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‘cause i’m bad (at reading signs)

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sugarsugar <>

August 28th, 2019

to me


Dear goldenpuppy,

Welcome to sugarsugar, the most popular and number one leading sugar daddy and sugar mommy site of all time!

You’ve tagged yourself as a sugar baby, looking for a sugar mommy or daddy. If these details are incorrect, please click here. Your profile has been successfully activated, so what’s next? Complete your profile by putting yourself out there for sugar daddies and mommies to see! This includes your profile picture, location, interests/hobbies, and what kind of relationship you’re seeking will help you match with the perfect sugar daddy/mommy in your or their searches.

Good luck and happy matching!





P.S. If you need help with your account, please contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you. Didn’t sign up for sugarsugar? Click here.



(F) 23 - sugar baby - National City, America

Joined: August 28th, 2019

Active: recently active


Name: Kara Danvers

Height: 1.73m

Age: 23

Eye colour: Blue

Interested in: Men and women

Occupation: Student

Education: Work in progress

Relationship: Single 


About me: 

hi! :) i’m a 23 year old uni student working a part-time job, and originally i'm from midvale.

for the past years i’ve only been studying and unfortunately it’s getting harder for me to cover for my education as money is becoming an issue, which is why i signed up on this site. 

i like to go out and my hobbies include rock climbing, working out, kayaking, and of course napping! indoor activities are just as awesome. important two fun facts: i’m a doggo and hot choco person :) 

i’m willing to work things out with you and if possible, my preference of an arrangement would be friendship over sex. but as i stated before i’m open to talking and exploring things, and hopefully we can figure something out. check out my profile and pictures, send me a message if you’re interested!



ALPHADADDY69 >> goldenpuppy


August 29th, 2019


ALPHADADDY69 - 7:35 pm

Hey sweetheart you’re so fucking sexy

Think you can take this big cock? 

I got all your needs baby  

goldenpuppy - 7:38 pm


no thank you




ben_dover>> goldenpuppy


August 30th, 2019


ben_dover - 8:01 pm

Nice blow kiss baby you’re cute


goldenpuppy - 8:04 pm

aw thank you :) your pics are nice too


ben_dover - 8:06 pm

So you're still studying huh


You’re so sexy you don’t need further education

You could just be my cock warmer ;)


goldenpuppy  - 8:11 pm


no bye



just_a_hole >> goldenpuppy


August 30th, 2019

just_a_hole - 5:38 PM
hi i'm lisa i have money
you're gorgeous


Kara - 5:43 PM
aww thank you :(( you too


just_a_hole - 5:43 PM
so you're not interested in sex?


Kara - 5:43 PM

nope only friendship


just_a_hole - 5:44 PM
you're too sexy for "only friendship"
just give me the strap gorgeous i have it all


just_a_hole - 6:05 PM




sugardickdaddy >> goldenpuppy


August 30th, 2019


sugardickdaddy - 7:48 pm

Hey lovely


goldenpuppy - 7:49 pm



sugardickdaddy - 7:51 pm

you’re looking for someone to spoil you rotten

Daddy’s wallet is always open for you just sit on my face and I’ll guess your weight. Times your weight by hundreds, and you can have that weight in cash


goldenpuppy - 7:59pm





Leatherdomme >> goldenpuppy 


August 31st, 2019


Leatherdomme - 11:35 pm

hi my name is olivia and i'm very interested in providing your needs. i can be your sugar mommy, you are so cute and i can make things easier for you so you don’t have to worry about your education fees

i can start with six thousand dollars a month and i can also provide anything else you want. just let me know cutie


goldenpuppy - 11:39 pm




Leatherdomme - 11:39 pm

yes cutie


goldenpuppy - 11:40 pm

that’s, um. that’s a huge number


Leatherdomme - 11:44 pm

i’ve been through what you’re currently going through, school is expensive and i get it

i don’t want you to have to worry about textbook prices and other necessity needs, just want you to eat well, be worriless in your studies and spend good times with friends

you deserve to be spoiled cutie


goldenpuppy - 11:47 pm

aww that’s so sweet of you. thank you

yes i’m definitely interested. what are your expectations from me? is there anything you want in return? 


Leatherdomme - 11:48 pm

oh it's nothing too extreme, cutie

i want you to finger my belly button and suck my toes once a month


Leatherdomme - 11:54 pm

cutie? are my messages sending

you there


Leatherdomme - 12:01 AM







September 1st, 2019


Kara - 12:05 AM

this was a terrible bad idea


who convinced me to join that sugar daddy/mommy site

who was it


Alex - 12:06 AM

Oh my god you actually joined



Sam - 12:07 AM


You work too much and your sister complains that you work too much and you complain about tuition fees being too expensive


Kara - 12:07 AM

because it is expensive sam!!!!

the system works hard but i’ll work harder


Alex - 12:08 AM

I can’t believe you joined


Kara - 12:10 AM

don’t tell eliza


Alex - 12: 11 AM


Any luck


Kara - 12 :14 AM

no :( but this site has been a massive eye-opener for me

people are just



obviously it shouldn’t be surprising at all but still

i’m just. wow


Alex - 12:16 AM



Kara - 12:16 AM

it’s cool, i know, don’t worry!!!


Nia - 12:18 AM

wow with your flirty/thirst selfies you haven’t had any luck??


Sam - 12:20 AM

You should have written that you aren’t interested in sex in your profile


Kara - 12:20 AM

no nia :(

and i did, sam


Sam - 12:21 AM

"i’m willing to work things out with you and if possible, my preference of an arrangement would be friendship over sex. but as i stated before i’m open to talking and exploring things, and hopefully we can figure something out."


