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Pretty Boy

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Atsushi was probably the most beautiful boy you had ever met. Prettiness just seemed to radiate from him, like he was putting off light wherever he walked. And God, you would just kiss him right then and there every time you saw him, if not for the fact that he was your crush and you were a guy. Always an issue to be crushing on some angelic, handsome straight guy.

It was another average day spent in the confines of a coffee shop, sitting next to the object of your secret affections, with Todomatsu on the other side. You three were enjoying drinks, watching leaves fall outside, chatting about nothing at all in particular.

"Hey," Todomatsu says, tracing a finger around his cup. "Let's gossip. I'm feeling bored."

"Gossip about what?" You hear Atsushi speak next to you.

"Oh, y'know…" The conversation was getting as cold as your stagnant coffee.

"How about crushes?" Atsushi gently smiled, sending butterflies running around in your stomach. "You know, just for a little spice."

Todomatsu giggled. "Looking for a scandal, Atsushi? My crush is already sitting at this table." He wags a finger at Atsushi. This was regular playful banter between the two of them. Todomatsu was totally, helplessly in love with Atsushi, or maybe he was just in love with his personality. Either way, Atsushi would always brush it off. Their friendship was probably stronger that way. The bond almost made you jealous. Almost.

"Eyes for me only, Todomatsu, but I'm afraid I already have eyes for someone else." Atsushi looks out the window and smoulders for a bit.

"Give us a little hint, will you?" Todomatsu teased.

"No hints." Atsushi stands up from his chair and pushes it in. "I'll be right back." He walks away towards the back of the café.

"What a silly guy, huh?" Todomatsu looks back at you. "Come over here, lemme tell you a secret about him." He beckons you over with a wagging finger, and you quietly oblige, sitting next to him in the booth. He cups a hand to your ear, like a schoolgirl would. "I know you have a crush on him," he whispers.

You jerk away from him. "How did you know?!"

"It's so obvious that I'm shocked he hasn't noticed yet!" He laughs. "You're staring at him, like, 90% of the time we hang out."

You sigh. "It's never going to happen, though. He doesn't like you back. He's clearly not into guys."

"God, you're so dense!" He gives you a playful shove. "You never asked! Maybe he just doesn't wanna date me. But you and him would make a perfect couple."

You whine. "Don't embarrass me."

"I can see it now–you two going on coffee shop dates, and kissing under starlight, him giving you his jacket when you're cold–"

"Todomatsu!" You gesture over to the now approaching Atsushi. You silently pray he didn't hear that, and also hope he doesn't notice how red your face is getting.

"Ah, so you two were getting close while I was gone, hm? Missed my company that badly?" His eyes seem to dig right into you. "Come back over here with me. It's lonely without you." He pulls out a chair for you and gestures towards it. You're an utter mess by now, noticeably embarrassed.

"Sushi, I was wondering," Todomatsu piped, "do you like men?"

Atsushi chuckled. "Labels are for tea bags, Todomatsu."

"So, yes."

"Perhaps, if I met the right one."

Todomatsu winks over at you. He fakes getting a text, pulling out his phone. "Oh, my! Sounds like my dear brother got his foot stuck in the floorboard. Stupid Osomatsu-niisan." He smiles. "Guess it'll just be you two. See you later!" He gathers up his things and rushes out the door, waving to you all the while.

You and Atsushi feel uncomfortably close, though you were seated exactly the same as you were before. His light is radiating on you again. You feel so warm, and you just want to hold him.

"Wonder why Todomatsu would ask such a thing," he muses. "Of what does it matter? Love just is." He takes a sip from his mug. "Darling, you never said anything about a crush. Why, is it because you have one on Todomatsu? Didn't want to say anything incriminating in front of him?"

"No, no no no. God, no." You wave your hands in front of your face. "No. Uh, no. Just shy."

"I kid," he pats your shoulder. "Unless?"

"No," you refute. "But, I mean. I like guys. Just not him! Not that he isn't a good friend, but–"

Atsushi shushes you, putting a finger almost to your lips. Your face must be fully red by now. "I felt the same way, you know. Not wanting to speak about my crush in front of him. He can be so embarrassing, I'm sure you know." He smiles at you, a gentle smirk that makes your heart flip. "Perhaps because my crush is sitting at the table, too."

"Um," your brain has turned to absolute mush. "Uh."

"Do I have to spell it out?" He rolls his eyes. His cheek brushes against yours. "It's you, darling," he whispers. Your only instinct is to cup his face in your hands and crash your lips against his. He reciprocates, kissing you back gently.

"God," you say. "I've been keeping that in for a while."

"So have I," he replies, taking your hand in his and caressing it. "So, darling, what do you say? Shall we be together?"

Your only reply is to kiss him again. "Yes," you mumble against his lips. A familiar whistling and cheering comes from behind you. It's Todomatsu. You break off the kiss to glare at him.

"Finally! I'm taking so many pictures of this!" Atsushi has to drag you down by your coat to make sure you don't strangle Todomatsu.

"Let him enjoy this, alright? We've got the rest of our lives to be in love, this is just… an embarrassment, one of many." He winks at you.

How glad you were to have joined in on this coffee date.