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Flat 36

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Once they had made arrangements to meet Potter, Granger hit the ground running. While Draco quickly washed up and changed into clean clothes, she rummaged around in her room, throwing books, clothes and Merlin knows what else into a heap on the floor where her bed used to be. 


He was ready to go in moments, and he tapped his fingers against his thigh anxiously while he watched Granger collect more and more until she had a pile half the size of a hippogriff. 


“Granger, what is all of this?” He walked over to the mound and picked up a sewing kit and a pair of hiking boots. “What could we possibly need these for? Are we going on a hike while we practice our needlepoint?”  


She continued rifling through her dresser, pulling out a file folder from her bedside table. “I like to be prepared.” She shrugged and walked off into the kitchen, returning with her small beaded purse. 


“And how exactly do you expect to bring everything? Even if we shrunk it all, we’d still need a wheel barrel.” 


Granger opened her bag and placed it on the floor and very pointedly dropped a hiking boot above it. It startled Draco at first when the hiking boot dropped through the opening and disappeared, making a distant thud when it reached the bottom of the bag. He was impressed. “Huh. You have an answer to everything, don’t you?”


She gave a shy smile and continued packing the bag. “Not everything , obviously.” 


“Whatever you say, swot.” 


Draco tried to help her stow the excess of supplies, but he was shooed away for having ‘interrupted her process.’ He retreated to the kitchen to ready himself for the outside world. Technically, he hadn’t actually been outside since his imprisonment. The closest he had gotten was the underground parking garage earlier that day. Draco paced nervously by the floo, wringing his hands in anticipation. 


When Granger finally emerged holding only her tiny bag, his anxiousness was quickly overtaking him. His hands emitted bright blue sparks as he rubbed them together roughly. When she saw this, she immediately moved towards him and encased his hands with her own. “Hey, it will be okay. I’ll be with you in case you need me, but I need you to focus on keeping calm until we can figure out what exactly we’re dealing with. You can’t walk around on fire and expect no one to notice.” She dipped her head to catch his downward gaze. “I don’t know what it would mean if the Ministry found out about this.”


He cocked his head to the side and furrowed his brow. “Why haven’t you told them yet? Surely you’ll be punished if they find out you kept this from them. I half expected to be back in Azkaban by now.”


She opened her mouth to reply but abruptly paused, rethinking her sentiment. “Well it would be rather unfair to jump to conclusions, don’t you think so, Malfoy?” She said in a matter-a-fact tone. 


Draco quirked an eyebrow and looked at her curiously. That was certainly not an answer. “I suppose so.” He let out a sigh, choosing to let it go for now. “I just wish I knew what this even is. Or how to control it.”


Granger squeezed his hands. “We’ll figure it out, after we meet Harry and the others we can stop at the library and do some research.”


“Others?” Draco dropped his hands, and took a step back. He already had to suffer Potty’s company, what else would this dismal day throw at him?


She simply nodded. 


“Care to elaborate, Granger? I’d like to know what I’m walking into.”


“Would it matter? You and I both know that you are going to come no matter what. We all have the same goal here, everyone wants to find Narcissa.” 


She had a point. He’d take tea with Voldemort himself if it meant he could find his mother. Draco took solace in the fact that Granger wouldn’t leave his side since she was his surety. He took a deep breath and nodded. 


Hermione nodded back at him and reached out to grab his wrist. A loud crack and a second later, the pair was standing in a grimy alleyway just off a busy street in Muggle London. 




Draco found himself in a large rounded booth in the corner of a ’greasy spoon restaurant’, at least that’s what Granger called it. There was easily room enough for ten people at the table, and unfortunately for Draco, there were almost as many Gryffindors surrounding him. Luckily, he had secured an end seat, with Granger on his left side. 


He knew most of the people there, but there were two men that he’d never met before. They sat together directly across from Draco wearing matching expressions of annoyance. Potter, Weaselette, Lovegood, and Longbottom were pressed into the back of the booth. 


On the walk to the diner from the alley, he had panicked when Granger told him that they were going to lunch. He wasn't accustomed to not being able to pay for anything. While he was still technically extremely wealthy, he hadn’t thought that he’d need to have pocket money as he was on house arrest. Mother had been seeing to his personal expenses and provided Granger with the galleons but, now that his mother was missing, he couldn’t be sure there were funds available to cover his costs. When he expressed this concern to Granger, she waved him off and said there was more than enough in the account she had been given access to. 


