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Naruto Smut Plot Anthology

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Toy-Bride Tobirama: Version 1


Wanting to make his brother happy by easing along the Senju-Uchiha alliance, Tobirama offers to retire and marry Madara. Tobirama has no real experience as far as sex goes (child soldier, strict parent, unusual appearance, no super social with adults, etc), so he does what Tobirama does best and researches sex acts. 


Tobi offers himself up to Madara to do whatever he wants with, having read up on every sex act that he could find. He wants this marriage to work out very badly, so he keeps coming up with ideas and seals that could make things better for Madara:


  • Seal on his throat that allows him to breathe through his skin so that Madara can keep his cock down Tobi’s throat for hours or even days.
  • Seal on one asscheek that allows for self-lubrication.
  • Seal on his lower back that, when chakra is applied, jump starts the healing process for minor issues (predominantly to bring his asshole right back to virgin tightness). 
  • Seal on his stomach to allow him to get any nutrients that he needs from sperm, regardless of which end that it gets pumped into.
  • (Eventually) Seal over lower abdomen that changes his sex genitalia (simply adding an extra hole with accompanying womb) with added lines that allow him to be impregnated should Madara or whoever activates it fully. Partial activation = new spaces, full activation = knocked up unquestionably.
  • Seal on the back of his neck that puts him to sleep when activated.
  • Seal on his balls that allows him to orgam without physically coming, causing his balls to get more and more backed up.
  • Seal covering most of his back that allows chakra to be added into his system preventing total exhaustion, preventing clones from popping and preventing him from aging.


Hashirama gets sad seeing Madara having so many kids while he only has three (the most Mito was willing to allow), so Madara offers to let him have sex and knock up Tobirama while he’s asleep. He only finds out when he’s finally giving birth that he was carrying his brother’s kids (or that they’ve been gangbanging him a lot since then anytime Madara puts him to sleep).


Madara eventually decides that it isn’t fair that Hashirama has to come over to the Uchiha compound anytime that he wants to use their cum dump. He has Tobirama make four shadow clones (the “add chakra” seals keeping them from popping as long as chakra is applied every so often from someone reasonable powerful, no matter how roughly used). No one bothers deactivating the sleep seal on these, so they’re essentially dolls. They are distributed as follows:


  • The Hokage gets one. No matter who the Hokage is, that particular doll is handed down to the next Hokage/their family when they take office. The Hokage’s job is hard, after all! Stress relief is necessary.
  • The Senju clan head gets one. (yes, this means that Hashirama has two for himself during the time that he’s Hokage. He needed one to birth more children for him, after all.) This doll is used by clan head though may be borrowed by the head’s family. 
  • The Uchiha clan head gets one. With Madara in the works to become the Nidaime Hokage, Izuna became clan head, so this one went to him while Madara kept the original one.
  • The Uchiha clan as a whole got one. This one was kept in a “shrine” at the back of their compound, where anyone who wanted to could go and have their fun with it. Sometimes an infertile couple would have him cleaned out, activate the seal allowing for pregnancy and use him to have their children.


Madara ends up keeping the real Tobi asleep for the last few decades of Madara’s life and taking a real Uchiha bride later. When knows he’s dying (of old age), Madara chooses a day, shoves his cock into Tobi and shoves all of his not-inconsiderable chakra into Tobi and then requests that Tobi, unable to wake unless the seal is intentionally deactivated, be buried with Madara, dick still buried inside him and all. He does so knowing full well that the amount of chakra will allow Tobi’s body to remain preserved for a good 100-200 years.


Nobody questions any of this.

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Toy-Bride Tobirama: Version 2


Same start as the above (rough sex and all) but Tobi only thinks to make the potential pregnancy seal because the Uchiha clan elders are really irritated that Madara got a “whore” and not a wife out of the deal, since Tobi is male.


I mean, they’re not wrong .


Worried that it could cause problems if Madara ends up wanting to divorce him, Tobirama comes up with the cunt + womb seal and offers himself to Madara. They’re still in the respectful phase of their relationship so both are pretty happy (especially Tobi, who adores kids and was on Madara’s dick every chance he got in the hopes of really getting pregnant).


The very first time that he bears Madara’s kids (five), he ends up churning out a kid that tests positive for the ability to use Mokuton.


The clan elders are over the fucking moon . A child with Mokuton and potentially the Sharingan? Sign us the fuck up!


Tobi and Madara hadn’t really planned to have any more children, because five , but the elders made it clear that they felt that Tobi should be popping out kids non-stop on the chance that he might bring more Mokuton users into their clan.


And each time, Tobi gives birth to at least one or two wielders of the Senju favored bloodline.


The clan does agree to send all of these Mokuton users to be trained by Hashirama, since he’s the only one with this power anyway. 


As in the storyline above, Hashirama is sad that Mito is only willing to have three kids. He’s also a bit sad that none of their kids have his Mokuton. Madara, having started seeing Tobi as more of a toy and breeding bitch after years of Tobi being just that, offers up his wife. 


Tobi agrees because he loves his brother and wants to see him happy. 


Hashi has sex with Tobi (coming over every day that week just to make absolutely sure, without question that Tobi will get pregnant with his kids). And sure, he does come over to fuck Tobi a couple times a week after that, but it’s just to make sure that he’ll be loose enough to bear Hashi’s kids later!


Tobi has nine kids by Hashi (five is the most for any of his births with Madara). And after testing them later, they found that four of them tested positive for the Mokuton. Tobi’s eyes are on the kids all happy while Hashi and Madara share a look. Madara takes out a bag full of vials of fertility drinks that he had prepared, figuring that the more children that they filled Tobi with, the faster that they can have a Mokuton army of their own.


He gives one to Tobi and one to Hashi. After drinking them, Hashi stares at the bag, grabs two more and forcibly pours them down Tobi’s throat. Hashi then grabs Tobi’s arm and drags him off to be knocked up again, ignoring the panicked protests.


Tobi gets pregnant with nineteen kids. They have to keep a rotating schedule of med-nin on hand to constantly heal the effects and damage that attempting to have that many kids is having on Tobi’s body.


Hashi gets chastised a bit for that. But only a little bit, since they got eleven Mokuton users out of it.


Hashi feels bad that he’s been hogging Madara’s baby-maker. He offers for the both of them to fuck Tobi at the same time. Madara agrees and they decide for each of them to have one fertility vial each and to knock Tobi out since he seems to not agree with being double penetrated all that well. 


Once they have their dicks in Tobi, Hashi uses his Mokuton to make teeny tiny little tubes inside and use vines to slip them inside of Tobi’s womb. Each tube slips inside of their urethras, to Madara’s confusion, and then connects it directly into one of Tobi’s fallopian tubes. Hashi figures that they can each have one ovary for their own. 


With Madara absolutely down with this plan, the two spend the day pumping their cum right into Tobi’s ovaries, right up until it looks like they might burst if any more is pumped in. Hashi plugs them up and then the move on to fucking Tobi’s asshole with both of their cocks because his cunt was too loose from hours of DP to take one of them alone now.


They meanly tease Tobi with what they did later. 


Tobi ends up with twelve kids, five from Madara and seven from Hashi, with five Mokuton users in total. They decide to keep that up, Tobi forced to bear both of their kids for the rest of his life.


As a side note: every now and again, Tobi would end up birthing an albino just like himself. It ended up being decided that all of the albinos would be treated just like Tobi himself, as breeding toys. They’re sent to a house in the Uchiha compound where they are told from birth that when they got older, they would be “married off” (aka, sold or bartered off) to someone to bear children. The ones related to Hashi would be given to people within the Uchiha clan, while the ones related to Madara would be given to the Senju, to increase the chances of another Mokuton user being born. 

If a Mokuton user happened to also be an albino, they would also be trained by Hashirama though spending a great deal of their time being a fuck toy for the other Mokuton users.

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Uchiha Toybox (possibly as a continuation of V1 Doll Tobi)


There’s no Kyuubi attack/Zetsu/Kaguya in this world.


Both of Naruto’s parents are alive, though the Kyuubi was still transferred to him at birth (safely, because seal masters for the win!). He is best friends with Sasuke, just like their moms are best friends and Itachi is like an older brother to him. His puberty starts a little earlier than usual as a result of all that extra foxiness.


He stumbles upon the Tobi sex doll that Minato (as Hokage) owns and decides to use the hell out of it whenever his parents aren’t home.


Itachi, who has a key to their place, happens to stop by because he wants to borrow one of Kushina sealing scrolls. He happens to see Naruto going to town on the life-like doll (that most people by this point have no idea is technically still a person, it’s assumed that they’re just modeled after the clan heads first wife, especially since no one is knocking them up anymore).


He is… more than a little aroused by it. For some reason he wants someone to treat him like that, like just a toy for someone to jack off into. Like Naruto’s family, Fugaku and Mikoto keep their doll hidden away. They’re only away of the communal toy and, as the clan head’s kids, it would be improper for them to use that cum and piss covered, worn out thing.


Naruto ends up noticing him and when Itachi mentions how he feels, Naruto is all too happy to take the clan heir for a ride. 




But Itachi comes back the next day for more and works hard to try and take the kid’s oversized cock. He starts studying the seals on the doll and eventually figures out what they’re for. He ends up applying the breathing seal to himself (he’s had too many close calls with Naruto nearly killing him). 


Little by little, he ends up applying all but the last three seals to his own body to increase Naruto’s pleasure. With the last seal (cunt/womb seal), Naruto asks him to add that on so that he has another hole to fuck. Itachi is reluctant, not wanting to get pregnant. They realize that he can only get pregnant if Naruto activates the seal fully while there is cum inside of him.


Naruto swears that he won’t do this.


But then he’s fucking Itachi and it’s such a nice hole! So he doesn’t feel guilty at all about fully activating the seal just as he’s coming inside of Itachi. Itachi squirms and pleads but all Naruto has to do is hold him down and keep fucking him for the Uchiha to quiet down.


A couple months later, Itachi has to tell his parents that he’s pregnant with Naruto’s kids, to their alarm.


Sasuke chimes in that he’s pregnant too! Same dad and all!


(Itachi is a very capable ninja, after all. He’s away on missions all the goddamn time! Of course, Naruto still needed someone to take care of his dick. Who better than Sasuke, always happy to do whatever Itachi is doing?)


Fugaku and Mikoto are understandably not pleased and confront the Namikazes about it with Naruto in the room. His parents ask why he would do that sort of thing. Naruto’s answer:


“Uchihas are really, really easy. Once you bend them over and get your cock in them, you can do whatever you want to them! Itachi and Sasuke are both better fighters than me. If they didn’t want to be pregnant, they wouldn’t be!”


All the parents are shocked and the Uchihas are pretty pissed that someone would talk about their kids this way. But Minato and Kushina are quiet and thoughtful.


Because… he’s not wrong.


The two share a look. They’ve had fantasies about luring their prudish best friends into their bed. The idea that it could be as easy as simply forcing them to take it


Well, it was worth a try. 


Kushina asks to speak with them in private. She takes Mikoto’s arm and Minato takes Fugaku’s and they lead the two unknowing Uchiha to their bedroom. Along the way, Kushina subtly applies the genitalia change seal to herself (she likes to have a lot of fun with her husband, after all). Where they proceed to throw them on their bed and fuck them.


