s also true that I came onto her-”

“If I didn’t come sooner, you mean? It looked like you both were enjoying yourselves,” he accused, turning back to his fiancee in a less furious manner, “Did you want him to fuck you?”

“Joel, that’s not…”

“Did you?!”


Tensing for some sort of slap to come across her face at the admission all she was met with was a miserable, distant gaze; he did not want to believe it even though the truth had been given as asked. Instinctively, she wanted nothing except to comfort her significant other, but instead she had caused those very tears he was trying so hard not to let out that only cascaded down his cheeks when her fingers clasped around a thin wrist to prevent him from storming off.

“Please stay.”

“Why should I? I was only an afterthought”

“Listen,” she cut in dryly, clearly not wanting to be silenced any longer if only to try and set this back onto a road toward recovery, “You went ahead and invited him without me knowing when I wanted to have an evening dedicated to us.”

“And you turn around to whore yourself out to my friend?”

“Let her finish!”

“I asked my sister ‘Hey, can you help me look for lingerie?’, you dolt! Why the fuck do you think I’m dolled up in the first place?!” Daphne spat out, sympathy stopping only for a few seconds. Boy, did she not understand boys even after being one for thirty years, “And instead of enjoy that you threw yourself at a project. It felt nice that someone thought of me as a real woman ‘cos I’m clearly not one!”

Emotions overstimulated, she could feel the mascara coursing down slightly tanned cheeks, trying not to internalize that as another feature of femininity she could not get correct, sniffling sharply as she fixed the older Swedish born man with a stony stare, “When was the last time you were with him in bed?”

“What’re you going on about?”

“Your little fling, the one you told me not to worry ‘bout because it was ‘just a meme’?”

“I don’t remember, babe.”

“Jonas? I won’t blame you, just wanna know.”

“Back in June, we were shit-faced after the You Laugh You Spray Tan video.”

“Who made the first move?”

“Roomie did.”

“So, I’m getting shit for making out with the same man you’ve been dicked down by repeatedly?!”

“How do you know it wasn’t the other way around?”

“Unlike with you,I didn’t have to struggle to feel his boner.”

Chapter Text

No one deserved to be emasculated, yet Daphne could not resist the cutting comment especially after being accused of whoring herself out. Seems she was not immune to double standards, which only added to the bitterness biting into her bosom, dabbing at her ruined cheeks with a damp cloth offered by the middle man in this mess whom she wished, deep down, would bring her into a lap no longer tented at the crotch.

"Care to explain yourself, Joel?"

"As if you weren't about to do the same?"

"I didn't go through with it," she stated matter-of-factly, looking between the two Swedes with a smirk, "I've half a mind to though."

"...Fine. We were friends with benefits for a while 'cos we were lonely. Was long before I met you, Daph."

"Obviously. And you didn't bother to cut it off, or at least tell the person you're dating?"

"Tried to. You've been so down lately I didn't wanna use you for sex, so… I went for the next best option."

"Thank you for making me feel like chopped liver," Jonas interjected, not backing down from the adversary's disapproving look, "What? You used me instead."

"Oh god, was I about to do that to you?"

"No, my little schnitzel."

"Don't call her that!" the older Swede snapped, trying unsuccessfully to hide his hurt with the suddenness that slipped out, "You used to say that to me."

"I still can."

"Aren't I old news? You seemed to move on rather quickly."

"Don't be like that, Joel…"

Clearing her throat not-so-subtly, she stood and crossed the few meters of space that separated them to square his shoulders to keep his spastic attention span focused, "We've all fucked up here, I think we can agree. How 'bout we try fixing it before anything else?"

"Answer me one question first."

"Sure, baby, anything."

"Will I ever be enough for you again?"

"You came back to me," she remarked, leaning their foreheads together for a prolonged moment, relieved that her fiance did not flinch away, "I have a suggestion, but we can't have that conversation without our guest."

"You're not kickin' me out?"

"No, honey. How 'bout we calm down a bit first? We can discuss this over dinner."

"I can go pick something up, you two could use some privacy." Jonas suggested, bending over the other side of the bed to recollect his discarded grey shirt and pull it over his ruffled hair to a disappointed female gaze that he gave a wink to.

"You better come back, I'm not done with you yet!"

"Yes ma'am!"

Awkwardly giggling at the banter, Daphne returned settling waves on the sandy shore of her fiance's form just as the sea always did; these would be the toughest waters to navigate, but she was determined, if anything else. Letting her hands fall from Joel's shoulders she stepped aside to bend over and pick up the dark blouse about to slip it back into place when a steady hand stopped her. That was a promising sign even if the timing seemed off centered, letting the gossamer garment go again as suggested, sitting half-naked as she had been found.

"So… You had this planned out for me?"

"That was what I intended, but seems it's ruined now."

"You're not the only one with a healing touch. Allow me!"

Even after the scene he had stumbled across he was still able to slide back into the tender hearted nature he had been relentlessly teased for in earlier years, soft palm pressing against her knee as his lips lightly locked with hers. Leaning into their kiss instinctively, Joel now leaned over her, hand sliding up the length of her leg until he was met with slightly damp laced edges, noting the blush that bloomed across naturally tanned skin as fingertips teased at the stained front when he moved to cup slender hips to hook around the skirt's hem and drag it off at a tantalizing pace.

