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Kyouka Jirou was by no means what anyone would call an ostentatious kind of girl.

She strived to not necessarily be forgotten, but to blend into the background of things.  Her style was definitely rebellious, mostly black clothing with a punk rocker edge, but it was never too over-the-top. She wore makeup, but not much - just black eyeliner nowadays. She had stopped painting the red triangles on her cheeks at the end of her second year at UA.  It was just for fun, and really, it gave her more attention than she had wanted. She had grown sick of answering the questions as to why she wore that particular shape on her face. She just really liked Princess Mononoke, alright? Was it such a crime to want to emulate a badass female character?

Jirou, shortly before starting her first term as a fourth year at UA, had opted to change up her hairstyle a bit too.  She was a little nervous about how it would be perceived by her classmates, but after some debate, she decided she wanted to do it, others’ opinions be damned.  It would look pretty much the same as before, afterall, besides an undercut on the back and sides of her purple-haired head. 

Yes, purple. You would think she would stick out more for someone with such oddly colored hair, but that was not the case, especially in the newly-dubbed class of 4-A.  First, there was her best friend, Mina, who was entirely pink, as well as Midoriya’s emerald green hair or Todoroki’s red and white colored locks split evenly down the middle.  No, in class 4-A, she was...normal. Average. Nondescript. Just the way she liked it. When school started up again after summer break, she had gotten a few compliments on her new hairstyle from the girls in her class, but none of the boys had seemed to notice - that, or they had decided not to comment on it...typical.

Our heroine Jirou Kyouka was now a few weeks into her fourth year at UA. She was walking by herself to homeroom from the class A dorms, her wireless earbuds blaring her current favorite song in her ears, trusty coffee thermos in hand.  In her second year, she had gotten into the habit of getting up early to avoid people in the breakfast hall and on the way to class, as she was barely even a person in the mornings before having consumed at least one cup of coffee. She got up so early, in fact, that the only other one of her classmates that rose around the same time as her was none other than Bakugou.

Bakugou woke up every morning at precisely 6 am to go for a run prior to coming to class. She would know this because her hearing was, as expected, excellent, and her room was the closest to the class 4-A boys’ hallway. She could hear his alarm go off as soon as the clock struck 6. Thankfully, this worked in her favor.

The explosion quirk user was usually just returning from his run when Jirou was walking out the door each morning, not that he paid her any mind.  They had been going to school together now for over three years and both had - mostly - the same circle of friends, but she doubted Bakugou even knew her real name. He insisted on calling her Ears on the rare occasion he would ever address her, which she hated.  She was hyper aware of the wires permanently hanging from her earlobes, thank you very much, though she had grown more confident with their appearance over time. 

She was capable at this point of retracting the wires to a much smaller length at will, to about the length of a rather dangly pair of earrings, and she would do so if they ever got in the way during her workouts, but she had grown comfortable enough to not want to bother shortening them for the sake of vanity.  Besides, it kept the extremely shallow boys in her class and other classes at bay, for which she was thankful. If you couldn’t accept her at her weirdest, she didn’t want you in her life. Which was more than fair, Jirou often thought.

She opened the door to homeroom to find that she was the first one to arrive, no surprise there.  She let out a little puff of breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding and took her seat at the back of the classroom.  Setting her black leather backpack at her feet under her desk, she decided to take out her sketchbook to do a little doodling before class started.  It was the start of Inktober, an October-based art challenge, and she wanted to actually try to finish it this year. Her art account on Instagram was pretty popular despite being a well-kept secret from most of her classmates.  Her best friends Mina, Toru, and Yao-momo knew that she liked to draw and really encouraged her to keep at it, as well as about a thousand other like-minded strangers on the internet, which was more than enough support for Jirou.

Prior to enrolling at UA, she had considered going to an art school to study fine arts, dance, or music like her parents, as she was relatively gifted in those areas as well, but her extremely useful quirk and her drive to be a hero won out in the end. Although, her desire to go generally unnoticed did sometimes conflict with her desire to make a name for herself in the hero world.  Overall, she wanted to be successful, but not too successful. She wanted to help people because she cared - sometimes too much - but not in a boisterous fashion. Her decision to be a stealth hero was really the perfect compromise. 

Because of her specifically tailored espionage quirk, she had bagged a work-study position with Edgeshot at the end of her second year.  She had done a lot of great work with him and his team over the past two summers. Her work with Edgeshot, the number four hero since All Might’s retirement, had gotten a lot of accolades from her teachers and class, but that turned out to only be a few minutes of fame sort of deal.  Plenty of the more popular people in her class also got chosen to take part in work-studies with other exceptional heroes, like Midoriya working with All Might’s former sidekick Night Eye, or Bakugou continuing his work with the Jeanist, the number three hero. Tokoyami had also been chosen to work with Wing Hero: Hawks, the number two hero in his second year and had been working with him ever since.

Her work-study this summer had been a rather life-changing one for her, much more so than just shaving the sides and back of her head. Edgeshot had become very aware of that fact that she had been masking the majority of the potential of her sound manipulation quirk when she was forced to defend herself on a mission gone slightly awry. She had begged him not to tell anyone, and he had reluctantly agreed.  Though he was slightly disapproving, he understood why she did not want everyone to know her full capabilities.  

She really had no desire to be pushed to pursue a career as a combat hero, and Edgeshot could respect that. To be fair, even though she wasn’t fully forthcoming with all of her quirk’s capabilities in her hero training, she did incorporate some of her sound manipulation into her ‘persona.’ Her hero costume even had speakers on her shins that she used to project amplified sound waves - in moderation - as an offensive move.  She also manipulated the sound around her so as to walk with a silent tread, which came in handy while on covert missions. All in all, her ruse was involved, but necessary...or so she thought.

She had almost completely finished drawing a rather detailed forest scene when the door to the classroom squeaked open. She slowly closed her sketchbook shut, so as to appear nonchalant - and to not smudge the ink - as Bakugou entered, hands casually shoved into his school uniform pockets.  He paid her no mind as he took his seat two desks to the right of her, his typical scowl firmly etched into place on his unfortunately handsome face.  Yes, Jirou thought he was good-looking, so sue her.  He had filled out into a really attractive guy over the years, his shoulders becoming broader, muscles a bit larger and more defined, and he towered over most of the class with his 6’2” stature.  His light blonde hair didn’t change, however. It was still the unruly spiked mess it had always been, but it did nothing to take away from his chiseled jawline and simmering red eyes.  

Said simmering red eyes glanced over in her direction briefly as she rifled through her backpack, tucking her sketchbook safely inside.  He could have been looking at the wall though for all her presence appeared to register to him. She shook her head lightly as if that would help clear her thoughts. 

 ‘No use going down that road, girl,’ she thought to herself.  ‘You are definitely not his type...if he even has a type…which is doubtful.’

Bakuguo seemingly went on as if he had no interest in anyone romantically or sexually whatsoever. Which was totally fine, it’s just that he was pretty, and most of the girls - and some of the boys - at UA really wanted to get with that hot bod, pun definitely not intended...or he’d kill you. He never dated anyone since his time at UA, and Toru would know, the shameless invisible pervy gossip that she was. According to Midoriya, his longtime childhood nemesis - though he would insist, friend - Bakugou had never dated anyone at all.  He only seemed interested in becoming the greatest hero that he could, and really, Jirou admired him for that...begrudgingly...because he was an ass.

The rest of the class trickled in after awhile, Mina plopping down between her and Bakugou, Toru on her left, and Yao-momo arranging herself much more delicately in the seat in front of her.  They all asked excitedly in hushed tones if they could see her Inktober sketch later, and she nodded her head, small smile in place. She really loved her friends.

Aizawa-sensei sauntered into the room at 7:45 AM, late as usual. She shook her head, amused. Some things never changed.

He took his place at the podium in front of the class and began doing the usual headcount. Once he made sure everyone was present - as if anyone had ever been later than him - he cleared his throat to quiet everyone’s chatter.

“Good morning, class,” he greeted, his bored, droll voice somehow carrying well across the room.

“Good morning, Aizawa-sensei,” the class echoed in unison.

“As you know, even though the Sports Festival seems like a long way away, April will be upon us soon enough.  Make sure to train your hardest and do your best. It will be the last one you participate in, and if you want to make a splash in the pro hero rankings after you graduate, you need to perform well.”

“Yes, sensei,” class 4-A parroted back.

“In order to make sure that 4-A performs optimally, I will be pairing you up into sparring partners that I think are best suited to your individual quirks. We have done something similar before in years’ past, but this time is different.  You will be charged with coming up with a combination move that effectively utilizes both you and your partner’s quirks. While I realize the majority of you have been active in the field with your work-studies and are experienced with this, I also know some of you could use some more practice.”

Jirou noticed that Aizawa-sensei made pointed eye contact with a few of the less experienced students in the class, namely Mineta and Kaminari...though she did also see his eyes linger on Bakugou and Todoroki.  She raised her brows a little. She did have some doubts about their capabilities to work well in situations involving civilians, so his skepticism was not without merit.

“In the field, you should be aware of your fellow heroes’ quirks," Aizawa-sensei droned on.  "When called to respond, you must realize that you will not be the only hero summoned to the scene.  Situations may arise where you will have to think on the fly to combine your quirks effectively, not only as a duo but sometimes with a multitude of other heroes.  This is practice for life out in the field. I am giving you 3 weeks to brainstorm, rehearse, and train with one another, which is more than generous. This mid-term will be held the day prior to Homecoming. Do not let any distractions deter you from training.  You must keep your focus.”  

A few people groaned.  Jirou furrowed her brows, catching on. At this rate, Iida would be very busy training and have a difficult time planning the dance with the rest student council.  Her and her other classmates would find it hard to plan things too, such as, well, who was everyone going to attend the dance with?  She wondered if any of the other classes were in a similar situation with their mid-terms. She wasn't surprised, however.  She knew that her sensei had little fondness for frivolities such as dances.

“Also, this mid-term will count for fifty percent of your winter term grade. No exceptions.”  Aizawa was stern, no room for arguments.

Most everyone began chattering worriedly at that, some groans thrown into the mix. Mina and Yao-momo gave each other as well as both Jirou and Toru inquisitive looks. Jirou wondered who they would all be paired with...or more importantly, who she would be paired with.

She tapped her pen on her chin in thought, eyes scanning the classroom.  She could probably partner well with Shoji, Toru, or even Koji. They were pretty well-matched with her stealth quirk, and they were super sweet on top of already being her friends. But if Aizawa-sensei was going for a stealth-to-combat hero matchup, she hoped she would be paired with Kirishima or Mina, as she knew them the best out of all the others. It was difficult enough for her to maintain confidence around those she was comfortable with, let alone with her classmates that she didn’t know as well.

“Alright, alright. Quiet down, class!” Aizawa-sensei spoke up authoritatively.

Obediently, the class quieted down.

“I will begin by asking you all to stand.”

The class stood, chairs screeching backwards in their haste.

“I want you all to go and stand by your partners once I call your names. Now, in no particular order, the first partnership is...Midoriya Izuku and Kirishima Eijiro.” 

Midoriya smiled widely and went to stand by Kiri, who looked extremely excited to have been paired with one of the smartest kids in class.

“Rikido Sato and Ojiro Mashirao.”

Sato grinned and went to go stand by his best friend. They then proceeded to fist bump.

After awhile, the class was slowly paired up.  Yao-momo and Uraraka. Yao-momo smiled shyly at that. Uraraka was a hard-worker, and Jirou was sure they’d do well together. 

Shoji and Koji. Koji nervously waved at Shoji as he came to stand next to him. ‘Hmmm,’ Jirou thought. ‘Interesting pairing.’

Aoyama and Toru. Toru’s shoulders slumped. Jirou was sure Toru was thankful that no one could see the disappointment on her face.  

Tokoyami and Tsuyu. Tokoyami said nothing as he sidled up to Tsuyu.  She wondered what moves they would come up with.

Mineta and Kaminari, the class pervs, were paired up next.  They high-fived over Uraraka’s head before going to stand next to one another. 

Mina and Sero. Mina shrugged as she went over to him. Well, at least Sero was a nice guy, as well as athletic.  She should be fine with him. However...

