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The Divine Way To Fall

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Time seemed to last forever here in the unseen world.

It could stretch to eternity, infinitly, or it could be reduced to nothingness in a blink of an eye. There was no in between, it was extreme and for an human being it was intense, painful, disorienting, which Namjoon, the demon god of this dimension, had found particularly beautiful ages ago – the butterflies, the warnings signs, the secondary effects of spiritual time on human beings due to their fleeting lifespan.

Humans would go crazy, surrending themselves to madness, or they would simply submit to their fate, decaying before dying, pitifully (too bad the fun could never last as they would say).

As for the demons, his pawns that were living here, the demon god materialized a portal by the sheer force of his will and he peered down into the whirlwinds of shadows with an amused smile, they were killing time, as always.


“Have you ever eaten human's flesh once it is spiced up with fear and desire?” asked Seokjin who was looking at the ceiling (flashy white marble, intricate and intertwined red circles and black triangles) to avoid thinking how hungry he was.

The pointy tongue of Jimin touched his bottom lip, imagining the sweet taste that the ghoul was describing to him, “Hm... Is it good?”

“Exquisite.” answered Seokjin.

The pawns of the demon god were outside the throne room, in the great hall of the sanctuary – cold, spacious and empty, where his followers usually sacrificed humans and performed rituals for his glory even if it had been a while (years, decades?) since they had done it, leading to the massive boredom saping the spirits of the demons already corrupted.

“You know, I prefer playing with food over eating it. Why don't you stuff cocks like I do?” offered Jimin, serious.

Seokjin's eyes left the ceiling and they laid on Jimin; he was floating on the black water, in the pool of the center of the room, and the ghoul frowned, snakes were swimming all around Jimin, thin serpents wrapping his ankles, biting his toes, Seokjin's gaze went higher and he caught sight of a slimmy tentacle fucking deep Jimin's cock. Great. Sounding masturbation. It wasn't appealling for the ghoul.

“I don't have enough patience for that.” retorted Seokjin, unfazed. “I just want to eat humans and feel them melt into my stomach...”

As the tentacle slided up through his urethra, rubbing his prostate, Jimin giggled before he said without an ounce of shame,“You're starting to sound like Hoseok, maybe our Kookie should make a leash for you too.”

The ghoul rolled his eyes, “No need, thanks.” What that shameless snake was implying? That Seokjin was turning into a ridiculous beast because he was hungry? The ghoul wasn't starving, he was just... fucking hungry. When was the last time he had crushed a skull and had torn the muscles of a juicy tigh?

Seokjin added, annoyed, “I don't go berserk every time I see or smell a human, no matter how tasty he is.”

“Are you sure?” smiled the demon snake as his fingers ran above his left nipple, amused.

The ghoul was lying and if there was something that Jimin could sense from miles away, that would be lies.

“Yeah, don't fucking compare me with that beast.”

Jimin wanted to tease more Seokjin about his hunger, his frustation – the anger he could hear in his voice that was so obviously betraying him yet the main doors of the great hall opened loudly and it forced the demon snake to drop the topic (although it was entertaining but what was unfolding before them was even more interesting, actually).

“Well, speaking of the devil, he shall appear.”

On his two feet. Walking. A hint of blood filled the room with its fragrance. A werewolf, Hoseok had come back from his night out, a vampire , with Jungkook, pissed, who was pulling the leash to slow him down. Spiky shards were pricking his neck, tearing open the robust flesh yet Hoseok didn't seem to bother, he kept dragging Jungkook; the werewolf had been fed.

For Seokjin, it was a relief. The annoying howls and the whines of the beast were fucking annoying and, damn hunger, Jimin was also starting to get on his nerves because the snake had always something to say –

“How was the hunt, Hoseok-ah?”

– he always needed to get everyone's attention.

How could Jimin fight against his own nature though? The snakes inside of him were slowly and steadily filling him up, his peehole was stretching even more, which let an another serpent gently slide into his slit – such a delightful sensation.

The werewolf remained silent, ignoring the demon who was still too fargone in his guilty pleasure, and his nostrils sensed something, something wrong, lurking in the distance, as Jungkook raised his voice, totally unawared of it, “It was not fun.” The vampire went on, pouting, “Hoseok killed the prey before I did. I couldn't even play with it...”

Then, the beast felt it. A shadow, a spirit breaching the barriers of his mind. Shamelessly it rummaged through the memories of the night; the long run, the forest, the raindrops wetting the leaves, the branches cracking, the mud on the forehead of a child crying, the tongue licking the innocent skin before bites, screams, high and higher, resonating with the wind and the rain, mixing up marrow and bones, so sweet and fresh.

Hoseok growled, “Get out of my mind, Taehyung.”

The shadowbringer smiled from where he was hiding. He dove deeper into his mind. When Jungkook had found the corpse, swimming into a blood puddle, he had sighed, “I guess you won yet learn how to behave. Who's going to clean up all of that now? Do you see me as your dogkeeper?”

“Taehyung,” warned again the werewolf.

To provoke him, Taehyung teleported himself right in front of Hoseok, “What? You won't answer Jimin's question, I wanted to know.”

Defiant voice, smug face. Jungkook knew how it would end (a stupid fight) that's why he let go of the leash, freeing Hoseok, before he went sitting next to Seokjin who was cursing under his breath certainly about how hungry he was again.

Sometimes, like right now, the young vampire asked himself why he had joined them – the chosen ones, the pawns of the demon god, because they were all so different, so freaking different, Jungkook looked absentmindly at Jimin, white ropes of cum swirling into the black water, it was absurd. There was no harmony between them, no chemistry, the white liquid was now floating and he sighed, disgusted – only chaos, Taehyung kicked Hoseok in his left side, only violence, a trickle of blood ran from the corner of his lip, only blood, the red liquor, running ever so slowly, which should definitly feel good in Jungkook's dry throat.

“I'm longing for yummy legs, oh god.” said the ghoul, breaking the trail of thoughts of the vampire.

Maybe it was that. The only thing they had in common, the only reason why they were brought together by Namjoon.

Jungkook looked up at Seokjin, “Me too, hyung. Me too.”

Their thirst for humans.


Life was unfair, it was harsh and unforgiving; Min Yoongi knew that all too well.

Since he was born, he had fought to survive, to stay alive, no matter what life, the most treacherous and unreliable concept, had been throwing at him. Him and his older brother Geumjae were witches yet in the royal capital city of Sylla that trait, that natural blessing (the magic that was flowing in him) was a curse – an another reason to die. Because of that, they had been hiding in the slums, in the sewers, trying to avoid the inevitable until it happened, one day, one summer night, after they had watched the fireworks together, the beautiful colorful painting in the night sky, for the last time: his older brother got caught by the witch hunters.

Yoongi thought he was ready for it, the destiny of the witches, the way they were going to die.

He looked up at Geumjae.

It turned out he wasn't.

The only family he had left, the only one he had loved, the only one he had promised to get better and smile, his brother, was dead. A huge spit (as if he was an animal) had gone through him, from his anus to his stomach – the end, the edge, shining brightly with blood and his entrails, rotting.

Yoongi's eyes were transfixed.

