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He's In Heat, You Idiots!

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Aizawa stares at his class with an unreadable expression. It’s already been 15 minutes into when class was technically supposed to start, and all he’s done is stare at his students. No words. No lesson plans. Just...staring. While students from other classes might find that a bit strange, the students of Class 2-A barely bat an eyelash at it. After all, that in itself isn’t very unordinary, considering he always starts class while looking half-dead. Unless he’s angry. In that case, he’s definitely fully alive and ready to watch his class work their assess off to make him happy again (usually by means of extra training). 


“Why aren’t any of you with Midoriya?” 


Ok, that question doesn’t fit in with the usual morning routine. 


Aizawa grimaces, causing everyone to wince. Alright, now he’s actually becoming upset. “I know none of you are deaf or mute, so this silence better change into an answer if none of you want detention.” 


Everyone looks to each other in shock. Detention? That’s a bit much for...wait, this is Aizawa-sensei. Nevermind. This is normal. He didn’t immediately bring out expulsion, so that’s a bit more reassuring. 


“Sir, Izuku is sick.” Iida withholds his sigh of relief in response to Aizawa sensei’s weaker threat (unlike some of his other pack mates) as a form of respect, standing from his desk and making a chopping motion with his hand. He ignores the eye roll it earns him from Bakugou, who’s turned in his seat to see what their esteemed head alpha will say next. “He didn’t come down for breakfast and when I went to check up on him, he claimed he could barely move out of bed.” 


“Did you hear that through the door or did you actually go into the room?” Now Aizawa sounds impatient. Wonderful transition from sounding just upset. 


Iida hardly reacts to the change of tone and his arm returns to his side at once. “Through the door, sir. I wasn’t given permission to enter.” Unlike some individuals, he respects Izuku’s privacy. He doesn't just barge in when Izuku acknowledges he’s there to ‘get some extra training in’ or ‘have a surprise movie marathon’ or some other ridiculous excuse. 


(Not mentioning any names….*cough *cough Bakugou, Kaminari, and Mina.) 


“So, with the knowledge that he couldn’t even get out of just left?” Aizawa resists the urge to bang his head on the board behind him. Maybe he was overestimating the amount of intelligence and awareness his students had when he had asked about Midoriya. “You left him in his room, alone, without double checking on him?” 


“Of course not!” Iida’s indignant tone gives Aizawa some hope. Maybe his problem children (some of them, at least) do actually grasp the situation. Maybe there’s a legitimate reason for Midoriya being alone right now. “I ran to Recovery Girl and requested that she check on Izuku and give me a report on his symptoms after class. That way he can get a nice rest after his appointment before having to engage with the rest of us.” 


‘I got my hopes up.’ Aizawa desperately wants to facepalm, but his arms just refuse to move from his sides. They stay down, as if held down by weights or some other imaginary down-ward pull. ‘I got my hopes up, and this is what I get for it.’ 


“While I’m not saying that our Izuku would fake an illness, lord knows that he would be the one to come to class even if he was sick were it not so severe...I do find it strange that the sickness makes itself present now.” 


Everyone looks to Momo, whose eyes are narrowed in concentration. Her lips are pulled together in a thin line and her face scrunches up as she rubs her chin. The intensity of her look reminds everyone, even Aizawa, of last week’s training exercise. When they had faced off against Class 2-B in an almost deadly game of hide-and-go-seek (for training purposes). Long story short, that whole thing was utter chaos. So many people from both classes got hurt because of how competitive some people took the rather simple activity. Not to mention that state of the building after wards ...sheesh. 


Needless to say, both she and Iida (as the head and dubbed ‘second head’ of the Class 2-A pack) were really unsettled by the whole exercise and the results. 


Izuku’s illness must really be affecting her if her facial expression is equivalent to the ones she makes when activities involving Class 2-B are upon them. Then again, perhaps it can’t be helped. Izuku is the class omega, so logically, anything that concerns him will also affect the rest of the pack. Whether anyone likes it or not (and someone has yet to say anything negative when it comes to being affected by Izuku). 


“Yes, now that Aizawa-sensei mentions it...Izuku has been really active for the past couple of days.” Momo’s tone just turns more and more confused as each new word leaves her mouth. She’s coming to new revelations while new questions are being made up in her mind. From how it sounds, the ratio of questions to answers is tilting heavily in the ‘questions’ side. “Did he not insist on taking care of everyone’s laundry yesterday? And everyone’s trash the day before that?” 


Aizawa almost lets a relieved smile show itself as the class slowly begins to catch on. Tch, it’s about time. These brats took way too long to come to the conclusion they’re about to come to. Really, they’re lack of awareness in certain situations should probably be expected, seeing as how they all formed this large pack at such young ages. But...Aizawa isn’t known for being the one to cut slack. It happens sometimes...on rare occasions...but most of the time, he’s blunt and to the point. He is the guy who expelled the entirety of his previous class, you know. 


“Yeah, yeah, he’s also been dishin’ out free massages at the most random times.” Kirishima brings a hand to his shoulder, remembering his own experience of Izuku doting over him. Not to say that that’s a new experience, but...these last few days have been weird. It’s good to see he’s not the only one who’s noticed it. “I’m not complainin’ or anything, his hands are magical, I tell ya. was pretty random, and he sounded pretty insistent when he offered.” 


“Yes, he was…” Tokoyami crosses his arms, looking to the door in thought. He’s no stranger to Izuku’s almost mother-like attitude when it comes to pack care. They’ve been a pack for more than a year by now. So...why did he not notice this? This excessiveness on Izuku’s part? 