"You're a tease, y'know?"

"Wanna appreciate you like I was supposed to," her fiance let out just above a whisper, quickly laying a line of kisses to the flesh just above her panties before lifting to unceremoniously shove his jeans and briefs aside, socks and shirt still in place, "My gorgeous girl, all mine."

"And if Jonas comes back during our… Apologizing?"

"He might be allowed to join, might only let 'im watch. Haven't decided yet."

Not even bothering to muffle the obscene moan that left her, Daphne pulled him back with a wildness that was finally able to leave her fully. Returning the favor, she slid the last article of clothing off, crossing her legs over the other pair, her covered cock rubbing into his as the small of her back was caressed.

"Daph, baby, you don't have to if it's gonna make you feel unlike yourself."

"Feels so good though."

"Making sure," he muttered, dropping down to mouth at the bra strap before stripping it down with his teeth, "You wanna leave that on?"

"It helps with the dysphoria."

"Naturally. Either way, you are absolutely beautiful."

Hiding behind a curtain of hair so her blush would go by unnoticed, she let out an airy sigh as soft smooches sank against every inch of her. Neck craned against encased pillows, she was immediately thrown back against plush padding when her member was released only to be captured in a curled fist that slid slowly along the entire length.

"Oh fuck me…"

"Soon, my love. Gotta give all my attention to you, but not all at once."

"That's no fun," she pouted playfully, twitching at the piercing ice that fixed her in place as a tongue traced the leaking head only to leave the area to reach lower, licking a stripe against her puckered hole.

"If I can't eat you out one way, I'll just have to do it another way."

"You're gonna ruin your appetite."

"Especially when I just brought back food," a familiar voice interjected, leaning against an ajar door as his eyes lingered on their naked forms, "Rude of you to start the main course without me."

"Come join then."

Letting out a long, drawn out mewl at Joel's approving nod without him pulling away that accentuated the curled angle of his tongue, she reached out an inviting arm now filled with the solid six foot figure. Returning to the rough lips from where they had been interrupted, Daphne did not dance around the denim mound made once more, stroking through his trousers as the kiss deepened just as desperately.l, trying to ignore the build in her loins, "Joel, gonna…"

Although she was enamored with the care given to crevices that were normally neglected, not wanting her release to ricochet from her slim stomach into her partners hair that was tended to with more care than she would admit spending on her own. Warning of the oncoming flood that could no longer be contained she careened into a sinkhole that had emerged, gasping as the unfamiliar appendage coaxed her along, perky penis rutting further inside as the meandering river disappeared.

"Oh, Joel...nas…"

Chuckles reverberated against sensitive skin from both directions at the muddled names combined, complaining as the two retreated when knees were placed on either side of her pelvis while denim rustled in the background too subdued to sneak a glance from behind the older Swede.

"You're gonna wreck her with one thrust," Joel remarked from over his shoulder as a hickey was suckled into it, "Obviously, I should be inside her."

"You've ridden my dick plenty enough. 'Sides, I said I'd be gentle."

"With that massive thing between your legs?" he scoffed half-heartedly.

"Boys, there's no need to fight," Daphne informed, voice rough from the responses she gave relentlessly, "Either way, I want you both to fuck my brains out."

"Quite forward of you, but if that's what the lady wants…"

"Then that's what she'll get."

Swooning as they finished each other's sentences, she shifted to stretch her spine and slink towards the heavy head to invite it inside, impatient to get started. Not taking Joel's warnings seriously, a stinging sensation erupted as wide hips rolled forward to connect them, startled shout swallowed as the older of the two lowered onto her erect member without warning; she was quite literally caught between a rock and a hard place as the two began to take turns teasing her along with each other. Not wanting to admit that she might have gotten ahead of herself at being able to handle Jonas' girth, she focused on the rhythm that came from her partner lifting himself to nearly break contact when he pressed back down to the base of her womanhood.

"You just gonna lay there and take it, baby?" Joel asked on a pause I movement, tilting his head to the side at hearing the air rush through clenched teeth when another thrust traveled through her trembling form, "I tried to warn you."

"Let the lady enjoy herself!"

"At least you weren't being taken at both ends," Daphne finally spoke up, voice cracking from the impact, noting that she would have to ask her fiance how he managed to be manhandled by such a massive member when they were finished, ""Guess I won't have much mercy on you when the tables are turned!"

"I have more experience with this hunk, remember?"

"I'll help her think of payback," Jonas interjected, moving mercifully to assist in her managing the sizeable shaft, "She's used to only having this."

"What's that supposed to-

For once, the older Swede was lost for words when thick fingers curled around his cock, giving a few pumps that were accompanied by a pleased smile. An added fuel to the dwindling embers within her, firing back with her own ammunition as she bucked up unexpectedly, grinning deviously at the gasps coming from above, abdomen now covered in his seed.

"And that's only a taste of what's to come," Jonas warned in a somewhat threatening tone, taking an earlobe between his teeth and tugging it down, "Don't even have to face me and I still know how blissed out you are."

"Your point?"