His brother was not breathing anymore but he knew, he could see it on Geumjae's beating face, hear it clearly in his mind, the agony, the neverending hours of screaming, of yelling, of weeping as the pike was impaling him, as his anus was torn open, as his intestines were perforated, as the blood was overflowing, visions of red and black, as the wood, the shards, made a hole within him, killing his soul, forever, before they streched the skin of his belly and finally the edge pierced right through Geumjae.


Life was brutal.

It could end, just like that, your body on a pike for everyone else to see, and the strong survived, life went on, people were laughing at the wretched and pitiful witch, congratulating the hunters who had put an end to his misery. It was unfair but that was life, witches deserved to die so Yoongi thought if it was his destiny to die a painful death then he should be truly looking for it.


All of the preparations were done.

The summoning circle was drawn, the stones were placed, the candles were lit, the smoke and the miasma which were produced by brimstone and fire were clouding the room, the air he was breathing, everything, as well as the numbers on the wall (zeros, sixes and nines) which were distorted the more Yoongi chanted the spell until they moved and were perflecty aligned with the most important part of the ritual – the autel for the sacrifice.

On it was lain down a 14 years-old boy called Yeonjun. To achieve that, the witch had needed to extract his own soul, his own emotions, so that Yoongi wouldn't hesitate nor question his actions; he would bewitch him, would kidnap him and would kill him without batting an eye, just for the sake of it.

In that awakening state, Yoongi could perform black magic perfectly. Nothing stopped him when the knife came closer to the neck of Yeonjun, nothing stopped him when he slit his throat, nothing, the blood was spurting, splashing on his face, on his clothes, and the body of the young boy was spasming, waiting for its rest.

“At least,” said Yoongi with a faint smile, “your death was useful.”

Then, satisfied with himself, the witch proceded with the next part of the ritual: the calling.

He dropped to his knees in the center of the summoning circle and, his face on the ground, he awkwardly (because Yoongi had never done that before) whorshipped the demon god of destruction. As time went by, the witch had even started to beg for him because Namjoon was still not there, “I need you, I need you so much, please,” and the demon god couldn't resist to the sweet voice of the human anymore, “Come to me, please.”

Red light suddenly illuminated the room, the summoning circle shone brighter than the sunlight, which startled the witch but Yoongi stayed composed because you should never show your weaknesses to demons (although the witch hadn't realized that his weaknesses were very apparent).

As soon as the demon god appeared in front of Yoongi, he looked down upon him and ordered to stand up. His eyes met his, they were empty, devoid of life, and Namjoon smiled when he saw the little cristal bottle which was attached around Yoongi's neck by a leather necklace, a blue soothing light glowing inside – his first weakness.

“Congratulations, Min Yoongi. You have summoned me, the demon God of Destruction, the Calamity.” He clapped in his hands cheerfully to congratulate the witch but, as he had foreseen, the human remained still like a statue so he went on, “Aren't you happy to see me? You begged for it so much, after all.”

Yoongi didn't know, he guessed he should be, considering the trouble he had taken to perform the ritual. He nodded, thoughtful.

“This won't do,” sighed Namjoon, his mood already shifting to something darker, impatience, he wanted to reveal himself but if Yoongi stayed in that state, a temporary monster, it wouldn't be fun.

The demon god grabbed the bottle around the witch's neck before he cracked it open, “There, better,” and he watched Yoongi scream in pain as he held his chest, the blue light slowly returning to where it belonged, his heart.

Yoongi sensed them, he felt them again, his feelings, his emotions, they had come back – his soul had returned into his body and the consequences were unbearable. The witch was starting to remember what he had done, the reason why he wanted to throw away his soul because he didn't want to feel anymore, it was too painful, when the viewfinder pointed to Yeonjun, a young and innocent farmer, when it reminded him of his older brother, innocent yet slaughtered, when he discovered by reading the stars how Yoongi should kill him and that Yeonjun too would be slaughtered, when he realized the witch had already done it, the arm of the teenager hanging towards the ground, against the wall of the autel, when the human understood, understood it was too late, understood the one who was before him.

Yoongi cried, he couldn't stop, even though the fingers of Namjoon were wiping the tears that were running on his cheeks,“Your soul is so beautiful,” Yoongi looked up, seeing for the first time the face of the demon god, “So pure and broken, I love it. Did you think you could hide it from me, witch? I can recognize the difference between humans and dolls.”

His lips were shaking, “N- no, I didn't.”

It was too overwhelming.

The deity Yoongi had summoned was breathtaking, out of his world. The witch hadn't expected the demon god to be so sharp and smart (and beautiful); from his aura, darker than black, he could feel immeasurable powers, from his looks, golden eyes, soft platinum blonde hair, tan skin, plumb lips, tall and thin silhouette because of long, Yoongi's gaze went down, very long legs, he could feel a dangerous attraction (and it seemed pretty stupid to be impressed by that but Yoongi paid attention to every little details) from his clothes, all black, a thick cloak drapping the demon god with a silver pin to hold everything, Yoongi could also feel deep, deep mysteries hidden especially when he lingered over the hands of the deity, wearing gloves, and the shining cane he was holding.

“Great.” smiled Namjoon, purposely showing his dimples as he noticed Yoongi staring at him, “because I don't like making contracts with heartless dolls, I prefer stupid and entertaining humans. Will you entertain me, Yoongi?”

The witch frowned, “I'm not stupid.”

“Indeed,” laughed softly Namjoon, “You knew exactly what you were doing when you summoned me,” the demon god touched his chest again, which made the human uneasy, “and I'm sure you know why you've tried to conceal your soul from me.”

Of course the witch knew the reason why but he wouldn't say it out loud, for it was implied: he was weak. However, even if he shouldn't do it, Yoongi grabbed Namjoon's wrist, pushing his luck, gambling, “Selling my soul is not a problem for me.”

“Because you think your soul will be enough to allow you to use my personal army? Oh cute. No, it won't.”

The witch was supposed to control the demon, not the other way round, yet there was nothing he could do; Yoongi had lost control of the situation a long time ago already (as soon as he got back his heart) and the demon god seemed to be one or two steps ahead of the human, always.

Namjoon continued in a mocking tone, “You don't summon the Calamity to simply have revenge on mere humans. I need much more than that, you have to think bigger.”

“What do you want then?” asked Yoongi, annoyed by the turn of the situation.

“1 500 000 souls.”


The demon god laughed, “Have more ambition, witch.” Yoongi was still frozen, certainly thinking that what he had requested was a joke but it wasn't, the demon came closer to him and he traced with his fingertips the jawline of the human then the tissue of his glove caressed Yoongi's lips, trembling, so cute, and Namjoon whispered against them, “If you want to use my army, destroy the whole city for me.”

Yoongi closed his eyes, considering his offer.

Transforming the province of Sylla into a wastleland for the God of Destruction...

He pressed his lips against him, ignoring the burning touch he felt – a painful kiss.

Why not? All of his life Yoongi had been walking on the edge of the precipice, it was high time he jumped into it.


“I can't wait to meet him, I'm so fucking excited.” shouted out the beast as his tail was wagging, “It's been forever since we had a master.”

