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The summer sun’s rays shone down below it. It wasn’t a very hot day today thanks to the partly cloudy weather. The massive lake below was dotted with people on their boats on the marina and nearby.


The perfect day for Atsushi to go boating with his boyfriend Karamatsu. He had brought him out to Okinawa for a few days to spend together. He also got permission from his uncle Toshio to use his boat for the next few days. 


Karamatsu was excited and Atsushi found it adorable. Karamatsu had been fascinated by a lot of things in the large town they were in. He even said he was going to pen poetry about the lakeside town and recite them. 


Atsushi untied the boat from the dock and carefully stepped on it. He helped Karamatsu on. They put their bags inside the compartments and Atusushi pecked his boyfriend’s cheek. 


“I’ll drive slowly cause this boat can go pretty fast. It’s my uncle’s favorite boat. He’s had this jet boat for a while and he’ll probably kill me if I damage it.”


“We won’t be using it recklessly so he has nothing to worry about. He seems to be a nice man.”


“He is. He’s helped out in the past and he's done a lot for me.” Atsushi got into the front seat and turned the boat on. 


At that moment, a cat jumped onto the boat and scurried to the seat next to Atsushi.


“Kai, did you follow us?” Atsushi petted the gray and white long-haired feline. Kai purred and then laid down in the seat.


“Looks like we’re gonna have another passenger my dear Captain. I don’t mind at all!” Karamatsu rubbed the cat’s tummy and Kai purred happily wrapping his front legs around Karamatsu’s arms.


“He really likes you” Atsushi commented. 


Karamatsu carefully picked Kai up and sat next to Atsushi. 


“Let’s go Captain!”


Atsushi huffed. “Hehe and you are my first mate” he smiled at Karamatsu. 


Atsushi drove the boat at a modest speed first. He maneuvered easily on the lake and decided to stop the boat further away from the other boaters and the dock for privacy. 


Kai hopped down from Karamatsu’s lap and sat at the bow of the boat and watched his surroundings. 


Atsushi chuckled. “He loves riding on boats and just looking out. Can’t believe he’s almost a year old. Seems like yesterday Toshio found him and he was sickly. 


“Yeah. I remember you telling me. Poor kitty has been through a lot but he survived and he’s got people who love him!” 


“That’s correct. He’s a good boy though a bit mischievous as he sometimes will steal some fish from time to time but he’s still a good cat”


Kai let out a meow as if he knew they were talking about him. He let out a yawn and sprawled out on the bow. The light wind blowing his long fur. 


Both of the men then decided to move near the bow and both stood and looked out at the scenery before them. 


The trees nearby were green and rustled a little. The cicadas were out already and occasionally a fish would jump from the lake. 


Karamatsu took hold of his boyfriend’s hand and kissed the top. “Now that we have a little privacy how about a little loving?”


Atsushi snorted. “Of course!” He grabbed hold of Karamatsu’s face and stared into his deep brown eyes. Fingers stroked his cheeks and he pressed a soft kiss to his lips. 


Karamatsu wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him forward. 


“You are indeed one handsome man, and you spoil me. Taking me all the way here and just being a gentleman. It makes me so happy” Karamatsu gave him a kiss. 


“I love spoiling you. I think you deserve it. You’re such a sweet man, you’re friendly and just a good person.” Atsushi placed a hand on Karamatsu’s chest. 


“You have a good heart”


Karamatsu felt himself warm up and a big smile appeared on his face. 


“The things you say that make a man swoon. You have a way with words”


“No you do my love”


Karamatsu laughed a little. “I guess we both do!”


The two separated as they spent the next few hours talking, being affectionate and playing with Kai. 


The next few days were going to be even better.