People have selective reading


Alex  - 12:23 AM

o my god


Nia - 12:23 AM

are you checking out her profile


Kara - 12: 24 AM

all these people want to do is fuck me


Nia - 12:24 AM

kara. i like your energy though

your attempts of conning old men/women out of their money


Kara - 12:24 AM

what don’t say it like that :(

i just wanna have my schooling stuff paid


Alex - 12:25 AM


Anyway, kara, I’m sure there sugar daddies and mommies out there who are okay with sex being out of the table


Sam - 12:25 AM


You just have to soldier through the crowd of thirsty thirsts. Just keep trying and you’ll find one that stands apart


Kara - 12:27 AM

i haven't given up


wish me sugar-babying luck



MONSTERDADDY >> goldenpuppy


September 2nd, 2019



Hey sexy. I can be your sugar daddy and I’ll pay for everything you need. Everything.


goldenpuppy - 9:12 PM

oh wow i’m not expecting everything to be paid

but if you want to do that for me, then wow! in exchange, what do you want from me? i’m told that i’m very good company :)



You mentioned that you’re down for adventures and a good time? 


goldenpuppy - 9:13 PM

yes always



Looking for a wild ride?


goldenpuppy - 9:13 PM

sure? any types of adventures! :)



Perfect, you’ll find it all over my lap baby


goldenpuppy - 9: 17 PM


Hmmmmmm ok




sugaralloveryou >> goldenpuppy


September 4th, 2019


sugaralloveryou - 9:38 PM

Hey pretty :)


goldenpuppy - 9:40 PM

hey!! i like your profile, you rock that beard well :)


sugaralloveryou - 9:41 PM

Aw thank you. You have a really nice eyes

The prettiest blow kiss i’ve ever seen


goldenpuppy - 9:41 PM

thank you!! you’re so sweet 


sugaralloveryou - 9:41 PM

So, I see in your profile that you’re looking for friendship

Prefer it, that is


goldenpuppy - 9:42 PM

yes. is that fine with you?


sugaralloveryou - 9:42 PM

More than fine. That’s great because I'm interested in that too. Think we can work something out?

Let me be your sugar daddy. Your needs? Taken care of.


goldenpuppy - 9:43 PM

we can definitely work something out



sugaralloveryou - 10:15 PM

Sorry for my late message, pretty one

I just had to put my two daughters to sleep

My wife is on a business trip so i’m going all one man army for these little sweethearts


goldenpuppy - 10:18 PM

wait what

you’re married? that doesn’t say that on your profile


Sugaralloveryou - 10:18 PM

Should i have put that

It’s not that important


goldenpuppy - 10: 25 PM

oh my god



sam kara

sam (@samarias) > kara (@kaydanvers)


September 4th, 2019


Kara - 10:25 PM





Sam - 10:27 PM

Your dream is to have 50 dogs???

Wait what happened


Kara - 10:28 PM

it’s insane


i can’t fathom it

from my experiences so far, i’ve been having better run-ins with the women on this site

people just 

have no chill


Sam - 10:30 PM

Why’d you even put men in your interests


Kara - 10:32 PM

it doesn’t matter to me who i get money from i want to keep my options widest for the fastest match

plus i'm not even looking for a relationship, i want friendship



Sam - 10:33 PM

Wow talking like a real hustler. That’s the goal

But also, good point

Your experiences differ from mine I literally found one on my 2nd day


Kara - 10:34 PM


you joined?


Sam - 10:34 PM

Yeah I got a sugar mommy already ;) her name is lucy

She bought me the latest iphone three minutes into talking. Then suddenly my room is loaded with a Kate Spades bag and branded clothes

Lucy doesn’t even want me for sex, she just wants good company and someone to drag around with in events she needs to attend.

Not to toot my own horn but like, I’m the sexiest arm candy. I dress well, make people feel warm and laugh so our interests and needs align pretty well


Kara - 10:36 PM

sam omg

tell her to pay for my tuition


Sam - 10:37 PM

Listen kara

She also happens to be good friends with this one particular woman. Oh yeah we were talking about you and I was telling her how you were having difficulties matching, always ending up with the wrong thirst crowd

So then she told me you should hit up her friend who is also a sugar mommy on this site

That woman is only there to blow money and like, just give and give, you know? But special points if you’re cute

Also she doesn’t want sex and I think you don’t even have to be friends with her. Her username is kieran.L


Kara - 10:43 PM

i don’t feel good about this

what if she asks me to lick her toes. no, shave my head first BEFORE i lick her toes.


Sam - 10:43 PM


Kara - 10:44 PM


sam trust me when i say this, the things i've told you so far

you’ve only heard the tip of the iceberg :(


Sam - 10:44 PM

Lmao oh I’m sure


Kara - 10:45 PM

i can’t believe you found a sugar mommy before me


Sam - 10:45 PM

Enough sulking, get that coin



(F) 26 - sugar mommy - National City, America



Joined: August 14th, 2019  

Active: seven hours ago


Name: Lena

Height: 1.68m

Interested in: Women and books

Relationship: Single


About me:

You need money? I have money. Just take it.

[more info]




goldenpuppy >> kieran.L


September 5th, 2019


goldenpuppy - 11:01 AM


nerdd. that’s cute


kieran.L - 11:05 AM

Your pictures? You work out a lot, don’t you.


goldenpuppy - 11:05 AM

no pain no gains



kieran.L - 11:05 AM

Six packs.


goldenpuppy - 11:05 AM

cute doggo :((



kieran.L - 11:06 AM


He's the cutest, bestest boy in the world.


goldenpuppy - 11:06 AM

nerd with the cutest, bestest boy in the world

i have no doubts about that



kieran.L - 11:06 AM

As you shouldn’t, v-line.

Are you really just going to list the anatomy of a book.


goldenpuppy - 11:06 AM

you started it first, stop looking at my pics :((


kieran.L - 11:06 PM

Aw. Feeling shy now, are we?


goldenpuppy - 11:06 PM


kieran.L - 11:07 PM

Poor baby. Who was it that called me nerd the first thing?


goldenpuppy - 11:07 PM

well you give off first glance intense nerd vibes, who even puts pictures of books in a sugar daddy/mommy site

and they're all science-y just..... why


kieran.L - 11:07 PM

I'm not here to attract anyone, so I might as well fill that section up with great book recs.

And if we're going to talk about energy, then you radiate some serious fuckboy energy.

Have you seen the pictures you put in your profile?


goldenpuppy - 11:07 AM


i’m not a fuckboy :(

what do you mean i radiate that energy



kieran.L - 11:08 AM

You do.


goldenpuppy - 11:08 AM

do i really? i don’t wanna have that kinda energy first glance


kieran.L - 11:09 AM

Show me a selfie.


goldenpuppy - 11:11 AM


kieran.L - 11:12 AM

That didn’t help at all.


goldenpuppy - 11:12 AM


kieran.L - 11:14 AM

I'm not sold. You're really not helping yourself here.