To be accurate, it had been more than a century since Namjoon had given them a potential toy to play with. Maybe their new master had a soft skin and a nice smell, emitting unconsciously submissive pheromones that the werewolf hadn't scented for the longest time? Or maybe the human had a great body and was made to receive his knot? Or maybe he was just food and the taste of his flesh would be like heaven? Or maybe, god, his mind was running wild, Hoseok almost tripped over some rocks.

Jungkook shrugged his shoulders though, not sharing the same enthusiasm as the werewolf, “Don't get my hopes up, it's annoying. The guy could be ugly and tasty as shit for all we know.”

Hoseok growled, “Since when have you become so pessimistic?”

The vampire rolled his eyes because the beast had seemed to forget that Namjoon had forbidden them to eat him, to breed him, to suck him dry or to fuck him, which, quite frankly, did augur nothing good.

“Did you forget what Namjoon had told us?”

Hoseok retorted, “No, I didn't. I'm just not thinking about it. Let me be happy for once, geez.”

“Alright, alright,” agreed Jungkook.

It was rare to see the werewolf in such a good mood, happy, full of hope, so the vampire followed the beast in silence. Then, once they arrived at the rendezvous point, on the rooftop of the clock tower of the city, they found the human, bathing in the light of the moon and the stars like they had been told.

“I'm Min Yoongi, your master, a witch serving the God of Destruction. I was waiting for you both.”

At first glance, the aura of the witch seemed to be weak, blue faintly glowing in the dark yet as Jungkook paid more attention to it, he could see the trick, the intense black hidden within it, the blessing of Namjoon, which reminded the vampire that he couldn't make a move on the human, how unfortunate, the pace of his heartbeat had an interesting rhythm though and Jungkook instantly caught sight of Yoongi's veins under his flesh, at the back of the human's hands, long fingers tapping on his crossed arms, patiently.

As for Hoseok, the werewolf had a simple mindset, he wouldn't waste time appraising his powers nor the authority he had, no, Hoseok would simply considered one thing, if Yoongi was fuckable. He wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth. The witch was, oh he really was. All the werewolf wanted was to breed him and bite his neck, licking his sides before twisting them to taste his ribcage, ah, they must be so yummy.

Jungkook finally looked up and he met the eyes of Yoongi who was staring at them curiously. The human guessed that Namjoon had a thing for pretty things because even the monsters, his pawns (as he liked to called them) were beautiful.

Seeing they were still watching him like a freak, the witch ordered, “Identify yourselves.”

They did it immediatly and Yoongi smiled, a werewolf and a vampire working together, how unusual (although it wasn't the only thing that was unusual, the human was wondering why the werewolf wore a collar, was it a charm to conceal his true form? Yoongi could only see his tail, wagging like a dog, and two fluffy ears on his head.)

“What do you wish us to do, master?” asked Hoseok, straight to the point, once the presentations were done.

Yoongi turned around and he watched the city under the nightsky. So many houses, castles, where souls were sheltered; it was hard to accept the idea of killing innocent people like his older brother but now, now that he had met Namjoon, Yoongi's thinking had changed, he had a purpose in life, it was no longer surviving and –

“Sow panic and fear in the streets of Sylla. Kill everyone you like.”

– it felt wonderful, exhilarating.


Humans had always been too greedy for their own good and Yoongi, thought Taehyung, wasn't an exception to this rule: once you taste power, you're always thirsty for more – because the witch had always been poor and empty so it was normal to do so, so boring.

Faking his condition, Taehyung smirked, as if he was interested in the measly plans of Yoongi, “Master, who do you want to deceive tonight?”

The shadowbringer had been following him since the beginning, since even before he had met Jungkook and Hoseok (who had noticed nothing because they were too distracted by the charms of the human).

His mind, Taehyung had to admit, the way Yoongi was seeing life, the way he was facing conflicts or problems, was simple. Taehyung didn't need to use his powers to understand the labyrinth of his mind and that was a let down. The demon god was wrong to think that this human could be their oracle, he was way too predictable and boring.

Barely audible, Yoongi finally whispered the answer of Taehyung's question, “Myself,” which caught the attention of the demon who remained silent, even more intrigued as he heard the next part, “Can you dive into me?”

Something inside the shadowbringer sparked – something he didn't understand.

“Why do you want me to manipulate you? You know it's dangerous, you have seen the side effects after I invaded the minds of the members of the Council.”

It was true.

Following the orders of Yoongi, Taehyung had started to attack the elite of the city, dividing the kingdom and creating discord into the royal family. Yoongi had also used the shadowbringer to prepare a civil war and secure himself a good castle, making believe to everyone that he wasn't a witch, so why asking such a thing now? Wasn't he supposed to keep wanting power, wealth and recognition?

Yoongi laughed softly, “This world is doomed to disappear. What's the point of owning stuff? I don't want to fall for that. Also,” Yoongi trailed off, hesitating, he shouldn't say this but it wasn't as if he had friends or someone else he could talk to (aside demons), “I don't want to fall for Namjoon eitheir. I'm not fucking stupid. He's going to kill me once I won't be entertaining so,” Yoongi insisted again, “Alter my reality, create an illusion where I just want to destroy everything.”

The shadowbringer was speechless. Yoongi was confiding himself in a demon, one of the deadliest for the human, it was hilarious. He didn't know which fact was the funniest: Yoongi thirsting for Namjoon's affection or Yoongi believing that Taehyung would help him?

Taehyung nodded, “I see.” It was so funny, really. “If it is what you really wish for, I can help you.”

The witch had thought the shadowbringer would refuse (because Taehyung wasn't forthcoming when it came to use his powers) so the human was surprised that the demon had accepted his request just like that, this easily, without fighting much to convince him.

“But it won't be for free.” ended up Taehyung with a wicked smile.

Yoongi didn't know why but, “As expected from a demon,” he had seen it coming, somehow, “Tell me.”

“Have you ever been fucked by a demon?”

The human frowned. The witch didn't see why this trivial question mattered but he would do anything if he could have some rest, not thinking about the nightmares he was having lately since he had decided to destroy the world.

Freefalling into the darkness – that was the real reason behind Yoongi's absurd actions, the human was seeking for help so that he could still enjoy bringing destruction without fearing the consequences later.

Yoongi talked back to Taehyung,“Are you not forbidden to touch me?”

“I am.” said the shadowbringer as he pulled Yoongi by the waist and drew him against him, before the demon blew in his left ear, “But Namjoon can't see us in your dreams.”


Yoongi had never fallen in love before. He had always been living with his older brother so what did he know about it? Nothing. He had never been interested in Taehyung, he hadn't even tried to get to know him better but now the demon was all he could think about.

The human wasn't scared to fall or to swim into the abyss anymore, darkness had become a blinding light, and it felt so great, so peaceful because the shadow of Taehyung had entered into his mind, making the human experience wet dreams, fluffy love stories and filthy fantasies that Yoongi would have denied if he had been in his normal state.

Hyung, you're so pretty.” The blue-haired male looked at his hole as if it was the most beautiful part of his body.

