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Saturday Brunch

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Kakyoin cracks an eye open, giving his boyfriend a one-eyed glare from underneath his pillow. “What do you want?”


Jotaro holds up a platter laden with toast, jam, and other breakfast staples. “You had a long week.” In Jotaro-speak, that meant “I saw you were tired and stressed and wanted to do something special for you, also I love you very much.”


Luckily, Kakyoin was fluent in Jotarese. He smiles and removes his head from under the pillow, hair sitting on the top of his head like a strange hat. Jotaro snorts.


“You have the worst bedhead.” He sits down next to his boyfriend, placing the platter on his knees.


Kakyoin reaches over and grabs a piece of toast. “And you are in your pajamas with your hat on.”


Jotaro smiles and snuggles up to Kakyoin. He loved lazy mornings.