You wear contacts?


goldenpuppy - 11:15 AM


sorry, i don’t have THAT many photos of myself. yeah i wear contacts

my buddy took this as soon as i came out of the gym :/



hey are you still there


kieran.L - 11:21 AM

Sorry. Well, that’s uh.

You stop calling me a nerd and I’ll stop calling you muscles.


goldenpuppy - 11:22 AM

i don’t know if i can do that. i've never seen anyone put “interested in: women and books” in their profile until now and i can’t stop looking at it.

and maybe your display picture too

(at the doggo, not you)

also these shots are from awhile ago so


kieran.L - 11:23 AM

Okay. Send me a picture of what you look like right now.


goldenpuppy - 11:23 AM


you like? it's my fav comfy fit :)

kieran.L - 11:25 AM


Keep sending me more.


goldenpuppy - 11:26 AM

wow um

were you just

teasing me this whole time? just so you could get more sexy photos out of me

you are getting blocked


kieran.L - 11:27 AM

Then you won’t get your money.



goldenpuppy - 11:28 AM

you assume i want your money


kieran.L - 11:28 AM

Why would you be here on this site, talking to me if you didn’t want my money?

Should I remind you that this is sugarsugar dot com


goldenpuppy - 11:28 AM

my friend linked me up with you

she told me that you just like to give money to people and don’t want sex in return. bonus if they’re cute

i’m cute and i don’t want sex

we work out


kieran.L - 11:29 AM

You just said a minute ago you didn’t want my money.


goldenpuppy - 11:29 AM

and we are going to ignore that


kieran.L - 11:30 AM

Wait. What friend are you talking about?


goldenpuppy - 11:30 AM

sam. do you know her?


kieran.L - 11:30 AM

Hold on a moment. Sam Arias?

Kara? You’re Kara… THAT Kara?


goldenpuppy - 11:31 AM

umm yes


kieran.L - 11:31 AM

Wow, I’m impressed. But mostly speechless.


goldenpuppy - 11:31 AM



kieran.L - 11:32 AM

I went out with Sam and Lucy the other day for dinner.

She wouldn’t stop talking about you and your tragic attempts at finding a sugar daddy. Or mommy


goldenpuppy - 11:35 AM

oh golly

oh wow

i’m embarrassed


kieran.L - 11:35 AM

“Golly”? Wow.

Did one of them really want their belly button fingered and toe sucked once a month?


goldenpuppy - 11:36 AM

i’ve heard worse on this site :/


kieran.L - 11:37 AM

Poor baby.


goldenpuppy - 11:38 AM

you’re baby

are you really 26? the maths is killing me, so you completed two phds already


kieran.L - 11:38 AM

Yes, and I’m on my third one currently


goldenpuppy - 11:39 AM

that’s… honestly really amazing. you're a genius?

wait how can you be a sugar mommy at 26? and i can’t imagine your tuition fees coming in cheap


kieran.L - 11:40 AM

Let’s just say I come from a well-off family. I already make my own living, but my parents? They’ve been throwing money at me for as long as I can remember instead of paying attention to me. They just give and give without question.


goldenpuppy - 11:41 AM

wow… for real?


kieran.L - 11:43 AM

Mmm. They own a large corporation and several businesses, and they're pretty much married to their own work.

When I was a kid I got to buy anything I wanted and I got the nicest gifts for my birthday. But they were always travelling/working—still are.

I’m just

I see now that it’s not that great. Money is useless to me.

I really don’t need money, so I might as well give it to people who actually need it.


goldenpuppy - 11:45 AM

you’ve had sugarbabies


kieran.L - 11:46 AM

Yes, only a few. People see that I don’t want anything from them and just want to hand out money. I give it to them and they go.


Well, I think it’d be great to at least have some sort of relationship instead of just throwing thousands at people at a time.


goldenpuppy - 11:48 AM

even if that relationship is with someone who radiates that fuckboy energy?


kieran.L - 11:48 AM

So you admit it.


goldenpuppy - 11:48 AM



i still can't believe u said this.


kieran.L - 11:49 AM

Sure, darling.


goldenpuppy - 11:49 AM


you’re still teasing me. you have been ever since we started talking


kieran.L - 11:50 AM

Poor baby.

You’re fun to tease and you make it easy.


goldenpuppy - 11:51 AM



kieran.L - 11:53 AM

You’re ridiculously endearing. Too cute for this world :)


goldenpuppy - 11:54 AM

i can’t deal with you. my face is burning


kieran.L - 11:55 AM


I’m sorry, darling


goldenpuppy - 11:55 AM



you don’t even look sorry. mean


kieran.L - 11:56 AM




goldenpuppy - 12:00 PM

what are you doing


kieran.L - 12:02 PM

Earning your forgiveness.


goldenpuppy - 12:02 PM



kieran.L - 12:03 PM

Aww, Kara.

Be my friend.


goldenpuppy - 12:03 PM



kieran.L - 12:04 PM

Take my money.


goldenpuppy - 12:05 PM




kieran.L - 12:06 PM




kieran.L - 12:25 PM



goldenpuppy - 12:40 PM

i’m srry! i realised i wsa late ftr class


you’re vrey pretty you know that

like out of this world pretty

m gonna stop talking now




sam sam

sam (@samarias) >> kara (@kaydanvers)


September 7th, 2019


Sam - 6:55 PM

Found your sugar mommy

She's having dinner with Lucy and I



Kara - 6:48 PM




kara lena

goldenpuppy > kieran.L


September 7th, 2019


goldenpuppy - 11:48 PM




kieran.L - 11:55 PM

Ba dum TSS



goldenpuppy - 11:57PM


how did you get that photo




sam kara

sam (@samarias) > kara (@kaydanvers)


September 10th, 2019


Sam - 9:48 PM


Lucy and I are going to see the new star wars movie tomorrow wanna come. Oh, and Winn is, too.


Kara - 9: 55 PM


i have work


Sam - 9:56 PM

Come on star wars is your fav. Find someone to take your shift

You and Winn are both die-hard fans. Don’t violate the code.