The only downside was that the human had no control over the shadow, it could be triggered whenever Taehyung wanted to, the witch guessed, but –

His boyfriend opened wide his ass and Taehyung's tongue licked the pink rim of muscle, “Why are you so tense, Yoongi-ah? Relax.” His tongue went deeper, pushing the saliva inside, “Trust me.”

– he didn't care. Yoongi could handle being haunted by a horny shadow, it was no big deal compared to the pain he had endured with his previous nightmares, reminiscences of Geumjae's death or visions of a distant world where Namjoon would kill him.

His legs were shaking so Taehyung forced him to seat on his face. “Ah, there, yes” cried out Yoongi, his hands clinging on the armrest of the sofa.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Seokjin as he wiped off his mouth with the napkin, “You're barely paying attention to what I'm saying.”

Breathing in, breathing out, the witch tried to calm down but it was hard because his dick had swollen so much; each movement he made, each rubbing against his pants, each, Taehyung was sucking, latching on his dick, vision he had made Yoongi fidgety on his seat.

“Master,” called Seokjin again, “Look at me.”

Yoongi did and the ghoul sighed, annoyed.

Seokjin was no fool, he could recognize the symptoms from miles away – light green irises, dilated pupils by intermittence, white veil, decrease of the vision of the third eye: the witch had one of the shadow of Taehyung in him. The ghoul ignored how the shadowbringer had invaded his mind because, Seokjin sniffed the aura of Yoongi from afar, it was still clean but even so it angered him to no end.

Tonight was supposed to be a special night for Yoongi and Seokjin, a special banquet to celebrate the complete annihilation of the witch hunters of the country but instead, the ghoul extended his leg and touched the crotch of Yoongi under the table, Taehyung had ruined their event.

“Well, it's just, I'm exciting to taste human flesh for the first time,” laughed nervously the witch but Yoongi could see that the ghoul wouldn't buy it.

He crushed his dick harder as Seokjin looked down on him, ruthless, “I know your dirty little secret, master. I'm mad.”

You're so good to me, hyung.” Taehyung's cock slided swiftly in him, and Yoongi liked it, liked it so much that he bent more to feel it deeper, inside of him, rubbing his prostate.

It was painful and scary, the pressure of Seokjin. The ghoul was now in front of him (he had pushed the table) and he kneeled between his legs, opened the zipper quickly and Yoongi was staring at Seokjin, lost.

“Before we resumed to the main course, delicious flesh of hunters that I've specially cooked for you, I think I need a little appetizer.” said the ghoul, hungry (and angry), “Don't you think so, master?”

Yoongi couldn't talk, couldn't breathe; it felt like he was in one of those lucid dreams where Taehyung was his boyfriend and they were happy. He didn't understand what he was doing into the darkness, into the black pit. When would he reach the bottom? After all, even if the hunters were bad, the witch had accepted to eat humans (his own fucking kind) with Seokjin, he had also accepted to open his mind to Taehyung, he had even accepted to kill thousands and thousands of hundreds of people for Namjoon so why wouldn't he accept to have a blowjob?

The witch lowered the elastic of his boxer, “Bon appétit.”


Yoongi was on top of the highest mountain of Sylla, looking at the sea, at the black water engulfing the city, the countryside, the hills – everything, everything which was disappearing under the crashing waves.

“How does it feel to see the end of all things?” asked Jimin, floating comfortably on the cursed waters, naked.

The witch whispered, “Bittersweet.”

Yoongi was glad it was over but at the same time he wasn't because he knew they were demons, the worst of the worst, he knew it but still the witch couldn't explain why he wanted to spend more time with them; playing hunting games with Hoseok (such an happy werewolf) and Jungkook (who always complained when he lost), eating unusual food with Seokjin (who always come up with new recipes), living fantasies with Taehyung (the horniest demon he had ever met), contemplating Jimin in his true from (so fascinating), having deep conversations with Namjoon (the beginning of the end).

“Truth is hard to swallow sometimes,” said Jimin with a comforting voice because he wanted to mislead the human, “lies are easier to take in.”

Yoongi was intrigued, “What do you mean?”

An eel wrapped around the waist of Jimin, “Exactly what I've just said. Lie, lie to yourself, lie to us – it might save you.”

“I don't think I can be saved.” laughed Yoongi, hopeless.

Then, thinking about his nearing death, the human realized something and his blood curdled.

Jimin was a demon snake yet his true form was the leviathan, his powers alone could destroy Sylla in less than one minute so why the hell did the human lose all of his time and his energy to bear and work with the other?

The witch swallowed, daring to voice out his thoughts, “By the way, why didn't you use your real powers right away? It could have been over months ago...”

Jimin smiled as he disappeared under water, “It wouldn't have been entertaining.”




When time had come, Yoongi said nothing and followed Namjoon to his realm by using the portal the demon god had materialized. The teleportation wasn't painful, it was done in a blink of an eye. However, the landing was something else.

Air was lacking, time was flowing differently, a black sun was burning up in the sky, cold, whereas winds were hot and the gusts were slashing Yoongi's skin. The human had obviously a hard time to bear it so he ran to the sides of Namjoon and went through the huge doors, which lead to the great hall of the sanctuary, empty.

“Where are the others?” asked Yoongi, uneasy.

Judging by the heaviness he could feel in the hall, the witch guessed that a lot of rituals had been performed here.

Namjoon answered, “They are in the throne room, waiting for you.”

After descending some stairs for several minutes (or maybe it was more, Yoongi didn't know), they arrived in front of the door of the throne room. As the demon god touched it, the door opened and Yoongi held his breath.

This was where it ended – the room was circular, a throne in black marble was in the center and finally, around it, were white pillars which supported the weight of the ceiling.

While Namjoon took place on his throne, the human remained still, his heart beating.

“Come forth, my pawns.”

Jimin, Taehyung, Hoseok, Jungkook and Seokjin emerged from the shadows of the pillars and positionned themselves around Yoongi. The human should be glad to see them again yet they were acting so different from when they were serving the witch – their bonds had been cut.

Namjoon went on, “Today is the day we all have been waiting for.”


Yoongi was suspended to the lips of the demon god, he wanted to know what would become of him.

“Today is the day I offer to all of you, my faithful followers, a human sacrifice.” Yoongi was shaking, “But not any sacrifice,” The army of Namjoon roared, “a corrupted and virgin witch who has accomplished great deals for my glory. Now, let's reward him for his achievements,” They screamed again, “Let's fuck his body, his mind and his soul until he dies.”

As soon as Namjoon finished talking, Yoongi expected the demons to jump on him yet only two of them walked before him: the werewolf and the vampire, Hoseok and Jungkook. The witch thought it would be fine, fine, the human repeated, he could survive this, it was just sex, okay, just hardcore sex, until the moment Yoongi saw the vampire removed the collar of Hoseok, it fell on the ground, and at that moment he knew, howling was heard, that it wouldn't be fine at all.

“Aw, you look scared,” cooed Jungkook, “Please, don't be. I'm going to take care of you first.”

While Hoseok was morphing into his true form, the vampire moved so fast it was almost as if he had teleported himself behind Yoongi.

He grabbed his waist and licked the nape of his neck before his hands tore open his shirt and found purchase on his nipples, flickling hard the pink buttons,“I can feel your blood running everywhere, even to the extremities of your body,” whispered Jungkook as he was sucking on the skin on Yoongi's neck,“so cool.”

