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IT - Or, How The Losers Club Became Even More Traumatized

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[Open on black; heavy, muffled breathing is the only sound to hear. Slowly, the black transforms into a darkened hallway of a modern-style house, and the breathing gets louder, less muffled, as though it were right next to the camera. Suddenly, a GIRL stumbles into frame, tripping over a table leg. She is around 14, and looks terrified in a way that resembles a deer in headlights. She falls, before scooting up against a wall, taking out her phone. She is mumbling to herself.]
GIRL: Come on, come on, come on…
[The breathing continues; it is not coming from the GIRL. The shot switches to an angle from down the hall, seeing the GIRL struggle to type something in the phone.]
IT: Bella…
[The voice is teasing and lilting, calling the girl, now named BELLA, in an almost playful manner. IT’s voice is layered, seeming like multiple human voices with an underlay of an animalistic growl. BELLA jumps, dropping the phone and facing IT, which the viewer cannot see. She holds her hands out in front of her.]
BELLA: Get away from me! Don’t you touch me! I’ve called the police, and they’re going to be here soon. You can’t touch me!
[Chuckling, before the camera jerks away, now facing the walls. Credits play as different pictures of BELLA and her family members are covered in blood, before it turns to face out the window, where you can see the welcoming sign of Derry.]

[After the opening, we enter into BILL’s room. BILL is a boy of twelve, laying in his bed with his covers up to his waist. He seems a nervous boy already, with a small frown almost permanently etched onto his face. He is looking at his phone, with small beeps indicating new texts. As he reads them, he occasionally sniffles, rubbing at his nose and turning to his side to cough. The camera moves, looking at the scene from the inside of the closet. There is a sound of light breathing from inside, and an arm reaches for the handle. The viewer cannot see who it is. Suddenly, the door jolts open and the camera switches, showing it was GEORGIE all along.]
GEORGIE: Boo! Ahh, I got you, didn’t I? (Laughing)
[GEORGIE is a boy of age six, smiling, round cheeks displaying a sense of wonder, wide eyes taking in everything. He seems proud of having scared his brother. BILL has jumped, but is now smiling, rolling his eyes.]
BILL: N-nice one, Georgie. How’d you e-even get in there, any-anyways? I’ve been h-here all day.
GEORGIE: I waited until you got up to go to the bathroom. Was I scary? Did I scare you? I bet I did!
[GEORGIE sits down on his brother’s bed, bouncing up and down in excitement. It is clear that he wants BILL’s approval. BILL chuckles, shaking his head.]
BILL: I g-guess you did. But th-that’s not that hard, anyways. Why a-are you up here? D-do you want to get sick like m-me?
GEORGIE: It’s the perfect time to get sick! It’s summer, and it’s rainy, too! And I just wanted to see my brother. Make sure you haven’t drowned in your own snot. You’re not allowed to do that!
BILL: A-actually, summer’s a pr-pretty miserable time to get sick, George.
[BILL’s phone dings again. GEORGIE notices it, and his eyes light up.]
GEORGIE: Ooh, could I play a game on your phone?
BILL: N-no!
GEORGIE: (Pouting) Come on, Billy! I’m bored, I wanna play!
BILL: Well, you ca-can’t. At least, n-not on my phone. I’m talking to my f-friends about big kid stuff, a-and babies can’t look at big kid stuff!
GEORGIE: I’m not a baby! I’m three months away from being seven, and that’s almost double digits!
[As GEORGIE continues to whine, BILL looks around, spotting some spare paper. He seems like he has an idea.]
BILL: Hey, Ge-Georgie. Ever m-made a paper boat?
[GEORGIE grins, clapping his hands together. A montage of the brothers working on the boat; folding it, looking up how to make it, waterproofing the sides. BILL carefully writes “S.S GEORGIE” on it, before holding it out to his brother.]
BILL: Th-there you go, George. One boat, specially made just for you.
GEORGIE: Do you think it’ll float?
BILL: Boats are girls. And she-she’ll float. Make s-sure you put on your coat and your boots, a-and don’t stay out too long. Mom will k-kill me if you get sick too. And try n-not to lose it.
GEORGIE: I won’t!
[He hugs BILL, who smiles and hugs back.]

