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Baby on Board ( For One Hell of a Ride)

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Izuku hated going to the doctor. 

He hated the sterile, muted waiting rooms. He hated the stock photo posters on the walls of people too happy to be actual patients, and he really hated the clicking of the keyboard as the woman in front of him typed all sorts of personal information into the computer in front of her. 

“ Okay Mr. Midoriya! Everything on your insurance checks out, so you can have a seat and a nurse will be right with you!”

The perky attitude of the receptionist at the window did little to quell Izuku’s nervousness. He nodded politely, giving the older omega a smile before walking off to the side of the waiting room where no other people sat. Sitting down in the worn chair that was position so the receptionist couldn't see him, the anxious man immediately took out his cell for a source of distraction. Reading on his book app held no appeal and the reception was bad so he couldn’t text his friends, he settles for a game that he had downloaded out of boredom weeks ago but never got around to playing. 

However, the cute cartoon match game did not help keep his mind off feeling like he was waiting for his impending doom.

Possibly a touch dramatic, but at 26 years old, the young omega man was going in for his first pelvic exam and he was far from excited for it. Izuku had long been chidded by most of his friends and family about his lack of concern when it came to his health, but in his defense, it was never really a priority. But now that he had been hired at a classy new job with equally nice benefits, he could no longer brush off his health as a minor inconvenience. 

After a string of low paying, high stress jobs, Izuku was informed by his best friend Ochako that a job at the Bakugou Plaza's high end bar had opened up and she had an in with the interviewer due to being a long time employee.  

It was a dream come true. The emerald eyed man had more than enough experience to be qualified, plus the hours and pay made it so he could actually move out of his mom’s apartment and get a place of his own!

Not that living with his mom and stepdad wasn’t great, but he felt that it was time they actually have the place to themselves since they got married, and he could finally spend a whole day marathoning superhero movies and comics in his pajamas without his parents concerned that he wasn’t getting enough social interaction. 

With his first paycheck alone, he was able to put a down payment on a place not far from work that was all his own. Sure, the building was old, the heat didn't always work, the neighbors were loud and nosy, plus his mom had mentioned a couple hundred times that an unmated omega living on their own was going to be seen as a target, but none of that mattered. The space was all his and nothing could convince him the move was a bad idea. 

So, of course that meant that Izuku needed to make sure he was at the top of his health in order to keep his well paying job ( and by extension his independence) and if a slightly invasive exam was the price to pay, so be it!

“ Izuku?”

The green haired man jumped up at the call of his name, drawing the few other occupants of the room’s attention. 

“ Yes! Here,” he said awkwardly before quickly shuffling over to the open door. The nurse ushered him through the office and he tried hard not to scrunch his nose at the various pictures of glowing pregnant omegas and happy family holding newborn babies as they walked down the hallway. The practice specialized in all types of omega care, but the young omega would rather not think about the babying making parts of his anatomy, especially with his long running single streak. That wasn’t what he was here for. 

The nurse was a lovely older beta women who gently made small talk with him as she took Izuku’s weight and vitals before leaving the man with a gown and a reassuring smile.

It didn’t take him very long to undress and slip the gown on, before taking a seat on the table. 

What did take forever was the entrance of the doctor, who finally appeared in a rushed flurry of chatter that Izuku himself could barely keep up with. 

“ So, you must be excited! Today is the big day, after all!” she said, manipulating the omega man’s heels into the holders on either end of the table.
Izuku gave a stilted laugh, trying hard to not feel so exposed. 

“ I guess? I'm kinda nervous, just hoping everything is good and healthy” he replied, tipping his head back to face upwards. 

Someone had taped a picture of tropical beach to the ceiling. It wasn't relaxing.

The doctor patted his knee, “ Oh don’t worry! I've done this dozens of times before, to both parties satisfaction. Besides, I'm positive Mr. Bakugou is paying to make sure you receive the very best care from here on out!” she replied. 

For a moment, Izuku felt a bit panicked. 

What did his boss have to do with his pelvic exam?!

 But then, the rational part of his brain kicked in and figured she must have seen he carried the Bakugou Plaza insurance, and she meant that the owners of the hotel took good care of their employees. Though, to be honest, he very much doubted that Bakugou Katsuki cared very much about how his employees used their health benefits. No, Izuku had only met the man in passing, but was sure that in between the exotic vacations to foreign lands and running the most successful hotel in all of Musutafu, the Bakugou heir cared little for the people who worked under him. 

