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Lucifer POV

Lucifer's face was a wet mess by the time he made up a decision as to what he should do. His dark hair was nowhere near as neat as he usually kept it. His whole attire was not to the same level of tidiness he had ordinarily maintained. The new suit he had only just put on to replace the one that had been torn all over from his beating, was already soaked red in his blood from the terrible scars that lined his back.

He still remained, sitting by his cell, listening to the sound of their song echoing off the walls. He no longer cared that hell had made every note off-key. He just sat, tears silently falling from his eyes, and he listened, and he remembered, all other their good times.

And so he prayed. He prayed to God. He prayed to his father. Something he never thought he would be doing again. And yet again, it was for her. It was always for her. Everything he did came from a place of love for her. And so he cried, and he begged to be forgiven, he begged to go home, he would do anything he screamed. And nothing changed. And so he cried and cried and he screamed his heart out until his voice was hoarse and the tears resided. And lay down on the cold floor and let himself break down.

And then he awoke, from a sleep he didn't realise he was in. And he felt a hand upon his shoulder. And it wasn't someone he had expected at all.

"Mum?" He whimpered.

"Yes my darling boy, I'm here," His mother responded.

"How?" He croaked, his voice faltering.

"I heard you calling."

Lucifer was baffled by this, he could have sworn he had prayed to his father.

"What- What are you d- doing here?"

"I'm going to take your place, my sweet boy. Go to her Lucifer."

Lucifer only nodded. He pushed himself off the floor and stood for a moment, staring at his mother.

"How do I get home?" Lucifer questioned.

"Well, you fly my dear."

"I– I don't know if- if they'll still be there," Lucifer whispered. "I don't want to check, and- and I don't even know if I have the energy," he added, gesturing towards his scarred back.

"Call your brother, I'm sure he'd come for you." The goddess replied softly.

"I've been down here for 5 years, mother. I doubt he would concern himself with me." Lucifer sobbed.

"My darling boy, don't you remember, time works much differently down here. Call for him, son."

And so Lucifer did as he was asked, mostly because he had no other choice at this point. It didn't take long, his brother came at once.

"Mother? What are you doing here?" Amenadiel exclaimed.

"I am taking over for my son. He needs to go back to earth and you must take him."

Amenadiel had the same response as Lucifer; he just nodded and lifted Lucifer up. Lucifer was in a much too weak state to complain. He groaned slightly, before once again he fell asleep, and was carried like a baby in the arms of an angel, all the way home.

When he woke, he was in his bed at the penthouse, the silk sheets pulled carefully over him. His brother sat next to him, watching over him like a guardian angel.

"Good morning brother," Amenadiel said as he noticed Lucifer's eyes fluttering open.

"Chloe..." Lucifer murmured.

"Luci you can go see her shortly, I just need to make sure you are alright. Your back is a mess, and the area around your eyes is bright red. Luci, what happened?" Amenadiel responded.

"Chloe..." Lucifer whimpered. "I need to see Chloe. Please." Lucifer practically begged.

Amenadiel nodded. He walked away and seated himself on the red leather couch to let Lucifer sort himself out.

The devil got out of bed as fast as his broken body would let him. His bed had stained red in several places where his scabs had broken off. He slowly made his way to his shower. His mind still not fully aware that he was home. He was actually home.

The hot shower water attacked his back with excruciating pain and Lucifer almost screamed twice, he would have if not for his brother being in the room next door. He did not need Amenadiel being concerned for him. When Lucifer had finally finished showering he watched the red water drain down, his back seemed to never have a chance to heal.

"Amenadiel!" He croaked when he had managed to put on his suit trousers.


"There's a medkit in the safe, can you get it? The code's 24563."

Amenadiel nodded and made himself to Lucifer's bedroom. He smirked whilst typing in the pin and seeing the associated letters to the numbers.

"Here you go, Luci," Amenadiel said entering the bathroom again.

"Thank you, now I need help bandaging up my back please."

Amenadiel obliged.

When they had finished patching up his scarred back, Lucifer practically lept out of the bathroom and ran down to the elevator. He was in such a rush to see his Detective he almost forgot to put a shirt on.

"What day is it?" Lucifer asked his brother as we left.


