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A soft voice called out to him in the darkness, beckoning for him to join it. Chisaki stepped closer to the source of the noise, his walking quickly turning into a sprint of desperation as he saw the faint outline of Kurono in his vision. A warm, inviting smile was on the man’s face, eyes reflecting the same mannerism. He had a calm and serene aura which hooked the auburn in.

He reached out. Then he froze.

His breathing became unhinged, coming out in breathless pants as he saw the bloodied stump of his arm. It looked freshly cut off, red trickling off the ends like a waterfall. The sight itself made Chisaki want to gag and rub his skin raw as he felt hives break out all over him. the feeling of a million bugs crawling up his skin was unbearable, more so then looking at an amputated arm. Looking round for the comforting aura of his right hand, he realised figure of Kurono was gone. He was alone once again.

With a gasp, he woke up.

He quickly scrambled to sit up, putting what was left of his arms in front of him. They were bandaged and clean, not the hideous and bloody mess they were within his nightmare. He sighed in relief, looking at the clock on his wall, bright red letters reading the time. Lazily lighting up a dark room.

“3:50am..” He muttered to himself, falling back down onto his pillow.

Thoughts began to cloud his mind. Why did Kurono show up in his nightmare? The question he asked himself stayed in his head. Out of everyone that was within the Hassaikai, why was it him who showed up? Chisaki knew him and the grey haired man were close, they grew up together and never spent a moment apart during their childhood. Small moments together when they were teenagers, escaping the Yakuza base to explore the city at the nighttime together. The bright lights of the city night reflecting in Kurono’s dark eyes.

Recollecting his memories of them both, he realised how lonely he was without him by his side. Kurono was always by him or close by for so long, he never even wondered what it would be like to have been split apart. He wanted to cling onto the memories and some hope they would reunite, however he quickly beat it down, realism taking over his mind for once in his life.

A small whimper escaped his throat, along with a single tear dropping from his eye. A rush of emotions coursed through his body: Rage, sadness, loneliness, embarrassment. He was embarrassed by his state - alone and armless, spending the rest of his life rotting in prison if he doesn’t end it himself.

He felt pathetic.

One tear turned into two. Two tears turned into many. Soon enough he choked out a heavy sob, his body shaking as the voices of everyone he knew echoed in his mind. He wanted to scream, scream at them to get out of his head. But he couldn’t. His voice muted from the whines and sobs he’d let out over the course of a year.

His eyes were loosing their bright golden glow. His purpose dying and burying itself six feet under. He wanted to ask himself what he had become, however he already knew the answer.

He changed into a empty shell of what used to be a frightfully ambitious man. Crying and pleading for someone- anyone to tell him he would be alright. That it was just a nightmare.

He called out. But nobody came.

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The sirens blared out into the night. Heavy breathing could be heard along with frantic footsteps echoing down the hall. Kurono kept his eyes wide and awake, adrenaline coursing through his veins as he ran from the guards. He had one goal, which was to escape and run.

“Get him!” They cried out, chasing after the arrow haired male. Kurono wouldn’t let up, using all the energy his body could provide to run as much as he could until he was deemed safe. Soon he found the windows. Quickly scanning round the room he saw some heavy objects and a desk.

“Perfect..” he muttered to himself. Barricading the door with the heavy objects. He ran over to the desk, hastily pulling out the draws to find anything of value to him. In the draws were files, reports, a few pills, books and a handgun. Kurono picked up the handgun, holding it in front of him to admire its old but still kept beauty. He scanned round the room once more, nothing else for him to take. He channeled his strength and smashed the window, falling down to the ground below as the shattered pieces began to rain down. He was out, but not free yet.

“S-shit.. my leg” Kurono whimpered, trying to stand up. His leg was injured from the fall but it wasn’t too grave as his landing was mostly cushioned by thick bushes. The muscle was torn, making it hard to walk. However he could manage, he’d been through worse things from being aide to the capo.

Fuck. Of course the outside guards too. Kurono sighed in annoyance, hobbling over to the nearest out of sight space. It was only a few bits of discarded rubble, nothing special, but it did the job. The grey haired male sighed quietly, tearing the sleeve of his prison uniform to wrap around his injured leg. He hissed quietly as he constricted the fabric around his leg, his teeth subconsciously clenching together from the sudden rush of pain.

The blinding lights of the prison light shone over his hiding space, his breath tightening in his throat, Kurono’s body compacting closer together to conceal his whereabouts. Once it turned the other way, he got up and made his next move. He ran as much as he could with an injured leg near the guards posts, hiding as they turned to look his way.

Kurono tried to mentally analyse his surroundings and what he could do. There was only one outside guard at this post so it would be easy to take them down, however he still had to be aware of the light trying to find him - that and the wardens from the prison building. The arrowhead pulled out the handgun from his pocket, he’d use it as a last resort. He didn’t want to make too much noise.

