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Moon in a Jar

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Waxing Gibbous


The melody the ocean produces fills the air as a male junior student named Shoto Todoroki walks along the shore leaving footprints in the sand behind him. The moon is out, it's a few days until a full moon he notes, and he can't help but feel tranquil. His problems and insecurities roll over his shoulders as he slowly forgets the fight he had with his dad Enji Todoroki. For after the quarrel he stormed out of the house got into his car and began driving until he found a nearby beach, he was grateful for the steamed argument they had if not he wouldn't have found such a peaceful place. After a while of walking along the shore shoto finds someone sitting on a blanket in the sand. Their eyes closed, they seemed to be in their own zone because they hardly notice Shoto creeping up on them.

"Um.. Hey." Shoto isn't sure whether he regrets speaking or not. He stands there in the most awkward silence ever, until he hears a soft reply.

"Hi..." The boy looks up, It's dark but the light reflected from the moon makes him visible. The boy has curly green hair and shimmering eyes the color of emeralds. He wears an oversized white tee shirt that makes him look like he isn't wearing any pants, and white below knee socks with blue stars on them. Shoto watches as he shifts his eyes toward the gibbous moon.

Shoto then follows the boy's gaze, "stunning, isn't it?" The moon seems to do a phenomenal job of making the night sky more bewitching.


The boy seems to be a bit reserved "I'm Todoroki Shoto by the way."

"Midoriya Izuku..."

"May I sit?" Questioned Shoto. Izuku turns to him for a moment examining his features, then nods a reply but as he is about to move over to give the other some space, Shoto plops down next to him only half on the blanket. The two sit there unsure of what to say, then about 7 seven minutes later Izuku looks right at Shoto with an enigmatic reaction.

"W-Who are you!?" Izuku interrogates before getting off the blanket.

Shoto stares in the most utmost confusion "Uhm, Midoriya... It's Shoto.... R-Remember?" He searches for any sort of realization in the others anxious expression. "Is this some sort of ... game..?" Izuku looks down his face softens as he drops down on the sand across from Shoto.

The green-haired looks up at what he knows he'll never stop looking at, then lets out a sigh. "We've met before, haven't we." He averts his eyes to Shoto.

"I... don't follow.."

Izuku fidgets with his hands visibly uncomfortable as clouds cover up the moon, "I.. I have amnesia, retrograde amnesia..." Izuku picks up sand letting it fall in between his fingers "How long ago did we meet?"

Amnesia..? Shoto doesn't know what to think, what do you even say to someone like this? 'Oh, I'm so sorry' or 'guess it has its perks' NO! All he can do it sit there across from the ambrosial but melancholy boy and smile, "Not long ago, only a few minutes."

Shoto's smile is so genuine, what a weird reaction... In all of Izuku’s forgetful life no one had reacted in such a nice manner. "Why are you looking at me like that!" Izuku prays his flushed face is hidden in the dark.

Instead of an apologie Shoto begins to giggle fully aware of Izuku’s blush, how vibrantly cute he thought. "So.. do you come to the beach often Midoriya?" He asks after his giggling fit.

"Yeah." He looks up, the clouds away from the moon, he smiles. "I have amnesia, but I can't forget that I have amnesia." He brings his hand to his chest, " The moon makes me forget my amnesia."

"The moon? Why?"

"When I was younger, I struggled a lot with my amnesia. Forgetting people, places, and things makes life difficult, especially as a child. When I went to a public school people avoided me, they believed I would just forget them." Izuku pauses for a moment, he's unsure why he's telling his story, why he tells someone who he just met... Or who he thinks he just met. "And well ya know, having no friends growing up, it gets lonely."

"...That made you turn to the moon?"

Izuku hums in reject. "No. My Mother ... She used to take me out for night walks, I always felt at ease under the moonlight. My mother departed a year ago..."

A teardrop falls down Izuku's cheek and just before it falls on the sand, shoto catches the tear letting it drop on his palm. "You didn't have anyone? Only your mother?"

Izuku thinks for a moment trying to gather his memories, then sighs. "I had a friend back in elementary school, he was nice to me but only when we were alone, if not he would bully me. He ended up moving schools, I can't seem to remember why... I mean i'm sure he didn't move houses or anything, just schools."