“He also had a lot of involvement when it came to food.” Satou tilts his head, images of Izuku zipping around the kitchen area coming to mind. The little guy looked like he was in a hurry and stressed out, so Satou didn’t say anything in fear that he would be bothering the omega. Looking back on it...he probably should have. At least then, he may be able to help identify what’s going on. 


Cause apparently, everyone else is as clueless as he is. While Aizawa-sensei does seem to know what’s going in, his desire to see the class figure it out without his help is stronger than his desire to just get the explanation over with. Just for the record though, that’s pretty dangerous. Especially if the situation involves Izuku being hurt. 


“Man, oh man! Don’t get me started!” Jirou decides to add in her own pitch, bringing her hand to her ears as she winces. It’s a familiar gesture, one she makes whenever she feels like Izuku’s about to lecture her about forgetting to eat (because she’s invested on working on her music). Or, in rare cases, when she confesses that Izuku has just given her a lecture. “I had forgotten to eat breakfast and lunch last weekend because of my new song and he went berserk! He made me at least three different types of rice dishes, two soups, and four salads!” 


“And you ate all of them?!” Sero rightly earns a light smack to the head by Mina. That wasn’t exactly the most appropriate thing to ask at the moment, thank you very much. 


“Point is!” Uraraka shouts, worried and guilty as she hears everyone list off their own Izuku experience. Truth be told, she had also wanted to add her own two cents in, but she knows it wouldn’t of helped the situation. “He’s been overworking himself to take care of us. Maybe that’s finally caught up to him? Like...he’s burned out and that’s why he’s ill?” 


‘Closer.’ Aizawa has it bite his bottom lip to keep form just blurting out the correct answer. Uraraka is pretty close when she says ‘burned out’, but still not quite there yet. ‘Why is this something they’ve never discussed before? Surely Iida would’ve at least asked for Midoriya to tell him, as their head alpha…’ 


“Burned out!” Bakugou’s chair hits the floor so harshly that it actually cracks. The combination of the loud bang it makes and the sound of splintering puts the rest of the class, Aizawa included, on edge. Usually when they hear things breaking, that means something’s wrong. So the reaction is quite justified. 


“Shit! Shit! Shit! Fucking shit!” 


Bakugou’s voice travels down the hallway as he sprints, for once not using his quirk to propel himself forward. Though, if his unsettled expression and his continuous swearing is anything to go by, maybe he’s got something else on his mind right now distracting him from the idea of using his quirk. 


“We’re idiots!” Kirishima facepalms as he starts running after Bakugou. “Bakubro and little Izu have been friends since they were kids! Bakugou should know what’s going on!” 


Aizawa sighs out loudly as his class follows Kirishima’s model, running after Bakugou (who’s still swearing up a storm as he runs) at top speed. Sometimes, all the time...he wonders why he hasn’t gotten a freakin’ raise by this point. Also, getting his students checked out while he’s at it. 


‘We are so going over basic pack dynamics after this.’ Aizawa is the perfect picture of calm and bored as he walks after his students, though on the inside, he’s groaning in pain. He’s not going to be getting any naps in today and he’ll probably have to apologize to the various teachers and students who have gotten trampled by his class. 


By the way, ‘basic pack dynamics’ isn’t necessarily a real class. But...maybe after today, that should change. Because Aizawa sure as hell is not going through a second day like this. 




“Deku! Open the fucking door!” Bakugou’s voice rings out across the hallway, and it’s close to a miracle that any glass present in the area doesn’t shatter from the vibrations of Bakugou’s voice. It’s loud, it’s angry, and followed by vicious pounding that should be causing the door he’s hitting to cave in soon. “Oi! I said: open the fucking door! I fucking mean it, you walking fucking disaster! You fucking...causer of heart attacks!” 


Bakugou is allowed to continue his door abuse for a few more moments as his pack finally catches up. Everyone getting into the dorm building at once didn’t happen (the doors are only so big), so a small fight broke out on who’d be going in first and catching up to Bakugou. Then, once everyone was in the building, the same issue came up, but with the elevator ride.


Seriously, this building needs bigger doors and more than one elevator. Make a note of that… 


 “Bakugou, stop this at once!” 


Iida’s hand quickly snags Bakugou’s wrist. Just in time too, as there would no doubt be a rather large hole in Izuku’s door if Bakugou had been allowed one more strike. New note: bigger doors, more elevators, and Bakugou-proof doors. 


“I share your worry, but Izuku is probably asleep! This is not the way to go about waking him up! It’s jarring, and with your noise, you’ll most likely add a migraine to his already present exhaustion!” 


“You’re yelling too, you fucking idiot!” Bakugou rips his wrist from Iida’s grip, though he thankfully makes no move to strike at Izuku door again. Instead, he simply glares at Iida and forces his arms to stay at his sides. His fists are clenched and the muscles in his arms pop out a bit, a sure sign that the ‘forcing’ must be pretty difficult. “I think I know what the fuck is going on. That being fucking said...get the fuck out of my way!” 


‘Four swears in under three sentences.’ Iida’s voice dryly records in his head. His arms are spread out in front of him, making it clear that if Bakugou wants to get to the door, he has to get through his head alpha first. 


While that may be easy to do as a general task, keep in mind the limiting factors. Iida’s probably got the rest of the pack supporting him in Bakugou not just charging in to confront their omega. So if push comes to shove and Bakugou tries to charge, Iida and the pack will work together to hold him back. And then, of course, there’s the simple matter of Izuku himself. If Iida is correct (which he probably is), then Izuku must be resting. 


Bakugou has a strong idea of what’s going on and he does want to see if he’s correct in his assumption. He wants to confirm it so badly as he’s not someone who takes anticipation well. He’s not necessarily the most patient of the class, after all. But...what he doesn’t want? Having to deal with Izuku getting cranky or upset at not being allowed enough rest. 