"Feel free to watch while you catch your breath."

"You're banging my fiancee, so I will!" he retorted, reluctantly leaving Daphne's lap in favor of nuzzling closely to his feminine counterpart, "This'll be quite a show!"

"You're not gonna call off the wedding?"

"No, baby. Go have fun."

Sharing in a soft smooch, she left one pair of lips for another as full weight settled against her soaked stomach, legs around the small of Jonas,' back to add leverage to both, moans no longer muted for fear of being caught. Unapologetically clawing for purchase along the long expanse of his curled back, "Stop holding back, I need you."

"Are you sure you can handle it??"

"Wreck me. I've had a taste of you and need more."

Obliging to the request the younger Swede sucked I a deep breath before restarting movements that slapped solidly against the tightened area, teeth stabbing into skin between the silky bra to suction closely to her covered chest. Groans vibrating against her in time to the shaky shoves delivered in secession she was unable to form coherent strings of sentences as heat started to travel from the pit of her stomach that hit even more suddenly than the thick tip that traced against her prostate, her center burning hotter than their sweaty forms for a prolonged moment before it singed every nerve ending upon yer seed seeping out like white tears that trailed down her cheeks to combine with what leaked from a ruined hole.

"Breathe, babe," Joel advised, hearing how unevenly her lungs were bringing in air, stroking back the red streak of hair that had fallen in front of her with the jostling back and forth, "Should've taken it slower."

"Is she alright?"

"Don't think she's able to speak."

"Fuck's sake, you sexy man…" she murmured, tugging short strands to sloppily smack salivated slits together, "Get over here and have a rest,"

"Still haven't had enough of me?"

"Don't think I ever will!"

Chapter Text

Practically reaching nirvana nearly after her arousal had been sated similarly to how she assumed both Swedes started their secret sessions. Curled between both boys she marveled at how relaxed they were, gaze gravitating to watch the youngest member whose face was unprotected by usual eyewear; even while asleep he was a gentle giant whom, even when he could, did not want to be a threat. What a contrast to the chaotic good energy that came from her partner.

Lost in quiet contemplation over now the two managed to make a long-lasting friendship form in strength through the sentimental value, Daphne easily dozed off once more despite the dwindling light when she was awoken abruptly by a body inching away from the bundle of blankets. Blinking repeatedly to dismiss the last remnants of lingering laziness, she watched with slight confusion as the man in question was only clad in previously discarded underwear. Did he plan on leaving while wearing only one layer?

"Jonas, watcha doin?" she asked, still halfway asleep even after shifting closer to the sleeping Swedish man to make more room, "Come back to bed."

"I will soon, sweetheart," he mused, draping over her for a moment to meld their mouths together, "You'll hardly notice I’m gone."

"Already have. Where ya going?"

"Living room, I think is where the noise is coming from??"

About to ask for further explanation a distressed mewl made its way through the thin bedroom wall, yet she dared not move in case Joel was disturbed from his own slumber. Wondering how he could keep calm at such a concerning cry for help, she was left behind to wait with anticipation. Was Quistis fighting with another cat through the window and trying desperately to get the upper paw? She hoped not, for that would be a hard habit to have the feline forget especially when it came to defending territory.

"Come here, kitty," Jonas cooed quietly from outside, a meow greeting him from whatever happenstance her pet had gotten into, "There we go, come on."

Catching herself smiling softly at how patient the person was being, calmed down slightly by the footsteps falling as he returned with the furball whose black and orange splotched ears were twitching tautly although she appeared to have settled slightly, "Quis, what happened hon?"

"Someone got stuck in her cat tower and couldn't get down."

"You went to rescue her?""

"Course, I couldn't just leave her there."

"Poor baby! Did a handsome prince come to your rescue?"

Loud purrs gave an adequate enough answer the calico leapt from captive arms after clawing her way to freedom, pouncing onto a covered foot wanting to prove she was capable of being independent. Tail swishing from behind, she stalked toward a snoring form much to her owner trying to redirect attention and pounced onto an unprotected side, another loud cry echoing in the shell of his ear carelessly before curling under his chin on the nearby pillow where she pawed playfully at a metal chain around a thin neck.

"Morning to you too," Joel let out with a yawn, not opening his eyes as he let out a grunt, balling into another position among the warm nest, "Go get your mama."

"Nice try, love, you're the last one to get up."

"Naturally… How late is it?"

"A little after 10."

"So, our sleep schedule is shot to hell…"

"Not our fault you're a lazy ass," Jonas quipped, lounging on a propped elbow to wait for their eyes to meet before placing a peck on softer lips, "You're always so pretty like this, y'know?"

"Reminds me of when we first did this."

"Indeed. Would you care to join us for dinner?"

"With you as dessert, or…?"

"You have a taste of me and can't get enough? Typical of you."

"I don't blame him," the lone woman reasoned, wrapping an arm under the bent bicep and pulling him upward, "Gonna have to get properly dressed."

"I didn't think to bring an extra pair of clothes.”

"There's plenty of my old ones you can use,” she suggested, gesturing toward an ajar wardrobe stationed next to the adjacent bathroom, “Should be plenty of oversized ones, help yourself.”

“Remind me why we can’t eat naked, Daffy?”