Naruto was right. Despite all of the shouting and grumbling and protests (especially when both were forcibly knocked up in that first round), neither Uchiha actually really tried to fight them off.


It took keeping the pair tied up and used over the course of two days to get them to come to terms with the new path of their life. 


Again, so easy .


They have all four send shadow clones back over to their compound (Itachi making Sasuke’s) with chakra adding seals to keep up appearances, while the whole family essentially became sex slaves.


But it doesn’t end there. Minato decides that he shouldn’t be the only one that gets to have this sort of fun. Little by little, he starts sending word out to others about the Uchiha, with the list of seals and a notice to make sure to leave shadow clones in their place.


The first to go were those Uchiha on a small team: 

  • Kakashi took Obito home, drugged his meal to make him lax but not unconscious, and spent the weekend making him orgasm over and over again on his cock before leaving Obito with his dogs to play with (fucking his ass, cunt and mouth and lapping at his cock way past sensitivity. By the time Kakashi got back, Obito’s balls were so large that he was hips were lifted up slightly by them, one of the dogs having activated that particular seal “accidentally.” It might of been Kakashi’s fault for including all of those seals in the first place.
  • On the Anbu mission that Kakashi had gone on, he acted as lookout on their way back, allowing Tenzo ample time to pull Shisui behind a set of bushes and fuck obedience into the flustered teen.
  • Various jounin-sensei were given first pick to take their Uchiha genin home with them. If they weren’t interested, they were given the choice of offering the Uchiha to a specific teammate or making them the team’s fuck toy on travels.


After all of those were paired up,  Minato and Kushina and a group of their most trusted Anbu went to the Uchiha compound and took it in one night. While the Anbu knocked out all of the compound guards (with permission to take home any that met their fancy), Minato and Kushina applied seals to the entire compound, knocking everyone unconscious. After that, they went in and applied individual sleep seals.


They then gave all the clan heads, the elders and a few important teachers or civilians the opportunity to take their pick of new sluts.

  • Families were often taken as a group.
  • Hiashi and Hizashi scoured the Uchiha’s clan records for a pair of identical twins that they could take home and share between them. A couple more were given to their clan elders and the strongest of their warriors. Possibly one more for communal use. Most clans more or less followed this model. 
  • Tsuma picked up a family of five for her personal family, in addition to the ones for the rest of her clan. She kept the eldest daughter for herself, gave the middle son to Hana, and the youngest daughter to Kiba and Akamaru. Their parents were given to her and Hana’s dogs to use. 
  • Shibi took a husband and wife pair for his family, keeping the husband for himself and giving the wife to Shino for easier impregnation. In addition for the clan use Uchiha, he also got a teen boy to use as an incubator for his various insects. He would be left with his legs tied open wide as various types of insects made his new womb or intestines into a warm wet home.
  • And so on. A couple of Uchiha were kept in reserve to be given to exceptional new graduates from the academy that didn’t already own a Uchiha. 
  • Minato also made an edict that, every now and again, you had to breed your Uchiha with another Uchiha to keep up the supply of new cum dumps.


It was quite some time before Jiraiya heard about all of this, only when he happened to come back into the village (it was a very well kept secret). Minato offered him his choice of Uchiha of the ones remaining. None of the Uchiha were particularly busty or his type, but he did end up taking the Tobi doll that had belonged to the Uchiha clan head (He could seal it away which made it nice and easy to use on the go. He also had been aware of who Tobi used to be and would wake him up every now and again to talk seals while bouncing the albino on his cock).


A couple months later he ends up tracking down Orochimaru (defected in this timeline too). And it makes him think. Oro is pretty, like a Uchiha. Maybe he’d submit like one too?


No. Nope. He had to wake up his Tobi doll to get help knocking Oro out so he could drag him back to Konoha. He ends up putting Oro in the abandoned Uchiha clan head’s home and applying all of the seals to him. By the time Oro gets woken up again, he’s been pregnant for seven months and Jiraiya’s just waking him up for one last fuck before he leaves for another trip. He’s grabbed the Uchiha’s communal doll to take with him and leaves the clan head doll to take care of Oro and his soon to be born children.


Oro tries to get the doll to release him later to no avail. Tobi doll only exists for the happiness of the village and allowing a missing nin to spend the rest of his life tied to a bed popping out kids kind of helps with that.


He suggests that Tobi doll dig up the real Tobi in Madara’s grave. Oro’s got seven kids inside him, dude’s gonna need help.


Which is fair.


Unfortunately, real Tobi is also having none of Oro’s shit, despite being a teensy bit alarmed to be told that he was buried alive stuck by rigor mortis to his husband’s cock (also that he’d been unconscious for close to a hundred years and Hashi was dead ).


Jiraiya comes back a couple months later to see the two Tobis, shrugs and knocks Oro up again since that’s all he came there for. He does mention the newly alive real Tobi to Minato who is fucking estactic, not having been aware that the Tobis were real people or that the real Tobi was still alive. He and Kushina DP the real Tobi to make it a contest of who manages to knock him up first before sending him back to take care of Oro until he gets close to his delivery date.


Naruto wakes up his family’s Tobi doll and proceeds to knock him up as well. Unfortunately for that doll, Naruto likes seeing a full belly and plugs up the doll and puts him to sleep when not in use. 


And then, as a new genin, goes on a long term mission.


The doll is massive and two months overdue when Naruto gets back. Of course, he fucks him in the ass a couple more times and fills him with more cum before he finally wakes the doll up, unplugs his cunt and lets him give birth. 


Did I mention that the doll was already carrying eleven kids? Eleven, now two months old, kids?


The doll did NOT appreciate this. Naruto had to shove his cock down the dolls throat to stifle his cursing and screams as Itachi helped deliver the babies. He had to (at Naruto’s horrible suggestion), slowly work both of his arms fully into the doll, stretch open his cervix and pull the oversized infants out.


That might have had something to do with the screaming.


Everyone (but the Uchiha) lived happily ever after.

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The Baby Alpha


So, in this world the whole A/B/O dynamic exists but is mostly unheard of. The Uzumaki and a handful of pack-like clans (Inuzuka, Hatake) were aware of it, though they didn’t really speak of it outside of their clans.


Mostly because 99% of people were betas outside of those clans. 


The Uzumaki clan, back when they existed, had the highest concentration of both Alphas and Omegas.


While most people had this ability, Alphas could drape areas with the chakra (similar to Killing Intent but very, very possessive).


Draping one’s chakra over someone the Alpha considers theirs instills a feeling of blissful happiness and a sense of obedience, even in betas.


It is very, very hard for people to actively lie to their Alpha, let alone disobey them or do anything that would make them said.


Alphas claim someone permanently by biting their necks. Simply draping them with their chakra isn’t a permanent claim but nonetheless says, “this person is someone close to me, I love them, look how pretty!”


Naruto was going to be an alpha. Obviously, with no clan and all of his parent’s friends forced away, he wasn’t aware of this, let alone any kind of Alpha etiquette. 


On the wave mission, Naruto had started to unintentionally lightly drape his chakra over his teammates. It was so light that even Kakashi, that had grown up being draped with his father, Kushina and Minato’s chakra (even if it’s been so painfully long since then), hadn’t noticed.


When Sasuke ‘died’ during the wave mission, Naruto felt such an overwhelming feeling of “that was mine! ” that he not only accessed the Kyuubi’s chakra but he draped a nearly overwhelming layer of chakra over the bridge, startling everyone.


The battle ended pretty soon after that, with Haku quickly letting Naruto know that Sasuke was not, in fact, dead. The moment those words had left his mouth, Zabuza was grabbing his protege and disappearing. 


He knew exactly what an Alpha was and this one, young as he was, would likely kill them for harming what was his if given half the chance.


(He wouldn’t have. Naruto was too focused on making sure that Sasuke was okay and coming to terms with the fact that Haku was the ‘pretty girl’ from the forest.)


The next day, once Sasuke was up (though Kakashi was half on bed rest from his wounds), he and Naruto ended up in the forest area while Sakura was overseeing the continued building of the bridge (Kakashi had killed Gato and company, the guys confused by the lack of missing nin to double cross).


Sasuke had grumbled and grunted his way through admitting that they were kind of, potentially, in some very loose terms, friends.


And Naruto… Naruto had felt that familiar sensation of “this is mine,” creep up on him. He didn’t really know what to truly do what those feelings, so he just followed his instincts.


Which was to drag Sasuke behind the nearest set of bushes, push him onto his back on the ground and fuck the living daylights out of him while draping him with such a heavy layer of chakra could barely put two thoughts together to protest, let alone fight Naruto off. Especially once Naruto bit him properly.


It was like being drugged with the strongest aphrodisiac there was. 


Nearly six hours later, the two wandered back, only mostly clean from the river, though Sasuke was struggling to hide his limp. Sakura had noticed the limp and assumed that Sasuke had hurt himself training.


Kakashi had immediately scented the left over cum on Sasuke and had mentally cursed Kushina, Minato, the Hokage, Haku, Zabuza, the concept of Alphas and this entire goddamn town just to round things off.


He really wanted no part in dealing with this. 


But he had to.


Especially with Naruto laying his chakra over everyone much more obviously now.


So that night, while they all bundled into their futons, Kakashi explained the concept of Alphas to them. 


Somehow this was both a good thing and a mistake.


On the one hand, this was absolutely essential information for both Naruto and his teammates.


On the other hand, Kakashi could feel that layer of chakra getting heavier and heavier with every sentence, Naruto so deeply pleased to hear anything about him , about his clan, and people that might have known him, once upon a time. 


Soon Naruto was crawling into Kakashi futon wanting to be even closing as Kakashi continued speaking. Which was fine and fair enough.


But then Kakashi started smelling pre-cum. And the next thing he knew, Naruto was climbing up on top of him, pulling his sleeping pants down and just slipping right inside him.


In front of his wide-eyed students.


And he couldn’t even bring himself to actually fight this.


All he could do was continue talking in between telling the blond to please not do this, it wasn’t okay to just force himself inside anyone he pleased. 


Naruto agreed, promising to only put his cock inside people that were his . Which surely included Kakashi as his jounin-sensei.

And Sakura?


Not Sakura. The girl was very happy that Naruto was so distracted with Kakashi and his tight hole to agree to not climb on her next or ever.


Sasuke was fair game, though. So once he had bitten Kakashi and filled him twice, he crawled over to Sasuke and filled him again, to Sakura’s blushing horror.


The trip back involved the two of them being bent over at every long break. Sakura found herself growing both somewhat desensitized to and aroused by it over the few weeks it took to get back.


Then came the Chuunin exams.


Unfortunately Naruto gets separated from his teammates during the Death section of the exams, leaving him unable to defend his team from Orochimaru or the subsequent Sound nin. 


When he returns and sees Sasuke unconscious and Sakura defending their him, beaten, battered and just barely awake…


He. Is. Livid .


The rage in his chakra is enough to cover a wide range of the forest for a brief moment, scaring the hell out of damn near everyone, before condensing back to just a couple feet around him in every direction. He stays with his team to defend them while they get in enough rest to continue with the exam. 


(Orochimaru flees the forest because… um, holy shit, what was that??? Has he been discovered????)