"Do you remember his name?"

"Umm...." What was his name again? It's on the tip of Izuku’s tongue, "Oh, Katsuki!…. Uhm Ba..Bakugou?"

Shoto sits there, a weird feeling welling up inside the pit of his stomach, he feels uneasy and maybe a bit of irritation. He's also almost 99.9% sure he goes to school with a Katsuki Bakugou, but why would?. .Wait. "He bullied you!? Why?"

"I can't remember."

Then I'll definitely get answers from Bakugou. Shoto begins to speak but is interrupted by his ringtone, he groans in annoyance taking out his cellphone. "Dammit" He murmurs, his father is calling. Shoto's father tends to do this a lot, argue with his son then moments later call him for a plastic apology and telling him to come home.

Izuku reads the others facial expression, "What's wrong?"

"It's my dad." He answered his tone unamused. Shoto really wants to stay, but if he came home late he'd be 10 feet under. "I have to go" He gets up extending his hand out to Izuku.

Izuku takes Shoto's hand brushing off sand on his clothes, "I think I should go home too." Izuku glances at the moon then continues to brush off the sand on his shirt.

"Where do you live? I'll take you home."

"Oh, no need I live only a few blocks away."

Shoto looks around, it's quiet but who knows what would be lurking in the dark. "I insist, I'll just tell my father I got lost on my way home."

Izuku agrees, they both begin to walk and Shoto doesn't mind having to walk back just to get into his car to drive home.

It's just the two of them on Izuku’s street, and they feel as if they're the only ones in the entire world laughing, talking and walking under the astonishingly gleaming moonlight.

"So this is your home, Is your here?" Shoto asks afraid to even touch the property.

"My dad is overseas right now." Izuku gets out his keys unlocking the door. He opens the door, letting his hand rest on the knob. "Goodnight Todoroki-kun"

Shoto smiles, "Night Midoriya."

Shoto leaves and he walks back unsure of how to feel, what if Izuku forgets Shoto? It's possible, but he wouldn't let it happen. Shoto feels captivated towards izuku, something about the angelic boy makes him feel crisp. So he starts to make plans to talk with Bakugou tomorrow, to get some insight or a sort of explanation. And yes, he will definitely be coming here tomorrow to be with Izuku under the moon.

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Waxing Gibbous


Shoto lays on his back letting out a soft sigh, its morning and he has school in a few hours. He gets out of bed remembering the face of the boy he met last night, he's filled with delight by this and almost squeals. Shoto has never stopped and really look at the moon before, and meeting Izuku under it was more than fate. He gets himself ready for school hearing the rain outside pelt the window, it's expected to rain all day and Shoto is undisturbed, the freezing cold and the torrid heat never did concern him one bit. Shoto walks down stairs and catches sight of his father, he ignores him and begins walking to school umbrella in hand.


"Bro? Are you okay?" Shoto's eyes flutter open to reveal a concerned Kirishima holding numerous bags of melon bread. "You look beat," He drops the mountain of melon bread onto his desk, unwraps one and begins to eat it, "You also fell asleep during math." He finishes between chews.

"Right," Shoto titters. "I didn't get much sleep last night."

Kirishima opens another bag,"I get it bro, and don't worry I'll let you copy my notes later." The junior beams in gratitude as Kirishima stuffs his face with melon bread.

Shoto then turns to the window, examining the rain as it drizzles down. Then it hits him. . . Bakugou! He gets up immediately hoping he has enough time during this lunch block to find that prick. First he goes to the lunch room, it's rowdy but no sign of Bakugou, he then runs back searching the halls, still no sign of Bakugou. He stops catching his breath, "Where they hell are you?"

"Move two-toned freak,"

Shoto turns around, and what a coincidence. "I need to talk to you" He speaks between breaths.

"Fuck no." Bakugou rebuked, pushing past him.

Shoto notices the empty hallway, he gulps at the thought of starting a fight. "It's about Izuku."

Bakugou stops in his tracks. "What?"

Shoto watches him clench his fist, "Midoriya Izuku, you left him during elementary school because of his amnesia."