“We still need to discuss some details over our- I mean, my- newest member of the relationship seeing as you’ve already been well acquainted in that department.” she explained matter-of-factly, wide smile showing that she did not mean any bitterness by that fact.

“Then we could probably use a shower too.”

“It’s not big enough for three, Joelly.”

“You two can share it, I usually don’t take long anyway,” the youngest one stated simply, knowing they still needed some time to be with each other after the sudden change in their dynamic, “‘Sides, it may take a minute to find something to wear.”

Agreeing with the logical assessment the betrothed began to collect their own outfits and eventually made their way into the other room despite the sluggish nature of someone still wanting to sleep more than anything else, as if he were the only one who had been spent from their sexual escapades. Door closed behind them out of compulsion the couple not keep their hands off each other despite the lack of coverage that needed to be discarded before diving under a lukewarm spray, bra undone at an impressive rate displacing dysphoria that threatened to take over after hours of the support staying against her chest.

“If you promise not to use your hair as a weapon, I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Oh, is that a proposition?”

“Only got a mouthful of you earlier, I need another at least!”

Not able to argue with her fiance she gave an approving look that traced every contour of the naked form before her accompanied with a stifled sound of pleasure, hand placed on her hip to help steady her as they disappeared behind the navy curtain covered in varying sea creatures. Caught under the crying tap they took lathering each other’s scalps knowing it would be the most labourious task while in the tub, Joel taking tufts of hair he divided and combing shampoo suds through them each with the same amount of care, mouth moving over a bare shoulder as the strands were soaked thoroughly. Tilting into the touch she dropped any subtleties to rub her behind against the oblong object that rutted against her damp skin, giving him access when the full length of hair was pulled to the front, “I should freshen up a bit first…”

“No need,” a soft Swedish accent filled the shell of her hidden ear, fingertips lightly tracing over the aching area from the intense intrusion earlier that evening, “I may be willing to share, but you’re my savoy truffle.”

“Filled with heavy cream.”

“Just how I like ‘em!”

Seduced by a ripped body she was not one to only settle for a certain body type as a contrasting one to the thicker frame she was adjusting to crept along her own, slender member slipping in swiftly despite the still slick sides that threatened to spit him out before a few forward strokes secured himself in place. Soap stained hands unable to keep a secure grip, Joel settled for washing away excess sweat and dried cum from her stomach timed with hips bucking wildly knowing full well that the bath would need to repeat after another round of romping in the small space.

“We probably shouldn’t take too long,” Daphne mentioned, letting out a light mewl at the delicate touches tracing her midriff as thrusts continued to catch her off guard, “Not that I’m complainin’, just don’t wanna waste the hot water.”

“You worry too much about others, Daffy. Gotta relax sometimes.”

Still somewhat self-conscious about putting herself first despite knowing that she had to put on her own oxygen mask first, hesitation held her back for a moment longer until desire decided to take priority, practicality pushed aside even though rest was still required to restore all of her energy. Exchanging a lazy, loose-lipped kiss she allowed control to be handed over without complaint, curling into the calmness that came naturally to the Swede contrary to hard-to-contain eagerness; while the additional company had been welcomed it was nice returning to familiar caresses only they could share especially with the condition of libido being compromised during her transition. Captivated by the close comfort of their bodies quiet sounds slipped out as a slender shaft slithered further inside, sighing as the build was barely noticed until they were spilling simultaneously and squeezing muscles to secure the stuffed sensation she wanted to keep ongoing for a while longer.

“Not as romantic as usual, but I’ll make it up to you on our wedding night.”

“That’s so far away though!” she complained, playful pout accentuated at the flaccid member falling to flush against her inner thigh, “Still can’t believe you’re not calling it off.”

“Why would I? I am the one who cheated, if anyone would call it quits I’d figure it’d be you.”

“Call it crazy, but I fancy the fuck outta you.”

“Glad the feeling’s mutual,” Joel remarked, nuzzling his nose against her bare shoulder as he bent to turn off the faucet and escorted them into the warm, open air, “Regardless of what we do goin’ forward, I’m not leaving your side.”

“Ow! That’s not very nice,” their companion cut them off, Daphne covering her mouth quickly to keep a chortle from coming out knowing it would scare off the cat, “I guess I’ll forgive you if you share your toy. deal?”

“He’s a sweetheart.”

"Especially when he's not fucking you within an inch of your life."

"I'm gonna need tips for next time." she retorted, toweling off her damp form before making a show of putting on lilac pantries, pulling silver skinny jeans into place along with a babydoll top similarly shaded to the hidden article not bothering with a bra.

"Gonna let the girls loose?"

"Shut it, you perv. Don't feel like wearing one so late."

"Not complaining."

Spiraling an extra towel around the length of her soaked hair, she left to check on the others to make sure they were playing nicely, protective parenting kicking in even though Quistis had started the fight. To her amusement the calico had chosen to show off a tiny beanie baby that resembled her, a present Joel had picked out last Christmas, and would lightly growl whenever the younger man made a move to pick it up, "She's been protective of Smudge ever since she got 'im."

"Guessing she didn't name it?"