Draco stayed quiet while the table placed their lunch orders. He ordered orange juice and a BLT with extra tomato and a side of chips. Granger only ordered a small soup and coffee. Once their orders had been placed, she cast a Muffelato and spoke. 


“Thanks for coming on short notice everyone.” She held out her hand towards the two strangers at the table. “This is Auror Phillips and Auror McGuire, they are the men who are investigating the disappearance of Narcissa Malfoy.”


The man on the right, Phillips, was plump with a patchy black beard and a wide nose. McGuire was dark-skinned and slightly taller than his partner. He had warm hazel eyes and his head was shaved clean. Both men nodded at their introduction but stayed silent. 


Granger continued, “I’m sure you’ve all seen this mornings Daily Prophet and I’ve asked you here—“


“What’s he doing here, Hermione?” Weasley walked up to the booth and stood over Draco to glare down at him. Draco rolled his eyes.


“Hermione was just explaining to us what’s going on. Have a seat, Ron.” Potter moved farther into the booth and the two Aurors followed, leaving the end seat open directly across from Draco. Weasley ignored it. 


“You’re in my spot, ferret.” 


“Don’t think I am, Weasel.”


Draco noticed how everyone at the table tensed, their eyes flicking back and forth between the two rivals. To his left, Granger started absently rubbing her forearm. 


“Looks like there’s a spot available right over there for you.” Weasley pointed to the open seat beside Phillips. 


“I’m quite pleased with the current seating arrangements, but I thank you for the concern.” Draco leaned back in his seat and casually crossed his arms. 


“Move your sorry Death Eater arse before I make you.”


Granger gasped, “Ronald!” 


Only then did Draco look up at the man standing over him. He allowed his face to contort into the menacing sneer he had used on the ginger git countless times over the past eight years. “Oh, please do. I’d love an excuse to break that oversized nose of yours.”


“BOYS! That’s enough! Ron, sit down beside Auror Phillips. Malfoy, zip it.” The red haired witch a couple seats down looked like she was about to start smacking them with a rolled up newspaper. When Weasley didn’t make a move to the open spot, Weaselette spoke up again. “Sit down, you idiot. You’re embarrassing yourself.”


“Ron..” Potter pleaded. 


After a few more huffs of frustration, Weasley begrudgingly sat down, and Draco could feel his hateful gaze bore into him, but he pretended not to notice. He took another glance around the table. Longbottom seemed to be focusing his stare intently on his tea cup, while Lovegood was braiding and un-braiding the ends of her blonde hair with a wistful smile on her face. Weaselette and Potter were focusing their attention back on Granger. 


“As I was saying,” she shakily began, “I asked you here because I need your help to find Mrs. Malfoy. The Ministry has assigned these two men to the case, but I’m afraid a lot more manpower is needed for this particular job.”


Phillips looked at her warily, “Excuse me? Just because we aren’t teenage war hero’s like you lot doesn’t mean we are incapable of our duties. We don’t need a team of five aurors, three civilians and a Death Eater to find one woman.”


McGuire also started to protest but Granger held up her hand. “I’m not saying you two aren’t good at your jobs if that’s what you’re thinking. There’s more to it than just a missing woman.” She started digging in her bigger-on-the-inside bag. 


“What do you mean Hermione?” Longbottom furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. 


Draco turned to look at her fully. She had a slight tremble in her hand as she pulled out her arm from the depths of the handbag. Her fist emerged clutching a thick bundle of folded parchment then she hesitated, staring down at the handful of paper. 


“Granger?” Draco whispered. 


She flicked her gaze up to his and he felt his stomach drop when he saw the look of fear in her eyes. A small sheen of sweat had broken out on her forehead and the trembling of her hands seemed to have taken over her legs as well as her hands. Draco wanted nothing more than to pull her on his lap and make it stop. 


“Oi, Hermione, I don’t have all day.” Weasley snapped his fingers in her face rapidly to get her attention. Everyone at the table looked at him incredulously, but Granger just paled. 