Bakugou turns, walking towards him, "Why don't you worry about yourself, you dumb fuck."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me." Bakugou taunts, cracking his knuckles. Okay, they're definitely going to be at each other's throats.

Shoto presses his forehead feeling a headache settle in, "Bakugo look, it's pretty obvious why you left Midoriya."

"Hah!?" He hisses, "Say that shit again!"

The quarrel gets attention and Shoto just wants to run away, but he keeps his feet planted. "Don't you want to see him again? If not, you're definitely missing out."

Bakugou then punches the other's jaw, vexation filling his eyes.

Shoto stumbles back wiping off his dripping silva, he moves forward shoving Bakugou in reflex.

The crowd formed around the two goes wild and Shoto failed to notice them up until now. "I'm meeting Izuku after classes, if you-"

"Why don't you shove that offer you know where,"

Students begin to laugh, but before the argument could continue any longer the hall monitors and teachers conclude it sending the two off with a warning.


It would be terrible if Enji finds out, Shoto prays for the millionth time that it doesn't get out. He walks his way to Izuku's house filled with excitement, hearing usual footsteps behind him but it gets unusual hearing the same footsteps every turn he makes, Shoto turns around he's positive someone is following him, but it can't be anyone he knows, his father is not out of work until midnight and his siblings should be home by now. The junior looks around to find nothing . . . Maybe it's just a feeling or his mind is playing tricks on him. After a while of paranoid walking he reaches Izuku's street, Shoto turns around again just in case, but instead of relief his expression turns to annoyance. He watches as Bakugou walks toward him with a face of defeat.

Shoto waits for him to catch up. "You could've agreed to my offer instead of following me."

"Shut the fuck up."

Shoto doesn't bother starting anything with him so he turns back around and continues walking. Once he reaches Izuku’s house he climbs up the stairs Bakugou behind him. Shoto takes a deep breath as anxiety runs down his spine and numerous pessimistic thoughts flood his mind. He reaches his hand out, turns it into a fist and presses it against the door. He hesitates.

Bakugou notices this, "Just fucking knock."

But what if izuku forgot? Shoto wanted to leave but only for a split second, he weld up his courage to knock.

No reply. Should he knock again?

"Open the fucking door!" Bakugou shouts already tired of waiting, and maybe it worked, for the door opened and running out was a small dog. It jumped into Bakugou arms as he stood there bemused. Shoto examined the white fluffy dog, it looked like a Japanese spitz but he isn't entirely positive.

Izuku pops out seconds later with a vivid smile. "I'm so sorry, he does that a lot." He apologizes, taking the dog back, and it's as if he doesn't recognize Bakugou at all.

"Uh, hey Midoriya" Izuku drops the dog back into his house, then turns to Shoto who felt like he'd rather be buried alive than be in this situation.

"Todoroki-kun! How are you?" Izuku's eyes twinkle even in daylight.

Shoto lets a breath he hadn't realise he'd be holding. "I'm great Midoriya, I just came to see you again."

Izuku’s cheeks turn a soft shade of pink. He shifts his eyes over to an irritated Bakugou, "Who's your friend?" Part of Shoto wanted to burst out guffawing, but the other part felt terribly awful. How could Izuku remember the name of this childhood friend but not the face?

"Are we going inside or not?" Bakugou doesn't seem too merry.

"Um, sure." Izuku widens the door, stepping aside.

Bakugou steps inside first followed by Shoto, they examine the living room. There's a powder blue couch, 2 matching armchairs facing each other in front of the couch, a glass coffee table in between the armchairs, and pictures of delicately painted flowers hung above the provence crème yellow walls.

Shoto notices a cup of tea, 2 notebooks and a laptop on the coffee table. "Are you finished with your classes?" He questions.

Izuku follows his gaze sitting on the couch, "Yes, I just have a few assignments due next week." The other two boys sit on the armchairs keeping a natural distance but feeling a bit uncomfortable. "Oh! Do you guys want anything? Maybe tea?" Izuku gets up closing his laptop and placing his work aside.

"If it's not too much trouble." Shoto responds. He looks over at Bakugou for a mutual agreement, but he's too already occupied scrolling through his phone.

Izuku chuckles, "It won't be any trouble." He makes his way into the kitchen, closing the door behind him. The two boys lock eyes, unsure of what to do.