[A cut, and GEORGIE is outside in the yard, in a yellow raincoat and red boots. He is holding the boat close to his chest. He looks around, before seeing a small current in the gutters. He walks out to the current, settling down the boat and smiling when it starts to move. He follows it, beginning to jog when it speeds up. The shot moves up, showing that GEORGIE is the only one outside in the rain. He turns a corner, and the boat dips and sways, before falling in a sewer entrance.]
GEORGIE: Aw man…
[He kneels down, closing one eye as he tries to peer inside. The boat is out of sight. GEORGIE begins to stand up, when the boat bobs up as if floating. He kneels again, grabbing for it, before yellow eyes appear. GEORGIE yelps, falling back.]
IT: Sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you!
[Unlike with BELLA, this time IT’s voice sounds like a normal man. The voice is softly masculine, sweet and trustworthy. GEORGIE seems confused, but leans forwards anyways.]
GEORGIE: Um… why are you in the sewer? I’ve never seen any person in the sewer before. Isn’t it all dirty and smelly down there?
IT: Well, I didn’t want to be in the sewer.
[IT appears, disguised as PENNYWISE. The makeup is smudged, looking as if an amateur applied it.]
GEORGIE: A clown! Where’s the rest of the circus?
IT: I don’t know. I woke up one day, and then I was in the sewers! It’s crazy. I’m so happy I found you! I’ve been very lonely in here. I can’t even wipe off my makeup!
GEORGIE: That’s too bad. Do you have anything else in there with you?
IT: I have some balloons, and some popcorn, though that’s all soggy.
GEORGIE: I like popcorn, but I don’t think I could eat it soggy… do you want me to tell someone you’re in there?
IT: (Grinning) Oh, yes, please! But first, why don’t you take your pretty little boat, hm?
[GEORGIE reaches forwards; the camera focuses on his arm and the boat in IT’s hand. As soon as GEORGIE touches the boat, IT quickly snaps back and strikes like a serpent, teeth digging into GEORGIE’s arm as the boy screams.]
GEORGIE: (Shouting) What are you doing?!? Help! Help!
[The boy jerks back with all of his strength, with IT seeming to give in. GEORGIE’s arm is torn, causing the boy to scream even louder. He tries to crawl away, but the camera fades to black.]
GEORGIE: (V.O, screaming) Billy!