Did I mention Lena is coming too. Come on


Kara - 9:57 PM

pfft. why would i wanna see lena. she’s been teasing me all week non-stop


Sam - 9:58 PM

You’ve been talking to her every day for almost a week


Kara - 9:58 PM

okay and


Sam - 9:59 PM

It’s been a week and she still hasn’t sent you any money

You’re coming with us to change that

Otherwise what’s the point of being on that website


Kara - 10:01 PM

why do you want me to meet her so bad


Sam - 10:01 PM

Obviously you like her as a friend


Kara - 10:02 PM

i mean. sure i guess. she’s ‘kay


Sam - 10:02 PM

Dude i’m headdesking no joke COME ON


Kara - 10:03 PM


i can’t go so i’ll go ask her for money right now



kara lena

goldenpuppy > kieran.L


September 10th, 2019


goldenpuppy - 10:05 PM

yes to answer your question i do have a scar on my forehead. i got it when i was young and i fell off my rollerblades :( 

if you wanna see them you have to send me more pics of your doggo. this is a non-negotiable exchange


kieran.L - 10:08 PM

You used to rollerblade. Why am I not surprised by this.


goldenpuppy - 10: 10 PM

now i have a question for you

we’ve been talking for like a week now

so i’m just wondering when you’ll throw at me the Papers

the silly papers that contribute to the destruction of the world

the capitalist overlords that hold the majority of those Papers and have most of the human population in a chokehold


kieran.L - 10:11 PM

Ah, right. Sorry, I almost forgot that we have an arrangement. 

So, you’re my sugar baby.


goldenpuppy - 10:12 PM

nah don’t be sorry! it’s cool

i’m your sugar baby, yeah. 

but, uh. honestly? you don’t have to give me money if you don’t want to anymore

i enjoy talking to you and 

being your friend


kieran.L - 10:13 PM

So do I.

But your uni fees aren’t going to go away without anything done, darling.


kieran.L - 10:15 PM

If it makes you feel better just see me as a friend like you already do, and pretend that I just like giving you money rather it being you struggling with money and me being lonely.


goldenpuppy - 10:15 PM

when you put it that way, that sounds so……. sad


kieran.L - 10:36 PM


goldenpuppy - 10:36 PM




oh golly how did you

sam. you got that pic from sam didn’t you, she goes to the gym with me sometimes

if you want to see more shots of these big guns all you have to do is ask you know

ugh that’s an awful pic i was ogling at a snack


kieran.L - 10:38 PM

A snack?

Here’s a snack.



goldenpuppy - 10:38PM


now i know it’s definitely sam

i’ma get her


kieran.L - 10:39 PM

What’s your email address?


goldenpuppy - 10:41 PM



kieran.L - 10:45 PM




Lena.L via paypal <>

to me


Dear Kara Danvers,


You received a payment of $5,000 from Lena L ( ). Thank you for using paypal. It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account. To see all the transaction details, log into your paypal account. 


Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Download now for quick and easier access!






kara lena

goldenpuppy > kieran.L


September 10th, 2019


goldenpuppy - 10:50 PM



kieran.L - 10:50 PM

Not enough? It’s not enough, is it?



Lena.L via paypal <>

to me


Dear Kara Danvers,


You received a payment of $12,000 from Lena L ( ). Thank you for using paypal. It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account. To see all transaction details, log into your paypal account. 


Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Download now for quick and easier access!






kara lena

goldenpuppy > kieran.L


September 10th, 2019


goldenpuppy - 11:01 PM



kieran.L - 11:02 PM

Do you want me to send more?


goldenpuppy - 11:02 PM



kieran.L - 11:04 PM

Kara, I don’t understand.

I hate to sound like a rich snob, but it’s a little difficult for me to weigh what’s enough and what’s not because money barely means anything to me.


kieran.L - 11:10 PM


Did you bump into a door again, or tripped on air?


kieran.L - 11:22 PM







September 11th, 2019


Alex - 9:28 AM

And then kelly was like, no you’re wrong, it’s beefs

But I said no, YOU’RE wrong, it’s actually beeves


Kelly - 9:30 AM

I’m right here. Are you really taking this over to the group chat

Guys, it’s beefs right?? Or have I been living a lie

What’s the plural of beef


Nia - 9:31 AM

it’s beefs isn’t it


Kelly - 9:31 AM

I think so too


Nia - 9:32 AM

i refuse to believe it’s beeves. i don’t like it

like seriously, beeves?? i’ve never seen a word look so weird it makes me shiver

kelly i’m scared hug me


Kelly - 9:32 AM

Right?? The correct term has to be beefs


Sam - 9:33 AM

Oh my god you idiots it’s beeves


Alex - 9:34 AM

SEE??? Sam we’re in the right. You beefs warriors, go search it up even google says so.

please can we end this debate we’ve been discussing beef vs beeves for like over twenty minutes now


Sam - 9:35 AM

I just caught up to the gc and I already have a headache


Kara - 9:35 AM


i’m having trouble processing


Alex - 9:35 AM

Processing what


Nia - 9:36 AM

the beeves? kara, you’re with us on the beefs right


Sam - 9:36 AM

Oh my god


Kelly - 9:36 AM

Beef with an s


Kara - 9:38 AM

what no


lena straight up gave me $17,000 last night

sam you weren’t kidding when you said she hands out money just like THAT


Nia - 9:38 AM




Alex - 9:39 AM

$17,000????!! kara, what the FUCK

Oh god you really got yourself a sugar mommy. My sister legit has a fucking loaded sugar mommy.

Is this medical degree even worth it. 


Kelly - 9:39 AM

Alex is having a stroke

She’s losing it right next to me uhhh


Sam - 9:40 AM

It’s about time, honestly. Look at our sugar baby thrive :)


Kara - 9:40 AM

well i mean

it’s weird, i find it weird now because i don’t think i even want it anymore

isn’t that odd? even though we’ve only been messaging each other for about two weeks

we’re friends now and taking her money feels wrong even though i’m supposed to be her sugar baby

i’m not very good at being a sugar baby but i just keep quiet about this


Kelly - 9:43 AM

We’re facepalming at you right now

By we, I mean Alex and I


Sam - 9:44 AM

Where are you guys in the campus

Let me join in


Nia - 9:45 AM

wait me too hold up pls my lecture is ending soon 

and i’m halfway through signing up on sugarsugar




CumNGetIt > goldenpuppy


September 15th, 2019


CumNGetIt - 1:02 AM

Hey baby i got all the coins you’ll ever need in life

Daddy’s got you covered on all your financial needs

You’re so sexy let me spoil you

If I flip a coin right now, what are my chances of getting head?


goldenpuppy - 1:05 AM


no chill at all

i’m taken by the way




smol_lesbian91 >> goldenpuppy 


September 17th, 2019


smol_lesbian91 - 5:38 PM

Can I lick your abs and biceps


smol_lesbian91 - 5:42 PM

I mean. Hi.

