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An Abundance of Desires

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This story was in my head for the longest time °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

An Alarm went off, in the Bakugou Household. Signaling a snoring mother that it was time to wake up. She shot up, from her bed and chucked the alarm at the wall. A grumble was heard from her sleeping husband.

"...Please... stop breaking... things so early in the morning hun". He mumbled still half asleep,his eyes closed tight.

"Tch, I didn't break the damn alarm!". Mitsuki snorted poking her sleeping husband with her tail. He just groaned and rolled over to his side.

Mitsuki used all her strength, to remove herself from their very comfortable bed. Watching the sun peeking out over the horizon, her ears twitched, picking up a small cry.

Coming from a room a few doors down, from theirs alerting her a cranky kitten has awoken. She sighed before glancing towards the window once more.

"Another beautiful sunrise".


The smell of coffee in the air, followed by sizzling sausages and eggs on the stove. Masaru was the reading daily news. Taking a few sips of his coffee he busted out laughing.

"K-katsuki HAHAHA!, stop it that tickles. M-mitsuki HAHAHA make him stop". He was a laughing mess, Masaru's fist were slamming the table when he laughed.

Mitsuki turned her the food, on low heat, before handling this situation.

"Ya know Masaru, you should be more strict when he's pulling your tail like that", she huffed. 

One of the things little Katsuki enjoyed was pulling his father's soft tail. He really enjoyed messing with him in the morning.

"Here katsuki,look who I have here~".

Mitsuki held up a fat fluffy, cat plushie that was katsuki favorite toy/punching bag. Katsuki stopped pestering his father. His eyes had stars as he reached out his small arms for the cat.

Mitsuki threw the plushie midair , as katsuki pounces on to the plush. Rolling around the floor in a heated fight. Mitsuki giggled seeing her kitten put up such a fight on a stuffed toy. When he started to nom on the plushie, she flinched thinking it might rip. But sighed in relief noticing it was still intact.

《"HELLOOO AND GOODMORNING~!, It'ssss Me TOGA! Your adorable Madien!. Before we start today's daily fortune. I have here with me the one and only All Might!".》

Mitsuki raised volume on the tv.
It's become a pretty popular trend to hear love fortunes daily.
For some reason the city found it pretty fun. When a Fortune is announced by Toga, it's suppose to help someone get closer to the one they desire. Or if you just want to build a strong bond with someone.

Mitsuki finished setting, the table for breakfast. She picked up her kitten, that was still beating up the poor plushie and put him into a chair.

"The boys 5 years old, but acts like he's 3 all over again", Mitsuki lectured eating her meal. Masaru gave her a warm smile before he began eating.

"Oh honey he'll grow out of it, I think it makes him adorable being so attached to that plushie. Plus he's still pretty small for his age".

《"So All Might when's the new season of "Broken Hearted" Coming out?! I am so excited for it!!. I feel like sympathize so much with Haruhime.
She's your love interest in the show isn't she?!".》

《"AHAHAHAHA!, you know I can't tell you anything about the new season! It's a secret for a reason".》

《"AWWW Darn Nya... was hoping you'd spill!"》

Just then Mitsuki slammed her fist on the table standing up. Her face spelled rage all over it.

"IT BETTER NOT BE HARUHIME! YUKIO IS BEST GIRL!",she yelled chopsticks directed at All Might on the television.

"A-Actually Haruhime is pretty cute, her character is just so delicate"



"Hehehe, Fuck"

A small giggle followed by cuss alerted the parents of their mistake. Masaru dramatically covers both of his eyes.

"It's all over now" he wailed into his hands.

"Don't be such a fucking baby, he's gonna be just fine",Mitsuki snorted.

"Yeah fucking baby!"

"KATSUKI!" Both parents yelled at their kitten grinning evily.

So everyone,be on the lookout on what that lucky green item or place could be! BYE FOR NYA!》

"Green huh?... well that one seems like a waste of time", masuru sighed chugging his coffee and cleaning up his dishes.

Masaru has been trying to get closer to his boss in hope's of getting a raise. He laughed watching his wife and son fight over the last sausage. The atmosphere was so comforting to him.

The sound of a car door closing in the distance, stopped the family and caught their attention.