[A title card pops up; 10 months later. BILL is in a classroom, students chatting around him. BILL has bags under his eyes, resting his head on his desk. The students around him are all blurry, with the talking muffled. The exception to this is STAN, sitting beside him and looking concerned. He is a skinny boy, with a sharp face and intelligent eyes. STAN opens his mouth, but the bell rings before he can say anything. BILL gets up and leaves quickly, leaving STAN to scramble behind him. They meet up with two other boys; RICHIE, with awkward teeth and big glasses, and EDDIE, small for his age and too-serious eyes.]
RICHIE: Finally! I’ve been waiting for summer since last summer. Three months of sleeping late and staying up even later!
EDDIE: You shouldn’t stay up so late; kids need more sleep than adults, anyways, and sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of major health problems later in life.
STAN: I think he has worse things to worry about than sleep deprivation.
RICHIE: You wound me, you know. You really do.
[The boys’ chatter fades into the background as BILL remains silent. They pause, seeing a girl pin up a missing persons poster before wiping tears from her eyes. A shot of the bulletin board; it is covered in missing persons posters. They’re all under eighteen, but the majority of them are between four and fifteen. A zoom in on BELLA’s and GEORGIE’s.]
BILL: Do-do you th-think they’re going to find them?
EDDIE: All of them?
STAN: I mean, they’re out looking everyday. They’re bound to find something, at this rate.
RICHIE: My dad says there’s something fishy about this. He thinks it’s all the same person doing this. Like, some kind of pedophile, or something.
[BILL’s face screws up, and his eyes begin to fill with tears. EDDIE, in the background, swats RICHIE with the back of his hand.]
BILL: Who wa-was the latest t-to go missing, again?
STAN: I think that was Betty Ripsom. That was what… two weeks ago? Remember, her mom’s the head secretary. She tried to get us to have an assembly about it.
[They get to the exit door, and push it open, heading outside. As they walk, HENRY BOWERS and his gang leer at them.]
BOWERS: You know, sometimes at night, I hope and I pray that you assholes will be missing by morning.
PATRICK HOCKSETTER: Y’know, maybe we can sacrifice them. As, like, offerings. Maybe then it’ll stop.
EDDIE: Leave us alone…
BELCH: Aw, but you’re so fun to mess with!
RICHIE: More fun than your dicks?
[The gang pays this no attention, laughing to themselves. As they pass, the LOSERS relax a bit more.]
STAN: Those guys are ridiculous. They just want to get a rise out of us.
EDDIE: It’s fucking annoying, that’s what it is. I just don’t understand how acting like dickwads is so amusing to them.
BILL: It-it’s good that you don’t understand. T-that’ll means you’re a normal person.
RICHIE: (Pointing) Fuck, it’s the cops.
[The camera and the LOSERS both follow the direction where he’s pointing. He’s right; there’s a group of three police cars in the parking lot, talking to a distressed woman.]
BILL: (V.O) That’s Mrs. C-Carter. Doesn’t sh-she have a kid?
[The camera turns back to the LOSERS.]
STAN: Yeah, she has a five year old. They live next to the synagogue; I see her playing all the time. Do you think she’s missing now?
EDDIE: (Strained) Shit, every kid in the town’s going missing. Or, at least it feels like it.
RICHIE: Well, we can’t stand around here gawking at them. Come on, chaps, let’s get a move on. Remember, Eds, you’re coming over to my house for Mario Kart and Chill.
EDDIE: (Laughing) Rich, what the fuck?
[RICHIE and EDDIE walk off in the same direction, talking to each other rapidly. Both are smiling, though EDDIE also rolls his eyes quite a bit. Back to BILL and STAN, still looking at his friend with concern.]
STAN: You know, if you want, you can come over any time. Don’t feel like you’ll be intruding.
BILL: I-I know.
STAN: I’ve got to go, but be sure to text us, okay?
[BILL nods, though it’s distracted. STAN frowns, but walks away anyways, over to where a bus is parked.]

[BILL is walking home now, along a sidewalk bordered by the road and a wooded area. He is looking at the ground, his head down and hands clutching the straps of his backpack. As he enters a more secluded area, faint crying becomes apparent. BILL’s head shoots up, and he looks around.]
BILL: H-hello? Is th-there someone there?
[No response; the crying continues. BILL steps into the wooded area, looking around, squinting.]
BILL: Hello…?
[He comes across a puddle, dark and gloomy. However, no one is there; the crying seems to come from all around at this point.]
IT: (As Georgie) Bill…? Bill, I’m scared.
BILL: G-Georgie?
[BILL looks around more frantically, face pale.]
BILL: Georgie, wh-where are you? Come on- G-Georgie?!?
IT: (Still as Georgie) It’s your fault, you know. All your fault.
BILL: Wh-what are you talking about?!? Come out, n-now! Everyone’s b-been looking for you- we’re a-all worried!
IT: (Georgie) You shouldn’t have let me out on my own, Billy. Now it’s all your fault. You know it, too- don’t you? You know it deep down inside, but you just keep pushing it away. But it’s true.
[As BILL’s eyes widen, the sound of a car horn from the street comes through, stopping the crying. BILL swallows, before exiting the wooded area, glancing behind him, then shaking his head. He takes a steadying breath.]