Fear. The human was shaking all over, he was paralyzed.

His teeth pierced the skin, breached one of his artery and Jungkook drank, drank so much, he needed to bite somewhere else because it wasn't enough, the flux was too weak. Yoongi cried out as the vampire grazed his left nipple and planted all of the sudden his canines above it, on his chest, lighter color of red painting the pale body of Yoongi but still, for the demon, it wasn't enough. Spreading the thin legs of the witch, Jungkook lowered his pants and removed his underwear before the vampire put one knee to the ground and bite Yoongi's right thigh, the stream was overflowing there, all the mouth of Jungkook was dripping of blood, it was so tasty.

The witch cried, “I can't breathe, please, stop.” His cries were hushed though as Jungkook kissed the human and bite his tongue, the vampire too fargone in his addiction, drowning himself into Yoongi's blood, and it wouldn't stop, every time the vampire bite him or sucked him dry, Yoongi felt like swords were passing through him and that Jungkook twisted them in his wounds, for pleasure.

The pain subdued so Yoongi opened his eyes and, vision of horror, he caught sight of the vampire, stroking his own member, the witch having a hard time maintaining a visual contact because of the lack of oxygen (and the lack of blood in his system).

“Look,” smiled Jungkook, “your blood is pumping into my cock,” the demon thrusted into his fist, “making it so hard, ah, god.”

Too enthusiast, the vampire pulled violently Yoongi's black hair and he forced the human to be on all fours, his ass up in the air and his face aligned right in front of his dick, which was now caressing the witch's nose, cheeks and bottom lip, “I'm sure you would like to taste it.”

No, Yoongi wouldn't but what could he do in this position? Nothing. He submitted to his fate and his tongue swirled hesitantly on the head of Jungkook's cock, teasing the slit, yet the vampire laughed (obviously he wouldn't let Yoongi the time to adjust) he thrusted his hips forward and it went right through his lips to the back of his throat, and Yoongi's blood froze, he choked.

A growl, he could hear a growl behind him, the human was panicking, he could feel claws on his back, fear, he could feel the muzzle of the beast smelling his ass, no, no, he didn't want to get raped by the beast, it was hurting like hell already with what Jungkook had done (was still doing) to the witch, feeling empty, dry, with no room to breathe, the dick of the vampire choking him with each hipthrust, but nothing compared to the raw, intense and acute pain Yoongi felt as the beast penetrated his massive sex by brutal force in his anus, tearing all the muscles, in one go – it almost killed him.

Satisfied, the wolf moaned, feeling himself in such a tight and warm hole was indescribable for Hoseok, too fucking good. Like he had thought, the witch was the only human to receive his knot without dying right away (and this fact alone was making the werewolf happy, so eager to fuck him). Getting up on his two legs, skinning the skin of his back with his claws, the beast started to pound into the body of Yoongi, relentlessly, knotting the human as his sex was getting swollen past his erection. After a while though, he got stuck, Hoseok feeling some resistance inside of Yoongi. The beast roared, the witch wouldn't get away so easily; Hoseok pushed Yoongi's limits off by using more strength, reaching the limbs of the human, which made Yoongi's knees give away.

“Be good for us, master.” laughed the vampire as Jungkook forced him to go back to his initial position, on all fours, like an animal, a bitch getting fucked, before the demon added, “Hoseok is really showing love to your virgin ass. Don't you think you should tell him something? How you love it, for example.”

Yoongi's soul had left his body since the beast had entered him, it was too much, he couldn't help it. He had to survive, the demon god hadn't stated if he could use or not his powers to fight against his destiny so the human had done it anyway.

The witch was bending on his forearms, focusing on the movements of his jaw because Jungkook had dislocated it when he had deepthroated him, “I – I love it, Hoseok-ah.”

With that spell, he wouldn't feel anything else aside the pain so Yoongi didn't care if they were humiliating him.

“Louder, I can't hear you.”

Drooling, Yoongi clenched his teeth, putting one hand on his stomach, bloating every time Hoseok rammed into him, “I love it, I love the way it feels in my tummy.”

Jungkook wiped the saliva off his mouth, “You're such a bitch.” before he patted his head, “But you are truly perfect for us.”

The beast came. Loads and loads of cum was overflowing in Yoongi's entrails and the witch hated to admit it but his body was liking it – loving the release of all the pressure, loving the numb feeling of his prostate, loving the filling of his hole where someone could easily put his fist inside now; his body had been broken, fucked by a beast and sucked up dry by a vampire, Yoongi felt like he didn't own it anymore.

“Well, it's time to prepare yourself for Jimin's turn,” stated Jungkook, matter-of-factly.

Yoongi was lain down on the floor, unable to move, but the vampire ordered him to stand and to drink what he was going to give him. Almost mechanically, the human opened his lips and Jungkook's cock was wrapped by warmth and softness, “You should know that demon's semen here have healing properties so,” Yoongi swallowed everything, trying not to waste any drop, “next time, you should really work for it.” said Jungkook with a cold voice.

The adrenaline was gone.

As surprising as it was, the vampire had told the human the truth. Yoongi's body did feel a little bit better after having drunk the cum of Jungkook but still, the witch suffered from severe wounds that magic would never heal.

The demon snake came in front of Yoongi with a scepter – an accessory that the witch had never seen him using before. The demon tapped the top of it on the ground and a giant cube materialized itself around them.

Jimin explained, “I want to fill the void you feel, my sweet Yoonie, but to do that you need to let me fuck your soul which means,” black water was pouring into the cube, “you won't get away from me.”

The witch was trapped, he couldn't use the spells to protect his heart anymore, but it wasn't the scariest part. Aside his destructive power as the leviathan, Jimin had the ability to detect any lies which was worse, far worse than Hoseok or Jungkook, Yoongi was more than naked, his whole self was at the demon snake's mercy.

The water's level kept raising. Yoongi started to swim while Jimin was looking at him with a playful smile, “Are you looking forward to get fucked by me?”

He wanted to say no but a part of him, deep, deep, deep, down, was anticipating this, and this part was much louder than the voice of reason, it was anticipating the way Jimin would make Yoongi's heart feel – alive, different, darker, maybe.

“Answer me,” commanded the demon snake.

Yoongi swallowed, “Yes.”

Jimin smiled, “Oh, I like obedient boys. Since you were honest with yourself, I won't let you drown.”

The water filled up completely the cube though and the human couldn't see anything, his vision was blurry because of the cursed water, and his breath was –

Jimin took Yoongi's face between his hands and the demon snake kissed him, deep, the human confused that he could feel two tongues moving into his mouth instead of one.

– changed.

The witch could breathe underwater now.

Although nothing dangerous had happened so far, Yoongi didn't feel at ease, at all. The black water, the cube restricted his potential ways out, the invisible ennemy; the current situation was looking a lot like the nightmares he had experienced before, the abyss, drowning into them (or the black pit, falling into them), which terrified the human to no end but when the palm of his hand knocked the glass of the cube before it was caught by a tentacle, it just added a layer to the fear.