The rest of the exam passed by in a blur. It took much longer than he anticipated and he had to be kept in the office for an hour afterwards for observation, which Ochaco never mentioned, but overall it wasn’t the worst experience of his life. 

The doctor came by once again before he left, congratulating him, which again was strange, and told him they would follow up with him in a few weeks, or sooner if any of the testing came back unusual. 

With that, he made his way back home, none the wiser that his life was forever changed. 


As the weeks went by and no call from the Omega Office came, Izuku had assured himself that no news was good news, and went about his life as normal, slowly integrating himself in the day to day hustle and bustle of the Bakugou Plaza.

He was very fond of his new job, and not just because of the great pay or the hours that let him keep his night owl lifestyle. 

No, he also loved the atmosphere. He was never one to go out clubbing or hanging out in bars, despite how many times his friends asked. However, being the one behind the counter, thinking up all different kinds of concoctions, smiling and chatting with the patrons before moving on to the next person gave him a sense of control that someone in his station did not often experience. 

He also felt better working with people he loved, with Ochako as the main waitress who went around, taking orders at lightning speed, moving through the throngs of people as if she were floating on air. Her alpha boyfriend Iida was also a comforting presence, keeping a firm watch over people and breaking up any issues he saw in a very efficient manner. 

Yes, Izuku really loved his job, which is why he dragged himself out of bed at noon and got ready for the weekend shift, despite feeling like death warmed over. 

“ Izuku, honey, you look terrible. Are you not feeling well?” his bubbly best friend asked, pushing aside matted green curls to feel his forehead. She was the first person he saw upon arrival, clocking in at the same shift he was. 

Her confirming that the outside matched the inside was not reassuring

Izuku gave her a tired smile, “ I’m fine Ocha, just a little worn out. I took Shouto’s shift last night, so I think my body is protesting a bit. I’ll be okay” 

The golden eyed girl hummed, still looking at him critically. His history of ignoring signs of illness wasn't doing him any favors in her assessment.

“ Well, you don’t have a fever, so I suppose that's good. You’ll let me know if you get any worse?”

The omega man nodded, heading off to his workstation to start prepping the bar for a long night. Shoto nodded his greeting, turning back to finish cutting the fresh fruit for the night. He felt better the more he moved around, and as the crowd began to filter in, he became too busy to even remember not feeling well earlier. 

That is, until a patron ordered a special martini with goat-cheese stuffed olives and he barely made it into the back room before pulling the nearest trash bin close and vomiting. 

Shoto had seen his mad dash, but as the only other bartender on duty, was unable to come to his friend’s aid until Tsu came around with a drink order. He explained the other man’s disappearance, and she hopped off to the back, grabbing a bottle of fancy ice water from the VIP fridge on her way. 

“ Midoriya? Are you okay?” she asked softly, finding her friend seating on the ground, trash can cradled in his lap. 

Giving a weak whimper, he was ever grateful for the water placed into his hand. The two greenettes sat in silence before Izuku felt he had the strength to get up, Tsu standing to assist him. 

“ I’m okay, I think the olives may have gone bad. Tell Shoto to throw them out and I will follow you in a second,” he instructed, going back to clean his mess and wash his hands and mouth out, grabbing come fresh mint to chew on as he returned to his station. 

Shoto shot him a pointed look, but Izuku waved him off. 

The night progressed pretty much as normal afterwards, only with Shoto being left in charge of any the more savory cocktails. 

Once the bar had closed, however, the ill man found himself surrounded.

“ You promised you would tell me if you felt worse!” Ochako accused, pointing a finger at her friend. 

“ I’ve never seen you react like that. I don’t think it was the olives, I smelled them myself and they were fine, but I threw them out anyway," the dual hair man explained, still wiping down the bar. 

Izuku shrugged, turning over the bar stools for the cleaning crew before heading to the closet for his things.

“ Well, I feel fine now. Maybe I am just overtired, I have been a little more exhausted than usual lately, so I'll go to sleep early tonight, that will fix it.” 

The brown haired omega did not seem satisfied with this, but let the subject drop at the insistence of her boyfriend, who spoke up in the bartender's defense. The group began to get dressed to leave, but a hand on his back stopped Izuku from putting on his coat. Turning, he was met with the icy stare of his friend. 

