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Civil War - Brooklyn

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Chapter 1 Nightmares

The sounds of gunshots ring out around you as you run down the hallway of your parent’s house. You are trying to get to the safety of your room as you hear someone running after you. Shit, where are they? Just as you reach your room a pair of hands wrap around you. You start fighting against them. “Easy princess, if you play nice I won’t be so rough with you.” He drags you into the room and throws you on the bed face first. Before you can get up he is on you. You feel him groping you from behind and you struggle to get away. He puts a knee in your back and you cry out. “Stop fighting. I promise this will be good.”

“Fuck off asshole! I swear to god when my boyfriends get in here you will wish you never touched me.” He starts laughing and tries to pull your shorts down. “Doubt it. We are going to have a fun time.”

“Hey asshole, I think the lady said no.” You feel the guy get pulled off you and you turn over to see him being thrown into a wall by Bucky. The guy quickly stands up and pulls a gun on Bucky. Gunshots go off and you close your eyes assuming the worst. You hear a body drop to the ground and you scream. As soon as you feel hands on you again you open your eyes to see Bucky. Behind him is Steve holding a gun. He had arrived just in time to put two bullets in that guy. “Doll, we need to get you out of here. It’s not safe anymore.” Bucky pulls you into his arms.

“We need to go out the back. I have a car waiting so we can get her out safely.” Steve says looking at you both.

Bucky nods his head in agreement. “Doll, can you walk? Are you okay?” Bucky is looking your body over.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Where’s my father?” Silence. They just look at you. “Guys where’s my...”

Steve reloads his gun. “Doll, we don’t have time for this. We need to move now.” Bucky grabs his gun from his waistband and takes your hand. All three of you are out of your room making your way down the hall. Steve is running point making sure there is no one around corners while Bucky pulls you behind him. You make your way to the back door and see where it was kicked in. There is a body on the floor that you have to step over. Stepping over him you’re out the door and running with them down the driveway. You can see the car in sight when you hear gunfire again.

Bucky turns to start shooting at the person coming out the back. “Keep running doll. Get to the car.” You run with everything you have and reach the car with Steve who gets you in the back seat. He jumps in the front seat and you hear a few more shots before Bucky jumps in the front.

Steve pulls away from your home, speeding down the road. “We need to get her to the safe house. We can load up on ammo there and hit Hydra back once we contact the others,” Bucky then looks back at you. “Are you okay doll?”

“What is going on Bucky? Where is my father? Why were we attacked by Hydra?” At that moment the car is t-boned by another vehicle.

You wake up screaming from the nightmare in a cold sweat. That was the night that changed your life forever. That night you had lost everything. You glance at the clock to see it’s 5:35am. Great there is no way I will be able to fall back asleep.

Getting out of bed you head to the bathroom to start your day. You turn the shower on to as hot as you can tolerate it. Hoping the hot water will chase away your dreams so you can focus on the day ahead.

Once you are dried and dressed for the day you make your way to the kitchen. You grab an apple and a bottle of water off the counter. You walk in to your living room and sit down on the couch eyeing the case files on the coffee table. Sticking out at you is a crime scene photo of a couple you knew a long time ago. They were friends of your parents. Allen and Elizabeth Cooper, ages 52 and 53. They died from a single gunshot wound to the back of the head. What stands out is the Hydra logo seared into the back of their necks. It could be a warning or a statement to others. Don’t double cross Hydra.

Hydra, yes you knew them all too well. They are the reason you lost everything and everyone you loved. Your father had been a part of a crime syndicate in New York. He worked hard to build relationships within the community and keep the peace between smaller syndicates.

He controlled everything from the drugs to guns. Drugs never were sold to kids - and guns, if not sold local, would head west. But not everyone was happy with how things were run.

Then there was Hydra. They fed off of chaos. They liked to strike fear into people. They wanted a cut of the business thinking they deserved it. Your father despised them and didn’t think they were much of a threat. Underestimating them was your father’s downfall. Hydra tried many times to encroach on his territory, Brooklyn. Every time they did there was an all out war until Hydra fell into place. That is until, Brock Rumlow, aka Crossbones, came along.

You pick up his picture from the table and stare into his eyes. These were the eyes of a sadistic, evil human being. Brock tried to come onto you at one point. He thought if he could win you over that he would merge Hydra and your father’s business. He was a charmer but wouldn’t take no for an answer when you said you weren’t interested. He started stalking you and that’s where your dad stepped in and hired them.

Your heart starts to ache at the thought of Steve Rogers and James “Bucky” Barnes. You grew up with them in the same neighborhood in Brooklyn. Your father had taken them in when they were teens. Bucky’s father, who was your father’s right hand man, was killed in an FBI raid. Steve lost his dad when he was a kid. He had his mom up until she fell ill and passed away. Your dad apparently had loved Steve’s mother - Sarah back when they were younger but he wanted her to have someone better than him.

In a way, your dad taking them in was not only settling debts but to you it was a blessing. You couldn’t get enough of them. Steve with his blond hair and blue eyes had a smile that could win any girl over. He was sweet to you but when push comes to shove he had a darker side. Bucky, brown hair and blue eyes could charm the pants off of any dame. He was a shoot-first-ask-questions-later kind of guy. He was also sweet on you but was rougher around the edges. To you they were perfect.

When your dad hired them to protect you, you were 19, Steve was 20 and Bucky was 21. Your dad didn’t like you flirting with them and use to threaten them all the time to keep their hands to themselves. But that never stopped you three from the relationship that eventually developed.

It was hot, rough, raw but also passionate. They took care of you, not only by protecting you, but they made sure you wanted for nothing. The guys were not into each other. They made that clear from day one. They were best friends but wanted the same woman. Since you couldn’t choose between them you took both to bed. Life was perfect for the first two years and then Hydra happened.

The nightmare that plagues you nightly is the reason why you decided to take the job you have. After your father was murdered by Brock Rumlow, the guys were taking you to the safe house. That was until you got hit by an SUV driven by Hydra.

The car you were in spun out of control. “Hang on doll,” Steve yells as he finally got the car under control.

Bucky looked back at you, “Keep your head down.” Both men jumped out of the vehicle and started shooting at the SUV. You watched as the two Hydra men in the SUV slump over. Steve and Bucky jump back into your SUV and speed off to the safe house. As soon as you all arrived Bucky was making phone calls to their people letting them know what happened.

Steve steers you to the living room and has you sit down. “Hey, y/n are you okay? No wounds?” You stare at him and shake your head. Steve wraps his arms around you and holds you close to him. He kisses your forehead, “I’m sorry about your dad. Hydra is going to pay for what they did. I swear it.” Bucky walks in and sits to your other side lightly rubbing your back. You sat in silence as you waited for their team to show up.

If you would have known that was the last time you would see them you would have done things differently. The three of you could have run away and lived anywhere in the world in peace. That’s what you always talked about. They were supposed to come back that night. Both had promised that once Hydra was taken care things would be different. Steve and Bucky had kissed you goodbye and you never saw them again.

Word had come back that Hydra captured them and tortured them to death. Hydra wanted you and the boys never gave up your location. Their bodies were never found and you were left alone.

After that you left Brooklyn and put yourself through college. You graduated with a bachelor’s degree with the highest honor you can receive. Then you went to the FBI so you could become an agent. Your goal was simple. Take down Hydra.

Here you are 10 years after that night working a case that has Hydra written all over it. You have big plans when you get to the office today. Enough information to go to your superior and convince him Hydra is back on the radar again. You glance at the photo of you with Steve and Bucky on the table. Your heart breaks for what it can’t have but you will take down Hydra even if it kills you.