Draco saw red and was about to break off his fingers when the waitress returned with their drinks. While everyone was distracted, Draco caught Granger’s gaze and smoothed his hand under the table comfortingly over her knee. While her face coloured slightly from the contact, she didn’t push him away, so Draco left his hand where it was. He stroked the front of her kneecap with his thumb and felt a strong sense of pride when her frame visibly relaxed. The tremors were becoming significantly less prominent, to the point of being almost nonexistent. 


She cleared her throat when they were once again alone. “As I was saying, things are a bit more complicated.” She tossed the wad of parchment onto the table beside her coffee. “It’s probably better you just see for yourself. 


Slowly Potter moved to take the piece off the top while searching Granger's face. One by one everyone grabbed some parchment. There was a brief moment of absolute silence while each person took in the information in their hands. Before long there were gasps and curses assaulting the space around them. 


“Mione, what the hell is this?!” - Weaselette 


“When did you get this? Are they all the same?” - Potter


“Why didn’t you tell me?!” - Weasel


“Do you know who these people are?” - Longbottom


“What terrible handwriting.” - Lovegood


“Have you reported this to the Ministry?” - McGuire


Everyone around him was shooting questions at her, gesturing wildly, but Draco was frozen. He felt like he was going to faint. The sheets of paper that he now recognized as interdepartmental memos each held a small message. He grabbed one after another, his stomach sinking with every word. 


You’re dead Mudblood. 


If you don’t do as you are instructed, we will slit his throat while you watch. 


Every single one of my men will fuck you bloody before we grant you death. 


Deliver him to us, or we start taking your friends, one by one. 


We want our Little Dragon back. 


The notes were out of order and vague, but the gist was the same. The people that had threatened Draco, had been doing the same to Granger, and for a significantly longer time. Draco could feel his magic mounting and blue sparks started dancing on his fingertips. He quickly dragged his hand under the table to join the one on Grangers knee. She grabbed it and held on tight, pushing down the overflowing energy. 


With her touch grounding him in the situation, Draco spoke to no one in particular over the chaos of questions. “Is my father still in Azkaban?”


For a beat, no one answered, everyone had expressions of shock painted on their faces. It was Phillips that eventually cleared his throat and spoke up. “I passed by his cell three days ago, and he was still secure.”


“Do you miss daddy, Malfoy?” Weasley taunted. 


“And now? Is he secure now?” Draco asked impatiently, ignoring the comment. 


“We will have to check on that at the Ministry.” He started gathering up the memos from around the table. “Are these all the ones you received, Miss?”


Her fingers twitched in his grasp. “Er, yes. That’s it.”


“We will need to keep these as evidence, you understand.” He tucked the parchment inside his jacket. 


“Yes, I thought you would.” Granger started shaking a little again so Draco tenderly laced his fingers through hers and squeezed. 


Potter placed his hands flat on the table and exhaled loudly. “Hermione? How long have you been getting these?”


She winced and mumbled, “November.”


Draco was gobsmacked. She’d been dealing with death threats for over six months, and she’s been doing so in silence. Why did these people harass her before Draco even lived with her? They couldn’t have known that far ahead that she’d volunteer to take him in. He hadn’t even been sentenced until the beginning of December. 


Unless she already planned to take me home before then. Draco instantly rejected this idea. Though he still didn’t know the reasons behind her hospitality, he knew that she hadn’t expected to be stuck with him until the day before his release. 


Weaselette gasped and clutched her shoulder. “ ‘Mione! Why didn’t you tell us? This is no joke! The things they wrote… What if you had gotten hurt?” She trailed off, shaking her head. 


“She’s right, you should have told someone, at the very least the Ministry.” Longbottom supplied. 


She turned to address him but didn’t get a word in before she was interrupted. 


“I agree, this is not just about you. The person/persons behind these threats seem to have an agenda similar to that of He-who-should-not-be-named. At first glance, anyway.” Phillips looked ticked off and did not bother to hide it. 


Granger straightened to reply but was cut off. 


“Do you know who these people are Hermione? Do they mention anything in any of the letters?” Potter looked distressed as he waited for her answer. 


Before she could open her mouth, McGuire spoke. “There’s obviously a connection between these and the abduction and murders at Malfoy Manor. They used the phrase “Little Dragon” in the prophet article as well. Same handwriting too.”


He could feel Grangers annoyance at being talked over but she kept quiet, allowing it. 