‘Shit...’ Jirou panicked a little in her head.  ‘That just leaves me, Todoroki, Iida, and Bakugou…’

“Iida Tenya and Todoroki Shoto,” Aizawa called out, sounding tired.

Iida nodded determinedly, pushing up his glasses as he went to stand next to an indifferent looking Todoroki. That’s a smart choice, but...

‘Wait, that means…’ Jirou’s eyes widened comically.

“Bakugou Katsuki and Kyouka Jirou,” Aizawa-sensei said with finality,  sounding positively done with everything.

Bakugou, to his credit, did not look surprised at all as he went to stand next to Jirou.  He also didn’t look much more irritated than normal. If Jirou wasn’t standing so close to him, she wouldn’t have noticed the almost imperceptible twitch of his left eye.

Well, fuck.  The one person in the entire class who was her polar opposite in temperament, and Aizawa had chosen to pair the two of them together.  What was he thinking?! She swallowed and began fiddling with her ear wires - her nervous tick. She wondered, briefly, if Edgeshot had said anything to Aizawa-sensei about her ‘incident’ this summer.  She trusted him, though. She didn’t think her mentor would do that, but...why else would her sensei think this partnership was a good idea? She really didn’t want to use the combat capabilities of her quirk, but in order to pass the exam with Bakugou for a partner, she may have to.  Off the top of her head, she could think of no other way to combo effectively with Bakugou other than to try and match his aggressive style.

“Alright, you can take the remainder of the class to talk strategy before moving on to your next period. As for me, I will be sleeping.” Aizawa-sensei then proceeded to pop in his ear plugs and wiggle into his sleeping bag, inching himself under his desk like a caterpillar.

Mina glanced over her shoulder to look concernedly at me, mouthing ‘we’ll talk later’ before jumping into conversation with Sero about their pairing. Yao-momo gave me a sympathetic look before mouthing much the same at me. I sighed, feeling defeated already. This would inevitably be quite an ordeal.

Shockingly enough, though, Bakugou was the one who decided to speak first.

“Well, Ears. You better fucking work hard.  I’m not going to settle for anything less than your best. I don’t tolerate useless extras not pulling their weight,” Bakugo told me rather calmly...for him. 

‘Seems like his work-study the past 2 years has mellowed him out a bit,’ Jirou mused bitterly, her irritation growing.

Despite her generally timid nature though, Jirou was not a doormat. She squared her shoulders. 

“If we’re going to work together, Bakugou , I’m not gonna tolerate you not using my real name. It’s Jirou, in case you still didn’t know,” she hissed at him, purposefully keeping her volume low so as not to draw attention to their minor dispute.

He smirked, angling his infuriatingly attractive physique towards her small 5’5” frame.

“I don’t care what your name is. Just try to keep up.”

Jirou rolled her eyes, at this point extremely annoyed. “Whatever. Just give me your phone.”  She put her fingerless gloved hand out towards him, done with his attitude already.

“Hah?! Why would I give you my phone?” Bakugou protested loudly. 

Ah, there it was.  The infamous temper has sparked. They got a few looks from some of their fellow classmates, but Bakugou yelling wasn’t exactly revolutionary, so they didn’t hold their attention for long.

“So I can put my number in, dipshit. We have to talk about when we’re gonna meet up to train and stuff.” Jiriou rolled her eyes again. Honestly, why did he have to be so difficult?

Bakugou grunted and jerkily handed her his phone with no further complaint. Jirou raised her brows a little but didn’t comment. Their fingers brushed lightly in the exchange, and Jirou shivered imperceptibly as she felt a small tingle.

She tsked, filing that away for later as she entered her number skillfully into his phone. She handed it back to him, and their fingers touched again, that same sensation igniting something fuzzy in the pit of her stomach.

‘Weird,’ she thought, shaking her head. ‘Jirou, calm yourself, girl. Now is not the time to ponder on sexy assholes and strange feelings.’

“So, do you wanna talk strategy or whatever?” Jirou tried to open up the conversation, but it was in vain.

“As if an extra like you would even have any good ideas,” Bakugou rebutted gruffly, not even looking at her. “I’ll text you later with my training plan, and you better follow it. Don’t expect me to go easy on you just because you’re a girl with a useless quirk.”

Jirou didn’t think her eyebrows could rise any higher. Wow...that was low, even for him. The shock of his insult wore off quickly though, and she narrowed her eyes at him, the blackness of her irises burning like coals.

“Fuck you, Bakugou,” Jirou spat. “You better keep your shitty attitude in check, or I’m gonna train by myself and ignore the shit out of you till the festival. My grades are good enough that I can take the hit for failing this exam, but you? I know you hate to look nothing short of perfect.”

He actually made eye contact with her this time, sizing her up. Seemingly unimpressed by what he saw, he just shrugged at her as if he couldn’t care less and sat back down in his chair, gaze turned away from where she was standing.

Really?! Was he really just gonna ignore her now?! 

She shook her head, trying to dispel the angry words bubbling up. If he wanted to be that way, fine.  She would deal with it later, though, in private. She was not about to rise to the challenge and yell at him in the middle of class. Instead, she sat down in what was originally Mina’s seat and popped her earbuds back in, cranking up the volume on her phone. She closed her eyes, sipping her lukewarm coffee which helped calm her nerves a bit. Honestly, in Jirou’s opinion, the mid-term couldn't come soon enough.

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If you looked up the word ‘ostentatious’ in the dictionary, you would most likely find a picture of Bakugou Katsuki next to it.

He was quite literally and figuratively explosive, what with his surly disposition and his explosion quirk. He was short-tempered, extremely rude, loud, and proud of it.  He had the worst attitude in all of his class, and also probably the entirety of UA. He wanted to be number one, and it didn’t matter to him who he stepped on or what anyone thought, so long as he came out on top. 

His poor attitude was not exactly...ideal for someone trying to be a hero, and he really paid for that in his first year when he failed to get his hero license. He had treated the civilian actors poorly in the rescue portion of the provisional licensing exam, not to mention the fight he instigated with Todoroki due to their rivalry...and so he had failed.  Todoroki had failed as well, as he took Katsuki’s bait and fought with him, but this did nothing to console Katsuki. He had been furious, to say the least, as well as...ashamed. He had never felt such shame in his life, coming second to Deku, of all people. It almost crushed him, almost being the key word.

He and Todoroki - or Icy-Hot, as Katsuki derogatorily named him - had both spent the remainder of that year doing chores around the dorm in penance before they could retake the exam the summer before their second year.  This failure had taught Katsuki a lesson, but it was definitely not the one Aizawa intended to impart. He just needed to be ‘nice’ when he was doing his hero work, is all. It still didn’t matter how he treated the ‘extras’ in his class, or anyone else in school, for that matter.  Nobody mattered but him, as he was the best. He would one day surpass everyone to become the number one hero. All the extras should worship the very ground he walked on! A chibi Ground Zero clenched his fists and punched the air, little explosions lighting off for emphasis. At least, that was what played inside Katsuki’s head.

Little did he know, he would not always feel this way, but for now...that was Bakugou Katsuki in a nutshell.

At present, a small ways into his fourth year at UA, we would find our dearly belovéd King Explosion Murder returning to the class A dormatories from his morning run. Drenched in sweat and nitroglycerin, he used the towel around his neck to wipe his face, completely missing Jirou side-eyeing him as she exited the building.  He loved running...and training...and blowing stuff up. These were really the only times his mind was quiet, and he craved that peace more than anything. Yes, more than even being number one.

He sauntered into the empty kitchen and poured himself a cool glass of water, gulping it down quickly and eagerly.  Staying hydrated was important, almost as important as getting a good night’s sleep and staying fit. Katsuki had a strict regimen that he rarely deviated from. He needed to stay at pique form if he wanted to stay on top. He had no intentions of ever letting that slip away from him...again.  Fucking Deku, the annoying little twerp. And Icy-Hot, the smug bastard. At this point in his hero training, he had three Sports Festival wins under his belt, and he planned on ringing in another win for his final year at UA. He would never let those extras beat him!

He made his way upstairs, still a bit blissful from his run, and began to stretch.  Bending to touch his toes, his insecure thoughts started to creep back in. 

‘Katsuki... Why do you bother? You’ll never be enough. You’ll always be runner up. You failed your first year, you’re third in your class academically... All Might chose someone else to be his successor, remember?  He chose DEKU, a weak little shit. You’re even weaker than him! Just give up. You’re just a hot-headed little boy...Just give-’

‘SHUT UP!’ he shouted in his mind. Fucking voices would never give him peace. Fucking self-doubt. He’d show...himself! He’d be the best despite everything!

He flung back his shower curtain and stripped down, grumbling to himself as he turned on the water extra hot.  He stepped into the steamy downpour and closed his eyes. Taking a deep breath like his dad taught him to do, he held it tight below his navel until he couldn’t anymore, and then breathed out.  He did that a few more times before he felt the insecurities start to fade into the background. He could think clearly again, thank fuck.  

Pouring some shampoo into his hand, he massaged it into his scalp, letting the suds wash down his shoulders, torso and back.  He then proceeded to grab his body wash, only to finally notice that he was fully erect. Fuck, was that there the whole time? Why did adrenaline always make him so horny? He sighed. Well, he had some time to kill before class. He supposed he could get off without making himself late. 

Taking his member into his right hand, he squeezed firmly from base to tip, using the body wash and sudsy hot water as lube.  In his mind's eye, he pictured a slim, faceless young woman. She had short hair and long, toned legs. She was covered in sweat from working out, small chest heaving from throwing swift punches in succession at a punching bag. She was athletic and had a tight little ass, none of that soft and curvy shit. He could appreciate the aesthetic, but it wasn’t his type.  He also really didn’t understand the pushback on small-chested women. Big tits were great, but impractical. They would make it harder to fight, and Katsuki wanted a woman that was the ultimate fighting machine...someone who could give him a run for his money. Which was why he had never pursued anyone at school...or at all for that matter. He didn’t think anyone else was on his level.  He wanted a woman who could kick his ass, a woman that wouldn’t break if he sparred with her full throttle.

His fantasy self came up behind this woman and pulled her flush against his body. She gasped, startled for a moment as his strong arms tightened like a vice around her small waist, but she wasn’t having any of it as she twisted in his grasp and tried to headbutt him.  He ducked out of her way just in time and motioned for her to come at him. She launched herself at him, knocking them both to the ground. They proceeded to tussle until they were fighting with lips and teeth instead of elbows and fists. 

Katsuki palmed his balls with his other hand, biting back a moan. He was close.  After a few more moments of stroking himself to this image, he found his release, his cum shooting out over his hand in warm spurts. Fuuuuuuck. If only he could find this dream woman. Someday, maybe.  Definitely not amongst the losers in his class, though.

Washing himself off completely and making sure he was suitably clean, he turned off the water and dried himself off.  He pulled on his school uniform he had laid out in the bathroom prior to his run. Feeling marginally calmer in the wake of his release, he made his way to class.

He opened the door to find Ears already seated at her desk.  She tried not to make eye contact with him as he went to take his seat, watching her out of his peripheral vision. She slid a book carefully into her backpack and tucked some of her hair behind her right ear, revealing a closely shaved portion of her head.  

He found her extremely hot, though he’d be caught dead before ever telling her that. Physically, she was his type.  He admired the shapely legs peeking out from under her uniform skirt that he could see pretty clearly through fishnet tights.  Despite the October chill creeping in, she was wearing a black harness style crop top that showcased the nice abs she had. He couldn’t see her arms under her uniform jacket, but he knew they were toned and lightly muscled.  He never saw her train, but with that banging body, he knew she must train pretty hard and often. Still, though. She wasn’t much of a threat. That hot body was just for show. Academically she was smart enough, currently ranking 4th in the class, just one below him, but athletically? Maybe he’d rank her 15 out of the 20 in class 4-A. Definitely not someone who could go toe-to-toe with him.  Didn’t stop him from admiring her looks, though. What was the harm in that? She was nice to look at, but that’s all it was.

Needless to say, he was a little distracted and didn’t really pay much attention to the rest of the class filing into homeroom. It wasn’t until Aizawa addressed the class that he actually started paying attention.