You pick up a notepad you were writing on before you went to bed after midnight. Scribbled down in your notes was a group called the Avengers. Apparently they are trying to make a name for themselves in Brooklyn. You follow your notes to two names that you have been hearing about on the streets. They are two men, possibly brothers, who run the Avengers. They’re ruthless and taking the Brooklyn area over, a little at a time. They are Hydras’ number 1 (on the list of targets/ enemy) and there have been many deaths on Hydras side. You know another war is going to break out soon. You just need to figure out the identity of these guys, The Captain and Winter Soldier.

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Chapter 2 A plan in motion

You arrived at the FBI field agency in New York, NY around 7 am. You got off on the 23rd floor and made your way down the hallway to where your office was. The morning crowd had started to filter in for the day and you spotted Agent John Williams. He was 6’1, nicely built, brown hair and blue eyes. He has asked you on more dates then you can count but he just wasn’t your type. He is walking your way with coffee in hand. “Good Morning Agent Y/L/N, you are early today. To what do we owe this honor?”

You put on your best fake smile and stopped, “I don’t like morning people, or mornings, or people.”You pushed past him and walked into your office.

“Well aren’t we just two scoops of grumpy in bowl full of bitchy this morning. Did someone get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning,” Agent Williams followed you into your office.

“Is there such thing as a right side of the bed,” you dropped your case files onto your desk

He stepped forward handing you a coffee, “I think you need this more than me.”

Taking it from him you smiled, “Thank you and sorry it’s been a long morning already. I was going over the case files all night. I think I’m on about 4 hours of sleep.”

Taking a seat in front of your desk, “Did you get anywhere with the files you took home? I may have found a connection on my end with a case I’m working that might link Hydra.”

“Funny you say that. I was looking over everything again before I came in and not only can I place Hydra at my murder but I found out some interesting information. I was coming in early to see if the Assistant Director could meet the task force for a meeting.”

Agent Williams gets up and starts to walk out “I will start rounding everyone up if you head to the Directors office. We could get everyone in there probably in 30 minutes?”

Checking the time on your phone you look up at him, “Yeah let’s try to aim for that.” You walk around your desk and head out to the hallway. You walk to the end of the hall where a large office is. You see the larger framed man sitting at his desk typing away. You knock on his door. “Assistant Director Harold Richards, do you have a minute?”
He stops typing and looks up from his computer at you.”Agent Y/L/N, you are in early today. What can I assist you with?”

Sauntering into his office you smile at him. “You are the second person asking why I’m here early. I guess I could start showing up late again. I don’t want to throw anyone’s mornings off.

Richards’s laughs, “No, I’m delighted you are early. I would hate to have to yell at you again.”

“Yelling before coffee is scary.” You cringe. “Anyways, I’m here because I went over the case you gave me. The Coopers Murder in Brooklyn from the other day. I believe it was a Hydra execution. I wanted to bring the task force together to go over it. I ran into Agent Williams and he feels like there is connection as well with his case.”

Richards leans back in his chair. “This is great, let’s round everyone up. Say in the next 20 minutes. I will reserve conference room 1.”

“Thank you Sir. See you in a few.” You turn and walk out of his office and start heading back the way you came. You stop at the office that’s next to yours, Agent Williams.

“Richards said meeting in 20. I need to make a phone call and then I will be right down there.”

“Alright Y/L/N I will grab what I need and start heading that way.” Agent Williams starts grabbing files on his desk as you turn to walk through your door.

You had gotten a tip from someone in Brooklyn about these mystery men, The Captain and Winter Soldier. They had left a message on your phone. It seemed rushed. You weren’t sure if they would answer but you wanted to try anyways. You pick up your cell and dial the number. The phone rings 4 times before someone pickups. “Hello?”

“Hi, my name is Agent Y/L/N with the FBI. I’m looking for a Luke Owens?” You hear the person cuss under their breath. You continued, “You left a message on my phone yesterday and I was wondering if you had a minute to talk.”

“Shit, yeah, I’m gonna be honest I didn’t expect a call back. I don’t want to get involved or anything. I have a family to think about, ya know? I just got home from a long shift and…”

Hearing the hesitation you press on, “Luke if now is not a good time to talk I can meet you.”

“Speak with a fed in public? Lady you must be out of your mind. If I get seen with you I’m dead. I think this was a big mistake…”

Interrupting him now, “Luke, listen. I’m not going to get you killed. I just need more information that’s all. You said something about a new group moving into Brooklyn’s territory. I just need to know more about them. I can meet you today at Brooklyn Café. I will come in street clothes so no one will know. I just need this information.”

“Fuck, okay, listen. Meet me there at noon. If you are just a minute late I walk.” He hangs up on you.

Well at least you got a time. This could be huge. It could give you key players in this group. Might make it easier to know who you were dealing with when you go back to Brooklyn. You could stop by some familiar places. It’s been 10 years since you went back. So many emotions were trying to come forward in your head but you took a deep breath and pushed them back down. You gather up your files and head out to the conference room.



The conference room is a decent size and fits your task force. It’s a small group but it’s for the best as you don’t want a leak to tip off Hydra. The task force is you, Agent Williams, Agent Baker, Agent Miller and Agent Rollins. The Assistant Director walks in and takes a seat at the head of the table. “Thank you everyone for meeting so early in the morning. I’ve talked to Agent Y/L/N and she has informed me she has some information to share, along with Agent Williams. Agent Y/L/N you can have the floor.”

Standing up you walk to the other end of the table looking at everyone. “As you know I was given the murder case of Allen and Elizabeth Cooper the other day. I started going over the crime scene photos and preliminary autopsy report. The photo that I’m about to pass around shows the neck of both victims. The burn mark is that of Hydra’s sign. It was burned into them before execution according to the report.” You pass the photo of the victims to Agent Miller and a photo of the Hydra logo. “As you can see it is a match. This is the logo we have seen all across the Brooklyn and surrounding areas.”

The director takes the photos in his hands to look them over. “What do you think this means? Are they trying to send a message?”

“Yes Sir, I think it was a message. You see, I also know the victims.” Everyone looks up at you at that point.

Agent Rollins speaks up “What do you mean you knew them? Like were you close?”

“No, I wouldn’t say I was close. But, they were friends of my father and Allen Cooper was his accountant.”

The director shakes his head “You know this could cause issues having you on this case. Are you okay to handle it or do I need to hand this off?”

“Sir, I won’t have any emotional connections to this if that is what you are asking. I wanted you to be aware that I knew them as a child.”

The director nods his head and you continue. “I think Hydra is trying to take out people that were close to my father. My father’s right hand man was murdered when I was a teen. He never replaced him. The Consigliere was murdered 10 years ago. The Capos were targeted after the war between my family and Hydra. That left the soldiers, the lawyer, accountant and a few associates. The soldiers were killed in a fire in a Brooklyn warehouse along with some associates. The associates that didn’t die flipped to Hydra. That left Allen Cooper who was just murdered. The only people in direct relation to this family, my family, are the lawyer, the butcher and me.”

Richards clears his throat, “Do you know the name of the lawyer and the butcher? Do we know if they are alive?”

“Bobby “Knuckles” Armstrong is the butcher and then there is Callen Finn the lawyer. I think Hydra is either trying to bury the past or get me to come back.”

Agent Williams speaks up “Well we have a problem then. My case that I have is Callen Finn. Went missing two days ago and hasn’t been heard from. No bank transactions, no cell phone calls, nothing. It’s like he walked out of the courtroom and vanished. The only reason why I thought to bring him up is what the wife had told me. She handed me this letter. Said they received it two days before her husband went missing. She wasn’t sure what it meant as they were just married. Lucky guy married someone half his age.”
Rolling your eyes “Callen did like the younger women. What did the letter say?”

Agent Williams pulls out a letter from his files that is in an evidence bag. He hands it to you as he speaks “There are no prisoners with Hydra. Just order and order only comes…”

“From pain”, you said. “This is definitely Hydra. They probably already killed Callen. It’s just the waiting game to see where his body turns up.”

“Have you heard that quote before Agent Y/L/N?” Agent Williams asks.