"Came on the tag, " she stated simply, eyebrow perking up inquisitively at seeing Jonas dressed in a familiar white and grey flannel, "Glad to see something fit."

"Good thing I've lost some weight, it's not too tight."

"Honey, don't put yourself down," she mused, moving to close the distance between them and connect with a kiss, "You're cute in your own right."

"Wasn't doubting it, but thanks for the confirmation."

"Oh come now, you were fishing for a compliment!" the other Swede called as he stepped into the bedroom, "She's got a point, y'know?"

"Please, go on."

"If this keeps going we might as well have our dinner for breakfast. C'mon, I'm starving!"

Growling stomach staking her claim the three were quick to move to the kitchen, impatiently waiting as designated dinner that had grown cold during their extensive expression of passion was heated and divided among them evenly, greasy lo mein noodles, shrimp, vegetables, and a bag of crab rangoon eaten I a comfortable silence since their escapades started; for once she felt content at only eating a small portion compared to the enormous appetite shared among both boys. What a turn of events this had turned into, yet it was one she could adjust to fairly fast enough if their guest was to accept the invitation to become a full time resident.

"You wanted to have a discussion, Daph??"

"Oh yes, I nearly forgot," the lone woman let out with an exhale that accentuated the fullness of her stomach, "I was thinking that we could open our relationship to include a certain someone."

"I thought that was already a given?"

Chapter Text

Clearly dumbfounded by the duo being so ready to rearrange their life to include him, Jonas was caught off guard by their genuine gesture nearly choking on a mouthful of noodles. Concerned at the reaction, she moved to console the youngest member in case there was cause to dislocate half-chewed Chinese food.

"You're kidding!"

"Why's that so hard to believe?" Daphne dared to ask, stroking the small of his back to provide some comfort, "Is that not what you want?"

"More than anything, I just… Remember Joel saying he wanted it to stay casual, so I put the thought away."

"Well, you don't have to anymore."

"What's with the sudden change of heart? 'Cos I'm into your girl too?" he asked with a bit of exasperation as he leaned into the gentle touch tracing his spine, "I fell in love with you, couldn't be bothered to reciprocate it."

"You're right, but I wanna make it up to you. We can work it out!"

"If you want to, of course."
the lone woman chimed I a reminder, trying to keep them both calm.

"What could it hurt to try?"
Emotions emerging from sunken depths the three were on their way to taking those steps that would help the resident settle as the space slowly started to house his personal belongings. Moving was said to be the most stressful of tasks, yet as the three took turns in gathering clothes and other necessities there was hardly any room to be overworked, the last round of boxes set aside I the living room just as a conversation over the phone finished.

"Landlord pissed at you?" Daphne questioned, pausing from emptying cardboard containers to take daily meds and fix the newcomer with an interested look, "I know it's not ladylike, but I'll fight him."

"No need, lovely, it was about picking up the deposit."

"That's all?"

"From him, yes. I got a call from my sister earlier."

"Something serious?"

"She was asking if I could take in a kitten and I may have already agreed."

"Javla fita, not another one!" Joel let out as he returned from the hallway, "We just adopted you."

"Babe, Quistis could use a friend."

"Not you too, Daffy…"

"Not like I'm getting a second one, y'know," she reasoned, standing to readjust her skirt and strutted over to link both her arms around a thick bicep as a chin settled on his shoulder, "Show me the little fella!"

"Eager, aren't we??"

Trying to hide her giddiness she somewhat patiently waited while several galleries were searched through to select one of a predominantly white cat with beige spots scattered along the body, large light green eyes peering up at the camera. Instantly I love with the animal in need, Daphne defended the decision to her husband-to-be, beaming once he began to back down on the issue to return to putting unpacked items away as he had been earlier.

"Shall we go get 'im?"

"And leave our man to mope 'bout having another mouth to feed?"

"He'll get over it especially if we bring a peace offering."

Shared look exchanged between them knowing exactly what would be given as an apology twin 'I love you's' were called out as they got ready, poised to leave the apartment when a pop up shower started to patter against the pavement, much to Daphne's dismay; when she had been out shopping with Hannah she had neglected to look for a replacement jacket, the warm weather convincing her it was not necessary. Not wanting to be forced to wear old clothes that would eventually cause dysphoria an alternative was presented as Jonas handed an oversized orange hoodie, swallowed by the fabric and scent of coconut she had come to associate with him as a similar grey garment fit against every curve of the man's build before being escorted to the awaiting vehicle.

"You're such a gentleman."

"Am I? You're still wearing a men's hoodie."

"It's different," she retorted, pulling her hair away as the seatbelt clicked securely, "Smells like you, so it's bearable."

"Tell me that in a month now that it's yours."

Beaming with an amount of amusement driven by her identity crisis being confirmed as reality by everyone around her; even after the first month milestone it was still quite convenient to second guess her experiences going forward, so frequent reminders were welcome whenever they came. Head leaned against the seat cushion in an attempt to keep herself grounded as they conversed, the younger one confirming what she had hoped for even though it had been implied by his collectively kept possessions now mixed with hers and Joel's. Of course, that came with another family to come out to chilling her insides as they got closer to their destination.

"Are you alright, babe? You seem a bit tense."

"Have you told your sister about…?"