Draco wasn’t so patient. “Would you lot leave off and just let her explain?” He drew enough venom in his voice to halt the onslaught of questions and accusations, at least momentarily. 


Weasley threw a look of contempt at Draco then relaxed against his elbows, staring down his girlfriend with a similar expression. “Explain then.”


She shook her hands free from Dracos and tightly clutched them together on the table. She looked guilty, as if she had committed adultery instead of just holding his hand. She bowed her head, unable to meet his gaze. Not for the first time, Draco wondered what she saw in the ginger arse. Why did she stay with him when he was clearly mistreating her, manipulating her, and maybe even terrifying her? Even if she loved the man, why would Hermione Granger, smartest witch of her age, choose to be with a brain dead waste of space like him? He was overly possessive, controlling and had a massive anger problem. The only thing going for him was that he was the least remarkable third of the golden trio. 


“To answer you, Neville, I did go to the Ministry. I’ve been dealing with Shacklebolt directly actually. That’s why I’ve kept to myself up until now. I’ve just been given permission to divulge certain aspects of the case today.” She turned to Draco and added, “That’s where I was this morning.”


“But why didn’t you tell me Hermione? I’m your boyfriend. I can’t believe you’ve been keeping something this big from me for six bloody months!” Ron was fuming and to his left, the witch inched back on her seat, leaning away from his rage. 


“You can’t be angry at her for that! You know as well as I do that classified information is just that, classified. Would you go and tell her information about a case you were working?” Potter asked


“That’s different. I’m an Auror!”


“In training.” Draco added. 


“Shut it, Ferret.”


“Can you two please shut up!” Weaselette ground out. 


Both men crossed their arms and pointedly looked away.  


“Thank you, Ginny. As I was saying, this has been classified for a reason. There have been reports of similar threats from who we believe are either pardoned Death Eaters, or sympathizers. So far we have been lucky that they have stayed in the shadows. Until now that is. Of course, I am not officially on the case, as I’m not an Auror but since I have been receiving the most intel, I’ve been brought on as a sort of research consultant.” 


She glanced up at Draco momentarily. “So far, we don’t know what their motives are, or what they are planning. The only thing we know for sure is that they want Malfoy. There had been mention of him retrieving something that they can’t get themselves. What it is, I’m unsure, but I think it’s safe to say they aren’t planning on having him ‘round for tea afterwards.”


“Why do you say that?” Phillips cocked his head. 


“They have threatened to kill him if I didn’t cooperate.” She stated simply. 


“But why would they try to use that against you? He hasn’t even been staying with you for a month, and it’s not like you’re friends.” Potter's eyes widened and he slapped the table. “Is that why he’s living with you?”


She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. She snapped her jaw shut and nodded, very obviously lying. 




Draco looked around the table to see who had also caught on. Lovegood had a small knowing smile on her face. Ginny furrowed her brow and shifted her gaze from Granger to himself but otherwise, the table seemed to be oblivious to the fib. 


“So basically, what you’re saying is that we have to hunt down another band of dark wizards, am I correct?” Potter asked. 


“We also need to locate Narcissa, but yes, essentially that’s what we need to do.” She turned to the elder Aurors and continued. ”Harry, Ron, and Neville will be teaming up with you to get the manpower you need for the case. Ginny, I’ll need you to help me by staying with Malfoy when I’m not home. I will, of course, be leading the research and intelligence gathering side of things.”


“What about these two? What will they be doing?” Philips gestured to Draco and Lovegood. 


“Luna…” Granger cocked her head, “Actually I don’t remember asking you here..”


“Hmm? Oh no, you didn’t ask me to come. I was just out for a stroll when I saw Harry and Ginny come in, and I decided to keep them company.” She smiled widely. “But I am happy to be of some help if you need it.”


Granger nodded, bemused. “I’ll let you know if I find anything for you then. Malfoy will be assisting me.”


Weasley sneered at this information. Fortunately, the waitress chose that moment to serve their meals. For the remainder of lunch, the group discussed their plan of attack in a far more subdued manner. 


When Draco noticed that Granger wasn’t eating he nudged her side. “That soup is going to get cold, Granger.”


She gave him a weak smile and brought the spoon to her lips. Before she could take another bite, Weasley was picking up the remainder of his sandwich in a napkin and threw down a couple pound notes.


