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Aizawa isn't paid enough for this

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"I wanna be a yo yo man" Kirishima cried. "make me a yo yo man"


But the yo yo master Kaminari did not answer


he just kept on yoing


Midoriya Just sat in the corner shaking his head


Aizawa is crying about how he's too old for this



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        Kirishima didn't know what to do. Kaminari hasn't come back from patrol and Downtown is under attack by villains. He knew he should have stayed in the dorms. He knew Aizawa only told us to stay because he wanted us to be safe. But he'd be damned if he let his friend get caught up in that mess. Although looking back at it now it was a pretty stupid idea. Kirishima sighed. " this is just WONDERFUL! i'm lost in a city with no way of finding kami". Off to his side there was a rustling noise which Kirishima picked up on. He turned his head to the left only to find a certain blond with a black lighting streak underneath some rubble. "KAMINARI!" Kirishima dashed to the blond and fell to his knees. He picked up his head and cradled him in his arms. Kirishima was panicking. He didn't have any first aid kits on or near him and, Kaminari was bleeding out fast. Kirishima just held the blond in his arms gently nudging him awake. Looking into Kirishima's red eyes were a pair of bright yellow ones."shit! kami hold on ok the paramedics are coming" Kaminari nodded his head. Kirishima repositioned him to his side. "what's your type?" Kaminari just stared at him before responding. " oh i don't know short, cute, really smart, short hai-"Kaminari didn't finish before Kirishima interrupted him "I MEANT YOUR BLOOD TYPE" The two just stared at each for a couple of minutes before Kaminari slapped himself in the face." Oh ".  A group of Paramedics ran to Kirishima and suggested that the both of them go to the hospital. Kirishima Positioned Kaminari onto the stretcher and got into the ambulance with him.



By the time they got to the hospital they were met with a very pissed Aizawa. Kaminari and Kirishima both looked at each other in fear. 

They were fucking screwed weren't they?

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so im just like looking at my first entry in this series and im like 


E W.      W H A T.    I S .    T H A T!


Might Rewrite it