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i see (a bad moon rising)

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There were a lot of ways that Midoriya Izuku could have spent his night. Watching another superhero movie, probably. Or doing homework. Or literally anything other than traipsing through the forest at midnight, while his friends push each other into bushes and screech every time an owl hoots in the distance. Graduation is just around the corner, but they are clearly just as prone to nonsense now as they had been as first-years. "Remind me again why we're doing this?" Izuku asks.

To his credit, Kaminari doesn't look the least bit ashamed or put out. "We're doing this because it's Halloween, and because it's spooky. Think of it like a test of courage!"

"Test of courage!" Ochako echoes, pumping her fist in the air. Iida pushes his glasses up his nose and nods in agreement, Jirou hums her assent, and Todoroki looks entirely unbothered, which is usually his way of showing interest in the events happening around him. Ochako grabs Izuku by the arm and shakes him. "Don't be such a party-pooper, Izuku! We're graduating soon, so we should have a little fun!"

"Walking through a haunted forest at night is fun to you, Uraraka?" he asks, eyebrow raised.

"I mean, it's probably not haunted, but what if it is! Maybe we'll see a real live ghost!"

"Technically," says Iida primly, "Even if ghosts were real, we couldn't really see a 'live' ghost since they are by definition no longer--"

"Aww, c'mon, Iida. Don't be like that," whines Kaminari. "Maybe we'd end up famous if we really did see a ghost! D'you think we'd get on TV?"

"If we saw a ghost, and if it ended up being real," says Jirou dryly. "Don't you think you're getting ahead of yourself, Denki?"

"Nope!" Kaminari grins widely and Jirou sighs. Izuku doesn't really share their enthusiasm, but he can't help but be entertained.

"I notice that you don't seem the slightest bit perturbed, Midoriya," says Iida. "Even if you do not fear the supernatural, you're usually so skittish. I would have thought walking through the forest at night would surely cause you some alarm!"

Ochako gets a knowing glint in her eye, and Izuku immediately gets a bad feeling from it. "W-well, I grew up in a pretty rural area, and I wasn't really friends with the neighbor kids so I would just go exploring on my own. Catching beetles and stuff in the woods. I guess I'm used to it?" he offers with a shrug.

"Man, us city kids really can't compare, huh?" says Ochako. She leans in close to whisper in his ear. "Then again, none of us ever got to romp through the forest with our first loves, right Izuku?"

Izuku feels his cheeks burn with embarrassment, and he elbows Ochako as discreetly as he can. "I never should have told you about that," he hisses, to which she sticks out her tongue in response.

"I think it's sweet. I mean, your first love was someone you dreamed up in the first place, which automatically means he was perfect for you, right?"

Izuku groans. "I don't think being in love with your imaginary friend is sweet so much as pathetic. Also I was about four, Uraraka."

"Still counts."

"What about you, huh?" says Izuku, desperate to regain the high ground. "This isn't your usual idea of fun, right? Aren't you scared?"

"I'm perfectly all right," she answers, full of confidence. "I, for one, think it'd be interesting to see a ghost."

"Oh? Should I take this off, then?" Izuku pulls a pendant out from underneath his shirt and lets it dangle on the thin leather cord. It had been a birthday present from Ochako the first year they met -- a gag gift, Izuku had thought, since she seemed too practical to put much stock in protection amulets -- but he's been wearing it ever since. "It might be keeping all the forest spirits from coming to talk to us. If I stop wearing it, then--"

"Don't you dare!" Ochako makes a grab for the pendant and Izuku laughs, tucking it back under his shirt.

"Don't worry, I won't. I'm surprised, though -- I didn't think you were really that superstitious, Uraraka."

"Yeah, know," Ochako says, pouting a bit. "It can't hurt, right?"

"I guess so."

"What are you two whispering about, huh?" Kaminari yells, turning his cellphone flashlight on the rest of the group and making them squint in discomfort. "C'mon, we should split up! If we go around the forest in groups we're bound to find a ghost."