Looking at the writing you see the Hydra logo at the bottom of the note. You close your eyes and it’s like you are standing in front of Brock all those years ago. “Yeah, I heard it more than I like to admit. Brock Rumlow said it a lot. Those who didn’t fall in line were executed. We need to focus on finding Bobby “Knuckles” Armstrong. Problem is unless you know who to talk with you won’t find him. Guy can make anyone disappear.”

“And do you know where you can find him agent?” The director inquired.

“I can get to him but you aren’t going to like how.”

The director looks around the room, “Can you all please step out while I have a word with Agent Y/L/N.?” They get up and walk out of the conference room. Agent Williams is the last to leave and shuts the door. “Okay Agent, I’m all ears.”

“I knew this task force was doing the right thing and trying to take down Hydra the legal way. Problem is if you get close they already know what we are doing. I think Hydra has a mole in the agency. If I’m being honest I think it’s someone on the task force.”

Richards looks at you, “I’ve been thinking the same thing since our failed raid a week ago. There is no way they should have known we were coming. What do you propose?”

“I think you need to let me go in undercover,” you say with such conviction that you are surprised you’re not nervous.

“Agent Y/L/N I’m not sure that is a good idea. Hydra and Rumlow already know who you are. It would be a suicide mission. I won’t allow that.”

“Director listen to me, please. Everyone already knows I’m on thin ice in the bureau. I come in late, I’m reckless, I have a tendency to get physical in the field and let’s not start with my last psych evaluation. Plus there is my past. Bigger question is why do you keep sweeping it under the rug and putting me out there?” You didn’t realize you had raised your voice at him.

Richards stands up and walks over to you, “Yes I know how you are. You also have a brilliant mind. You do remarkable work until Hydra pulls something in Brooklyn. It’s like your mind can’t focus on anything but them. I know you want your revenge. I know what they took from you and I know your past. But you can’t let them cloud your judgment. Despite your negatives you are my top agent. So what do we need to do to find this butcher?”

You feel tears burning your eyes at what he said. You never knew the director thought that highly of you.

“Like I said before I need to go undercover. Yes, Hydra and Brock know me. But I have been thinking about this a long time. We won’t get anywhere trying to jump through hoops. You need to fire me or frame me.”

“What? I will NOT agent,” the director yells at you but you interrupt him.

“Just listen. If I go in as a federal agent no one will talk to me. If I go in there as Y/F/N Y/L/N then I can get somewhere. Fire me. Frame me. Make it that I was funneling money through bank accounts. Add that I was caught selling weapons to an undercover agent and put out a warrant for me. I will then go to Brooklyn to hide out. I can go get an apartment over there under a different name with no questions. Once Hydra finds out that I have nowhere to go and I’m back in the area they will come for me. Brock will come for me. He doesn’t want me dead Sir. I’m the prize that got away 10 years ago. I have plenty of money from my parent’s estate and I have connections still. I can work this but I’m going to need time. As I get evidence I will be in contact with you.”

Richards turns around and takes a deep breath. He is looking out the conference room window at his agents. This is his task force that he put together years ago. Knowing that one of them is a mole crushes him. He feels like he let you down as he knows what Hydra being brought down means. He was warned about hiring you the daughter of a mob boss. But, he saw potential. He saw the fire burning in your eyes when you declared you would be the one to take them down. He turns back around and looks at you. “We will set up a gun deal tonight. I want you to go out and act like you are following a lead. I want you to get what you need in order so you can disappear tonight. Get as much money as you can in cash as you know they will freeze your accounts. Have a bag ready to run. What time should we do this?”

“I have to meet someone in Brooklyn at noon. After that it won’t take me long to get things in order. You know I have the bare essentials in my apartment. I need my hands on guns. Guns that the agency won’t know that is missing now. Give me that and I have a buyer I can contact locally. He owes me a huge favor so he won’t care if he gets caught as long as you release him.”

Richards smiles, “I probably don’t want to know why he owes you do I?”

You laugh, “Better that you not know Sir.”

“Okay agent, your weapons will be at a safe house. There is an apartment on Charlton Street. I will write it down for you. In the dining room under the rug is loose flooring. Pull that up and you will have enough guns to make this look good. I know this isn’t easy for you to go back to that life but I have no doubt you will pull this off.” He writes the address down and hands you a paper.

“Thank you Sir I won’t let you down. Hydra is going to crumble when I’m through.” You grab your files and head out. This is going to be one of the hardest things that you have ever done. You knew that something like this would have to happen one day. Hydra was smart you would have to bring them down from inside. No matter what the cost. You go to the elevator and start going over everything that needs to be done. You ride the elevator to the lobby and walk out of the FBI building and cross the street to get to the parking garage.

You reach the parking garage and start to walk down one level to where you are parked. You are trying to pull up an email on your phone and crash into someone on the stairs. You fall on your ass and papers go everywhere. “Shit, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” You scramble to collect the papers and see the person’s hands on the ground doing the same. You look up when you are handed the papers and you just stare into blue eyes. You feel your stomach drop.

He stares at you never saying anything. His lower part of his face was covered by some bizarre mask and it freaked you out for a second. He takes off up the stairs before you can say anything else. Bucky? “Wait please don’t go!” But he was already gone. You walk to your car and unlock it. You look back to the stairs. There is no way that was him. He is dead. They are both dead. You get in your car and try to steady your breathing. It was probably a figment of your imagination again.


He made it up the stairs quickly hearing you call after him. Shit that was too close. She shouldn’t even be out of the building yet. He jumps into the parked passenger’s side of the SUV. He pulls the lower mask off.

“Did you put the tracker on her car? Hey, are you okay?”

Looking at Steve he exhales. “She literally ran into me.”

Steve looks terrified “did she recognize you?”

“No thank god I had this on. She is never out this early so she might be following up a lead.” They look out the windshield and watch you drive by.

“Let’s call Clint to follow her today. We don’t need her making us out yet,” Steve sighs.

Bucky shakes his head, “you know she is going to be pissed when we finally confront her.”

Steve turns the car on, “yeah punk, I know. But we will deal with that later. Right now we need contact Raymond about getting our hands on some guns. We need to be ready to strike Hydra when the time is right.” Their SUV pulls out of the parking lot and heads back to Brooklyn.

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Chapter 3 A plan gone wrong

You walk into the small studio apartment that you have called home for almost a year. You throw your keys on the counter along with the case files and your wallet. You were never the purse kind of girl and loved the simplicity of a wallet in your jeans pocket. Course, that simplicity is something that carried over into your everyday life. Your apartment was 500 sq feet. One bedroom, one bath, a living room/dining room and kitchen. You didn’t need anything else. No pictures on the wall, no closets over flowing with clothes and shoes. What would you need all that for? You didn’t go clubbing and lord knew you wouldn’t date. The right man just didn’t exist. Not since them.

You never stayed at a place longer than 2 years. It was easy to move what little you had to your name and rent a furnished apartment. You walk over to the couch and plop down. The picture of you, Steve and Bucky was still on the coffee table. You played with a ring they gave you on your right ring finger. It was a simple band with each of your birthstones on it. It was a symbol of your relationship with the two people you had loved. A symbol of what was once a promising future and now you will never have that again. Love, no it definitely wasn’t for you anymore.

Tonight everything will change. You will come face to face with your enemy. God only knew how much you wanted to murder the bastard. Who knew, maybe you could. Yes, you worked for the federal government but as they say a leopard will never change its spots.

You got off the couch and walked to the bedroom. You bent down to pull a duffle back from under the bed. Throwing it on the bed you begin to take underwear and socks from the dresser and stuff the bag. You go to your closet and grab clothes that would be easy to run with, Jeans and t-shirts. You change out of your work clothes and throw on a pair of jeans, tank top and grab a red Henley shirt that belonged to Bucky. You then grab a hoodie that was Steve’s and throw that over the shirt. Comfort is what you needed to make it through the day. You threw on your black work boots to complete the outfit. You brought the bag to the living room and tucked the picture of you and the guys in it. You go to the bathroom to grab your toiletries and stuff them in your bag. You grab your black leather coat from the back of a chair and place that in the top of the duffle bag. You’re packed now how sad you can fill your life into one duffle bag.