At that point, he’ll not only have to deal with the guilt (guilt that Bakugou will only admit he feels after being pestered for hours by Kirishima), but he’ll also have to deal with his pack’s wrath. 


“Guys, come on now-” 


“I won’t let you near the door while you're in this mood!” Iida makes a mental note to apologize to Uraraka later for interrupting her, but right now, his priority is calming Bakugou down. Having Bakugou know (even if it’s just a guess) what’s going on is helpful and it’s only most logical to let him in first to check Izuku in this case because of it. 


But the swearing and the aggressive pheromone need to be put away first. 


“What mood?! I’m perfectly calm, four eyes!” 


“Clearly, you’re not, and-” A couple of loud explosions cut Iida off, further proving his point. “Don’t you even think about using your quirk, Bakugou Katsuki!” 


Bakugou grins at Iida, hands moving outwards as he approaches his head alpha. Three mistakes...three fucking mistakes…


Blocking Bakugou from the door, the door that leads him to his omega. His omega...who is probably suffering as they argue. . 


Trying to tell Bakugou to stay calm at a time like this. A time where worrying and freaking out is completely justified! 


And finally...telling Bakugou what to do. 


Iida is the pack’s head alpha, and Bakugou had accepted that a while ago. Admittedly (not out loud, of course) Iida is one of the more mature, responsible alphas of their pack. Not discrediting Momo or anyone else, just...everyone agreed that Iida would be the best choice for the job. Bakugou accepted that while ago. 


However, if his head alpha doesn’t fucking move, he’s going to lose his fuckin head and-!


Bakugou’s thoughts are cut off as an overwhelming scent suddenly fills the area. It’s thick, almost like the very pheromones that he’s been releasing while trying to get to Izuku. Although, instead of being the dominating, almost acid like smell of alpha aggression, it’s sweeter. It’s...almost like…


To Bakugou, he can swear it smells like strawberries. Strawberries and...possibly whipped cream? Like a pastry that’s filled with strawberries and doused with whip cream. Like a dessert that would give him a stomach ache for days if he ate it in one sitting. 


To everyone else, the scent differs. Iida detects the strong scent of mint and honey. Shouto can practically taste chocolate, with the add on of some type of fruit (leaning heavily towards strawberry, like Bakugou, but could also be apple). Momo and Jirou share the smell of caramel. Uraraka can smell a fruit smoothie. 


Everyone else smells something sweet! Just depending on differs. That isn’t to say that because it differs, it’s unappealing. Quite the opposite. 


“Guys?” Oh goodness...the voice accompanying that sweet scent makes every alpha and beta want to kneel down. It’s meek, but there’s a strong undertone that presents a sense of self-control. “W-what’s going on? Why a-are y-you all y-yelling?” 


Izuku’s green eyes are wide as he allows his head to poke out more, body still shielded by the surface of his room door. His lips are red and a bit puffy, suggesting that he’s been chewing on them for a couple hours at the least. Despite the initial confusion on what’s been going on with Izuku, the prospect of bitten lips does make sense. If what Bakugou is thinking happens to be true, then Izuku biting his lips to keep himself grounded in some way wouldn’t be the strangest way to cope. 


He looks… one way to put it (Bakugou would say something else, something not appropriate for the situation). It’s so much like when the class had decided to form a pack. He had been so excited and honored, but not without feeling shy and flustered. As well Even a bit confused, wondering why everyone (all those amazing alphas and betas) would want an omega like him in the pack. 


The answer was simple: he was amazing and everyone wanted him. A fact that still very much applies to today. Especially right now. 


“Deku!” Uraraka is the first to break the silence with her cry, rushing forward to take the omega into her arms. The scent is much stronger now, as the producer is much closer. Yet, Uraraka pushes her whining beta down in favor of hugging her pack mate. The worry easily overrides the desire to give in to the tantalizing smell. “Oh my god...Deku! I’m so sorry I didn't notice earlier! I’m such a god-awful beta! Please forgive me!” 


Izuku’s wide eyes blink rapidly, adding a whole new layer of ‘cuteness’ to the picture. It’s like a curious little kitten seeing its first toy in its brand new home. 


“Awful? What?! How?!” Izuku pushes the door away from him, exposing his body. As he tends to Uraraka, who’s still shouting about how she failed her duty as a pack member, everyone can take in his appearance properly. 


First and foremost: Izuku isn’t wearing much in terms of clothes. He’s got some tight looking black boxers on, but that’s pretty much it. No sleep wear, no shirt, no shorts...almost nothing. It explains why the scent released earlier was so strong. 


It’s like Midnight’s quirk: Somnambulist. The lack of clothing means bare skin. Bare skin means that the pheromones being released are directly exposed to the atmosphere. 


Second...he appears to be sweating. Not the type of sweating that one sees after a good work out. No, no...everyone knows what that looks like on Izuku (cause let’s be honest, that boy works out so much that it’s impossible not to know what it looks like). This is more like if Izuku had a fever and was overheating in response. 


“Bakugou…” Iida’s voice shakes a bit. The effort that it’s taking to not steal Izuku from Uaraka’s arms and never let him out of his’s a lot. There’s more effort than there should be going to Iida’s self-control and it’s all thanks to the scent that Izuku is discharging. “Now would be a good time to tell us what’s going on.” 


Bakugou watches Izuku comfort Uraraka for a few more moments before answering. His gaze is sharp as ever, as if taking in every possible detail to help him support his conclusion. It’s a helpful strategy, one that will hopefully lead to the solution to everyone's multitude of questions. 