Holding his breath, he ran behind the guard and grabbed him in a chokehold. The guard began to struggle, reaching for his gun as he quickly began to loose his consciousness. The grey haired man threw him to the floor, making the guard yelp as he his head was thrown against a rock - enduring blunt force to the head. Kurono saw his chance, picking up a sharp rock from the side, lifting it up. The guard wanted to plead for him to stop, however he knew mercy was never going to come.

He rammed the rock into his head repeatedly, huffing and hitting harder each time, bloodying his hands for the umpteenth time in his life of crime. He became unhinged, digging it deep into the guard’s skull with a breathless laugh. It amused him to how numb he was to ending another’s life. Once sated, he left the rock dug into his now shoddily butchered face, the parka the guard wore heavily stained with the red of Kurono’s deed. A lifeless smile curled onto the arrowhead’s lips, almost pleased to what he did. After all, he knew it was only one of several tasks before he could reunite everyone. He needed to. They were all he had left.

He stripped the guard’s corpse of the parka, slipping it on. The soft yet matted fluff of the coat brushed against his neck, nostalgia washing over him as his thoughts flooded with Chisaki. He silently wished the blood stained parka was the ex-capo’s jacket, the imagined scent of the auburn capturing Kurono’s mind. His thoughts were endlessly filling up with Chisaki. The man he desperately yearned for from a young age in their childhood together, however it went unnoticed by him. Kurono knew eventually that Chisaki would realise, it was inevitable.

He snapped out of his thoughts, shaking his head as he walked into the guard’s booth, looking around for items to collect. There was a torch and an unopened plastic bag with a tub inside. Judging by the smell Kurono could assume it was food that was freshly made - it was only a grilled sandwich, however food was food. He grabbed the items and shoved them into his pockets, along with his handgun.

He stepped out and made a run for it, running to the nearest forest for safety. As long as he kept running he knew he’d be out of the search perimeter. So he ran and ran further and deeper into the forest, not looking back as he ran, the sounds of prison sirens eventually dying. The search light dimming.

The sirens soon stopped and Kurono knew he was safe. He successfully escaped. Now he needed to find a place to stay for the night. Sleep was out of the option if he didn’t want to end up in jail again.

He stopped once he felt a single drop of rain fall onto his head. It had begun raining. Kurono pulled the hood of the parka over his head, the fluff of the coat grazing him once again, causing him to smile and think about Chisaki. He continued to walk, listening to the falling rain as he did and staring at his reflection in the puddles.

His hair was slightly longer, no longer tucked behind his ears. A scar was embedded into his face, covering most of the left side of his face and blinding his eye. A small sigh escaped his lips as he looked up and continued to walk, his need for shelter becoming his main priority.

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The room was quiet, Setsuno sat up and looked around to see if his cellmates were asleep. Tabe was passed out on the cold concrete floor of the cell and Hojo was lying in his shoddily made bed. Perfect. The blond drew in a shaky breath, scavenging underneath his bed for his stolen possession.

He pulled out a small knife hidden in his mattress, looking at his reflection in the metal of the blade. He stole it a few days ago from the cafeteria using his quirk that miraculously went unnoticed to the guards. He continued to look at himself in the blade, the gaze of a broken man staring back at him with multi coloured eyes.

“This is it..” he muttered to himself. Taking the blade, aligning it with his and slashing into his wrists, wincing and whimpering with every cut into his skin, letting himself bleed and bleed, small droplets red dropping onto the floor. Setsuno smiled weakly as tears fell down his face, mixing with the now bloody spots in the floor. His whimpering turned into sobbing as a rush of adrenaline coursed through him.

He mentally screamed at himself to plunge the knife into his chest to get it over with, but no matter how loud he screamed, he still slashed and hacked at his wiry arms. The smell of iron filling the room. Tabe lifted his head up from the floor, bloodshot eyes widening more as he saw the bloody mess his friend was. He began whimpering, trying to alert Hojo of the messy mental state of his friend.

“S-Sora!” Setsuno said weakly, hiding the knife behind his back like it was going to cover what he had done to his arms. Tabe sprung up, trying to snatch the knife from the blond whilst repressing his hunger - the sight of blood making his stomach growl. “Sora stop!”

Hojo opened his eyes, watching the commotion before him. He hastily got up, attempting to grab Setsuno and haul him away from the knife. Tabe whined and scratched at the muzzle placed around his mouth, trying to tear it off. The blond pushed away the taller man, continuing to cut into his arms as the success of finally ending himself looking like it was in his reach.

“Friend..friend!” Tabe repeated, scratching more vigorously at the muzzle to try and rip it from his face. He needed to stop Setsuno however he was completely useless if the one thing he needed was blocked.

Hojo grabbed one of the smaller man’s arms carefully in order not to hurt him, a wail escaping Setsuno’s throat as he did, dropping the stained knife in attempt free his arm from the crystal maker’s grip. With enough strength, Tabe ripped the straps of the muzzle, making it clatter on the floor. He rushed over and grabbed the knife before Setsuno could arm himself again.