"All she knows is you're my girlfriend," Jonas confirmed, left hand leaving the steering wheel to cover hers, "Not gonna out you to her, not my place."

"Won't she sense something's off??"

"Not when you look like a girl."

Internal conflict aside a calming confidence descended over her with that determined claim, not as uncertain about first impressions when the car lulled to a stop in the driveway. Escorted to the porch once they were removed from the car the two were immediately welcomed by another beautifully blessed person who hugged her sibling without hesitation, turning to Daphne with a warm smile.

"You must be Daphne," she started, not wanting to make her uncomfortable with an unwarranted embrace, "It's nice to finally meet you, I'm Rita."

"Right back at ya. Jonas mentioned you had a kitten, so I had to come along."

"See, sis? Crazy cat lady in the making."

"She'll fit right into the family then."

Noting the flush of her partner's face she stepped inside to follow the family member into a sunroom where the cat in question lounged on an ottoman, tqn tail swaying lazily midair. Unable to contain herself, a high pitched coo was let out as she crouched near the curled creature to scoop him into loosely crossed arms, returning to the lone man's side with their adopted son.

"What a nice family the three of you make."

"Thanks! Can't believe you're giving up this cutie though."

"Can't take him with me on the plane home, so figured he'd be better off with Jonas."

"He will be, without a doubt!"

Supplies collected, Daphne continued to keep the kitten company once she climbed back into the passenger seat. Scratching behind a tan ear, she watched curiously as a short conversation carried on as a plain white box was exchanged between them before he slid into the cab and put the confection in the seat behind them.

"You didn't tell her about Joel, eh?"

"What makes you think so?"

"Considering she said I'd 'fit right in', it's not hard to connect the dots "

"Was hoping you wouldn't catch on,* he lamented, voice lower than usual as he reached over to ruffle mottled fur, "I doubt it'd go over well that I'm dating two people who're set to marry."

"That could pose a problem, but you're gonna have to let 'em know at some point "

"I will, eventually."

"I'll hold you to that."

Of course, she had no room for judgement when she was still considered by her parents as the dutiful son. While awkward conversations needed to be discussed she did not blame the other for avoiding it currently when they had only recently come to a consensus on their dating conditions. At least the encounter they just had ended with a new pet and a cake that would hopefully be enough of an apology for the newest addition, amused at knowing that Joel would warm up to the idea eventually.

"We're home!" she announced, holding the kitten close to her chest as Jonas did the heavy lifting, claws kneading Into the borrowed hoodie as she joined her fiance on the couch, "Brought home something sweet too."

"Kissing up much?" Joel asked, slight smirk showing that he was not entirely serious as he scooted closer to scratch under an outstretched chib, "What's your name, little guy?"


"And what dessert did you get?"

"Princess cake," Jonas chimed in from the kitchen as he lifted the lid, "There may be a bit of an issue though."

"How d'you mean, love?"

"Rita left a message in the mascarpone," the youngest one stated, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, "Like Daphne learned, my sister thinks I proposed."

"What does it say?"

"'To the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Frisk.'"

"So, she doesn't know about me?"

"...Not exactly. I'm working on it though!"

"Are you ashamed of me?"

"Of course not," he declared without missing a beat as the clatter of plates came into contact with the low lying coffee table, pulling the other Swede swiftly into strong arms, "I don't want you or Daphne to go through more family drama than you have to."

"You care about us that much, huh?"

"Just a little," he let out, their lips locking lightly for a moment to let the mood settle, "Although I wouldn't oppose to taking your last name."

Chapter Text

Some days were easier to deal with than others even when dysphoria lurked from suppressing depths, yet when Daphne awoke she felt a deep disconnect followed by a gut-wrenching stabbing sensation. Disregarding her sleeping fiance she shoved herself away from the arm draped over a thin middle unceremoniously, clearly overstimulated as a developing body was displaying unfamiliar symptoms; learning to trust her body since collaborating with Jaiden, it was still a struggle when faced with having to work her way out from under the cat curled atop her hip. More careful with the calico, she placed her pet in the still-warm spot where Joel immediately shifted close, breathing out a sigh of relief that he had not been disturbed despite claiming to be a light sleeper.

"Shit…" she hissed, nails digging through thin fabric into her abdomen as the bathroom door thudded to a close from behind, "Is this really happening?!"


"Hang on, love, kinda busy!"

She had only heard of a few cases where bodies lacking the needed reproductive organs would still simulate menstruation, not thinking that her own would be added to those statistics. Unable to hold her defecation, disheveled hair was immediately thrown in front of her and clung to as she was planted on the porcelain throne as another cramp caught her off guard and caused a guttural groan to come out over a knock against white painted wood.

"You alright?"

"Does it sound like I am?!"

"Right, well… Lemme see if Jonas is up, he can keep you company 'til I'm back."

Not answering, hot tears began to form a jaw clenched for too long and threatened to lock as she stood on shaky legs. Energy waning as bottoms were pulled back into place all she wanted was to curl into herself and disappear if only temporarily, yet true to his word Joel had summoned their shared lover to stay with her.