“It’s his heat.” Bakugou confirms after moments of just staring at the scene. Everyone around him is silent, so he takes that as his sign to continue. “It has to be. What we’ve been experiencing for the past few days are signs of pre-heat. A warning that his heat was coming on.” 


Iida blushes heavily at that, followed by everyone excluding Uraraka (who’s still apologizing to Izuku). 


Izuku’s heat...not something anyone really expected. Though, why didn’t they? They all knew that it had to happen eventually.’s already happened a few times. Omegas get their heats at around the age of 15 at the earliest and 17 at the latest. Izuku’s had a healthy timeline of heats: once every month, but with no consistent week. How could there be one when his body hasn’t fully matured? Which typically happened at around the ages of 18 or 19...the latest recorded in history being at 21. 


Then again...talking about Izuku’s heat hasn’t always been the top conversation starter. Why would it need to be discussed before he was actually allowed to spend his heats with them? It would only make Izuku uncomfortable and his pack mates desire him more during his heat-induced absence. 


And yes, the pack did learn that from experience. Long story short: Izuku tried to explain what it felt like, got flustered and couldn’t continue, then next heat happened, pack could barely be stopped from leaving school and going to try to find their omega. 


“How could we have missed this…?” Momo gasps behind her covered hand. Izuku’s scent is driving her alpha crazy, and while her mere hand won’t do much for her, it’s better than nothing. Though she will have to get better protection against it if she’s going to be standing near the source for too much longer. “How could we have missed something so important?” 


“Izuku is usually sent home for his heat.” Shouto doesn’t fare much better and has to try and turn his body away from Izuku to keep himself in check. He doesn’t know how Uraraka is standing right in Izuku’s personal space bubble and not immediately succumbing to her beta’s desire to pounce the omega. Whatever it is that’s keeping her at bay...he admires it heavily. 


“Because we’ve been moved into the dorms for safety reasons, it would be illogical to send him home. It’s too risky. He’s vulnerable while in heat, and with the most recent attacks, he wouldn’t be able to defend himself or his mother should the need arise.” 


Tokoyami exhales loudly as Shouto finishes his explanation. Truth be told, while he was beyond fond of Izuku’s scent (and of Izuku himself), the idea of the omega staying on an entire campus full of alphas and betas was stupid. 


But, with Shouto’s revelation, maybe reason can be made from this. “Him being here isn’t the safest option, but sending him home would be even more foolish.” 


Shouto nods at Tokoyami before returning his gaze back to Izuku. By now, he has realized that everyone’s been either staring at him or trying to look anywhere but his person. It sets him on edge, and that shift shows heavily in his sweet scent. 


Iida and Momo flinch violently, while Shouto, Bakugou, Tokoyami, and Shouji all begin coughing. That shift in scent, in accordance to Izuku’s distress, is similar to being punched in the face. Hard. Their (inner) alphas begin berating them, scolding them for allowing their omega to become distressed while in heat and while they’re standing right there!


“Izuku, I’m so sorry.” Everyone parts as Iida walks to Izuku, pulling the omega into a firm hug. The gesture nearly makes Izuku trip over, seeing as how it wasn’t expected and Iida nearly lifts him off the ground. “We should’ve been paying more attention to you and your needs. You’ve been taking care of us for all this time and...I’m so sorry we didn’t do the same for you.” 


Izuku’s tongue is tied as Iida’s words blend together. All he can really register are the endless apologies that both Iida and Uraraka gave him and...something about attention? Not gonna lie, that does sound pretty nice. Izuku would appreciate some attention right about now…


“We’ll fix this, I promise.” Iida’s voice breaks off a bit into a growl as he takes a peek into Izuku’s room. It should be expected that since Izuku’s been so busy working off his pre-heat by caring for all of them, he wouldn’t have the time or the energy to prepare himself for this moment. 


Meaning...he doesn’t have his nest set up or the necessary extra amounts of food or water. While normally that would be quite damaging to an omega’s psyche (not having their nest at a time like this), it works out in the pack’s favor. They now have a way they can help make it up to Izuku, even if the omega is still confused on what’s going on. 


‘The fact that he isn’t even aware of what’s happening is a bad sign.’ Iida thinks grimly as he locks gazes with Bakugou, silently beckoning the alpha to him. ‘He’s usually one of the first to know what’s going on at all times. He must really be out of it if he doesn’t know…’ 


“Stay with him.” Iida straightens up a bit, prepared to release Izuku so that Bakugou can take him back into his room. “Uraraka, Tsuyu, Ojirou, and Kouda will stay with you. Everyone else, we need to split into two groups. Momo, you-” 


“Ah!” Izuku flinches back as Baugou reaches for him, arms coming up to cover his face. As if he’s going to be struck, or something. Then he curls in on himself and tries to push himself back into Iida. “W-wait...wait...please...don’t…” 


Iida takes Izuku back into his arms and gives Bakugou an alarmed look. This...really isn’t good. For Izuku or Bakugou. That reaction…


“Uhhh...please tell me I’m not the only one who’s confused right now.” Kirishima steps forward to place a hand on Bakugou’s shoulder. The alpha looks so angry, yet so hurt at the same time. “I thought that you two sorted out your past?” 


“We did.” Bakugou grits out, fists clenching as he tries to calm himself down. Shit. He should’ve known that just talking about it wouldn’t of fixed jackshit. Izuku must still have that...fear...of him. “Or, I thought we did. Guess I shouldn’t of gotten my fucking hopes up that it would be that easy.” 


“Assuming that all you did was talk? Yes, you shouldn't have.” Shouto comes up besides Iida, reaching out to try and console Izuku. He’s tempted to place himself in front of Bakugou as well, to show Izuku that he will be protected from his ex-tormentor and that he doesn’t need to be afraid. 