“Good morning, class,” Aizawa spoke, sounding bored to tears already.

“Good morning, Aizawa-sensei,” Katsuki mumbled along with the class.

“As you know, even though the Sports Festival seems like a long way away, April will be upon us soon enough.  Make sure to train your hardest and do your best. It will be the last one you participate in, and if you want to make a splash in the pro hero rankings after you graduate, you need to perform well.”

“Yes, sensei,” he responded in tandem with the rest.

'As if there was any doubt I would win this won too. Tch,' Katsuki thought disdainfully.

“In order to make sure that 4-A performs optimally, I will be pairing you up into sparring partners that I think are best suited to your individual quirks. We have done something similar before in years’ past, but this time is different.  You will be charged with coming up with a combination move that effectively utilizes both you and your partner’s quirks. While I realize the majority of you have been active in the field with your work-studies and are experienced with this, I also know some of you could use some more practice.”

Aizawa made a point to make eye contact with some of the extras in the class, but then his gaze locked for a second with Katsuki's, and Katsuki's eyebrows twitched as he understood his sensei's implications.

'So, you don't think I can ace this mid-term, do ya, old man? I can, and I will wipe that smug look off your face with gusto.'

“In the field, you should be aware of your fellow heroes’ quirks.  When called to respond, you must realize that you will not be the only hero summoned to the scene.  Situations may arise where you will have to think on the fly to combine your quirks effectively, not only as a duo but sometimes with a multitude of other heroes.  This is practice for life out in the field. I am giving you 3 weeks to brainstorm, rehearse, and train with one another, which is more than generous. This mid-term will be held the day prior to Homecoming. Do not let any distractions deter you from training.  You must keep your focus.”  

A few people groaned at that.  Katsuki tsked.  As if any of that shit bothered him. He had no intention of attending that stupid ass school dance anyway.

“This mid-term will count for fifty percent of your winter term grade. No exceptions.” 

Aizawa looked serious. When he got that look, Katsuki knew that he meant business, and no amount of protesting from anyone would change his mind.

Katsuki despised teamwork...mostly because everyone else sucked, in his opinion. He was smart enough to realize, however, that Aizawa was right.  He would have to work together with other heroes quite often in the field. The terrible instances that occurred over the years pitting them against the League of Villains and the Shie Hassaikai only served to prove his point.  As much as Katsuki hated it, he knew it was the best thing to do to prepare them for graduation.

‘I wonder what loser I will be stuck with...’ Katsuki mused to himself. As long as he wasn’t paired with a complete idiot, he could make it work out in his favor.  He wouldn’t let anyone keep him from acing this exam.

He didn’t really care about anyone else’s fate, so he tuned out until he heard his own name called.

“Bakugou Katsuki and Kyouka Jirou.”

‘Well,’ he thought as Ears came to stand next to him, an anxious look on her pretty face. ‘Not the worst outcome, at least.’

Katsuki decided to speak up first, ready to get the small talk over with.  “Well, Ears. You better fucking work hard. I’m not going to settle for anything less than your best. I don’t tolerate useless extras not pulling their weight.”  

There, that wasn’t so hard. She should be grateful he was being so nice.

“If we’re going to work together, Bakugou , I’m not gonna tolerate you not using my real name. It’s Jirou, in case you still didn’t know,” she hissed at him, shoulders squared and dark eyes narrowed.

He smirked at her, amused by her sass. Of course he knew her name. He didn’t have the memory retention of a goldfish.  He just didn’t ever feel like using it. 

“I don’t care what your name is. Just try to keep up,” he replied instead, feeling a bit devilish.

Jirou rolled her eyes at him. “Whatever. Just give me your phone.”  She put her fingerless gloved hand out towards him, seemingly irritated. 

“Hah?! Why would I give you my phone?” He protested.  Why would she want his cell? The fuck?

“So I can put my number in, dipshit. We have to talk about when we’re gonna meet up to train and stuff.” He watched as she rolled her eyes at him again. 

‘Idiot,’ his negative inner voice snickered. Katsuki scowled.

He jerkily handed over his phone, deciding not to say anything more.  She was right, afterall. Jirou raised her brows a little but made no further comment. Their fingers brushed lightly in the exchange, and Katuski felt...something. Weird.

He watched her as she entered her number skillfully into his phone. She handed it back to him, their fingers touching lightly, and that same feeling surfaced again making him feel a bit hot under the collar.

‘Fucking hormones. You’re not a preteen anymore, dude, get your shit together,’ he chided himself internally.

“So, do you wanna talk strategy or whatever?” Jirou spoke, sounding peevish.

“Tch, as if an extra like you would even have any good ideas,” Katsuki said, taking his confusion at his feelings out on her. “I’ll text you later with my training plan, and you better follow it. Don’t expect me to go easy on you just because you’re a girl with a useless quirk.”

Well, shit. Hello, mouth, insert foot.

She raised her eyebrows at him, looking appalled, before digging into him.

“Fuck you, Bakugou,” she spat.  If she were a cobra, she’d be spitting acid at him...which he rightfully deserved. “You better keep your shitty attitude in check, or I’m gonna train by myself and ignore the shit out of you till the festival. My grades are good enough that I can take the hit, but you? I know you hate to look nothing short of perfect.”

He had to admit, she had him there.  He was actually pretty impressed that she told him off.  He eyed her up and down. The fact that she didn’t back down was hot, too. Has she always been this fiery?  ...wait, did he just think that? Goddamnit, Katsuki, STOP thinking about her as hot!

His brain started firing off a mile a minute. Well, that wasn’t his most shining moment.  She wasn’t even that bad. Her quirk was pretty cool, actually...just not suitable to use offensively.  She had some defense moves, and her hand-to-hand combat skills weren’t terrible either. The only problem was that she was just too fucking timid.  He had seen her perform in class a few times, and he wasn’t disgusted. He didn’t know why he had decided to be such a huge dick to her just then. Well, at least more so than usual. Maybe he should...apologize? Was that right?

He ended up deciding to sit down and...not say anything else? Yeah, that’d work. Apologies made him look weak, anyway.  He watched her out of the corner of his eye as she shook her head, looking furious. She didn’t yell at him, though he could tell she wanted to.  Instead, she sat back down and took a sip of her coffee, putting her earbuds into her multi-pierced ears. He saw her turn the volume up on her phone and briefly wondered what kind of music she listened to. Clearly though, she had no desire to talk to him right now.

‘Good job, Katsuki.  This partnership is off to a fabulous start.’ His negative inner voice taunted him.

‘Whatever, I’ll fucking deal with it later.  Hopefully it’ll blow over, and we can just pretend like it never happened.’

Chapter Text

If Bakugou Katsuki thought that this was all gonna blow over, he...was probably right.

Jirou could already feel her heart rate calming as she left homeroom and walked to her next class, AP Physics, with Yao-momo.  Surprised? Well, just because the students of UA aspired to be heroes didn’t mean they were exempt from taking STEM classes. A lot of people had the misconception that UA was just a hero-grooming school, but in actuality it was quite academically oriented and well-rounded.  Plus, for Jirou, her decision to take AP science classes was a no-brainer...literally. Science and math were easy for her. Yao-momo was also the top of their grade with one of the highest GPA’s in the entire school, so no shocker that she also wanted to take classes like AP Physics. 

After her first year, UA had decided to start integrating all classes together - A through K of each year - for all periods outside of homeroom (which was essentially their 'gym' or the hero training course class). The teachers thought it would be better for the students, to have them develop some form of inner-grade unity.  It worked to a degree, but also didn’t. The students still tended to stick to the people in their assigned class, but the animosity and rivalry between classes calmed down quite a bit.

As they walked, Yao-momo had tried to broach the subject of Jirou and Bakugou’s partnering, but Jirou had told her that she’d rather not talk about it right now.  She had understood, immediately dropping it to link her arm through Jirou’s, patting Jirou’s hand sympathetically. Yaoyorozu was one of Jirou’s best friends because she didn’t pressure her to talk when she didn’t want to. She gave Jirou the space she needed to let her mind recoup, and she really appreciated her for that.

The rest of Jirou’s day went by in a blur. She attended all of her AP morning classes and took notes as diligently as she could, but her mind was distracted. Thankfully, she didn’t share any of her classes with Bakugou besides homeroom.  By the time the bell rang for lunch, she felt that time had barely passed, but really it had been hours. She had received a few texts between periods from Mina and Toru asking about how her talk with Bakugou went earlier, but she hadn’t really known how to reply. She didn’t want to lie and say it went fine, but she also didn’t feel ready to talk about it without getting upset.  She hoped her friends didn’t think she was ignoring them. 

She strode into the lunchroom, immediately wincing as she was bombarded by a wall of chattering sound.  Sometimes she forgot to dull down her increased hearing before entering a loud environment. She hadn’t forgotten in a long time. Today’s exchange with Bakuguo must be really getting to her more than she realized.

Mina and Kirishima waved her over to their usual table near the windows facing the courtyard. She spied Bakuguo at the end of their table, but he was eating his lunch and not looking at her. That was fine, she really didn’t want to talk to him right now anyway...  not that they ever really talked.

“Hey, guys,” Jirou greeted, trying to sound upbeat. “How’s your day been so far? Anything you wanna chat about?”  

Jirou sat down across from Mina and shrugged her backpack onto the ground.  Bakugou eyed her as she sat down, but he said nothing. He just stared at her, face blank as he took another bite of his burger. 

‘Ooookaaaaay….’ Jirou thought, feeling a bit weirded out by his stare, but she decided to focus on the outcome of her question instead.  No use pondering on the inner-workings of that dude’s mind. ‘Please Mina, Kiri, take the bait. Don’t make it weird, don’t make it weird, don’t make it-’

“Yeah, I wanted your advice on my partnership, actually,” Mina chirped in response, giving Jirou a wink. “I wanted to know what kind of ideas you could come up with for a combo move between Sero and I.”

“Yeah, dude, I could use your advice too!” Kiri chimed in.  “You’re super good with this sort of stuff, and though Midoriya prob already has some ideas, you usually have some cool and original ones, so I wanted your input.” He gave her a thumbs up and grinned, showing his fangs.

‘Bless you two, you are angels,’ Jirou thought, feeling relieved.

“Well,” she began, out loud. “I do have a few ideas I was bouncing around, actually.”

Mina and Kirishima beamed at her, eagerly awaiting her input.

“Do tell!” Mina said, hands resting under her chin.

“Yeah!” Kiri seconded.

“Hmm...okay.  Starting with Mina, I think you and Sero could pull off a lot of complex acrobatic moves to make yourselves look super cool. I know the two of you are really skilled gymnasts.  I was also thinking maybe...Sero could ride with you on your board as you shoot acid...and he could use his quirk to launch tape? This move could be used offensively or defensively, as he could use his tape to tie up villains to restrain them, or to attach to signs and poles and what not to quickly maneuver you both out of harm's way.  What do you think?”

Mina gaped at her, but then she clapped her hands together. “Oh my god, I love it! Girl, thank you so much! I am gonna text Sero these ideas right now, but don’t worry! I will make sure to give you credit!”  She winked at Jirou and then proceeded to pull out her phone, texting up a storm.

“Me next, me next!” Kirishima exclaimed, grinning wildly.

Jirou flushed a little, nodding. “Okay, so I was thinking about the capabilities of your quirk as well as its limits.  I know you can literally be launched into a mountain face and be totally fine, so...maybe Midoriya can essentially use you as a projectile? Where he is using his quirk to act as the cannon, and you are the cannonball? Also any kind of double punch with the two of you at full throttle would be really deadly, I think.”

Kirishima looked ecstatic. “Yo, this is awesome stuff, dude. You’re the best!  I’m gonna tell Midoriya what you were thinkin’ after school lets out! Thanks for your advice!”

Jirou, fully blushing now, nodded her head again. “Of course. That’s what friends are for.” She smiled.  “I’m gonna go get in line and grab some pizza now, though. I’ll be right back.”

Kirishima gave her a thumbs up, but as she was getting out of her seat, she noticed that Bakugou had been looking at her rather intently.  Was he actually listening to what she had to say? ...had he been staring at her the entire time?


