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“Come on Bakugou it will be fun, please?” Kirishima begged, his arms crossed in a silent plea.

“Yeah man, what’s the chances of getting kidnapped two camping trips in a row?”

“Shut up Dunce face, I’m not declining because of that! I just don’t want to go on a stupid trip for fun. It's a waste of time and the schools money if you fuckin' ask me.”

In the distance Midoriya was also shaking his head at Todoroki and Uraraka who asked if he was going to partake in the trip. 

“Sorry guys, I just don’t want to fall behind with my training...I have a lot to live up to...I mean, I just have a lot to practice you know..?” He ran his hand through his hair, offering a hesitant laugh. Iida pushed past and threw his arm down, “I object. Midoriya, even the strongest of the pro heroes need a break.”

Izuku shook his head again and stood up with his bag. Uraraka looked over at the commotion of Kaminari, Kirishima and Sero who were all on the floor after Bakugou set off a few agitated explosions. She looked back over to Deku who had his back to them, “hey Deku…” he turned to her with a questionable smile and she continued, “are you not going because Bakugou isn’t..?”

Izuku looked up to where Bakugou was walking away from the rest of the class in a huff. Izuku shook his head, “ why would I do that..?” He pulled his bag up father on his shoulder, tightening his grip.
“I just want to train more...honest.”

Uraraka looked at him, her shoulder fell, bag slipping from her hands then shrugged, “sure, I get it...I’ll, uh...see you after the trip then?”

Izuku smiled, “of course, have a great time for me!”
“Yeah,” Uraraka sighed. There was a touch on her shoulder and she looked up to see Iida who was also saying his goodbyes to Izuku then looked down at her.

“It’s ok to be sad, I was hoping he would come too.”

He paused, “well there are no rules saying we can’t have fun without Midoriya, right Todoroki?”
Shoto, who was also walking away, shook his head, “I haven’t decided if I want to go yet.”

“Not you too!” Momo cried, both Tsuyu and Ashido on her heels. Mina crossed her arms, “explody boy said no too, what a lame group of heroes we are.”

“Well...can you really blame them..?” The girls watched as Bakugou disappeared from their line of site, Izuku right behind him. Tsuyu continued, "camping trips really don’t bring the best memories for them, for us...”


After the evening slipped into the following day all of class 1A aside from Bakugou, Izuku and Todoroki packed into the UA bus for their trip. Shoto took the beginning of the day to see his mother, leaving the final boys alone in the dormitory.
During the afternoon Izuku practiced outside, Katsuki training not far from him. They started separate but eventually as they continued to spar against various trees and other foliage they began to come together. Katsuki and Midoriya were quiet as they exchanged blows, blocking each other and dodge rolling across the grass. As the sun beat across their backs it was Bakugou who stopped first. He fell onto the grass, hand over his face, sweat down his back.

“How come you didn’t go on that trip with your lame friends?”
Izuku plopped on the grass nearby then rolled over on his back to stare up at the clouds next to him.

“I just wanted to practice some more, I didn’t want to be in their way.”

Katsuki tsked, Deku looked over, “you?”

“I don’t do fun,” Katsuki replied, eyes tracing a leaf that flipped across his vision.

“You don’t do fun?”

“I’m here to learn all I can to be number one, not to play spin the bottle with a bunch of pent up extras.”

Deku frowned, his eyes flicked to Katsuki, “oh I dunno...sometimes it can be relaxing to just play a game with your friends.”

“Yeah? Maybe you should have gone then.”

Deku was quiet. Katsuki stole a glance his way and tsked, “ok fucker, you didn’t stay to practice, did you? Spit it, what’s the real reason hah?”

Izuku looked to him with a hesitant pull of his lips, “I don’t know what you’re...talking about.”

Katsuki leaned forward into Izukus space, “that damn longing in your eyes, you wanted to go, didn’t you?”

Izuku hesitated and Bakugou leaned back, “hah, see, point proved, you’re a shit liar you know.”

Izuku sighed, pulling his arms behind his head, “yeah, you can always see right through me.”

It fell quiet between the two boys, Izuku refusing to follow up to his comment and Bakugou refusing to start up another conversation. In a way they sat there enjoying ones company in silence only listening to the pull of the trees in the woods nearby. After a handful of minutes passed by Bakugou sat up, jumping to his feet in one swift movement. “I’m leaving,” he stated before turning around to head back inside.

