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Batfamily Moments

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For the first time in years the Batcave is silent.

(And now they've got him calling it the fucking Batcave. There are no bats in this part of the cave. It's an unhealthy environment for bats.)

Tia and Jay are at school. Dixie is in New York. Alfred is coordinating another Wayne event, something in support of books or libraries. Selina is touring Casterbridge in search of illicit art collections. For the first time in years it really is just him, in the quiet solitude he had built this place for.

Nothing but him and a timelapse map of shifting crime patterns across Gotham. All the time and peace he needs to commit to a detailed study, and no one to interrupt him. Data crawls across the monitor and there are no distractions from the work of being Batman.

"Fuck this shit."

He opens one of Tia's playlists and cranks up Cosmic Girls.

K-pop makes his teeth itch.