“Yu. Sora. Stop!” He said, struggling to escape Hojo’s grip. The black haired man stared at the knife in front of him, mouth drooling from his endless hunger. He opened his mouth, eating almost the blade effortlessly before he proceeded to help Setsuno. He’d stopped struggling, now resorted to a mix of tears and sobs, the pain suddenly rushing through his arms after the sudden adrenaline wore off.

Tabe tore off some of his uniform, handing it to the blond as if he were trying to offer him makeshift bandages. Hojo took them and began to wrap it round his arms. All the while, Setsuno remained quiet, letting out small whimpers and sobs every so often to help with the pain that came back in waves.

He felt embarrassed. Embarrassed because he was caught in the act by his friends. Embarrassed because he failed to complete what he set out to do. Setsuno continued to whimper, hiding his face with his curtain of hair to avoid the gaze of both Tabe and Hojo. A growl escaped from the black haired man’s stomach, his mouth hanging open as he scampered around for something to chew on - his jaw needing something from being locked together. Looking at the bars of their cell, he shrugged, latching his mouth onto the bars and began biting them.

Hojo sighed, picking up Setsuno in a piggyback. The smaller male wrapped his arms around him with a whimper from the jolts of pain. Tabe broke the bars after several minutes of fast and hard chewing, allowing a big enough hole for them to squeeze through. They all looked at each other with the same idea.

“If we’re going we’ll have to go quickly. Toya’s crying must’ve alerted the guards” Hojo said, Tabe nodding along to what he was saying aimlessly. The trio began to run, the crystal maker keeping a tight but gentle grip on the injured male on his back, allowing Tabe to run ahead, attacking any guards in his path.

From the screams of agony echoing through the halls with the sound of crushing bone, the other two men could assume with no doubt Tabe had already began finishing off guards. He’d been used to the sounds of death throughout his pastime in the Yakuza, however the screams emitted in the halls of the prison still made Setsuno flinch just like the first time he drove his katana through a person’s chest. The scene still haunts him to the current day.

Several guards and hallways later and the trio were greeted by an exit.

“To the forest! It’s pretty huge so we can easily loose them in there” Setsuno called out from the back. Tabe and Hojo nodded, turning their directions to that of the forest and took off in a sprint. Behind them they could hear the sirens begin, loud wailing filling the atmosphere. Setsuno snickered as they ran deeper into the forest, the sudden noise of the prison siren growing quieter, like it was never set off in the first place.

“That was..surprisingly easy” The blond said, yawning slightly.

“We have to look for shelter.. and possibly any source of food”


“Yes Sora, food”

The three continued to walk alongside a river, the gentle sound of running water lulling Setsuno to sleep slowly on Hojo’s back, soft snores emitting from the blond. The crystal maker laughed a little, sitting down under a tree after placing Setsuno down onto the floor. Tabe stretched, plonking himself down next to Hojo.

He allowed the two smaller men to rest and huddle close to him, both of them closing their eyes and falling into a light sleep. Hojo started up at the stars in the sky, wondering if the rest of the Hassaikai were looking up at the same night sky.

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“How ya injuries holding up for you Nemoto?” Sakaki slurred as he laughed, the drunken undertone still mixed into his voice despite his lack of alcohol - something he complained about frequently, acting as if it were his only lifeline.

Nemoto sighed, slumping against the wall of his cell. His cell mate had sprung out at him randomly during the night, waking up to find hands around his throat and eventually ended up bloodied and bruised, breaking his glasses in the process. His cell mate was taken away, however Nemoto remained in the same cell with his injuries treated by the prison doctors who were kind enough to him - some of the only people in the prison who viewed them as kindly as possible, despite being very visibly afraid of them.

“At least your one hasn’t gone and strangled you yet” He said, pointing to Sakaki’s cell mate with his eyes.

He was only young, much younger than both Yakuza. Short dark grey hair with animalistic red eyes, almost representative of a wolf. The ends of his hands and feet were stained with a pattern of greys and a desaturated reds; the ends of his feet almost representing that of claws. From what both men gathered, the young boy’s quirk was dangerous. Wild. The ability to trade your ability to think in exchange for added strength and/or speed. The ability alone sounded terrifying to have, however neither had seen it in action.

“Oh, Nico? He doesn’t say much anyway” Sakaki said, turning his head to the boy huddled in the corner of the cell. Nico’s red eyes frantically looking around the room, like he was desperately looking for something to prey on. “If anythin’ he only keeps me alive so I can stop him when he goes into overdrive. Or well that’s what he calls it”

“My point still stands”

“Yeah yeah whatever”

The two continued to talk together before the guards came for patrol. They tended to shit talk other prisoners, regardless of whether they could hear. Soon, the topic shifted to that of the ex-capo, Nemoto looked away, his eyebrows furrowing.

“Don’t mention him”

“Eh? Didn’t you devote your life to him or some shit?”