Gaara feels that chakra from where his team is, nearing the tower and chooses to turn back and head for it. (Temari and Kakuro don’t protest because… it’s Gaara .) That chakra is just so powerful. Powerful enough to startle Mother into silence for the first time in Gaara’s memory.


It’s… lovely .


When Gaara gets to Naruto, the sight of an enemy nin has Naruto growling and amping up the weight of his chakra two-fold. Kankuro and Temari keep very far away, certain that this would end up as a bloodbath… and they weren’t sure who would win.


But Gaara just steps closer. 


So Naruto weighs him down more.


And Gaara takes another step.


And again, Naruto weighs him down further, though some confusion is bleeding into his expression.


And finally, finally, Gaara falls to his knees, looking… happy?


The killing intent fades from Naruto’s chakra though the weight remains the same. Gaara crawls closer and closer and just climbs right into Naruto’s lap like a very happy cat and sighs limply into his shoulder. 


So, of course, Naruto decides that Gaara belongs to him now and acts accordingly. Gaara’s siblings watch in horror as their little brother (cold, scary, Bijuu-containing, powerful Gaara) is made to bounce up and down on an enemy genin’s lap.


For hours.


And Gaara, newly claimed, just takes it like it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him, clutching onto Naruto and happily wringing every ounce of cum out of Naruto’s balls.


Sakura watches this whole thing both baffled and resigned. Sasuke wakes up towards the end of all of this, after hours of fucking. Before he could get uncertain and jealous at the thought of being replaced, Naruto calls Sasuke over to take Gaara’s place on his cock. Gaara is taken off and gently set aside curling up around Naruto to take a nap for the first time in years.


(Temari meets Sakura’s eyes from their spot pretty far away and raises her eyebrows, clearly wanting to ask about all of this. Sakura just sighed and shrugged, waving a hand as if to say, “Best not to question it.” The remaining Sand siblings are kind of fucking over Konoha’s nonsense.


Gaara wants to stay forever .)


The exams continue on as usual. Lee is defeated but not injured more than scratches because Gaara is still pretty blissed out.


Neji is still an asshole to Hinata. After Naruto defeats him in the semi-finals and the other matches are going on, Neji takes Naruto aside to talk to him. That conversation, of course, ends with Neji bent over a bench sporting a neck bite and a heavy belly full of cum.


The invasion occurs, but it’s stopped much more easily. Mostly because Gaara makes it very clear that anything that would obviously make Naruto sad is not allowed by his family and he would kill them for it if he has to.


(He realizes that killing his siblings would probably fall on that list too. It’s fortunate that the two surrendered to him easily.)


Hiruzen still dies at Orochimaru’s hands. Naruto is just so confused and devastated at the thought that Hiruzen could die that he can’t even find the energy for anger. 


Sasuke, to no one’s knowledge, has been quietly living with Naruto to give the blond easy access to his holes. He keeps having problems with his seal. It irritates Naruto so much that he bites Sasuke again and just pours so much chakra into his body that it overloads the seal and destroys it. 


Not that Sasuke notices with Naruto pouring his fourth load into him at the same time.


He’s very happy to know that Sasuke just feels like he’s doubly his!


He and Jiraiya bring Tsunade back to town. 


Kakashi advises them to live apart for a little bit. Eyes will be more heavily on Naruto what with the new regime change. Naruto grumbles but lets Sasuke quietly move in with Kakashi (only because he lives closer than the Uchiha district).


Then Itachi shows up. In the middle of the night there is a knock on his door and when he opens it, Itachi and Kisame are there.


It’s not hard to recognize Itachi as Sasuke’s brother, what with the distinctly Uchiha facial features and, you know, the Sharingan.


Naruto’s eyes widen and all his could think about is that this is the brother of someone who is his. This is the person that caused his most precious possession so much pain . But he’s also a Uchiha and so goddamn pretty and as subtly powerful as Gaara was blatantly powerful and Naruto wanted nothing more than to own him in every conceivable way. His head was just a jumbled spiral of lust and rage and Mine .


And with that thought, almost against his will, Naruto found himself bringing all of his chakra and an alarming amount of the Kyuubi’s chakra to bear, more than he had ever used before, enough that he sprouted four chakra tails all at once.


And Itachi crumbled like a puppet with its strings cut. Even Kisame, who was (thankfully) not the focus of all of that intent, found himself forced to his knees for the first time in his life, unable to even get up.


And that was amazing .


There were so few alphas outside of the Uzumaki clan. Kisame, while a beta, was the closest thing that most people got to meeting Alphas due to his sheer power. 


And here was an Alpha that could bring him to his knees. Kisame was more than a little bit dazzled by the mere thought of it.


And then that blond slowly turned his head to make eye contact with him and chills ran down his spine. 


So he bared his throat to the kid. It wasn’t like he was going to be able to bring himself to fight the little jinchuuriki. With a wide, sharp smile, Naruto bit into Kisame and marked him as his .


Kisame helped bring Itachi inside and lay him down on Naruto’s bed. 


Poor Itachi, who spent the next hour and a half that he was unconscious being filled over and over and over as Naruto fucked his sleeping body into submission. Kisame spent the first hour watching before Naruto glanced at him in confusion, his chakra nudging at Kisame.


He could feel traces of Kisame’s chakra all over Itachi even though Kisame wasn’t an Alpha. While he couldn’t do with his chakra what Naruto could, he did like to drape his chakra over Itachi when he noticed the younger man (at that time a boy) having nightmares. When asked if he would have liked to become Itachi’s Alpha, the answer was of course, yes.


So Naruto sat Itachi up on his lap and let Kisame shove his way into Itachi’s hole from behind alongside Naruto’s cock. He also allowed Kisame to bite Itachi once on a free space on his shoulder.


Itachi woke up dazed and much too full. He attempted to struggle, earning a sharp chakra filled bite from Naruto. 


And another one.


And another one.


And on and on until Itachi was a sobbing mess in their arms, barely able to remember who and where he was. It was then that Naruto asked why he had killed their clan and hurt Sasuke so much. 


And Itachi whimpered trying so hard to hold his tongue or lie but struggling with it, earning himself another bite.


Kisame pulled them all into a lying position allowing them to earn cries out of Itachi causing his mouth to open and his secrets to spill out and the two filled him with another load of cum.


And Naruto had thought that he’d hated Itachi. That he’d hated Orochimaru. No, more than anyone else, right now Naruto hated Danzo Shimura. 


And that hate only grew as a confused Kisame started questioning the story and pulling out all the little signs of manipulation.


(Kisame came from the Bloody Mist. He knew a bloodline culling when he heard one.)


Naruto found himself pulling out of his new possession, leaving him in Kisame’s care and streaking through the night towards Danzo, the fox part of him easily picking out that heavy thread of malice.


Naruto wasn’t the only one heading that way. His chakra was dark, vengeful and heavy, not unlike the night of the Kyuubi attack.


And every single ninja in the areas that Naruto passed found themselves waking up in a panic.


Including Tsunade. 


She met up with Naruto just was the blond destroyed the wall of Danzo’s bedroom. Naruto was all too happy to shout everything about Danzo that he’d heard from Itachi and Kisame. Of his part in the massacre and of Root.


(Danzo hadn’t expected Tsunade to believe the blond. Missing nin can lie, after all and he was a well respected councilman. Nevermind this randomness about knowing it was fact because he was Itachi’s Alpha, whatever that meant.


But Tsunade understood . She was 1/4th Uzumaki and had spent a great deal of time with Grandma Mito as a child. If Naruto had managed to claim Itachi, as strong as he was, there was zero chance of this being a lie.


And how DARE he. )


Danzo (and the many Root agents were called to his aid) found himself torn asunder in short order.


Later on, all the clan heads were justifiably pissed that something like the Uchiha massacre had happened under their noses. The other council members were more angry that Danzo hadn’t received a trial or anything with a chance to prove his innocence.


(He had multiple Sharingan , we’re all reasonably certain that he was guilty.)


The council members and even the clan heads were all admittedly wary of the idea that Itachi (and Kisame) were being allowed to just… hang out with their jinchuuriki like they weren’t missing nin that could turn on them at any moment in time instead of being locked up.


Tsunade explained the whole deal with Alphas and assured them that they weren’t going to act out because of it.


This is met with disbelieving stares.


So Tsunade brings Naruto over and offers any one in the room the chance at a temporary chakra draping just to get an idea of it.


Tsume agrees because it’s her first time meeting a real Alpha and she’s amused as fuck about it.


So Naruto drapes his chakra on her, around the amount that he had used for Kakashi so as not to overwhelm her.


It was pretty great. Her teammates (Hiashi and Shibi) have to hold her back when she pulled Naruto into her arms and offered to marry him. Or even offer one of her kids in marriage, they’re pretty cute too.


(Naruto can admit he considered it.) 


The clan heads all reluctantly agree to leave well enough alone. (Tsunade may have implied that good will is the only thing stopping Naruto from making them all subservient to him and well… they haven’t exactly built up any good will, huh?)


A couple weeks later, Kakashi notices the scent of a mother with cubs in Sasuke. He hadn’t noticed it earlier because… Sasuke normally smells of Naruto’s jizz.


A little confused, he asks Hinata to check on a day that everyone is over at Naruto’s house. And when it turns out that Sasuke is indeed pregnant (with six kids!!), he asks her to check him (“only two”).


At which point he realizes that Naruto has likely knocked up a large chunk of people.

  • Sasuke - 6
  • Kakashi - 2
  • Gaara - 5
  • Neji - 3
  • Kisame - 3
  • Itachi - 11 (9 of Naruto’s, 2 of Kisame’s apparently)
  • Iruka - 2 (Kakashi has no idea when this fucking happened)


Kakashi is entirely over all of this.


The Uchiha compound becomes the Uzumaki compound since Naruto happily intended to fill it with his kids. Everyone moves in there. Including Gaara once his family gets word that he’s probably pregnant.


A couple months later, Obito pops into Konoha to try and figure out what the heck happened with Kisame and his cousin. He makes the mistake of popping in right wherever he sensed Itachi’s chakra to be. 


Which was in Itachi’s old room, currently unconscious and being filled by Naruto. 


Naruto had seen Obito, felt a chakra that said “Uchiha” and thought, “Welp, this is mine now,” and hit him with the same amount of chakra that had dropped Itachi.


But Obito was stronger, both physically and in will and only fell to his knees. So of course, Naruto dragged him to the next room over and proceeded to tie him down and fill him as he bit the struggling man over and over and over. It took nearly three days of nearly non-stop fucking and fourteen bites to get Obito to submit.


And then Naruto added four more bites and four more days of fucking for good measure.


People came to the door to slip Naruto food but no one bothered to enter because Naruto just got like this sometimes.


Once he got Obito all nice and calm, he realized that this was yet another Akatsuki nin and decided that this whole thing kinds needed to be nipped in the bud.


So he had Obito make a shadow clone and use the clone to talk each member of the Akatsuki to teleport with Obito for a mission…


Only to be dropped into the room Naruto had prepared for them for express use. 


One by one, they were brought in and used. Once Naruto had gotten all of the Akatsuki members, he had given Obito to Kakashi in exchange for being allowed to knock him up just one more time. Happy to have his old friend (and eventual bride/fuck toy) back in his life, Kakashi had agreed.


Within two months, every member of the Akatsuki aside from Zetsu found themselves as nothing more than fucktoys.