I have money. Lots. For you


goldenpuppy - 5:55 PM



sorry, i'm taken


smol_lesbian91 - 5:56 PM


Okay :(



lena kara

Lena > goldenpuppy


September 20th, 2019


kieran.L - 10:13 PM

Kara? Did you get it?


goldenpuppy - 10:15 PM

you mean that $2000 sweater you ordered for me? the answer is nope!


kieran.L - 10:15 PM

Damn. I thought you’d have it by now. You like your sweaters.


goldenpuppy - 10:17 PM


i’m constantly messaged by horny people on this site

and i’ve been thinking of deactivating but this is the only place where we talk

would you like to exchange numbers? or

i have twitter… instagram, too. and snapchat. if you don’t have any of those we can figure something out




KDanvers > Lena.L


September 20th, 2019


KDanvers - 10:25 PM


Lena.L - 10:27 PM



sam kara

sam (@samarias) > kara (@kaydanvers)


September 24th, 2019


Sam - 4:40 PM

How’s your woman


Kara - 4:43 PM


what woman


Sam - 4:44 PM

Don’t get cute with me

When are you going to meet her


Kara - 4:44PM


she spoils me rotten and it still feels a little weird


Sam - 4:45 PM

Lucy and I were with her again today

Whenever I’d mention you her ears perk up and her eyes are ON me, drilling holes in mine

I like her, she’s lovely. I’m just surprised our paths never crossed considering she’s from around here


Kara - 4:46 PM

does she not go to parties here? mutual events? the once-a-week puppy visit days in our campus??


Sam - 4:46 PM

She always has a book or a microscope under her nose. You know how studious she is. 

But also lonely


Kara - 4:47 PM



Sam - 4:48 PM


I’m still not sure why she likes you

You two are completely different people, not much common interest etc

But like I’m glad your money issues are working out


Kara - 4:48 PM

i have you to thank, too

love you sam



kara lena

KDanvers > Lena.L


September 25th, 2019


KDanvers - 7:03 PM


Lena. L - 7:05 PM


Kdanvers - 7:06 PM

hehe :)

show me doggo picssss





September 26th, 2019

KDanvers [public story] - 3:15 PM





Lena.L > KDanvers


September 26th, 2019


Lena.L - 3:22 PM


KDanvers - 3:24 PM


Kara - 3:24 PM

and yeah i play the guitar

you already know that i sing, but i like to sing and play


Lena - 3:27 PM

Oh... interesting.

Sure, but after work I need to head off to this dinner party.

Mandatory attendance for me. Boo.


Kara - 3:28 PM

poor baby



N.C’s sky music < >

3:50 PM

to me


Dear Kara Danvers,


Thank you for shopping with N.C’s Sky Music! Your payment has been accepted. Product number 93801827H will be delivered to your address shortly. If you want to get in touch with us or have further questions about the product, please refer to the notes below.

[attached image]

Please do not reply to this email as it is sent from a "no-reply" account and will not be received by NC’s Sky Music. 


Not you? Click here.






September 29th, 2019


Sam - 1:04 PM

How many times does our gc need to undergo through a name change


Alex - 1:04 PM

You mean picture...


Nia - 1:05 PM



FUck the hourglass has been beside your name for hours


o my god every second goes by. i’m so stressed. i swear if you kill our streak i’ll send lena unflattering photos of you


Alex - 1:07 PM

I got heaps if you need extra


Nia - 1:10 PM







Nia - 1:11 PM

yeah, these kinda unflattering pics


Kara - 1:15 PM

i don't feel threatened. she’d just find those snaps cute and thank you for them


Sam - 1:15 PM


Dang, kara


Kelly - 1:16 PM

[deep gay silence.]


Nia - 1:16 PM

u guys are so gross




kara lena

Kara Danvers > Lena Luthor

[text message]

October 6th, 2019


Kara - 2:38 AM

i've never had anyone called me out for having too much ‘N Sync in my playlist until now

lena don’t even lie!! i know you’re obsessed with them now, i see you in my friend activities. the last album you listened to was ‘No Strings Attached’

you ain’t slick!

btw i’m sorry for the hours late reply. just got home after my late gym sesh :)


Lena - 2:40 AM

Wait, what? There’s a friend activities section?


Kara - 2:42 AM

yeah, in spotify desktop you can see it

;)) no judgement. even if you jam to hanson in the earliest of mornings

also did i wake you?? sorry!


Lena - 2:44 AM

You didn’t. I’ve been awake.


Kara - 2:45 AM


what are you doing at almost three in the morning

and don’t tell me you’re working on your paper


Lena - 2:47 AM

Mm, I finished awhile ago. I guess I can’t sleep.


Kara - 2:48 AM

yeah? is something wrong?


Lena - 2:52 AM

You should go to sleep. You just got home and you’re tired from gymning.


Kara - 2:53 AM

deflection, oh so subtle aren’t you

i see you lena luthor


Lena - 2:54 AM



Kara - 2:54 AM



Kara - 3:00 AM

listen, i know i’m your sugar baby and all, you bucket splash me money more than i think you should, and buy me lots of things but

you know we’re friends?

if there’s something on your mind, something bothering you, you can tell me about it

for you, i have time always and i’ll listen to anything you want to talk about


Lena - 3:05 AM

Thank you, Kara. That’s really sweet of you to say. 

But it’s a little embarrassing, and honestly, it’s not a big deal.


Kara - 3:06 AM

it is a big deal if it’s bothering you :(


Lena - 3:13 AM

It’s just, I guess I’m feeling lonely?

You know I’m adopted, right. Just like you. My mother died when I was four, and I was taken in by my father into his other family. My memory’s fuzzy on the first few years, but I do remember the struggles of adapting into a new household.

While I was there, my parents were never home. My half-brother was there, but he was just as much absent as them. It’s been two decades, but I still barely know anything about anyone in my family.

I’m treated well. I never struggled with education, food, clothes, wants and necessities—anything, really. But I just wonder if they love me the way other parents love their kids.

I don’t have many that I can call a friend.

My last name attracts the wrong crowd. And when you’re in this circle, it’s difficult to find genuine people who aren’t after my money, or using me for my name.