You grabbed your duffle bag, case files, wallet and keys and took one last look around. You left the apartment and went down to your car. You threw everything in your back seat and jumped in the front. You pulled into traffic and went straight to the bank.


You arrived at the bank and parked out front. You opened your trunk and grabbed a small backpack. Heading inside you noticed a SUV that had followed you from the apartment. You made note of it. Inside you went over to speak with a manager. A man came over smiling as you walked in, “hello, Y/N, how are you today?”

You smiled back, “hi Ted. I need to get into my safe deposit box and I need to make a large withdrawal.” Ted knew you from your Brooklyn days and had left there when he turned 18. He knew your family and never questioned anything you needed. “How much are you going to take out?”

“I will need $50,000 in cash. The rest of it I need transferred to this account where it can’t be traced by the feds. I need this done in the next 15 minutes as I’m under a time line.”

Ted takes the paper you pushed towards him and looks at it. “Not a problem let me get you to your safety deposit box.” You both walk out to the vault and go inside. You hand him your key and he opens the box. He pulls out the large box inside and hands it to you. You go to a room to open it in private. You pull out a few fake ids, a passport, burner cell phone, $50,000 cash and two guns. Both not registered. You pocket the phone, throw everything else in the backpack and lock the box up. You walk back out and Ted takes the box from you to put up. He walks you back to his office where he starts the process to pull out the cash you need and transfer the rest. He works quickly as you keep an eye out on the people coming and going. Thankfully he worked quickly and got what you needed done. The money you withdrew goes in the backpack with the rest. You stand to leave, “Thank you Ted.” He stands up to shake your hand “anytime sweetheart.”

You walk outside and notice the same SUV still parked. You act like you don’t notice it and throw the backpack back in the backseat. You can’t think of who would be following you. But you decide to let them follow you to your next place. The clock readout was after 11am so you decided to head to the cafe in Brooklyn.


You pull up in front of the little cafe 30 minutes later. You tuck your service weapon in the waist under your shirt. You walk in and take the booth in the far back and wait. Twenty minutes goes by and you see a tall, skinny guy walk in looking around. You nod your head towards him and he walks to the table to sit. “You Luke?”

The guy looks stressed out “yeah, look we need to make this quick. Ask your question so I can get out of here. I think I’m being followed”

“I need to know what you have heard or know about this new group Avengers coming into Brooklyn. Mainly I need the two main guys The Captain and Winter Soldier.”

Luke leans forward and speaks in a hushed tone, “look I don’t know much. After the war between your family and Hydra all hell broke out. A year later after that war these two dudes show up. No one knows them; they wear these masks over the lower part of their face to keep their identities hidden.”

Mask? Shit did I run into one today at the parking garage, you think to yourself.

“Look Agent is it? I don’t know them other than they have helped to push hydra out of our neighborhoods. It’s taken a while but they are doing more than the police.”

The door to the cafe chimes and Luke freaks out. “Look I have said enough, I’m out of here.” Before you could say anything he is gone. Damn it. You walk back outside to get in your car. You pull the burner phone out of your pocket and make a phone call to your middle man, Raymond. Phone picks up on first ring, “yeah?”

“Raymond? It’s y/f/n y/l/n.”

“Well you are the last person I thought I would ever hear from. What can I do for you y/n,” he replies.

“I have some guns I need to offload. Top stuff, never used, unregistered. You have a buyer that is in need? Maybe a group that is in Brooklyn?”

He chuckles, “just so happens I have one. Group needs them. You have enough to go around?”

“Raymond, I wouldn’t be calling if I didn’t. Get me a buyer and a time. I will bring my stock. You know I’m good for it.”

“That I do y/n. Word is the FBI is looking for you. Heard you were laundering money and maybe working with Hydra. Is this true or are you playing me?”

“Raymond, last thing I would do is go against someone I have known my whole life. I was at work this morning when I heard my name come up. They found out I was selling guns on the side and running money through different accounts. They wanted to chat with me but I left before they could question me. I’m just trying to get rid of the rest of my stock so I can lay low.”

Silence on the line. Please buy it. “Okay, y/n, I will call you back with the buyer information. Give me a little bit.” With that he hung up. You pulled out a piece of paper that Richards gave you with the safe house address. You headed that way to get the guns.


You had gotten to the safe house within 15 minutes and pulled into the garage. You opened the trunk and walked into the dining room where the guns were going to be under the floor. You pulled the floor boards up and sure enough there were a ton of guns stashed like the director said. You started pulling them out and loading them in the trunk. It took you a good 20 minutes to load the entire trunk. You had everything from hand guns to shotguns and rifles. This would make any buyer happy. Your phone rings and you pick up. “Yes.”

“Buyer said they will meet you at 8pm at a warehouse in Brooklyn. I’m texting you the address.”

He hangs up on you again and your phone chimes. Perfect. Hydra is within your grasp. Soon they will be buying from you and you will be able to take them down. Maybe you won’t have to go undercover after all. You call Richards and relay the time and place to him. You tell him you are packed and ready to run if things go south. He let you know the plan was in motion on his side. He informs you that as soon as you left he had bank accounts made in your name. They looked like you have funneled money through these accounts and that you are wanted for questioning. He let the task force know a tip came in that you might be selling guns to Hydra tonight. Once this sale goes down he would terminate your employment and you would be able to start your undercover work. You hang up the cell phone and break it. You didn’t want the bureau tracking your regular phone. You walk out to the car and throw the broken phone in the glove box and along with your service weapon. You grab one of your unregistered guns out of the backpack and place it in your waistband. You take the burner cell out of your pocket and set an alarm. You decided to get some sleep now since you didn’t know when you would be able to get some after tonight.


Your phone wakes you up just before 7pm. You get to your car and head out towards the warehouse. You want to be there first so you know the ins and outs of the place. You are a little anxious but you can’t wait to come face to face with the enemy.

You arrive at the warehouse and wait. You see two SUVs pull up and a black Lexus. Raymond gets out of the Lexus. You pull your hoodie over your head and get out.
He walks over to you and shakes your hand. “Y/n it has been far too long. I’m glad you are looking well. I have come to make sure you have the merchandise?”

You pop the trunk, “go take a look for yourself.” Your eyes never leave the SUVs. Raymond goes to look in the trunk briefly and whistles. He walks towards the SUVs to signal them to come out. Four people jump out of the SUVs. Two men, tall and built wearing lower face masks walk toward you. While a red head female and short haired brunette man stayed back. This is definitely not Hydra and not what you were expecting.

“Y/n, I would like to introduce you to your new buyer. The Captain and Winter Soldier. They made an offer I know you won’t be able to refuse.”

The one called Winter Soldier throws a duffle bag in front of you. The Captain goes to walk by you to go to the trunk and you lock eyes. Staring at you are beautiful blue eyes that take your breath away. This is just your head playing with you but you swear you have seen them before. He looks in the trunk and nods. The woman and man come over and start unloading the trunk. You grab the duffle bag and open it. Cash, you guess at least $100,000. You notice the Captain and Winter Soldier are just staring at you.

You walk over to them. “So who are you guys really? I heard you are pushing Hydra out of Brooklyn. You do realize Hydra will come after you. You cut one head off the snake and two more grow back. You really want to gamble your lives over territory?”

The Captain steps closer to you and you can barely hear him say “what’s it to you?”

You look him in his eyes. It can’t be. “Hydra won’t stop. It’s your funeral if you keep pushing. I should know I lost the loves of my life.”

You continue to just stare at him until you hear your name called. “Y/N, FBI show us your hands.” You spin around and see the task force has showed up. Shit. I forgot.