Especially Hidan. Who was all too happy to tell Naruto about his immortality and all the ways that he could be torn apart and used as a perfect little toy for his new god.


Six months later found Hidan as a heavily pregnant torso on the bed, his arms and legs in a repurposed umbrella bucket by the room door and his head on the other side of the room being used as a cock sleeve for Naruto’s cock before being eventually tossed aside to roll under the bed once Naruto had finished with it, Hidan’s happy giggles fading as Naruto left the room.


It wouldn’t be long at all before the Uzumaki compound was nice and bustling once again.

Chapter Text

What brothers are for


One day Hashirama wakes up for a drink of water and when he passes by Tobirama's room, he hears lots of quiet grunting and the sound of flesh slapping flesh.


So, he peeks into the room and sees his father fucking his little brother. He's pretty sure that Tobirama is asleep because he's not tensed or anything. So he just stands there and watches as Butsuma hammers his little brother into the futon with abandon. 


(He's always known that Tobirama sleeps like the dead while at home. Tobi had said that feeling the chakra of only family nearby let him feel safe enough to sleep that deeply, which he didn't do outside their home.)


Butsuma must have known that as well because he was rough with Tobi. Nails digging into his hips, Tobi's body jerking roughly and being moved around like an overgrown doll, the way Tobi's anal walls seemed to prolapse just a bit every time Butsuma pulled out, the albino clearly not having been stretched enough to handle a cock as big as his father's, etc.


Hashi watched, silently palming himself until his dad finished inside of Tobi. Butsuma only bothered with the most cursory of wipe ups before redressing his son and leaving the room as Hashi quietly scrambled away.


It should go without saying that Hashi snuck in after (though he waited a bit to make sure that Butsuma had gone to bed).


He took off his own pants and wasted no time sinking his cock into Tobi. His brother was warm, wet with their father's juices… and loose.


So he presses a little healing chakra to Tobi's asshole and that was MUCH better, making his brother grip him as tightly as he'd been gripping their father.


He obviously ends up spending a couple of hours enjoying the pleasures of losing his virginity in Tobi. When he's done he also only gives Tobi a cursory wipe up (the moment the boy sits up, cum will undoubtedly start leaking out of him. How does their father explain that??), though he is kind enough to heal him just a little bit, just enough to deal with the tears that come with having multiple too large cocks taking you for a ride without properly opening you up first.


The next morning, it was like nothing happened. No one was acting weird at all! Hashi realized that it must have been a regular occurrence for Tobi not to question it. Either Tobi was aware that he was being used or father had explained it away somehow.


Either way, Hashi intended to do again.


After a couple weeks, Hashi got tired of only being able to fuck Tobi in the middle of the night (and also just tired from interrupting his sleep) and decided to get Tobi to help him out during the day when father wasn't around.


Not immediately, of course. He started touching Tobi more, pulling him into his lap whenever Tobi was trying to read a scroll and having him just read it there. There were kisses on the cheek that grew too close to the lips, hugs with hands that wandered too close to the ass, etc. He spends a lot of nights making sure to cum enough with Tobi's ass that he can only barely even get hard during the day even if he wanted to (much easier than having to hide near constant boners!).


Then one day, when he has Tobi on his lap, after a night of not touching his little brother at all, Hashi obviously gets hard.


He brings this problem to Tobi's attention and, to Hashi's shock, the boy didn't even know what an erection was! So obviously, Tobi rushes to apologise while simultaneously chiding his Anija for not getting Tobi off his lap sooner if he's in pain.


It takes a bit to calm Tobi down and then Hashi explains that it's not a horrible pain or anything, just swollen from being rubbed against. He pulls Tobi back into his lap and offers to show him.


He shoves a hand down Tobi's pants and starts jerking him off. He keeps going until he's pushed Tobi through orgasm.


And then another one.


And another one.


Tobi is dazed and whimpering and pliable in his arms, and has long since stopped protesting. Satisfied, Hashi tells him that it's time to help Anija with his own problem and turns Tobi around so that they can be facing each other when Hashi sinks his cock into a barely conscious Tobi.


He spends his time in Tobi telling him what a good little brother he was, how perfect he felt around Hashi's cock, how kind it was to help his big brother like this, and so on.


Tobi, not used to receiving much praise, even from Hashi, is delighted, already thinking of making sure to get Hashi hard at every opportunity so that he can do this and earn more praise.


(He has no idea of just how easy this will be. Or how sore he'll be since Hashi will sometimes forget to heal Tobi afterwards. If it's not the soreness of his ass, it'll be the chafing in his back or chest from being fucked into the floor by his brother. Or the headaches he'll wake up with from being fucked too close to a wall in his sleep, his head banging against it with every thrust. Or the lingering pain from the hickeys littering his body and the hand/nail marks on his hips. Or the sore throat and sore cheeks after Hashi taught him how to use his mouth "properly.")


 A couple months later, he meets Madara and is just so happy. Happy enough to be slightly distracted from using Tobi's holes for the first time.


He spends a lot of time with Madara, talking and playing and training. Once, after he goads Madara into wrestling with him, he notices Madara getting hard under him. He offers to help Madara take care of it.


Madara, like the prudish Uchiha that he is, gives Hashi a hard no to all of that.


Not one to take no for an answer, Hashi rolls his eyes, pins Madara down and jerks him off until his friend is no longer struggling against it. And then twice more for good measure. 


The next day he brings Tobi with him to their spot at the river and tells Madara that he should get his own little brother to help him out like Tobi helps him. Madara, who understands that this shit is incest, is understandably alarmed. 


Hashi pulls Madara into his lap and has Tobi give Madara a blow job and then a ride, whispering all the while how easy it would be to get this at home if he let Izuna take care of him, like a good brother would. Wouldn't he like to see Izuna's lips wrapped around his cock? Wouldn't he like to wake up and shove his morning wood into a nice, tight hole and fuck all of his worries away? Start the day off fresh? Fall asleep with his cock stretching Izuna's asshole and wake up with his sheets nice and dry because Izuna took it all inside him?


Needless to say, by his third orgasm (clutching the nearly unconscious Tobi's head to his groin as he shot it down his throat), Madara was well and truly converted.


Once they lay Tobi aside (fully unconscious now, face splattered with cum and even more cum leaking out from the puddle of it in his mouth and ass), Hashi happily laid out exactly how he had managed to make a fucktoy out of his brother and make him ask for it.


(Hashi would again forget to heal his brother. He did remember to clean his brother up… but only his face. The cum dried and caked into his hair or dripping down his legs was forgotten about.)


Eventually, once Madara had time to train up his brother into a proper whore, Hashi suggested bringing Izuna along on their play dates. It took some doing to get the overly suspicious Izuna to come along but Hashi was glad he did.


Izuna was just as cute as his Tobi!


And he made sure to very bluntly say as much.


Like his brother, Izuna was pretty easily flustered, though he calmed down from it much quicker (he was cute, it makes sense for even people outside of his clan to notice it!).


As Madara pulled Tobi into his lap for a make out session, all too quick to free Tobi of his clothes and get his cock where it belonged, Hashi went to work on Izuna.


He pulled Izuna into a tight hug, one hand going down the back of his pants to work at his hole, praising him for taking such good care of Madara all the while.


While Izuna didn't actually want someone that wasn't his brother inside of him, Hashi was hard to say no to. So it wasn't long before the two younger brothers found themselves on their backs side by side with cocks using their holes to jerk out load after load.


Several years passed this way.


Butsuma and Tajima of course get suspicious of the comings and goings of their eldest, but this time both Izuna and Tobi were invested in keeping the pair of friends happy, even becoming friends themselves. So their fathers were told that they were training.


This was actually true.


Both Uchihas and Tobi made sure that some training got done. And after a hard day of work, there would be a lovely pair of asses for the future clan heads to reward themselves with.


All four learned from each other and also used the sex as a reason to refine their power.


The Uchihas were forced to learn how to make fireballs while in the throes of pleasure. Madara (with modifications from Tobi) even got to the point of being able to control the thinness and heat of his flames, spitting out tiny ultra hot balls of fire like bullets even with Izuna on his lap, without causing any harm.


Hashi gained fine motion control over his plants, using them not only to bind their sluts but to fuck them with. He and Madara once watch as Hashi pushed thin vines into Izuna and Tobi's asses, running them all the way up until they were coming out of their mouths. 


And then he added a bit of chakra to them and had them grow until they were the size of Butsuma's fat cock, forcing all of their organs to stretch or move aside to accommodate the fat coil of soft vines slithering through them like snakes. Even if they had wanted to protest this, they couldn’t. They were choked on the vines and their wrists and ankles were bound together behind them, bending them backwards almost in half, making the movements of the thick vines within them all the more visible. 


Hashi also increased his range. All he had to do was leave a see already filled with his chakra inside Izuna or Tobi bodies and he could fill them up with a wooden dildo wherever they were, even as far as the Uchiha compound.


A handful of times, Madara had offered to get the dildo out of his brother. He had to first stretch Izuna’s hole open enough to fit his whole hand inside. And then he reached in… but it kept moving deeper and deeper inside of Izuna, until he couldn’t reach it even with his whole arm inside of the younger Uchiha. And, on the few occasions that he actually managed to get hold of the dildo, it would seem to slip from his grasp whenever he got it close to being pulled out, causing Madara to unintentionally fuck his brother with it.


(Madara would forever be grateful for the med-nin lessons and brotherly manipulation tips he had gotten from Hashi. He was surprisingly cunning.)


When Hashi and Madara finally grew old enough to step onto the main battlefield with their fathers (having only gone on regular missions before now), they were very alarmed to see each other on opposite sides.


They took each other on and Madara told Hashi to spar with him but make it look good so that their fathers wouldn’t realize that something was going on. They were decently matched after all.


(He then had to hiss at Hashi to not fucking smile because they were enemies , goddammit. Act like it!)


Tobi had already known by their chakra that Izuna and Madara were Uchiha (he had assumed that it was known to all but just not said).


Izuna was pissed . But he eventually calmed down when Madara explained that the addition of a last name didn’t suddenly and magically change either Tobi or Hashi’s personality. Didn’t he like them? Hadn’t they been helpful and kind to the both of them??


Which, fair.


Hashi and Madara met up and decided that they probably couldn’t meet up like this anymore. Doing it as clueless children was one thing. Actively meeting up with someone that they are well aware is an enemy is a level of treason that even they could potentially be executed for.


So they came up with the idea that once the two of them were clan heads, they would broker peace for the clans through marriage, each of them marrying the other’s younger brother. Until then, they couldn’t meet.


(Though that didn’t stop Hashi from using his wood dildo on Izuna every now and again.)


Years later, after their dads died, they brought the peace through marriage up with their clans. Both clans wanted no part of the plan at first but eventually came around on it (because they thought of it as mutually assured destruction of a sort).


Tobi and Izuna were eventually married off to their brother’s best friend. 

As co-Hokages, Hashi and Madara chose to move into a home together closer to the Administration building, leaving their closets cousins, Toka Senju and Hikaku Uchiha, to handle the day to day aspects of their respective clans.


Tobi and Izuna weren’t seen again after that day. Both were kept stuck in their homes as sex toys. If only because Madara or Hashi would bind them up, use their bodies and then forget to cut them loose before heading out to work. And well, when they came back to see their whores all pretty and bound and covered/stuffed with cum, well… of course they would have to have another go, right? After which they would fall asleep, leaving their brothers still bound. 