“ If you were that tired, I told you I would work. Inasa and I could have rescheduled,” Shoto said in a deadpanned voice. To anyone else, it would have sounded like a monotone scolding, but Izuku could hear the distress in his voice. The green eyed man smile, bumping his shoulder against his friend’s. 

“ I told you, I’m fine! Besides, you and Inasa haven’t had a date in weeks because of your schedules, no way am I letting my friend miss his date night because of a little stomach bug.”

Shoto huffed but said nothing in reply, waving as they both headed home in opposite directions. 

Ever the mother hen, Ochako texted him to make sure he got home alright and then demanded he go straight to bed once he confirmed he had. 

Nestling into his cozy bed, Izuku pulled all the blankets around him, falling asleep quickly once he felt warm and secure. He had all the confidence in the world that he would feel back to 100% when he woke up.

The next morning, however, was much, much worse.

A glance at the clock had told him he had slept well into the afternoon, missing several calls and texts from concerned friends and his mother. 

Rushing out of his blanket nest to try and still make brunch, he tried to rise from his bed, with seemed to have signaled the world to tip on its axis, making Izuku to fall onto the floor, barely catching himself and causing him to land on the ground  on all fours.

The sudden movement also caused his stomach to revolt, and he wasn’t able to make it to the bathroom, heaving forward and making a mess of his carpet and his pajamas. 

Something isn't right

Summoning all his strength, Izuku stood on wobbly legs, moving as if he had only recently learned to walk and managing to strip himself of his soiled clothing before turning his shower on and sitting beneath the spray. 

It was hard to keep track of how long he had been in the shower but he was roused at the sound of his door unlocking with a spare key and a shout from a very upset omega woman. 

“ Izuku!” she shouted from the entrance, sprinting into the apartment towards the sound of running water. 

The sick man could hear a call of “ Oh, gods, Iida!” which he took to mean she had stumbled upon his earlier mess, before choked cries came from somewhere near him. Through his water blurred vision, Izuku could see the outline of Ochako in the doorway.

“ Izuku! Can you hear me?” she yelled, turning off the now cold water and gently carding her hands through his hair to gain his attention. 

“ Ocha, I'm sorry, I missed brunch didn’t I?” he apologized, in a haze.

The woman made a shushing noise, helping him stand and pulling a towel around him, “ Don’t worry about it. We are going to your bed and getting you into some nice, warm clothes. Then, we are going to the hospital.” 

Izuku knew the situation looked bad, but he just didn’t feel good. He needed sleep, not to go to a doctor, only to have him tell him it was just a cold and to go to bed.

“ Ochako, no, I was just a little sick. I swear, just let me get to bed and I'll be fine. No hospitals.” he said firmly, the tone leaving no room for argument. Unfortunately, his friend was equally as stubborn.

" That's what you said last night!" She pointed out, hands on her hips and disappointed scowl on her face. The omegas glared at each other, the argument caught at a standstill before, finally, the glasses wearing alpha broke the tension. 

“ Ochako, honey, you need to respect Midoriya’s wishes. You and I can clean up the place and watch over him while he rests. If he isn’t better later tonight, then we can all head to the ER, okay?” Iida said in a calming voice. 

Neither of the omegas broke their stare.

“ Okay?” Iida tried, his tone leaching a bit of firmness, not quite a command but close. Izuku huffed before nodding, letting his friends tuck him into warm sheets and faded away into slumber under their careful guard. 


It was only a few hours later that the shock of his phone ringing jolted him awake. 

Scrambling to silence the hero-music themed ringtone, Izuku finally grabbed the phone as the call went to voicemail.

The door to his room creaked open, revealing Tsu carrying a tray of a steaming broth and water. 

At Izuku’s questioning look, she put the tray down in front of him. “ They had to go to work, but I am under strict instruction to call the moment you wake up and take you straight to the hospital if you throw up or faint again, which seems to not be the case.” 

“ Oh. Thank you. You don’t have to stay, I feel much better.” he replied, looking at the missed call. Upon seeing who it was from, he bit his lips in worry. 

“ What’s wrong?” Tsu asked, sitting by his side.

Izuku showed her the missed number, “ It's from my doctor’s office.”

“ Is that bad?” 

The green eyed omega frowned, opening his messages to retrieve the newest one. 