[It is now night; BILL is in his room, in pajamas. He is at his desk, a scrapbook in front of him. It is of him and GEORGIE. A closeup of the pictures; BILL holding his brother as a baby, them sledding together, a picture of one of BILL’s birthday parties. BILL traces the photos with his finger.]
BILL: (Muttered) Why di-did you have to leave? It’s not f-fair. I’m the older b-brother, I’m supposed to protect you. I’m the l-loser, not you. It sh-should’ve been me instead. C-come back, please…
[He is close to tears; a closeup of one of his teardrops falling on a school picture of GEORGIE, which winks. BILL notices this, dropping the scrapbook to the desk. A knock comes at the door, which opens, revealing BILL’S MOM, a tired looking woman.]
MOM: You should be in bed, young man.
BILL: I-I was just about t-to-
MOM: I know the excuses, Bill.
[She stops, noticing the scrapbook.]
MOM: (Quietly) William, where did you get this?
BILL: I-it’s just-
MOM: This belongs in the family room. Not here. Not here. We have to pack all of this stuff away; you can’t keep getting miserable over it. It’s almost a year now, Bill, he’s not coming back.
BILL: (With a broken voice) You d-don’t know that.
MOM: (After a moment of silence) Yes. I do. When I was a little girl, kids started disappearing. Some of my friends, too. I was devastated, of course. But you know what? Eventually, they stopped. And no one came back. He’s not going to come back, and I’d like you to stop obsessing over it. Just be thankful that you weren’t taken.
[Silence. BILL clenches his fists, crying more. He seems to struggle; should he protest? Or go the easy route, and agree with his mother?]
BILL: (Defeated) Al-alright, Mom.
[At his admission, MOM smiles, hugging him to her.]
MOM: Now get to bed, and focus on worrying on what matters.
[She leaves the room, and BILL stares after her, confused. He purses his lips, but goes over to his bed, getting under the covers and closing his eyes. The camera drifts away from him and over to the scrapbook. It looks at it straight on from above, and begins to slowly zoom out as blood begins leaking from the pages.]

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[Opens on a cozy household. The camera seems to go in through the window, showing the house of the KASPBRAKS. SONIA, EDDIE’s mother, is a larger woman with beady eyes and thin lips. She is sitting in a chair, watching old reruns of soap operas. EDDIE walks in, looking nervous.]
EDDIE: Mommy?
[SONIA looks over to her son, a calculating look on her face.]
SONIA: (Sickeningly sweet) Yes, my lovey boy?
EDDIE: Um, could I start heading over to Bill’s now? You said I could yesterday, and I have all of my pills with me. Oh, and my alarms are all set. I made sure to double check them, just like you said to.
SONIA: Do you have your inhaler with you, Eddiebear?
EDDIE: Yes, I do.
SONIA: And you’ve made sure that Mrs. Denbrough remembers all of your food allergies? And your meal schedule?
EDDIE: Yes, Mommy.
[SONIA seems to think for a while. EDDIE gets more and more nervous, bouncing on the heels of his feet. His hand keeps going to the phone in his pocket.]
SONIA: I suppose, so long as you don’t go go outside any more than you have to, and you call me before you go to bed. And make sure to remind them that you need to be in bed before nine thirty.
EDDIE: Thank you so much, Mommy!
[He begins to walk away, but SONIA clears her throat. EDDIE freezes, before turning around, looking guilty.]
SONIA: Aren’t you forgetting something, baby?
[EDDIE seems reluctant, but quickly heads over to hug her before leaving as quick as he could.]