The days they spent unbound became fewer and farther between. The two would become just breathing toys for Madara and Hashi and the children of whatever future concubines they would bring into their homes. (None of these women would ever see Tobi and Izuna, they were kept in a sealed room at the back of their house, only accessible by the two of them.)


In an alternate ending, Mito would, as part of her treaty with Konoha, offer a set of seals for their archive. One of which, Madara would notice, allowed men to get pregnant.


It should go without saying that things would not get better for the younger brothers. Instead of being bound to beds, they would find themselves stuck in wooden stocks. Every year their bellies would hang lower and lower with more and more children as they became nothing more than breeding cows. 


Pretty, pretty Izuna would find his chest growing bloated massively with milk, to the point of near-obscenity. In addition to birthing kids, he would be milked ruthlessly every day to fill multiple gallon sized jugs with milk for the family’s meals and to feed the babies.


Tobi would have his cock stretched open with vines, and clear paths to both his balls and his bladder made. Madara would take the eggs of his personal messenger and summon hawks and push them into Tobi, filling his bladder and his balls with them to keep them nicely warm and incubated until it was time for the chicks to be born.


Both of their assholes would be kept perpetually tight with healing chakra, allowing their husbands to always have a virgin tight hole for use after a long day. Sure, sometimes those holes would be made too tight, with a cock already within them, causing those holes to be pulled inside out along with the fat dicks hammering them. But even if a little too much got pulled out, well, those holes were essentially fleshlights, anyway. No harm in making that literal.


Chapter Text

Rebuilding the Clan


Naruto went away with Jiraiya to find Tsunade after Hiruzen's death.


As much as Jiraiya would like to say that it was to spend some time with his godson, it was really because of Naruto's Sexy Jutsu. He talked the blond into making "her" appearance a little better, with wider hips and breasts as large as Tsunade's, obscenely large on Naruto's much shorter frame.


Fortunately for Jiraiya (and unfortunately for Naruto), Naruto wasn't really a pervert himself. He didn't actually know what sex was, hadn't paid attention to those parts of class at all. He had simply seen men get overly distracted by pretty naked girls and thought, "Hey, I can use that!"


So, while he was definitely uncomfortable when Jiraiya got him to grind on his lap under the disguise of that Jutsu, he wasn't nearly as alarmed by it as he should have been.


Or when his mentor freed his cock and filled Naruto's cunt with it.


Or when he shot his seed as deep inside of Naruto as he could go.


During that month that Naruto spent with Jiraiya, he was filled again and again and again.


Barely conscious after a long day of training, in the mornings before training could even begin, on hotel beds, behind bushes, and in the occasional bathroom.


More often than not though, Jiraiya had Naruto lying beneath him in the dirt, using Naruto's cunt to jerk himself off as he spied on the women's bathhouse, the blond gagged with a thick scroll with another one shoved up his ass.


By the time Naruto got back to Konoha (and the stuff with Kisame and Itachi had passed), he was starting to feel sick.


Not to mention fatter.


He complained about the whole ordeal to Sasuke, who stared at him in horror, very aware of what was now wrong.


And, admittedly, more than a little pissed at the blond for being so dumb.


So he had to be the one to explain to Naruto that he was now pregnant.


And then he recommended an abortion.


Naruto had winced at that. 


Sasuke reminded him was he was too poor to really take care of himself, let alone a child.


At the suggestion that Jiraiya might help, Sasuke rolled his eyes. 


"That man is supposed to be your godfather. How much good did he give you growing up?"


So Naruto agreed to give up the baby.


They went to the Uchiha compound and Sasuke brought him over to the home of one of their clan's former med-nins. He had explored all the houses in the years since the massacre and knew just what he was looking for.


He gave Naruto a bottle to drink to "flush everything out" but advised him to make sure that he was a girl first so things could actually get out. There was a seal on the bottle that someone had to feed chakra into to get it to work quickly.


As Naruto went to the bathroom to take care of that (he ended up feeding too much chakra into the thing and thus didn't quite make it before ruining his pants, requiring a shower as well), Sasuke looked over the other stuff on the shelf, trying to figure out why he was so irritated.


He would eventually come to the conclusion that, if Naruto was going to be a cheap slut and let himself get knocked up anyway, why couldn't it have been with Sasuke's kid?


His thoughts sort of spiralled out from there, all possessiveness and lust. Then his eyes landed on a bottle of fertility pills on the shelf and he knew what he had to do. He grabbed the bottle and fed as much of his chakra into it as he could manage.


And then Naruto returned from his shower and Sasuke knew that he was making the right decision.


The blond was completely naked, drying his pigtails with on of the spare towels while nothing covered the rest of him, still locked into that overly voluptuous state. He sat down and crossed his legs criss cross style, giving Sasuke a clear view of his cunt.


He had gotten too used to being naked around Jiraiya, so he wasn't embarrassed at all. Just asked if Sasuke had any clean clothes. 


Sasuke assured Naruto that he did and offered to go find them. But first, he offered the pills to Naruto to add chakra into and then take, saying that it should help with the effects of the abortion drink.


Naruto didn't hesitate to take the pills.


Sasuke left to go find clothes. He only found heavy old lady kimonos in the house, so he had to leave to grab some from another house nearby.


When he got back, Naruto was bent over, rubbing his clit with one hand and fingering himself with the other, flushed and whining softly.


Sasuke blinked, surprised that the pills had an aphrodisiac effect.


But he was all too happy to take advantage.


He told Naruto that it was because he had gotten pregnant while being male, that he might have possibly let the pregnancy go on for too long. His body was now used to it and the sex. If he wanted those feelings to stop, he would probably need to get pregnant again.


Naruto was obviously frustrated since they had just finished talking about why that was a bad idea.


But it wasn't . Sasuke was rich and could afford to take care of them. Not to mention, wouldn't it be better to help Sasuke to rebuild his clan??


So Naruto agreed. And, too focused on the feelings from the drug, he just let Sasuke walk him through the compound naked back to Sasuke's house.


Sasuke took Naruto into Itachi's bedroom (deciding to make a new clan from where it had ended) and spent the next week fucking Naruto into the bed, keeping the blond too full to escape properly even if he wanted to.


Three days into that week, Kakashi came by to check on them. Just by smelling Sasuke he could more or less figure out what was going on.


He told Sasuke that he had a decision to make now. If he actually intended to rebuild the clan, he would have to stay in the village and gain strength slowly while being with Naruto, instead of even considering going after Orochimaru. 


When Sasuke tried to protest this, he pointed out that, even for ninjas, they were too young to get married. No matter how many of his kids Naruto had, he would not be given access to clan funds without marriage or Sasuke around to give that money personally. In addition, if he died, those funds would be turned over to the village.


Kakashi pointed out that he was unquestionably and exponentially stronger than Sasuke was and yet he had still nearly died facing off against Itachi.


And if Sasuke did die facing off against Itachi too early, the clan would likely die out pretty soon, with only a handful of directly related half-Uchiha children that would marry out and make quarter-blooded and eighth-blooded children until it was too diluted to matter, assuming that they all grew old enough to marry and Itachi didn't manage to get back here to finish the job.


Irritated but admittedly calmer these days due to relieving all of his stress inside of Naruto's holes, Sasuke agreed.


Kakashi assured him that it wouldn't take super long to rebuild the clan, since Uzumaki had short pregnancies.


This was true. Uzumaki pregnancies tended to last about five to six months.


But the sexy Jutsu was unnatural way to get pregnant. It was powered by chakra and all but molded into the body.


This resulted in 3-month pregnancies, which they blamed on the Kyuubi.


Not that Sasuke was complaining. The Kyuubi allowed for quick healing, even post pregnancy. Within a hour, he could trust Naruto to be fully healed and ready to be knocked up again (one of those pills always shoved down his throat while he was giving birth, as a "pain reliever," with the assurance that whatever pain he was in now would be worse without the pill.


Tsunade allowed this, using it as an excuse to keep the last Uchiha in the village. People were told that Naruto had left the village to be trained by Jiraiya.


A couple days before Naruto gave birth for the first time, Tsunade and Shizune were staying in the clan compound, aiming to be nearby in case the blond went into labor.


And the Sound ninjas stopped by, hoping to get Sasuke to come to Orochimaru. 


Sasuke refused, only to be told that it wasn't optional.


"Is that so?"


No one was expecting Tsunade to be there. She was not someone that people could even prepare to take on in a fight.


Sasuke had never seen anything like that in his life.


These people, who were made much stronger than him by Orochimaru, were utterly ruined by Tsunade. Nevermind the fact that, according to Naruto, Tsunade had taken on Oro himself and won too.


Clearly, they had been backing the wrong horse. Sasuke made a note to beg her to train him.


Tsunade captured the ones that managed to not die and called her Anbu over to take them away.


And then paused, telling them to wait.


She walked up to one of the Anbu and punched them hard enough to knock them unconscious without killing them. She took of their mask and held them up by the hair to see if any one recognized him.


They didn't.


Tsunade cursed and sent Sasuke back inside, with Shizune as back up, as she now had shit to deal with.


A couple days later, Danzo would be dead and Sasuke would learn of all of the man's crimes. Tsunade, unlike Hiruzen, had little tolerance for Danzo's brand of bullshit or the council's attempts to try and paint his actions as for the good of the village after the fact. She made sure that, while the village at large was kept unaware of the worst of it, the clan heads (including Sasuke, technically) were definitely made aware of the situation in full.


A little over a year later, and with Sasuke's permission, word was sent to Itachi allowing him the ability to return to the village with limited punishment.


Shocked, and wanting nothing more than a chance at forgiveness that he hadn't known was possible, Itachi agreed.


The punishment? To help Sasuke restore their clan.


Between his own legs of course.


Deciding it best not to breed the Uchiha together for now, Tsunade asked Kakashi to be the one to knock Itachi up. As his former Anbu captain and also as the head of a clan that had all but died out.


With Itachi, the pregnancies would only last 6 months.


Itachi met his brother again, for the first time since returning to the village, waddling under the weight of five of Kakashi's kids.


Sasuke couldn't help but think that this was a good look for his brother.


(He quietly gave Kakashi, and Tenzo at Kakashi's request, permission to fill his brother as many times as they could get away with. In his guilt, that ended up being the rest of Itachi's life.)


Sakura only found out about Sasuke having kids a few weeks after the third litter of kids were born. Flustered and jealous, she of course offered herself up to Sasuke as another baby maker.


Sasuke had grabbed at her flat chest and told her she was going to have to use Naruto's Sexy Jutsu to become hot enough for him to be willing to use.


So she went to Naruto and asked him to show her.


Naruto, under the impression that this would mean that his fourth litter would be his last one (it wasn’t), was all too happy to pass on the hassle of having kids onto Sakura.


After critiquing her over and over until she could get her body to something close to what he would prefer (mouth-wateringly wide hips, breast so heavy she could no longer even stand straight under their weight), he finally deemed her acceptable and took her away to be cunt abused and filled with seed.


Naruto lay in bed and drifted to sleep to the sound of soft thumping and cries as Sakura begged Sasuke to go slower, be more gentle.