"He doesn't remember how you look like. . ."

"I had no idea" Bakugou rolls his eyes, he drops his phone on the glass table making himself comfortable in his chair.

"You should tell him who you are."

"How would he react? He's forgotten me already. . ." Shoto stares in shock, it's surprising to see Bakugou like this, filled with worry and capitulate.

"Midoriya didn't forget you, just don't treat him the way you did before."

"You don't know anything about me in the past."

Shoto leans forward, "Well, why don't you inform me."

Bakugou growls, "No."

The junior sighs knowing fully well this conversation will go nowhere. Minutes later Izuku comes back handing the two boys a small cup of mellow tea, he goes back into the kitchen and returns with a plate of strawberries and blueberries topped with whipped cream. "I hope this will be enough." Izuku hands each boy a spoon. He then sits back down crossed legged, hugging a star pillow as he watches the boy's dig in. Bakugou isn't the type to eat sweets but he didn't want to seem rude, although it's kind of too late for that. Izuku felt like he'd met Bakugou before but due to his amnesia he's unable to pinpoint a conclusion.

The three boys talk nonsense for a bit, and Izuku feels like he belongs, not to any big party, just here with Shoto and the other boy he hadn't gotten the name of.

"I saw a hiking trail a bit further from the beach, it's beautiful with thousands of trees, maybe we should go.. to visit the moon." Shoto recounts setting his cup down. Izuku doesn't hesitate and begins nodding in agreement, they look over at Bakugou.

". . . Fine."

The boy's wait for Izuku to get ready before heading off into the forest.


It gets windy but it's nothing for Shoto, he looks over at Izuku who seems content staring at the moon. They continue walking down the path, they go so far it would be laborious to remember where they came from. And speaking of remember Izuku turns to Bakugou feeling nervy, "It's beautiful, but when did we get here?" He shifts his eyes to Shoto who smiles patting Izuku's head.

"A hike trail. I suggested we go, about 25 minutes from now."

"Oh…" Izuku doesn't remember, but it's good to know.


The wind picks up and Shoto's scarf flies off, he looks over at Bakugou and Izuku talking and going deeper into the trail. Shoto decides to go back and find his scarf, failing to tell the others. He finds it but it's engulfed in mud from the rain that morning, "I'll just get a new one" He lets out a sigh not bothering to pick it up, then walks back, but the further he walks the more uneasiness runs through his veins, where is . . ? He feels as if someone picked his gut with a needle. "Midoriya!?" He calls out, but no answer. Shoto looks around he's way past where the other two boys were originally walking."T-This better not be a joke!" He begins to panic, curse that damn scarf of his. Shoto walks back calling for Izuku, he walks forward, he checks every nook and cranny. "Midoriya! Bakugou? . . . Where did you go!?"

The wind blows harder and Shoto can hardly see anything his hands go numb but he worries of izuku, where did the other two even go? He continues walking forward as the wind feels like it's pounding him. Then Shoto trips falling face first onto the wet dirt, he feels as if he's sinking, as if the ground is eating him whole. Shoto lays there unable to move for what feels like forever as rain begins to pour down. He blacks out, Izuku lingering on his mind.

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Full Moon


He's tired but can't sleep, instead of wondering about Shotos injuries, Izuku's the only one that runs through his mind like a marching band. No matter how much he tries to zone out the boy's voice it comes back twice as loud.

Izuku. . . Izuku. . . Izuku. . .

Bakugou turns in his bed, everything seems to remind him of Izuku. He can't even close his eyes without imagining Izuku, he's been trying for 3 hours to just sleep to set izuku aside, but to no avail, the boy remains on his mind. Bakugou gets up rummaging through his drawers until he finds a small black picture frame, the photo is of izuku years ago when they were close. He sits down admiring the photo in his hand. He can vividly remember Izuku as a child, how delicate and pure he was, how Izuku would forget things as soon as you'd say them. Bakugou opens the curtains letting the moonlight enter as memories find their way back, the memories that he buried at the back of his mind. He looks up at the ceiling welcoming the memories, the ones that once hurt him.