“I'm going to clean up your hole, Yoonie. I can't fuck something so dirty, don't you think so?”

Thick tentacles wrapped around his legs and slowly weaved in and out the cleft of his ass – the sensations were strange, foreign, out of this world, but Yoongi wanted to cry, not bad, he realized yet again, he liked it, the tentacles slided into him, so easily, he was disgusted with himself, especially when they started to scrape the walls and all the dry cum of the beast was washing away, dissolving itself into the cursed water.

Desperated, the witch called after Jimin, “I – I need you, please. Where are you?”

A small hand was grabbing from behind Yoongi's dick, so cute (it didn't deserve to be neglected like that) and the human wondered how it was possible, the witch hadn't felt his presence however Jimin had always been there, everywhere in the cube.

“What are you?”

Jimin's wrist twisted and the foreskin of Yoongi's dick let appear the head, so pink, so pretty, and the demon snake couldn't wait to sound it.

Chuckling, he kissed Yoongi's right temple and soughed, “I'm a demon snake at the core but I can take other forms because what I like to do is charming people. Siren, dragon, snakes, I can summon them, and they can act own their own free will, or they can become an extension of myself, just like the sweet tentacles that are fucking your ass right now.”

The human moaned, the voice of Jimin was so soothing, god, as he was sweet talking him, some other tentacles, thiner and slimmier, joined the others, filling all the free spaces that remained, “Really, your hole feels nice,” said the demon, now stroking his member to get it hard, “But that's not where I want to be the most, Yoonie.”

Overstimulation, his body was shaking and squirming despite Jimin not having started to fill the void of the human's soul; inside of his hole were so many different sensations (feelings) that Yoongi couldn't pinpoint every one of them – one was slow, one was faster, one sucked on the muscles, one simple teased the rim, one went deeper past his prostate, one instead settled on the buddle of nerves and latched on it, one bigger was doing rough back and forths, pushing through all the lively extensions of the demon in his ass, deeper, one smaller was, “Where? Where you – you want to be?” spurting some liquid, hot, burning, ah, it was so hard to follow what Jimin was saying, there were too many distracting things.

Jimin released Yoongi's cock and swam to be in front of the human to see his reaction, he picked it up in his hands again and he licked the top of Yoongi's cock with his tongue split into two, “I want to sound you, to swim your urethra back up until you break.”

Yoongi's eyes widened, no, no, he was floundering but it was no use. Eels wrapped around his ankles, his wrists and even his neck so the witch was completely immobilized.


Jimin smiled, he had a long silver rod in his right hand.

“I have enough, I feel – I feel so full so you can't stop it, please.” begged the human like he had never begged before.

The demon grabbed the witch's cock and squeezed it, amused, “Yoonie,” he inserted the rod through his slit, “What a beautiful lie.”

Yoongi screamed – foam, bubbles, bursting. Nobody could hear him in the cube, nobody, only Jimin could and it made him laugh because Yoongi was such a precious soul, empty, and he was lying to himself right now, he was doing what Jimin had advised him to do before and of course, it didn't work, because his advices were also lies.

“I like it a lot. Nice try, Yoonie.” praised Jimin as he pushed the rod deeper.

Since he had allowed Taehyung to invade his mind, the witch seemed to have forgotten one of the most basics rules in witchcraft: never trust a demon – and Jimin had enormously profited from this mistake alone.

He wiggled the stick, making Yoongi scream again so the eel around his neck tightened its grip, choking him more before it bite, electrocuting the human. Jimin cooed, faking concern, “Oh, are you okay?” The witch almost passed out yet the demon didn't care, he kept on sounding, going through the prostate, an area way too abuse for now, before the silver rod slowly entered the bladder.

“Please,” the human managed to gasp. “I need to...”

Urine was released and the golden liquid pushed out the sound a little bit, the urine looking for a way out, which startled the demon snake who hadn't expected that – Jimin had made sure that Yoongi couldn't move his body (paralized by fear, immobilized by snakes) yet it seemed like the human had still some life in him, reactions, primal instincts.

“It's okay, Yoonie.” said the demon snake as he removed the rod, “It just means that you are still human,” The witch thought it was over, that he had gone through the worst, but Jimin hadn't finished with him yet, oh no, he hadn't. “and I'm sure you have noticed that I love torturing humans.”

A tiny tentacle was swimming around the head of the human's penis and, after several seconds of teasing, of sucking, it slithered his way in.

Maybe it was because Yoongi's body had been damaged so much that his brain was starting to get off on pain, (the human couldn't think of any other reasons) as he watched, powerless and horrified, the tentacle stretching the slit of his cock and felt his urethra expanding more and more as it went back up.

“You feel so good, Yoonie.” exhaled Jimin, pleased.

The witch closed his eyes, he didn't want to see more of it, he didn't want to acknowledge what was going on because it was so wrong but it was feeling so good. His five senses should have been altered, there was no way, Yoongi panted, that he really liked, liked all of that; Jimin's fingers were caressing his chest, Jimin's tongues were licking his neck, Jimin's lips were kissing his, “Yoonie...” moaned the demon snake into his mouth, “Can you feel it?” while the tentacles of Jimin were fucking his ass, intense, instoppable back and forths, while a small red grass snake slided also into his cock, followed by an another tentacle that circled his waist and went higher swiftly until it reached his mouth, past his lips and rushed into his throat, coating the insides with a sticky warm white liquid that Yoongi swallowed happily. “My love, my love for you,” Jimin's hands were now around Yoongi's stuffed dick, moving up and down, squeezing hard, “Can you feel it?” the beings inside rubbing all of his walls – it was too much, the witch came, the tiny tentacle and the small snake bursted out from his cock.

His body was still spazzing as the demon snake continued to fuck him and Yoongi felt dizzy, filled up, good. It was the first time he had came since they had begun the sacrifice ritual, it felt so wonderful, so fulfilling. However, the pleasure turned quickly into pain yet the witch didn't care, squirming even though the snakes were holding him – he could drown, he could die into this painful pleasure.

That's why when Jimin stopped touching him, when the serpents and the tentacles left him, Yoongi cried out, “No, no, don't stop.” He wanted to die like that.

Jimin smiled, “Now you know what can fill your soul, Yoonie – demon's love.”

The black water receded and the glass of the cube shattered, freeing the human who was disoriented once his feet touched the solid ground (and his lungs breathed air).

“Finally, my turn.” said Taehyung as he walked towards Yoongi, “Jimin always takes his fucking time.”

The witch thought it was a vision; the shadowbringer's skin was darker than usual, (tan like the demon god), a bright and vibrant red colored his hair instead of the soothing blue hues, it changed nothing to him, thought the human, so pretty, Taehyung also wore a black dressing gown with shining flowers on it but what caught Yoongi's eyes forever was his horns – the shadowbringer had black horns on his head, it was the first time that the witch had seen his true form.

“Are you real?” whispered Yoongi, freezing now that he was out of the cube, naked and wet.

Taehyung smiled and undressed himself, putting the beautiful dressing gown on Yoongi's shoulders which were shaking, “Yes, I am.”

The witch hugged the demon, “Tae, I'm scared, I'm going to die,” his hands clung on his back, “Can we dream together, please?”