“ Well, they left a voicemail. And since they aren’t open on Sundays, that can’t be good.” he said nervously, putting the message on speaker. 

“ This message is for Mr. Midoriya. This is Dr. Hayes from the medical center. We need you to call us back as soon as you possibly can to discuss your recent visit with us. You can reach me at my personal cell number. I look forward to your return call.” The voice on the message was shaky, almost on the verge of tears. 

Both occupants looked at each other. 

“ I’m dying” 

“ I'm calling Ochako.” 


Izuku sat in the doctor’s personal office, nervously picking at his nails. It was far earlier than he had been awake for a long time, but when he returned the doctor’s call, she insisted he come meet with her first thing Monday morning, before the office officially opened. Upon entering the waiting room, he had been ushered in the back office by the no-longer perky receptionist. 

When Ochako heard of the doctor's immediate recall, she almost burst into tears, Iida having to pull her away for comfort. Izuku himself wasn’t faring much better, already looking up the various fatal diseases that one can have a diagnosed from a pap test. Shoto began looking into covered expenses on their insurance plan and promise to swipe his dad's credit card to cover whatever the omega needed. Only Tsu appeared the voice of reason, asking for everyone to calm down before already writing Izuku off as dead. 

The situation was doing wonders for the omega’s anxiety. 

The next day, all four of his friends offered to come with him to the visit, but he declined, wanting to face the issue on his own without his friend’s emotions causing a variable hurricane of despair. 

He didn't even want to begin thinking of what he was going to tell his mother. 

The door opening behind him broke the green haired man out of his spiral of depressing thoughts, and he steeled his spine, staring straight ahead as the doctor walk around him and sat at her desk. 

She looked worse that he did, and for a moment, he marveled at his doctor, who was so broken up about delivering bad news to her patient. He was glad to have someone like her guiding him through this difficult time. 

“ Mr. Midoriya. I. . . . I don’t know how to say this. I am not sure where to even start. I am so sorry.” she begins, possibly in the worst way anyone had ever delivered a death sentence. 

Suddenly, Izuku couldn’t breath. The room began to spin and he could feel what little food he had managed to keep down in the last few hours begin to crawl it’s way up the back of his throat. 

 I’m dying. I can’t breathe, I can’t move, I'm dying 

Suddenly, like shattering glass, the moment is broken by a loud commotion outside the office door, various voices shouting in the hallway. At first, it was just background noise to his panic attack, but the louder the voices get, the clearer the conversation was. 

“ Fuck off , you extras! I wanna talk to that hack doctor you call a boss. She has a lot to fucking answer for!” 

Izuku instinctively flinched at the snarl of an angry alpha right outside the door. 

The handle rattled, and Izuku was suddenly sure that if whatever mysterious disease didn’t kill him, the man on the other side of the door surely would. 

“ Sir, I understand you are upset, but the doctor is in a meeting right now and we need you to calm down-”

“ Oh no, I'm not upset. I was fucking upset three days ago, now I'm fucking pissed. Lady, you better open this door right now and tell me what the fuck you did with my kid!”

The door burst open as the doctor scrambled to move towards it. She blocked the alpha's path forward, standing in the way of Izuku’s line of vision so he couldn't see the angry man. She, however, couldn't stop the torrent of pissed off pheromones flooding the room, almost bringing Izuku to his knees.

His eyes darted around the room and briefly considered running to hide under the desk but even for a dying man, that seemed cowardly. 

“ Mr. Bakugou, please I will speak to you shortly, right now I am with another patient and I need -” 

“ Fuck that! What you need to do is tell me how the hell you fucked up this badly. Because I have a surrogate, one that I spent a lot of time and money on, who is not pregnant and no clue what you did with the sample I gave you!" 

The doctor was looking more and more rattled the longer the angry male yelled at her, but as she glanced over to Izuku, who sat there still, stiff as a board, she seemed to remember that she was supposed to be in control of the situation.

Attempting to crowd the alpha out of her office, she spoke again, shouting over the man, " Sir, please! I am with my patient, who is in a very delicate state and your constant yelling, inappropriate language and overpowering pheromones could very well jeopardize his condition!" 

It seemed to work for a moment, as the imposing figure began to back up in shock at being yelled at by the small beta women, before the man seemed to remember why he was there in the first place. With a quick jolt of his head, blazing red eyes looked over the physician's head, making contact with watery green pools of anxiety.