For a moment Izukus eyes lingered on the boy walking away from him. His jacket whipped in the wind before he yanked on the door and disappeared inside. Izuku had to hand it to Katsuki, he was right. The excuse he used to gain extra practice was a little bit of a cover up. Though, in his defense, he didn't lie to his friends either. He does need to be better, be stronger. Every day when he walks by the common room the television shows how the world is getting a little more dark each passing week. Every day seems a little more scary to be a hero. Every day feels as if a month had gone by with him still sitting with half his power with little use to anyone but common low thugs. He felt as though there was an invisible timer that counted down above his head...and if he didn't succeed in time...well...the world is going to be a much darker place. It was top priority to get his powers under control and maximize their output as soon as possible. Because time doesn't wait on anyone. But he had to admit, being the top hero wasn't his main reason for staying behind. Perhaps he was a little selfish...or worrisome... or both. Deep down it was just a little too soon for him to feel comfortable sleeping in the cabins in the woods surrounded by his classmates. Besides, he knew Katsuki better than anyone and while the boy may never admit it, Izuku knows why he didn't go and like him, it had little to do with wanting to train more. 

There was a sound of a door being closed and Izuku hadn’t realized how much time had actually passed. A shadow formed overhead and something wet splashed across his face, causing Izuku to quickly sit up. There was a laugh and Katsuki plopped down next to him.

“Your face was priceless.”
Izuku whipped the water off his forehead and shook his now wet shirt with a frown.

“Kacchan...! What was that for?”

“Here, truce, eat it ya idiot.”

A granola bar was shoved in his face, he was eating one as well, two water bottles lay at his feet. Izuku took the offering and nibbled on the food, the first thing he’s eaten all day.

“You’re shit at taking care of yourself you know.”

“Hey..!” Izuku replied and Bakugou shoved the water in his other open hand.

“You’ve always been like that.”

Izuku swallowed and took a drink, cooling his throat.
“Oh, so now you decide to share with me?”

“Hey, I share plenty, ya dumb-ass.”


“What? You’re calling me a liar?”

Izuku leaned back with one hand as he took another drink,“well, if the shoe fits.”

Bakugou crossed his arms with a huff, “fine.”

“Fine... what?”

“I’ll prove you wrong.”

“Kacchan I was just-” Izuku put the water down and threw out his hand for emphasis. 

“No, you can’t fucking take it back.” Katsuki stood up then began to walk away. Izuku shook his head, finishing his granola bar in a few swift bites before following him inside.

Later in the day he sat lounged across the sofa, flipping through his phone to look at the photos Kaminari was posting on his social media. He clicked the like button on a picture of him and Kirishima balancing on a log, Mina trying to tip them over. There was another photo of Iida who burned his lunch trying to cook it over the fire, the girls in the background tying up Mineta in the same manner. Izuku chuckled, swiping to the next photo then jumped when something hit him and fell on the couch beside him. He looked to his side to find a controller for a console system then a voice interrupted his curious thoughts, "take the stupid thing Deku, shit have you never seen a controller before?"

Izuku lowered his phone and gazed at Katsuki with mild curiosity, this was the first time he's asked to play a game with him since they were kids. Usually they would play outside but once in awhile when it was a rainy day Izuku would come over and play on Katsuki's game system. Izuku was always pretty bad but he liked the challenge. It felt that he was on the same level as Katsuki and if he just practiced enough, he could even beat him some days. But that was a long time ago. Izuku picked up the controller with a smile, looking up he saw that Katsuki had booted up a racing game. He looked at the other boy and replied, "it's been a really long time since we played any video games together, this isn't yours is it?"

Katsuki shook his head with a, "no it's dunce faces system, figured since he isn't here, I could beat some of his high scores like the loser he is. Stupid ass won't shut up about it all day yesterday, time for some self induced karma."

Izuku watched him change the screen to co op and Deku smirked, "oh-so...this is some really intense training huh?"

"Shut the fuck up, if you don't want to play then give me the controller back."

Deku pulled the controller toward him in safety and shook his head like a child, "nuh-uh it's mine now."

Katsuki smirked, "fine, don't slow me down, we need to get a higher score than shitty hair and electric rat, got it?"

"That won't be hard," Izuku stated, looking at the scores with renewed vigor. 