All eyes looked to the neighbors yard next door, to see a new family moving in. A young women and her husband carrying in a couch together, followed by the movers. But a flash of green caught katsuki 's attention.

"Ah, looks like they have a kid", Masaru questioned.

"A wolf to be exact, a son how interesting", Mitsuki replied.

"The whole family's a wolf.. now that's rare here, usually wolves stay with their own".

Katsuki was watching the wolf pup, munching on chips walking into the house. The boy glanced towards katsuki he gave him a wink, making a blush appear on katsuki's face. Before the boy walked into the house and shutting the door behind him.

"We should go help them!" Mitsuki chimmed.

"Actually I'd rather not, we have to take katsuki to get his... you know what..." masaru whispered.


"Dad..why did that boy wink at me?" Katsuki asked tilting his head innocently to the side.

"AWW YOUR JUST TO CUTE SON!" Mitsuki crushed katsuki in a bear gripping hug.



"Come on you two let's goo"

The two then left the house, walking along the path way to doctor's office. Katsuki peeked over his shoulder, and caught eyes with the green wolf pup again. This time was smirking leaning against a fence. Watching them walk off into the distance.

"IZUKU?..... OH MY GOODNESS WHERE HAVE YOU GONE NOW?!", a worried mother shouted in the distance.

"Tch....I'M COMING MOM!" the boy gave one finally glance before walking back into the house.

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The Bakugou family, were enjoying the scenery while walking to the doctors office.The pathway that lead to their families doctor was always so warm and inviting. Bakugou crouched down to pet the array of flowers decorating the path. He was stroking a beautiful flower with such a pretty hue of green.

"That's a Green Carnation, I've planted a few of them in the garden". A high pitch voice spoke from the doorway.

"Ah!, Hey there Akiko. It's been so long!". Bakugou watched his mom run to the strange blond women with open arms.

"It's good to see you as well Mitsuki!". The women beemed, she glanced towards bakugou who avoided eye contact immediately.

"Who's this little guy?". The women peeked over Mitsuki's shoulders eyeing the small child.

"Haha, I know your just joking Akiko. He's my son!".

Both women shared a few giggle while walking inside. The building was pretty large for a clinic. It was like someone stuffed two small buildings into one large one.
Bakugou eyed the building designs nodding off to the creativity. He felt himself being lifted on to someone's large and board shoulders.

"I'm not a baby dad." He pouted, his tail swaying side to side. Trying to hide how happy he was to be carried. Walking sucked, why walk when you could be carried. The two made their way into the lobby were he saw his mother talking to the cat women.

The Color of her ears were different form the Bakugou family. Her light yellow ears with her light pink Pinna (Inner ear of a cat)and with the bit of fur sticking out went nicely with her complexion. Her hair was also very long stretching all the way to her waist. She kept it braided to the side with a purple hair clip keeping her bangs at bay. Her long tail was dancing as she continued talking with his mother.

After giving the women a full inspection, his attention was completely was redirected elsewhere seeing a large tube of legos. He also saw different action fingers standing on a small table, there where coloring pages also. A tv show was playing starring Toshinori aka All Might. He was rescuing one of the love interests he has in the show. Bakugou dashed towards the legos and went to work on building a robot.

On the other side of the tube someone else was building something. It looked like a wall with an opening. Bakugou snorted thinking that idea was lame. He made out another pair of small cat ears. Behind the wall of legos. The boy had bright blond hair with a black lightning strike on the side. He looked the same age as bakugou, but he wonderd if that was mistake seeing how the boy shoved legos in his mouth.

"Denki no!, spit that out right now!". Akiko demanded fast walking towards her son in the corner. She held out her hand in front of Denki's mouth as he spat the legos out. That made bakugou's stomach turn, he continued on building his Lego robot until a smell hit his nose.

"Here. Take these snacks if your hungry".

Denki quickly chowed down on the mini cookies his mom gave him. Denki saw bakugou eyeing his snacks before looking away. Denki tilted his head, confused on why the boy looked away.

".. Do you want some?". He spoke shyly. Holding out the bag of cookies.

Bakugou just lightly nodded and scooted a bit closer to Denki as the two shared the snack.

"...I'm Denki what's your name?".