The man appeared to be sizing him up, but his opinion seemed to land unfavorably, as he clicked his tongue and returned his glare to the doctor before him.

" And why, exactly, should I give two shits about him?"

The tension in the room finally snapped.

" Because he is carrying your baby!"

The room became eerily silent, all the nurses who had been previously fighting to keep the alpha out had pulled a magic trick and disappeared. 

After a pregnant pause, the blond man bit out harsh " fucking what, " but it was drowned out by the solid thump of a body hitting the floor

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When one walks up from either A) a deep sleep or B) involuntary unconsciousness due to a major shock ( such as finding out a man you have never slept with somehow got you pregnant), the body wakes up in stages. Some people might have become aware of the smell of medical grade disinfectant first. Others, the feel of the crinkly exam paper shifting under their weight. 

Izuku, however, was awoken to more shouting on the other side of the door only a few feet away. 

The thick wooden door muffled most of the conversation, but a resounding “ Yeah, well good riddance to ya then!” echo loudly enough for him to hear. 

With the knowledge that the angry alpha ( aka his boss )was still kicking up quite the storm just outside in the hallway, Izuku felt the incredibly powerful need to make a hasty exit. 

It appeared after yet another fainting episode,  he had been brought into an exam room ( thankfully not the one his apparent insemination had taken place). His bag was in the chair next to him and if he listened carefully, he could hear the incessant vibrating of his cell phone going off, probably Ochako raising hell at his lack of replies. 

As slowly as he could, the omega man lowered himself from the table, and crept quietly to his bag, lifting it over his head. With the bag wrapped around his torso, he felt a little more grounded, especially to the reality of his situation. 

Sitting down on the table, Izuku drops his head into his hands, taking deep breaths to try and stave off his upcoming panic attack. Even though he felt that in this moment he was entitled to one, having it right then and there would do him no good. 

This tactic worked briefly, before a rapping on the door and subsequent entrance of the heir to the Bakugou fortune knocked his brain back into white noise. 

Both occupants of the room stayed quiet, instead opting to just stare at each other. Izuku wasn't even sure he was breathing, until the alpha sighed loudly, sitting in the chair next to the exam table and turning to face the freaked out younger man. 

“ So. . . . .How are you feeling?”

Izuku was unsure how to answer that question. In his brain, he answers politely, sighting how this was an unfortunate turn of events and how they would need to sit down and discuss this like two rational adults. 

His mouth, as usual, had other plans. 

“ Do you mean in the ‘ How are you doing for accidentally  having been inseminated with my sperm and are just now realizing that all the weeks of not feeling well were morning sickness and my body's weird way of telling me that I'm carrying a freaking baby’ or ‘ How are you doing realizing that pelvic exams don't last 3 hours and I am a huge idiot for thinking that was normal and not ever broaching the subject with my omega friends?” he spat out quickly, before rushing to cover his mouth. 

To his credit, the blond man did not react much, only giving a slow blink before narrowing his always present glare. 

“ I meant more like you passed out 10 minutes ago and I was just asking if you feel like doing it again.” he drawled. 

The green haired man’s body slumped, having forgotten about how he has passed out like a high-paid telenovela actress at the shocking news. 

Unconsciously, his hands had drifted to his abdomen, which he looked down at while making a humming noise. “ Right. I feel better, I guess. Just a little in shock,” he turned to the other man, who had moved in closer, hyper focused on were his hands laid, “ I have to be honest. I’m not sure what to say right now.” 

Bakugou gave no reply. 

They sat in silence for a bit longer, before Izuku decided to try and break the tension. 

“ So, you are Bakugou Katsuki, right?” he began, as if he didn’t know. 

The other male snorted, finally making eye contact with the omega on the table. 

“ Yeah, I take it you’ve heard of me?” he said in a cocky tone that Izuku chose to ignore. To be fair, he was fairly famous around their town. 

Izuku nodded with a half smile, “ Yeah, you basically run the Bakugou Plaza downtown, right?”

“ Tsk. Sure, in addition to a few other things.” 

The befreckled man wiggled in his seat a bit. 

“ Cool! I actually work as a bartender in the high roller lounge, so I guess you could say we are co-workers!” he joked, a tense laugh falling from his lips. 

Bakugou did not look amused. 

“ Great.” 

With that, the conversation seemed to be over. 

