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"Run through the plan again-"

"Fucking hell we've been through this five times already, he knows the fucking plan-"

"I don't doubt that Katsuki but it's for my own peace of mind-"

Izuku sighed, tuning out Kacchan and Hitoshi's arguing. He turned to Mei and Kyouka who were the only ones doing anything productive in their bunker. "How long do you think we have?"

"Anywhere from five minutes to two days, you know how they are," Kyouka answered, "We're lucky to even have that."

The door opened and in an instant everyone was silent and poised to strike, when Neito's head popped in through the cracks. Everyone breathed a sign of relief.

"We have security measures for a reason asshole."

"Of course of course." Neito entered with his charge, a young teen with long auburn hair and brilliant blue eyes, "But do they really matter when soon they won't even exist?"

Kacchan fumed where he stood, seemingly about to jump Neito, when the young girl spoke up: "I-it's an honour to w-work with you!" She bowed at almost a 90 degree angle.

"Should be us saying that to you little cutie!" That was Mina, what she was doing in the corner earlier was anyone's guess.

"Chou here will be sending Izuku back so we can fix the garbage fire of our post-graduation lives." Neito continued, "How far are we sending him again? Surely the start of our first year will be fine."

"Not quite." Everyone's heads snapped to Izuku who stood and shut the door, "By then everything would already be mostly in motion. If we really wanted to nip the bud, I would need to be sent back no earlier than 18 years - when we were nine. That's when All for One went into hiding after his fight against All Might. And remember, Chou-chan's Quirk is rather unstable, so we should aim a little before then just in case."

"Aaaaaaand done!" Mei shouted, drawing attention to her as she held up her newest 'baby', "This baby should help stabilize the Quirk and make you much less likely to be lost in the time stream and thus up your chances of success!" She then attached it to Chou's arm and stood back to admire her final work, "It's on automatically so whenever you're all ready to go we can start."

Everyone took a second to collect themselves and huddle into a circle in the center of the safe-house, Izuku and Chou in the middle. "Now remember, don't-"

"-Change too much, get All Might killed, have One for All end, die, be incapacitated, reveal too much to too many, fail the entrance exam, get expelled, get caught doing villain and/or vigilante activities, get Kacchan killed, get Mei killed, get Eri killed, get Aizawa killed, get Nezu killed, prevent Eri from being born, spoil any TV shows/games/movies, or become involved with the yakuza. I get it Hitoshi."

"Just wanted to make sure."

"Izuku," Mei started, "Remeber, if you want me to make something for you with minimal questions, turn in form T2-A."

Izuku nodded and stepped towards Chou. "I guess," He smiled the brightest smile he's made in years, "I'll see you all on the other side."

Chou and Izuku held hands, skin on skin, Chou's right with Izuku's right. The support gear Mei made hummed to life as Chou started to glow, the glow slowly spreading up his arm to the rest of his body. He closed his eyes and felt the girl's quirk pull him in, backwards. It felt strange - it wasn't as if it was a physical pull, but more a metaphysical pull. Then Izuku felt his metaphysical self fly backwards through the time stream. He watched as his life rewound before him - the Final Battle, the Fall of Kyoto, the Floods, Invasion Day, the Autumn Murders, when he opened his own agency, graduation, his third, second, first years at UA, training with All Might, the Sludge Villain, the first day of middle school, when his dad went on his business trip, when Kacchan melted his All Might figure, wait too far, too far- when he was proclaimed Quirkless, when Kacchan got his quirk.

Then he saw only black.

I'm in a bed. Was Izuku's first thought when he regained consciousness. I'm in a really soft bed.

He opened his eyes slowly, careful of the light difference between the room and the bunker, and saw All Might's beaming smile on the wall next to him. Recognizing the poster, he shot up and looked around. It was his room. His childhood room. Not many posters, or figures, or really any merch at all. His bookshelf had mostly comic books and kid's books (as well as that old novel his Dad bought. What was it again? Something about Musketeers?), and the old computer he used to spend so much time watching hero fights (specifically All Might's debut) on. Yes, Izuku thinks, this is definitely my room. Then he remembered what he saw in the jump back and - oh no.

Izuku throws his covers off, launches off the bed (Too low, too short, too-), all but throws himself at his calendar and freezes. It's December 12th, 22XX, he's three years old. He was sent back too far.