Confusion. Yoongi wasn't making the difference between Taehyung, the imaginary lover the shadow had created in his mind, and Taehyung, the shadowbringer, the pawn of the demon god, who was anything but lovely – and the demon knew that, he knew it all too well and he was going to have great fun when he would play and fuck with Yoongi's mind.

The red-haired male embraced him tighter, “Sure, you know I always have beautiful dreams prepared just for you.”

Because the witch had been so addicted to Taehyung (his boyfriend), Yoongi hadn't realized that their bond had been cut since the witch had accomplished his purpose, even worse, he hadn't even realized that he no longer had visions because the shadow was gone – Yoongi was the one creating his own visions now, his fake love about him and Taehyung, how tragic.

“Lay down,” coaxed the shadowbringer as he caressed softly the human's chest who didn't hesitate and did as he was told, trusting him so blindly it made Taehyung's dick twitch.

Then, the shadowbringer straddled Yoongi and, contrary to the other demons, he knew exactly where he should touch the witch because they had had sex so many times already in the human's mind.

He pinched his left nipple, which became perky right away, before he nibbled it and sucked on it, “God, you're so beautiful with my clothes on,” Yoongi's fingers got lost in the red hair of Taehyung and when the human gripped the horns, Yoongi moaned, loving too much the way it felt, the way the shadowbringer was grinding against him, rubbing his cock against his, the way, the words of fake love were sounding to his ears,“I love you so much,” so real, the human believed, he believed in everything that Taehyung would say, “Can you open up for me? Can you show me how much you love me?”

Of course he would do it, the witch would do anything for his boyfriend. He sucked his long fingers, pouring on them a lot of saliva, before he parted his legs and put easily four fingers inside his ass.

Taehyung frowned, “Why your hole is so wide? Did you cheat on me?”

Yoongi's lips started to tremble, “No, I – They...”

He remembered the numerous rapes: the beast, the vampire, Jimin, the snakes, the tentacles, everything. Yoongi didn't want to think about that, he just wanted to dream about Taehyung, about his boyfriend, about the only one who loved him in this world.

The shadowbringer took away the fingers of Yoongi and Taehyung plunged his whole hand into his gaping anus, so wide, he turned it inside, changed sides until he felt his knuckles against the walls of the human, “I think I'm going to punish you.”

Yoongi cried, “I'm sorry, Tae.” the shadowbringer pushed his fist deeper, “Don't hate me, please. I love you, I really do.”

Jimin had said Yoongi needed demon's love to fill his soul, he was right, it was true – how could he survive this without it? Yoongi was driving insane. It was wrong. Of course demons lied to him, they had shown him their real nature and everytime he fell for that. Was he stupid? What had the beast done to him? What had the vampire done? What had the snake done? They had all raped him, after having thought carefully about who took his turn.

Taehyung read his mind, smiling when he saw nothing more than distress and anguish in the human, he decided to add some more, removing his hand tainted with blood and saliva, “Why are you thinking about the others then? Am I not enough?”

The demon was no exception but Yoongi didn't want to believe it, his boyfriend would never do that, he would never rape him like the others.

“You are, you are my favorite,” cried out Yoongi as he passed his arms around Taehyung's neck, “I love you.”

Having heard what he had wanted, the shadowbringer touched Yoongi's forehead with his and casted a spell on him, “Sweet dreams.”

The witch fell immediately in a profound sleep.

A burning house, screams and cries, they were Yoongi's parents's. “Why do you think they die so stupidly?” asked a familiar's voice. The human couldn't answer, he didn't know. A book appeared, the summoning ritual of the calamity, it read. “Because they tried to perform it but they were not found worthy of him, of us.” Blood, entrails, people laughing, a huge spike. Yoongi wanted to throw up, he was in front of Geumjae. “I didn't like him so I killed him, I accused your older brother of worshipping harmful deities for the prosperity of Sylla and the King and the Council all believed me and sent hunters.” Black pit, the witch was falling. “You killed so many people, for nothing.” Yoongi tried to get away, to escape, from the voice but he couldn't – it was in his head, in his brain. “And now look at you,” The human saw his own self, getting fucked by shadows from every holes, tearing him apart until all was left of him was a puddle of blood, “Getting off on demonic big huge cocks, how pathetic.” Taehyung was laughing, laughing so loud Yoongi's head hurt.

When the witch opened his eyes, tears were blurring his vision, he could guess the silhouette of his boyfriend above him, his bloody hands holding his legs up as, Yoongi screamed, spikes were fucking him.

“Welcome back, sleeping beauty.”

Sharp shadows pierced his body, as if they were daggers, Yoongi cough up blood, “Why?”

Taehyung smirked, “There's no reason in particular.”

All of his existence was a lie, everything he had done was based on deceptions; his hopes, his dreams, his relationships, everything had been lies, lies and lies – and the mastermind behind all of that was happily fucking him right now.

“Your only value is your bottomless ass.”

Yoongi's body was broken, Yoongi's soul was broken, Yoongi's mind was broken. There was nothing left to do other than letting himself get fucked. He never had a boyfriend called Taehyung, he never had anything, his powers were just a fluke, so weak, he had ruined the destiny of millions of people, for nothing, he hadn't even avenged his older brother, Yoongi had failed in every fields – his life was simply devoid of sense. All he could do was opening his legs more, cried and begged for being magically filled – he was only made to be fucked by demons.

Exactly, take my cum as the demon whore that you are.

The human felt a burning liquid shoot through him but this time, he felt nothing pleasant, nothing. Blood and cum were dripping from his hole, itching his insides because there had been so many wounds, so many cuts and holes, bleeding, it just felt empty.

“Taehyung...” managed to whisper Yoongi.

The shadowbringer kept on moving inside of him, so good, ravaging the human's body like he had never done it before, ignoring the acking dick of Yoongi, trickling with pre-cum, because he didn't need a release, the demon couldn't care less about the witch's pleasure – all that mattered was Taehyung's, how Yoongi's limbs were now surrounding him so tightly, how his mind, his fighting spirit, was reduced to nothing each time the shadowbringer talked to him.

How could you believe that a demon could love such a despicable human like you?

His voice resonated within the witch because their minds had been connected, they had had sex for real – it was the only thing that was true, Taehyung's cock, deep inside Yoongi, the rest, the ideas that had implemented the shadowbringer in the mind of the witch, (that his life was a joke, that he was the mastermind of everything) lies.

I loathe you.

The witch weeped. Why? All he wanted was to be loved.

The lips of Taehyung touched Yoongi's, a kiss before they went to sleep, and just like that, his boyfriend put the blanket above them, spooning him in the comforting darkness, “I love you.”

Yoongi cried louder, he didn't want to see visions of them anymore, it hurt too much.

He had fallen for Taehyung's tricks, he had fallen for everything, the shadows were fucking his brain. He had been deceived and the demon came again, so good, the way Yoongi was breaking, so good, his reactions, this fake love, so so so good, because the effects were all too real – the realisation, his heart broken, the despair, his mind collapsing, it had turned on Taehyung way too much.

“Kill me.”

Too bad, it was Seokjin's turn already.

Not yet, hyung. There's still someone who wants to taste the whore that you are.