Katsuki swallowed his last bite of burger and spoke up once Jirou was a good distance away. “Why wouldn’t you ask me for advice, Shitty Hair? Don’t think I’d have any good ideas?”

“Huh?” Kirishma turned to Katsuki, a confused look on his face.  “You always tell me to think for myself, bro! But you know you’re my Bakubro!  I’d listen to any advice you’d have to give!” Kirishima punched the air with his free arm to punctuate his point.  

Mina smiled, shaking her head. He was such a dork.

Katsuki made a noncommittal sound.  “Well, I have some thoughts if you wanna chat about it later at the dorms,” he told Kirishima, wiping his hands with his napkin while getting up from the table. “I’m gonna go to the library now, though. I wanna get as much of my homework done as I can between now and the end of my free period.”  Katsuki picked up his tray and waved slightly as he walked away.


“Later, bro!” Kirishima called after Bakuguo’s retreating back.  He then looked over at Mina. “What was that all about, yo? He was actually nice to me!”

Mina shrugged, leaning over to kiss him on the cheek. “No clue, babe. Maybe you’re finally rubbing off on him?”

Just then, Toru came sauntering over, late for lunch as always, Jirou and Yao-momo walking behind her carrying trays of pizza.  Just as Kirishima was about to respond, Toru turned from Mina and Kirishima, to the disappearing form of Bakugou, to the couple again.

“What’d we miss?!”

Jirou was feeling pretty tired as she exited her last period of the day, History of Heroism.  Cementoss had given them a lot of homework for the week, and she still had her hip hop class to teach during Dance Club before she could start in on it, along with the other classwork she had been assigned.

Jirou had been taking dance lessons since she was a little girl, and by the time she started at UA, she had become moderately skilled and talented. She found that continuing to dance helped her in a multitude of ways.  Dancing was a great stress relief as well as a passion of hers, and it helped her stay flexible and in shape on top of her regular hero training.  

Near the end of Jirou’s first year, word had traveled down the grapevine to Midnight-sensei that Jirou was pretty skilled in dance.  Midnight-sensei had insisted that Jirou put her energy into creating a Dance Club for interested students in her year when school started up again - the clubs were separated by year to keep their sizes small and manageable for club presidents and mentors.   Midnight-sensei obviously volunteered to mentor Dance Club, as it was her idea. There were plenty of other clubs at UA at the time, like Martial Arts Club, Debate Club, etc., but none of them involved dance or really any art form. Midnight-sensei had thought it would help students be more creative in their hero work, as well as hopefully increase some students’ confidence levels. Lo and behold, Midnight-sensei had been right on both accounts.

This year marked the third year of the Dance Club, and it was wildly popular amongst the girls and even a few of the boys in Jirou’s grade.  Her club had inspired the younger grades to create their own Dance Club, and even Art Clubs had popped up in years 2 and 3. Overall, Jirou was really proud that her and Midnight-sensei had been able to spark an interest in the arts at UA -outside of Literature and Language classes, of course.

Jirou was not the first one to enter the Dance Club class space.  When she arrived, she found that most of the girls from her class, as well as some from 4-B had gotten there ahead of her and were warming up.  She stood in the doorway for a bit and watched them all smile, laugh, and just happily interact with one another. Setsuna from class 4-B had apparently said something particularly funny, as she looked pretty proud while audible peels of laughter and some snorts could be heard coming Uraraka, Mina, and Yui. Yao-momo and Yanagi even had their hands over their mouths trying to smother some giggles.  Jirou smiled to herself. She was happy she could help create this fun space for them.

“Hey, guys!” Jirou greeted everyone, sounding chipper.  “Glad you could all make it to today’s club meeting!”

All eyes turned to her, and she received some thumbs ups and positive affirmations. Mina waved excitedly at her as she came to stand at the front of the classroom.

“Looks like the boys will be late, usual,” Ibara said disapprovingly, using one of her hair vines to tie up the rest of her hair in a large topknot. 

Jirou scratched the back of her head, looking sheepish. “Yeah, so it seems.  We don’t have to wait for them, though. We can just kick it off as soon as I stretch for a sec.”

Just as she finished saying that, though, the boys in question sauntered in.  Kirishima, Sero, and Todoroki from A, Rin, Awase, and Kaibara from B, and Shinsou from C all walked in and took their spots at the back of the room as if nothing was amiss.

“Speak of the devils,” Yui spoke up, her tone dry. “You arrived earlier than usual. I’m proud of you.” She gave the guys a sarcastic round of applause.

Some of the guys chuckled nervously, but Shinsou and Rin just shrugged.

“We got let outta bio. class early!  No. 13 was feeling generous today or something, I guess!” Kirishima spoke up, shrugging as well.

“Well, good for us, then,” Jirou said while touching her toes, snapping up to a standing position again after a few moments of holding her calves.  She cleared her throat. “Alright, guys. The votes from last week’s meeting were tallied, and it looks like the BTS song ‘Idol’ is gonna be the track we learn a routine to next.”

The girls whooped and most of the boy groaned...with the exception of Shinsou. Was he the tipping vote for the guys? She followed his line of sight to Uraraka, who was blushing and poking her index fingers together.  Hm...interesting. 

“I know that it wasn’t everyone’s top choice,” Jirou tried to sound reassuring, “But the moves in the music video are actually a bit complicated and fun, so I really think everyone will be pleased with the routine I stitched together.”

“I’m sure it will be awesome!” Setsuna said, clenching her fists to her chest.  “All of your routines are always so great!”

Jirou blushed. Man, she was getting a lot of praise today. It was nice, don’t get her wrong, but she always turned beet red when receiving compliments.

“Thanks, girl. I appreciate the positive feedback.”

Setsuna nodded vigorously. “Sure thing!”

“Okay, those of you that just got here, take a moment to warm up!  I don’t want anyone to pull anything when we start!” Jirou instructed, trying her best to look authoritative. 

She never really got any major pushback from anyone, but she still wanted to be as professional as possible as club president.  After the boys had stretched and limbered up, Jirou turned her back to the class and pressed play on the stereo system.

“Alright, now watch this first set of moves, and try to copy me as best you can!”

Everyone gave their own form of affirmation.  Time to start!

Chapter Text

As it turns out, Bakugou Katsuki was fully capable of feeling guilt...and like most other things, he hated it very, very much.

As soon as he returned to the dorms, he went looking for Kirishima to ask for his advice.  He was one of Katsuki’s closest friends, despite the gruff manner in which he was constantly treated.  Honestly, it was a mystery as to why Kirishima put up with Katsuki’s sour attitude and foul mouth, but they were good friends all the same.

Katsuki had wandered around the dorms, checking all of Kirishima’s usual haunts, but he was nowhere to be found.  He usually wouldn’t be in his room at this hour, preferring instead to hangout in the common areas with some of his classmates.  Yes, Katsuki paid attention to his habits. Katsuki did care about those he deemed worthy of the title ‘friend.’ Well, he cared at least enough to know some basic things about them.  It would shock anyone who knew him to hear this fact, though, and of course, he would never admit to it if asked.

Growing annoyed with the fruitless search, he decided to send Kirishima a Facebook message.

Ground Zero: Yo, where are you?

Yes, they had changed their chat aliases to their hero names.  Don’t judge. There was a ding almost immediately after Katsuki sent his message, and he opened the chat bubble.

Red Riot: Hey, broski! I’m at Dance Club right now! I have it every other Wednesday after classes, remember? Should be done in about an hour if you still wanna chat about the combo move ideas!

Katsuki scoffed. He must have tuned out when Kirishima had told him previously, but Dance Club? That sounded stupid.  In fact, he even told him as much.

Ground Zero: That sounds stupid.

Red Riot: Nah, bro! Dancing is totally manly!  The chicks really dig a dude who has some serious moves. You should join up! I know that Aizawa’s been on ya about getting involved in a club.

Ground Zero:   I’d rather punch myself in the face on repeat, honestly. No thanks.

Red Riot: There are hot, single girls here!

Ground Zero: Nope.

Red Riot: Jirou’s the club president!

Katsuki’s eyes widened a little. Jirou was a dancer, and not only that, but a good enough one to be the club president? He had no idea...and he hated that he was intrigued by the images of her gyrating, half naked now playing in his head.  He decided to try and sound nonchalant.

Ground Zero: So?

Yeah, that’s good.  Keep it brief and simple.  How the heck would Shitty Hair know about his stupid crush on her, anyway?  Wait...did he just admit he had a crush? GodDAMNIT. 

Red Riot: I know you like her, dude. I’ve seen how you stare at her. It’s super obvious.


Fuck, was he so transparent that even his idiot friend had noticed? He would have to be more covert in the future...

Red Riot: Yeah you do, man!  Haha, but don’t worry.  No one else has any idea that you like her...except Mina. She’s my gf, ya know? We don’t keep stuff from each other.

Ground Zero: ...Just fucking let me know when you’re done.

Katsuki had no desire to continue this conversation.  He was already beet red in the face and mildly sweating. It had to be his stupid teenage hormones fucking with him.  There’s no way he’d like someone that weak, no matter how hot they were. 

Red Riot: Aye aye, Captain Denial! But ya know...Jirou normally practices by herself after the club meeting’s over.  Ya case you wanted to have some alone time with her. ;)

Katsuki was sweating profusely now.

Ground Zero:   FUCK YOU!!!

Red Riot: You wish!  ;) ;) ;) I’ll let you know when the coast is clear!


Red Riot: Sure thing, captain. ;) ;) ;)

Katsuki groaned, wiping his forehead.  There was no use. When Kirishima got ahold of some particularly juicy information, he was relentless.  He would just have to occupy his time until Shitty Hair messaged him back. He should probably eat something anyway, even if he wasn’t feeling that hungry.

He went into the dormitory kitchen and took out some leftover curry from his cooking last night. Katsuki really enjoyed cooking, and sometimes he would even share some of the food he made with Kirishima and the others.  Sometimes...on the rare occasion he was feeling generous. Mostly, he just told them all to fuck off and stop mooching.  

He took a pot out of the cupboards and poured the contents of the tupperware into the pot. Grabbing a wooden spoon from the drawer, he turned on the oven and began heating up his dinner. After a few minutes, he deemed it hot enough and grabbed a bowl, tipping the now heated curry into it. After putting the pot in the sink to soak, he snagged some chopsticks and headed back into the common area to eat and finish the homework he hadn’t been able to earlier.

When some time had passed, after his bowl of curry had been sufficiently emptied and the last paragraph of his AP Economics essay typed up, he heard a ding come from his phone. He pulled it out of his pocket. It was Kirishima.

Red Riot: Coast is clear! ;) :P 

Katsuki sighed.  I guess this was the ideal time to go talk to Jirou.  There wouldn’t be anyone around, so he wouldn’t embarrass himself by having an audience for his apology. He had been hoping to talk to Kirishima about what to actually even say to her, but this was probably better. One less person to know he made a mistake.

He got up reluctantly from the sofa and went to put his bowl and chopsticks in the sink to soak next to the pan.  He’d have to come back and cleanup later. There was nothing he hated more than a slob. That’s a lie...he definitely hated Deku and Icy Hot way more. Another ding sounded from his pocket. 

Red Riot: You prob need to know where to go, right? :P It’s okay, I know you were prob distracted thinkin’ ‘bout your cruuuuuuuush!


Red Riot: Whatever you say, captain. Club classroom is the last door on the left before the Main Hall gymnasium, room 115. :* :* :*

Ground Zero: >:( >:( >:(

Red Riot: :D :D :D ;) 

He sighed heavily. Well, time to get this over with.

It didn’t take him long to find the correct room. It was just at the end of the leftward hallway, right off of the main building entrance.  Kirishima actually gave him good directions. Suddenly, though, it was like he walked straight into some invisible wall. If it wasn’t for his quick reflexes he’d have fallen on his ass.

“What the fuck?” he said aloud, annoyed.  He poked the ‘wall’ and found it wasn’t entirely solid.  It depressed a little if he pushed really hard vibrated? The fuck? Was it some kind of projected force wall?  Who had the ability to create something like that, and why?