"B-...Katsuki.. Katsuki Bakugo".

"Ah! Nice too meet you Kat-Kacchan!"

"Kat-su-ki. Not Kacchan!". He argued.

"But it's a cuter". Denki pouted, his ears dropped down slightly. The gilt hit Bakugou harder then a slap.

"Fine.. I geuss Kacchan isn't bad". He breathes

Denki's eyes lit up like stars, he scooted closer to Bakugou. Their tails curled around each other as they finished eating their snacks. Both in their own little world. Bakugou eyed the newspaper his father was reading suspiciously, the article spoke about people finding their lucky items and also selfies with those items. Their was a smaller section about their lucky items actually granting people with a type of luck.

"I hope I can find my lucky item... Honey!. When we get home we have to start searching!." His father shouted his fist balled at his sides looking determined.

"Uh... okay. Katsuki!.C'mere it's time for your check up."

The smaller boy groaned from his spot next to the boy he just met. He didn't move for a few minutes before he hoisted himself off the carpet.


In the Doctors office, Bakugou sat on the examination bed. Kicking his feet out from the boredom he felt. Needing something to do waiting for the doctor to come back. His parents also were getting a bit anxious. It never usually took this long for blood test results.

He had to sit through an annoying 5 minutes getting pricked and poked by various tools. Getting a pulse of his heartbeat and blood pressure, almost made Bakugou cry. He felt like the Doctor was trying to squeeze his arm off.

After 5 more minutes Dr, Akiko came back into the room. Her brows were furrowed as she stared at her clip board while taking a seat on her stool. She gave Bakugou a warm smile, making the smaller boy blush. Before she went back to her notes on her clip board.

"Well?. What's the hold up Akiko?". Mitsuki voiced cutting through the silence in the room.

"Say..Mitsuki were you aware of your son's secondary gender?".

"Wha?. What do you mean. He's a Beta". She said tilting her head to the side.

" Well no. An Omegan chromosome was found. In which cases. Well, according to these charts, your sons very heathly but he's an Omega. But.. it's strange because both you and your husbands are Beta's. It's rare for two Beta's to even conceive an Omega child.

"Ah!, that does explain a few things actually. Ya'kno my brother Honey?. Well his son was an omega and he just gave birth, last week I think. So I believe the gene's can be passed
on through generation". Masaru revealed.

"HAH?!". Mitsuki shrieked from her seat both hands on her head, grabbing her hair.

"So he must have gotten those genes from your side?".

"Possibly". Masuru said shrugging his shoulders.

"But don't worry you too!. Your son is only fertile during his heats."

"I...I see.. Thank you Akiko".


The Bakugou family made a rest spot at a park. The two parents sat on a bench watching their son run to the slides. Masuru left to go get them some drinks. Mitsuki pulled out her phone scrolling through feeds on how to raise a child that's an Omega.

She was only met with alot of negative feed back. Over parents venting about how much stress it can cause. How handling heats were a bother. How their always targeted, kidnapping and sold on the black-. Mitsuki turned off her phone heaving a large sigh.

At the playground, Bakugou was a bit bumed he didn't get to say goodbye to Denki. He wanted to atleast know were he lived so the two could play 'heros' in the park.

He climbed up the railing to the slide. Blood pumping through his veins of excitement. He's always loved the large Elephant slide. The Akagi playground was the only playground with such a long slide.

"WOOOSHH. MAMA!. MAMA!.LOOK!". Bakugou yelled, Ecstatically racing down the slide at full speed. He looked towards the sky as he went down.

Once he reached the bottom. He looked in the direction he saw his mother in. His Mother had a large smile on her face. Smiling warmly at her son.

"YOU WENT SOOO FAST SWEETIE. YOU WERE FLYING!". She bellowed, twice as loud hands at the side of her making sure her voice echoed.

Bakugou nodded his head with feeling enthusiastic. Agreeing with his mother on how it really felt like he was flying. He felt giddiness in his stomach, his blood still pumping.

As he walked towards the rails, to go another round. He noticed a green mess of hair sticking out, in the space from underneath the Elephants trunk. Bakugou got on to his hands his knees to Investigate.