"Exactly," Katsuki replied then started the first game, the screen flashing. The boys played several matches before a pillow was thrown at Izuku when he fell behind. He caused them to grab second instead of first place. Bakugou stated he was going to kick him out if he didn't get better, then continued saying to keep the pillow since he already had one. Izuku threw it behind him, softening his back as he leaned against it. When they beat the first high score Katsuki got up and grabbed snacks for the both of them. Everything he grabbed, he got two of. Izuku was lost for words when Katsuki brought back two bags of chips, two bottles of water, two plates of leftovers from the night before. Nothing was asked, nothing was accused. Izuku just took them with a smile and after Katsuki offered his jacket because Izuku didn’t have one downstairs, he took it without arguing. Was it a little weird? Kind of. But he didn’t complain. 

After a couple of hours passed by Izuku noticed that Shoto was still not yet back at the dormitory and began to wonder if he was planning on staying with his family for the evening. The sun was hitting the horizon and both boys decided to go outside, choosing to walk the campus trails that wrapped inside the woods next to the campus. Izuku hopped a few steps over a downed log, Katsuki stepping over it just behind him. Izuku looked back at Katsuki as he pulled back a branch, both a little amused and confused that Katsuki was still choosing to spend his extra time alongside him. Most days he wouldn't be caught dead training alongside Izuku, let alone just casually walking with him. But here he is, spending his whole day choosing to stay close to his side. Izuku didn't want to question him or even comment in risk of starting an argument or scaring him away. If Izuku was honest, he really enjoyed the extra company, he was prepared to spend the day on his own prepping for class the following days. But instead he found himself hanging around his old friend. Izuku twirled the long walking stick in his hand still befuddled that Katsuki went out his way to find one off the trail for the both of them. It was amusing that everything Katsuki picked up on the trail he would always find two of that object then hand one to him. So far Izuku had four flat rocks, a walking stick and a flower in his pocket. 

When he slowed down to another fork in the path Katsuki took the lead then silently gestured Izuku to follow him. Midoriya did what he asked and as they pushed past the foliage, a gleam of the sunset showered across the lake that lay before them. The two boys skidded down to the edge of the water, their shoes kicking up the pebbles across their feet. They stood beside one another, looking at their reflection across the bright blue water. Izuku heard Katsuki shuffled something out of his pocket and he watched as Bakugou threw one of his rocks across the water, sending a wave of ripples dangerously close to their feet. The rock skipped five times until it sunk far into the lake- too far away to get it back unless they dared to swim. 

"That was awesome Kacchan..!"

Bakugou smirked then turned to him, "yeah, yeah, let’s see you try Deku.”

Izuku smirked, he fished for his first rock Katsuki handed him when they started walking on the trails together. Bringing back his arm he threw it and the rock skipped once before plopping into the lake with a loud "GLUP". Katsuki didn't hold back his laughter, folding his arms across his chest with a smirk, "I figured you would be shit at doing this too."

"Gee, thanks Kacchan," Izuku muttered, Katsuki grabbed another rock from his pocket with a shake of his head. 

"Watch me Deku, look, it's all in the wrist." 

Izuku watched as Katsuki demonstrated once, showing him how the trick worked then threw the rock, it skipped five times once again before disappearing under the surface. Izuku snatched another rock in his pocket with determination and mimicked his movements, the rock skipped once...twice then it sunk into the lake with a quiet "plup". Izuku turned to Katsuki with a smile, "wow, did you see that...!"

Katsuki didn't turn to meet his eyes and crossed his arms, "that was so bad."

Deku frowned, shoulders fell forward with a frustrated, "Kacchan..."

"Come here." Deku felt his arm being pulled as Katsuki grabbed his wrist, Izuku's arm fell limp as Bakugou placed another rock in his open palm.

“Now pull back your arm... why are you so stiff- dammit Deku.”

Katsuki was positioned behind him. Pulling Izuku's arm back, he held his wrist with a gentle grip.

“When you flick it back, imagine it like a Frisbee, like this…” Izuku felt Katsuki's fingers let go and he watched the rock skip four times before sinking into the lake.

“See, that’s how you do it,” Katsuki replied, letting him go, the warmth trailing away with him. Izuku watched as Katsuki threw his final rock, skipping it six times before it hit the surface, creating a ripple that traveled down to their reflections.

“You’re a lot better than me,” Deku admitted with a smile.

