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Hugs Are Nice Sometimes?

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Kaminari Denki didn't know what personal space was, that or he didn't care. No matter who you were he'd put an arm around your shoulders. Sometimes he'd hold your hand, if you're close, just because he could. It was rare for you to see him not touching or even hanging off of someone. Ojiro had even gotten used to him petting his tail.

This was normal and anyone who knew him for more than a week was aware of it. Everyone in their class had accepted that none of them are safe from the snuggler/hugger that is Kaminari Denki.

Though it became clear that he wasn't aware that he did it. It was a habit. Just something that he did. Denki without hugging, wasn't really Denki at all.

So to keep from things being awkward, if you didn't like being touched, you didn't stand near Denki, who of course would never purposefully upset you.

Everyone in the class understood if you wanted to switch spots with them. No one questioned it. And most people didn't bother. There was only one student who continued to avoid standing or sitting near Denki.


Midoriya Izuku didn't know why he didn't like being touched. He supposed you could blame it on the bullying, but he didn't. Because he didn't necessarily feel fear. It was more like all of his senses became aware of whatever was touching him, and screamed. This occasionally would cause a panic attack.

Of course he didn't feel like this all the time. Sometimes he accepted hugs, or pats on the back, and handshakes. But a lot of the time even someone poking him would start a reaction. Maybe it was the adhd? Who knows? Not him. And it didn't matter.

This didn't stop him from living his extremely weird life. Especially since he's gotten so good at hiding the reactions, as to not hurt his friend's feelings. There was only one precaution he took.

He never, never stood or sat next to Kaminari. Izuku's weird sensory overload plus electricity? He didn't want to know what would happen.

He just hoped that Kaminari hadn't noticed.


Denki had questions and he wanted answers. So being the stubborn person he was, he was going to get those answers, right now. Or today at least.

"Hey, Midoriya", He asked, sliding into the seat beside Izuku, who scooted over," Can you help me with my math later? Bakugou's fed up with me for some reason or another"

"Uh, sure Kaminari, just, um, come by my room later and I'll see if I can help", Izuku smiled.

"Cool! Thanks!", Denki stood up, glad that he was finally going to have a chance to get answers.


Later that day, Izuku was sitting on one end of his bed with Denki at the other, looking over the questions from their homework. It was going smoothly and Denki seemed to be understanding it pretty well.

"Midoriya, can I ask you a question?", Kaminari spoke up.

"Is it math related?"


"Than go ahead I can't look at another equation", Izuku said putting the papers to his side.

"Have you been avoiding me?", Actually one more equation wouldn't have hurt.

"No. Why would you think that?", He was just gonna play it cool for now.

"Well, you always ask other's to switch with you if you're next to me, and usually won't come into a room if I'm the only one in there, and then today you actually moved away from me when I say down next to you", Denki pointed out. Izuku had thought he'd been more subtle.

"Oh", really Izuku that's all you could say?

"So it's true then. But why? Do I smell bad? Did I do or say something I shouldn't have? Tell me why", Denki had chosen that moment to reach out and grab Izuku's arm. Who promptly pulled it out of his grasp. They just stared at each other for a little while before Izuku spoke up.

"I just don't like being touched. You didn't do anything wrong, and you don't smell. I just can't handle people touching me", it was like a dam he didn't even know was there broke and he began to tell Kaminari all about his weird sensory overload thing. When he was done, Denki sat there silently. Izuku almost thought he broke him until he spoke.

"I didn't even realize I- I'm so sorry Midoryia. I didn't know I do that. I wish someone had told me.", He looked lost. Which was understandable.

"It's fine. You don't have to apologize. And most people don't mind it. I'm just weird", Izuku shrugged.

"I thought you hated me. It turns out I just don't know what boundaries are"

"I don't hate you! You know that right?"

"I do now. Hey, you said you can generally tell if someone touching you is gonna effect you right?"


"How are you feeling right now?"

"Alright. It felt good to tell somebody"

"Can I hug you?"

"Uh.... I don't know. I don't know how your electricity will effect it"

"I doubt it would unless I activated it, but then again it makes me completely numb"


"Yeah. You know like when you get electrocuted, and whatever got shocked goes numb for a bit? It's like that but all the time"

"You can give me a hug"


"Ye-", Izuku didn't even finish the word before Denki tackled him, just about engulfing him in his arms. He let go a few seconds later.

"Good hug. 10/10 would hug again", Denki said, sitting back down at the foot of the bed. "So, did that cause a sensory overload?'

Izuku shook his head slowly, "No. It actually seemed to do the opposite. Are you sure no one else is effected by your quirk?"

"Other than a small static shock here and there? Yeah. It's just me"

"Weird.... Whatever, we should probably finish our homework", Izuku said. Denki nodded picking his stuff up.

And they did finish. But by the time they'd finished, Denki had moved to the top of the bed and they had ended up watching movies on his laptop.


"Can I give you a hug?", Denki asked as he was leaving Izuku's room.

"Uh.. sure", So he did.

"Okay. Bye, see you tomorrow.", With that Kaminari made his way to Jirou's room, flopping down on her bed. This confused Momo, who was just trying to hang out with her girlfriend, but Kyouka laughed.

"Was I right?", She asked him. He nodded, face still smushed into the mattress.

"Do you know what you are?", Once again he nodded.

"And what are you?", He said something but the bed muffled it.

"What did you say?", Momo asked still confused. Denki turned enough to make eye contact with the girls.

"I'm a bisexual disaster", he said. Kyouka just started laughing harder and poor Momo had to wait for her to stop before getting an explanation.


Izuku walked into Iida's room and slumped against the door.

"I'm so gay", he said with his head in his hands.

"I know this already", Iida said confused.

" Okay, but I'm more gay than we even thought was possible", Izuku reworded it. Iida just nodded and listened to his story.