Lucifer smiled. Chloe would be at home which made finding her and talking to her a lot easier. Lucifer was still quite a mess. Besides his back, his eyes were still red and swollen and his voice was still croaky, and his hair was falling all over his face. The only thing that stopped him looking like Hell was his impeccable fashion sense.

Lucifer hopped into the corvette and raced, well over the speed limit – as always – to the detective's apartment. When he arrived he was about to open the door and let himself in when he remembered that he still had no idea how long he had been away. So instead he refrained from doing so; he knocked.

"Coming!" He heard the detective yell from inside.

The door opened.

He couldn't believe his eyes. The miracle that was before him. "Chloe," He choked.

Chloe couldn't believe it. It was him. At the door. He was home. "Lucifer..." Chloe breathed his name in shock. Was this... real? He looked a mess.

Chloe couldn't help herself, she lept onto him and hugged him. Tears began to form at her eyes.

Lucifer winced as pain engulfed his back from her hug, but he let her hug him anyway. It hurt, but it was worth it because she was worth it. He kissed the top of her forehead and they held each other in silence. Both of them had silent tears falling from their face. Tears of joy.

"You're home," Chloe whispered, breaking the hug.

"I'm home," Lucifer repeated, smiling into the detective's beautiful blue eyes.

"Mummmm, who is at the door?" A little girl yelled entering the room. Trixie looked up and her face immediately lit up. "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer! You're home!" The girl screeched, jumping into Lucifer's arms. He didn't stop her, he hugged her back.

"I missed you," He whispered to the girl.

Chloe stood and watched. Her heart melted at the sight of Lucifer hugging her little girl, but she couldn't help but worry. Lucifer didn't hug children. Lucifer didn't leave the house a mess like he was now.

"Hey monkey, can you give Lucifer and I a moment please?" Chloe asked Trixie.

"Okay mummy," Trixie replied, jumping off Lucifer and walking back to her bedroom.

When the girl was out of earshot Chloe turned back to face Lucifer. "Are you okay? What happened? How are you here?"

"I'm okay now because you're here. My mother came and she offered to take charge of Hell. I can tell you the details later okay? I just need to be with you." Lucifer smiled. "You haven't found a new guy yet have you?" He added quickly.

"It's only been five days! And nobody could ever replace you Lucifer."

Lucifer seemed shocked, and Chloe could swear she saw him mouth only five days. "Lucifer?"


"How long were you in Hell?"

"Hm? Oh, um five– five years."

"Oh my–, Lucifer!" The detective began to cry some more and she wrapped her arms around him again.

"I'm sorry Detective, I didn't mean to upset you."

"No, no, it's okay." Chloe smiled at him. "Oh my god, Lucifer! Your shirt is red! You're bleeding."

Chloe practically ripped of Lucifer's shirt, only briefly stopping to stare at his torso. Okay damn, he still had pretty fine abs. Chloe shook herself out of her gaze and turned Lucifer around. His entire back was covered in plasters, all soaked red.

"Lucifer, what happened?"

"Ah well, when you all viciously hugged me, I think some of my scabs were ripped off."

"Lucifer, how did you get these scars?" Chloe asked, pulling Lucifer down to the couch.

They sat on Chloe's sofa for a moment before Lucifer spoke. He told her everything. He told her how he had a breakdown every 5 minutes and went into his Hell loop and was punished by the demons. He told her how we went mildly insane and went on a killing spree. And then he told her how his mother came and took his place and Amenadiel flew him home.

When they had finished talking about Hell, Lucifer looked the detective in the eyes and smiled warmly.

"I'm here now, and I'm not going anywhere. I love you, Chloe."

"I love you too, Lucifer."

"Do you think we should invite the little urchin back?"

"Mm, in a moment. I want you all to myself for now." Chloe smiled, resting her head on his lap. Lucifer laughed happily, for the first time in five years. She held his hand whilst with his other hand he played with her hair. He was happy. Truly. And then Lucifer made a decision.

He stood up and moved his shoulders to open his wings. But they didn't come out.

You're a monster. Said the voice in his head.

And then Lucifer cried again, falling to the ground. Chloe lept off the couch to comfort him. "Hey, hey, you're okay Lucifer, I've got you." She said taking his hand.