The closer his approached, the more weirder the green mess of hair looked. It was like a bush, like the kind in the back of his father's garden. Something about that green haired tugged at his brain. It was very familiar too the blond boy. He noticed ears at the top of boys head, ears different from his own.


Soft ears

Hearing footsteps approaching the green bushed boy flinched. He was extremely upset at being found. After only been hiden for a few minutes. He glared at person who dared to disturb him. Only to be caught off guard by such a cute kitten. Beautiful ash brown hair, and eyes as red as rubies. Lips as pink as candy. Eyelashes so long and pretty. This boy looked adorable.

Izuku was definitely shocked, recognizing the boy from next door. He saw the blond boy flinching after being greeted with such a cold stare. Izuku sighed, he didn't want to scare the poor kitten. He was just pissed someone disturbed him.

Izuku was going to open his mouth to apologize only to have his ears being tugged on. He saw the blond pulling at his ears with a werid expression on his face.

"Quit it!". He yelled harshly smacking the blonds hand away. Emerald eyes glared fiercely at the ruby eyes boy.

Holding up his hurt hand, Bakugou wore a shocked expression. He wasn't even aware that he started pulling on the wolf boys ears. He just thought they looked very soft.

"I-I-". Bakugou uttered, trying to express how sorry he was for hurting the boy.

"Forget it!. I don't wanna hear it!".The wolf boy shouted while running off.


Bakugou watched the boy run off. He stomach felt like it was turning seeing his the wolf's back disappearing.

He just blew it at making another friend. Why was this so difficult.

"Katsuki let's go home". Mitsuki cooed, scooping up bakugou in her arms. She kissed her little kitten on the top of his head. They left in the opposite direction, they were heading to the store to pick up dinner.

"Honey, wait for me!"

As the family left the Roppongi park, and made their way to the nearest store. Bakugou kept his eyes in the direction the wolf boy disappeared towards.

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The fan blowing in the distance, sending it's cool air throughout the Bakugo household. Paper started to scatter all over the floor making a mess. A young Kitten was in the middle of that mess coloring away with various crayons of different colors. Creating rainbows, robots and of course superheroes. His favorite TV show, was actually playing on the flat screen in front of him his favorite theme song began the play.






Stoping in mid chorus, Bakugou's ears twitched at the incoming noise, from upstairs. The stomping of feet against the wood flooring coming closer. He knew who it was and that he needed to flee. But it was too late, he barely took a few steps before getting caught.

Mitsuki screamed, squeezing him in bone crushing hug. He knew she was fast but this was ridiculous.


"GAH!. M-MAMA, LET ME GO RIGHT NOW!". he whined in his mothers arms. Bakugou started wiggling and squirming in his mother's hold. His small frame was trying his hardest, to pray his mother's arms off.

Finally breaking free, he ran and hid behind the couch. Peaking slightly over the couch, his spikey blond hair was a tangled mess. He glared at his Mother. Who had her hands at her hips with a prize winning grin on her face.


"Geuss what Katsuki!. Were going over to the Midoriya's for Dinner tonight".

Something about what his mother just announced, didn't sit well with this young kitten. She wasn't talking about THAT wolf kid right?.

The very same kid, that was so mean to him. He remembed his encounter with the green wolf, just thinking about that jerk made the kitten scowl.

"W..why's that?". His voice was shaking slightly, He wasn't expecting his voice to come out so strained. Was he nervous or scared he didn't know.

Seeing his mother looking so happy made Bakugou even more upset. Couldn't she see that he wasn't okay with this idea.

"Hm?, what's wrong?".

"Why!. I don't want to see that wolf kid!". He screamed, balling his fist tight, while he started to sniffle. This was staring to become a bit too much for Katsuki to grasp.

"..Whoa there. Hey..Katsuki?. What's the matter?". Mitsuki soothingly spoke, scooping up her kitten in her arms. Hugging him closely to her chest.

Mitsuki caught the scent of distress around her kitten. What caught her off guard was the smell. It was a horrible smell. Remembering what those discussion forums, said about scenting and that distress from Omegas, caused various of foul odors. The older women rubbed her sons wrist. Scenting a child daily is what was recommended. It helps the child feel secure and safe.


Hearing her sons whimpers growing louder, she walked to the couch with him still in her arms. Mitsuki felt her shirt beginning to dampen from her son's tears. The scents of distress slowly changing to a more pleasant smell.