Izuku sighed, there's nothing he can do about it now, and it's not like he wasn't sent back far enough, he just has extra time to plan things out and do things. Nothing to worry about. Deep breath in, and out. In, and out. There, better. Lets run through things. Him having more time is the most obvious. Seeing Mum alive, seeing Dad at all. No Noumu, they don't exist yet (thank all gods out there). Kacchan doesn't have his Quirk, so he's not an asshole yet. All Might isn't injured. He's still Quirkless, but that's easily manageable. No bullies, hardly any of his peers have manifested their quirk at all actually. Shigaraki is still a kid, should be eight? Nine? Something like that. He currently knows the location of Dr. Tsubasa, also known as Ujiko Daruma. But most importantly: it worked. It worked and he's in the past. He can change things, save people, stop Shigaraki.

"Izuku! Honey, it's time to wake up!"

He turns toward the voice and sees his mother opening the door. He stares at her when he feels tears building, but accidentally lets out a sob. Inko rushes to him and engulfs him in a warm, comforting hug. God, he missed this. "Izuku, honey, what's wrong?"

He melts into the embrace and lets it all out. It takes ten minutes of hugs and soft reassurances from Inko before he manages to collect himself. He sniffs and - reluctantly - pulls back. "S-sorry. I h-had a ni-nightmare."

Inko's face softened at this, "Oh Izu it's ok. Why? I'm here!"

Izuku giggled at this and spoke a childish "Yeah!" Inko's face brightened and gave him another brief hug. "Why don't you freshen up and get dressed? Breakfast will be ready soon and your father should be back with some groceries afterwards. I have to go to work after that, so you two can have a boys day!"

Smiling, Izuku powered through his emotions and bid farewell to his mother, and flicked on the TV. Instead of the cartoons and anime Inko put on before she left, Izuku had the morning news playing. After two stories (both hero fights; the latest All Might fight and the 'new' hero Present Mic), Izuku heard the door open.

"I'm home!" Izuku felt unsettled by the voice. It was his father, he knew, but something seemed a little more familiar about it, like he'd heard it in more recent years, and never in a good way.

"Welcome ba-" As soon and he laid eyes on Hisashi, he went as pale as a ghost. He knew that face. He knew it, and knew it wasn't good. He kicked that face, felt relieved when all life left it. Saw that face on too many battlefields, causing too many deaths - of civilians, of friends, of family. He knew that face and stared wide-eyed at it's owner, colour still absent from his own.

"Oh shit."

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"Oh shit."

Oh shit is right. The man standing in front of Izuku, his father, Midoriya Hisashi, was also the 200 year old supervillain All for One, not the humble, fire-breathing salaryman he thought his father was. But he has slightly more pressing issues right now, because of the expression on his Dad's face, he said that aloud.

"Izuku, where did you learn that?" Hisashi - All for One, apparently - said with a stern expression.

"I- uh- er- All for- you- Dad- wha-" Ok deep breath, calm. Fix this. "A-Aunt Mitsuki." Hisashi raised an eyebrow.

"Mitsuki." He deadpanned. Izuku nodded so fast you'd think he'd snap his neck. "Right, well how about you help me put all of this away? There might be a suprise in it for you."

Izuku all but leapt off the couch, eager to get away from his embarrassment with almost revealing himself not even an hour after he jumped back (to All for One of all people!).

It didn't take long for the groceries to be put away; there weren't many of them to begin with after all. With a quick "c'mere", Izuku was lifted and seated on Hisashi's hip. "So, little man," Hisashi started, "Want to tell me the reason 'Aunt Missy' is suddenly 'Mitsuki'?"

Izuku froze, looking like a deer in headlights, "Uh." Eloquent.

"And the reason why you know my alias? Or perhaps the reason why when you saw me you looked as though you were staring death in the face?"

"I- um- er-" Izuku stammered. He knew, in this moment, he fucked up. He knew from the beginning suddenly being a 27 year old in a 3 year old body would be jarring, and that it'd take some time to adjust. He knew he'd act strange and different to how he was supposed to have acted yesterday to everyone else. He also knew that he'd have to reveal at least something sooner or later to his parents. But he didn't think it'd be to him, ever.

Izuku took a deep breath to calm himself, as well as to prepare himself for everything.

"I-" He started, feeling not at all prepared for this. "Not really, no."

"Let me rephrase then. Tell me. Now. You have ten seconds to start explaining." Izuku contemplated telling a lie, then scrapped that plan almost as soon as he thought of it. He was never a good liar, and never really had the need to learn how to be. All for One would see through it instantly, if he didn't already have a Quirk for that. No, Izuku's only option was the truth. Not a half-truth either, everything would be forced out of him one way or another.

"Would you believe me if I said time travel?"