"Don't you watch any horror movies, Denki? Splitting up is literally the worst thing you can do," Jirou says.

Kaminari puffs out his chest and preens. "It's fine. I'm not a virgin, so I definitely won't die first."

Jirou rolls her eyes. "It’s the slutty blondes who always die first, stupid. And just for that, I'm pairing up with Todoroki." Todoroki stares at Jirou blankly for a moment, then hesitantly offers his elbow for her to take. She raises an eyebrow and stares back, and he silently drops his arm back to his side.

"What? Jirou, c'mon! No fair!" Kaminari whines.

"I'll go with Iida," Ochako chimes in, interrupting Kaminari's pity party. She catches Izuku's betrayed expression and shrugs, abandoning him in favor of latching onto Iida's arm. And okay, maybe he should feel less betrayed because they are dating, after all, but still. He was friends with her first, darn it.

"You'll be fine, Izuku," Todoroki says evenly. "Kaminari's not a virgin, remember? You're safe from murderers as long as you're around him."

Kaminari sighs, slinging an arm round Izuku's shoulders. "Guess it's you 'n me then, Midoriya. Don't worry, I'll keep you safe. That ghost can't defeat me!"

"I trust you, Kaminari," says Izuku politely.


The flaw in their plan becomes apparent about ten minutes later when Kaminari accidentally bumps into Izuku and lets out a scream that actually startles some sleeping birds into flight.

"It's just me, Kaminari!"

"Oh Midoriya. Oh thank goodness," he whimpers, holding a hand over his heart. "It's so much darker when we've only got our cellphones, I didn't realize how creepy it would be! How can you stand it?"

"It's just some trees, Kaminari. Relax, it'll be okay."

"But there's so many noises! And all these branches! What if I bump into a tree and it turns out to be a murderer?!"

Izuku likes to believe he is a patient man, but he's reassured Kaminari about five times already. "There's no murderer here. And there's no wild animals either," he says again, trying to keep kindness in his tone. "No big ones, at least. And even if the little ones are out and about, they'll hardly pose a threat, right?"

Kaminari takes a deep breath and nods, looking somewhat placated. "You're're totally right. I'm being pretty silly, huh?"

Izuku shakes his head. "It's all right. I can see how it'd be scary. But that's why it's a test of courage, right? We'll get through it." He smiles. "I'll even tell the others how brave you were, protecting me from the ghost."

Kaminari musters up a laugh. "Aw, you don't have to do th--"

A branch snaps somewhere to the left, echoing like a gunshot in the silence.

Kaminari falters, swallows audibly, and lets out a feeble chuckle. "That...that was you, right Midoriya?"

Izuku shakes his head. He can see the beam of his flashlight wobble before them, betraying the way his hands have begun to tremble. "N-no, it wasn't me. Maybe it was just a...squirrel?"

"Yeah, a squirrel. Definitely. Absolutely. Just a little, harmless, everyday squi--"

The bush next to them rustles with the force of something decidedly larger than a squirrel, and Kaminari screams and takes off running, Izuku hot on his heels. It's dizzying, the feel of his heart pumping overtime and adrenaline spiking cold throughout his body and the wild skitter of his flashlight beam in front of them. He can barely focus on the harsh sting of low-lying branches whipping him in the face or his own panicked breathing, because even though they're making plenty of noise as they run through the forest Izuku can still hear something behind them. Something large, something heavy, something fast.

And of course, almost as soon as Izuku is aware that they are deliberately being chased by some unknown entity, his foot catches on an upturned tree root and he goes sprawling across the damp, leafy ground. His phone tumbles off somewhere, and it must either break or land light-side down because he can't see a damn thing. But he can hear Kaminari's fast-fading footfalls and the sound of that something so close that he couldn't get away even if he tried, but damn if he isn't going to.