But he’s not that cruel. He can see (even if it’s not obvious) that Izuku’s avoidance of contact with Bakugou is hurting the alpha at the moment. Shielding Izuku may just push Bakugou a bit too far. 


Their focus needs to be on Izuku for now. Not on trying to keep Bakugou from killing any of his pack mates. 


“Fuck off!” Bakugou hisses, though the glare that Iida throws him (for startling Izuku) has him quieting down pretty quickly. “Guess you should leave him with someone else then.” 


“Agreed.” Iida makes a mental note to talk to Bakugou later about what happened in the past that warranted such a reaction. He may have originally respected the request for privacy (for both Bakugou and Izuku), but Izuku’s reaction changed his mind. Now he needs to know what’s going on so he can help his pack mate fix it. 


After all, an omega being afraid of one of the pack alphas is one of the most straining problems within a pack. 


“Shouto, you stay with Izuku. Momo, you take a group and go gather supplies. Water, no-perishable foods, grab it all.” 


Momo nods at Iida, the shock of watching Izuku cower before Bakugou travelling to the back of her mind. Quickly, she makes eye contact with Satou. He’s one of the main organizers when it comes to the kitchen, so he must know where everything is stored. It’ll make gathering a lot of things in little time easier. 


Once he nods back, she looks to Jirou, Mina, Hagakure, and Shouji. They’ll also be going with her. 


“I have my group.” Momo gestures at everyone she just looked at and starts running down the hall, towards the kitchen. “We’ll get what we can and see if we can get Lunch Rush to help!” 


Iida nods after Momo before turning to the remainder of the group. 


“Shouto, take the initial group I gave Bakugou and watch over Izuku. He can’t stay out here for too much longer.” Or else his scent with travel out of the building an attract more alphas. 


Shouto nods and bends down to pick Izuku up. Predictably, the omega squeaks as his feet leave the ground. His arms fly to Shouto’s shoulders and his face finds itself in Shouto’s neck. Right near the alpha’s scent glands. 


If Shouto chokes on his own breath and almost set himself on fire because of a lapse of control with his quirk, then nobody says anything. happy that Izuku got into his room and is now being tended to. Just be happy...just feel safe. Ignore how the smoke alarms might go off now. 


“Bakugou, you’ll help me lead a team in gathering nest supplies. Do you know anything about Izuku’s preference when it comes to his nest?”


“I didn’t even remember that his heat was here until Round Face mentioned something about ‘burning up,’ idiot.” Bakugou brings his hands up to quote the last two words. “And with how he reacted, what the fuck makes you think that he’d trust me, in the past mind you, with knowledge like that? Use your fucking brain for once!” 


Iida takes a deep breath, inhaling some of Izuku’s lingering sweet scent in the process. It helps his alpha calm down a bit faster after having been yelled at by another pack alpha. 


“I was just asking.” Iida closes his eyes to think. They have little to go off of and there’s no time to run to Aizawa sensei or All Might to ask if they can get in contact with Inko Midoriya. They’re on their own and will have to improvise. Wonderful. 


“Ok, here’s what we’ll do: I’ll run to Momo’s group and grab everyone’s room key. Kaminari? Duck into Izuku’s room and grab Shouto and his group’s room keys. The rest of you, go to your own rooms and grab whatever articles of clothing you can spare. It’ll be messy, but at least if we give Izuku variety, he can make his own choices.” 


Iida rushes off after receiving confirmation. With any luck, they can get Izuku a proper nest and supplies before the poor boy goes into a stress-induced drop. Then they’d all really be in trouble. Knowing how to care for an omega in heat was something they all learned within the first couple of months of being at UA. Aizawa sensei probably wouldn’t of allowed them to form a pack if they lacked that knowledge. 


Knowing how to care for and pull an omega out of a drop? Safely? That was another thing entirely. Perhaps there was a class that Iida could drag his fellow alphas to to learn how to do such a thing? Worth looking into…




“Shoucchan?” Izuku sounds so drowsy as he attempts to keep his eyes open. Kaminari had left the room not too long ago, leaving him with just his alpha and some of his betas. In an attempt to take in his current position, Izuku leans back a bit in Shouto’s hold. “Shoucchan…” 


“Shhhh…” Shouto adjusts Izuku so that the omega’s head is on his chest, legs comfortably hanging off of his knees. Currently, he’s cross legged right now, so Izuku has the perfect space to sit and his legs can hang off without dangling too far. “Just relax, Bunny. I’ve got you.” 


Izuku cuddles into his alpha’s chest, taking comfort in the soothing pheromones that Shouto releases. They’re much more pleasant than the dominating, almost repressing pheromones that Bakugou had given off earlier. “I just thought I was sick. I woke up and I was feeling…” 


“I know, Bunny. I know.” Shouto bends his head down so he can nuzzle Izuku’s cheek. The angle makes his neck ache, but Shouto hardly cares. He continues to nuzzle Izuku until the omega starts to nuzzle back. If he can keep Izuku calm until Iida and Momo are finished with their tasks, then this will be a much more pleasant experience for everyone than if he wasn’t able to. 


Though that’s probably an obvious fact. Even to those who don’t understand the entire ‘omega care’ process while they’re in heat (what idiots) know that. 


“I’m sorry it took us so long to notice.” Shouto’s alpha growls at him, a light scolding for neglecting his omega, but he ignores it. It’s a pretty easy task when he has Izuku nuzzling and pressing into him. “We should’ve known immediately. I’m so sorry that you were left in this room for as long as you were without any of us here with you…” 


Izuku whimpers at the reminder. It had been rather unpleasant. He woke up feeling exhausted and heated. The exhaustion he easily blamed on the past few days, where he was practically the Class 2-A mother (not omega, but mother). The heat? He didn’t know where that came from. 