“Of course I am,” he replied, his eyes looked into the water toward Deku’s reflection, “I’ve been doing this since I was a kid. Everyone can do it with a bit of practice stupid.”

Deku offered a hesitant smile then nodded, “you’re right. You know, you should teach people Kacchan.”

“Hah..? Why the hell would I do that? Who want's to teach people how to throw a damn rock?”

"Ah, no I meant teaching in general, when you know take the're pretty good at it."

Katsuki huffed, crossing his arms over his chest, the water casting a glow against his skin.

“I’ll be good at throwing kids out a damn window, if that’s what you mean.”

Izuku laughed at the image, “perhaps, maybe teaching kids isn't the best for you.”

“What’s with stupid ideas today anyway? Come on lets go.”

Izuku watched him turn around and noticed that Katsuki walked visibly slower to allow Izuku to catch up to him. He trailed behind Bakugou, his hand inside the borrowed jacket pocket. He forgot he was even wearing this. The material was soft in the inside and it kept him warm as the wind nipped through the trees on occasion. If Izuku was honest he was a little happy the rest of the class decided to continue with the trip without them. Katsuki always acted a little different, more calm around him when there wasn't an audience. His eyes traced down to his feet, his chest squeezed thinking how they were going to go back to how they were once everyone returns. If the class was here there was no doubt in his mind that Katsuki would chase him around the dorm demanding his jacket back and exclaiming that he took it from him. Well, maybe not. But Izuku wouldn't put it past the hot head to make up an excuse for being so close to him. Though, maybe...just maybe he wouldn't. Maybe he wouldn't care, and instead of being upset he would ignore them, telling them to mind their own business. Izuku's heart warmed, his eyes trailed to his back, watching his blonde hair whip in the wind. It has been such a long time since he felt so calm and welcomed in his shadow. No longer looking back, accusing him of looking down on him or following him to only surpass his goal to being number one. Ever since they had their fight and Bakugou learned of his secret between him and All Might, the two of them have been relatively quiet with one another. This was the fist time in forever since he felt...friendship. His vision blurred feeling the familiar happiness blossom in his chest. It has been awhile since he felt happy around Katsuki. He's always looked up to him as one of his big role models, he's always wanted to be with him during his big fights, his biggest decisions. He just wanted to be with him. 

His fingers wrapped around the little flower Katsuki gave him on the start of the walk, the petals were soft against his calloused fingers. The two boys decided to finish the remainder of the trail in silent company, the sun finally edging against the hillside, blinding them as they found themselves back on the open grass outside the dormitory. Katsuki stopped on the grassy incline and turned around, standing above Izuku with his head slightly tilted up with a smirk.

“See nerd, I share.”

Izuku let out a huff of air, forgetting that he had said that in the beginning of the day. Izuku's chest tightened and his shoulder fell, eyes swaying away from him. Right...that was the only reason Katsuki was taking time out of his day to be nice to him. To prove him wrong. It had nothing to do with wanting to spend the day with him, nor was it to make up lost time as old childhood friends. It was to once again a petty competition to show him being right between the two of them.

"I...I see," Izuku sighed, hot tears dared to surface as he let his eyes fall to the grass. He turned around, away from Katsuki and sat in the grass not wanting him to see his tears over something so silly. Katsuki didn't reply and it was quiet for awhile. Izuku assumed he had continued to the dormitory, but the second shadow never left his peripheral vision. Katsuki was still there. He stood there, silent, just...staring at him. Izuku felt his back prick from the uncanny silence and began to wonder why the explosive teen continued to stay. The sun was just vanishing over the hillside, the shadows becoming more obscure as the seconds clocked by. There was no reason why Katsuki would stay, there was nothing more to prove, nothing more to gain so why...Oh...Shit. The jacket! He completely forgot about the jacket again!

In one swift motion Izuku ripped off the jacket then shoved it in Bakugou's direction, the little red flower falling out beside him in the process. As he held out the jacket he felt a chill run down his back as the wind nipped at his short sleeves. The tears traced across his cheeks, he refused to say anything because he was afraid his voice would hitch up higher if he did. Giving away his miserable and uncalled for state. Instead he continued to sit where he was, hiding his face and holding out the jacket, waiting. 