It started a weird sort of spiral in the village. 


While most were not told of where Naruto and Sakura were, both forced by Sasuke to stay in his home as nothing more than cum dumpsters, the news managed to slowly trickle its way to the rest of the Konoha Twelve.


The first to show up was Ino, just as jealous (if not more so) as Sakura had been when she had first arrived. She ended up face down on a bed right next to Sakura, smug until Sasuke’s cock was forcing its way into her and thrusting.


Not that her opinion mattered here.


Hinata was next. She hadn’t wanted to be impregnated, just to visit Naruto since it’d been so long. Sasuke made it clear that unless she was getting pregnant with his kids, she wasn’t getting in his home.


Wincing and reluctant, she agreed. After all, her little sister Hanabi was considered the better choice for heir anyway, right?


Hinata found herself in Naruto’s bed, grasping his hand tightly as she was filled over and over and over. Sasuke could admit, if only to himself, that he took no small amount of pleasure in the idea that he was breeding a Hyuuga with his cum.


Staring at her hours later, all of her holes visibly red and gaping, hair stuck to her face with the cum that was dripping out of her cunt because of how her legs were tied to the headboard above her head, making it hard for her to breathe with the way she was so heavily bloated with cum…


Sasuke considered that he might have been too rough.


And then he shrugged it off and moved on.


Within days, Neji would be joining them. He hadn’t actually agreed to get pregnant, he had simply been invited in for tea first (a shocking display of manners) before he would be sent in to check on Naruto and Hinata.


The tea was drugged with those fertility pills. 


A lot of them.


Neji hadn’t even been able to make it up from the table he was kneeling at before he was so easily bent over the table and filled with cock. Once Sasuke had managed to fuck Neji’s ass to completion twice, he pulled the delirious Hyuuga up by his hair and dragged him to the room Naruto was being kept in. 


It took some time and effort to get Neji focused enough to complete the Sexy Jutsu, but once that was done, he was being bent over the bed, face shoved into his cousin’s cum drenched cunt and filled once more, properly.


Obviously, once the Hyuuga and Yamanaka clan heads realized what was going on with their heirs, they were pissed .


Sasuke had to agree to give them back and let their children be raised by those clans, even if they kept his family name. They did agree to let the girls have more children with Sasuke, if the girls agreed to it .


(Hinata would end up raped behind some bushes near the training grounds that she had been using, the threat of never seeing Naruto again forcing her to carry these children and come back for more the moment she was cleared after giving birth again. At least he agreed to let her kiss and finger Naruto whenever she wanted, instead of being bound… so that was a win, right?)


(Ino would find herself drugged by Shikamaru (who was actually pretty happy about the fact that their team tended to be benched when Ino was too pregnant or given a generally nicer temporary teammate.). With a fertility pill to make her a bit overly horny, Sasuke managed to convince her that she had come on to him , just like in the old days. Each year the two would work together to find new ways to trick Ino into taking Sasuke’s cock into her bare.)


As for Sakura and Neji…


Sakura was the child of civilians. Neither had the political clout to actually force Sasuke to give their daughter back. More than that, being one of the supposed Matriarchs of the new Uchiha clan seemed like a high honor, the way it was explained to them. They obviously wouldn’t be told that their daughter was nothing more than a tool used to jerk off Sasuke’s cock in between pushing babies out from her womb.


As for Neji, he was (no matter how closely related) just an orphan from the branch family. If it kept Sasuke’s sights off of Hanabi, Hiashi considered it a practical sacrifice.


So, like Naruto, the two would spend the rest of their lives as tools of lust relief. Every now and again, they would be offered up to Kakashi for a pregnancy or two, in exchange for secretly allowing Sasuke to fuck Itachi in his drugged sleep. 


Within ten years, the Uchiha compound was bustling with children and the academy had an army of new Uchiha genin ready to graduate.

Chapter Text

The Fleshlight


(So, this world is mostly modern but with a little bit of seal magic included.)


It started with an experiment.


Tobirama had gotten bored one day, happened to pass by a shop selling sex toys and thought, why not?


So he went in, browsed a bit and ended up buying about a dozen fleshlights and a handful of dildos. 


Hashirama had once complained about how overly practical all of his experiments and projects were and had wondered why Tobi never made anything that was just for fun.


Sex was supposed to be fun, right?


So Tobi decided that he was going to make a more enjoyable fleshlight.


Obviously he had to test the things first. It was pretty nice, with a decent amount of give and a nice sensation all around. He could see why it would be considered a step up from jerking off.


But there were a lot of flaws too.


First and foremost, it was messy as all hell. Whatever plastic/gel combo that was used for the toy obviously didn’t hold liquid well, to allow for easy cleaning. So lube and cum would slide back onto his clothes or the sheets whenever he was at the pull back stage of a thrust. And having to turn the thing inside out to make sure that it was cleaned properly was a hassle. He couldn’t even imagine how much more irritating it would have been to clean if he had picked up one of the ass-shaped fleshlights. 


It didn’t have its own internal temperature, so if the lube poured into it was cold, then the fleshlight remained cold until his cock or hands warmed it up.


It also, through repeated use (whether by his cock or one of the dildos if he couldn’t be bothered), lost some of its elasticity, requiring tighter grips. 


So the idea was to make using a fleshlight feel more like having actual sex.


Something that Tobi has never actually done .


As a temporary stopgap, just as a means of gathering information, Tobi created a seal that would connect his asshole to the insides of the fleshlight, as well as one connecting one of the dildos to his cock. 


But he had some errands to run that day so, once done, he tossed both in a drawer and went about his day.


An hour later, Hashi popped into Tobi’s room, hoping to steal one of Tobi’s nice fountain pens to give to Madara.


Only to see freaking sex toys in the top drawer of his baby brother’s desk.


He stared at them for a long moment before licking his lips. As an older brother, it was Hashi’s responsibility to keep things like this from Tobi, right? 


So he grabbed both and hid them in his room to use later.


Tobi didn’t notice that they were missing when he got home, focused on the new set of scrolls that he had gotten.


He definitely did notice it that night, though.


He wasn’t so deep a sleeper as to not notice his asshole being breached, after all.


That night, Hashi had pulled the marked up fleshlight from his drawer and smiled widely at it as he shucked off all of his clothes. He grabbed some lube from his nightstand and poured a generous amount of the stuff into it.


Because it was just a fleshlight, he didn’t think to bother stretching it out in anyway. He simply started forcing his way into the unbelievably tight passage. He had to stop once the head of his cock was inside of it. 


Holy shit , this was amazing!


It felt like the inside of an actual asshole!


Wrapping both of his hands around the toy, Hashi slowly forced it the rest of the way down around his cock until it was pressed against his groin. He flopped back onto the bed with a happy sound and just rested for a moment, getting used to the perfect warmth and tightness of it.


And then he went to town .


Gripping the fleshlight firmly to make the feel even tighter, he started jerking it up and down over his cock with abandon, at times nearly turning the thing inside out with how tight he was making it.


And when he came, he did so deep inside the toy, relishing the fantasy of unloading his cum into a generic but pretty lover.


When he slowly pulled out, he was surprised to find that no cum poured out. He blinked and raised it up to peer at the inside of it. Instead of cum, he only saw little seals inscribed into the toy’s walls.


...Which meant that he would cum inside this thing as much as he wanted without ever having to clean it?!


Obviously, Hashi was going to do just that. He was so glad it was the weekend.


Hours later, around 5am, found Hashi tossing the used up fleshlight aside as he rolled over and finally went to sleep.


5am found Tobi in a very different position. It found him on the floor next to his bed, stomach bloated with seed that was coming out of his gaping asshole in spurts.


He had spent the last couple hours cursing his brother’s friendliness. The only explanation that he could come up with is that one of Hashi’s friends had seen the dildo, picked it up and then had taken it home to use as a pass around toy with a group of other friends.


Clutching his stomach, Tobi slowly got up and limped his way to the bathroom to empty out.


Later on, during breakfast, Tobi would ask if any of Hashi’s friends had taken something from his room. Feeling caught but not willing to own up to it, Hashi had given, “Not that I know of,” as a response, but noting that it wasn’t as if he escorted people to and from the bathroom when they came over.


Tobi struggled not to whimper at the thought. It didn’t help that Hashi had over a dozen people over that day (not as a party but some stopping by to chat, drop things off, pick things up, or just seeing him on their way to somewhere else).


He just prayed that whoever it was would throw away the toy soon.


Obviously that didn’t happen. Obviously, every night Tobi found his ass being abused and filled, his body unintentionally treated like a worthless fuck hole.


About a week later, Madara was over at their place. The Uchiha was ranting about how Izuna thought that Madara needed to get laid and/or be in a relationship, when Madara was happy being single and just did not like people enough to deal with dating them normally.


Personally, Hashi agreed with Izuna a bit (he knew better than to admit it though). Madara could be a bit over the top when irritated and could use with some sex.


And then a thought popped into his head. 


So he offered the fleshlight to Madara. If looks could kill…


Hashi had assured Madara that he was clean and that, thanks to whatever seals Tobi had placed on it, it felt like having sex with a virgin every time!


It took some arguing and a little bit of wrestling to get Madara to agree (aka, pin Madara down) to use the fleshlight.


It didn’t take long at all to convert Madara to his way of thinking. 


After that, every weekend the two would spend the entire day pounding into the fleshlight, passing it back and forth between them. Going from Hashi’s nicely thick and overly long cock to Madara’s slightly shorted but stupidly fat cock.


Tobi quickly stopped bothering to go out at all on weekends after the one time he’d been stuck in a parking lot for hours as he clutched his stomach growing fatter and fatter with seed (not to mention ruining his upholstery when all of that cum leaked through his pants once they were done.


One weekend, Hashi and Madara were celebrating Madara’s birthday and decided to really go all out with their toy. They got some enhancers (similar to Viagra but not requiring a prescription) so that they wouldn’t need to take breaks like they normally did.


Though considering that those ‘breaks’ were only as long as it takes for the other one could find their orgasm and pass the toy back…


Well, it wasn’t long before Hashi got impatient while Madara was using the toy and shoved two fingers inside the fleshlight to stretch it open just enough for Hashi to start forcing his way in there was well.


Neither could hear Tobi, in his room, as he cried into his pillows, begging his tormentors to please not do that to him!


Once Hashi’s cock was inside the toy, he took over for Madara, his larger hands better able to grip the toy, making it just shy of too tight on their cocks and pumped it up and down.


That evening, Hashi decided to give the fleshlight to Madara to keep over the weekend. Madara had tossed it into his bag and then followed Hashi to Tobi’s room. Hashi had wanted Madara to goad Tobi into maybe singing happy birthday to him or to maybe give him (another) one of his experiments as a present.


Only for them to find Tobi unconscious on his bed, stomach stretched painfully taunt with cum and leaking out of his ass and mouth by the cup full.


They stared at the younger man in shock, wondering when Tobi became a sexual deviant and how they could have missed the amount of people needed to cum this much moving in and out of the house.


And then Madara had a thought. He pulled out the flesh light and pulled it back onto his (admittedly hardening) cock and gripped it tightly. To their shock, the flow of cum out of Tobi’s ass stopped, his ass suddenly seeming to clench itself up tightly.


Hashi stared at Tobi’s ass in bafflement before glancing at Madara and noticing that the toy was out.