Immediately, at least. 


When Iida had knocked on his door to check on him, Izuku had been able to deduce that he must’ve been suffering a fever. A fever...made worse from his neglectance of his own health while taking care of his pack mates. Then again, a fever wouldn’t have had his omega instincts kicking his own ass. Right? That’s not how fevers worked…


That’s the exact point that Izuku realized just how screwed he was. He was on the cusp of heat. He needed to get home. Except, being at home could technically be dangerous because of the attacks. So, he had to stay here and...he had to stay here with all of the alphas and betas…


Alphas and betas that he desperately began to crave. As soon as he remembered he even had trustworthy pack mates, that he could ideally spend his heat with, his omega whined. He wanted to see them so badly, but he could hardly get out of bed. How was he supposed to go get someone? Did he even want to go get someone? Was it safe, or would Izuku have to worry about being bedded? 


“Bunny, calm down.” Shouto’s voice breaks Izuku out of his trance. A trance that Izuku wasn’t even aware he was in. 


While he was remembering just how distressing it was to not have any of his pack mates present to comfort him, he had begun to whine and cry out a little. 


Shouto shakes his head and presses a few kisses to Izuku’s warm forehead. “Iida and Momo will work on a schedule for you. You don’t have to worry about being alone.” The alpha also takes the liberty to run his hands along Izuku’s arms and back. The rubbing is soothing, especially with how he focuses his ice-quirk to help cool some of the heat off of Izuku. 


“There will always be at least two of us with you while you work through this, alright? We’ll all make sure that your needs are met.” Izuku’s omega purrs at the thought. Being spoiled and cared for sounds lovely right now. “You’ve been taking care of us for the past few days. Our turn, yeah?” 


Izuku nods into Shouto’s chest, allowing the purrs to flow freely from his lips. He’s feeling so safe and happy right now. The lack of a nest and stress from not gathering enough supplies is long gone by now. All he can focus on is how his alpha is touching him. How his alpha is cuddling him, kissing him, pampering him…


Izuku is getting all he needs right now. And to think...earlier, he hadn’t had any of his pack mates and thought that his heat was just gonna be a miserable, hellish experience. 


“Mmhmmm…” Izuku continues to rub himself into Shouto, completely oblivious to how much control the alpha is exerting. Shouto is fighting himself and his alpha. He wants so badly to just begin kissing and licking all over Izuku. 


The only thing stopping him is the remembrance that this hasn’t been talked about as a pack. No one has Izuku’s explicit permission (explicit, meaning not during his heat) to do any scenting or marking of any kind. While typically in a pack as tight knit as theirs, such specific permission isn’t completely necessary, it does still feel somewhat wrong. Izuku is...he’s not completely out of his head, but he’s also not feeling 100%. 


Shouto doesn’t feel like experimenting just what Izuku will or will not approve of in terms of limits or boundaries while in this state. He’ll save that conversation for when this is over and they can all talk as a pack. 




Shouto looks down to see Izuku pouting at him. “What’s wrong, Bunny?” 


“You stopped kissing me,” comes the whiny reply. Complete with puckered lips and shining eyes (eyes that could convince even the most heinous of villains to give up their evil ways and repent for their past crimes). 


Shouto can’t stop the fond scoff that leaves his lips. His’s just too cute. If he’s being honest with himself, he also didn’t even notice that his lips left Izuku’s skin until he was pulling back to look down at the omega. 


“Shame on you, Shouto!” Uraraka playfully huffs as she crawls closer, mindful of her movements. Moving too face could startle both her omega and her alpha. To keep any and all tension out of the room, her movements are graceful and predictable. “Guess I’ll just have to help make sure our sweet Bunny isn’t kiss-deprived!” 


With that, Uraraka stares into Shouto’s eyes. She silently asks for permission to get close to the in-heat omega that he’s currently holding in his lap. 


Like with the hesitance in scenting, the permission request isn’t completely necessary. It’s more of a respectful gesture than anything else. Because of this, Shouto grants Uraraka her request almost a second after she makes it. Not too long after he nods at her, Izuku’s giggles fill the room. Uraraka’s kisses are everywhere. On his cheeks, on his temples, on his nose, on his ears…like she’s trying to suffocate him in kisses. It’s like she’s trying to replace the heat sticking to Izuku’s skin with her more tolerable-temperature affection. 


“Do you want us in here as you make your nest as well?” Ojiro glances up at the door, looking expectant. With how frantic everyone is, he and the others in the room should all be prepared to cover Izuku. The door might just blow off its hinges after being barrelled into by at least 10 people. “Or would we just get in the way?” 


Kouda looks up from his place at Izuku’s bed. This entire time, he’s been rearranging the blankets so it’s back on the actual bed correctly as opposed to being on the floor. However, the mention of Izuku’s nest has him stopping. If Izuku does want to make his own nest, by his own hands, then the blanket should remain undisturbed. It might tamper with how Izuku’s nest turns out, which will only stress the omega out more. 


But...Izuku is also someone who takes great care to make sure that everything in his room stays neat and in place. So even if he doesn’t want any help with his nest and he wants to do it his specific way, then a blanket being picked up off the floor should help. Or, that’s Kouda’s logical understanding of the situation. 


“No, no.” Izuku reaches out to grab whatever part of Ojiro he can. The beta is too far away to reach, but he quickly moves his tail into Izuku’s hand before the omega starts whining in discomfort. “Want you here. Don’t go.” 


The thought of his alphas and betas leaving him alone against make Izuku want to cry. He was miserable this morning, he doesn’t want to feel that again. Not when he now knows that his pack mates are aware that he’s having his heat. Not when they’ve already said that they were gonna help him. 


