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red eyes

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bakugou stares into his boyfriend's red eyes as they lay in bed facing each other. they are silent, but just by staring each other, it is as if they are loudly talking to each other. a grin spreads across kirishima's face as bakugou continues to look at him. the blond slowly raises his hand, and he cups the red head's face gently. kirishima leans into it, the grin spreading into a big smile, his teeth flashing through. bakugou snickers, and a grin grows on his face as well.

"you're so pretty." bakugou comments without thinking. kirishima widens his eyes, not expecting a compliment like that to fall out of bakugou's mouth. bakugou, noticing kirishima's shock, adds on, "i mean it. even with your weird hair, i have never met anyone as pretty as you." this makes kirishima blush. bakugou begins to close his eyes as he leans in slowly to kirishina's lips. kirishima stiffens at this action. bakugou notices and opens his eyes, "you okay?" he asks with concern. the red head nods, and then adds "i just... haven't kissed anyone in a while and i don't want to disappoint you." bakugou rolls his eyes, "kiri, there's nothing that you can do that'll make me not want to be with you, okay?"

kirishima nods and shrugs, looking away from bakugou. bakugou furrows his brow as he moves kirishima's head to face him. he looks into those red eyes, "hey," his voice is low, in a whisper yet it sounds so loud. "i love you." bakugou says gently, as his hand goes behind kirishima's head, holding on tight. kirshima smiles, a quiet laugh escaping his lips, "i love you too." is the last thing the unbreakable boy says before kissing his boyfriend.

the kiss is gentle, yet it feels like a million fireworks are being set off; it is celebratory. kirshima smiles and laughs into the kiss before deepening it. bakugou hums, his cheeks creating a rosy tint. bakugou bites on kirishima's bottom lip, which makes kirishima chuckle and hum, making bakugou's rosy tint turn redder than ever. they break from the kiss and lean their foreheads on each other and stare into each other's red eyes.

if they both could, they could stare into each other's red eyes for eternity. bakugou leans in and kisses kirishima's cheeks, which makes kirishima smile with his teeth. kirishima could not perfectly describe the feeling of bakugou's kisses being peppering across his cheeks; it is just perfect, it is like magic. bakugou then starts peppering the kisses down his face, all the way to his neck. kirishima grabs onto the back of bakugou's neck and hisses at the feeling.

"is it okay?" bakugou asks in response to the hiss. he looks up at kirishima, staring into those similar yet so different, and perfect red eyes. kirshima smirks and runs that same hand that is on the back of bakugou's head, through his blond hair. "it's more than okay. please-" and before kirishima can say anything else, bakugou is back at kirishima's neck, making the red head's head spin. kirishima makes a noise that makes bakugou give a low laugh, and he moves to kirishima's adam's apple. 

the red head brings the blond's head up and kisses him, taking control of the situation; if bakugou stayed there any longer, kirishima is sure that he would just melt into the bed. bakugou cups kirishima's face and they hold the kiss there. the two boys both do not want to separate from each other; if they could, they would just stay there, laying next to each other, kissing each other for eternity. bakugou takes the initiative and breaks from the long, intense kiss and looks at those red eyes once again. 

and before bakugou can say it, kirishima breaks the loud silence, "i love you." his tone is sweet and soft.

"i love you too."