The Captain grabs you harshly by the arm. “You set us up?”

You quickly knee him in the stomach and swing your arm down to break the hold on your arm. You run to your car to grab your bags when gun shots ring out. The Winter Soldier had grabbed their bag of money back while the red head and brunette open fire on the task force. Soon as you grab your backpack and duffle bag and you take off running away from the fight. The Captain, Winter Soldier and their two people continue firing their weapons at the task force making the task force drop back for cover. Raymond had already disappeared before the shooting began. You are out the back of the warehouse and running down the pavement to get to the road. Maybe you can hot wire a car or something. Next thing you hear is the screeching tires. The SUVs come barreling from the warehouse and are heading your way. Shit. You take your gun out and start firing at the first one. It didn’t do you any good as the SUVs surround you. The Winter Soldier jumps out and points his gun at you.

“Get in the vehicle now!” He yells at you. You grab your bags and walk over to his side. He opens the door and pushes you in with your bags. He hops back in and the SUV peels away as the task force is shooting at you. You notice the Captain is driving like a mad man. “Where are we going? What do you want with me?” You yell at them. They ignore you. Great, wonderful I’m captured by mad men. This plan wasn’t going like it was suppose to. You sit back and try to figure out where you are going. About 15 minutes goes by and things start looking familiar.

You end up driving to a neighborhood you know all too well. There is no way in hell you are going here but sure enough you pull into the drive way of your parent’s house. The SUVs pull into the garage. The Captain and Winter Soldier step out and your door is opened. You are roughly pulled from the back seat. “What the hell asshole? Don’t you fucking touch me.” You slap him across the face and the Winter Soldier is having none of it. He picks you up before you can protest and throws you over his shoulder. You are screaming every cuss word you can think of at them. The Captain, Winter Soldier and you go into the house. You see the red head and brunette hang back outside smirking at you. Shit this isn’t good.