“Got to get back, I’ll come by later, Hermione.” Without a glance backward, he moved towards the front door. 


Panic grew on her face and she called out. “Not tonight Ron, I’ll be at the library and researching until late.”


He stopped in his tracks and turned around. “I’ll keep you company then.” The way he said it sounded like an order. 


Granger shifted in her seat. “Not tonight, Ron.”


Weasley stared at her sternly and pressed his lips into a thin line before locking eyes with Draco. He turned on his heel and he was out the front door. 




When they finally arrived back at the flat that night, it was nearing nine o’clock. The pair had spent the afternoon and most of the evening in the library researching the magic behind interdepartmental memos, criminal psychology and several case studies on abductions. They checked out many books on forgotten and rare magic, focusing on ancient wandless magics. 


Granger looked exhausted when they apparated back into the living room, and he was sure that he looked equally as tired. They shuffled into the kitchen, and she put the kettle on for tea. On the way home, they had stopped for Indian food. Draco took the takeaway from her and started setting it out on the bar. As the two worked in silence, a booming laugh erupted in the hallway, followed by a grating high pitched giggle. 


“Huh, that sounds like..” Draco trailed off as he walked to the front door, Granger following behind in curiosity. 


He unlocked the bolt and opened the door. Just as he thought, Blaise was standing in the hallway nattering on in his trademark cocky flamboyance. He was leaned up against the wall chatting with a blonde woman… Babs. Blaise was flirting with Babs. 




“Mate! Where have you been? I’ve been waiting around forever! If it wasn’t for this lovely woman, I’d have died of boredom.” Blaise winked at her and she batted her obviously false lashes in reply. 


“I just had some appointments.. Blaise, we didn’t have plans did we? Actually now that I think about it, Theo—“


Blaise waved his hand in a ‘don’t worry about it’ motion. “That’s why I’m here actually, Theo wanted me to let you know that he couldn’t make it. Some family emergency I think.”


“But Theo doesn’t have any family left.” Draco countered. 


“Yea I guess I wasn’t listening very well, all I know is that he was in a rush and seemed a little frantic.” Blaise turned his attention to Granger, who was peeking around Dracos torso. “Ah, Miss. Granger, would the two of you like to join us for drinks?”


“Oh, yes pleeeeeassse Draco, we haven’t gotten to know each other nearly as much as we should. Hermione, you should come too, of course, that is if you can find something suitable to wear.” Babs gave her a thorough once over and wrinkled her nose, obviously not trying to hide her criticism. 


Dracos jaw tightened and he struggled to keep a polite tone. “Thank you Barbra, but I think I’m much too tired for that this evening, and I’m sure she feels the same. Am I right Granger?”


“Yes, sorry Blaise, Barbra, perhaps another time.” She gave a fake smile. 


“Come on Hermione, even Ron has had time to get drinks with me, and he works!” The smile Babs plastered on was sickly sweet. 


He what ?”


“Oh you didn’t know,” the blonde woman put on an air of surprise. “It’s all very innocent I assure you, he’s only been to my flat a couple times—“


What?!” Granger tried to push past Draco but he was quicker. He wrapped his arm around her middle and pulled her back in. 


“Sorry, we will have to cut this short. Blaise, I’ll be in contact.” He reluctantly addressed the snotty muggle, “Barbra.”


As he shut the door, he heard her shout, ‘It’s Babs!’


They made their way back to the kitchen and continued their dinner preparations in silence. When Draco was finished, he once again noticed the lack of appetite on Grangers part. 


“What’s your favourite food?” 


She looked up, surprised by his sudden question. “Er.. I don't know, probably my mum’s apple raspberry pie.” She looked down at her plate and speared a piece of chicken. “What about you?”


Draco answered without hesitation. “Lasagna.” He tore off a bit of Naan and dipped it in the Tikka masala. “Well, pretty much any pasta dish, but lasagna is my preference.”


“I like lasagna too. I could make it tomorrow?” She popped the chicken in her mouth.


“Sure. We should make your pie too.” He stood and started clearing his plate. 




“Yea, why not? It gets rather boring around here sometimes.” Draco shrugged. 


Hermione let out a barked laugh, “The past twenty-four hours have been anything but boring Malfoy.”