[EDDIE, BILL, STAN, and RICHIE are all at the Quarry, with their bikes parked beside them. BILL is looking around, as if trying to figure something out in his head. The others look confused.]
EDDIE: Why are we here, again?
RICHIE: To commit crimes, probably. I mean, what else would a group of twelve year old boys be planning to do?
BILL: (Under his breath) Maybe we can…
STAN: We can what?
BILL: I-I was thinking we could try and ma-maybe build a dam or something. You know, like we did when w-we were kids. Just… hang out and build a d-dam.
[While RICHIE and STAN seem to accept this, EDDIE still looks confused.]
EDDIE: I guess. But I’m warning you, if I get hurt, my mom will literally kill all of you. Especially if I get a splinter; she’s read me so many articles about splinter infections, I’m pretty sure that I could recite them in my sleep.
RICHIE: Sounds like she’s got a splinter where the sun doesn’t shine.
[As the two boys start laughing, with EDDIE saying repeatedly ‘that’s not funny!’, BILL keeps looking around, spotting an entrance to the sewer. He notices STAN looking at him strangely, and coughs.]
BILL: Th-this looks like a good place to s-start.
STAN: If you say so.
[The boys head over, beginning to gather rocks and sticks as they chatter non distinctly. A cut to the sewer entrance, POV of someone watching them, and just as sudden, a cut to the woods, with an overlay of heavy breathing. It is revealed to be BEN, bursting out into the quarry, the other boys staring. BEN is a heavyset boy with a kind face and a large, recent bloodstain on his shirt. A beat of silence.]
EDDIE: Holy shit, dude.
[The four boys rush over to BEN.]
BILL: A-are you okay?!?
RICHIE: (Overlapping) What the fuck happened to you?!?
STAN: Guys, give him some space.
[BEN nervously looks up at the others, as if scared that they’ll hurt him too.]
BEN: It was Bowers and his gang. They had a knife. I wasn’t fast enough, I guess.
EDDIE: We need to get you somewhere safer. And more sanitary.

[Sudden cut to a homely wooden porch; it is STAN’s. The boys are waiting outside, sans EDDIE. It seems awkward, with BEN sitting down and the others waiting for EDDIE.]
RICHIE: (Breaking silence) So, you get knifed up often?
[Now, we are inside, with EDDIE in the kitchen, alone. He is holding bandaids, gauze, antibacterial cream, a rag, and an empty bowl. He walks over to the sink, turning on the faucet and setting everything else down. The window is open, facing the backyard. Suddenly, a voice comes, broken and phlegm-filled. IT, as the leper, is on the other side, watching EDDIE, who jumps, looking horrified.]
IT: (As Leper) I’ll do it for a dollar.
EDDIE: Wha-?
IT: (As Leper) I’ll do it for a dime. I’ll blow you, kid.
[EDDIE stares, shaking and stuttering, as a door opens. He jumps again, whirling around, only to see STAN’S MOM; a gentle looking woman, if unobservant. She seems surprised to see EDDIE, but not displeased. She is used to him.]
STAN’S MOM: Hello, Eddie. I wasn’t expecting to see you today; are the others here too?
[EDDIE is confused, still scared. He looks behind him, but IT is gone.]
EDDIE: Yeah, we’re outside. Look, we have to help this kid, he’s hurt. Could you help us?
STAN’S MOM: (Concerned) Hurt? How hurt? And of course I’ll help him! I’d never leave any child hurt and bleeding on my watch.
[They chat I distinctly, filling the bowl with water before heading outside. The camera doesn’t follow. A low growl sounds out, filled with frustration.]