Izuku gently rose from the table, attempting to get up and leave the room only to be stopped by a strong hand on his shoulder. 

“ Where are you going?” the blond alpha asked, looking almost panicked if Izuku didn’t know better. Pointing to the door, the omega explained, “ It’s kinda been a long morning, and I really would like to go home and take a shower and maybe curl up in a ball if I have time.” 

Bakugou rolled his shoulders, before rising from his seat and squatting in front of Izuku. 

“ Look. I. . . . I know you didn’t sign up for this. It’s a lot to handle right now and I can understand your need to process all this, but I’ve gotta get this off my chest: This might be my only chance at having a pup of my own. I had this big plan for the surrogate and at the details hammered out in a legal contract, and all that is for shit, cause now you have my baby growing inside you,” The man stood up, running his hands through his hair in an agitated state, before turning back, “ This is a big ask. I know it. But I'm going to do it anyway. Midoriya Izuku, will you carry my pup?” 

In his fantasies, lock away long ago in the deepest recesses of his heart, Izuku had pictured this moment dozens of times. In them, he would have found love in a strong, loyal alpha, who would whisk him away to a snow capped winter lodge, hold him close enough to hear his rapid heartbeat and whisper the question, adoration lacing his tone. 

Instead, he got a cold, too bright exam room, the pup already growing inside, and an alpha with a temper issue that once showed up to his place of work after a 2 week partying spree with tales of giant orgies and no regrets. 

Still, Izuku had always wanted children, and the alpha seemed so genuine and desperate. 

“ Of course, I-”

Before he could finish, however, the red eyed man shot up, pacing the room as he began to type into his cell,  “ Now, you will need to sign the same non disclosure agreement and the compensation would be different since she was a professional, seasoned surrogate and you aren’t, and additionally I need complete access to you 24/7 and for you to sign away your maternal right after the pup is born-”
The more the man spoke, the more Izuku could feel his regret build in his stomach, heavy like lead. At the idea that Izuku would be giving away his pup forever, though,  he finally snapped. 

“ Excuse me, I don't feel well and I need to get home” he bit out, pushing past the man and opening the door to the hallway, causing all the nurses that were perched outside the door to flee in every direction. The alpha was hot on his heels, but Izuku was much more determined to get away than he was to catch up.

Stomping his way to the bus stop, he ripped his phone from his bag, sending a text to his friends that he was okay, not dying and would explain everything later that night, before slamming himself down onto the rickety wooden bench to wait. 

The shout from behind him was ignored, until Bakugou appeared in front of him, nostrils flaring. 

“ Get up. No surrogate of mine is going to risk my baby's health by riding a bacteria infested public transport. I’ll drive you home.” he said, already reach to yank the omega up. Izuku had never been a particularly volatile person, but in that moment his scowl could give the alpha himself a run for his money. 

“ Well, good thing I am not a surrogate then,” he spat, standing up, he pushed his finger into the( firm) chest in front of him, “ Whether you like it or not, sir , You didn’t get to pick me and I didn’t choose for this to happen, so whatever control freak deals you were lording over the poor girl you made a deal with are all null and void. I will get home how I damn well please.” 

During Izuku’s declaration, the bus had come, but when the doors were opened, the aggressive pheromones leaking out between the two caused the driver to slam them shut and be on her way, less she have another brawl start on her bus. 

Izuku watched the bus drive away with no small amount of annoyance, but his glare was broken by the sound of keys jingling.

Bakugou smirked, keys in hand, as he began to walk toward the parking lot. 

The omega huffed, but when he saw the next bus wasn’t due for another hour and a half, he gave in, following as slow as possible.

Opening the passenger door, Bakugou gave a gentlemen-like bow, gesturing for the younger man to climb inside before heading into the driver side. After the blond alpha slid effortlessly into his seat, he turned to ask directions in a not at all smarmy way, only to meet an empty space. 

Looking around, he found the pouting omega firmly placed in the back seat, arms crossed and glaring. It would have been intimidating if Katsuki hadn’t found him so fucking cute. 

The drive was tense, and Katsuki was man enough to admit it may have partly been his fault, but the situation was stressful for him too. 

Maybe not “ I was accidentally knocked up” stressful, but since he had been woken up yesterday morning to his female beta surrogate telling him that her at home test came back negative, to his crushing disappointment, and the doctor saying that his male omega surrogate test came back positive he had been having a rough few days. 