Granger ate a couple more bites then started putting the leftovers in the fridge while Draco began on the dishes. They worked in companionable silence. Having finished, Draco ducked out of the kitchen towards his room. He was about halfway down the hall when she called out. 


“I could do it, you know.”


He turned around and asked, “Do what?”


“Oh, um, cut your hair. If you want.”


He hadn’t thought about the fact that his mother was unable to arrange his hair appointment. His desperation to shear off his hair had intensified at lunch when McGuire made a passing comment about the resemblance he held to his father. He didn’t think anyone noticed the grimace Draco had on his face but, apparently, he was wrong. 


“Do you know how to cut hair, Granger?”


She gave one slow nod. “Yes..”


Draco narrowed his eyes at her for a moment before he remembered anything was better than his current visage. Worst case scenario, he could just shave it off completely. 


He gave a small sigh. “Alright then, where do you want me?”


Granger’s eyes briefly widened at the unintentional euphemism. “Erm, uh, the kitchen is fine I suppose. I’ll just be a second.” She marched into the bathroom and started digging around in the cabinet. She returned and pulled a stool to the opposite side of the bar and gave it a little pat to encourage Draco to sit. When he did, she draped a towel over his shoulders as she laid out her tools on the bartop in front of him. She was standing right next to him, so close that he could feel the warmth of her skin radiating off of her. 


“What’s that one?” Draco asked, pointing at a muggle electrical device with tiny, jagged teeth. 


“Those are clippers. Muggle men use them for a more consistent cut.” She looked down at them, almost reverently, ”My mum used to cut my dads hair with these.”


She sniffed a little and let out an abrupt laugh. “Once, they were having a row, and mum was so mad that she forgot to put the guard on the front. Before she knew it, dad had a big bald strip going up the back of his head.” She laughed again, shaking her head, “They were both so surprised that they ended up howling in laughter until they forgot what they had been fighting about.”


Draco looked up at her, and saw her eyes turn glassy. He still hadn’t asked what had happened to her parents, but he wasn’t sure now was the best time to press the issue. Instead, Draco placed his hand softly atop hers, and rubbed his thumb comfortingly against her wrist. He knew that he had been touching her far more than what was deemed appropriate lately, but he couldn’t seem to stop himself. 


She gazed at him and gave him a small smile, unconsciously turning her body towards him. 


Not yours. He reminded himself. 


Draco averted his eyes and let his hand retreat to sit obediently in his knee. Granger straightened out her tools again and moved behind Draco, taking the comb with her. 


“So, what do you want done?” She started running the comb through his too long locks. 


“Whatever is fine. I just want it shorter, much shorter.” 


“Do you want it all one length? What do you normally get done?” She brushing through his hair with her fingers, pulling it all back. 


Draco tried to ignore how good it felt, “I honestly don’t have a preference. I trust you.”


Grangers hands abruptly paused in his hair, but she quickly recovered. For the next few minutes, she fussed with his hair, pulling the topmost portion into a clip. He felt a small smile spread across his face when the first sounds of snipping reached his ears. 


When she was finished with the back, she moved to stand in front of Draco. He was starting to fidget form the tiny cut hairs that clung to his skin, making him insanely itchy. Granger had to give him a first smack once or twice to remind him to stay still. When she reached up to comb his fringe flat, her thighs rested on his knees and she struggled to reach properly. Draco chuckled and opened his legs so she could stand in between. 


She looked down at his parted thighs and shyly stepped closer. Draco’s bravado fizzled when her felt her legs brushing against his. He suddenly didn’t know what to do with his hands. He didn’t know where he should look or if he was breathing too loudly. Did his breath smell like curry? How often are you supposed to blink again? 


“We will have to share a bed again tonight. If that’s still okay with you, that is.” She kept her focus on his hair as she spoke, but being this close, Draco could see the faint pink of an almost blush rising from her neck. 


Draco cleared his throat as he stared at a curl that was swaying with every moment of her arms. “That’s fine. There’s nothing to be done about it.” He tamped down the excitement he felt at the prospect. “If you’d like, we can go out tomorrow and I’ll replace all the furniture, and whatever else I wrecked.”


“Oh. Yes I suppose we should do that.”