Eventually the jacket was taken from his hands, the soft material disappearing from his fingers in a slow pull. Izuku drew in his arm and pulled up his legs to rest his head against his knees quietly. Hot tears silently trailed across his cheeks, hidden from the rest of the world.
The wind was ripping harshly against his hair and he ignored the cool air that nipped at his skin, but then it went away. The jacket was draped back over his shoulders.
He felt movement beside him and Izuku opened one eye, looking over to spot Katsuki sitting next to him, one knee up, his arm draped across it. The flower sat that had between them was now in Katsuki's other hand, he twirled it a few times, like what a kid would do with a pencil before starting an important exam. It was quiet between them for a little while and Izuku felt anger fuel inside, thinking of all the reasons why he would possibly stick next to him. There was nothing left to prove, he didn't need to stay. What...was he going to burn the little flower too and tell him to fuck off? Maybe it was going to be some sick joke of thinking they could ever be friends again. Izuku's heart twisted and he lifted his head with renewed vigor to beat the boy to the punch. 

“You don’t have to stay, I get it.”

“Get what?” Katsuki replied, but he didn't look in his direction, only playing with the flower in his hand.

“You won, great, you can share, you can leave now.”

Katsuki looked at him, he smirked, “it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you so pissed off.”

“I’m not pissed off!” Deku snapped then hid his head, his tears. Dammit, why was he always so good at reading him? Even as kids Katsuki always knew when his emotions were on the edge, sometimes he would call him out on it, other times he would stop playing and choose to play something different. As they grew older he would usually ignore him, though sometimes...he would see him pull his friends away when he felt the world was just about to cave in on him. But some days...he would be the problem. Every little thing he did... Katsuki had to prove him wrong. He had to be better than him. Izuku tried not to take it personally but sometimes...he would go too far. Telling him his life would be worthless if he would try to be a hero. Trying to prove him wrong every day that being a hero was a bad choice. Hell..sometimes Izuku wonders if he is still trying to win that one. Still trying to prove him wrong. That he can never be a hero, scared that he was wrong his whole life betting that Izuku would never be the person he wanted to be his whole life. Or maybe...maybe he really was upset that he didn't know about his new obtained quirk from All Might. Maybe...if he had this quirk from the start...they would have been friends and stayed friends. Maybe. Izuku doubted that. Katsuki always wanted to be in the spotlight. To be the best. He probably would have treated him just the same, if not even more harsh with the added competition. Though, that did make him wonder...if Katsuki was so head strong about him back then...did he always see him as his competition? Even when he was quirkless...? Izuku frowned, doubtful. 

“Yeah, and I’m not used to being the calm one you shithead. Why the hell are you crying for anyway?”

Izuku opened his mouth but nothing came out. He reached up and wiped the tears away from his cheeks with a couple rough strokes. Damn, why was he crying? Why was this bothering him so much? Why should he care if all Bakugou saw of him was a competitive rival? Why did it bother him that Katsuki only wanted to beat him? To see him lose? Izuku frowned, tightening his hands into a fist, pulling at the grass beside him. Why does it feel like his heart is breaking..? 

Izuku refused to meet his eyes, his voice quiet, “...because we’re just going to go back to how things used to be.”


Izuku shrugged and sighed, “never mind, you don’t...just forget it.”

“You’re such an inconsiderate little...- you know what; this whole damn day I shared everything I fucking had, and you...what did you do huh? When did you ever share anything with me? Cause I should be the one mad at you for being a dick who can’t share!”

Izuku looked up, tears showering across his hands, his eyes wide. Wait...was Kacchan mad because he didn’t share anything... with him?

“Kacchan that’s not how it works...I didn’t have anything to share with you.”

Katsuki kicked at the stick at his feet and nodded at the little flower still twirling in his hand.

“Didn’t fuckin' stop me from findin' something.”

Izuku swallowed at the logic and his eyes looked around at the hillside, spotting his little walking stick but nothing much else. His eyes traced down to what he was wearing then stared at his hands in curiosity. Izuku felt his lips pull up in a soft smile as he offered his hand toward the other boy, "I can...uh...share my hand?"

Bakugou hesitated, staring at him as if he had grew a second head and Izuku stuttered, "it''s all I have to share right now..."

Katsuki continued to say nothing and Izuku's hand faltered, he began to regret his words and started to pull it back feeling the heat burst across his cheeks from embarrassment. But as he began to pull away, fingers slid in between his own and they both just kind of stared at the linked hands silently before looking either direction to not catch the others burning gaze. The wind tugged across their hair as the stars dazzled above the two boys sitting underneath the now dark sky.