Katsuki had decided only a few months ago that he was done dating cheap, money hungry people and wanted something real in his life. It was a bold declaration after his latest fling had taken off, but not before hoarding everything he had gotten him in the last few weeks.

Kirishima had suggested he join a dating website, but the alpha was already ten steps ahead and had announced that he had already contacted the nation's leading surrogacy office and was interviewing candidates to have his baby. 

Kirishima, naturally,  was confused at this turn of events, especially because absolutely nothing about Bakugou Katsuki screamed “ paternal affection” but the alpha was quick to explain:

“ Listen, Shitty Hair. The whole point of dating is to find a mate, right? That’s why you are with that pink hair weirdo?”

“ Okay, first off, she's the head of your hospitality section, not an escaped mental patient. Second, you know if Mina hears you calling her that, she's going to start sending wake up calls to your suite every 30 minutes again, right?” 

“ Whatever. Anyway, the main reason to get a mate is to one day have a little brat to call your own, yeah? So instead of wasting my time and force myself to settle with someone I probably will get tired of, I am going to skip the middle part and just have a kid. The shareholders will be happy for my legacy to continue, the Hag will be happy to get a grand kid and I’ll be happy not paying alimony and child support for the rest of my life.” 

The red haired alpha looked at his best friend sadly. 

“ Dude, you know I love you, but that is the most depressing view of love I have ever heard.” he leaned over, looking at the pictures of his mate on his desk, “ The point of dating is to hopefully form a connection, a bond with someone. A mate isn’t for popping out babies and calling it a life, Katsuki. A mate is someone you miss when they aren’t around for even a few minutes or the first person you think of when you seem something that makes you laugh. It's about wanting to share your life and all its experiences with someone.”

The speech, though beautiful, fell on deaf ears, as Bakugou had already tuned him out in favor of answering emails. 

Now, here he was, playing chauffeur to an angry ball of fluffy green hair and deep emerald eyes that was carrying his baby. 

Kirishima better not laugh when he hears this. 

“ This backseat is kinda cramped” interrupted a voice from behind. Looking at the rear view mirror, he watched the strange omega curl is noise while looking at the seats. 

“ Well, you woulda had plenty of legroom if you had sat up here like I told ya too” he snapped back. Midoriya rolled his eyes.

“ I meant for a baby carrier. You can’t put one back here. It's not safe.” 

Katsuki laughed, “ Oh look at you, pregnant for an hour and already an expert on childcare.” 

His passenger shot him a dirty look, before replying.

“ I worked in an early stage daycare for 2 years, I'm willing to bet I am more up to date on child care and safety than you are, Mr. Bakugou .” 

Katsuki would have like to have a comeback to that, but he was too busy noticing how the neighborhood they were driving into was getting worse and worse the longer they were on the road. 

“ Oi, Nerd, are you sure you gave me the right address?” he questioned, finally pulling up to a worn down building. 

“ Im not stupid, I know my own address.” he shot back before wiggling his way out of the back seat and out the passenger door. 

If the blond alpha checked out the cute rump on display during this motion, no one could blame him. 

Shouting from the open window, he tried to get the attention of the retreating man.

“ Hey! Tell me your apartment number, I'm going to go find a parking spot that won’t lead to my hubcaps being stolen.” 

Izuku turned around, eyes ablaze. 

“ No, you need to go away, I don't need you sniffing around my place like you own it! Just go home, I'll have my people call your people!” he yelled, before walking away. 

“ You have people?” Katsuki couldn’t help but shout, smirking

“ I'll get some people and they will call you!” was his reply. 

The alpha man chuckled before pulling into a nearby parking garage.

Izuku entered the apartment in a hurry, door slamming so hard behind him that the rattling knocked over some collectible figures on the wall. 

The omega man spared them a tired look before trudging his way through his apartment. 

It was not quite noon but it felt like the day had been going on forever. After all, he had started it thinking he was going to die and now he had to come to terms with the fact that he was instead going to give life

Moving on autopilot, he made his way to the bathroom, stripping down and rising off while his tub filled with steaming water and bubbles. 

It was only once he had slid into the warm water, head resting against the smooth side that his circumstance finally hit. 

He was pregnant. 

He was going to have a pup in a few short months. 

The stress of the day finally caught up and tears flowed freely down his freckled cheeks. It wasn’t that he was miserable, but for such a life changing moment, all he could feel was anxiety and uncertainty. 

