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Demyx dug through his bag of special magic-infused hair dye as he thought over which member would be next. There was only three remaining now; Xaldin, Zexion, Luxord, and the superior himself… Xemnas. Demyx still had yet to figure out how to find Xemnas and dye his hair… but he also determined if he could figure out where Xemnas was at night, he would be the last member. It just felt right to have their boss would be the last one on his list… but that still left three other members. 

Demyx went back and forth on his three choices for that night. He didn’t think it would be this hard at this point after pranking all the other members. As he did though he heard footsteps coming from outside in the hallway. Immediately he threw the bag of hair dye in the back of his closet and covered it with several spare cloaks.

He then jumped onto his bed and pretended to be sleeping. But there was never a knock on his door or anything. The footsteps had already trailed off by the time he was on his bed. Curious Demyx tiptoed to the door and slowly opened it, peering out into the hallway. He looked around and only caught a brief glimpse of someone walking down the hallway. 

“Who could be up this late besides me?” Demyx wondered as he stepped into the hallway and quietly closed the door behind him. 

He slowly walked in the direction he had seen the person and carefully checked his surroundings to make sure there were no Dusks in the area. As soon as he turned the corner he saw the backside of whom he was now following. It was none other than the superior.

“So he does leave the meeting room! This is perfect!” Demyx's thoughts exclaimed as he made sure to not follow too closely or he feared he may be caught. He kept close enough though that he wouldn’t lose sight of Xemnas. 

Soon enough Xemnas stopped in front of a section of blank wall causing Demyx to hide around the corner to prevent being seen. Xemnas did stand there for a moment as he looked back and forth before he placed a hand on the wall and slide it to the right. With that motion a secret keypad was revealed. Demyx have to cover his mouth to stifle his gasp. 

“A secret room? Or passageway? Does this maybe lead… to where he sleeps?” Demyx wondered as he watched carefully as Xemnas put in the code on the keypad. 

As soon as Xemnas was finished with the code, part of the wall faded away to in fact reveal a secret passageway. Once Xemnas walked through it though it faded away and the wall was back to normal. 

Demyx stared in almost disbelief. He couldn’t believe he actually had just seen that. He found that Xemnas had a secret hallway that most likely lead to a bedroom. Demyx almost wanted to jump for joy, but he knew it was late and that he still had other things to do. 

He ran back to his room and the first thing he did was write down the keycode he had seen Xemnas put in. He wanted to make sure he didn’t forget that code. He would need it if he ever wanted to finish his prank on the entire Organization. But as soon as that was done he retrieved his bag of hair dye and finally decided who would be the next member to be hair dyed.

The following morning Demyx strolled into the Grey Room as calmly as he could. Not only was he excited about his findings last night, but he also couldn’t wait to see the reactions from everyone. This was another one that he was really giddy about to see how everyone else thought of it. 

Beside Saix and Demyx, the only others in the Grey Room were; Xigbar, Larxene, Lexaeus, and Zexion. Demyx wished that the entire rest of the Organization could be in the Grey Room to see the reaction, but he knew some had early missions… and some still refused to show their faces after their hair was dyed.

Marluxia was one of the few who had not shown his face since his turn. Larxene had joked that he was just being a big baby about it and overreacting, but no one dared to remind her of her initial reaction to her own hair being dyed. Everyone knew that if they ticked off Larxene… they might not make it to the next day. 

As everyone chatted amongst themselves, they all kept a close eye on the entrance into the Grey Room, waiting for that next member. Soon enough footsteps were heard and someone walked through the entrance way. The moment he entered the entire room burst into laughter. 

It was Xaldin and of course his hair was quite absurd. Several of his dreadlocks were dyed a pure white, while the others were red. His head looked like a candy cane! He tried to keep a stern look across his face, but the laughter seems to be breaking that and letting more anger show. 

“Enough with the laughing!” Xaldin groaned with annoyance. “I do not understand anymore how the rest of you can find this funny. Especially since almost all of us now have had their hair dyed.”

“It’s only funny because we aren’t the only ones who have fallen victim to this prank,” Xigbar replied. 

“It is still annoying though that we have been pranked..." Larxene grumbled. “But it brings me satisfaction to see others suffer just the same. And yours is probably one of the best I’ve seen yet.”

“I would beg to differ,” Xaldin said as he crossed his arms, standing tall and keeping his serious gaze. 

“Are you sure about that?” Xigbar laughed as he stood up and walked over to Xaldin. “You sure you don’t want some eggnog to go with your hair?”

Xaldin fixed his glare over to Xigbar. “Take one more step closer and you will regret it… clown.”

“Heh I’m only messing around. No need to take action on that,” Xigbar said as he casually held up his hands up in defence, though his one eye had narrowed as he sent back a menacing glare. 

“I will not tolerate anymore fighting in this room. Do not make it so I will have to step in,” Saix said speaking up. He did for sure not want to have to deal with any of the members fighting, but he also didn’t want the arguments to stop. He had started to find them slightly amusing all this time, aside from the fact that they couldn’t find who was behind it all. 

“You all hated the day that you found your hair was dyed, but then the next day you sit around and wait for the next to come and just to laugh at them. There are only three other members left at this point. Are we just never going to find out who is behind this or if the hair dye can be removed?”

The room suddenly got a lot quieter. Everyone looked at one another, but couldn’t find any words to say. They all secretly still hated that someone had dyed their hair, and they all wanted to find the one responsible. But there was still no hints as to it was. 

“I assure you all that we will find out who did this, and they will be rightfully punished for their prank,” Saix stated.

All the members nodded in agreement, even Demyx as he was trying to still play along. Though now his whole body was tense, but thankfully no one seemed to notice that. 

“But now there are only three members left who haven’t been pranked…” Larxene said. “Isn’t it still possible that it could be one of them?”

“You don’t think the Dusks could be behind it?” Demyx asked. 

“Nope. I think something like this would have to be planned properly. Whomever is doing this really knows what they are doing,” Larxene replied. 

Everyone suddenly turned to look at Zexion, who had been quietly reading his book the entire time. It was almost surprising that everyone had almost forgotten he was even there. 

Zexion peered up from his book and glared at everyone. “What?! You think this meaningless and childish prank is my doing?”

“We can’t rule out anyone for this,” Xaldin said as he crossed his arms.

“Then by that account all of you are still suspects in this,” Zexion sneered. 

“Why are you so uptight about all of this?” Xigbar asked. “You afraid we’ll find you out… or perhaps… you are worried about you being the next victim.”

Zexion scoffed. “What an absurd thing to assume. I am neither worried or concerned about some stupid children’s prank. Though the one behind it and their reason for doing it does peak my interest a little.”

“Well… we may know soon enough. Hopefully before everyone here has had their hair dyed…The superior himself is doing what he can to help figure this out now,” Saix replied. 

Xigbar chuckled. “About time he stepped in to do something. Though wait… what if he was the one actually behind this?”

Demyx quickly bit down on his tongue at that comment. He never thought anyone would think to blame the superior for this. But that would be impossible to put the blame on him. Though to Demyx it was a funny thought. 

“I would highly doubt that…” Saix started. “Though as Zexion has said… we can’t really rule out anyone in this. But that would be quite the turn of events now wouldn’t it?”

Demyx watched the rest of the members chat about the subject a bit more before things finally died down and went back to normal. Things seemed to get more and more tense every time some of the members talked about it. But he only had three more members to go. He could manage to get through all that… right?