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Chapter 4 Face to Face with your past
You are brought into the living room and dropped on the couch. “Son of a bitch,” you yell. The Winter Soldier goes over to the Captain and they start talking. They keep glancing at you as they talk to one another. You can’t make out what they are saying so you stand up to confront them. “Hey, assholes! What am I doing here? I don’t know what you want but you have your guns. You took your cash back so just let me go.” That got their attention. 
The Captain walks over to you and you have to look up at him. “You have caused a lot of trouble tonight.” You hold your breath at how close he is to you. He looks at the hoodie you are wearing and reaches to touch it but pulls back before he touches you.  “You are going to answer our questions to the best of your ability. Got it?” 
You smirk at him, “and why would I do that? I have no guarantee I’m getting out of this alive.” 
He leans forward and you are practically nose to nose. “Listen doll, we aren’t going to hurt you. We just need to know what you are up to.” Soon as he said doll your eyes light up.
“Steve? Is that you?” You watch him as he takes a few steps back away from you and the Winter Soldier walks up next to him. You stare at them both unsure what to do next. Hesitating for a moment, “Please tell me who you are. Are you Steve? I will tell you whatever you want to know but I need to know who you really are.” 
The Captain and Winter Soldier glance around each other then back at you. Something is off you can sense it in their body language.
“Are you them? Steve...Bucky…? I can’t take the mind tricks anymore.” You sink into the couch and can feel your eyes start to water up. This is just your mind playing with you. Of course it’s not them. They are dead! They wouldn’t lie to you. Just focus damn it. 
Sensing movement you glance up and see them both approach you. The Captain sits in front of you while the Winter Soldier sits next to you. You look between them confused. Your stomach drops as you watch them both slowly pull off their masks. 
You are not sure if you were screaming in your head or out loud as you come face to face with your past. This can’t be. How in the hell? Your mind goes a mile a minute trying to understand how they can be in front of you. 
“It’s us doll,” Steve whispers. He slowly grabs your hand and squeezes it. You look at Steve and then at Bucky. You pull your hand away quickly. 
 “How is this possible? You’re supposed to be dead!” You lean forward and slap Steve across his face. He looks at you in shock as his hand touches where you just hit him. You look at Bucky and slap him as you get up to put distance between them.
Bucky looks pissed off that you slapped him. He goes to stand up and Steve stands in between you both. You know better than to hit him. That is one rule he had in your relationship with him.
You watch them as they just stand there, unsure what to do next. You feel like you could actually kill them for what they have done to you. They lied this entire time to you. 
“How could you do this to me? I thought you loved me! How could you leave me and make me think you were dead for 10 years?” You are screaming at them. This can’t be real. It has to be a dream. The men you loved would never do this to you. Steve walks up to you with his hands up and you decide to strike him again. It’s like you just snapped and couldn’t control yourself. You are slapping him as tears are falling down your face. 
This wasn’t love. How could it have been? Your heart was broken again. Bucky inserts himself in between you and Steve trying to calm you down, but you just start slapping him instead. 
 Bucky grabs you forcibly by the arms and slams you to his chest. You feel like you can’t breathe. Is it the stress or his hold? You’re not really sure. He drags you back to the couch and pulls you into his lap. He is holding you against his chest as you try to struggle. “Shhh doll, it’s okay. Let us explain.”
“Fuck you Barnes and Fuck you Rogers! I don’t care what your excuses are you lied to me. I hate you, I HATE YOU both!” You are sobbing uncontrollably. 
Steve is watching you both unsure of what to do. He hates seeing you cry. This was their fault for lying. If they could have told you the truth they would have but there was no other option at the time but to lie. It was for your protection. 
Bucky is rocking you in his lap, kissing your temple and trying to comfort you to the best of his ability. “Doll you need to breathe.”
You are breathing fast. It’s like you can’t think straight, you can’t breathe. The world is spinning out of control and all you can do is spin with it. The tears are blinding. You can barely see Steve move to your side. 
Steve sits next to you both on the couch and starts wiping your tears away. “Please doll, try to relax. You are going to hyperventilate if you don’t get your breathing under control.” He kisses your tear soaked cheeks.
Just like that, you can’t help but to relax in Bucky’s hold. Feeling his lips on your cheeks makes you take a shuddering breath in and out. How can you surrender yourself so quickly to these liars? Bucky joins Steve and he starts kissing your neck slowly. 
You melt into them, at the feeling it starts to stir within you. God you have missed this, missed them. Their lips are so perfect. How could they break your heart and piece it back together this quickly. They always knew how to relax you when you got upset. You let out a deep breath. 
Steve pulls back as he watches Bucky softly nuzzle your neck “that’s it y/n, deep breath in and out. Good girl.” 
You close your eyes and lean your head into Bucky. How can this be real? This has to be a dream. You have so many emotions running through you. Between Bucky kissing you on the head and Steve’s hands caressing your legs you sigh. Slowly opening your eyes you look at Steve. “I hate that you can do this to me.” 
Steve smirks at you “and what’s that doll?” He lets his hand wander up your leg and lightly squeezes your thigh. 
You look between both of them, “I’m mad at you but I want you. It’s been so long since I last felt your lips or touch on me. I need to feel you both to know this is real.” 
Bucky grabs your face with both hands and starts kissing you. The kiss immediately deepens between you both. It was passionate, sweet and low. You let out a moan against his lips and he breaks the kiss. Bucky smiles at you, knowing what his kiss has done to you. “Why don’t you give Stevie a kiss doll. I bet he would love to feel your pretty lips.”
Steve leans forward at that comment and you lean into him.  Steve grabs you and you both start kissing more forcibly then you and Bucky. You are all tongue and teeth fighting for control. Steve was always about dominance and you let him have it. 
You can feel Bucky’s hands are roaming your body. He reaches under your tops and grabs your breast, you groan into the kiss with Steve. You break the kiss with him. “God, I have to have you both. Please I need you, I need to feel you.”
Steve gets off the couch and pulls you up in front of him. “You have no idea how long we have waited to hear you say that.” 
Bucky stands up behind you and kisses your neck, “have you fucked anyone else?”
You look at Steve and Bucky with a dirty look, “no I haven’t whored around if that’s what you want to know. It’s only been you two. For 10 years there was no one else. Why have you?”
Steve shakes his head, “never doll. There has only been you. You are the only one who can ride this cock.” 
You look at Bucky and he grabs your ass roughly, “I haven’t been with any other dame. You belong to me, to us. My cock will only be buried in you. I can’t wait to fuck your pussy. What about you Steve?” 
Steve rubs his hand over your clothed mound. “I bet you feel just as tight as ever. You gonna squeeze my cock good while I fuck you?”
You moan at the feeling of them. “God yes, I need these clothes off and you both naked now.” 
Steve drags you out of the living room and down the hallway. You reach the master bedroom and look at the enormous bed there. You walk over to it and sit down. Your nerves are starting to get to you as you look up at them. “Doll, are you okay?” Bucky comes over and sits next to you. “Talk to me.”
You bite your lip and look at Steve then him, “it’s been so long. What if you don’t find me attractive anymore? I mean I’ve changed. I just don’t want to be a disappointment.”
Steve walks over and sits next to you. He grabs your hand and kisses your palm, “y/n you will never be a disappointment. Trust me when I say we missed you and I know I can’t wait to see you naked.” 
Bucky touches your arm lightly “sweetheart you know we want you. So let us. I want to worship your body.”
You nod your head and let out a sigh. You can do this. It’s just your guys. “Okay.”
Steve is the first to grab the sweatshirt you are wearing and quickly pulls it off you, “I will take back MY sweatshirt.” He throws it on the floor and starts kissing down your jaw. You tilt your head back and sigh. 
You feel Bucky’s breath against your ear as he whispers, “and I will take MY shirt back while we are at it.” He tears you out of that and you are left in your tank top, jeans and boots. 
Steve pulls you into his lap and you straddle him. You grind your hips into his growing erection and he groans. You both start making out and grinding into each other. You feel yourself becoming aroused the more you press up against him. You moan into the kiss and Steve uses that moment to slide his tongue in your mouth. The kiss deepens and he dominates you. 
You feel your tank top being pulled up your body by Bucky. You are forced to break the kiss and the tank top goes flying. Bucky quickly unlatches your bra and it slides off you. They both exhale at the sight of you and all you see is lust in their eyes.
Steve bends down and takes your breast into his mouth hungrily. He starts sucking on your nipple and you arch your back at the feeling, moaning his name as you feel yourself getting more worked up. 
Bucky pulls your boots off as he watches you and Steve. He has missed this, seeing you coming undone in front of him is making him hard. 
Steve pulls away from your nipple with a pop and makes you stand up. He unbuttons you’re jeans and slowly pulls the zipper down. He turns you to Bucky who pulls them over hips and down your legs. You step out of them and stand before them in just your black lacy boy shorts. 
Steve slaps your ass making you cry out an, “ahhh.” 
Bucky pulls you into his lap and you start kissing him with more fervor. Bucky was different then Steve. He let you have the control you needed in that moment. You moved to kiss his neck and lightly ran your teeth over him causing him to push your hips into him more. 
You kiss your way to his ear and lightly bite him just the way he likes. That causes him to snap and he flips your position making you land on your back. Buck starts kissing down your neck and stops at your breasts. He takes a nipple in his mouth sucks hard while lightly pinching the other one. You arch your back and whimper. He smiles against you and continues his descent down your stomach. 
You look at Steve who is standing up and stripping his clothes off. He is staring at you with desire in his eyes as he watches Bucky reach your mound and kiss your clothed pussy. Steve loves seeing you vulnerable to them. He strips completely naked and starts stroking himself as Bucky teases you. 
You are moaning and running your fingers through Bucky’s hair. “Please Bucky I need you. I need to feel you on me.” Bucky quickly pulls off your underwear and his tongue dips between your folds. You swear you see stars as soon as you feel his magical tongue at work. He pulls back and licks across your clit then starts sucking on it. Your hips try to come off the bed as you breathe out, “Jesus, Buck.” Bucky throws your legs over his shoulders and pins your hips to the bed with his arm. Just as you look down at him he gives you the biggest grin and starts licking and sucking everything he can. He is like a starved man. Your eyes roll back and you are moaning like crazy. Bucky was always good with his tongue. “Ah, Bucky.” You start running your fingers through his hair as he continues his assault on you.
Steve sits next to you watching Bucky. He loves the little noises his friend is pulling from you. Steve reaches down to your clit and starts rubbing it in tight circles. You feel your orgasm start to build. “Oh, oh god I’m close.” 
Bucky slips two fingers into you and curls them right at your sweet spot. Steve rubs your clit faster while Bucky finger fucks you fast and you finally cum screaming their names. Your thighs tighten around Bucky’s head as he licks up your release and pulls his fingers out. He gets up to take his clothes off and Steve is on you instantly.
“God I need to be buried in you. Will you let me doll?” He spreads your thighs and rubs his cock against your pussy, you squeal.
“Yes, please Steve, I need you.” Steve grabs his cock and slams into your cunt in one thrust. You both groan together as your pussy tightens up on the intrusion. You have to take a second to adjust to him as he is long and thick. You haven’t felt this in 10 years and this is just as you remembered it. He leans down to kiss you. “Just relax sweetheart. I will take care of you just the way you like.” 
Steve grabs your leg and throws it over his shoulder. He thrusts hard and you sigh at the new angle he has you at. He pulls out and thrusts in hard again. You grab onto his arms as he starts fucking you hard and fast. Every snap of his hips has you moaning out for more. “Yes, fuck, yes! Fuck me Steve. Fuck me harder.” He starts pounding into you with everything he has. You rake your nails down his back and he groans. You feel Bucky climb up on the bed next to your head. You watch him stroke himself to the pace that Steve is slamming into you. You bite your lip, “Oh, god, please, Stevie I need to cum!” 
He reaches in between your bodies and as soon as he starts rubbing your clit. You cum hard, tensing up on Steve making him groan out in pleasure. A couple more thrusts of his hips and he is cumming inside you. He leans down to kiss you, “I love you doll.”
You smile back, “I love you Steve.” He pulls out of you and gets up to clean himself off in the bathroom. 
Bucky takes his cue and flips you onto your stomach. He pulls you up roughly to your hands and knees. He slaps your ass cheek hard with his hand and you groan, “You’ve been a naughty girl tonight. You like cumming for Steve?”
“Are you going to let me fuck your pussy?”
“You are lucky I don’t just smack your ass till its red and you can’t sit down. You know I don’t like it when you hit me. Did you forget that?”
“No, Bu..Bucky I’m sorry.”
Every slap to your ass was making your core ache for attention.
Your eyes close at the sensation from him spanking you and you let out a groan. “Please, Bucky. I’m sorry. Please fuck me. I will behave.”
“Oh doll, you will be sorry when I’m through with you.” You feel him press his cock against your slit and he thrusts hard into you. Your walls flutter around him and he breathes out a fuck. You take a minute to adjust to him. He is a little thicker than Steve same long length. 
He grabs your hips tightly and starts thrusting into you. He sets a fast, hard pace. It’s a mixture of pain and pleasure. You knew you would be feeling this tomorrow.