How could he have a child? He barely felt like an adult himself and now he was going to be in charge of a little lifeform who completely depended on him for everything. It was a surreal idea, especially with the overbearing alpha looming over his future. 

Izuku shook his head at the thought of the aggravating man, forcing himself to focus instead on happier thoughts and relax in his bath. 

It was only when his head began to feel a little dizzy that he decided he had been soaking for long enough, wrapping a towel around himself and draining the water. 

The cool apartment air felt good on his overheat skin, the omega deciding to stay only half dressed with boxer briefs and a faded, worn sweatshirt. 

Busying himself with cleaning a few pieces of clothes from his floor, he caught movement from the corner of his eye. 

He saw himself in his large mirror, and slowly approached. 

Looking closely, Izuku inspected his body for any change.

He thought he had heard others talk about the glow of a pregnant omega, but all he could see was the reddened skin from a too hot bath, the dark eye bags of unrest and cracking of dry skin. Turning to the side, he gently lifted the shirt, exposing his stomach. With his free hand, he glided his touch up and down, feeling for any indication of the unexpected guest within.

“ You are barely pregnant, idiot, you wouldn't be showing yet.” 

With a shriek, Izuku swore that if he had one more scare that day, his heart was going to burst from his chest and run for the hills. 

Turning with such ferocity that his stomach gave a lurch, the omega man gaped at the alpha seated on his couch, watching him with an unimpressed stare. 

“ Are you serious! This is breaking and entering! I should call the police,” he said, stomping to the living room to loom over the intruder. 

Katsuki shrugged his shoulders, “ I would have had to break in for that to be true, you left your door unlocked, which is one of the many reasons you shouldn't be living here.” 

“ Well, this is at least trespassing. Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

The red eyed man gave him an incredulous look, before pointing to the previously exposed stomach.

Izuku groaned loudly, throwing himself into the adjacent armchair and looking at the blond haired man wearily. 

“ I'm exhausted. Please just say your peace and leave, I wanna catch some sleep before going to work.”

Katsuki gave a victorious grin. “ Look, I get it, its been a fucking awful day, but we need to at least discuss the basics of a plan about this -”

“ I'm not signing away my parenting rights.” 

Bakugou flinched, looking at the stubborn man next to him. 

“ Right. So I went into this thinking I would have full custom of the pup , which -” Katsuki put his hands up in surrender “ I understand if off the table for now.”

Izuku growled at the phrasing, “ Not for now! Forever! Do you think I would just abandon my child and live with knowing that I chose to never see them again?” 

“ Listen, ya have to see things from my point of view! Sure you are all defensive now, but how do I know you won't feel differently tomorrow? Or next week, or even when the pup is born! You're just a stranger carrying my child right now.” 

Izuku looked at him with pity

“ Wasn't that all the surrogate was anyway? I'm sorry that things didn't work out the way you want, but this is how it is, so put on your big boy pants and let's move on.”

It took an hour, during which both men snapped and growled and argued, only finally coming to a truce when Izuku had to excuse himself to vomit. 

Ultimately, the visit ended with Izuku escorted Katsuki to his door. 

The alpha lingered for some time in the doorway awkwardly, and just when the green haired man was going to politely ask him to scram, something unexpected happened. 

“ I want to . . . can . . . .can I scent your stomach?” he asked in the most subdued tone Izuku had heard all day. 

Unable to think of anything to say, the younger man just nodded, shyly lifting his shirt to expose his stomach to the other. 

The larger than life alpha slid to the floor, rubbing his wrists and hands along the still flat surface of the omega’s skin. The gesture was so intimate, that Izuku couldn’t help but look away, but not before catching another daring act.

Leaning in close, Katsuki pressed his lips to his abdomen, whispering something before once again gently stroking the skin. 

“ O-okay that's enough, you need to leave.” Izuku said, breaking the man from his trance. 

Katsuki stood, straightening himself as if he hadn't just nuzzled another man’s belly, before nodding once more to the shorter man. 

“ Thank you Izuku. I’ll see you later?”

Giving out a squeal of confirmation, the omega was quick to shut the door, locking it this time, before pressing his hands against his burning cheeks. Walking back to his bed for some well deserved sleep, Izuku would later blame the skipping of his heart beat on the pregnancy hormones.