[It is later, now; the sun is low in the sky. BEN’s wounds have been patched up, and STAN’S MOM is nowhere to be found, though there is a tray of lemonade outside wth the boys.]
BILL: W-why was Bowers bugging you, an-anyways?
STAN: Does he really need a reason to be an asshole to someone?
BEN: I guess it’s a mixture of me being the new kid, and… well.
[He gestures to his body bashfully.]
EDDIE: Don’t worry about it; he’ll take anything about anyone different than he is and turn it into a reason to make fun of them. He does it all the time, even to the teachers. It’s a wonder he hasn’t been expelled yet, honestly.
RICHIE: The reason he hasn’t been expelled is his old man, Eddie my dude. No one wants to deal with that piece of shit more than they have to already.
BILL: Where d-did you move from?
STAN: And why on Earth did you decide to move to the middle of nowhere?
BEN: (Shrugs) My parents divorced, and Mom got a job here. I used to live in New Hampshire, and go to a private school.
RICHIE: Ugh, private schools steal your soul.
EDDIE: And how would you know that, jackass? You’ve never been in one!
RICHIE: I have my ways.
[BILL smiles shyly at BEN.]
BILL: W-well, I hope you can l-learn to like it here.
EDDIE: Yeah; it may suck, but we can complain about it together.
[BEN looks between each of the others, surprise on his face.]
BEN: You mean… you actually want to hang out with me?
STAN: Of course we do. Why wouldn’t we?
RICHIE: Welcome to the Losers!
[He raises his glass of lemonade in a toast, causing the others to laugh.]

[The next day; EDDIE is walking home from BILL’s house. He seems to be preoccupied with his phone, typing and occasionally smiling to himself.]
BOWERS: (V.O) Hey, gayboy!
[EDDIE freezes, the words of the leper repeating in his head. Still he steels himself up.]
EDDIE: (Nervous, trying to be defiant) What do you want, Henry?
[BOWERS is alone, no gang members in sight. He stalks up to the younger boy, a slightly deranged grin showing his bared teeth, like an animal’s.]
BOWERS: What, I’m not allowed to joke around? I thought you loved other boys joking around with you.
EDDIE: Leave me alone. I’m not bothering you; I’m just trying to walk home.
BOWERS: Aw, Mama’s precious baby’s running home to her? Where’re your knights in shining armor, Princess? They leave you?
[EDDIE is terrified, but is standing his ground. His fists are clenched as a small rustling in the bushes comes from the side. Neither boy notice.]
EDDIE: Stop it. We’re in the middle of town; you can’t do anything to me.
BOWERS: Is that right? You want to test that theory?
[BOWERS snatches EDDIE’s phone; the latter is too shocked to do anything at first.]
EDDIE: Hey! Give that back!
BOWERS: You texting your boyfriend? Sent him any dirty pictures yet, or are you taking it slow?
[As a blurred turtle slowly walks into frame, EDDIE seems to build up his courage.]
EDDIE: (Shouting) Leave me alone!
[He rears back and punches BOWERS, flinching as his fist connects; he’s done it wrong, but still hit the other boy. BOWERS pauses, reaching his hand up to touch his face. Then, he smiles, predatory.]
BOWERS: You’re dead, fairy boy.
[Before EDDIE can begin to run away, BOWERS throws his phone, punching EDDIE to the ground. He leaps onto the other boy, taking his arm in his hands and stretching it out, before rearing back to kick it. Cut to EDDIE, screaming louder; the kick hit. He curls into the fetal position as he weakly snatches his arm back, getting kicked in the back. Slowly, a police car pulls up.]
BOWERS: (After a pause) We’ll finish this later, won’t we?
[He pulls away, leaving EDDIE on the ground. BOWERS’ DAD rolls down his window, squinting at them both suspiciously.]
BOWERS’ DAD: Everything alright over here, boys?
[EDDIE sits up, clutching his arm weakly.]
EDDIE: I’m fine, sir.
BOWERS: He just fell, I was helping him up.
[BOWERS’ DAD doesn’t believe them.]
BOWERS’ DAD: Well, alright. Come on now, son, let’s head home.
[BOWERS doesn’t move, glaring at EDDIE.]
[Finally, BOWERS gets into the car. They drive away with BOWERS still glaring, leaving EDDIE alone, groaning quietly on the ground.]