"Sorry to get you roped into this bullshit," she stated, nearly collapsing into the previously unoccupied lap, "Bet you thought you'd seen the end of it when you got with Roomie, eh?"

"Real men, cis or trans, can deal with periods. Not to invalidate their dysphoria or anything."

"Don't worry, I got what you meant."

"Just making sure," Jonas murmured more to himself as he rubbed at her lower back, "I set up a heat pad I case I need to get you stuff 'til Joel gets back."

"And when he does?"

"You'll have both your boys to help. And two kitties."

As if on cue, a tiny set of claws came into contact with her pyjama pants as the newest pet struggled to climb up, letting out high pitched cries the whole way. Amused at his attempt at being independent Daphne directed her attention to Quistis knowing that adjustments were still being made around the new addition, but her only reaction was a few tail flicks in warning even though no real harm would come. Light kiss exchanged she let herself be guided back to a designated sleeping spot toasted to a comfortable temperature while twin purrs thrummed around her in sympathy as if they could sense she was distressed while the younger one settled in from behind where another peck pressed against her temple.


"Mhmmm," she hummed out, sighing softly at a thumb kneading Into her hip, "Feels nice bein' taken care of."

"Some things never change."

"Joelly! I'm sorry for earlier, I-"

"If it means you're living your truth then I can deal with getting yelled at."

"Well, d'you wanna come and make this family whole?"

"With pleasure," the older Swede stated, paper bags crinkling as they were stationed on the nightstand, rummaging through one to produce a smaller, purple bag along with a bottle of extra strength Advil and water, "Stocked up on what you'd need, but we can always get more."

Nuzzling near her fiance as a square of dark chocolate was offered and the raspberry filling drizzled onto her tongue she burrowed beneath the comforter as a chill crept in her bones, not wanting to push either away despite getting overheated; an overwhelming sensation settled in her mostly empty stomach as a result. Ignoring it, she wanted nothing more than to be disembodied not unlike how she had been in her old music videos when the person's of a serial killer was adopted, which suddenly brought her back to the realization that she still had quite a while to go through her transition, the misgendering and period cramps were only the beginning.

"Something on your mind, sweetheart?" Joel asked once he noticed that his fiancee was fidgeting with a lock of her hair, "You aren't about to be sick, right?"

"Nope, I just… need to film a video."

"What kind?"

"It's been a month since I last uploaded and the fans deserve to know."

"Are you sure you're ready?"

"Not exactly sure what to say, I'll have to think on it."

"Well, let us know," Jonas responded, reaching over to rest a hand onto the other man's hip to bring him closer and wrap around the woman, "If you'd like, I'll edit when you're done."

"Sounds like a plan, babe."

Getting into a comfortable position Daphne disappeared between both bodies, peeking upward to see they had leaned over to share a soft smooch before settling back against plaid sheets. Even though her body was rebelling against her this was quite a life being pampered by two men who made her a priority when most would disregard more pressing feminine needs, yet she need not worry as she started to drift off to sleep. Nearly gone, she snapped back to the waking world knowing that the selected dial tone was coming from only one person in particular who she would abandon anything for much when it came to her fiance and lover alike.

"Daffy, just ignore it…"

"Can't, it's Hannah!" she retorted in a panicked voice that was not challenged as the phone was passed over, "Well, that's fun to read."

"What's going on, love?"

"There's a screencap and it reads 'Hey, I know it's been a bit, but we heard you're back in town. Me and Merz wanna hang out with you and Dave if he's feeling up to it.'"

"What'd your sister say with it?"

"'Should I correct him? 😌'" she let out with a sigh, typing back a response that she would tell them in person, "Won't be an awkward outing or anything."

"Oh honey… Do you need extra backup?"

"You two deserve a break," Daphne determined, reluctantly wriggling her way to freedom, aware of the twin pair of icy stares watching as she got properly dressed into black skinny jeans, a basic white bra, and a flowy blouse similar in shade to her eyes, "I've gotta put on my own oxygen mask first."

"Suppose you're right. Keep us updated, okay?"

"Will do, wish me luck!"

Alerting her sister that she was approaching the flat on foot she tried not to turn around last minute; realistically, it would not be lying if she made the excuse over a non-existent uterus was causing a discomfort she was not used to unlike the ladies who would also be in attendance. No, she needed to face this head on! Felix had been an amazing friend since they met and despite the media trying to dismantle him from the video sharing platform with outlandish claims he was inclusive as could be to others, so why should this situation be any different?

"Dee, so glad you could make it!" her sister greeted, a look of unease shared between them, "You've got this, y'know?"

"I shouldn't be so shaken, but holy shit, am I."

"They're your friends too, you have a right to be nervous. C'mon, let's not keep 'em waiting any longer."

Funnily enough, her logic was telling her this was going to be alright just as one of her well-known songs claimed to do for those facing similar struggles in their personal lives. She was capable of taking her own advice, right? There was only one way to tell as she stepped inside and went over to join the couple sat closely on a couch, settling across from them as they exchanged pleasantries.

"Damn man, there's something different about you."

Tact was not one of the strong suits of any Swedish person she had met thus far, smirking at the familiar vernacular, "Oh? I hadn't noticed."

"You into crossdressing now, or…?"