Getting up, the shadowbringer left the human on the ground, in anguish and agony.

Too weak, (too damaged), the witch didn't fight back when the ghoul lifted him up and set him up on a huge table with bottles of wine, different kinds of meat, salads, black candles, numerous skulls, bread, and wilted petals of flowers scattered everywhere to add beauty and freshness to the decoration – a banquet.

Except that this time, Yoongi wouldn't be the one eating.

“It's been a while that I've been waiting for my food so you'll excuse me if I don't play much with you.” said Seokjin, knotting a white napkin around his neck, excited, “I'm starving.”

Yoongi didn't react, he was used to the cruelty of demons, he was used to being tortured, it didn't matter anymore but, Seokjin tore the nail of his thumb and started to skin the finger with a scalpel, being devoured was an experience entirely different.

“God,” the ghoul chewed on it, “your skin is so tender, it would be great if I had time to roast it.”

The screams of Yoongi didn't sound human anymore, they were just like pigs, rabbits – animals that humans slaughtered without caring of their suffering.

The ghoul licked the bleeding finger before he bite it and chopped it off, cracking the bones, tearing the muscles, breaking the tiny articulations. “So yummy.”

Yoongi met Seokjin's eyes, his heart missing a beat, the ghoul was a monster, the worst, and hearing him orgasming as he ate the human's flesh frightened him beyond his nightmares.

The demon giggled, “Man, I could just orgasm from the taste. Such a wonderful piece of fine meat that you are, Yoongi.” The witch closed his eyes, trying to escape, somehow, in the back of his mind but all he could see was Taehyung fucking him, I love you, so it didn't work, tears were silently running down his cheeks.

“How about we try a part of your intestines?” offered Seokjin, amused. “They should really taste good, I can smell it from your tummy, contracting because of fear.”

The human shook his head vivaciously, with all the strenght that was left in him.

“No?” asked curiously the ghoul, “How about one of your lung then?”

Yoongi nodded from the left to right, no, no, no, no, no, he was going to open up his chest, no, no, no.

Seokjin sighed, “You're so picky. I'm going to choose for you then.”

Anticipating the excrutiating pain, the witch held his breath and he blinked when the ghoul plunged his right hand into his chest but it went right through the layers of his skin and it was now swimming in his entrails.

“You seem surprised,” laughed the ghoul, (indeed the witch ignored the demon had that ability, going through people and take out their organs), “In order to appreaciate such a meal as yourself, I have to savour it and eat cleanly.”

The human felt the ghoul's fingers playing with his heart, beating so so so fast, then they changed their trajectory and went higher on his left lung, before they grabbed it, “Did you know that the human's body was tough, really resistant, it can function with only a lung or a liver?” The demon extracted it from the witch's body and Yoongi coughed, he couldn't breathe, “Yeah, just like that.”

Transferring to his plate, Seokjin cut with his cutlery the organ, still moving, pumping air, and he opened wide his mouth and swallowed all the pieces without chewing them to make them fall directly into his stomach where they could melt.

Yoongi passed out.

The ghoul tilted the human's head up and opened his lips before he poured the content of a glass, “Fresh demon cum to wake you up,” smiled Seokjin. “It's mine. How do you like it?”

The witch coughed, throwing up some of it. “Let me die, please.”

Seokjin was truly amazed by how resistant the human was, he really wished he could eat more of him but all the good things came to an end, eventually.

“There's still one more thing I want to eat before giving you back to our great demon god,” said Seokjin, throwing away his napkin. He got up, came to Yoongi's side and whispered softly into his right ear, “Do you favor more your eyes or your ears?” His blood stopped flowing. “I need a dessert.”

He wanted to die, he wanted to end all of this, all of this suffering, he had enough.

The witch's lips were trembling though, he wanted to say it, he wanted to but all he could do was crying, sobbing.

“Made your mind?” asked the ghoul, already getting impatient.

“I love my – my eyes so please, eat my ears.”

Seokjin smiled and bent down at Yoongi's level. He ruffled his soft black hair and put some strands behing his right ear. “I'll just have one.” said the ghoul as his teeth nibbled the shell, as the point of his tongue slided slowly into the tiny hole, the demon enjoying making Yoongi shiver from terror. He devoured it; after all, the ear was just bones (with tiny bits of skin) but the human would never forget the sounds that the ghoul had made (crunch, munch, crisp, mmmh, yummy, so yummy) – it would be forever engraved into his head, nightmare had a name and it was Seokjin.

The ghoul threw away Yoongi from the table and kicked him until the witch was back to his initial position before the sacrice had begun, in front of the throne of the demon god.

The human looked up and saw Namjoon descending the black marble stairs with a bright smile on his face, satisfied.

The demon god clapped in his hands, “Thank you a lot for the great porn, Yoongi. You made me cum so much.”

Could he just die already? The human had enough, enough, he didn't want anything, he didn't want more mind games, he just wanted to die, that's all he wanted.

Namjon held a golden chalice out to Yoongi, “Here's your reward, drink it.”

He did.

The demon god smiled as he watched the witch regained his vitality and the disabled parts of his body coming back to life, as if his anus had never been touched, as if his lung had never been moved, as if his ear had never been ripped – everything, brand new.

Hadn't he learned anything?

Namjoon explained, “You've just gained immortality by drinking my blood.” The demon god caressed his cheeks, Yoongi was broken, broken beyond repair – this magic trick healed nothing, he was still broken, “You're now ours, forever.”

Never trust a demon, never do what they asked you to do.

You're so stupid, Yoonie.

The human let fall the chalice and he freaked out, “I want to die. I want this to stop.”

“Have I ever promised that? I don't remember,” laughed Namjoon, “You are my chosen one, my precious little slave, my Oracle, the witch serving the God of Destruction who has bonded with my personal army. You should be proud of yourself, what an achievement.”

This had never been a sacrifice ritual, why had he not noticed it before? Why was he so stupid like that? Yoongi cried, he cried so much, death was out of reach now, he would never find peace, rest, he should have killed himself instead of summoning demons, instead of falling for them, instead of listening to them, instead of trying to –

“It makes me loving you even more.” said Namjoon, drawing Yoongi closer to his chest.

– please them.

They couldn't love anyway.

“Stop with your lies, you all hate me.”

The demon god kissed him and as soon as the human's lips touched his, they burned.

“Next time, I'll fuck you in front of them so that I show my pawns the right way to satisfy you, my slave. Because if I do it now,” threatened the demon god, as he removed for the first time his gloves, touching the skin of Yoongi, “You're gonna burn into ashes, your insides will melt as soon as I enter you thirsty demonic hole, and trust me, it will be painful to come back from that. ”

The witch mumbled, “I – I don't want that. I don't want to get hurt again.”

“You know the reason why I love humans, Yoongi?”

Yoongi didn't understand the meaning of his life so he couldn't imagine to begin to understand why Namjoon would love someone like him.

“Because suffering makes them beautiful.”


Min Yoongi had sealed his destiny, he had reached the bottom of the black pit, the devil's pit, and he would never climb back. He would spent the eternity to have his body, his mind and his soul fucked by demons until the end of time (if there was an one).