Something hauls him up by his shirt collar and he immediately starts to struggle, flailing and kicking despite the throbbing in his ankle. "Let go! Let me go!" he yells desperately, and when he reaches up to try to grab whoever or whatever is holding him up he's immediately slammed back-first onto the forest floor. Izuku winces at the rough treatment, but when he opens his eyes he gets the wind knocked out of him for an entirely different reason.

Because the night may be dark and the moon may be dim in the sky, but this close up he can clearly see just who it is that's got him pinned, and it's a face he never thought he'd see again except in his dreams and memories.


The man above him grins, showing off dangerously pointed canines.

"So you remember me after all, Deku?" he asks.

"How could you think I'd forget?" Izuku replies. His mind is reeling; the adrenaline from being chased still hasn't worn off, and it's making him feel a bit loopy. But maybe this is all just another dream, or a hallucination from having hit his head too hard when he fell. How else to explain the fact that his childhood-slash-imaginary friend Katsuki Bakugou is actually real?

How else to explain the wolf ears and tail that Katsuki sports, exactly as Izuku remembers from their childhood?

Slowly, tentatively, Izuku reaches up to caress those ears; one of them flicks in annoyance, but Katsuki doesn't pull away. They're soft and warm, covered in downy blond fur only a shade or two darker than Katsuki's hair, and very obviously real.

Just like Katsuki.

Katsuki Bakugou is real, and he's here.

As if on cue, the tears start welling in Izuku's eyes, and he launches himself up to grab Katsuki in a tight hug. Katsuki sputters, his ears flattening against his head in displeasure, but his arms come hesitantly round Izuku's waist anyway.

"K-Kacchan," Izuku sobs. "You're here. You're really here."

"'Course I'm here," Katsuki says gruffly. He gives Izuku a squeeze, then pulls away to bite at his cheek. Izuku yelps at the sudden sting, but he can't help the giddy laugh that bubbles up from his chest. He would never have thought it possible that they would meet again, and here of all places -- especially since Izuku had spent the better part of his adolescence believing that Katsuki was nothing more than a figment of his imagination.

"I thought I was crazy," Izuku murmurs. "Or just, you know...had an overactive imagination. No one else ever saw you but me, even though all of the kids in the neighborhood used to play in that forest..."

Katsuki rolls his eyes and leans down for another sharp nip. "You really think I wanted all those extras gawking at me, stupid Deku? I even told you back then that you had to keep me secret. What's the point of that if I let everyone see me?"

"Well, I know that now," says Izuku, rubbing his cheek. "I mean, no one would believe me if I said I was friends with a werewolf anyway--" He blinks, brow furrowing in thought. "Huh. You're a werewolf, aren't you, Kacchan?"

"Seriously? You're only just now figuring this out?"

"No, no, I mean, I knew, but-- in the abstract, you know? It's different when you're a kid, you just accept things without really thinking about them, but now...I mean, now it means something that werewolves exist in my world." The part of Izuku's brain that’s always buzzing, always wondering about everything around him wanted to bombard Katsuki with questions about his people, his history, everything there was to know about being a werewolf -- but for now, there’s a more pressing issue at hand. "A-anyway, can you let me go now, Kacchan? You're squeezing me kinda tightly."

Katsuki hums, then tightens his grip ever so slightly. "Mm, don't think so, Deku. I caught you, so you're mine. I get to steal you away for good now."

Izuku can feel the blush rise high on his cheeks, but he doesn't struggle. "K-Kacchan, you can't just say that kinda stuff..."

"Why not? It's true; I would have stolen you a long time ago if we hadn't gotten separated, or if my hag of a mother hadn't cursed me out every time I brought it up." His expression grows serious, and Izuku wants to reach up and smooth out the furrow in his brow. "I didn't know where you were. I didn't know how to find you. So I'm not letting that happen again."

"Kacchan--" Izuku begins, but the words die in his throat when Katsuki ducks down to lick a broad stripe up the side of Izuku's neck.