The toy with seals etched inside.


That felt like fucking a real asshole.




Hashi made sure to let Madara know that he hadn’t known about any of this happening, swallowing thickly as he realized that he’d been fucking his brother for months and had likely taken his virginity.


“So… what do we do now?”


Madara’s answer to that was to slowly start working the flesh light over his cock. In the name of friendship, Hashi would of course end up joining him. But, instead of dumping their loads inside of the toy as per usual, they chose to kindly shoot their seed all over Tobi’s face, body and ass. With all of the cum on the floor, Tobi would likely be rolling in it anyway.


So they felt no guilt in covering him in their juices and leaving him discarded on the floor like trash once they were done.


Every weekend would start to become like this. Hashi had even developed the habit of peeking into Tobi’s room as he jacked off into the younger man’s ass, watching as he writhed and moaned on the bed with each thrust. At least until Madara installed cameras in Tobi’s bedroom so that they could watch it together any time. It was the perfect sort of porn.


But eventually, it wasn’t enough. Now that Hashi knew that it was his little brother that he was abusing, he found himself thinking of it often.


He got a ribbon and used it to tie the fleshlight around his cock one morning before putting on a loose fitting yukata and calling Tobi down for breakfast. He watched it delight as Tobi’s now ever-present limp was more pronounced than usual. And all throughout breakfast, he would squeeze the fleshlight on his cock or jerk it a little, watching Tobi wince or jump slightly while trying to keep all expressions off of his face.


On days where he didn’t leave the house, Hashi would do this all day .


One weekend, after taking out all of their lust and aggression out on Tobi’s body, Madara started rooting around in Tobi’s desk and closet. He crowed in triumph when he eventually found what he had been looking for, Tobi’s notes on this particular seal as well as his collection of spare fleshlights.


And he proceeded to copy those seals into two more fleshlights. 


One for himself to use and one extra for later.


But then he found himself pausing. He glanced at the extra three fleshlights, at Tobi and then at those notes. 


He walked over to Tobi, grabbed him by the hair and had Hashi hold his mouth open as Madara used Tobi’s tiny etching pen to inscribe a modified version of those seals at the entrance of his throat, only visible with a dentist looking all the way in your mouth.


And added those modded seals onto the extra fleshlights.


Both men smiled widely and retreated back to Hashi’s room, pulling up the video feed so that they could watch Tobi’s body as Hashi slowly started stretching out Tobi’s throat while Madara fucked his ass.


Now that Madara had his own fleshlight, he was all too happy to take a page from Hashi and tie it to his dick, often leaving Tobi with two hard or soft cocks filling his ass for hours everyday, outside of when they were taking a shower or going out into public. 


But, in addition to that, he talked to Hashi about simply not removing the fleshlight once they were home. If Tobi could take all of their jizz, he could take all of their piss to, after all. The albino was the perfect cock-warmer after all, why should they have to take him off?


Tobi was spending more and more time in his room to hide the way he couldn’t really sit down anymore with his ass gaping as it was or the way he was almost always bloated with some strangers cum and piss.


And then… Izuna had his birthday. And Madara gave him his new fleshlights. He was kind enough to mention that there were seals connecting the fleshlights to a real live person.


But he also told Izuna that said person was a total whore that often allowed themselves to take multiple cocks up their ass or down their throat for hours at a time and all of the other things that Hashi and Madara had been doing.


Which was all true, for a certain definition of “allowed.”


So double penetration became triple and walking was no longer truly possible.


And then… well, Hashi remembered the etched dildo that he had stolen along with the fleshlights.


So one night, he crept into Tobi’s room and leaned over the bed. Tobi was unconscious, as he now was every night due to everyone working off the stresses of the day on his body. Hashi took the dildo and started stroking it, smirking as he saw Tobi’s cock grow into hardness.


Satisfied that his theory was proven true, he turned Tobi over onto his stomach. His ass was open wide to the air, both Hashi and Madara’s cock permanently stuck inside the hole at the end of everyday. He slowly worked the dildo inside, groaning softly at the feel of another cock stretching out that hole further. He started fucking Tobi’s hole with it, watching as his little brother flushed and moaned in pleasure, likely the for the first time in a long while.


It wasn’t long before that virgin cock was twitching in orgasm. But instead of cum shooting out of it, Tobi’s stomach stretched a little with the added seed.


Pleased at the sight, Hashi pulled the dildo out of Tobi’s ass. He untied the fleshlight from his cock and pulled it off before shoving the dildo inside of it. He then started pushing his own cock in alongside it and tying the fleshlight down again and heading off to bed.


It was nearly another year before Izuna found out who his fleshlight was. He had stopped by Hashi’s house to grab something from his brother’s car, knowing that Madara would be there. Not having seen his former rival for a while and wanting to antagonize him, Izuna had entered the house and gone straight for Tobi’s bedroom.


Only to see Tobi passed out and naked on his stomach on his bed, his hips jerking in time with the thrusts in and out of his asshole.


The thrusts made by people clearly not there.


And suddenly so many things made sense. Izuna was smart, he could already see how these courses of events took place.


So he felt no trepidation shoving off his pants and taking a place behind Tobi, gripping his hips tightly and shoving his cock into that worthless hole. He had been planning on spending the afternoon inside of his fleshlight anyway, after all.


Of course, Hashi and Madara noticed Izuna’s presence on the video, not just in a fleshlight, within minutes and used it to further their own pleasure.


That night, without asking, Izuna simply picked up Tobi and took him home.


It would be nearly two weeks before Hashi would see his brother again.


Tobi would come to believe that it was Izuna that had been the reason for so many fucking him this whole time. What else could he think upon waking up under the Uchiha, cock pumping in and out of him and mouth covered with a heavy hand.


What else could he think about being kept in a room for days on end, intentionally bound to a bed (instead of unintentionally weighed down by cum) to be used as someone’s personal jerk off toy.


What else could he think about having his face smashed into Izuna’s lap as he was facefucked into unconsciousness day after day?


What else could he think about being left wherever Izuna sought cause to fuck him; in the shower before work, bent over a kitchen table during breakfast, on the floor in front of the couch after a long night of facefucking, under the dining table after he had been bent over and tied to the underside of the table so that Izuna could bounce Tobi’s ass up and down on his cock while eating dinner, and so on.


But then he was dragged by the hair, tossed into the trunk of a car and brought back home to his brother.


And, before he could sigh in relief, he would find himself being bent over and a cock shoved into his naked ass, Hashi complaining all the while about Izuna keeping him and Madara from being able to watch their usual Tobi porn as they jacked off into the fleshlights every day!


And then he was looking down at a pair of familiar feet before his head was being lifted up by his hair and Madara’s overly fat dick was stretching his throat out. 


And he recognized this cock. He recognized this cock and the one in his ass.


Hashi had been his rapist this whole time, hadn’t he? He was always taking stuff from Tobi’s room.


Arms still bound behind his back, Tobi couldn’t have argued this treatment even if he had wanted to.


Still on their cocks, Tobi was lifted off of his feet and taken back to his cum stenched room where he spent the rest of the weekend being truly gangbanged for the first time in his life. As per usual, he was left at the end of the day, thrown onto the floor like trash and obscenely full of their cum.


Eventually, they would all grow older and find people to date and marry. 


Tobi would find himself in a little sealed and hidden closet in Hashi’s family home, arms bound folded behind his back and in a seated position above a quietly self flushing toilet. His body had already learned to subsist entirely on cum and piss and he would eventually learn how to breathe around even two cocks forcing their way down his throat.


Which would serve him well.


Things… sometimes got lost during moves, hidden in the wrong box or thrown away accidentally. 


Of course, whenever one of them lost a fleshlight, a new one would be purchased and etched to replace it. Most of those lost toys would be found and abused years later by overly hormonal kids/teenagers.


But others…


One would be found by a worker at a landfill. He would take the throat fleshlight home and spend his weekends and weeknights wrecking it over his cock.


One would be found by a homeless man in a dumpster and it would be used by him, his friends, and anyone that managed to steal it away if he took his eyes off of it for too long. Within a decade over five dozen people in addition to Hashi and the Uchihas would have sampled Tobi’s holes, with nine people currently in possession of the fleshlights. They would be stolen and borrowed and sold on the internet time and time again. 


And, every now and again, someone would notice the etchings on the inside of the fleshlight and if they were particularly careful/masterful, a new one would be made.

Chapter Text

How Tobirama got his summoning contract


Senju generally just did not have summons. The Nara had their deer and the Uchiha had their cats and their birds, but the Senju had none.


Tobirama had always just assumed that it was because their clan had no central talents, jack of all trades as their clan was.


This wasn't the case.


It was because summons treated Senju very different compared to the other clans, and many had decided that it wasn't worth it.


But Tobi was ever curious and wanted a summons for the sheer usefulness that came with having one.


So, after finishing a long term mission weeks earlier than expected, Tobi went about trying to get himself a summons.


Time moved differently in the summons dimension, hours passing you by there in the space of one minute in the real world.


So Tobi enters that dimension and is greeted first by the snow leopards, who all think he smells very nice and looks oh so pretty.


They tell him that in order to receive his own summons, he would have to undergo a trial. At the end of which, he would receive his own summons that he would need to raise and train from scratch, in addition to forming a formal contract with the snow leopards as a whole to aid the new cubs in their development.


Not questioning any of this, Tobi agrees.


So the leopards lead him deep into their home, a deep cave within a snowy mountainside. To Tobi's relief, there are thick furs laid about on the ground, offering him warmth and a softer place to sit.


He was less relieved when he was told to remove his clothes, as was customary for this ritual.


Not wanting to come across as even slightly rude to his potential summons, Tobi did so and set himself down on his stomach as directed.


He wasn't expecting several leopards, each nearly twice his weight, to settle themselves on top of upper body and legs.


Not did he expect a thick scratchy tongue to start lapping at his asshole and lick its way into him.


Tobi gasped and shook and struggled, unused to this sort of sensation. Not that struggling really helped, the weight of the cats turning his struggles to little more than vibrations.


The cat at his asshole kept up its ministrations for what felt like hours, with Tobi coming over and over, spilling his seed onto the thick furs beneath him.


It was only when Tobi was stretched enough for the leopard to fit its entire long tongue inside, the tip intentionally rubbing against his prostate just long enough to work Tobi into a sobbing dry orgasm, that they finally pulled away.


Tobi had relaxed, panting breathlessly, figuring that they must be done now.


The poor little virgin had no idea that what he'd experienced was only considered foreplay for a reason.


Which was to open him up wide enough to accept the leopard's massive cock.


Tobi screamed, clawing at the furs as that barbed sick slowly forced its way inside of his still too tight passage. Even if he hadn't been weighed down by that group of living blankets, those barbs would have prevented him from getting all too far.


Once fully seated inside of Tobi, the leopard rutted into him with abandon. In this, Tobi was just a hole to be filled, a tool to help increase the numbers of their species.


Which he would surely do well.


The leopard fucked Tobi until it reached its own orgasm, before slowly pulling out, ripping Tobi up deep inside all the more.


And then another took it's place.


And another.


And another.


By the time every cat had gotten their fill of him, Tobi was splattered with cum and covered in deep bite marks, too weak to move even though he was no longer weighed down.