You feel his balls slapping against you. “Buc..Bucky, more, please more.” He slaps your ass and you groan out. He wraps a hand in your hair and pulls you back by it fucking you harder. God you loved him being rough with you. You knew he was being rougher than usual as a punishment for hitting him earlier. You just prayed he would let you cum.
He released your hair and pushed your head down to the mattress. The change in position had him hitting your g spot. Bucky was thrusting into you so hard the bed frame was hitting the wall. “I could fuck you in this position like this all night doll and not let you cum. What do you say? You think you deserve to cum?”
“Please, please let me cum. I want to cum for you.”
Steve had walked out of the bathroom in his jeans and decided to watch you both from a reading chair off to the side of the bed. You looked at him with hooded eyes and he was smirking at you. He knew you messed up and that Bucky would punish you in his own way.
You didn’t know how much more you could take as you were being kept on edge by him. He must have heard you whimper as he took one hand off your hip and reached around to your clit. He starts rubbing it at a slow pace and you start to feel your orgasm build. “Bucky, please, just, just a little more.” He obliges and circles it faster until you are screaming his name. Bucky feels you tighten on him and he thrusts a few more times, finally cumming with a shout of your name. He stills inside you as your pussy milks every drop from him. After a minute he pulls out of you and you collapse face first into the bed. He lets out a laugh as he flops down next to you.
“Holy shit doll. That was fantastic. I hope I wasn’t too rough with you.”
You tap the bed with your hand a few times. “You weren’t too rough. Though, I need a few minutes. I can’t move. I feel so freaking good.” 
Steve is laughing at you both from the chair, “Already tapping out? I think you have another round or two in you.”
You roll over to your back. “You are probably right but I need a minute. My body is on overdrive right now.” 
Steve walks to your side of the bed and pulls you up to him so you are laying on him with your back up against him. Bucky follows you and wraps an arm over you once you settle. “I have missed this so much. You, the sex, in bed like this.” Bucky just smiles at you.
“If you missed me so much why didn’t you tell me you both were alive? If you loved me like you said why put me through all that pain?” You pull away from them both and sit in the middle of the bed looking at them.
“Doll, trust me when I tell you we had no choice in the matter. We wanted to tell you but it’s complicated,” Steve sighs and runs his fingers through his hair.
“You need to explain it then. Make me understand.” You look at them both and see how conflicted they are.
Bucky sits up and touches your arm but you shrug him off. “Doll don’t be like this. We will tell you when we can. The truth, all of it, but we can’t now.” 
You climb off the bed and head to the bathroom to clean up quickly. Bucky is right behind you grabbing a towel to clean himself off. You might as well get yourself ready as you know a fight is going to break out.
You come back out to the bedroom and start putting your clothes on. “Fine, till then I have nothing to say. I need to leave here anyways. I have a job to do.” 
Steve and Bucky just look at you confused. “What job?” Steve asks.
You look at them and shrug, “I can’t tell you right now. But I can tell you the truth when I’m done doing my job.” 
Steve grabs your arm, “No, not good enough.” 
Bucky has thrown on his pants and quirks his eyebrow. “Doll you know we won’t let you leave till you tell us.” 
You pull your arm away from Steve. You know how this will go. They won’t let you leave once they know your plan. If you tried sneaking out they might tie you to the bed. You shake your head, “if I tell you, not only am I jeopardizing my job but you may interfere.”
Steve and Bucky are just watching you. They look intimidating in their jeans and nothing else. “Doll, start talking,” Bucky is cleared irritated.

You start to feel your temper rise again. How hypocritical of them. You turn your back to them, folding your arms over your chest, “you know, you are the biggest hypocrites right now. You expect me to roll over and tell you everything while you sit there not telling me the truth again?”

Bucky puts his hands on your shoulder, “we aren’t lying doll. We have our reasons to not tell you yet. I need you to trust us. Trust that when the time is right we will tell you everything.”

You turn back to Bucky and look at him. You shake your head, “Fine.”
You tell them everything you and Richards had talked about that morning. How you expected to meet with Hydra and not them.  You explain you are undercover and that you need to get evidence against Hydra so the task force can take them down.
Steve is the first to speak, “Hell no, not happening. I don’t care if it’s your job! This is Rumlow we are talking about. You could get killed.”
“Steve you have to trust me. I’ve been trained for this. Rumlow won’t kill me. I’m the prize that got away. Word is going to get back to him I’m on the run and in Brooklyn. He will come to me. Let me do my job. Once Hydra is out of the way the territories go back to the way they were. No senseless murders.”
“Y/n I said no.” Steve says with malice.
“God damn it. Bucky help me out,” you whine.
Bucky is looking between you both. “I don’t want to be the deal breaker. I don’t like this at all doll. Steve is right to an extent. But she is only here Steve because her boss wants her. If she doesn’t follow through with her plan, Rumlow will know something is up if she doesn’t try to go into hiding locally. Again I don’t like it but she has to go.”
“Fine, fuck it, whatever. You want to get yourself killed fine. I don’t care.” He yells at you then turns to Bucky, “and you can fuck off jerk.” Steve stomps out of the room. 
You want to chase after him but Bucky stops you. “Let me go talk to him doll. You go shower. Once you are done and maybe I talk sense into him we can eat.” He leans down and kisses you softly on your lips. “I love you doll” 
You smile, “I love you Bucky.” With that he leaves the bedroom to talk to Steve. Why do men have to be so difficult? You head to the bathroom to shower. Maybe this will help chase away your nerves. You feel so emotionally drained just from learning they are alive. You strip out of your clothes and turn the shower to as hot as it goes. Soon as you step in and the water hits you, you start to cry.

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Chapter 5 Nothing’s fair in love and war

The shower didn’t relax you as you thought it would. Your mind was trying to process everything that was thrown at you. You just found out the two men who you thought were dead were very much alive. You were mad at them. They couldn’t even tell you why they did it. They only said they would tell you another time. Then against everything logical you slept with them both. You wish you could say you regretted it but you can’t. You would be lying to yourself.

Changing into a tank top and shorts, you threw your hair in a messy bun and fell backwards on the bed. You knew you would have to update Richards to let him know you were okay. The last thing you wanted was for him to think you were in danger after the FBI raid. You hear a knock on the door and you turn to face it, “come in.”

Opening the door Bucky sticks his head in, “I figured you probably haven’t eaten dinner so I ordered some pizza while you were in the shower. It should be here soon.”

Now that you think of it you haven’t eaten at all today, “Thanks Buck I will be out in a few. I need to check in with my boss.”

He nods, “okay doll.” He starts to close the door but leaves it cracked unbeknownst to you.

Hopping off the bed you grab your jeans off the floor. Feeling around the pocket you pull out your burner phone. Opening it up you dial Richards number. The phone rings a few times before he picks up. “Y/L/N, where the hell have you been? Are you alright?”

“Hi to you too Richards, sorry I haven’t called I have been a little...preoccupied.”

“What happened at the warehouse? Are you safe?”

Running a hand through your hair you sigh, “Yeah sorry about that. My middle man set me up with the Avengers instead of Hydra. Trust me I wasn’t expecting that. I’m safe currently. I’m hanging low at an undisclosed location. I’m hoping to move tomorrow so I can try to make contact with Hydra.”

“As long as you are safe that’s all that matters. I have to say not seeing Hydra in that location threw me off. But, it worked out in your favor as the task force still caught you selling guns to a rising syndicate. As far as the task force is concerned they think you are a dirty agent.”

Chuckling a little into the phone, “well thank god the task force bought it. Here’s hoping our mole will pass the information on to Hydra. That will play in my favor come tomorrow. Look, I need to jump off so I can take care of things and head to bed. Soon as it is safe to make contact with you again I will.”

“Agent y/l/n, please be safe. If I think your life is in danger I will pull the plug on this operation. Are we clear?”

“Crystal clear sir,” you acknowledge him.

“Good, I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. Good night Agent.”

The phone hangs up and you groan. Life is going to get more difficult tomorrow. You throw your phone on the nightstand and make your way out to the kitchen.

Walking down the short hallway you take everything in. It is so weird to be back at your parents’ house. Some things have changed decor wise but it’s still home to you. You walk in to the kitchen and Steve is grabbing plates from the cabinets.

“We got your favorite pepperoni,” Bucky opens the box to show you.

“Thanks Buck.” You look at Steve and he gives you a small smile. The tension is there between you both but hopefully he will come around.

“We also have beer if you want it or water.” Bucky holds up a beer for you.