"Katsuki, can you tell me why you're cryin?".


Bakugou removed his face, from his mothers chest. Shifting his position in her arms he casted his eyes towards the tv. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes were droopy. Mitsuki stopped rubbing her sons wrist seeing him look calmer.

"He's..kinda.. scary",He huffed.

Wait what?.

The Ashy blond woman couldn't believe her ears. Could her son, really be talking about the sweet wolf boy from next door?. The same wolf boy, who was smiling so brightly helping his mom fixing a flower bed.

The kid just looked so adorable, it made Mitsuki crack a smile, of her own. That scene, made her stress feel like it was melting away. She slightly prayed that, the scene she saw was real and she wasn't suffering from menopause just yet.


"Well, maybe you two just need time to get to know each better?".


Scoffing in his mother's arms the small boy jumped down, from the couch to sit on the floor. He turned the volume up on the TV. Already feeling done continuing this conversation that wasn't going anywhere.


He heard his mother suck her teeth, behind him but he paid it no mind. Right now he's more interested in his favorite superhero beating the crap outta villains left and right. The older blond women, adjusted her seating arrangement so that her son was sitting in the space between her legs. Running her hands through his soft blond spikes. Both blondes were engrossed with the fighting scenes.

They stayed in that position for almost an hour, enjoying the presence of each other. The only sounds coming from the living room, was the cries of the villains getting pummeled to the ground, and soft purrs leaving the small blonds throat. Bakugou loved the attention his mother was providing for him. He subconsciously rubbed his head into her knees, making the older women giggle.

It was rare for Bakugou to be so cuddly, it mostly happened when he'd broken something and just didn't want to get in trouble. But she didn't mind giving her son all the attention in the world.


Their peaceful and comforting moment, was cut short when the family's house phone rang. It ranged so suddenly it surprised both mother and son. Bakugou sprang from his seat, his nails extracted digging into the freshly polished wood flooring. His back was arched garling at the phone. He hissed, angry at whoever's calling and upset that his Mother had to stop petting him.

Mitsuki had her hand over her heart, the sudden ringing surprised her tremendously. Her heart beat would not quiet down. It was rapidly thumbing loud and strong.

"I'll get it!. Don't worry you two~". His father's voice rang in the hallway. Masuru cheerfully, made his way towards the phone. Conversating with the person on the other line, his father's voice spoke quietly and soft.

The blond boy retracted his nails and stood up, still staring suspiciously at the phone. Studying it's features, on guard for any strange movements. Just who was his father talking too?. That red phone always looked freaking evil to the boy.

Every other night, when the blond would leave his room to get a cup of milk from the kitchen. It always felt as if that phone was watching him. Like a small red monster, just sitting on the dresser ready to pounce him. He now brings a small flash light with him, when he wants a cup of milk.

Mitsuki's large sigh, had the boy shifting his focus away from the monster, and to his mom. Seeing her with a hand over her chest had him worried. He jumped, onto the couch and sat next to his mom. Scooting closer to her,seeing her looking so paniced made him want to help. Crawling into her lap,he purred against her chest. Hoping he could comfort her this way.

"I'm fine Katsuki, don't worry I was just startled is'all", She explained. Wrapping her slender arms around his small body.

"Aww you two are just adorable sometimes", Masuru warmly spoke. Walking over to his family sitting in the open seat next to his wife, kissing the top of her forehead. She snuggled into his chest, while he played with her ears.

"Was that the Midoriya's?". Mitsuki asked, curious if it really was the wolf pack. They still had a few hours to get ready before they'd walked over.

"I don't wanna see that fuckwad!"

"Katsuki?!. Just were did you hear that word you-!"

Mitsuki demanded, an answer as she pulled onto her son's pudgy cheeks.

"Gaw-M-Ma!",He cryed. While his mother kept speareding them further and further apart. When she finally let go he rubbed his swollen red cheeks.



Masuru was stunned, had they both been that careless around their son?. Were they really going to have to watch every word they spoke around their child.


"No!. I'm not going".

"Okay that's fine. I heard that Inko Midoriya had a scrumptious spicy Mapo Tofu. They planned to make that for dinner tonight. Geuss I'll tell them n-".