Nemoto took a deep breath in, pinching the bridge of his nose, “He lied to us”

Sakaki’s wide eyes narrowed in confusion, the conversation even interesting the wild boy in the corner. Both of the could sense the distress coming from the blond man.

“He lied to us. We all set out to win and now look at us, rotting in prison. We all lived out the rest of our miserable god forsaken lives.. because he told us we had a purpose”

Nemoto stopped, his voice becoming borderline broken to the end. Like he was trying to hold back a flood of tears.

“I could feel the pain of that fusion.. I felt myself being ripped apart as I fused with his, like I was becoming nothing but a shell. It was an honour.. yet a great curse.”

The three of them remained silent. Nemoto quietly apologised for getting emotional, wiping the stray tear that crawled down his face. Nico looked up at them all, eyes wider than normal.

“If you don’t want to rot in prison.. then what do you want?” The grey haired boy said, staring down Nemoto. “Is it freedom? Is it a sense of worth?”

“What is it to you?”

“I have the ability to break down these doors.. however I want something in return.”

The Yakuza turned to look at each other, mentally debating with some common sense between the two of them. Nico waited patiently for their answer, his claw-like feet tapping against the floor like a timer.

“What do ya want in return?” Sakaki questioned him. Nico almost snapped his neck from how fast his head turned, red eyes glowing in excitement. It was almost disturbing how animated his movements were.

“What I want is a decent meal in return..”

“So you want to rob the cafeteria?”

Nico laughed slightly, like the effects of his quirks were already ebbing in, “Are you fucking stupid? I refuse cafeteria food anytime it comes round! I meant the good stuff..”


“No” He sighed “Humans. Bring me a guard to eat during the escape”

The two men looked at eachother once again, the colour from Sakaki’s already pale stature draining rapidly. He was cell mates with a cannibal. The drunkard thanked whatever force kept him alive with this boy for the past year.

“Fine. It’s a deal” Nemoto said, standing up. Nico nodded, walking over to the door and began to claw at it, growling as he did in the process, his claws growing stronger as he got louder. Eventually, they were able to start ripping through the metal, an ear piercing sound emitted as he did, making the other two flinch. The door was soon on the floor and broken down.

“Now my door” the blonde said.

Nico nodded slashing the other cell door down into two, his breathing turning into panting as his behaviour became more animalistic with the depletion of his sanity.
Sakaki ushered for him to follow the two and he did, obeying like a semi-tamed animal.

“Shit- guard” Nemoto said, halting in his tracks. Nico rushed forward, lunging at the guard’s throat, almost ripping their entire neck off in one clean bite. His claws made work of his chest, digging it open for him to feast. Blood adding to the already red pattern of his claws. The two Yakuza felt sick to the core as they watched Nico feast, despite seeing so much gore in their life. The two had ended many lives before but had never seen someone murder like a starved animal deprived of anything for weeks. It was borderline disturbing. Once sated, Nico sat up, turning round to reveal the mess that was his front. His mouth was covered with dark splotches of red, the same fluid leaking from his mouth slightly.

“We going?” Nico said, his sanity clearly restored after a ‘meal’. The two nodded, wanting to get away from the now hollow corpse in front of them. Nico wiped his mouth with his arm, a red smear appearing on it.

The three began running again, the siren starting after the killing of a guard. Nico laughed as he continued to run, almost making it look like jail breaking was his past time hobby. Nemoto continued to look around to make sure they weren’t followed. Sakaki ran ahead blindly, just wanting to get out of this prison and away from the cannibalistic kid.

“The door!” The blond shouted. Nico nodded, running at the door and kicking it down with a loud growl. They all reached the outside, quickly looking around their surroundings.

“Welp. I’ll see y’all around. Thanks for the meal!” The boy said, taking off in the other direction. The Yakuza looked around, taking off in the more rural direction. They found themselves walking down poorly made country roads alongside a river. Nemoto looked as he saw river fish swim down it, the small rays of sunrise beaming over and illuminating the pond. It brung the blond slight peace. On the other hand, Sakaki kept looking forward and halted as he saw a figure in the distance.

“Shit.. Look” He said, tapping Nemoto on the shoulder, making him look over. The figure saw them too, beginning to speed up. The alcoholic raised his fists as they came closer. He then lowered them.


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The drunkard’s eyes looked forward, staring at the grey haired male in front of him. He stepped forward, dark eyes softening as he looked at the two precepts in front of him. A year really did change them all. Nemoto’s hair had come out of place, becoming slightly more wild then neatly combed back. Sakaki could think straight for once as it’d been a while since he’d drank any type of alcohol.

“Sakaki? Nemoto..?” He said, inching closer to the two. They saw the damage he had taken - the scar that tore down his left eye and how multiple of his arrows had been ripped out, leaving messy and almost painful looking ends to his hair. Nemoto noticed the bloodstains on, what he assumed to be, his stolen parka coat. Did he kill someone? It wasn’t a surprise to either of them.