He shrugged his shoulders back, cracking his knuckles. Well, it was in his way, so he was gonna have to get past it.  He went back to the beginning of the hallway and crouched into a running stance. He tensed his legs for a second and then took off full sprint down the hallway.  When his body hit, the wall stretched on impact, his body being wrapped inside like a bubble of air in water, but eventually it broke and launched him out onto the other side. He ducked into a roll and landed clean on his feet just as he was bombarded by blaring music. He put a finger in his ear and wiggled it around.  The suddenness of the sound stung his eardrums a little. Apparently the force wall could also block sound...interesting. If he didn’t know any better, he’d think Jirou had been holding out on them, and that this was her doing, but there was no way she’d be that powerful.

When he reached the door, he peered into the window to the inside of the classroom.  What he saw, though, had his jaw falling open to practically touch the floor. Jirou was in there, alright, but she was clothed in practically nothing.  Her low cut turquoise tank top and black booty shorts left little to the imagination as she lept and twirled around the room, rolling her hips and stomach in time to the music.  She appeared to be switching between multiple styles of dance, not that Katsuki knew much about dance, but he knew at least the basics. Some of the moves seemed like ballet while others were more hip hop, though blended in the way that Jirou was dancing, the different styles flowed together quite nicely. 

He wasn’t sure how long he was watching, mesmerized by the way her lithe body moved expertly to the beat, but he managed to tear his eyes away once the current song playing came to an end.

“Fuck me,” he whispered, breathing out. And he was, quite thoroughly, fucked.  He couldn’t deny the fact that his body had reacted very...positively to watching her dance.  He did the best he could to tuck his now erect member up under the belt of his pants before knocking on the classroom door. It wouldn’t do if she knew how much she affected him.

Shortly after his knock, the music stopped. He heard tentative footsteps approach the door. The door opened, revealing a very flustered - and somewhat sweaty - looking Jirou on the other side.

“Bakuguo?” Jirou asked, tilting her head to the side, her ear wires slowly stretching back out to their original length. “What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you,” Katsuki said, sounding a little hoarse.  He cleared his throat. “I wanted to...apologize.”

Jirou looked surprised, but had the decency to wipe her face into a neutral expression.  “Apologize? You mean for what you said in homeroom?”

“Yeah…that,” he said, looking at her feet. She had on rather cute purple high top sneakers.  “I’m...sorry for the stuff I said. I didn’t mean it.”

Jirou clucked her tongue. “It’s alright, Bakugou. I appreciate the apology. Also, sorry about uh...the wall? I didn’t think anyone would be headed this way, since school let out and my club’s the only one that’s held in this hallway,” she said, looking sheepish.  “I bet it wasn’t fun to just be blasted in the face by sound suddenly either.”

“Ha?!” Katsuki exclaimed, bewildered. “That was you?”

“Um...yeah? Do you see anyone else around here? Of course it was me.  It’s one of the capabilities of my sound manipulation quirk. I can uh...create a wall using the vibrations of certain sound waves.  It also can be used as an insulator to keep sound in or out. I was playing my music pretty loud, so I didn’t wanna disturb any of the teachers who may still be doing paperwork on this floor or the floor above...” She trailed off, looking nervous all of a sudden, her face flushing red.

“Tch, so you have been holdin’ out on us,” Katsuki said, narrowing his eyes at her.  “That’s shit. If you got talent, you shouldn’t fucking hide it.”

“Look, I don’t wanna talk about it. Just...don’t tell anyone, okay? Can we please keep this between us?” she pleaded.

A devilish grin crawled across Katsuki’s face. Gotcha there, sweet cheeks. He wondered what she’d be willing to bargain.  “Depends, princess. What’s in it for me?”

“Princess?” Jirou asked, red as a literal tomato.  Fuck, she was so damn cute. It wasn’t fair. He was faced with the reality, in that moment, of how much he wanted her...consequences be damned.

“Yeah, you know…” Katsuki got up in her personal space, backing Jirou up until she was trapped between him and the wall to the right of the door. “Cuz of the triangles you used to paint on your Princess Mononoke?”

Jirou gulped audibly, unable to respond. Katsuki’s heated, heavy-lidded gaze traveled from her eyes, down to the tops of her heaving breasts, back up to her eyes again.

“I wonder, princess…” Katsuki began, feeling bold, the level of his arousal dulling his reservations. 

He caged her in with his arms, palms resting on either side of her head. He lightly pushed his chest into hers and felt her pert nipples harden on contact.  Mmm...she must be wearing a sports bra. How fortunate for him. The tip of his nose brushed hers just the slightest bit. 

 “How far does your blush go…Does it end where I can see? Or...”  He let his question hang, pushing his body further into hers so she could feel his erection through his pants pressed into her stomach.

“B-bakugou, y-y-you…” Jirou stuttered, sounding panicked.  She didn’t say anything more, opting instead to turn her head to the side, averting her eyes.

Katsuki growled deep in his throat at the sight she presented to him. Panting, covered in sweat... He bent down, putting his face right up next to the back of her head, breathing in deep the scent of her...cherries with a hint of some kind of warm spice. He lowered his head a little more, touching his lips to the soft, creamy column of her neck. He felt her shudder as he began to drag his closed mouth up and down her exposed flesh...up to the base of her ear, down to her collar bone, and then back up again.

‘Delicious,’ he thought, biting back a groan. ‘I want to devour her…’

“P-please,” Jirou begged, her voice dripping with desperation.

“Please what?” Katsuki said, his voice low and husky with desire.

“Bakugou, please…” she moaned his name, and he felt himself grow even harder, his swollen member throbbing painfully against the restraint of his uniform pants and the tautness of her stomach.

Just as he pressed an open mouthed kiss to the spot behind her ear, he heard a loud ding from his back pocket that effectively shattered whatever spell they had been under.

“Fucking goddamnit,” Katsuki cursed, beyond frustrated with the interruption.

Jirou put her hands up against his chest, giving a light shove that he took as his cue to back up.  She eased her way out from behind him.

“Uh...Igottagobye!” Jirou spoke quickly, making a break for it down the hallway.  Her slight form disappeared quickly around the bend.

Katsuki took his phone out of his back pocket, cursing wildly. This better fucking be good.

Red Riot: Yo bro, did you find the classroom alright? >:D

Katsuki fumed, little sparks lighting off of his palms.  Of fucking course Shitty Hair had to ruin the moment.


Red Riot: My bad, bro!!!! D: I hope you got to apologize, at least.You headed back to the dorms?

Ground Zero: …………

Red Riot: Bro?

Ground Zero:  Yeah, I guess.

Red Riot: Cool!!! I’m in the common room if you still wanna give me some pointers? I also have some math problems I need help with. ^^;;

Ground Zero: OK.

Red Riot: B)

Katsuki sighed.  It was going to be a long night.


Chapter Text

Jirou sprinted like a frightened rabbit all the way back to her dorm room, closing the door behind her quickly and turning the lock.  She rested her back against the door, hand reflexively hovering over her heart as if to calm it. Sliding down onto the floor, she put her head in her hands, taking deep breaths.

Bakugou had kissed her...on the neck.  He had flirted with her...sexually. He was obviously turned on by her. Bakugou Katsuki, the most elusive boy in school, desired her .  She had no idea what to think, except that she was extremely turned on and scared witless of her body’s visceral response to him.

She had never been with anyone before.  Sure, she’d had offers - coughKaminariandMinetacough - but she was a firm believer in only getting with someone she had feelings for, and she really didn’t have feelings for anyone who had pursued her.  Sure, she had some unrequited crushes here and there, but they were fleeting and few and far between. Bakugou, though...she hadn’t even dared to think he would be a possibility. To think that she would even be on his radar was almost ludicrous to consider, and was true.  He wanted her. Well, he hadn’t admitted to that out loud, but if the monster in his pants had any say, it was clear his body wanted her, at least.

Feeling marginally calmed down, she stood up and went into her bathroom to shower.  Thank the gods for upperclassmen status. It was extremely disconcerting to have to share a communal shower area in her younger years, what with the pervs always lurking in her class.  She turned on the water and stripped down. Pulling back the shower curtain, she stepped into the steamy downpour with a sigh. Nothing felt better than a hot shower. Well, Bakugou’s muscular body pressing her into the wall earlier felt pretty damn good. She didn’t have much to go off of, though, to say that it was the best thing going as of yet.  She also had no idea if he planned on pursuing her, but...her mind started to wander into more heated territory.

When she returned to her room, she had opted to leave the door unlocked, in the hopes that Bakugou would come and finish what he started.  She stood naked in the shower, waiting, but she didn’t have to wait long before she heard her door creak open. She held her breath in anticipation.  Her shower curtain flung open. She gasped. She hadn’t even heard him approach. His eyes traveled wildly over her nude form, their crimson color burning with want.  Without taking his eyes off of her, he took off his uniform bit by bit - a minor strip tease - until he was completely nude before her onyx gaze. 

Jirou moaned, kneading her breast, her other hand wandering lower to play with her clit.  She wanted so badly to know what he looked like underneath all of those layers. She guessed her imagination would just have to do for now.

His erection jutted out from his lower body, large and proud and throbbing.  He wanted her...and badly. Without saying anything, he stepped into the shower with her, dragging the curtain shut as he entered.  There was a raging fire in his eyes as he stepped towards her, pulling her against him and effectively trapping his erection between their slick bodies.  His hands roamed over her shoulders and lower back, stroking and massaging her flesh in all the right places until it wasn’t just the shower that was making her wet.  He pulled away a bit, taking her face into his surprisingly soft hands. He then kissed her passionately, his tongue delving into her mouth, exploring and thrusting in and out, mimicking how desperately he wanted to be inside her.

Jirou entered one digit into her dripping sex, curling it up into the spot that never failed to make her cum.  Fuck, she was close...and the Bakugou in her fantasy had just started to touch her.

Bakugou separated their warring mouths with a pop, kissing her neck, her shoulder, her sternum, until his mouth closed around one of her nipples. He suckled, gentle at first, swirling his tongue around the taut bud, but soon he grew more aggressive, taking the bud between his teeth.

Jirou pinched her own nipple to simulate the sensation, audibly moaning now, as she was so, so close to her release.

He moved his mouth to give attention to her other breast, rolling the nipple he had just finished suckling between his thumb and forefinger. Moving so their lower bodies were touching once more, he started thrusting his throbbing member along the smooth skin of her stomach, gliding it up and down.  She could feel how hard every inch of him was for her, and it turned her on to no end. 

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…’  Jirou thought on repeat as she came the hardest she ever had in her entire life.  

Panting heavily, she waited until she could breathe normally again before she went on with her shower as normal.  It wasn’t until she stepped out of the shower and started to towel herself off that she realized her oversight. She had left her phone in the Dance Club classroom. In her haste to retreat, she had forgotten that it was still in the dock of the speaker.

‘Shit, I guess I have to venture back out tonight. What am I gonna do if I run into Bakugou?’

She had no idea what she should do when she saw him next. Now that her mind was no longer hazy with lust, she found she was extremely nervous.  Maybe once she got her phone she should try and find Mina to ask for her advice. Yeah, she’d know what to do. She was, afterall, a self-proclaimed ‘sexpert.’

She went into her wardrobe and pulled out a pair of charcoal UA sweatpants and an old black Icon For Hire t-shirt. Grabbing a navy blue sports bra, a pair of red boyshort panties, and some black and white polka dot fuzzy socks from her drawers, she proceeded to get dressed.  On her way out the door, she slipped her feet back into her purple dance sneakers and donned her bomber jacket. Now that it was fully dark, it would be much chillier outside. As an afterthought, she grabbed her backpack full of her homework. Hopefully she could get her head on straight and finish some of her homework while hanging with Mina.

She made her way through the girls’ dormitory hallway without incident, not that she actually expected Bakugou to be there - despite her previous steamy imaginings.  It was walking through the kitchen, though, that she spotted him. She froze for a moment before continuing to tip-toe across the tile floor. His back was to her as he washed something in the sink.  It became painfully evident to Jirou that he had, at some point in the last hour, changed out of his school clothes. In place of his uniform, he was wearing grey track pants and a black tank top, a white apron tied around his waist.  His arm muscles rippled as he scrubbed a bowl, and the sexy, domestic sight before her made her blush. How was it possible for someone to be so diabolical yet so cute at the same time?