“I’m going to need a couple of these after my day.” You quickly grab it from him and take a swig.

Grabbing some pizza and beer you all head to the living room. You plop on the couch in front of the TV. Bucky and Steve sit on either side of you. Steve turns on the Mets game that he recorded that day and you all sit back to watch.

It is weird sitting here eating in between these two men. You can’t believe this is real. You steal a glance at Steve who is taking a drink of his beer. He notices you looking at him and you look quickly back at the TV. He doesn’t say anything as you all eat and drink.

A part of you is telling you this was nice, it felt like old times. Bucky would yell at a play happening on TV and Steve would give his own commentary on what happened. You smiled as you sunk back into the couch listening to their banter. Taking a swig every now and then from your beer, you try to unwind and let the tension between you three go.

Soon as Bucky was done eating he pulled you against him and you relaxed into his side. He kissed your head and all you could do was snuggle into him. You missed this, the light touches and kisses as you watched the game. This felt so natural to you.

A few minutes later you felt Steve grab your legs and put them in his lap. You weren’t expecting this and you looked at him in shock. He gave you a small smile and started to rub your legs. Maybe he wasn’t so mad at you after all. You couldn’t be sure; Steve was always the hardest to read. He had a poker face that you would love to have. You were always an open book to them, easy to read but stubborn as hell.

A part of you wished things were different. This felt like home and everything you thought your future would hold. You knew though as much as you loved being close to them you were here for one reason and one reason only, to take down Hydra and if possible kill Rumlow. No amount of lost time with them would cure the anger that was in your heart. Hydra destroyed everything you held dearly to you. How the hell did you even know that Bucky and Steve were the same from all those years ago? You could sense they were hiding something from you and it killed you. You had been open, honest, something that they use to preach about being important. Somehow it didn’t apply to them, at least right now. You tried to push that out of your mind. You had to focus on a game plan for tomorrow and how you would get in touch with Rumlow. But for now, you would just enjoy the moment with them.

Somewhere in between snuggling Bucky and the leg rubs from Steve you dozed off. You felt your body start to shift and you groaned. You cracked your eye open and saw that you were in Steve’s arms. He was carrying you to the bedroom when you opened your eyes a little looking at him. “Steve?”

“It is okay doll I gotcha. I’m just going to bring you to bed.”

Leaning your head against him you take in his scent. He walked into the bedroom and put you down on the bed softly. He pulled the covers down on one side of the bed for you and you got under. Once you were covered he sat next to you just staring at you. He pushed a strand of hair behind your ear and smiled.

Looking at him you asked, “Are you still mad at me.”

He sighed, “Doll no, I’m not mad. Let’s talk about this tomorrow okay.”

“Are you guys going to sleep in here with me?” You start fiddling with the blankets, nervous of what he would say next.

“If that’s what you want doll then yeah we will.” Steve puts his hand on top of yours lightly squeezing it.

Hesitating you pressed on, “I think I would sleep better if you did.”

Leaning down Steve kisses your cheek “then we will. Let me go make sure everything is locked up.”

Closing your eyes you drift off to sleep.


The sun was filtering in the windows as you start to wake up. You open your eyes to see you are laying on Steve’s chest with your leg and arm draped over him. Directly behind you is Bucky who has his arm around your waist. You smile to yourself, you definitely missed this.

Your cell phone starts going off. Shit

“Whose phone is going off so early?” Bucky is grumbling into your shoulder.

“Sorry Buck it’s mine,” you look over your shoulder to watch him reaching for the phone.

Grabbing it, he shuts the phone off. “Whoever just called can leave a message.”

“Shhh too early.” Steve wraps an arm around you and snuggles your head closer to his.

You can’t help but giggle. The guys were never morning people let alone this needy. You try to readjust and you feel something hard against your backside.

“Keep moving like that and you might get a morning surprise doll,” Bucky kisses your shoulder.

“Promises, promises Buck,” you start to chuckle.

Your hand is gently rubbing over Steve’s heart. He grabs your hand and you feel him stroke his fingers over the ring on your hand. He brings your hand to his mouth and kisses the ring.

“I can’t believe you still have this after all this time,” Steve taps the ring with his finger.

“Of course I do, it is from you both. It has never left my hand since you gave it to me.”

Bucky kisses your shoulder and is pressing closer to you sandwiching you between them. Steve leans down and kisses your lips when suddenly his cell starts ringing. Steve breaks away from you to roll to his side of the bed to answer it. You lean back into Bucky as you watch him take the call.

“Yeah, wait, slow down. What do you...?” Steve looks at you and Bucky. He mouths to you both I have to take this. He rolls out of bed and takes the call outside the bedroom.

You watch him leave and Bucky starts grinding against your backside. “Well since Steve left how about that morning surprise?” You squeal as he rolls you to your back and starts kissing you. His hand is already making its way down your shorts and to your clit. You moan out as he starts rubbing it lightly and kissing your face. God you wanted him.

Just as he was about to slip fingers into you his cell phone goes off. Bucky pulls away from you quickly huffing out motherfucker as he rolls to grab his phone off the nightstand on your side of the bed.

“This better be good,” Bucky snaps into the cell.

There is silence and he just looks at you. It’s just like the look Steve gave you; concern and frustration.

“No, don’t do anything yet till you hear from me or Steve,” Bucky says as he walks out of the bedroom.

Great you’re turned on and both of them left you. You decide you might as well get up and check your phone. You climb off the bed and grab your phone. One missed call, unknown number and one voicemail.

Thinking it was Richards you click on the voice mail. As soon as it starts you hear a familiar voice, “hi sweetheart, it has been a long time. I heard you may have gotten in over your head with the feds and are laying low in Brooklyn. It would be real nice if we could meet. Maybe coffee at that little cafe you love? Let’s say in the next hour and a half. I hope you slept well. I’ve been thinking of you a lot. Hope to see you soon.”

As soon as the voicemail ends you throw the phone on the bed. How the hell did he get your number? Shit, fuck. I thought I would have more time to plan this first meeting.

Jumping out of bed you rummage through your bag with all your clothes. You grab some things and run to the bathroom to get changed.

By the time you got ready in the bathroom you figured you had about an hour to form a plan of action.

Walking out of the bathroom you see the guys in the bedroom.

“Going somewhere doll,” Bucky quirks an eyebrow at you.

Steve is standing there with a knowing look on his face.

“As a matter of fact I am. I have to meet someone in an hour so I don’t have time for this.”

“You are meeting him aren’t you?” Steve spits out. You can see he has figured out that you were meeting Rumlow.

“Okay, yes guys I’m meeting Rumlow for coffee at the Little Sweet Café in Brooklyn. He was the person who called my phone and left a message.”

Bucky looks mad, “how the fuck did he get your number?”

“Your guess is as good as mine.” You can’t help the eye roll you give.

“You’re not going doll. I don’t like this,” Steve glares at your.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do. You lost that privilege when you both left me alone when I needed you the most.”

“Doll, this is not up for discussion. You have no clue what you are getting into,” Bucky interjects.

“Newsflash, this is going to happen. I can take care of myself. I’ve done a pretty damn good job over the years without you.”

Steve walks over to you and puts his hands on your shoulders, “can you not be like this for 10 minutes. You should know better than to jump when Rumlow calls you. I don’t want to see you hurt. Let us help you.”

Pulling away from Steve you take a few steps back, “I’m doing things on my terms, not yours. Anyways, you can’t help me. Rumlow is targeting the Captain and Winter Soldier. Just let me do what I have to by myself.”

Steve rubs a hand through his hair, “If he tries anything I swear I will end him.”

“Not before I do,” you give him a small smile. You turn and walk to the bedroom door, looking over your shoulder, “oh by the way I need my car out of storage. Can you send someone to get it for me?”

Bucky chuckles, “yes doll, I will send someone to get it for you. Be ready in 15 minutes.”