“You’re out? You must have a strong motive to break out of prison” Nemoto said, staring at the grey haired.

“Yeah! I thought you’d give up and spend your life in depression or some shit” Sakaki added.

“I’m not giving up” Kurono sighed, “I’m not giving up on him..”

The two precepts looked at eachother, trying to figure out who he meant by ‘him’ until it clicked in Sakaki’s mind. By his expression, he could assume Nemoto also realised who it was too - his expression turned stoic and cold at the mere thought of the man who used to be his boss.

“But why would you still go after Overhaul? He promised greatness but look what happened to us” He argues. Kurono took a step back, arrows twitching in annoyance. The obsession and protection in his mind switched on, defending the one he holds so dearly in his heart.

“I have my reasons” the grey haired man growled, arrows raising to signify he would fight if he have to. “Besides you wouldn’t understand why”

“Then explain it to us” Nemoto said, stepping forward. Kurono looked at the blond with a cold glare, staring him down in their battle of intimidation. The blond saw the bead of sweat run down the arrow haired face - he was loosing composure.

“Fine. I’m in love with Chisaki. I’m doing this for him. I’m doing this for us..”

Nemoto took a step back, looking at the arrows lower, wagging slightly. Sakaki looked at what was happened, prompting to hide behind Nemoto. The sudden mood swing in Kurono disturbed them both.

“I’ve been in love with him since we were in middle school together.. We’ve always been so close” He said, cupping his own cheeks with his hands as a lovesick sigh escaped him “It kills me inside to be separated from him for so long.. I need him back. I have to have him back! I-I’m nothing without him!”

Nemoto said nothing as he looked at Kurono, the obsessive aura radiating from the grey haired man. Neither precept realised how much the auburn affected him. He was Kurono’s closest friend. The person he loved. His lifeline.

Even if he was his lifeline, he didn’t want to assist him over Chisaki, he wanted to do it for the others. They worked his way into his locked-up heart and earned the position of family. He didn’t want to abandon his family.

“On one condition will we help you”. The blond said, “We reunite the others, then we get Overhaul. I have no interest in saving him but I don’t want to see you.. like that without him.”

Kurono looked up and nodded, agreeing to his terms. He knew Tartarus wasn’t a three man job, they’d need them all to bypass the system and retrieve Chisaki from his cell. His arrows wagged again as the auburn sinked into his mind, the imagery of his tearful face burying into his neck, great full to see him as only Kurono’s presence alone calmed ex-capo down.


“We’ve been walking for ages!” Setsuno groaned, holding onto Hojo’s sleeve. The woodland was almost endless in his eyes, every corner they turn a face full of trees greeted them. Tabe followed behind, sniffing out the air to sense any wildlife for consumption. They proclaimed him the hunter of the group - his fast reflexes and agility serving as their main offence.

The black haired male’s head raised as a scent came into his vicinity. His eyes widened as he charged ahead, scampering for what he could lodge his teeth into. His jaw still ached to satisfy his seemingly endless hunger. The other two followed close behind so they didn’t loose their hunter.

“Tabe! Slow down!” Hojo shouted, getting ready to tackle down said male. He halted in his tracks as he saw Tabe look forwards, almost curious to what he could make out in the sprawling woods. It wasn’t like him to stop during a hunt.

“Friend..?” Tabe said, tilting his head to the side. The black haired walked forward, examining what he could see in the distance, speeding up as the unknown became more visible and recognisable. His running became more jumpy; almost excited.

Setsuno stared ahead, moving his parts of hair behind his ear so his field of vision was bigger. Heterochromic eyes met the gaze of familiar faces. He teared, running over and launching himself into the arms of the taller blond. Yellow and green looked into a deep blue.

“S- Setsuno!” Nemoto yelped in suprise, feeling his body hit his own with force. Setsuno ignored his surprise, hugging what he could of him. “It’s nice to see you too..”

Kurono looked at them, a small smile prying at his lips as he watched the scene unfold, the unusually soft side of Nemoto leaking out as the smaller blond stayed in his arms.

“You all got out as well?” The arrow haired asked, Hojo nodded as Tabe hopped up and down out of excitement. Kurono looked back over to the blond couple, who in his eyes, kept their relationship secret well. However all secrets eventually come out. “I see the happy couple are back together”

The blonds’ faces flushed pink as the smaller one pushed away.

“I-I was just happy..s’all” Setsuno said, walking back behind Hojo. Nemoto averted his eyes away from Kurono, breathing in and sighing a little.

“Since the most of us are back together, we should look for somewhere to hideout” The arrow haired said, beginning to walk forward into more woodland. “The chances are well find some abandoned place that’ll make do for the time”

After a small speech by Kurono, they walked in a group back into the sprawling forest - looking for any type of shelter to put over their heads.

Hojo carried Tabe on his back after he wore himself out from bouncing up and down. Kurono lead the group, inspecting the woods with as much precision as one eye could. Setsuno and Nemoto hung in the back, intertwining their pinkies in a small form of affection.