Sorry. I don’t actually know what I’m really trying to get at. I’ve never had anyone to talk to about this.


Kara - 3:20 AM

it’s okay lena. just letting your thoughts out guides you through it and it’s enough, because it seems to me that you’ve been keeping yourself bottled for a very, very long time

for such a private person like you i’m glad you trust me enough to talk to me about these personal things. i know it takes... a lot

do you think you joined the site because other than helping people, you thought you would, i don’t know, feel less lonely?


Lena - 3:23 AM

I guess? You’re right. Handing money out there left and right to those in need is great, but it’s just… it feels lonely, you know? I guess, what I’m realising is that I want something more. Something more than just being strangers and passing friends? 

Sorry, this sounds extremely silly.


Kara - 3:25 AM

no lena

talk to me, it’s not silly

lenaa. hey

i’ll send you all your money back if you don’t


Lena - 3:29 AM

Don’t you dare.

Kara, it’s really embarrassing. You’ll think of me as some really sad, lonely human.


Kara - 3:30 AM


i’m a tap away from sending it all back


Lena - 3:32 AM



I have Lucy as a friend, but she’s just a friend. It’s not the same. So I guess what I want is someone who’ll… love me, in a way? I want to spoil someone with things not because I’m their sugar mommy, but just because I love them and they love me, and because they deserve everything.

Someone who isn’t with me because of the money, but with me because they genuinely like me. No expectations, arrangements, exchanges or anything like that.

God, this is so hard to type.


Kara - 3:34 AM

i’m sorry this is happening to you, and that you’re feeling like this

you deserve to be loved. and wanting to be with someone who loves you the way you love them isn’t silly at all!


Lena - 3:34 AM

You think so? It’s not selfish?


Kara - 3:36 AM

after all the things you’ve done—and yes, counting the huge list of quiet donations you’ve sent to charity (yeah maybe lucy tells me Things, because maybe i Pester her sometimes) how could you think that’s selfish?

you deserve everything!

i hate that you see yourself this way, and that you don’t see the way other people see you. it’s not selfish to want those, and definitely not silly


Lena - 3:38 AM

And by other people you mean only yourself


Kara - 3:42 AM


can i give you a call? like right now?


Lena - 3:44 AM


We’ve never spoken in person and I’ve never heard your voice.


Kara - 3:44 AM

we’re going to change that


Lena - 3:46 AM

It’s almost 4am

Does this count as a late night booty call


Kara - 3:46 AM


stop stalling

i know you like seeing my face

i’m gonna call now



kara lena

KDanvers > Lena.L



October 6th, 2019

call ended

(1 hour 32 minutes)






October 6th, 2019


Kara - 5:01 AM



ugh i’m

BIG gay breakdown hours


Kara - 5:07 AM

this is insane

lena is so

she’s so precious you guys

and lovely and sweet nd SO CUTE. HUGGABLE CUTE

what the heck??

i know you guys are sleeping but what the HECK

she’s my sugar mommy and i’m feeling a certain type of way and i’m pretty i shouldn’t be because again, she buys me things and pampers me at every turn nd i jsjut



Kara - 5:18 AM

the way i received a massive whiplash like???

she’s sent me selfies, she’s drop-dead gorgeous but like uh. UH


sam and lucy i thought u guys always had my back but no

where was my warning? we have a code for this

and her voice???? it’s so... deep and soothing and fuck holy shit

sorry i really don’t mean to sweat but




Kara - 5:28 AM

i just grabbed myself a glass of water and that did nothing to ease my inner turmoil

i never signed up for this i just wanted someone to pay for my textbooks and tuition and other things


she said she’s lonely and wants someone to love her, like have the cuddles and sweet kisses kinda love. like a girlfriend and i was like Oh. 

and all i could think about while she talked to me was: maybe,, perhaps,, ME?

i like women, you like women, what if…….? 



she has the prettiest laughs and smiles. don’t even get me started on the dimples. 

she has two when she smiles big big big :((( 


Kara - 5:34 AM

do i like her


Kara - 5:45 AM


i like her



Kelly - 8:33 AM

Well, that was a thing


Nia - 8:40 AM

kara was really going through it


Sam - 9:12 AM

If it helps, I believe she likes you just as much



kara lena

KDanvers > Lena.L


October 9th, 2019


KDanvers - 5:58 PM

Lena - 6:03 PM


Hanging out with Lucy’s doggo, but he’s off munching on dinner right now. I bought my doggo to her house :)


KDanvers - 6:05 PM

:D!! i got you to use the word doggo

lucy has a doggo?

i need to know all about her doggo

send me doggo pics

nd make sure you include yourself in too :)



lena kara

Lena Luthor > Kara Danvers

[text message]

October 23rd, 2019


Lena - 2:27 PM



Kara - 2:29PM

yeah babe


Kara - 2:35 PM


don’t disappear on me now, what’s up


Lena - 2:36 PM

I got vip tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. I was wondering

If you wanted to come with me? It’s held this weekend. I understand if you can’t, because it’s too sudden or if you’re busy.


Kara - 2:37 PM


please you got vip ticks for a tswift concert?!!!!

yeah i’m in!!


Lena - 2:37 PM


Perfect. I’ll pick you up, so don’t worry about transport.


Kara - 2:37 PM


just realized that this is the first time we’re going to meet


Lena - 2:38 PM

That’s right.


Lena - 2:40 PM

Permission to touch your biceps when we meet?


Kara - 2:40 PM

permission granted ;)


huh. how suspicious

was this a tactic all along? lure me in with the concert so you could touch nd ogle at my big guns.

an organized attack. oh my


Lena - 2:41 PM

You caught me, darling.

So, it’s a date.




Kara Danvers (@KDanvers)


October 26th, 2019





KDanvers @LenaLuthor took me to taylor swift’s concert!! IS THIS REAL LIFE OMG LOOK AT HER!

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Winn.s wait what are you guys dating [14 likes]

Lucy.L love to see it!! :) [9 likes]

niayeah lena i know you’re tired of it but i just wanna say thank you again for giving me ticks too! can’t wait to see her 2nd concert day tomorrow, my dream? FULFILLED!! [2 likes]

alex.danvers wow you guys got the good seats. vip tickets?? have fun lovelies!




