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the crappiest group effort ever

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"Johnny... hey, Johnny...... Johhhhhnnyyyy..... psst...... psssssst." Despite the fact that it was painfully obvious that Johnny was blatantly ignoring him, Gyro continued to lean into his ear, whispering softly to him. Gyro lightly touched his arm. "Johnny, one thing, just listen for a sec okay?"

Fed up with the whole ordeal, Johnny whispered back harshly, "Fine then, what."

"I'm really fuckin' horny."

"Right now?"

"No, yesterday." Johnny didn't even have to look at him to know what irritating look he had on his face when he said that. "Of course right now, dumbass!"

"Well what do you want me to do about it?! If you hadn't noticed we're supposed to be working on a project right now. In our friend's house. With another one of our friends also present. I'm sorry if this wasn't obvious, but I really don't think now's the time!"

"C'moooooon they're not even payin' any attention to us right now. We'd be gone and back in a few minutes, they wouldn't even know we'd left!" It seems Gyro had forgotten to use his best whispering voice for that one.

"What was that? Care to repeat that, Gyro?" Hot Pants' unsettlingly steady voice broke their dispute. Both Johnny and Gyro jumped at the sound of her voice, turning towards her. "Why don't you share with the rest of the group what you just said?"

Johnny gaped at her, scared shitless of the reaction this woman would have to them even jokingly discussing leaving the group for a self-proclaimed break. Gyro, on the other hand, hadn't grown up with Hot Pants, hadn't seen her cruel hammer of justice, her ruthless ways, or her overpowering aura of superiority at work; and thus, he was having none of her rightfully earned tyranny.

He stared her right in the eyes, even taking on a bored air, "Why are you acting like we said something bad? Johnny and I were simply discussing other supplies we could grab to finish up the poster; I mean, we did agree that you two would do the mechanics and we would do the artwork, right?"

Hot Pants looked a bit taken aback, Johnny was even more shocked, and Lucy was actually starting to get interested in the events unfolding in front of her. But the shock wouldn't last as the fire rekindled in Hot Pants' eyes almost instantaneously.

"Actually, that's not what we agreed on. We agreed that Lucy would handle all of the artwork herself because she's not as well-read on this particular subject as we are. And while she's working on that, the rest of us collaborate to put together the written portion." That shut Gyro the fuck up really fast. "Anymore blatant lies you want to attempt feeding me? Or are we actually going to work on this so we can get it done?"

Gyro opened his mouth to say something else, but one look into those terrifying green eyes had him looking away immediately, slight pout on his face. "No," he grumbled.

"Good." Hot Pants turned back to the laptop in front of her, her usual uncaring demeanor returning. "Now, onto more pressing matters, I say we shou-"

"A-actually HP I think I do need more supplies..." Lucy's small voice rang crystal clear through the room. Hot Pants gave her a pointed look.

"Why wouldn't you say so earlier then?"

"I.... I, uhhhh... forgot?"

Hot Pants narrowed her eyes dangerously, knowing Lucy wasn't that forgetful. Lucy shrugged. Hot Pants stared her down for a few more seconds, Lucy staring blankly back.

Hot Pants finally gave up and sighed, "Fine then, I'll go ahead and write the introduction on my own, but that means that you two have to split up the responsibilities of the counterargument and conclusion between each other. We can write the body paragraphs as a group. Now, you two had better be back before I finish writing the introduction, or I'll have to come looking for you, understand?"

Johnny heard the promised threat in the underlying tones of her voice, quickly answering with a "Yes ma'am."

Gyro, once again uncaring as to the truly terrifying wrath known as Hot Pants, says, "Yeah, yeah, whatever bitch, get off our asses already, okay?"

Johnny feels Hot Pants' icy cold glare as Gyro carries him up the basement stairs, wheelchair being left upstairs to avoid the inconvenience of having to carry it up and down.

Reaching the top, Gyro's grimace stretches into a wide, shit-eating grin. Johnny stares up at him, perturbed at the lengths this boy would go to to get a blowjob in a priest's house.

"Now, where O where shall we set up shop, Johnny my boy?"

"I don't know and I don't care, let's just find somewhere and get this over with." Gyro looked at him.

"Hey now, knock the attitude alright? It sounds like you don't even want to suck my dick!"

Johnny looked at him, blushing slightly, "It's not that I don't want to, it's just that it's just plain ridiculous that we have to do this right now, it really can't wait?"

"Nope!" Gyro said with a slight chuckle, giving Johnny a light kiss on the cheek.

After leaning in to kiss his other one, Gyro dumped him unceremoniously on the couch, plopping down next to him soon after. Johnny glared at him for a second or two, refusing to move, but just as he was opening his mouth to insist they shouldn't do it here Gyro pulled him into the deepest kiss the two of them had shared for weeks, being too busy with school for things like maintaining the physical part of their relationship. Johnny hadn't even realized how much he'd missed this until Gyro was gently cupping his face, moving their lips agaisnt each other slowly.