When she was finished, Granger conjured a mirror for Draco to inspect her work. He was actually quite impressed. He was expecting a choppy and flat style, but she apparently knew what she was doing. The back and sides were cut quite short and she had shaped his hairline and sideburns quite tidily. The top was tapered into a slightly longer length, while his fringe hung down almost to his eyes. 


“Not bad Granger, I dare say you’ve made me look my age again.”


“Hmmm, no, you look positively geriatric.”


Draco clutched his heart. “Careful, you’re liable to give an old codger like myself arrhythmia!”


Granger giggled and smacked his chest and turned to leave. Draco grabbed her hand and pulled her back in, both of them still laughing.


“It’s your turn now Granger, time to sort out that monstrosity atop your noggin.” Draco held onto her wrist and turned to pick up the scissors off the bar. 


“Oh no you don’t, Draco Malfoy!” She started to try to twist out of his grip, but he simply trapped her completely against his chest with one arm while pawing for the scissors. Instead, his hand found the clippers and a wicked smile spread across his face. 


He held left his hand behind his back as he smirked at her. 


She stopped struggling for a moment, realizing he was up to something. “What are you—“


Draco flipped the switch and the telltale buzzing emitted from the device. Grangers eyes grew wide. 


“Malfoy…” she said in warning. 


He looked at her with mock innocence. “What ever could be the matter?” When she started struggling again, Draco brought the clippers closer to her head. 


She let out a small screech and started fighting back in earnest, batting away the clippers away with one hand, and pushing his chest with the other. Draco easily held onto her and laughed freely. She started twisting her hips and arching her back, so Draco locked his legs around her thighs.


“Now, now, Granger. Be a good girl and sit still.” 


She screeched again as his hand drew a small amount closer, and she wriggled even more than before, letting out desperate and breathless laughter. Draco continued laughing even as he realized that her body was pressed quite intimately against his, and his hormones were reacting. Granger twisted her hips desperately and the friction against his groin was enough to make him drop the clippers. 


The laughter halted, but his grip didn’t loosen. His now free hand settled on her hip of its own accord. Her flushed face was mere inches away from his, and her gaze was open and vulnerable. 


“Your eyes are brown.”


“Your eyes are silver, if you wanted to know.”


Draco was the first to come back to reality, mostly from the consistent throbbing in his pants. He unwrapped his legs and retracted his arms from her person. She closed her eyes tightly and stepped back. 




Draco quickly retreated to the bathroom, carelessly shutting the door behind him and ridding himself of clothes. He immediately hopped into the tub and turned the water on. He considered a cold shower, but he was far too tired to endure the muscle rigidity it would bring. 


He stood under the spray, allowing the hot water to beat against his face and chest. He could feel the tiny, sharp hairs run off him, relieving him of the incessant itch. Draco grabbed up his shampoo, intent on ignoring the consistent erection bobbing between his legs. He dutifully washed up, and only when he was finished did he allow himself to  consider his options. He promised himself he wouldn’t pleasure himself to thoughts of Granger, so he was left with two alternatives: walk back to his room with a stiff cock, possibly drawing the attention of the witch, or freeze himself to death until it went away. 


He closed his eyes and cursed. That bloody witch had gotten him so worked up that he could nearly feel his brain cells dying.  


I suppose I don’t have to think of Granger. I could think about a different witch. Someone anonymous, just a faceless witch with curly brown hair and perky tits. 


He reasoned that it was okay as long as he didn’t wank to thoughts of her. He was still a young man after all and he couldn’t be expected to lead a totally chaste existence, plus it was a better alternative to hiding a hard-on all night. 


He grabbed his cock and started slowly pumping it in his hand. He immediately groaned and he felt his stomach tighten from the delayed touch. He let his head fall back and the water pounded onto his chest. He dragged his thumb leisurely over his head. 


Almost immediately Draco’s mind strayed to Granger. He attempted several times to put her out of his mind, but his efforts were weak, and he eventually gave in. 


Hermione slowly started peeling off her shirt while she locked eyes with Draco through the translucent shower curtain. Once her shirt and bra fell to the floor, her hands reached up and started massaging her perfect little breasts coyly. She bit her lip and let her head fall back in pleasure. 


Draco tore open the curtain and fisted his cock. “Fuck, Granger.” He hooked a finger in a belt loop of her jeans and pulled her closer. “Look what you do to me.” He pulled a hand from her breast and replaced his fist with her soft one, moving it up and down his length to encourage her. 