Lena Luthor (@LenaLuthor)


October 26th, 2019



lena & kara


LenaLuthor Concert made her hungry and now she wants ice-cream. We’re getting ice-cream and big belly burger, apparently.

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KDanvers <3 <3 <3 [14 likes]

sam_arias I recommend ben & jerry’s [5 likes]

kelly_oh agree with @sam_arias [1 like]




Kara Danvers (@KDanvers)


November 7th, 2019



sam lena kara 


KDanvers had a lovely night with two my girls :D

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Winn.s gays [19 likes]

niayeah oh man the way you always have people thirsting over your photos. y’all btw SHE’S TAKEN LEAVE HER ALONE [13 likes]

KDanvers @niayeah what [4 likes]

kelly_oh you three look fabulous!! pretty smiles xx

alex.danvers CUTIES 😍😍




sam arias (@sam_arias)


November 7th, 2019



sam lena kara


sam_arias third-wheeling be like

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alex.danvers her face says it all [17 likes]

niayeah LMFAOO [2 likes]






November 12th, 2019


Alex - 6:32 PM

Seriously how do you guys snag these shots of me

And why am I always drinking in these shots

And why do I never see who takes these

Why am I always the face of the gc


Nia - 6:32 PM

do you guys remember when we’d see kara typing and we’d wait and wait and we’d think the message won’t ever come

but then it DOES come, after typing for like 3 mins and her message is only like a sentence or two

or like, her replying back here @kdanvers


Alex - 6:34 PM

There’s an urban legend and they say that if you say lena three times she’ll appear


Kelly - 6:34 PM

Take a shot each time Kara disappears after our night outs and runs off to a certain someone


Sam - 6:35 PM

They’re disgusting, let them keep being disgusting.


Nia - 6:35 PM



Alex - 6:35 PM

Lena, Lena


Nia - 6:35 PM



Kara - 6:36 PM



Nia - 6:36 PM

AND SHE SURFACES. omg alex u were right

ooh she’s typing

wow are you typing an essay kara


Kara - 6:40 PM


what’s happening sorry i was with lena




Sam Arias (@sam_arias)


November 15th, 2019



lena kara


sam_arias A never-ending saga: me third-wheeling

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Winn.s you should make a new acc, call it your third-wheeling moments. i’d follow it [11 likes]

niayeah @Winn.s i’d follow it too [3 likes]

sam_arias @Winn.s @niayeah Wow I'm glad you guys find my suffering entertaining

lucy.l sorry I couldn’t be there, sweetie ;) [1 like]





[snapchat, public story]

November 17th, 2019






SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS! tonight @ my house :) - Nia


November 23rd, 2019


Alex - 4:12 PM




I drink a lot

But in my defense I’m a med student, I’m stressed often


Nia - 4:14 PM

that you are

don’t be late tonight guys. also i got nachos



Kara updated the group conversation’s picture.


Kara - 4:16 PM

there you go alex

NACHOS!!!!! nia i hope you have the jellies and stuff ready :D


Sam - 4:16 PM

We get it

You two hang out a lot and your girl’s hot


Kelly - 4:17 PM

Damn. She really is pretty, Kara. 

I feel like I say this at least three times a week.


Alex - 4:17 PM

Holy shit

I’ve never known anyone that rocks a leather jacket better than me until now

And she looks so GOOD taking a drink. 

Meanwhile I get all these nasty shots, fuck you guys


Kara - 4:17 PM


you're the best i love you


Alex - 4:17 PM

I love you too kara!!! :(


Sam - 4:18 PM

Love you alex


Kelly - 4:18 PM

Aw, don’t be sad babe. You look the best in my eyes :)


Alex - 4:18 PM




kara lena

KDanvers > Lena.L


November 24th, 2019


KDanvers - 3:31 PM


Lena.L - 4:03 PM


KDanvers - 4:10 PM


you look so soft & comfy. as you should, because it's so cold today

also um

you left your coat on my couch

and lipstick


Lena.L - 4:23 PM

Oh. I'll come by and get it later tonight, if that's fine with you?

Mm, I'm very weak against the cold so I always have to bundle up.


KDanvers - 4:25 PM

poor baby

come here more often and i'll give you all the warm cuddles


Lena.L - 4:28 PM


I'm holding you to that, darling.


KDanvers - 4:28 PM

good, good

also yeah it's fine, come tonight! my sister's hanging in my place so

you'll get to see her :D






Kara Danvers (@KDanvers)

November 24th, 2019



alex kara lena 


KDanvers my loves <3

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Kelly_oh pretty woman next to pretty woman next to pretty woman [20 likes]

sam_arias love to see it [11 likes]

niayeah aww you guys! [2 likes]



kara lena

Kara Danvers > Lena Luthor

[text message]

December 9th, 2019


Kara Danvers - 8:22 PM



so i’ve been thinking.. i pretty much have everything paid for. for my schooling, that is

which is all thanks to you

so i was thinking. you don’t have to give me money and buy me stuff anymore? um, we don’t really need to keep doing the sugar mommy/baby thing

the only reason i joined that site was because i wanted someone to pay for my uni fees

you’ve done so much for me you have no idea just how much


Lena Luthor - 8:35 PM

Oh… okay.


Kara Danvers - 8:36 PM


we’re friends you know? you're my friend

we don’t need to keep up with the sugar mommy/baby thing 

there’s no need to buy me gifts and treat me to things


Kara Danvers - 8:55 PM



Kara Danvers - 9:38 PM







December 12th, 2019


Sam - 7:48 PM

And then they were roommates


Nia - 7:48 PM

oh my god they were roommates


Kelly - 7:48 PM

Wait what for real


Kara - 7:49 PM

guys i think i screwed up


Alex - 7:50 PM

Kara, what. Where’s the body.


Nia - 7:50 PM

oh shit

i’ll get the tapes and all


Kara - 7: 51 PM

stop i’m serious :((

i’m just trying to understand what i did wrong


Alex - 7:51 PM

What happened, Kara?


Kara - 8:00 PM

it’s about lena

i told her that we didn’t have to do this whole sugar mommy/baby thing anymore

that she doesn’t have to buy me gifts and spend money on me because the only reason why i joined the site was to pay for my tuition fees

and it’s already set and paid for. like, she’s given me so MUCH more than just the cost of my uni stuff

there’s no reason to keep at it you know

and so for the past three days she hasn’t spoken to me. she’s left me on-read and i just wonder why she won’t answer me


Sam - 8:03 PM

Huh? So you just straight up told her you didn’t want her to be your sugar mommy anymore?