"Time travel?" All for One stared at him in mild disbelief, but whether that was from what Izuku said or how easily he caved, Izuku didn't know.

Izuku nodded, "Yes. Time travel."

Hisashi walked the two of them to the dining table and sat Izuku down across from where he then sat. "Go on," he prompted.

"Well, to put it simply, everything went to shit. Noumu were everywhere and what was left of civilization was being hunted by them as well as an overpowered Shigaraki Tomura hellbent on revenge. We were incredibly lucky that Chou-chan was still alive and willing to help us - she hasn't been born yet so don't even think of looking for her - and it was a majority decision for me to be the one to go back. But Chou-chan can't exactly practice her quirk so it's unstable and the further back someone is sent then the less accurate it'll be. I was meant to arrive about the time when I was nine, but, uh, here we are I guess. Though I wonder if it's possible for her to use it on herself? And if so would that allow her to get more practice that will carry over after the jump? What would happen to someone if they're sent back to before they technically existed-"

"Izuku you're mumbling." He jolted out of his mumbling session and looked back up.

"Right. Sorry, never really broke the habit. Anyway in the end there was maybe a thousand or two people left, with six of us being heroes and one being our support technician. It's unknown how many Noumu there were - do you know what a Noumu is? Wait you shouldn't because when they first appeared they were still in the experimental stage, nevermind - but there was an estimate of at least 3500 when they were at their peak and approximately 500 in the end, but there could've been more.Thank god that Hitoshi couldn't see him right now.

All for One just stared at Izuku, contemplating what he was just told. He took a breath and exhaled. "As ridiculous as this all sounds, I have no reason to doubt you - I have a truth telling quirk," Hah, called it, "but since you told me so very willingly, I won't tell Inko," Izuku sighed in relief, "yet. She will have to know eventually though. Now." Hisashi reached into his pocket and took out an All Might themed cookie. Izuku brightened up immediately when he saw it.

"Is- is that an All Might Chocolate SMASH™ cookie?!"

"Perhaps. And it's all yours." Izuku reached for it and immediately began tearing up as he stared at it in his hands.

"These haven't been in production since the factory blew up back when I was 8 and the recipe was lost! Thank you thank you thank you!" Hisashi grunted as he was tackled by his 3(27) year old son, but a smile quickly found its way onto his face.

"I could always get the recipe for you so we can make them at home if you want-"

"Really?! Oh but please try and keep the illegality of it down."

"I'll certainly try." Hisashi said, huffing a laugh.

Soon the two of them had settled onto the couch and were watching TV, basking in a familiar warmth.

"Hey Dad?"

"Yes Izuku?"

"Do you have a spare notebook I could use?"

Notes of Future-Past
Volume 1

Page 1: Introduction

If you somehow found and worked out the code to this, congratulations. That must have taken quite a lot of work you probably should have spent on something else.

I am Midoriya Izuku, hero name Deku, and this will be the first of a (potential) series of notebooks, seperate to my analysis ones. It will contain all I can remember of major events and people leading up to the day I traveled back in time.

When I woke up after the time travel quirk was used, it was the morning of the 12th of December 22XX - exactly 24 years, give or take a few hours. That's 24 years of people and events to observe, remember, and potentially recreate or change.

Each entry will have a double spread, with the page on the left what originally happened during that event/that individual's profile for the previous timeline, and the page on the right will be reserved for the changes in this new timeline. If the right page is blank, that means there is the event hasn't happened yet, or I have yet to meet the individual to document any changes. As I will also (re)create my analysis series (albeit, neater than last time and in a different code to this series), some profiles will double up. However, the profiles in this series will focus more on the person as a whole and the differences between them in the two timelines, rather than strictly analysis of their quirk and battle prowess.

Please note, I cannot be certain what theory time follows, and what effect my actions will ultimately have. For now I will assume and act as if it is the butterfly effect, but again, I'm not certain.

I'll end this introduction here, but it should also be noted that I'll add entries of people when I remember to or if I meet the person again and entries of events in the order they happened in the previous timeline. If there are events that didn't happen last time I'll add them as they happen.

Chapter Text

To say the next day was hard for Izuku would be a vast understatement. To start: he woke up after a routine nightmare and almost had a panic attack until he remembered the past (subjective) two days.

Next, he woke up at the ass-crack of dawn - normal for him in his 27 year old body, not so much his 3 year old one. Izuku knew he wouldn't be able to get more sleep, so he decided to continue writing in his new notebook. After a couple new entries he got dressed and went to get breakfast.