She had almost gotten away scott-free, but as it turns out, fate would not be so kind to her tonight.  Bakugou was putting his last item in the dish drain just as she was about to walk through the archway into the common room.  He caught sight of her over his shoulder and grinned wickedly, eyes gleaming. Jirou’s blush deepened.

“Hey, princess,” Bakugou greeted nonchalantly, sounding casual. “Where ya headed at this hour?”

“Uh...I um, left my phone in the club classroom.  I was gonna go grab it quick…” Jirou answered nervously, twirling one of her wires around her finger.

“Ha,” Bakugou gave a short laugh, as if her forgetfulness amused him in some way. She supposed it had. “Here, I’ll walk you,” he continued, taking off the apron and hanging it on the hook by the sink.

“It’s uh, it’s okay.  You don’t have to,” Jirou protested meekly, taking a step towards the exit.

“Nah, I want to,” Bakugou insisted, licking one of his canines slyly. “Besides, I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Oh?” She took a few more tiny steps, hoping he’d get the hint.  He did not. He instead followed her out of the dorms, grabbing his black hoodie he kept on the coat rack on the way out.

“Yeah,” he affirmed, walking up beside her with his hands in his pockets.  He didn’t offer anything more though until they walked inside the Main Building. “You never answered my question from before, ya know.”

“What question?” Jirou was genuinely confused.

“What’s in it for me? Ya know, for keeping your secret?” Bakugou stopped at the front of the classroom door, smirking.  He was essentially barring her entrance.

“Uh…” Jirou was at a loss. “I dunno, what would you want?”

Bakugou grinned like an absolute madman. “What would I want? Hmmm…” he said, tapping his foot a little.

‘Shit,’ she thought, panicking. ‘How am I gonna get out of this one?’

“Well, for starters, I want you to fight me,” he said definitively, no room for argument.

“You want me to fight you? Why?” Jirou did not understand this guy sometimes. Well, most of the time.

“Cuz you’ve been holdin’ out on all of us with what you can do. And I’m willin’ to bet that you have a lot more you’re capable of that you’re still keepin’ to yourself.” He locked eyes with her, and she shivered a little. They were burning so intensely. “Also...I just really wanna beat your ass into the ground.”  

Was that meant to be a double entendre? Jirou swallowed, looking at his face for any signs he was joking. She found none. Well fuck her, he was serious.

“Alright,” she agreed after a beat, reluctant but determined.  “I’ll fight you, but on one condition.”

“What’s that, princess?” He was smiling like a cat who caught the canary.

Why did he keep on calling her that?  She had to admit, though...she kind of liked it?

“We do it in private, away from prying eyes.  You said you’d keep my secret, after all.”

“Where did you have in mind? Also, if I agree to the terms, you promise you won’t hold back on me?” He queried, practically humming with excited energy.  He was visibly pumped she’d agreed to it, obviously itching for a brawl. “I feel like you have the potential to actually give me a challenge, princess...and I must say, I am intrigued.”

“Um, thanks, I think?  And I can use my quirk to create a sound barrier pretty much anywhere...but I think the gymnasium would probably be long as you agree to like, not blow up school property?”  Jirou laughed anxiously before continuing. “I can sign out a slot for us to use it and say we’re training for the big exam at the end of first term.” She was plotting it all out in her head as she spoke.

All of this for secrecy...and her cover would be blown for the exam most likely anyway.  Oh well, she really didn’t want to be found out any earlier than she had to be. Also, she guessed them sparring was inevitable.  She doubted she’d be able to think of an effective combo move without knowing how her and Bakugou would work together in the first place.

“Sounds good to me, princess,” he agreed. “But just one more thing.”

Before she could ask what else he could possibly want, he grabbed her and pulled her into the classroom, closing the door behind them. Entangling his hands in her hair, he smashed their lips together.  He moved his lips over hers roughly, like a man starved.

'They're softer than I thought they'd be...' Jirou thought dreamily.

He ran his tongue over her lower lip, as if to ask her permission to open up. She willingly obliged, putty in his hands.  He swiped his tongue into her mouth, entangling it for just a moment with hers. He tasted like cool mint toothpaste, with just a hint of something spicy underneath...maybe cinnamon?  Taking her lower lip into his mouth, he bit it lightly and then sucked on it to soothe the sting.  Completely stunned, Jirou could do nothing but moan quietly into his very eager mouth and kiss him back.

Chapter Text

Katsuki had no clue what exactly possessed him to kiss Jirou at that moment.  It was as if she was Jupiter, and he Europa. He couldn’t help but be drawn into her gravitational pull.  He was always the sun, the center of his own universe. Everything revolved around him...but with Jirou, he felt like his perspective was changing trajectory entirely. He felt...out of control and completely out of his element. He thought he would hate feeling like that, feeling vulnerable...but he didn’t.  It invigorated him beyond anything he had ever experienced. Why had it taken him so long to notice her? Why had he thought her unworthy of his attention? He didn't know how to answer any of these questions anymore, but what he did know was that he was thoroughly enjoying making out with her.

The little noises she was making in the back of her throat were driving him wild with lust. Analyzing this in hindsight, it wasn’t a shock that, for Bakugou, experiencing lustful passion for the first time was as all-consuming and explosive as a collapsing star.  He was rarely introspective enough to connect the dots like this, however.

Her lips tasted just like her cherries and an unidentifiable spice.  Coincidentally, cherry used to be his favorite flavor. Used to be, because now, cherry by itself it was too bland in comparison to the delectable taste of her .  He pulled away from her delicious mouth to kiss her neck, this time more intensely than before.  He licked and sucked and nipped at her skin until he drug a deep moan out of her. His cock twitched in his pants in response.  He wanted desperately to draw that reaction out of her again and again.

Lips and tongues battling once more, he put his hands on her waist and picked her up, growling softly into her mouth when she wrapped her legs around his waist. He felt Jirou's backpack slide off and thud on the floor as she wrapped her arms around his neck.  He pressed her into the wall and let her feel how hard he was for her, grinding directly into her core.

“Bakugou!”  Jirou moaned his name, and it was the sweetest sound he’d ever heard.  He wondered how it would feel to have her call him Katsuki. He’d leave that for another time, though. It might be his undoing.

“I want you so bad, princess.” Katsuki confessed against her lips, but then he pulled away, looking into her eyes. Her face was flushed, lips swollen from their kissing.  He didn’t think he’d ever seen anything more beautiful than her in this moment. “Do you want me to stop?”

“I...I don’t know,” Jirou answered,  voice breathy. She dug her hands into his hair, and he groaned in pleasure as her nails lightly scratched his head.  “This is all happening so fast, but I...Can we…” She trailed off, uncertain.

“Can we what?”  Katsuki nuzzled his face between her neck and shoulder, just holding her close to him.  As much as he wanted to continue, he also wanted to make sure he had her consent. He needed to make sure she desired him as much as he desired her.

“Can we take things slow?” Jirou asked hesitantly. “I...I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s embarrassing,’re actually the first person I’ve ever even kissed.”  She reddened, turning her face away from him in embarrassment. “I hope you don’t find me lame for admitting that to you…”

“I don’t,” he said gruffly, raising her chin up so she locked eyes with him once more.  “You're my first, too."

Jirou's eyes widened. "Wait, really?"

"Really." As he touched their noses together he saw her smile shyly.  The sight of that smile made something warm bloom in his chest.

"We can take things as slow as you want. I’ll let you set the pace, okay?” He told her reassuringly.

Jirou nodded, her smile lop-sided now.

'How is it possible to be so innocent and yet sexy at the same time?' He thought in wonder.

Adjusting her arms around his neck, she ruffled his hair affectionately, and he gave her a playful scowl.  She giggled and the warm feeling in his chest bloomed brighter. “Okay. Sounds good. I guess that makes me the boss though, eh?” She waggled her eyebrows at him, attempting to flirt.

Katsuki’s cock twitched again as he imagined her slim figure scantily clad in lingerie, standing over him in bed and ordering him around.  Definitely filing that image away for later.

He put his mouth right next to her ear. “I guess it does, princess.” He pulled back and grinned ferally at her.

“Oh.” Jirou seemed struck speechless, her blush renewed.  “You can put me down, you know? If I’m too heavy?” 

“No need to be self-conscious,” Katsuki chided her, shuffling her up higher on his waist.  Jirou squeaked. “You weigh practically nothing.”

“If you’re sure…” She sounded skeptical.

“I am.”  He turned them around so his back was against the wall instead.  Taking them both to the floor, he rearranged her so she was sitting in his lap more comfortably, facing him.  She sighed and rested her head against his chest, snuggling in. They stayed like that for a few long moments.

“This is nice,” Jirou said contentedly, after awhile.

“Good.” His voice was gruff and low. He cleared his throat. “We should probably get back, though.  As much as I’d like to sit here with you longer I have to get to bed.”

“Oh, that’s right, I forgot,” Jirou teased. “You’re an old man with a strict 9 o’clock bedtime.”

He scoffed.  “You better watch it, missy. Or else.”

“Or else what?” She smirked.

He pinched her ass cheek, and she squealed. “Hey!”

“I warned you,” he said, chuckling a little.

Jirou looked a little surprised. “You should laugh more often. You have a nice laugh.”

“Note taken, princess. Now, let’s get goin’, shall we?”  

Jirou nodded.  He helped her up, and they both stood.  She went over to the speaker and removed her phone, checking it for messages. He watched as she texted a quick reply to someone before coming back over to him.  She picked up her backpack by the straps and shrugged it back on.

“Okay, ready.” She hesitantly reached for his hand.  He anticipated her movement and intercepted her hand halfway, intertwining their fingers.  She smiled at him brilliantly, and his heart skipped a beat.

Hand in hand, they walked back to the dorms together in companionable silence.

Chapter Text

Jirou walked with Bakugou back to the dorms, all the way to the end of the girls’ hallway, hands still entwined.  They hadn’t run into anyone en route, surprisingly enough. She guessed that people would find out about them eventually...if there even was a ‘them,’ but she would rather not have to deal with everyone hounding her all at once about it tonight.

Bakugou pulled Jirou into his strong arms, bending down to give her a light kiss on her forehead before pulling away.  He smelled of something sweet and dark, like burnt sugar cookies and sandalwood. Jirou wondered if it was his natural scent.  Maybe one day she’d be lucky enough to find out.

Drawing her out of her reverie, Bakugou informed her that he’d text her soon so she’d have his number.  She smiled at that and teased him saying, ‘finally, it took ya long enough!’ He admitted, grinning roguishly - the expression seemingly stuck on his handsome face as of late...well, at least around her -that he’d been a bit distracted, and it was all her fault.  She blushed cutely as he wished her goodnight.  She wished him the same as he entered his room, closing the door behind himself shortly after.

Jirou sighed, contented but slightly flabbergasted.  She was still in disbelief that any of what had happened had actually transpired. It all felt so surreal and hazy, much like a fever dream. 

“Come on, feet,” she said, quoting Labyrinth, one of her favorite movies, as she made her way back down the girls’ hallway.  Arriving at Mina’s door quite quickly, as it was only a few doors down from her own, she knocked. Her spritely, pink friend poked her head out only a few moments later.  

“Hey, girl!  I got your message that you wanted to talk! Did you get mine?”

Jirou shook her head. “Actually no, sorry. I haven’t checked my phone in a little. Is it still cool if we chat for a bit?”

Mina laughed a little, looking sheepish and a smidge apologetic.  “Well...I am actually hosting a sleepover tonight with the girls from Dance Club. I was planning on inviting you to hang and have it be a surprise, but I didn’t want you to think I didn’t care about what you said!  Won’t you come join us, though? Maybe we can all talk about whatever it is together?” She looked pleadingly at Jirou, pulling her best puppy dog eyes.

Jirou looked torn, scuffing her sneakers on the floor as she debated.  After a few seconds pause, she answered, “Alright. Just lemme grab my sleeping bag and toothbrush from my room.”