"W-Wait, I'll..I'LL GO OKAY!". Bakugou screamed, falling for his mother's reverse psychology. She really didn't want to cancel cause their son was being difficult.

"Honey.. we should'da told then to tone down the spice yeah?".

"Oh hush!, he's a strong boy". The Ash blond women snorted, walking to the phone. Her husband still looked very worried, but then again he's always concerned about something.

He wonderd if his son, put two and two together yet, and realized his mother tricked him.

That was a definite no

Seeing Bakugou salivating,all over his large cat plushie,chewing it's ears said otherwise. He was hungry, the last thing Masuru wanted to do was get between him and food.

"Okay it done!. Now let's go get ready Katsuki~" Mitsuki sang, racing up the stairs holding her sons hands.

Snice their steps were a bit wide, she had to guide Bakugou up each step. Seeing him struggle a few times
Made her heart squeeze. Masuru took Bakugou's other hand to assist his wife.

"You did it Katsuki!".

They both cheered, tossing Katsuki in the air. He tried to hide his smile in his hands, but they could tell the boy loved being praised.

They all hoped to have a peaceful, Dinner with their new neighbors. They knew some Wolf packs were very territorial, know for being very aggressive and violent. Masuru prayed, before his wife tugged into their room to get dressed for Dinner.

Chapter Text

It was later that evening when the Bakugo's left for the Midoriya's household. The sky was darkened by the sunset, allowing the moon to take over for it. The moons' lights shined above the clouds. The scenery above looked plain creepy, just why did the sky look as if something bad was going to happen. They knocked on the door, waiting for the family to open up. A mother with a warm smile greeted them, her green hair tied into a messy bun. She wore a yellow apron, she gestured the feline family inside the home. Bakugo was a bit shy following beside his mother. He did not let go of her hand, not for a second. Mitsuki rubbed soothing circles on his wrists to calm down his stress. The smaller kitten hummed in delight, feeling his worries leaving him. 

"I'm so glad you invited us over". The ash-blond women said while taking in the décor. The home carried a sense of nature, inside the home. Or the family gave off the we-are-obsessed-with-the-outdoors vibe.

There were numerous types of species of plants, followed by paintings of forest's. Wide tall mountain's surrounded by pine trees, in the very front of those trees was a lake. The scenery was so realistic one could have jumped right in. All the walls had a painting of sorts decorating it, each painting different from the last. Her husband was captivated with  one painting in particular that had wolves' howling. Howling towards the sky, another painting had wolves running in a pack formation in the very front was an enormous white wolf. each painting inside the living room a few in the kitchen all displayed the wolves as strong and powerful beings. Mitsuki continued watching her husband, it gave her something to do as they waited for dinner to be finished. 

"That must be the Alpha Wolf". Mitsuki went to her husbands side with her arms crossed over her chest. 

"Hm". Masaru responded.

Mitsuki left her husband and went to the kitchen, her nose picked up the wonderful spices filling the air. She stood at the doorway watching Mrs, Midoriya cooking away, the women had a bright smile on her face as she cooked. A single ear piece was in her ear, that made Mitsuki smile seeing how she also like to listen music while she cooked at home. She tapped the women gently on her shoulder approaching her on right side, Inko smiled seeing the blond women starting to wash her hands and began chopping away on some vegetable's. The two women worked perfectly together, they were in sync and not getting in each others way and offering help when the other needed. 




The young kitten was investing the house before dinner started, this was his only chance to find out more information on the 'Fuckwade'. His apple red eyes traced the outlines of a few Bonsai trees, they were formed in a line on dressers and tables. He watched them all surprised someone had the free time to shape each broccoli like trees, walking down a hallway. The hallway lead to bedroom, the door to the room was closed but there was a light coming from underneath the door. His ears twitched picking up sounds on the other side, he heard low muffled growls and a small howl. The kitten was to curious for his own good, so he leaned on the door to listen. 

"I-I can't do this dad! It hurts!". A child's voice was heard on the other side. 

"I know. I know Izuku. But you have to try". The voice of an older man, his voice was gentle like he was almost afraid to raise his voice. Which was very much true the older man was furious he couldn't help their only pup with his teething.