Turns out Inko had to be called in early for a huge case she was working on, so he had to suffer in an awkward silence eating breakfast with his father (who was trying to think of different ways on how to be stealthier about his true job).

They were almost late to kindergarten because of a traffic jam caused by a fight three blocks away between All Might and some spider villain. (Izuku would not recommend being in the same vehicle as an annoyed All for One.)

When they finally, FINALLY, get to their destination, Izuku came to the realization that he didn't know where anything was. Not the room he was supposed to be in and not which seat he sat in. Luckily Hisashi could help with the former, but he was on his own for the latter.

("Good morning Kacchan," Izuku greeted while unceremoniously dropping down into the chair next to said toddler. Bakugou's eyes flittered over to Izuku's disgruntled form in barely concealed concern.

"You good there Izuku?" Green eyes flicked over to meet red.

"I just - god. I had a very emotional day yesterday and I woke up today at dawn. Dawn Kacchan!" Izuku threw his hands in the air to try to emphasize his point, him falling into the habit he picked up in his third year at U.A. of ranting to Bakugou. He always seemed to be able to help even without meaning to. "I feel like I need several large cups of coffee just to function properly. And that's nothing on what I'm eventually going to have to do. I have to stop a 200 year old supervillain cryptid, somehow get into U.A. with or without the help of a certain pro hero, stop a sociopathic, PTSD-ridden villain that ends up controlling an army of multiqirked Frankenstein's Monsters, stop an S-class serial killer that targets heroes, and save a little girl from the yakuza, among other things."

Bakugou tilts his head in contemplation. "I don't get why you have to do all this stuff, but you better not do any of this without me 'Zuku. We're gonna be a Hero Duo remember? That means we gotta take down the villains together." Izuku blinked and stared at Bakugou for a second before he teared up. "Mm!")

Izuku was floored by the amount of quirk discrimination already among the three-year-olds in the room, being seemingly egged on by at least one of the adults in the room. No wonder the bullying started so quickly last time if this was the environment they were all in.

Things really only got better when lunch came around. Tsubasa was out of town with his parents and finger-kid was with some of the other kids. (He only remembers Tsubasa's name because of the whole Noumu deal. Finger-kid, if Izuku remembers right, had a long and strange name.)

Bakugou and Izuku were building things in the sandpit and playing with hero action figures, when someone across the yard got their quirk. (Neither Bakugou nor Izuku were particularly interested, but for different reasons. Bakugou because the quirk was just being able to make their hair glow and this wasn't "strong" or "cool", and Izuku because he was reveling in the fact that this was Kacchan being his best friend without all the decade-long resentment being a thing and actually being interested in him. It was a dream come true, really.) However, it did put a pause on playing with the figures.

"What quirks do you think we'll get Izuku? It has to be something cool and awesome and perfect for hero work." Izuku tried to stop the pang in his chest at this question, he really did.

"Well, Uncle Masaru makes sparks from his sweat doesn't he? It could be like that."

"Maybe! That sounds pretty cool!"

"Even if you get Aunt Mitsuki's quirk I know you'd be a great hero Kacchan." Bakugou scoffed at this.

"What can the hag's quirk even be good for? All it does is make her look pretty."

"That's not true Kacchan. Even if it doesn't have direct in-combat use, it could be helpful. You could collect it and explode it for one. In either gauntlets or in grenades."

"I guess so, maybe. But hey! What about you! If I'm going to get an awesome quirk that means you have to too!" (Izuku tried to stop the pang in his chest - and the flinch - , he really did).

"I, uh, I could have an evolved form of Mum's quirk, giving me gravity control or telekinesis - it's unknown on just how her quirk works so it could be either really - or I could breathe fire like Dad, or maybe pyrokinesis, or- wait." A thought struck. His Dad's quirk isn't actually fire breath. It's All for One. This changes things. They only tested for fire breath and Attraction, never for All for One. The thought didn't cross any of their minds. Well, maybe his Dad's but he obviously didn't say anything about it. Maybe - just maybe - he does have a quirk after all. The toe thing is bogus anyway, they found that out two years after graduation.

"What? What is it?" Bakugou's voice snapped Izuku out of his thoughts.

"I had a thought. I'll need to test it though. Hold on." His eyes flicked over to the kid who's quirk just came in, and started analyzing by habit. He felt an instinctual tug inside him that he never really paid attention to before, thinking it was nothing. Now it makes a LOT more sense. Feeling the string in his gut that connected him to the kid in question, he pulled. In that moment, four things happened. First, the other kid's quirk cut off. Second, Izuku felt something new in him. Third, the people around the now quirkless kid were murmuring in confusion. And finally, Bakugou muttered "What the hell did you just do Izuku?" while looking back and forth between the two other kids in question.