Hermione watched him direct her hand and she licked her lips. He unbuttoned her jeans and turned her around, promptly peeling them down her thighs. She peeked over her shoulder just as Draco groaned, having seen that she wore no panties. 


“Draco?” She looked up at him innocently and bit her lip. 


He picked up her body wash and curled his finger in a summoning motion. “Come here, love.” She shucked her jeans and stepped into the shower beside Draco. 


Draco opened his eyes momentarily and considered the purple bottle of shampoo on the shelf. He was already in too deep, why stop now? He flicked open the bottle and squirted some into his palm. Turning around so his back was now facing the shower, he started lathering his cock in Hermione's shampoo. The added scent of her made his fantasy a little more real. 


Draco pressed his cock against her arse as he massaged the soap into her neck and shoulders. He watched as the suds trailed down her chest, dripping off her hardened nipples. He snaked one hand around her waist, appreciating the slippery skin under his fingers. 


“Touch me, Draco.” She she breathed and pushed herself against his crotch and let out a small whine of desire. 


Granger grabbed the hand he had tangled in her hair and placed it between her legs. 


Draco didn’t resist a second longer. He lightly stroked her outer lips while he moved his other hand to start flicking and pinching her nipples. Hermione keened and started grinding her hips against his hand, and he allowed his middle finger to slip into her bare folds. 


“Fuck, you’re so wet for me.”


She circled her hips to drag her clit against the pad of his finger. Draco pulled her arms up to grasp the back of his neck and started rutting against her. From this angle, her back arched significantly, and the force of his bucks made her breasts bounce.


He let his singular finger slip up and down inside her folds, water and soap streaming around his fingers. He twisted her nipple sharply and Hermione cried out in surprise. He moved his hand lower, teasing her opening with tiny prods of his finger. 


“Oh Gods, Draco, I want you.” She was arching her back even more now, allowing a better angle for Draco to thrust his cock in between her cheeks. 


Draco started panting heavily and swearing under his breath. He palmed his balls and started massaging them. 


He pushed one finger into her and started pumping. He pressed his thumb against her throbbing clit as she rode his finger until she was squirming, very close to her climax. 


“Look at you, love. I’ve barely touched you and you’re ready to come.” Draco growled the words into her neck, still harshly sliding himself between her cheeks. He removed his thumb from her clit and slid another finger in to stretch her. He sucked and nipped at her earlobe while fucking her with his hand until she was whimpering. 


“I want to come with your cock in my mouth.” She pushed his hands away and spun him, kneeling down in front of him while the warm water spilled over his shoulders and down his chest. Hermione glided her small hands up and down his shaft a few times before flicking her tongue out to taste him. 


Draco felt his bollocks tighten and squeezed them as he stroked his shaft faster. 


Hermione brought his head into her mouth to lightly suck. She looked up at him and pointedly while she slid her hand in between her legs to rub her clit. 


“Fuck!” Draco said it out loud, aware of his imminent climax. 


He gathered up her hair in one hand and held it away from her face. She started bobbing her head, taking most of his cock into her mouth. Small moans were drifting up from her position on her knees and it was making Draco’s hips snap. 


“Oh fuck, Hermione!” Draco started thrusting into his fist, one arm braced against the wall for support. His eyes were still scrunched together in pleasure and he shivered as he felt cool air drift over his body. 


Draco tightened his hold on her hair and reached down to roll her nipple between his fingers. Hermione's moans grew louder, and eventually the sound was sending delicious vibrations through his cock. When she came, she moaned loudly and pushed her head all the way to his base and held it there. She squeezed her eyes shut as the water running down his chest flowed directly over her face. Her throat convulsed from the effort not to choke and it sent Draco to the edge. 


“Fuck yes!” He whispered. Draco felt his balls clench and his body started to stiffen. He heard a small gasp and opened his eyes. 


The bathroom door was slightly ajar, and through the gap he saw a pair of sparkling brown eyes staring down at his swollen member. Her mouth fell open in shock and her face was quickly heating. He should have turned away but it was far too late. He was already on the brink and the sight of her totally unraveled him. 


He thrusted into his hand once more before he let out a strangled cry, and he came hard as she locked eyes with him.