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Rappa swung his fist at the wall, cracking it even more in one swift punch. His chest heaved up and down as emotions overwhelmed him, tears daring to prick at his eyes - which itself was a rare sight to see on the face of the street fighter. His eyebrows furrowed downwards as he stared at the crack he had put into his cell wall, it was deep, too deep. He barely noticed the tears falling down his face one by one as he continued to stare at the crack - a perfect reflection of himself in the present. He huffed as he retracted his hand, looking over to the door as he waited for the arrival of Tengai.

The ex-monk had to have several trips to the prison medical ward as his injuries were severe. His once dark cobalt eyes had been tainted; a glossy pearl colour replacing them as he saw nothing but an empty void. With the arrival of his blindness, Rappa never wanted to take responsibility for the man, it was none of his business so why should he? However overtime his views changed, he began to feel sympathy for Tengai as he saw him struggle to do anything the ward set him alongside his regular medical checkups. Soon he found himself helping and guiding the smaller man, taking over some responsibility and wordlessly paying him back for the years of insufferable pleads to fight he had to put up with. A small smile crept onto his face at the remembrance of a wound up Tengai, scolding his partner for trying to attack Overhaul for the fifth time that day. He sat down like a big old dog waiting for their owner to return from their daily lives.

Once he saw the door open his red eyes gleamed, shooting up as he saw the blind man being ushered into the room as carefully as the guards could - they always treated the inmates here cruelly from their nefarious crimes, especially the duo since they were part of the infamous Shie Hassaikai, however morals clashed and they simply refused to push around a blind man, even if he was a criminal. Rappa walked over to Tengai, holding his smaller hands in his bigger ones, smoothing over the top of his hand with his thumbs. A smile formed on the ex-monk's face as he felt the rough yet soft touch of the ginger haired man.

"How are you, Kendou?" He said, his voice still serene and smooth to the touch even after loosing his sight. Rappa's smile grew wider as he lent down to place a small peck atop the smaller man's head.

"'m fine, doll" He said, sitting down and helping the ex-monk into his lap, holding him in an almost protective way. He had to admit the toll he had taken on him since his injuries had been grave, he used to think of him as nothing but a whiny, short man who tried to control him - however he could see now he was only doing it to protect the big man from being killed during a fight as even he could admit he got too cocky during his fights. Without Tengai he knew he would've been six feet under many years back. "How 'bout you?"

"I'm fine" He said with a smile radiating in his voice, lifting his hand up for Rappa to guide to his face. Tengai cupped his cheek with assistance, feeling the scarred skin mixed with growing stubble near the bottom of his hand. A frown appeared on his face as he felt dampness on his cheeks, "Were you crying?"

"no no! 'm fine doll i swear" He said with a small laugh, Tengai sighed in disappointment as he sank deeper into Rappa's arms, resting his head against his chest. The two sat in a comfortable silence, the only sound audible being the soft breathing of the ex-monk - he was slowly falling asleep. "tired?"

"mhm.." He murmured, holding apart of Rappa's shirt as he closed his glossy white eyes. The ginger carefully played with the smaller man's short blond hair, noticing fractions of grey hairs showing through. He was old and vulnerable - unlike the ex-fighter, who may have been old but was far from being physically vulnerable. He wondered about what the rest of the eight bullets were doing, hell, he finally could think about how Overhaul was without the incisive need to fight him. Rappa yawned loudly. He held onto the sleeping man on his chest carefully as he laid down on the floor face up, allowing Tengai to use him as a makeshift bed almost. His hair pooled out on the floor below him as he stared up at the ceiling, slowly letting his eyes close.

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Chisaki’s body ached. Bruises littered all over his skin from his ‘treatment’. He huddled up in the corner of his room and aimlessly watched the clock pass by minute by minute. Red hues lighting up the wall lazily.

He’d gotten good at telling how long it’d been since a minute had passed without looking at the clock; an hour too. He had nothing else to do apart from slowly wist away in a prison cell for the rest of his miserable life, so why not teach himself something just as monochrome as his life? It beats crying for hours upon hours everyday.

Then his mind wandered back to the Hassaikai. Even after so long he still worried. Even if he knew they all shared the same fate of ending up in prison or even worse. Chisaki remembered what he saw briefly when the ambulance took him in a year ago during his arrest. Tears pricked at his eyes during this thought. The auburn is still haunted by it.

He remembered Kurono scorched and bloody, arrows completely disheveled and ripped out from his head. Nemoto was still out cold, his body almost appearing corpse like. Tengai being treated by the paramedics on the spot, just about seeing the bandages around his eyes snugly before he was whisked away to Tartarus in the ambulance.

“He’s blind.. Nemoto could be dead.. Hari.. Hari.. damn it.. d-damn it..” He said, biting his lip to stop his tears as his phantom pains returned. He could feel his lower hands shaking, clutching the sheets below him even if they weren’t there. He cried out. “DAMN IT!”