Izuku looked back over to Bakugou and activated the new quirk. "I think I know what my quirk is Kacchan."





Notes of Future-Past
Volume 1

Entry 1: Bakugou Katsuki, left page

Birthday: April 20th
Age: 27
Height: 187cm
Blood type: A
Quirk: Explosion
        Kacchan's sweat contains a nitroglycerin-like substance and he can trigger an explosion using his sweat from his palms.

Kacchan was easy to rile up, but also quick to appease (unless of course he was in a particularly bad mood). Prideful and driven, he mellowed out in U.A. and continued to do so after graduation.

He was one of the last remaining heroes alive due to his skill, quick thinking and sheer determination to win. When Kacchan arrived on the battlefield, you knew you were getting out of there at least alive, if not winning the battle entirely.

He carried grudges for seemingly ever, or at least until he could prove that he was better than the person who wronged him.

Kacchan is brutally honest, and loathes liars and cheaters with a burning passion. He also hates pity (or what he perceives as pity) and being looked down upon, but if you earn his respect he will at the very least tolerate you better than others, at most possibly befriend you.

Because of his upbringing he developed a superiority complex (which steadily lessened after admittance into U.A.), and later on an inferiority complex too (which started to lesson ever so slightly shortly after it was discovered).

Even though Kacchan was loud and brash, he was actually an introvert. He was also rather creative with his insults, one of my favourites being "I will kick your ass so hard your vertebrae will pop out of your mouth one by one like a pez dispenser."

Kacchan enjoyed spicy food, and while he wasn't the biggest fan of sweet he did have his favourites. He also enjoyed hiking and mountain climbing.

After the War begun, Kacchan was both one of the first responders to most large threats, but also one of the strongest and most trustworthy commanders. He was head of the Chiba area, which held out until the end of the War. As such, as the War wore on, he was seen less and less outside of his area of jurisdiction. The last major incident he was directly involved in was the Fall of Kyoto, where he held of entire hordes of Noumu himself while everyone evacuated. During this battle he was severely wounded and was only barely saved from death. His left leg needed to be amputated right elbow replaced. Both of these issues were solved by Hatsume Mei, giving Kacchan a robotic leg and internally robotic elbow, both of which connected to his nerves through nanotechnology. However, the nanotech was still slightly fragile and thus he couldn't participate in many battles, but he through his all into them and the administrative and strategic work he had.

Kacchan was adamant in at least attempting Operation Butterfly, he volunteered for trial runs that sent him back a week or two, and was the first to nominate me for the jump back. Part of his reasoning was "He may be a dumbass, but Deku can get shit done when he puts his fucking mind to it, he knows more shit than anyone else in this room about the Hell Cryptid and his cocktail of devilspawn, and the little shit also knows more about that quirk of his than anyone past or present - including both its dumbass creator and All Might."

Chapter Text

"I'll be back in a second, I have to go give back this quirk." Izuku got up and casually walked over to the small gaggle of children. When he was on the outskirts of the group he concentrated back onto the kid who was now close to sobbing. He felt that string again, but instead of pulling, he tried pushing the stolen quirk through it. It was like he was throwing his end of the string at the kid, instead of forcing the other side to him.

It took a few seconds, but the kid's hair started lighting up again. Satisfied, Izuku trudged back over to Bakugou now sporting the beginnings of a headache.

"'Zuku. What did you do." It was more of a command than a question.

"I took Kagayaku-chan's quirk. I gave it back, obviously," Thank the heavens that he picked up the name from the crowd, "But think of the possibilities Kacchan! There's just so many! An enhancement quirk or two is a must, but if I could get a stealth quirk or a versatile quirk like maybe a whip or barrier, or maybe a transformative like hardening to boost my defenses or maybe some sort of telekinesis or telepathy, even empathy would be cool-"

"Izuku you're mumbling." Izuku was snapped out of it to meet with a harshly contemplative gaze coming from Bakugou.


"So your quirk takes and gives quirks?" Izuku nodded. "Isn't that a villain's quirk?" Well, he's technically not wrong. Still, Izuku shook his head.

"Quirks by themselves aren't purely villainous or heroic, it's what the person does with their quirk that matters. So if I'm going to be a hero with this quirk, then it's a hero's quirk."

"But, you steal quirks. And stealing is bad." Bakugou tilted his head in confusion. Izuku hummed.