“YES!!!” Mina punched the air victoriously.  “You won’t regret it, girl! We’ve got the works all set up for tonight: popcorn, ice cream, and terrible rom-com movies! Also some board games in case we wanna do somethin’ else!”

“Sounds fun,” Jirou said, meaning it.  She really hadn’t spent much time with her friends since school started up for this term.  She would study with them sometimes, but they - and Jirou herself - had all been so busy focusing on the tons of schoolwork their teachers kept piling on for their final year at UA.  

After snagging her dark purple sleeping bag and her electric toothbrush, she decided at the last second to put on her bunny slippers.  Mina had gotten them for her for Christmas last year, and she wanted Mina to know how much she appreciated them. While a little more...kawaii than her usual style, she really did like them.  She then departed, figuring she could come back to her room to shower and change in the morning. Arriving back in front of Mina’s door, she knocked. This time, Uraraka’s rosy-cheeked face answered, her mouth full of what appeared to be popcorn.

“Cm ‘n ‘n!” she mumbled around the popped kernels, which Jirou translated to mean ‘come on in.’  

Jirou obliged, giving a small smile as she entered, taking notice that all of her friends were indeed present and prepared for a sleepover.  Everyone, in some fashion, was lounging around in their pajamas on floor pillows. Mina, Yui, Yao-momo, and Setsuna were in a cuddle puddle together in front of the tv, while Yanagi was snuggled up on Ibara’s lap a little further back. Tsuyu and Toru were also here, for which Jirou was glad.  They weren’t a part of Dance Club, but she was happy Mina had thought to invite them. Jirou didn’t know Tsuyu as well as the others and had been meaning to fix that before they graduated, as she was a really nice and cool person. She obviously knew Toru well though, as she was one of Jirou’s bffs. Tsuyu and Toru were chatting amicably at the back of the room as Toru read Tsuyu’s tarot cards.  Maybe she’d ask Toru to read hers later. Her readings were usually scarily accurate.

“Hey!” Mina spoke up.  “We were just about to start watching ‘Never Been Kissed!’ Come sit by meeeeee!” She patted the spot on the zebra print pillow set next to her.

Jirou set her things by the door, taking out some of her homework materials.  She then padded over to the spot Mina indicated, picking up a bowl of strawberry ice cream on the way, and sat down cross-legged on the pillow. As soon as she opened her AP physics workbook, Mina clicked the remote to start the movie.

The credits rolled just as Jirou finished her last essay prompt for AP English, spoon in her mouth.  She breathed a sigh of relief through her nose. Now she could hangout with her friends for awhile before catching a few hours of sleep.  The credits finished, and the movie returned to the title screen.

“So…” Jirou began, placing the spoon back in her empty bowl..  As everyone turned their focus to her, the irony of the movie they just watched finally dawned on her. Life is funny like that, sometimes.  “I have something I wanna run by you guys, have to promise not to freak out.”

“Cross my heart and hope to die!” Uraraka and Setsuna said in unison.  They laughed and said, “Jinx!” at the same time as well, and then laughed some more.

Yao-momo added a little more soberly, “Whatever you have to tell us, Jirou-chan, we promise to react as gently as possible.”

Everyone nodded or ‘mhmmed’ in agreement to her statement.

“Okay, so…” Jirou began. “Here goes nothing...Bakugou...kissed me earlier.”

“WHAT?!” Mina and Toru shrieked, both looking shocked, jaws falling open.

Just Mina this time. “You have to tell us everything ! Where did it happen? How did it happen?! We need to know!”

“That little rascal!” Setsuna chimed in, shaking her head with a smile. “I didn’t know he had it in him!”

“Hey, you guys! I said not to freak out!” Jirou admonished, blushing, hands up as if to pacify the erratic energy coursing through the room. “He actually came to find me after Dance Club let out, and then...yeah. He kissed me.”  Jirou decided to leave the explicit details out. Maybe she’d tell Mina about the rest some other time. “It’s...not that big of a deal, really.”

Not that big of a deal ?!”  Toru exclaimed.  “Yeah right, girl!  You know that Oscar the Grouch has never been interested in anyone, and he’s gone and kissed our little Jirou bean banana out of practically nowhere!” 

“Well...not no where…” Mina said, scratching the back of her head.  “Kiri may have told me a bit ago that Bakugou had a crush on Jirou…but I didn’t think he’d have the balls to act on it!”

“You knew and didn’t tell us?!” Toru pouted. “I’m sure Jirou would have wanted to know this information, at least!”

“I promised to keep it a secret!” Mina defended. “I didn’t wanna betray Kiri’s trust.”

Jirou looked back and forth between the both of them, sweat-dropping. “It’s okay, guys. Really. I know why you didn’t tell me, Mina. I actually respect that you didn’t.  Very good of you to keep your promise.”

Mina gave her a thumb’s up and a wink.

Toru harrumphed but quickly brightened up. She put what would be her hand - given away only by the cuff of her pink pajama shirt sleeve - over her heart and spoke in a mock southern belle accent. “I do declare, Bakuguo has made moves to court our dear precious winter blossom!”

“Hardly,” Jirou disagreed, shaking her head at Toru’s antics.  “We kissed, but...I dunno if he wants to date or anything. He...didn’t mention it.  He just said he’d text me later, but I haven’t heard from him yet...” She trailed off, uncertain and a little self-conscious.  It had been awhile ago that he said that, afterall. Maybe he’d changed his mind.

“Well,” Tsuyu said diplomatically. “I’m sure he will soon.  He probably just fell asleep, kero. I’d find it very hard to believe he wouldn’t ask you out after all that.  He has never expressed interest in anybody, and going so far as to kiss you after years of being basically unattainable? He must really like you, kero.”

“Maybe…” Jirou wasn’t convinced.

“I agree with Tsuyu-chan,” Yao-momo said, rubbing Jirou’s back to reassure her. “It is most likely that he fell asleep.  Knowing Bakugou-san, he is not shy about going for what he wants. It is only a matter of time before he asks you out on an official date.”

“I guess time will tell,” Jirou said, sounding forlorn.

“Don’t get like that, my cutie-patootie!” Mina said, coming up behind Jirou to hug her.  “It’ll be alright!”

“Yeah girl, don’t worry! You’re a total catch!  He would be stupid to let you slip away!” Yui seconded, coming over to hug her other side.

Some more reassuring words and sentiments from Uraraka, Ibara, and even quiet little Yanagi had Jirou feeling a lot better and more confident.

“Thanks, guys.  I really appreciate all of you.” Jirou said, feeling grateful and very blessed to have such loving friends.

“Of course, girl, any time! We love you!” Mina said, pulling an unresisting Jirou into her lap. Mina then began playing with her hair, which she knew Jirou loved.

“We appreciate you, too,” Ibara said solemnly, after a beat.  “Do you want to choose what we watch next?”

Jirou smiled at Ibara, happy to hear that from her.  Ibara normally kept her emotions to herself, but knowing that she cared about Jirou in return really made her feel lighter.

“Okay,” Jirou acquiesced. “How about we stick with the Drew Barrymore theme and watch ‘Ever After?’”

“Sounds good to me!” Mina said, scrolling through Prime and selecting the movie.  “Before I hit play, does anybody wanna come with me to get some more ice cream?”

“I will!” Uraraka volunteered, raising her hand eagerly.

“I think I’d like some tea, actually.” Yao-momo said, standing up.

“Me too,” Jirou seconded, Ibara nodding and replying shortly after. “Me as well.”

“Alright!!!”  Setsuna exclaimed, punching the air. “Late night kitchen expedition time!”


Chapter Text

Late Saturday morning, Jirou’s thumb hovered over the friend request button on Facebook, only to click away and close out of the app on her phone.  It had been over two days since her and Bakugou kissed, but he still hadn’t texted her. A few times in the past 60ish hours or so she had debated friending him on Facebook to see if he’d bite, but she kept thinking better of it.  She didn’t want to seem desperate.

The prick even refused to make eye contact with her in homeroom.  When he came into class on Thursday morning, he proceeded to look anywhere but at her.  At lunch, he glowered and ate in silence, ignoring her as usual. As if nothing had changed.  As if...he didn’t care about her at all. At first, she was sad...but when Friday rolled around with the same shit rinsed and repeated, she was practically fuming .

As for their shared friend group, well...they were thankfully quick on the uptake and just continued on as normal, though they all sent her pitying glances when they thought she wasn’t looking. Jirou, for her part, tried her best to not let smoke come out of her ears, making sure to smile and laugh at all the appropriate times. If he wanted to play this game, fine.  She’d play by his rules and ignore the shit out of him too...and she’d win. Screw him if he thought she’d cave and like... beg him to talk to her. Ew.  Jirou was not that kind of girl.

She no longer second guessed if agreeing to fight him was a smart idea.  She really, really wanted to kick his ass now.  Maybe then he’d think twice before messing with her, which was what she was certain he was doing.  It was the most logical explanation, really. She had known him for years, afterall, and she knew how cruel he could be when given the opportunity.  He was probably just pissed about being forced to take part in a group project and was taking it out on her, his exam partner. Sadly, in the end, he turned out to be exactly who she thought he was before they ‘connected’  - a temperamental child with no respect for anyone else but himself.

Yesterday, when classes had ended for the week, she immediately headed over to the gymnasium to sign out a 2 hour time slot for Sunday evening.  How was she planning on informing Bakugou of the time of their fight, you ask? Good question. She planned on slipping a note under his door. Childish, she knew, but he really left her with no other option.  She didn’t want to come across as pathetic, but she also didn’t want him to think she was a coward who didn’t hold up her end of the bargain.  It was really the best choice, to lob the ball gently back into his court...the ball that he had unthinkingly just rolled back to her.

Taking out a lavender-colored post-it cube from her bedroom desk drawer, she wrote on the little square slip of paper in her neatest hand-writing: ‘Meet me at the gymnasium tomorrow (Sunday) at 7 pm sharp if you still want to fight. Don’t be late, or I’ll consider it a forfeit.’   Brevity was indeed the soul of wit. 

Point effectively conveyed, she ripped off the note and folded the back so as to seal up the sticky part.  She went over to Bakugou’s door, knocked twice, and slid the note under it. With her excellent hearing she could hear him approach the door and pick up the note.  He didn’t say anything, and after a few minutes of listening to him just stand there breathing , she shook her head and retreated back to her room.  Whatever. Whether he showed up tomorrow or not, she scored one point this round: Jirou 1, Bakugou 1. And she would win, at whatever cost.

Returning to her dorm room, she heard her ringtone going off.  It was Toru calling her. Furrowing her brows, she answered her cell.

“What’s up, girl?” Jirou said, trying her best to not sound like she wanted to bite someone’s head off.  And she wasn’t referring to the head on their shoulders.

“Hey!” Toru responded. “The girls and I were wondering if you wanted to try and do a clubbing thing tonight?  I know I said I didn’t wanna celebrate my birthday, but...I changed my mind! We’re all 18 now, so I figured we should go out to that 18-and-over club in Harajuku and have a good time!  You know, Club Bakudan?”

Jirou eyed the present wrapped in light pink paper on her nightstand and smiled. Of course she wanted to respect her friend’s original wishes, but...she was turning 18. It was a milestone.  It would be wrong of her to not get Toru at least a little something.

“Okay, that sounds rad. I’m in,” Jirou replied.  It would be good for her to get out of her head for awhile anyway, plus...It was a night to celebrate one of her friends whom she loved dearly. It was bound to be a good time.

“Awesome!” Toru exclaimed. “All the Dance Club girls plus Tsuyu-chan are gonna go to the mall to grab a bite and then shop for dresses. You wanna come with?”

“Yeah! Meet you at your room in 30?” Jirou asked.

She needed time to shower and change out of her pjs.  All she had done so far today was finish her Inktober drawing and drink 2 very strong cups of coffee. She was happy with her artwork for this year’s challenge, though.  She could tell that her skill with ink was really improving. Her friends - and her decently sized internet fan base - had given her countless praises about her latest piece she had posted earlier this morning, the subject: ‘a frog taking refuge under a mushroom in the rain.’ She had almost bitten a hole in her bottom lip while worrying it with her teeth, as she worked to add in the last touches to the rain.  She was always so nervous to mess up when a piece was nearing completion. Overall, she was rather proud of this one.