[EDDIE now has a cast on his arm, biking to the Quarry. Though he winces occasionally when the ride gets bumpy, he’s smiling. He is alone; it is around noon. After a few moments, more rustling comes, along with a keening cry. EDDIE hears it, coming to a stop; the sound is off in the bushes.]
EDDIE: Hello? Is there someone there?
[A quiet, hitched sob. EDDIE gets off of his bike, frowning now. The voice whines.]
EDDIE: Are you hurt?
IT: Help… please…
[IT sounds like an old man, similar to the LEPER. IT sounds wounded and broken, as if every movement hurts.]
EDDIE: Who are you? What’s wrong? (A pause.) Could you please come out? I could call 911, if you need it.
IT: It hurts… come closer, please…
[EDDIE starts to squat down, brow furrowed, when a loud honk comes from behind. He jumps and whirls around, seeing RICHIE, who is grinning and holding a bike horn.]
RICHIE: Are you talking to the bushes, Eddie-boy? Or are you a Disney princess, and there’s some cute animal sidekick in there?
EDDIE: (Still concerned.) No, I think there’s something in there. Well, someone. He sounds hurt.
[RICHIE gets off of his bike and strides open, parting the bushes. Nothing is there.]
RICHIE: You hearing things? Is this something only those who believe can hear, like that bell in Polar Express?
[EDDIE looks confused, but still fires back on autopilot.]
EDDIE: Is your whole personality unfitting references?
RICHIE: (Laughing) Ooh, get my ass, Eds! Anyways, come on. I’m sure the others are waiting for us, man.
[EDDIE hesitates for a moment, still watching the bushes. No more sound comes. Finally, he nods, getting back on his bike.]
EDDIE: Seriously, you have no creativity. If all you can do is cheesy references and John Mulaney impressions, you’re not going to last a day as a professional comedian.
RICHIE: Ah, but you admit I’d get the job!
EDDIE: Sure, if that’s what you want to take from that.
[Their talking fades, and the shot switches to something watching through the bushes. The growl is frustrated, and before fading to black, there is a shot of claw marks in the dirt.]

Chapter Text

[STAN sits alone under the shade of a tree, a laptop on his lap. He is frowning, and goes to type. We see that he is looking at different effects antidepressants can have on dreams. He looks concerned. A thump comes from beside him, and he jumps, but it’s only BILL sitting beside him.]
BILL: What a-are you looking at, Stan?
STAN: I’ve been having some weird dreams lately. I wanted to know if changing my antidepressants had anything to do with it.
[BILL pauses, looking worried. STAN doesn’t notice.]
BILL: Um… wh-what kind of weird dreams? What kind of dreams h-have you had, I mean?
STAN: Just some nightmares. I keep seeing things out of the corners of my eyes, too. And my skin keeps prickling. It’s getting kind of annoying, honestly; I just don’t understand what’s causing it, and my changing my medication was the only thing I could think of.
[He doesn’t seem concerned, just mildly frustrated.]
BILL: I mean, I’ve been ha-having weird dreams too. (Pause.) Have you seen… n-never mind, it’s stupid.
STAN: Have I seen what?
BILL: In your nightmares, have you seen a cl-clown?
[STAN freezes, looking up from his laptop. For the first time, he seems scared, but the moment quickly passes, and he is confused again.]
STAN: Yes, I have been seeing… that. How did you know?
BILL: I’ve seen him too. A-all the time. Stan, why do you think we’ve b-been having the same dream? With the clown?
STAN: I don’t know; it’s just a coincidence. You shouldn’t worry about it.
BILL: (Frustrated) Th-then why have we both been seeing it? It doesn’t make an-any sense, Stan.
STAN: It’s a pretty common thing to be freaked out about. Look, I know that you’re stressed, but-
BILL: (Cutting him off) Fine. Wh-whatever, I guess.
[BILL gets up and walks away, looking upset. STAN is still confused, looking after his friend before turning back to his laptop.]