Small hiccups filled the room as his waves of sorrow hit him at full blast, almost to an overwhelming point. Was it so much to ask to see them again? His friends..his family..his love. They could all be in his reach if he wasn’t so damn weak. Chisaki folded in on himself, almost compressing together as he pressed his chest against his knees.

He stayed like that for a while until the guards passing his room soon alerted him.

“Did you hear about the escapees?”

“D’you mean?”

“Some prisons have had breakouts.. the Shie Hassaikai and one from the Keishiki”

“Which ones..”

“From the Shie Hassaikai it was Nemoto Shin, Tabe Soramitsu, Hojo Yu, Setsuno Toya, Sakaki Deidoro and.. Kurono Hari”

“Shit.. the aide escaped?”

“Mhm.. For the Keishiki it was Kemono Nico”

“The damn beast.. who did he kill?”

“Only a few guards. He’ll be back in a few months no doubt and the cycle repeats”

Chisaki’s eyes widened at the news he heard, tears welling at his eyes again but he didn’t feel sad. He felt hopeful.. proud.. happy. His lips curled upwards in a small smile for the first time in a while, it hurting momentarily before he let off a small laugh, continuing to smile and cough.

Hari was ok.. Nemoto was alive..

For the first time in over a year happiness fuelled him. He felt hopeful that he would see them again, however he knew they would up the defences, knowing the Hassaikai would be coming for Chisaki with fists ready and guns ablaze. The auburn sat up and retreated from his corner, walking around his room, feeling almost like an entirely different person as the weight fell off his shoulders. He felt light and free - well, not completely free.

He wanted- no. He needed to be free. He needed to see them again and he knew he would, not showing a trace of doubt in the individuals he considered family.. who he rescued and in return they showed him loyalty and devotion. They singlehandedly laid their lives down for him without hesitation because Chisaki gave them a sense of purpose. But now, he put his trust in them.

You won’t let me down, will you?

Chapter Text

They all walked in a group through the forest. Kurono lead them all, trying to see if he could find any place to stay. Sakaki joined him at the front, making small talk as the others dragged on behind. Tabe was fast asleep on Hojo’s back, his hands clinging onto his shirt. Nemoto and Setsuno intertwined their hands, staying close together.

“How big is this fuckin’ forest??” Sakaki groaned, putting his head into his hands. Kurono laughed a little, ushering him to continue walking onwards. “Ugh can’t we take a break?”

“Fine fine” The grey haired said, taking a seat upon a rock. Nemoto sat down at the base of the tree, patting his leg as if urging Setsuno to sit with him. The smaller blond obliged and sat in his lap, almost sinking back into his chest. The taller male hugged his waist, leaning his chin on top of his head.

Kurono looked at the two, giving them a supportive smile. Looking at them left an empty feeling in his heart; sadness almost. He wished that they could travel to Tartarus sooner, break out Chisaki and finally they’d be together. Everywhere he went he’d see the same honey-golden eyes that almost looked like the sun looking back at him. He could finally take in the warm embrace of him once again.

They all sat down and waited for a while. Kurono kept taking sneaky glances at the blond couple who were holding each other in a protective embrace, showing each other that they wouldn’t leave on another and re-enact what had happened in their past. Setsuno’s heart wouldn’t be broken again and Nemoto wouldn’t feel used because he’s hearing nothing but the truth.

“Does everyone want to start moving” The arrow haired called out to them all. They all nodded and the group began to move once again along the dirt roads of the seemingly endless sprawl of woodland. The dirt soon turned into a path as they felt sand brush against their feet.

“A path?” Setsuno said, pointing out the obvious.

“That means there must be a place nearby. Quick! Let’s follow it!” Kurono said, picking up his pace as he followed the sand road to what he hoped would be their new home. The others tried to keep up to the grey haired’s speed however only a few could - those being Sakaki and Nemoto.

They began to slow down as Kurono stopped at an opening and saw the old house on the hill. It clearly hasn’t been touched for a while; the paint was chipping off of the front of it. It looked old and broken - a textbook haunted house. Kurono smiles, beginning to walk up the hill’s short path to the house.

“A house?? Here??” Sakaki said, “Whoever lived here must really hate people”

“Well it’s ours now” Kurono said, opening the door. It wasn’t locked surprisingly, it was in good shape too. He stepped in, the strong scent of dust and grime hitting him. He felt slightly faint but then let out a little laugh. They’d have to sort this place out before they dared get Chisaki into here. Although, a part of Kurono thought it would be funny to see his reaction.

“Everyone go explore the house and tell me what you can find” He said, the others nodding and beginning to look around. Kurono took this time to look around the house, hands grazing against the tatted furniture dotted around the house. Everything looked like his old house from his youth.