"Well, I guess. But what if I used it to take a villain's quirk in battle and gave it back afterwards when they've been beaten. It'd make fights much easier." At this Bakugou looked more accepting, but still unsure.

"But what about getting quirks to use against the really bad guys? Or robots?" All valid points. Stain would still be hard to beat even if he was missing his quirk, and the U.A. entrance exam is primarily robot-smashing. So, how would he get other quirks? It's not like he could go up and ask anyone if they wanted to donate their quirk. Wait.

"I could go to old-people homes and ask if they would want to give me their quirks!"

Bakugou sat there thinking for a little longer, but finally nodded in acceptance. "I guess that makes sense. Not like they're using them anyway."

Now, Izuku has had plenty of practice in internalizing panic, but he really should be given a medal right about now. Turns out, he's not quirkless. It makes sense why it was never discovered; his father lied about his quirk and the quirk Izuku does have doesn't do much by itself. It also makes sense why it was hidden on official documents; his father is a villain that practically runs the underground and having a quirk even similar to his would probably raise flags and begin investigations.

Another thing that Izuku's bottling up is that he'll have to tell his parents and he doesn't really feel up to that conversation just yet. Will he ever be ready? Probably not, but it's the thought that counts, really.

The rest of the day goes on without much incident or fanfare, and thankfully it's Inko that arrives to collect Izuku. Izuku notices, however, on the drive back to their apartment that he could sort of sense his mother's quirk. Ever curious, Izuku concentrated on that feeling of Inko's quirk and was astounded at what he discovered. Information about the quirk poured into his head, as well as how to improve usage - both to pull smaller and smaller things, as well as larger things. Also it turns out it's telekinetic based not gravity based.

The rest of the afternoon/evening passed peacefully, with Izuku writing in his notebook and Inko looking over some case notes and starting dinner.

That all ended when Hisashi came back and dinner was served. Inko asked how his day was.

"Oh um, Kagayaku-chan got her quirk. Her hair glows."

Due to his rather lackluster response, Inko grew worried. "Izuku, are you OK?"

He glanced at his Dad who just rose an eyebrow in a silent question. "Um, yeah, it's just..." He trailed off.

"Just..?" Hisashi prompted after a few seconds.

Izuku took a deep breath. "It'sjustIgotmyquirktodaytoobutlasttimeweallthoughtIwasquirklesssoI'mhavingalittlebitofacrisisrightnowbutIshouldbegoodIjusthavetoprocessallthisandMumIthinkweallneedtohaveatalk."

Inko and Hisashi both looked at Izuku in worry, but for different reasons. Inko in confusion, but Hisashi because he's pretty sure he knows exactly what Izuku wants to talk about and it's not just about the time travel stuff.

Everyone at the table was silent more a minutes or so until Izuku opened his mouth to try and explain.

"Mum, I know this will sound practically unbelievable, but please here me out OK?" She nodded.

"So, to start with, I'm technically 27 years old. I was one of the last remaining pro heroes left alive, and was chosen for a last-ditch operation to prevent the War from ever begining and was sent back in time. We missed the mark though, and I was sent back six years too early. I'm freaking out a little because I was thought to be quirkless last time, but turns out I do have a quirk?" Here Izuku took a steadying breath, "My quirk allows me to take, give, sense and analyze quirks. I can take and give at a distance, though it's easier to take than give like this. I haven't tried doing it via skin contact, but I assume I can do that too. I don't have to be in possession of a quirk to sense or analyze it. For example your quirk isn't actually limited to small objects that can fit into your palm, you can go much smaller or much larger too. You could potentially split atoms and topple buildings."

"That's- but- how?"

"How the time travel or how the quirk?"

"The quirk- I mean, neither of ours are like that."

Izuku looked at his father and simply stated: "I think Dad would be the best one to answer that question."

In the end, the three had a rather LONG conversation, mostly centered around Hisashi. Which it turns out is his birth name. Inko had to take the night to think on everything and Hisashi was kicked to the couch that night (or he would have if Izuku hadn't offered his bed to share. They were in this together afterall).

The next day Hisashi both dropped off and picked up Izuku from an uneventful day at kindergarten. That night Inko delivered her ultimatum; Hisashi isn't severely injured and Tenko is brought into the house.





Notes of Future-Past
Volume 1

Entry 1: Bakugou Katsuki, right page

Birthday: April 20th
Height: 188cm
Blood type: A
Quirk: Explosion
        Kacchan's sweat contains a nitroglycerin-like substance and he can trigger an explosion using his sweat from his palms, and the soles of his feet.