[Quick cut to another scene; STAN is walking alone, looking straight ahead with a neutral expression. He is heading out to meet his friends. There are other people walking in the background, blurred. A faint growl comes, and STAN stops, looking curious, assuming it is an animal. Someone else in the background stops, mirroring him.]
STAN: (Quietly) Hey there, buddy. Are you stuck?
[More growling, this time louder. Only the one person in the background has stopped, and they are moving closer.]
STAN: Let’s see- are you a dog, a raccoon-
[As he lists off options, a girl, BEVERLY, appears beside him. She is a tall girl with a long, curly cloud of hair. STAN jumps at her appearance, seeming to vaguely recognize her.]
BEVERLY: Do you think it’s stuck?
STAN: I don’t know; I heard growling, though. Sounds frustrated, whatever it is.
BEVERLY: Let’s try and help it, then.
[BEVERLY sets her bag on the ground, kneeling. She takes out a pair of scissors, before leaning forwards. The growling grows louder, and a gnarled hand reaches for her, grabbing on to her hair. She screams and drops the scissors, as STAN stumbles back.]
STAN: Wh- what is that-?
BEVERLY: It’s got my hair!
[The hand starts tugging, and BEVERLY resists, wincing as some of her hairs are pulled out. She turns to STAN.]
BEVERLY: Cut it!
STAN: What?!?
BEVERLY: Cut my hair! It’s not letting go! I don’t care, just cut my hair!
[STAN hesitates, but as she continues to scream and struggle, he grabs the scissors, chopping at her hair haphazardly. In this process, he knicks ITS hand, causing IT to cry out and let go. BEVERLY’S hair is left asymmetrical.]
STAN: I’m sorry!
BEVERLY: (Calming down a bit) Don’t be! You got me free. Let’s expose this weirdo and get out of here, okay?
[The peel back the bushes they had centered around, and find nothing. They glance at each other nervously.]

[The Losers- BILL, BEN, EDDIE, RICHIE, and STAN- are at the Quarry. BEN is reading, EDDIE and RICHIE are chatting, STAN is watching the trees, and BILL seems to be thinking hard. BILL then speaks, drawing all attention to him.]
BILL: Have you guys seen anything… w-weird, recently?
EDDIE: Weird how?
RICHIE: Yeah, you’re going to have to be specific. We live in fucking Derry, of course things are gonna be weird here.
BILL: Weird like… sc-scary, weird.
BEN: Not really. I mean, I’ve had nightmares, but I’ve always had a lot of nightmares. Ever since I was little.
STAN: Bill, is this about the clown thing again?
EDDIE: (Laughing) Clown thing?
BILL: Look, I just think it’s- it’s weird, okay?
RICHIE: Can we like, explain the clown thing? Because for us it’s just- clown thing.
BEN: Guys, we have to let him talk.
BILL: I’ve just been see-seeing a clown everywhere lately. In the corner o-of my eyes, in dreams. (Pointing) And I know Stan has too!
STAN: It’s not that big of a deal, Bill.
EDDIE: And you’re asking if we have too?
RICHIE: Sounds like he wants more people in his clown cult, Eds.
BILL: (Frustrated) It’s n-not a cult!
BEN: I’ve seen it.
[A pause.]
BEN: I’m not joking, I really have.
STAN: I guess, for the sake of it, I have too.
EDDIE: I haven’t seen any clowns, no.
RICHIE: The only clown I see regularly is in the mirror, my man.
BILL: Don’t you guys th-think that it’s weird, though? That three out of the five of us h-have seen this… thing?
[The others are clearly uncomfortable.]
STAN: Bill-
BILL: Whatever.
[An uncomfortable silence; each Loser is now thinking about clowns.]

[Now the Losers are walking home; shots of them all as they make their way. BILL is walking alone; RICHIE and EDDIE are walking together, talking quietly. STAN and BEN are also walking, but aren’t talking. Suddenly, BEN looks up.]
BEN: I didn’t know Bev Marsh got a haircut,
[He’s smiling, looking awestruck, and does not notice that STAN is wincing, looking embarrassed.]