Kara - 8:03 PM

um.. yes?


Alex - 8:03 PM

And you said you wanted to be friends?

Kara, what even.


Sam - 8:04 PM

My head hurts


Kara - 8:04 PM


what did i do :(

i’m at the library right now trying to study but i can’t stop thinking about it


Nia - 8:05 PM

hdsxshahxhas kara you IDIOT

you don’t see it?


Kara - 8:05 PM

no i don’t. tell me what i did wrong, i’m seriously worried and i don’t wanna stop talking to her


Sam - 8:08 PM


I’m pretty sure you and lena have been going on dates FOR WEEKS. Or months?

Remember what she told you?? Oh my god. You really told her you just wanted to be friends and to stop giving you things?



Kara - 8:11 PM

wow i




kara lena

Kara Danvers > Lena Luthor

[text message]

December 12th, 2019


Kara - 8:15 PM


i’m so, so sorry

i was dumb i didn’t mean to word the things i said like that

yes, i meant the part where you didn’t have to be my sugar mommy anymore

but you know, i like it when you spoil me

i also really, really like you

an unhealthy amount

lena :(

are you around the campus right now? it’s late but i know you stay in late for your papers and stuff often

please talk to me?



Kara’s phone battery dies a minute later, and she doesn’t know if Lena will reply back to her this time. 

She takes a deep breath and slowly drags her hands down her face in her seat, groaning loudly as she does so, and several people turn to look at her. She flushes, sends them apologetic smiles and waves.

How did she not see this? 

She didn’t mean to friendzone Lena. Lena Luthor, her one and only crush. God, she’s been crushing on the woman hard ever since she spoke with her and heard her voice for the first time.

She had been so blind, and didn't see the way Lena saw and thought about her, and her friends were right to call her out for it.

It just wasn't about being a sugar baby anymore. Kara had failed to see that.

It’s a quiet and chilly night, and the campus remains eerily silent as she walks out of the library entrance. Kara readjusts the black cap over her head and walks straight along a footpath, the lamplights illuminating her path as she makes her way through. 

Honestly, Kara doesn’t know what to do. Lena hasn’t replied back to her for days and it’s been wracking her nerves so much that she realizes just how neck-deep she is in for the raven-haired woman. 

Kara is completely and utterly whipped for one Lena Luthor.

Five steps, and she passes by the science faculty building. Another five steps, and she passes by a flickering streetlight. Someone calls out to her then, and Kara instantly pauses in her tracks.

That voice deep and soothing and lovely—she knows it. It’s quickly climbed up to be one of her favourite sounds in the world.



“Hey,” Lena says, sending Kara a small, shy smile. She’s standing a couple feet away from Kara, fingers slightly tugging at her red scarf around her neck, and she tilts her head. Confusion lights in her features. “What are you doing out here? It’s late.”

Lena’s hair is down, loose and slightly tousled, and her dark hair glows under the street light. Her cheeks and nose pinks from the cold, and she’s wearing that woolly grey sweater Kara likes so much.

Lena looks so soft.

“I miss you,” Kara blurts out, her voice sounding breathless. Walks closer and closer to Lena until she’s one step away from her space.

Lena’s mouth opens and closes, licks her lips. “I miss you, too. I… saw your texts.”

Kara manages a light chuckle, face wincing. “Um. My phone died in just a minute after sending those texts, so… if you sent anything back?” She shrugs helplessly with a wry smile, rubbing her neck. “Didn’t see it.”

“I did,” Lena says, slowly, accompanied with a small nod to her head. Her lips part as her eyes flits over Kara's face. “Kara, I—”

“Lena, be my girlfriend,” Kara says. “I—I mean, if you want to, because I—okay, it took me a while to realize that we have been going on dates, doing very couple-y things, and that was extremely slow and silly of me, and you’ve been seeing it that way, and. I had been seeing it the other way, and that was silly of me because I'm—I'm terrible at reading things. I’m just sorry.” She takes a shuddering breath and adjusts her glasses, watching Lena closely. “Yeah. I want to be yours, Lena. Your girlfriend.”

“It's okay. But did you really mean what you said? Earlier...?” Lena’s voice is low and quiet, a little shaky, even, and her cheeks reddens.

“Yes,” Kara says, and takes Lena’s hand into her own. “And I don’t want to be just friends, or your sugar baby. I like it when you spoil me, not in the sugar mommy way, but in the ‘I like you, you’re my girlfriend’ kind of way. Lena, I like you so much.”


“Can I hug you?” Kara whispers, tightening her hold on Lena’s hand as her thumb brushes against Lena’s knuckles softly.

Lena’s smile slowly turns into a smirk. “Will I get a kiss if I say yes?” she asks cheekily, and Kara just laughs, pulling Lena into a warm, tight embrace. “I like you, too. But you already knew that,” she murmurs into Kara’s ear before she tucks her face into Kara’s neck, melting into the hug.

Kara lets out a soft chuckle despite her heart leaping in her chest, skipping a million beats a minute. She remains close when she pulls back to cup Lena’s face softly, drinking in how pretty Lena’s eyes look this up close, how her lips gently part when Kara looks down.

She already knows that Lena wants her to, but she still asks. Her heart feels like it’s going to burst. 

“Can I kiss you?”

Lena’s face lights up, her smile turning slightly wider before she nods. Kara leans in. When their lips meet, they do so softly. 

Her lips against Lena’s are as soft as they’ve always felt against her cheeks, which makes her immensely happy. It’s nice, the way Lena smiles into the kiss seconds later, and the way Kara, herself, can’t help but smile back. 

It makes Kara want to squish Lena.

She doesn't plan on letting Lena go any time soon.




Kara Danvers (@KDanvers)


December 14th, 2019





KDanvers i got the girl :)

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sam_arias Damn look at these comments, you just broke a bunch of people’s hearts. Living for it [23 likes]

alex.danvers Oh OH OH!!!! ABOUT TIME [14 likes]

niayeah ugh my fav soft gays, i’m emotional [12 likes]

kelly_oh Wow I don’t know why I’m suddenly crying in the club right now? [7 likes]

lucy.l I love you two. Endgame, luvs ;) [3 likes]