Kacchan in the new timeline still has a short fuse and is still really driven and prideful, but in a less toxic way than before.

He still has the same natural skill and battle sense as previously, however it seems that due to having actual friends this time around and removed from certain toxic factors in his childhood made him even more determined for victory, but for different reasons. Instead of striving for victory to show he was the best there was, he now strives for victory for his allies' sakes.

Still holds a grudge like nobody's business but he's more vocal about why now, instead of letting it fester.

Kacchan still highly values honesty and fair play, but will bend these values if it benefits the team.

Thankfully I managed to stop his complexes from developing, at least too far. At one point Kacchan did start developing his superiority complex (albeit at a much slower pace than last time), but that was sorted out relatively quickly. He still strives to be the best he can be though.

He's still loud and an introvert, and seemingly even more creative with insults. He still has similar likes to last time. Though, it should be noted, that he likes more sweets now than in the previous timeline.

He's much better at dealing with and processing emotions other than annoyed, anger and hatred, likely due to the differing environments in his upbringings.

In the team's dynamics, Kacchan raises moral and motivates others by simply being himself; trying his best to go to the lengths he goes to to be the best he can be. He is one of the go-to commanders for missions and advice alike. It seems his strengths and natural tactical affinities highlighted in the other timeline in the War, while not as imperative to this timeline, still exist and are being used in many facets in his life with overwhelmingly positive results.

Thankfully he hasn't lost a limb yet, lets hope it stays that way.

Chapter Text

It took a few days, but on Friday night Hisashi brought a very confused, very small, and severed-handless Tenko into the house. Inko was cooking, so Izuku greeted them at the door.

"Dad, is this Tenko?" He knew of course, but he asked this to try and keep up appearances.

All for One nodded. "Yes Izuku, this is Tenko, your new big brother." Seems he's keeping up the act too.

Izuku studied Tenko. His hair was black, but the roots were paling, he still needed lotion and chapstick desperately, and there was still a couple of scars on his face. The clothes Tenko wore were dirty and old, as evidenced by the tears and fraying edges. His quirk was also the more destructive version he started to exhibit after Kurogiri was arrested.

Izuku walked up to Tenko, who was likely studying Izuku too, and tugged on his shirt and gave a blinding smile. "Lets go Tennii! I'll show you around!"

And so Izuku did. He showed him each room and gave an exaggerated, child-like introduction of them all. In the end, the two of them were seated next to eachother at the dining table. Throughout the whole escapade Tenko hadn't vocalized anything, seemingly nervous yet content to follow Izuku and listen.

During dinner, Izuku noticed, Tenko kept staring in seeming awed contemplation at Inko. "Tennii? Why do you keep looking at Mum?"

Tenko violently flinched at suddenly being called out and started constantly shift his wide eyes from one of the others at the table to another. "U-um." He sounded slightly panicked, Izuku noted.

"Y-you don't have to tell me if you don't want, I mean I was just curious! You just seemed to be staring really intently like you knew her prior or something. Really, you don't have to say if it's something you're not comfortable in sharing-" Izuku started to try and reassure and potentially calm Tenko. It seemed to have worked somewhat.

"She, um, looks like my grandmother, kinda." He said in a meek voice, eyes hidden by his hair as he stared at his lap.

Izuku's head whipped to his parents so fast a small wind blew part of Tenko's hair. His eyes narrowed at his dad slightly. "Your grandmother you say? Was she a hero?" He said in faux excitement.

Tenko visably relaxed after a second or so after there was no reaction from either adult in the room about Izuku's comment. "Y-yeah, she was a hero. I only know because of the picture my f-father had. She had yellow gloves an-and a white cape. A really bright smile too."

Izuku's eyes narrowed further, thankful Tenko wasn't looking. Hisashi was starting to fidget (it was hardly noticeable, in fact, Izuku was sure his mother hadn't noticed at all). "That sounds like Titania. She's be the right age to be your grandmother too; she had some sort of plant quirk I think. But she was incredibly strong too!"

Tenko whipped his head up to stare at Izuku in awe (he knew about his grandmother!), but what surprised Izuku and broke his glare at his father, was that Inko sat there gaping at him too. "I-Izuku, honey, are you sure it's Titania?"

"Mhm. I'm sure. Not many heroes that old had white capes. Most went with bright colours, like blue or green or orange. Not many had white on their costumes. Though Titania and her friend Gran Torino were notable exceptions. We can always look at pictures later, if you'd like. From what I've seen of her though, she does kinda look like you Mum. Especially when you have your hair up in that bun you like. I think she died about 30 years ago? Something like that." If anything, Inko's eyes widened further at this.