"This is full time," she stated simply, matching the lone man's teasing tone to let both know that it was on friendly terms, "Name's Daphne, so nice to meet you!"

Chapter Text

Unable to predict what she would do if two close friends rejected her, Daphne felt sick from the words. Throughout her transition, and even before, there had been an attempt to make emotion and logic agree, to be the best version of herself, but that was easily forgotten when bluntness threatened to break their bond. So much for keeping everyone she held dearly in her life.

Unexpectedly, Felix was the first to break the silence, "So, Joel's gonna have a wife instead?"

"Yeah, turns out I was talking 'bout myself when I said whoever ends up with him is a lucky lady." Daphne confirmed, the realization hitting her quite powerfully as a wave of emotion nearly spilled over her eyelashes, blushing profusely, “Hormones are getting to me a lot lately, sorry.”

“No need, I’m used to it.”

“Well, I’m not and honestly? It’s weird as hell.”

Resounding chortles reverberating all around her only made heated cheeks deepen in colour, dying down in intensity slightly when similarly slender arms wrapped around her in a kind embrace that was happily accepted from the Italian woman. Out of the newlyweds, Marzia was the more gentle one even though they were both well equipped to be helpful to those in need, especially when it came to people they deemed important. In her sensitive state, Daphne definitely needed her over Felix, yet that did not prevent the Swede from slipping his arms around her in comfort as well after an awkward rub just below short kept blond strands.

“So, any wedding plans so far?”

“Well, we kinda ran into a hiccup in our dating life,” she revealed, thinking to herself that cheeks would be permanently tinted by now, “Found out Joel was fuckin' his editor on the side."

"Do I need to castrate him, sis? Cos y'know I will."

"No, Han. I was caught, almost, in the act with the same name, so long story short we're both dating him."

Met with questioning stares that lasted only for a few seconds the other women went on to ask about how their dynamic was working out before final judgements were placed. Going on about how she and Joel had agreed to let their boyfriend join and how the offer had been accepted openness was easily allowed into the conversation before attention was directed elsewhere, much to Daphne's relief. While she was glad to update the couple on her current going-ons there was a difference between it and stealing the show, so she settled comfortably against the sofa as Hannah began talking of the basics in Japanese for the others now that they would be living there too.

Told 'em 'bout my new self and our boy toy. Took it well, surprisingly. she sent to her fiance knowing how much updates were appreciated.

Joelly Bean💕: hell yeah they did! I'm so proud of you, baby girl!!!

You act as if you were there!

Joelly Bean💕: In spirit!
Joelly Bean💕: We love and miss you 😘
Joelly Bean💕:*sent an image*

Wary at first to open the last message, a soft coo of affection came out as her heart swelled at seeing her men pressed closely as they each held one of the cats, Jonas pressing a peck into a tanned cheek. Fully aware her abrupt outburst had at least peaked some interest she showed the picture to her sister, to the third Swede I her life, then to Marzia whom, to her knowledge, did not know what Roomie's editor looked like aside from the stick figure caricature.

"Wait, Joel let you have another kitty??"

"Oh, that's Jonas' kitten Pretzel," she explained while her home screen was updated to the newest image, "His sister couldn't take 'im back to Sweden, so she gave him to us."

"She took in an animal she couldn't keep?" Felix asked, looking over to his wife after hearing a soft snicker.

"Sound familiar?"

"Edgar stayed with us though."

,"Same difference. Anyway, Daphne, have you had much trouble since finding yourself?"

"Once, so far. Hannah almost beat up the good-for-nothing clerk who tried to deny me."

"Of service?"

"And her identity."

"That's awful!" the Italian woman exclaimed, holding both hands in here, "You're one of the girls, he's just jealous."

"As if he could ever get with my older sister. Fuckin' creep if I ever saw one," Hannah remarked as her nose scrunched up from disgust before turning to the woman in question, "Unlike that dick, Jonas seems like a sweetheart."

"He is!"

"Well, we'd love to have a… Triple date? A date cubed?" Pewds piped up after a moment of fiddling with his own cell phone, "Sorry, was changing your name in my contacts."

"Thanks bro, but could you keep it on the down low? Not a lotta people know 'specially the fans."

"You've a plan?"

"Not really? Maybe if I… Wait!"

Unable to finish her thought Daphne dialed the number memorized after years of being nearly attached at the hip. Giving an apologetic look as the ringing vibrated against her ear anxiety melted away almost instantly once the familiarly soft Swedish accent soothed her through the receiver even while she was overly aware of being observed, "Babe, I need you to come over ASAP."

"Daffy, what's wrong? Sounded like you were fine a few seconds ago."

"Still am. Need you to come film a video with us."


"Got an idea, will explain when you're here. Oh, and bring Jonas, please."

"Sure, but what does this have to do with us?"

"You'll see soon enough."

"'Course you're gonna keep the suspense goin'," Joel gave jokingly, causing Daphne to grin good-naturedly that only accentuated at hearing a hearty chuckle in the background, "We'll be there soon enough, 'kay?"

"I love you both. Make sure to pass it on to Jonas, ya hear?"

"Do I have to?"

"Looks like he's getting the first kiss when you're here then. Better hurry while I can finally face my work again!"