“Ok, we won’t.” Ojiro holds his hands up with a reassuring smile on his face. He’s as relieved as Izuku is with knowing that they can all stay. 


If Izuku had requested privacy, then that would be granted, of course. But would it be very pleasant? Or would everyone just wait outside of his door until he was done, wishing that they could be inside and helping him? 


“Speaking of nest...where do you want to put it?” Uraraka begins to gesture to various placements in the room as Izuku hums in thought. “Do you want it near your bed? In the center of your room? Near a wa-” 


“Guys! We have clothes!” 


Izuku screeches in alarm at the harsh pounding that sounds throughout the room. He cuddles into Shouto’s chest, seeking comfort from his alpha, at the same time said alpha pulls him tight to his body. Shouto’s lips are pulled back in a vicious snarl, teeth elongating into fangs that seem to gleam in the dark room. 


‘Intruders!’ Shouto’s alpha hisses at him, instincts spiking to an almost critical level. ‘They’ll break down the door and take Izuku!’ 


With the loud, consistent knocking combined with the loud voices, no one in the room takes any time to realize just who’s at the door. Kirishima’s voice just flies into one ear and out the other. His non-threatening beta scent is mostly clouded over by Izuku’s heat-induced one, not to mention blocked by the door. 


“Guys?!” More harsh knocking. “Are you still in there?!”


“Shut up, Shitty Hair! Of course they’re in there! Your yelling’s probably scared the shit out of Deku by now!” 


Izuku covers his ears, shutting his eyes tightly as he does so. His head starts to hurt, causing his anxiety to begin to grow at a rapid pace. Whimpers fall from his lips and he rubs his head against Shouto’s chest to try and focus on the alpha’s heartbeat as opposed to the argument being had outside of the room. All of his senses: vision, hearing, scent, touch, and taste are more hyper. He’s more sensitive to his surroundings and the yelling match that Kirishima and Bakugou continue just outside the door isn’t helping. 


“Izuku!” Uraraka dives into Shouto’s personal space, laying a hand on Izuku’s shoulder. As expected, the sensitive omega’s head shoots up to give her a fearful look. “What’s wrong, Bunny? Are you hurt?” 


“Make them stop.” Izuku whispers, head moving back and forth, as if to gesture to the door. Shouto’s arms tighten around him, growls increasing in volume as Kirishima and Bakugou continue to argue. The supposed calming gesture combined with the violent noise is starting to send mixed signals to Izuku and his omega. 


Suddenly, a new voice adds itself to the fray. This one a bit more familiar to Shouto: “Both of you, stop this noise! You’ll upset Izuku and the others!” 


‘Iida.’ Shouto’s growls don’t stop entirely, but they do lessen in volume. A warm sense of comfort fills him, sensing his head alpha nearby. ‘Iida…’


He knows that everything will be alright now. If things get out of control, Iida can help him brings things back. Iida can help him protect Izuku if anyone’s here to take him. 


“Go check in with the other groups and see where they are in terms of progress. I’ll get these clothes inside, then join you momentarily.” There’s a brief sound of whining (from Kirishima), followed by heavy protests (from Bakugou). Iida puts his foot down on the matter. “Go! I don’t know how long you two have been yelling, but I’m sure that even if you tried to go in, Shouto might perceive you as a threat and attack.” 


That seems to quiet the whining and the protests. Thank goodness too. Izuku was about to start squirming around if a fight broke out. And that squirming would lead to Shouto, Uraraka, Ojiro, and Kouda getting restless as well. 


“Shouto? It’s me.” Iida sounds like he’s alone now. No background noise or other voices as he tentatively knocks at the door. It’s much more welcomed than the previous attempt. “I promise I’m not here to harm or take Izuku. I simply come bearing materials for his nest.” 


‘Nest?’ Izuku’s eyes practically sparkles at that. Somehow, his mind wasn’t able to piece together Bakugou and Kirishima being outside of the door a few moments ago, but nest materials? He’s able to identify what those are in a heartbeat. ‘Nest materials?!’ 


“Enter.” Shouto forces his alpha to calm down as a new scent fills the room. It’s not nearly as overpowering as Izuku’s scent is, but it’s still quite noticeable. 


“Thank you, Shouto.” Iida swiftly closes the door before facing the group. He nods his head at each individual, though keeps his head down a bit longer when facing Shouto. It’s easy to imagine that, out of all of the secondary genders, alphas need the most convincing when it comes to omegas heats. 


For Izuku, who’s the only omega in the pack, that protective energy is multiplied simply because it’s being directed at one person. Though that’s probably pretty obvious. 


“Here you are, Izuku.” Iida kneels down and places the clothing in his hands on the floor. He doesn’t know where he stands at the moment, so the safe move is to let Izuku come to him. He can choose the pace and the clothing he decides to take. “I hope it’s to your liking.” 


Iida once again ducks his head down, showing that he’s not going to move from his spot. He’s going to stay where he is until Izuku is done with his selection. No moves to help, direct, or interfere. 


Izuku accepts Iida’s gesture with an excited smile. Shouto is slow in unwinding his arms around the omega purely because of the excited energy he can feel off of him. He doesn’t want Izuku to accidentally knock Iida over if he surges forward. That would definitely send a variety of mixed signals to them all (even if it were an accident). 


“Thank you, alpha!” Izuku giggles as he quickly makes his way over. Despite his miniature anxiety attack a few moments ago, he’s quick and graceful as he moves across the room. He makes no sound as he kneels in front of Iida and begins to rummage through his current options. 