"Mum?" Izuku voiced in concern. "What's wrong?"

Inko snapped out of her daze and cleared the table of the dirty dishes. "Why don't you go look for pictures on the computer now honey? Tenko-kun can help verify too."

Izuku was still very concerned for his mother, but did as instructed with Tenko following behind as he still wasn't used to the apartment. A picture of Titania both in and out of battle was quickly brought up on the monitor, and Tenko very enthusiastically verified that yes, that was his grandmother from the photo he saw, which quickly brought his mother to tears.

He was incredibly confused as to why she'd have a reaction like this, it's not like they're- Wait.

"Mum?" Izuku asked while holding his mother in the best damn hug he could give on his bedroom floor as a three-year-old, "Mum do you know her?"

Inko nodded, and Izuku was just about done with how complicated his family was becoming. "Y-yes she was- she was my aunt. I only remember meeting her a couple of times when I was really little, but we had a few pictures around." Izuku tried - and barely succeeded - to hold back a deep, long-suffering sigh. Honestly. Instead, he turned to Tenko with his biggest, brightest grin.

"That makes us officially cousins!"

And of course that made Tenko tear up and slam into the hug. Now he had to deal with two crying family members (and isn't that a fun thought. He was related not just to one, but TWO of his arch-nemeses), and an honest-to-god shocked All for One in the doorway. Obviously he didn't know this, otherwise 1) His mother would have likely died years ago, and 2) He wouldn't be showing just this much emotion otherwise. Izuku swore he heard a very soft (but with definite feeling) "Fuck."

It took a while, but eventually everyone had calmed down enough that they could move from the awkward position on the floor. It was then that Izuku realized that they didn't have a spare room for Tenko. "Mum?"

After a slight visual recomposure, Inko answered, "Yes Izuku?"

"Is Tennii going to sleep in here?" Obviously no one thought this whole situation through.

"Tennii?" They were now sharing a bed, and after the emotional train-wreck that was that evening everyone had turned in early.

"Yeah Izuku?"

Izuku smiled in the dark, facing Tenko. "I'm glad you're here." And he really was. The alternative would be much, much worse. For everyone.

On Sunday night, Hisashi and Inko announced they'd be moving houses and have already put down a deposit (likely because of All for One's influence no doubt). They'd be moving in a couple days before christmas, and they'd be even closer to the Bakugou household than they already are.








Notes of Future-Past
Volume 1

Entry 2: Midoriya Inko, left page

Birthday: July 4th
Age: 46
Height: 160cm
Blood type: O
Quirk: Attraction
        Mum could attract small objects via a weak (either telepathic or gravitational, unclear on which) pull. Only works on objects she could comfortably hold in her hand.


Mum kind and supportive, but a little bit overprotective during the years I was quirkless. No matter what though, she was always thinking of my safety and happiness. More of the former than the latter though.

Like me, Mum is incredibly emotional and can cry a ridiculous amount. Also very emotive with facial expressions and gestures.

Mum has an incredible protective streak and drive, so much that she was willing to pull me out of U.A. for my supposed safety. We (being All Might and I) thankfully managed to finally convince her to allow me to stay there though.

Mum was ecstatic when I opened my own hero agency, so much so that she would bring in lunches every couple of days, as well as things she had knitted and other knickknacks.

This was why, about a year after the War officially began (it had, in all technicality, been running since the USJ incident), when she didn't show up at the agency after about a week everyone knew something was wrong. When I visited the apartment (I had moved out at that stage), small objects, shattered glass and a small amount of blood was scattered everywhere.

Not three weeks after the search began for her, Shigaraki appeared on live television (through a hacked feed) with Mum and the families of other major heroes (as well as those from my graduating class who weren't highly ranked). I got there as fast as I could, but I couldn't save her. I tried, I really did. 100% Full Cowl concurrent with other quirks at my disposal like Black Whip, and I only got there in time to save Todoroki Fuyumi, Todoroki Natsuo, a now legless Todoroki Rei, Denki's parents, and Bakugou Mitsuki. There weren't even dust scraps left of anyone else.

There was an empty grave for her in the Musutafu Cemetery, right next to Bakugou Masaru and Yagi Toshinori.

I later found out that as I was on my way to the scene, Toshinori had somehow managed his muscle form to buy the heroes some time. He was the first to go, followed by Mum.