"Mine," Katsuki mutters against his skin. "Don't you wanna be mine, Deku? Don't you want me to stay? You promised me back then. Is it different now?"

Izuku is quiet for a moment. Are things different? No, he doesn't think so. He wants to stay by Katsuki's side just as much as he wanted to stay when they were kids; if anything has changed, it's the attraction between them, and even that hasn't changed so much as evolved. Who knows if he's in love with Katsuki yet -- and he acknowledges that yes, it's only a matter of time -- but he certainly loves him in a way that hasn't faded with time and in fact seems to have gotten more powerful, and that's enough.

Izuku smiles and presses a kiss to the crown of Katsuki's head, chuckling when his ears twitch and brush his cheek. "I've always been yours, Kacchan. And I won't leave you again, I promise. We'll find a way to stay together. I want you to be mine, too."

Katsuki says nothing, but his tail starts working overtime, thumping loudly on the ground and scattering dead leaves all around them. He pulls away from Izuku and looks him dead in the eyes, serious and unwavering.

"I want you, Deku," says Katsuki, his voice low and husky, but it's his eyes more than anything that make Izuku shiver. They burn like fires in the night, consuming him, sending a lazy curl of heat down his spine to pool in his belly. He can still read Katsuki, even after all this time, and the desire, possessiveness, devotion, even fear that he sees there...well, he can't see himself, but Izuku is fairly certain that his own eyes reflect Katsuki's perfectly.

He reaches up to cup Katsuki's face with one hand and kisses him gently, first on the cheek, then the corner of his mouth, and finally right square on his lips. It takes every ounce of bravery in his body for even that simple act, but it's worth it to see Katsuki's pupils blown wide with surprise and feel his fingers tighten on Izuku's waist.

The world tilts on its axis again as Katsuki lowers him to the forest floor -- more gently than last time, thank goodness -- and kisses him deeply. Perhaps there's a bit too much tongue, but what Katsuki lacks in finesse he makes up for in enthusiasm. His hands wander up Izuku's shirt, the rough, calloused pads of his fingers making Izuku shudder and squirm as they slide over sensitive skin. Katsuki pinches his nipple and Izuku yelps into their kiss, more surprised than anything. Katsuki breaks their kiss to chuckle lowly against Izuku's mouth, both hands working at rolling, pinching, rubbing over the hardened nubs.

"Y'like that, Deku?"

Izuku is tempted to say something biting in response, because if the sight and sound of him writhing and whimpering on the damp ground isn't proof for how much he likes what Katsuki's doing to him, he doesn't know what is. But then Katsuki leans down to flatten his tongue against Izuku's left nipple and all of his meager snark escapes him in favor of a long, broken moan. Izuku clutches at Katsuki's hair, blunt nails scraping lightly at his scalp, and he feels more than he hears Katsuki's groan of appreciation against his chest.

"Feisty, aren't ya," Katsuki mumbles. He deliberately drags a pointed canine over Izuku's nipple, testing, teasing for a reaction he knows very well is coming but that he still seems to delight in. Izuku feels a proper mess, flushed and panting in a way that his impromptu run in the forest could never match, his shirt bunched up under his arms and his chest wet and cold with Katsuki's saliva and he's hard, harder than he's ever been in his life, never mind how cliche that surely must be. Katsuki looms over him in a way that should be terrifying, his bulk blocking out even the scant moonlight that filters through the trees, but Izuku can only find comfort.

He wants to keep his eyes on Katsuki forever, and this is, in his opinion, a fine start to that. Izuku reaches up to loop his arms round Katsuki's neck and pull him down for another eager, sloppy kiss. “M-more, Kacchan. Please," he murmurs.