Immediately, there are a lot of shirts in sight. The ones on the top are mostly sleeveless though… 


A fair share of oversized hoodies and sweaters…


More shirts, specifically ones with longer sleeves…


A couple uniforms (Izuku’s too appreciative of the scents attached to the uniforms to worry about whether the owners have extras for bringing to class)... 


Some blankets...pillows…


Alphas...betas...more betas…


Sugar...perfume...body wash...


“I love them!” Izuku brings his hands to his mouth to help contain his squeal. He’s just so excited! He has so many options, and they all smell so strong and good! It’s as if his pack mates had simply stripped off the clothing they were wearing just to give them to him! 


“I’m glad that you approve of our offerings.” Iida smiles, though it’s a bit difficult to see how he has his gaze pointed down. His hands grip his pant legs, an attempt to keep from reaching out to pull Izuku to his chest and kiss that adorable face. “And we have more if you find anything you don’t like in this gathering.” 


Izuku shakes his head wildly. It’s all perfect! All the scents are strong and clear. The clothes themselves are in good condition: no rips, stains, or any types of damage of any kind. They’re all perfect for his nest. 


But the fact that more’s coming is also nice. 


‘Guess my nest if gonna be bigger than usual.’ Izuku picks up the first article of clothing. A sweater that, by the smell of peculiar perfume, might either be Aoyama or Mina’s. 


‘Oh well...I just need to make enough room!’ 


∾∾∾ The Next Day ∾∾∾


“Thank god.” Aizawa almost smiles as he scans the room. Noticeably there are four students missing; three betas and one alpha (Uraraka, Asui, Mina, and Momo) . A good balance of caretakers to stay with Midoriya for his second day in heat. “I was almost worried.” 


‘Almost’ is putting it lightly, though the class doesn’t seem to notice Aizawa’s lie. In truth, he was in (his version of) a panicked frenzy. There was an omega, in heat, on campus. Since omegas were sent home for heats for their safety, the staff never really saw the need to have a ‘Heat Room’ (a rather supid idea in his opinion). Only...Midoriya just had to be in the class that couldn’t be allowed home because of the villain attacks. The best thing that could be done for him...staying in the dorm buildings and not being allowed out. 


Alphas and betas anywhere near the dorm building, even within the main campus, could have possible smelled him. And Aizawa is no fool. Midoriya is a strong individual, full of energy and practically radiating power. He’s also a little angel who’s (obviously) untouched. His scent? It will naturally reflect that! Alphas and betas will find it difficult to resist, and depending on the individual students’ control, they may or may not try to go after Midoriya. 


Now, of course, getting into the dorm building would be a challenge. Although at that point, Aizawa would be more worried for the clever alpha or beta who got in. More likely than not, the pack would immediately register the unknown scent. The response? Walls, doors, entire hallways...all of it being covered in blood. The blood of the intruder. 


‘Young ones.’ Aizawa internally scoffs. ‘Little monsters, honestly…’ 


Alphas and betas can be plenty possessive, protective, and violent on a normal basis. Aizawa’s experience has allowed him to see even the most collected or happy-go-lucky go crazy when their pack mates and/or mates are threatened. 


But a pack formed at this young of an age? 


A pack as big as this? 


A pack with only one omega, whom is also aspiring to be a Pro Hero? 


That’s making normal possessiveness look like child’s play. Not to mention that levels of possessiveness and protectiveness increase as age increases. It’s more noticeable in alphas compared to betas or omegas, but it does exist in all three. Long story short: instincts prepare all genders for the future of raising a family and needed to be ready to protect. 


Iida nods, head bowing in shame. “We should have been paying more in dept attention to Izuku’s behavior. I’m sorry that our neglectance dragged you into something we should’ve been prepared to take care of.” His voice reflects the regret he speaks of, though he ends with a determined tone. 


It’s an indirect statement: this will not happen again. It will not be allowed to. They will be prepared in the future, this was just a smack back into reality and what should’ve been discussed long ago (or in their case, the discussion should’ve been completed). 


“Yes, you should have.” Aizawa’s eyes glow bright red, his own alpha reacting to the admittance that the pack omega was neglected (in a way). While there is a risk that his aggression will spark aggression in return, given the sensitive topic, what needs to be said will be said. 


Besides, if push comes to shove, Aizawa can erase everyone’s quirks and buy himself some time as backup arrives. Midoriya’s heat didn’t just affect the pack of students, you know. The teachers aren’t immune to pheromones or protective instincts rising. The fact that Midoriya’s still technically a (omega) child while the teachers are (mostly alpha) adults. 


“I doubt that any of you will walk away from this lesson without having learnt something, but in case I’m wrong, I’d like to make something clear.” A bit of growl makes its way into Aizawa’s voice, and the older alpha can see the strain that it puts on the younger alphas. He can see how hard they’re trying to keep from jumping up to the pack’s defense. 


Good instincts and good reflexes, but needs work on subtlety.


“Allow Midoriya’s needs to be neglected again, and I will personally kick the life out of all of you.” Aizawa narrows his eyes, daring someone to point out that he has a chance at losing an 18 (19 if you count Dark Shadow) vs. 1 battle. He’d find or make a way to win. “Also, you won’t be allowed to see him for a month.” 


That second threat is the one to invoke a reaction. Even from Shouto, Iida, and Tokoyami (who all looked more than ready to be threatened with a painful death). There are a few groans here, cries of indigence there, some snarls (mainly from Bakugou), and a room full of determined faces. 


Perfect. Just what Aizawa was hoping for when he made his threat. 


“Glad we got that cleared up.” Aizawa’s eyes return to normal as he calms down. “Now, since you all missed class yesterday, we’ll have to catch up. So go grab your uniforms and meet me in the training facility.”