"Why, Huh? Why does it have to hurt so much!". 

"Son. That's what happens to 'All' pubs who reach a certain age. Your fangs are growing, so it's like your teething all over again, but this time your gums are stretching's to make room for your fangs to fit, their pushing through the top and bottom gums in your mouth".

"I'm not a baby!".

The man just smiled down at his wolf pup, who was tossing and turning in his lap, cupping his now swollen cheeks whining softly. it was rare no his son to be so clingy and needy usually he would distance himself, but then again he's at the age were his emotions are still developing. His alpha genes were going to start showing making him much more of a handful. He grabbed and ice pop from the dresser and gave it to his pup, tucking him into bed. He ruffled his green mop of hair, while his small eyes became droopy, Hisashi's ears twitched picked up the sounds of foot shuffling on the other side if the door, his cool blue eye stared at the door for a few minute's before he rose from the bed. He slowly approached the door after opening it slowly he noticed a small form trying to run away, before the form got further away he grabbed it by the collar. Walking back into his sons room, Izuku was awake sitting up on his bed enjoying his ice pop. 

"Katsuki was it?. Why were you outside the door you could have came inside". He spoke softly placing the child next to his son, the wolf boy scooted away from the blond boy. 

"Well I'm going to help your mother prepare dinner!". Hisashi announced before leaving the room.


Neither of the boys knew what to say to the other the only sounds in the room was the wolf boy's constant slurping on his popsicle, the sound got louder and louder like the boy was doing it on purpose. But when the kitten was getting ready to argue he saw the boy really was in pain, he was crying while desperately trying to cool his aching gums. He wouldn't admit it but Bakugo felt sorry for the wolf boy, he scooted a bit closer to him. He reached out his hand to ruffle the boys fluffy hair. The wolf boys cries stopped, but the silence between them just grew and grew. Bakugo didn't stop playing with the wolf boys hair, the situation he found himself in seemed oddly familiar. He remembered how his insensitivity towards other sometimes. Caused him a harsh slap to the hand, he remembered how angry the boy looked at him from pulling at his ears, and now here he was doing the same thing all over again. But he wasn't pushed away this time, there was just nothing. Not a sound was coming from the wolf boy, the silence in the room was starting to feel kind've creepy. 

'Should I move my hand away?'

He slowly moved his hand away from the fluffiness that was Izuku's hair, but he wasn't fast enough for his wrist was forcefully grabbed. The kitten was shocked at the strength this small boy possessed. He glared towards the wolf, upset that the boy had the nerve to be so rough with him. His glare had no affect on the boy, Bakugo saw the darkening of those green eyes becoming almost black. In those eyes was no sign of life they looked dull, as if the person on the other side of them were gone. Izuku tightened his hold on the blond boy's wrist, till it was nearly red. Bakugo bit his bottom lip not to scream from the pain, he wasn't going to sound weak!. But the longer he stared into those dull green eyes he felt.

'Scared.. I'm scared!.. He's being scary'

He mustered all his strength into his legs to kick the Wolf boy away from him. The boy feel to ground with a loud thud. Hopefully the sound would alert his parents that something was wrong. Whimpering slightly he rubbed his red wrist while walking to the door, he wipe the tears that threated to fall down his supple cheeks. He's mad, angry that he allowed that to even happen! How could he left that 'Fuckwade' over power him like that. It wasn't going to happen again. Never again. He reached for the handle, turning the knob he felt a force pushing him onto the floor. He face hit the ground painfully, he tried to move but there was something on his back, pressing his body into the wood floors. Bakugo felt like he was sinking into the floor boards, he felt dizzy. Just how hard did his head hit the ground anyway, before he could gain his bearings, sharp and powerful teeth pirced through his flesh. Time had stopped for the two boys in that moment, neither of them could stop what happens next. 

He screamed, he screamed from the pain it was too much, he felt as if his neck was being ripped in two and it hurt so much. With the pressure still on his back he reached for his neck, praying that it was still attached and not ripped apart. Like those victims in those werewolf movies Bakugo watches when his parents are asleep. He knew he must have been bleeding but seeing it close up made him nearly throw up. Dripping down from his hands and onto the floor staining it with red splats, there the red matching so well with his eyes.