Katsuki stiffens in his hold, and for a moment Izuku fears that maybe he's gone too far. A fear that turns out to be wholly unfounded when Katsuki nearly rips Izuku's shirt off in his haste to get it off and gives his pants and underwear similar treatment. And yeah, maybe Izuku should be a little more concerned about the fact that Katsuki is about to dick him down in the forest not ten minutes after they've reconnected; maybe they should be going slow, or actually talking, or...well. Izuku can't actually think about what else they could be doing other than having sex, because his brain is cloudy with lust and Katsuki is clumsily removing his own jacket, spreading it out on the forest floor like a blanket before laying Izuku down upon it and looking at him like he's the most precious thing in the world.

"'M gonna give you everything, Deku," he promises. Katsuki grips Izuku's thighs and hikes them up over his shoulders; the change in position is a little dizzying and Izuku has to prop himself up on his elbows to keep from straining his neck as he looks down the length of his own body, but almost instantly he's throwing his head back and moaning as Katsuki starts to eat him out like a man starving.

He teases at first, alternating the slow drag of his tongue over Izuku's rim with short, pointed prods, just barely dipping inside; but soon his impatience seems to get the better of him and Izuku has to fight not to shout when Katsuki’s tongue finally breaches the tight muscle. There’s nothing delicate or finessed about how Katsuki eats ass; it’s filthy and debauched, absolutely shameless, and Izuku thinks he might die of embarrassment just from hearing Katsuki lick and slurp at his hole, never mind from how good it feels to actually have that tongue inside his ass. And god, it feels so big, bigger than it did while they were locked in a kiss -- and if Katsuki can get him this wrecked with just his tongue, what is it going to be like when he gets Izuku on his cock?

Izuku forces himself to keep his head up, because he wants to watch, wants to see Katsuki take him apart and put him back together with just his mouth. Clearly Katsuki is of the same mind because red eyes lock immediately onto green and Izuku swears he can feel the blond smirk against his hole before driving his tongue in deep, deeper than before. Izuku’s back bows and he lets out a long, shuddering moan; there, so close, just a little more-

But Katsuki pulls away almost immediately and Izuku nearly sobs at the sudden loss. On reflex he raises a hand to his cock, desperate to bring himself over the edge, but Katsuki growls and slaps his hand away.

"I'm gonna be the one to make you come, Deku. Don't you dare."

Izuku almost argues, because he's right there and being on the edge like this is bordering on painful. But Katsuki wants to take care of him. Katsuki wants to be the one to make Izuku feel good, and even though all Izuku's stupid primal lizard brain wants is to chase his own pleasure he nods and lowers his arm.

"Good boy," Katsuki says with a smirk, and oh, those two simple words shouldn't make Izuku feel warm and tingly all over, but god do they ever, and Katsuki's grin just goes wider when Izuku's breath hitches at the praise. "Shoulda known you'd like that. C'mon, get on your hands and knees and show me just how good you are, Deku."

Izuku hurries to comply, almost faceplanting when his elbow gives out at the sudden change in position. He shivers, either in anticipation or cold, or maybe both, but either way his patience is stretched thin.

"Kacchan," he says, hating how his voice breaks and wobbles on the last syllable, and arches his back desperately. His face burns at the thought of how wanton and slutty he must look, worries briefly if Katsuki might find him disgusting for it -- but then Izuku hears an appreciative growl and large, strong hands grab his hips and drag him backwards. He lets out a startled yell when Katsuki slaps his ass once, twice, and roughly pulls one round cheek aside to spit on his loosened hole.

"I’m gonna fuck you now, Deku," Katsuki mumbles. Izuku can hear rustling as he fumbles with his clothes and a slick, wet sound that can only be Katsuki stroking his own cock. "Gonna fuck you till you forget your name, your friends, everything except me. I'm not letting you go again, not ever, you're mine, dammit."

And god, Izuku shouldn't be so turned on by how dangerously possessive Katsuki sounds, shouldn't love the slow, teasing drag of Katsuki's dick over his hole or the sharp pain of claws digging into the meat of his ass, but he is and he does and he simply wants Katsuki so much he can barely stand it. "I'm yours, I'm yours Kacchan so please just fuck me already, please stop teasing me--"

Izuku's words degrade into a garbled mess when Katsuki finally pushes in; he's girthy, enough to make the stretch burn, but it feels so good to finally be filled. He bites his lip and tries to relax, tries to muffle his punched-out little groans every time Katsuki snaps his hips forward and sinks in a little deeper.