Years ago back in elementary school, Bakugou fell in love with his childhood friend. He believed that every part of Izuku had been perfect, even his amnesia. But that was the issue. Bakugou took Izuku out one day, to a place that was prohibited to students, especially at night. The two were underneath the moon on the school roof, Izuku looked incredibly stunning the other couldn't wait any longer. Bakugou confesse. He told him, told Izuku how he felt. Izuku had only smiled with tears threatening to spill, he looked gleeful. The two held each other without a care in the world, as if no one else even existed. That night was absolutely everything Bakugou had always wanted. But all of it came to an end, for the next morning Izuku had forgotten the event. Bakugou knew he didn't need to react the way he did, he didn't need to run away, he didn’t need to move schools, but he was overwhelmed with emotion, he felt devastated. All those negative emotions crushed him, he felt . . . heartbroken. Bakugou also knew it was Izuku’s condition, and that Izuku would never willingly forget ... but his heart still ached. He never told Izuku what he'd forgotten, because maybe the past—maybe his love confession—was all meant to be forgotten, but for Bakugou . . . You could do anything to him. And he would never forget.


Shoto feels so comfortable, it's as if he's being hugged by fluffy blankets. The pungent of tea and unidentified herbs fill the rooms nonchalant atmosphere. Then it hits Shoto, this cannot be his room. He picks his head up wishing he hadn’t because his head begins spinning like crazy. “Fuck!” he presses his hand over his forehead taking in his surroundings, Shoto seems to be in an unfamiliar room with a tray of tea and bread next to him. He’s all bandaged up and begins to remember why “Midoriya?” he immediately gets up ignoring the flashes of pain that rush throughout his body. “Midoriya!?” he rushes to the door too occupied by the bolting pain to realize how ended up at this ‘mysterious’ room.

"Todoroki-Kun? What's wrong?" Izuku opens the door before Shoto could touch it.


Izuku worriedly glares at Shoto who has a similar face of concern, "Todoroki-Kun, you need to lie down, I'm perfectly fine." However, this fails to comfort Shoto.

"What do you mean? Tell me Midoriya, what happened?"

Shoto refuses to lay down while Izuku sighs "We found you back at the trail. Your friend brought you here, and I tended to your injuries.

"Where is he?"

"Your friend? He went home."

Shoto quickly checks Izuku for any unlikely injuries, then takes his hand. "I need to talk to you Midoriya."

"U-Umm okay," Izuku lets himself be taken outside. The two sit on the staircase outside of Izuku's house.

"Shouldn't you be resting instead?"

"I'm fine Midoriya."

The full moon is out and the two don't say anything, they sit there staring at the moon as the comfortable silence lingers. Minutes later Izuku rests his head on his friend's shoulder, then as if desperately Shoto reaches for Izuku’s hand holding it tightly. They both stare into the sky, millions of stars have taken over the inky blackness of the night. It was almost impossible not to believe it wasn't endless, for the stars looked like they went on forever.

The moment came to an end when Izuku turned to Shoto with a familiar face. "Shoto? Where did y-" He gets up looking around. "Didn't we just find you at the-" Izuku plopped down. He forgot what happened. Izuku only remembers finding Shoto back at the trail. He also remembers the worry that rushed throughout his body, how he felt his heart drop. Shoto wrapped his arm around Izuku's waist explaining what happened, it's funny how Izuku had forgotten the same event he'd explained to Shoto. “Oh.” Izuku didn’t understand how patient Shoto was to him, it was strange considering the number of people that disliked his condition from the get-go.

“Midoriya,” Shoto whispered as if he didn’t want anyone to overhear. “You’ve made me realize some things”

“Like what?” Izuku was generally curious, what did he do in less than a three days to make Shotos mind click?

“Like. . . being more buoyant and more optimistic. In a way Midoriya, you’ve made me happier.”

Izuku stared in shock, there's no way he’d impacted Shotos attitude, but to be honest, Shoto looked happier compared to that night he’d met him. Shoto used to look as if he’d lost himself as if something was weighing him down. Then it hit Izuku, did Shoto change his attitude in a positive manner? Yes, he did treat Izuku in a way no one has ever treated him—aside from his mother—and yes, Shoto was. . . attractive. But that doesn’t mean that two days of meeting him would change Izuku's perspective on life. Would it? “I . . . Well, It was N-Nothing.” He said.