And every time he started to get his energy back, whenever he so much as moved , another leopard coincidentally decided that that was the perfect time to fill Tobi up once again.


They didn't bother to tell him about his impending pregnancy, assuming that he would figure it out himself. Which meant that Tobi didn't find out that he was pregnant until the cubs started actively moving inside of him. Even the weight gain had just been brushed off as being overfull with cum or meat from the leopards' hunts.


Though, it was less "actively moving," and more "actively on their way out."


To say that Tobi was surprised was an understatement.


It was only upon being given his first leopard cub, freed from his body after eleven hours of pushing out the too large cub from his too small body, that Tobi remembered why he was here in this cave at all.


He had spent over three months being fucked near constantly and had thus forgotten that the cats had pulled him into this cave to be anything other than a sex toy.


Whatever happiness that had appeared at the realization of having his own summons disappeared at the feeling of another cub attempting to make its way out.


Not to mention to 2 that followed.


Once had finally birthed the last of his litter, nineteen hours later, Tobi collapsed into unconsciousness, glad for his ordeal to finally, finally be over.


Only to wake up to find himself being filled once more.


Maybe the leopards had squirreled him away to be their fuck toy?


But in actuality, the leopard summon clan got very few visitors and thus bred very infrequently. They wanted to take advantage of the fertile bitch that had fallen into their laps.


In the real world, only two weeks (out of Tobi's three week deadline to return home) had passed.


But for Tobi, although he didn't age, four years had passed. Enough for a total of sixteen pregnancies.


And eighty-three cubs.


Tobi stumbled out of the summons dimension on shaky legs, cum still coating every inch of his body, even if for once his insides were empty of it.


Clutching his stomach, he redressed himself as he hid in the bushes, still shaking from childbirth.


Tobi would never know it, but he was one of the lucky ones. Oftentimes, Senju were simply never given back, kept as a breeding tool for whichever summoning clan had stumbled upon them first.


Tobi made his way home, content with the idea that all of this would be behind him.


He had no idea that the summons attraction to him as a Senju was an innate thing. 


That even his own personal summons, his children, would feel it.


That, in training them, they would have easy access to them. That snow leopards matured so quickly.


That his brother would stumble upon him in the forest ground that he used for training his summons in secret, pinned on his stomach as both ends were used by his "teenaged" summons, neither quite knowledgeable enough to know that only one end could be impregnated.


He was so focused on his own pain, on the barbs scratching up his mouth, throat and ass, that he didn't even sense Hashi come near.


So as his cubs spent the next three hours treating his body like a too tight sleeve for their dicks, he had no idea that Hashi was watching from the trees, stroking himself in time with the leopards' thrusts.


Or that Hashi would take advantage of him falling unconscious after the fact to wring his own pleasure out in Tobi's ruined asshole and throat.


Or that whatever change the leopards had created in him to allow him to carry their children, allowed him to carry human children as well. Had it only been his cubs (young enough to mostly be shooting blanks), he would have been fine.


But Hashi, even in his mid teens, is virile and more than capable to knock up someone as fertile as Tobi.


Tobi spends the next three months using genjutsu to hide his rapidly growing belly from his family, not wanting to admit to being impregnated (again!) by his own summons that he technically shouldn't have.


So, imagine his surprise when he goes into the forest to give birth and an actual human baby comes out.


Since his cubs are still so young and have been pinning him down every chance they got, Tobi assumed it was just a glitch due to their age and doesn't really question it.


He takes the three babies home and tells Hashi that they're orphans that he found abandoned and decided to adopt, with Hashi's permission as new clan head.


Hashi, who has fucked the unconscious Tobi and has thus been aware of his growing belly, is shocked (he knew about why Senju don't get summons so this… was unexpected for him too) but smiles and doesn't question his brother about it.


It doesn't stop him from intentionally knocking Tobi up again just because he can.


The third time was an accident. He had straight up forgotten that it was necessary to pull out due to being so used to releasing his load inside of Tobi.


The fourth time was intentional again.


The fifth time… the fifth time Tobi woke up as Hashi was pounding into him, the young leopards sleeping curled around Tobi's head. He had actually woken up from nearly died suffocating in one of the summon's fur, from being laid face down in it.


He had near silently gasped himself awake and then froze at the feeling of a distinctly barb-less cock stretching and pulling at his asshole. He had slowly turned to look over his shoulder, shocked to see his brother in the throes of pleasure as he took Tobi for a midnight ride.


Tobi was a genius. It wasn't hard for him to put the pieces together.




Hashi's eyes had flown open and he was so shocked by the sight of his little brother's wide red eyes staring up at him that he immediately came inside Tobi.


Tobi had gasped, clutching his stomach and realizing that he has definitely going to be pregnant again.


With his brother's children.


Tobi wasn't the type to cry but he felt he could blame that day's earlier childbirth for the tears that suddenly sprung forth.


Hashi, ever the oblivious big brother, had made his own attempt to soothe Tobi.


Though the fact that remained buried in Tobi's ass didn't really help.


He had reminded Tobi that Tobi had always wanted a large family. And that he was taking such good care of his older brother every night (every night?!) and he promised, promised, promised not to get Tobi pregnant again after that night.


But since Tobi was likely already pregnant, surely it would be okay for Hashi to dump a couple more loads inside him tonight, right? And obviously, Hashi would have to release his cum in Tobi's throat from now on to make sure that he didn't get any inside his little brother, right?


Tobi couldn't even bring himself to protest, always weak to his brother's desires and entirely over all of this shit besides that.


Years later, after starting their village and marrying the Uzumaki princess, Madara would make the mistake of sending one of his hawks over to drop off a note, letting Tobi know that Hashi would be staying late at the tower and would not make it for their weekly dinner.


In other words, Madara was all but sitting on Hashi and threatening him to do all of his paperwork or Kami help him .


Well, the female hawk had pondered Tobi, taking in the sight and smell of this clearly ripe young man.


And considered.


Upon returning to the summon dimension, she spoke with the brand of summons that carried the scent that was heavy on Tobi.


She asked if she could use him too. She was pregnant but busy and a nice warm nest for her chicks would be heavenly.


Ever helpful, but mostly because they liked messing with Tobi, the eldest pair of Tobi's snow leopards agreed to help out.


It was simply a matter of mounting Tobi and fucking him into submission (taking care to pull out instead of coming inside of the albino), over and over until Tobi had passed out in exhaustion and his asshole was gaping from overuse.


Allowing Madara's hawk to happily lay her clutch of soft eggs inside of him, the leopards using their cocks to very gently push those eggs as deep as they could go.


Pleased with the situation, the hawk had returned to the summons dimension and happily told her brethren about what she'd done.


Of course, they all wanted in on that.


Still unconscious, Tobi was unaware of the group of birds of varying species laying their eggs in his body, more and more added in and pushed in deep until they could fit no more.


That night Madara stopped by to grab dinner for Hashi to get him to stop complaining about missing out. The sight of Izuna's favorite harrier summon laying her eggs inside of an overstuffed and still unconscious Tobi had him stopping cold.


As did the large amount of casually chatting birds hanging out about the living room area.


Madara stared at them for a long time before glancing at the pair of lounging leopards in the corner.


They were all too happy to explain that they, along with several dozen more leopards, were birthed by Tobi after being deposited inside him by their fathers. And that, since Tobi made such a great bitch, they were letting the birds use him as a group nest since Hashi was no longer breeding him.


It took Madara a long time to wrap his mind around all of this. But then he realized that the Uchiha clan was about to have access to a great deal many more summons due to Tobi. That the birds could easily lay their earliest eggs inside of Tobi and let him carry them, allowing them to get pregnant much more often.


Nodding to himself, Madara picked up the scroll he had sent to Tobi earlier that day and, once all the birds were done, he used it to press those eggs even deeper inside Tobi. Then he pushed the scroll in after it, pushing and pushing until he was nearly elbow deep inside of Tobi's ass before taking his hand out, leaving Tobi plugged and with no way of emptying out without help.


He then grabbed Hashi's dinner and left Tobi like that.


Tobi obviously was not pleased upon waking to find himself as full as he had been full term with Hashi's quadruplets. But no amount of arguing could convince his asshole summons that he was anything other than a breeding hole for summons (it's not their fault, that's how all of the older leopard summons talk about Tobi, when not discussing how much they regret giving up such a perfect fuck toy).


And they… may have already promised some other species of summons a chance at having kids in Tobi?


And you just can't break a promise to a summons, even one made by proxy.


And Hashi, always happy to see his brother waddling around, heavy under the weight of the consequences of someone else's orgasm, sided with the leopards about how important it was to follow through on this promise. 


It wasn't like Tobi had anything better to do, with all the kids about to enter the academy!


So he allowed it.


He carried eggs for the Uchiha birds three times, bent over for the Hatake wolves five times, sobbed under the Nara deer twice, let the Yashagoro snakes burrow deep inside him and lay their clutches five times and so on and so on.


At four or five pregnancies a year, Tobi spent far too much time bloated with children.


It was only seven years later that the summons all felt satisfied with their numbers.


At which point, Madara, newly minted Nidaime (Hashi retiring the moment he thought he could get away with it), decided it was time to have children of his own, at Izuna's suggestion.


Which was as easy as entering Tobi's home, forcibly bending him over the table he'd been cleaning, and shoving his cock into that freshly tightened hole. A couple of quick rounds and he could be certain of his bloodline continuing on within Tobi's over-fertile body.


There was no rhyme or reason to when Madara approached Tobi. Some years he would only visit Tobi the one time. Others, he would find himself essentially turned into Madara's sex slave, tied up in a room to do nothing but warm Madara's cock and birth his children (or the children of the common cat summons of the Uchiha clan).


When he wandered home after one such year, he found himself pulled into a dark alley by a group of drunken Hatake and fucked into the wall, bent over a dumpster, passed around and eventually discarded in the large dumpster when they were done.


Of course, the general populace was unaware of Tobi's quick pregnancies, so upon finding the men who had just fathered more children in him, they didn't believe him for a moment, leaving him with their bastards to raise.


This wouldn't be the last time that happened.


 Whenever Madara (or occasionally Hashi) took Tobi home as a toy or breeder and sent him away again days or months later, it was always with him barely dressed and covered in cum in the middle of the night. 


It shouldn't have surprised Tobi to realize that people would see him and think, "fair game/open season." 


Because he was still mostly only carrying Madara and Hashi's kids, it took him a while to realize that sending him out this way, to surely be raped and bred, was on purpose.


But he'd already carried eleven kids from strangers by then, so what did it matter?


What did it matter that he'd been raped in an alleyway by the Hatake? Or that he'd been raped behind some bushes by a Inuzuka man and his three hounds? Or that he'd been raped in the pool of a public bath by the newest generation of Yamanaka, Nara, and Akimichi clan heads?


What did it matter that his house was growing full of children and animals that no one but Tobi would claim?


Not much.


Tobi spent the majority of his time indoors, caring for his own children or making more children for someone else, so he was rarely seen or even thought about by the people of Konoha.


They didn't know that a solid two thirds of the summons that they used had come from between Tobi's legs. Or that many of their strongest ninja had as well. Or that the worthless slut that many of them vaguely remembered using and abusing on drunken nights was the brother of their first Hokage. 


But one thing they did know was that he raised strong "orphans."