"Stop that," Katsuki snaps, sounding strained. "Open your mouth, Deku, I wanna hear you."

“K-Kacchan--” Izuku tries. Almost immediately Katsuki shoves two thick fingers into his mouth, nearly deep enough to make him gag. The small, rational part of Izuku’s brain that is somehow still operating wants to point out how Katsuki’s actions are in no way conducive to hearing him properly; the rest of him, however, shoves rationality aside in favor of moaning shamelessly around those fingers, thrusting his tongue between them in time with Katsuki’s own movements and lapping at every bit of skin he can reach. Izuku wonders what it would be like to suck Katsuki’s dick, if it would have the same slightly salty flavor as his fingers, how much more it would fill and stretch his mouth and leave his jaw aching for hours. He vaguely regrets not getting to experience it, tries to console himself with the thought that if Katsuki is telling the truth, if he really wants to keep Izuku forever like he said he does, then Izuku will eventually get that chance. Especially if he keeps showing Katsuki just how good he is at using his mouth.

Finally, Katsuki thrusts one more time and his hips press flush against Izuku’s ass; he lets out a long, slow breath and leans down to drape his bulk across Izuku’s back, mouthing at his nape. “Mine,” he repeats, grinding against Izuku as if trying to push his cock in even further. “‘M gonna make sure your body remembers me for days, Deku. You want that? Want me to fuck you so hard that the whole forest knows who you belong to?”

“Y-yeah,” Izuku manages to say. “W-wan’ you…K-Kahhmn…”

Katsuki straightens up and removes his fingers from Izuku’s mouth, a thin strand of saliva connecting them for a heartbeat before it breaks. “Say it again,” he hisses. “Say it, Deku.”

Izuku can feel tears pricking at the corners of his eyes; the frustration at being held so tightly he can’t even fuck himself back onto Katsuki’s dick mixed with the elation at being so thouroughly desired by the object of his affections is so strong that he can’t do anything except tear up. “Please, Kacchan,” he sobs. “Please fuck me, how much more do I have to beg? Fuck me already, I want to belong to Kacchan, please.”

Katsuki wastes no time in following his instructions to the letter, pulling out nearly all the way before slamming his hips forward and eliciting an enthusiastic cry from Izuku. “Good boy, Deku. So good for me,” he says.

Izuku whimpers, babbling incoherently while Katsuki pounds into him from behind; he faintly misses the warmth of Katsuki hunched over his back, but the feeling of big hands gripping his hips hard enough to bruise and the sharp slap of skin on skin when Katsuki shoves in to the hilt is enough to make up for it. Izuku doesn’t know how long he’s going to last like this. His cock is painfully hard and leaking precome all over Katsuki’s jacket, and his arms are shaking with the effort of keeping himself upright. It’s so good, so perfect, and yet-- somehow, it’s not enough. Somehow, Izuku wants more.

“Kacchan,” Izuku gasps, letting out an aborted scream when Katsuki hits that sweet spot deep inside of him. “Kacchan, Kacchan please, I’m so close, let me come, please let me come--”

“Not yet,” Katsuki growls, leaning down to grip the base of Izuku’s cock and stave off his impending orgasm, and Izuku almost breaks down crying. “Not till I’m done, not till I pump you fucking full.”

Katsuki’s pace has picked up now, bordering on brutal, and Izuku hiccups in surprise when he feels something catch against his abused hole with every outward thrust; something big, and growing somehow bigger. “Kacchan, wh-what is that…?”

“My knot, Deku. Gonna knot you and keep you full of my come, you want that, don’t you Deku? Want me to shove my knot inside, fill you full of come, get you pregnant?”