They pulled away, breath heavy in the air and faces flushed. Johnny silently slid himself to the floor, positioning himself between Gyro's legs. He slid the button out slowly, unzipping his pants even slower. Gyro watched every move he made with slow-boiling frustration in his eyes. When Johnny had finally pulled his member out of his pants, Gyro took in a small puff of air at how cold the room felt, but when Johnny languidly dragged his hand up the shaft Gyro's frustration spilled out.

"C-C'mon Johnny, quit teasin' me for God's sake, I need thi-" Gyro reeled in a sharp intake of breath as Johnny cut him off by tightening his grip on the base and stroking upwards again.

"Well that's a bit obvious I would say." Johnny laughed slightly, leaning down to breathe gently over the head.

"Just shut up and put my dick in your mouth Johnny."

"Whatever you say, Gyro," Johnny said with a knowing smirk before opening his mouth and immediately taking in almost the entire shaft in the first go. Gyro looked down and watched him, running his fingers through Johnny's hair. Gyro stared for a few more seconds before leaning back, eyes squeezed shut as Johnny started to move faster, incorporating his hands too.

"Jesus Christ you've somehow gotten better at this," Gyro groaned out, trying to keep his hips still. He laughed a bit, almost out of breath. "Have you been practicing? Y'know like sucking a pickle or something whenever you're home alone? Actually, knowing you, you probably don't even wait until you're alone."

Johnny freed up one of his hands to gently run it up Gyro's torso, seemingly ignoring his comment. But as soon as he reached his face, he cupped his cheek lightly before bringing his hand back and slapping him. Gyro laughed, Johnny retracting his hand and tyring to refocus on the task at hand.

"Nyo ho ho~ someone's getting feisty, did I hit too close to home?" Gyro leaned forward again to stare down fondly at him. "God I wish we could fuck right now."

Johnny took his mouth off him for a second to mumble out, "Can't, we have no lube."

Gyro let out another breathless chuckle, "That's fine with me. I can deal with it, so you be top this time even though it's my turn. But when we get home I want to pound into that impressively supple little ass of yours for hours on end, got it?"

Johnny pulled back abruptly, shocked eyes unfocused, "Gyro I'm hard."

Gyro sat up straighter, "Wait what? Without me having to go to hell and back to even get a reaction out of you?!"

"Yes! Yes! I didn't even touch it!" Johnny was gaping down at the incredibly rare bulge in his pants. He reached down to start to try and whip it out, but before he could react Gyro had already swung him back onto the couch and was roughly tugging his pants off.

"Jeez, did the prospect of fucking back to back really get you that worked up?" Gyro was vehemently working on bringing him to a full erection.

"I don't know what the hell did it, but I'm glad it did!" Johnny gasped out, already shaking slightly.

"As am I, Johnny, as am I!" Gyro pushed him to lie on his back, hovering above him before he took both their erections and pushed them together, starting to jerk them off. Johnny shivered at the feel of it.

"God dammit Gyro, please don't stop." Johnny thrust his hips upward the best he could into the touch.

"Wouldn't dream of it Johnny," Gyro leaned down to kiss him until he heard the sound of a cup shattering on the hardwood floor. Both boys' heads snapped up to find the source of the sound, Hot Pants and Lucy gaping open-mouthed at the current display, Lucy's hand still looking like it was attempting to hold the cup that had just fallen. The four of them stayed frozen, faces mirroring each other's.

Lucy was the first to spring back into action, going beet red before bending to try to pick up the bigger pieces of glass shards. Hot Pants, on the other hand, began opening and closing her mouth like a fish, no sound coming out.

Gyro leaped into action, springing up off the couch, hands up in surrender. Apparently he forgot his dick was still hanging out of pants though. Lucy squeaked and dropped the shards of glass back on the floor to desperately cover her eyes. At the sight of Gyro's now-soft penis flopping about for the world to see, though, Hot Pants recovered immediately. Her face turned red, her hands started to shake, her brow furrowed so sharply she looked like she had a unibrow, and the look in her eyes was the most pure, unbridled rage any human being had ever seen.


Gyro looked like he still wanted to explain, but he stopped short, zipping his pants back up only to find that Johnny had already dragged himself to his wheelchair and was lifting himself back into it.

"We'll send you a text on when we should finish up then, right? The project I mean." Gyro flushed slightly, now being fully smacked in the face by his embarrassment at the situation.


That was all Gyro needed to turn and hightail it out of there, meeting up with Johnny who was already heading out the front door, the poor boys' faces both redder than Lucy's by a long shot. Not looking at each other, they said a quick goodbye and left.

Of course, with it being Johnny and Gyro, though, by the time the four of them met up again, the two of them had completely gotten over their embarrassment. Instead they found the whole ordeal 'probably the greatest thing we've ever done' and, much to Hot Pants' chagrin, made a nonstop onslaught of jokes about it for the whole evening.