Bakugou was the first to break the silence.

“I bet you five dollars dunce face got pushed into the lake while sleeping.”

“What?” Izuku smirked and replied, “I bet you five dollars Mineta is trying to sneak into the girls tent.”

The two boys laughed, Bakugou replied, “I bet glasses tries to stop him and ends up waking the whole damn class.”

“Rip Mineta,” Izuku muttered. By then the two of them had leaned in close against one another, the jacket falling halfway off Izuku's shoulders in favor of Katsuki's body heat. Neither of them spoke of how close they were or why they were continuing to hold each others hand in the dark. Izuku leaned his head down, resting against Katsuki's shoulder and closed his eyes with a yawn. Bakugou debated on leaving him after a few moments of silence; but when he shifted his weight Izuku spoke up with a quiet, "Kacchan..please don't leave..." Katsuki hesitated then leaned back into the grass, allowing Izuku to snuggle into his side quietly, their hands still linked together. The little flower from before was entwined between their fingers, the petals brushing against their worn hands. Izuku's breaths began to slow down and Katsuki was left staring up at the sky alone with his thoughts. 

Like...why the fuck was he doing this? Why was he choosing to stay out in the cold with only his and Izuku's body heat to keep warm from the night? He drew his free hand under his head and watched one of the larger stars blink a few times in sky then began to wonder if the other kids were looking up in the sky just like he was. He wondered if they knew the real reason why he didn't go on the trip with them. He wondered if they started rumors of him being scared to go back on a camping trip with his classmates. Katsuki sighed, who cares, even if they fucking did think that, he'll just beat some sense into them when they returned. But...they wouldn't be wrong. His eyes traced down to Izuku. He knew that. But there was little that ever got past him. Izuku always said that Katsuki could always read him, but it was really always the opposite. Izuku could always see him for who he really was. Even when they were little kids. All the other brats would follow him without question, but Izuku would always tell him how amazing he was and why. He would always know when he was angry or sad or confused.

When he felt alone Izuku would always come racing to his side exclaiming that he was his 'fighting partner in crime'. Back then...he didn't mind it all that much. Especially when it was just him and Izuku. When the other kids were around and Izuku continued to trail him, he always felt smothered and stalked; but he always liked being the leader so he didn't mind it all that much either. It was when Izuku constantly talked about being a hero with him as they grew older is what really bothered him. He acted as though being quirkless he could do anything Katsuki could if he just tried hard enough. Learned enough. Each time Izuku followed him all he could see was a kid with green hair lying dead in the street trying to be a fucking hero. But you can't be a fucking hero if you're dead. It didn't make sense to him. To why Deku tried so hard. Even when he pushed him down and called him names he still just...followed him. Izuku sang him praises like everyone else. Even after middle school he stood by him when no one else did. He helped convince everyone that...that he wasn't a villain, even after all the bad things he said to him. 

Katsuki blinked, his vision blurry and he rubbed the back of his hand across his eyes and realized he was crying. Damn. He was fucking getting soft. This loser stayed behind strictly because he knew Bakugou wasn't going to go either. Just like when they were little kids and Izuku raced behind him with a, "I didn't want you to be all alone Kacchan...!" He was still doing the same shit ten years later. He felt hot air as Izuku sighed into his shoulder, possibly dreaming. He stared at the boy, watching his mouth open slightly as he slept quietly beside him. Izuku did share something with him. He shared his time. Which can be more precious than any one thing Katsuki shared with him throughout the day. He smirked, and whispered, "fine's a fucking tie then."

Deku mumbled something incoherent back, Katsuki held back his laughter from the sleeping response and leaned his head down, eyes closed to the stars above. Whether he wanted to admit it or not...having the nerd around was just a little less lonely. Besides, it was nice...being wanted. 


It was well past midnight when Todoroki made his way back to the dormitory. As he was able to key his way into the building he paused seeing movement on the hillside just past the dorm. He took a few steps forward to investigate and comes across Katsuki and Izuku lying against one another in the grass outside, Izuku on his side, his hand draped across Katsuki's chest. Shoto backed away then made his way into the building and grabbed one of the spare blankets from inside the closet. As he returned he threw the blanket on top of them then shook his head before quietly returning back to the dorm with a smirk. 

"Yeah...and I'm the clueless one."