If not for Katsuki’s hand at the base of his dick, Izuku would have blown his load right then and there. Izuku practically wails, tears running down his cheeks at the dizzying sensation of another failed orgasm, that thick cock all but splitting him in half, and Katsuki’s filthy, impossible words echoing loudly in his ears. Izuku doesn’t know why one simple sentence should make him come so completely undone, but it has and all he can do is obey the mandates of his body since his mind has taken a total backseat amidst the pleasure. He clenches tight around Katsuki, desperate and eager, and it only spurs the blond on more.

“Fuckin’ hell, Deku, you really want that? You wanna get bred? Want me to put a baby in you that bad?” Katsuki drapes himself over Izuku’s back again, reaches round with his free hand and loosely wraps it round Izuku’s throat. “Tell me. I wanna fuckin’ hear you say it.”

“I-I want it, Kacchan,” Izuku mumbles. Katsuki growls again, low and almost threatening, and Izuku hiccups and thrusts his hips back against Katsuki’s. “I want Kacchan’s knot, want Kacchan’s baby, please come inside me, knot me, knot me, Kacchan, please--”

He’s barely finished his sentence before Katsuki fucks into him faster, hard enough to leave him breathless, and Izuku can feel Katsuki’s knot pushing against his hole with each thrust, a tease and a promise. All he can do is repeat yes, please under his breath, a frenzied prayer; and when Katsuki’s knot finally breaches his hole at the same time that Katsuki lets go of his cock, Izuku screams and comes so hard that his arms finally give out and his vision temporarily goes black.

Distantly, he hears Katsuki let out what can only be called a howl and feels the warmth of Katsuki’s seed filling him up, the pulse of his cock buried deep inside. Izuku whimpers, already starting to feel oversensitive, but Katsuki just grinds his hips harder, muttering things that make Izuku's ears burn bright red, things like so good and my Deku and only mine, gonna fill you up and keep you forever. Izuku takes deep, even breaths as best he can, half-crushed in Katsuki's embrace, and bites his lip every time he feels another hot spurt of come paint his insides.

After what feels like an eternity, Katsuki gently maneuvers them onto their sides and buries his nose in Izuku’s nape, leaving behind gentle nips and kisses. One hand is laid flat on Izuku’s stomach, and Izuku is startled when he looks down and sees his belly slightly distended from the amount of come Katsuki's fucked into him. He can feel some of it leaking out from around Katsuki's knot, warm and ticklish and vaguely annoying, and on reflex clenches around Katsuki's knot as if trying to stop any more from dripping out, eliciting a low groan from the werewolf and another slight roll of his hips.

“Kacchan…?” Izuku whispers, unable to muster up the strength to raise his voice. He feels hazy, sated, but bone-tired in the best way. Katsuki grunts an affirmation and bites Izuku’s shoulder just hard enough to break the skin; Izuku groans in protest, but he has to admit that Katsuki’s tongue feels nice soothing over the wound. He wonders if it’s some kind of werewolf custom.

“I’m here. You ok?”

Izuku hums. "I...I think so. 'M tired, though. How long until…?”

“Until my knot goes down? It's gonna be a while. Settle in, Deku.” Katsuki has the audacity to snicker when Izuku lets out a frustrated little groan. “You said you wanted my kid, Deku. I’m just makin’ sure it takes.”

“I can’t have babies, Kacchan.”

“Won’t know unless we keep at it.”

Izuku manages to get his limbs working enough to grab one of Katsuki’s hands and bring it up to lay a kiss to his knuckles. “I’m happy that you’re here, Kacchan,” he mumbles sleepily. “Happy that I found you. Happy you’re mine.”

Katsuki is quiet for a long while, but Izuku smiles when he hears the telltale thump of his tail wagging hard against the ground.

Yes, there were a lot of ways that Midoriya Izuku could have spent his night.

He just hadn’t realized that this would be the best of them all.