It reminded him too heavily of his childhood, before being found by pops on the streets. He was bruised, crying and hurt when pops found him with a rather young Irinaka by his side. His arrows ripped and in the same state as they are now. He didn’t like to think about his childhood. Being the neglected middle child as his elder sister was off at college and little brother abused by his mother - his father doing his best to make their lives as happy as the can be. Until his father told him to run away after a heavy beating from his mother. That’s when pops found the traumatised child on the streets.

He snapped back to reality once he was tapped on the shoulder.

“Well we’ve done lookin’” Sakaki said “we found a crate with some guns.. strangely. That and there’s about 4 rooms in the house”

“Go and choose your own rooms for now. And save one for me”


Kurono looked at the old fireplace and then upwards to the broken mirror, seeing his face in broken parts. He smiled. This was their home now.

Chapter Text

Nemoto and Setsuno ran off into the far room on the right, swinging the door open and looking around their room. There wasn’t much. Old tattered curtains. Ripped wallpaper. The bed was old and probably rickety but they didn’t care. It felt like they finally had their own space together and it excited them both a lot - despite the circumstances.

Setsuno flopped down onto the bed, it creaking loudly as he did. He laughed a little, too many thoughts coming to his head at once. Nemoto sat next to him, leaning down to kiss his head.

“This bed is loud as hell” Setsuno laughed, sitting back up with a creak. “God how loud would it be if someone fucked on it”

Nemoto looked at him as he said his joke, cheeks flushing a bit pink as his mind filled with too many dirty thoughts at once. He swallowed hard, the image of him making love to his boyfriend filling his mind, blood pooling in his face and groin.

Setsuno calmed his laughter down and looked at the taller male, face turning beat red in a second as he saw his reaction. He knew exactly what he was thinking.

“Hey! hey! hey! I-I didn’t actually- I mean if you want to I-“ He stammered out before being silenced by a kiss.

“Were you joking or not?” He laughed, stroking his cheek. Setsuno averted his heterochromic eyes in embarrassment.

“I mean if you want to..”

He kissed him again, “Then we can if you’re alright with it”

Setsuno nodded and Nemoto got off the bed, onto the floor and nestled himself between his lover’s thighs, resting his head against one. A deep purr escaped him as he gazed upwards with lidded eyes.

The blond above was blushing immensely, it had been so long since he’d done anything of the sort with anyone. He bit his lip out of nervousness, body shaking out of anticipation.

“Are you alright? Are you uncomfortable?”

“If uncomfortable means extremely pent up then yes”

Nemoto sighed with a hint of a smile, stripping Setsuno of his pants and boxers, tossing them and leaving him half naked. The smaller blond bit his lip harder, feeling himself twitch under the gaze of his lover. He swallowed hard, breath hitching as Nemoto kissed his tip lightly.

“I love you Toya..” He said, pressing another kiss to his tip, smiling in the process. Setsuno breathily replied back, loosing himself to the small touches. It made him realise how pent up he really was.

“I-I hah.. love you too..”

Nemoto teased his head, licking the slit and kissing all over it - almost worshipping it in some way. His mouth lowered down, tongue sticking out and gliding down his length, tasting him and coating his cock in saliva.

Setsuno could feel himself being lost to the pleasure, whimpers with a mix of moans falling from his mouth. He didn’t realise how pent up he was.

Nemoto pulled away, “are you ok? You’re whimpering.. should I stop?”

Setsuno smiled shakily at his worry, “I-I’m fine.. It’s just been a long time since I’ve done this..”

The taller blond smiled, resuming his work down bellow. He swirled his tongue around his length, taking in his taste yet again - it was like an aphrodisiac to him, only egging him on more alongside the pleasured moans his boyfriend was producing. He kissed up to the tip before taking his head into his mouth, humming in satisfaction to get a reaction from Setsuno.

“Haah.. S-Shin” He moaned, fingers fisting Nemoto’s hair and shoving his head down further onto him, leaving Nemoto’s nose against the small patch of pubic hair, a faint musk clouding his sense of smell. The blond’s eyes closed, sucking on his length hungrily, like his life depended on him sucking his pent-up boyfriend off.

Setsuno grew impatient as his moans grew more needy. He wrapped his legs around his neck, dangling them around Nemoto’s shoulders and began to hump his face desperately as his orgasm chased up to him. The blond let out lewd noises as his throat was fucked out by his lover, almost like he was in a heat of some sort, wanting release badly to relieve the pain that ensues.

“F-Fuck- Shin I’m g-gonna-“ He moaned out, cutting himself short as he spilled down his boyfriend’s throat, making him swallow every drop.

Nemoto felt his own orgasm chasing up to him. He stuffed his hands into his pants, pulling himself out and stroking himself until he reached his release, a spurt of white shooting from his cock, landing all over Setsuno’s leg and the bed behind him. They both panted heavily.

“H-How are you feeling now?”

“F..Fuck.. I feel amazing” Setsuno said, trying to catch his breath. Nemoto smiled, sitting back up and onto the bed, leaving a kiss on Setsuno’s cheek.

“Sleep?” The smaller blond asked.

“I’ll try and find some towels and then we can”