Shoto chuckled, “It wasn’t just nothing Midoriya. You’ve even inspired me to check on my mother for the first time in years. I’m so excited to meet her again.”

“Where’s your mother?”

Shoto knows the answer, but he pretends to think while playing with Izuku’s hair. “She’s in jail, apparently with all that money and power my father has acquired, falsely accusing someone of-” Shoto cringes mentally refusing to get into detail. “-any crime is simple.” He says.

“Oh . . . “ Izuku doesn’t push for any details, instead he leans into Shotos touch, not declining this relaxing feeling.

“Maybe, we should go together?” Shoto asks.

Izuku thinks for a bit. Shouldn’t this trip be personal? If Shoto wants him to go he can’t really refuse. “Is your friend coming with us?” Izuku doesn’t feel a hit of jealousy, just curiosity.

“Midoriya . . . he’s-he isn’t a friend of mine, he’s actually a friend of yours.”


“When you told me about Bakugou Katsuki, the name seemed familiar, so I asked him to come along with me. I thought maybe he missed you.”

“So you’re saying” Izuku gets up, putting the pieces together of his flaky memory, trying to remember all the events that occurred today. “that was Kacchan?!”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. Well I mean I thought you’d reme-” Shoto what the fuck are you saying? That’d be super offensive, save yourself! “-I thought you’d like to see Bakugou again”

“Oh, that's very sweet of you. I’m guessing he attends the same school as you?”

“He does, and I wouldn’t say he’s the brightest student.”

Izuku giggles knowing nothing really changed of Bakugou, he doesn’t feel any disappointment, he feels almost relieved. “You’re right Todoroki-Kun, I did miss Kacchan.”

“You do?” Izuku doesn’t get a chance to answer, he’s interrupted by the multiple dings of Shoto’s phone. “Damn it” Shoto groans, his father is texting him.

“What’s wrong?” Izuku glances over at Shoto’s phone.


Izuku also looks at the time, It’s 2:00 AM.

“Guess my stay here is over.” Shoto gets up then helps Izuku up. Then he holds his phone out to Izuku, “May I have your number Midoriya?” Izuku takes the phone feeling his face heat up. “I’ll text you the time I'll pick you up tomorrow.”

“Okay. Bye Todoroki-Kun.”

Shoto smiles waving goodbye. Izuku goes back into his house excitement creeping over his shoulders. He begins cleaning up the tea and fixing his bed. It’s late but Izuku doesn’t feel tired, he grabs a book and sits on the couch. Minutes later he hears knocking at his door, Shoto must’ve forgotten something. But when Izuku opens the door he’s frozen in shock. It’s Bakugou.

“Uhm, Deku . . . “

Deku? Izuku remembers what Shoto had told him, and for once in his entire life, Izuku had remembered what he’d forgotten. The blurred face in his memory finally had a face, he starts to tear up, this was Bakugou, how could he forget what his childhood friend looked like?


“Hi, Deku.”


It’s 4:00 AM and the sun begins to rise, Bakugou said he needed to speak with Izuku, so they decided to go to the nearby beach. The waves and bird chirps fill the silence, then Bakugou turns to Izuku, he examines his features. The past came rushing back to Bakugou, he hadn’t realized how much he missed Izuku. Part of him was always missing something, and now he knows for certain what that ‘something’ was.

“What’s wrong Kacchan?”

The sun’s light makes the tiniest freckles on Izuku’s cheeks visible, Bakugou smiles. “Deku . . . “ What an idiot he was for bullying Izuku, he’d only done such regretful things only because everyone else did, but he should’ve been a better person. Bakugou breathes in, he wants to tell Izuku everything. How Izuku brings out the best of him, how much Izuku has impacted his life, how much he adores the sound of his voice, the glisten in his eyes, and the softness to his touch. He wanted to tell Izuku how he’d be unable to pretend that the past was meant to be forgotten, he loved Izuku and only recently he’d been able to realize that his feelings—that Bakugou believed faded away—never left. But before he could tell him anything, he wanted to tell Izuku something far more important. Something that he should’ve told him years ago, he wanted to tell Izuku that . . .

“I’m sorry.”