“Okay! Sounds good, J-dawg!” Toru affirmed happily. “See you soon!”  And the call ended with a click.

Jirou was just putting on her last sweep of black eyeliner when she glanced at the clock on Toru’s dresser: 7:45 pm.  They had plenty of time to get to the train station and ride the train into Harajuku before the club opened at 9, and everyone was almost ready to depart.  That means it was time for one last outfit check before departure.

She gave herself a once-over in the full-length mirror,  turning from side to side. She really loved the dress she bought today, and surprisingly, it had even been on sale for 75 percent off.  Red wasn’t normally her color, but...she had a black chest harness that she really wanted to wear, and she figured the dress would set it off nicely.  She noticed that one of her black thigh-high tights was a bit askew, so she tugged on it under the bottom of her thigh harness to straighten it out. Worrying the silver ring on her black dog collar choker, she pursed her painted red lips and puffed out her cheeks.  There was something missing.  

Without thinking too much about it, she grabbed one of her makeup brushes and dipped it in her jar of red lip paint. Dragging three clean 60 degree lines across the skin on her cheek before filling in the center, she nodded her head in satisfaction and repeated the same process on her other cheek.  There, perfect. She really had missed her triangles, and they definitely completed the outfit with the effect she wanted: badass punk chick who you didn’t wanna mess with. Yep, she was ready.

Jirou turned away from the mirror to admire all of her friends, nodding her head to the song playing on Toru’s speaker.  Mina was curling her hair while using her hairbrush to sing the lyrics, which Jirou found super precious. Other than her hair, she appeared to be finished getting dressed.  She looked phenomenal in her cheetah print crop top and black faux leather pencil skirt, the whole ensemble making the red stilettos she was wearing stand out in a good way.  Toru, the birthday girl, was extremely eager to party, so she got dressed the fastest. She was dancing around her room in a baby pink, lacey lolita style dress and white platform sneakers.  The sneakers had pink satin ribbons instead of laces that appeared to be criss-crossed all the way up her calves. Her invisible hair was even clipped with matching white and pink bows. Coincidentally, the scrunchies and chunky pink bracelet Jirou got her for her birthday blended in perfectly with Toru’s whole ensemble.  All in all, she looked positively adorable.  

Uraraka, who borrowed one of Yao-momo’s little black dresses and a pair of black pumps, was chatting animatedly with Tsuyu, who opted to don a mint green peplum dress with chunky white heels. Yao-momo, the princess of class 4-A herself, was lounging elegantly on Toru’s fluffy white couch.  Her curves were ensconced in a burgundy spaghetti-strap velvet dress that came down to just the tops of her knees. Her chunky white satin heels and rhinestone choker necklace made her look like vintage 90’s royalty.  

Ibara, Yui, Yanagi, and Setsuna were stationed in the corner of the room discussing what drinks they wanted to try when they got to the club.  They were all wearing similarly fitted dresses that reached a little below mid-thigh in various colors: burnt sienna, navy blue, black, and hunter green.  Ibara was exceptionally tall but rocking it in her black thigh-high stiletto boots, while both Yui and Yanagi opted for simple beige heels. Setsuna, in true Setsuna fashion, was wearing a pair of white keds to make her outfit a bit...sportier. 

In summation...Jirou’s friends looked hot as fuck . She looked hot as fuck.  They were all gonna take Club Bakudan by storm.

Once Mina finished putting some light hairspray in her immaculately coiffed hair, she said quite enthusiastically, “Alright, laaaaadies!  Are you ready to partay ?!”

Everyone cheered, and then they were off.

The 5th song of the night just finishing up, Jirou shouted over the noise to Toru, “Girl!  Do you want anything from the bar?! I am grabbing another drink!”

Toru nodded her head, swaying her hips to the beat.  “Another Kawaii Monster Girl, please!!!”

“You got it, babe!!”  Jirou edged her way over to the bar through the crowd on the dance floor.  

After walking for a bit, she felt a buzz come from her purse. Thinking it was one of the other girls requesting a drink, she checked her phone.  She got a text from a number she didn’t recognize.

XX-XXXX-XXXX: Lookin good, princess.

Jirou furrowed her brows, confused, but she wasn’t drunk quite yet so it only took her a second longer than usual to put two and two together.  Bakugou.  The only person who called her that was Bakugou.  And how would he know what she looked like? They weren’t Facebook friends, so there was no way he could have seen her posts.  He couldn’t be here, could he?  Finally reaching the bar, she looked around at the sea of moving bodies...only to spy a tell-tale mop of fire engine red hair making a beeline for Mina on the dance floor. Kirishima was here, so that means it’s possible - though highly unlikely -  that...shit.  She spied the guy in question at the other end of the bar, and he was looking right at her.

‘He is here. Why did he have to be here ?  Isn’t it past his bedtime?’ Jirou thought to herself scathingly.

He just had to show up and ruin a perfectly good night out with her friends. Jirou decided to ignore him though, and en lieu of answering his text, she simply slid her phone back into her purse.

‘Maybe if I don’t give him any attention, he’ll leave me alone…’  She prayed to any god that was feeling generous to grant her prayer.  She wanted to forget about him for just one night, but the prick had to go and make that impossible by showing up at the exact place she had gone to get away from him.  Okay, so she had gone to the club mostly to celebrate her friend’s birthday, but evading Bakugou had been a small part of her reasoning as well.

“Can I get you anything, miss?” The bartender asked, drumming her fingernails on the countertop to get Jirou’s attention.

“Oh, yeah, sorry!” Jirou replied.  “A little distracted. Can I um, get a Kawaii Monster Girl and a Slice of Life, please? It’s on the Kyouka tab.”

“No prob, I’ll get those for you in just a moment!” The bartender gave Jirou a winning smile, the expression really lighting up her face before going to grab the appropriate liquor on the shelves.

Jirou rotated to face the dance floor, leaning back on the counter a bit while waiting for her drinks. Her body was itching because she could feel Bakugou’s stare boring into her, but she refused to look at him. She bopped her head and tapped her foot to the rhythm of the bass of the track the DJ was playing.  She really liked this song. Taking note of a few of the lyrics, she took out her phone with the intention of Googling them to find out the artist when another text bubble appeared on her phone.

XXX-XXXX-XXXX: Mind if I come take a closer look?

Jaw tightening, she was just about to respond that she did in fact mind when she got a tap on her shoulder.  She swiveled around to see the bartender holding out her drinks for her. 

Jirou quickly put her phone back in her purse so she could grab the drinks. “Thank you!” Jirou said, appreciative of how quickly she worked.  No sooner had she accepted the drinks, though, the devil himself appeared beside her. He appraised her up and down, sinful smirk in place and red eyes smoldering.

She had been ready to lay into him, but despite her well-laid plans, her mouth ran dry at the sight before her. Her tongue stuck to the backs of her teeth, preventing any words from escaping.  He looked good .  It should be illegal to look that good. It wasn’t fair .  Heart pounding erratically in her chest, she did her best to pry her mouth open and say something, but all that ended up coming out was a strangled sound. Desperately, she took a swig of her drink to try and calm her nerves.  Clearly the gods did not give a shit about little ole Jirou on this night. They had no mercy, setting this incubus in her path.  

His ash blond hair was tousled just right, and the silky grey v-neck shirt he was wearing high-lighted his amazing physique.  His black jeans were tight but not too tight, cupping his ass in the best way possible. He was wearing black combat boots, one of Jirou’s fashion weaknesses on a guy.  He could not have looked any better, and in that moment, Jirou felt her treacherous self grow wet

‘I’m fucked,’ Jirou thought to herself, gulping.

“Not yet you’re not,” Bakugou replied, voice husky and deep and rugged and fuck was she horny.  Why was her body such a traitor?! Also...fuck, had she said that out loud?!

“But you could be,” he continued, tilting his head at her.  His eyes...they were burning. He looked like a demon who had all the choices in the world, but yet...he wanted nothing more than to possess her .

“Uhhhh,” Jirou said, as eloquently as she could. “I uh, gotta...gogiveToruherdrink, bye!” 

And with that she retreated into the throng of people, doing her best to get to Toru without spilling their drinks.  Well, she officially lost that round. Bakugou 2, Jirou 1. Hopefully she could get far enough away to pull herself together and rally hard.

What she didn’t realize, however, is that the very villain she had hoped to hide from decided to follow her.

Chapter Text

If you were ever wondering where to find Bakugou Katsuki on a Saturday night, it would most certainly not be at a raging dance club in Harajuku.  That is, until this Saturday night.  Perhaps some explanation is in order. To get you in the proper headspace to understand Katsuki’s choices and present circumstance, maybe the story should be rolled back a bit to this past Thursday.

Katsuki was furious waking up that Thursday morning for two reasons: 1) he had missed his alarm and therefore could not run before homeroom and 2) it was his fault he missed that alarm.  He had only been able to fall asleep Wednesday night - way later than he had wanted to - after he jerked off to the tempting images of Jirou flashing behind his eyes every time he closed them.  Thus, making his way to homeroom effectively cowed by his insecure thoughts, he had come to the conclusion that his infatuation with Jirou had reached extremely distracting levels...and he had to end whatever it was that recently sparked between them.  

Yes, his decision was impulsive, but it wasn’t without warrant - or so he did his best to convince himself.  It started with a missed alarm, but where did it end? He couldn’t risk his attraction to her fucking up his plan to be the number one hero.  His reaction to her presence was probably just his dumb fucking hormones, anyway. It wasn’t because he liked her or anything.  He didn’t really need to be near her at all. He didn’t need anyone! It was just a new level of him having to fight against his biology - of which he was already no stranger - and that was that.

So, he had decided to smother his feelings...and ignore her.  He did have a heart though, despite the popular belief that he was nothing more than an A.I. programmed with the initiative ‘rage and conquer.’  When she had waved to him on Thursday when he walked into homeroom, it had been painful seeing her hurt face when, instead of waving back, he pretended he didn’t even see her.  He had done much the same the rest of that day, and then the next. He felt like the absolute biggest dick alive, but he hoped that would pass and he would forget about her and her him.  

Needless to say, Katsuki had been pleasantly? surprised when he received her note on Saturday morning confirming their fight.  After warring with his desire to text her his response, he had gone to the 4-A training area to train brutally hard instead. He needed to be prepared to win, afterall.  He didn’t know her true potential, so he wasn’t about to let up. He was going to bring his A game to show her how badass he was. For no reason at all...other than because he could?  Yeah. He hadn’t pondered on that thought too much further.

After his post training shower, Katsuki was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook to wind down...when he had come across pictures of Jirou.  His heart had stopped, mind going blank. His palms began to sweat profusely, and he had to wipe them on his pants to keep the nitroglycerin and salt combo from getting on his phone.  In the photos, she was wearing the sexiest fucking outfit he had ever seen in his life. In a skin-tight red dress with a pentagram harness crossed over her chest that cupped her small breasts perfectly - his mouth had watered - and black thigh highs with matching thigh harnesses, she was posing cutely on a leather couch, pursing her red lips at the camera. She was wearing her signature triangles again, which Katsuki secretly loved.  A few of the other female students in 4-A and 4-B were sitting on either side of her, all equally dolled up. The post caption was: ‘Night out with my girls and Birthday Queen Toru!’ 

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  Why had she decided to wear that , and where could he find her?  He desperately needed to see her.  ‘So much for your resolve to ignore her, Katsuki. You’re weak.’ his inner voice had taunted him, but he told it to shut the fuck up.  He felt powerless to deny his base desire to find her and...he wasn’t sure what after that.

I bet you’re confused.  How did he find these pictures, you ask?  Well, Kirishima had commented on them, and Facebook, being the meddling  p.o.s. social media hub that it is, decided to put those pictures onto Katsuki’s feed.  When he had clicked to read the comments, he saw that Kirishima had tagged Mina and Toru in a comment just five minutes prior to Katsuki’s discovery.  He had said he’d ‘invite the guys, and they’d meet them there.’ 

Katsuki didn’t have time to wonder if that meant he’d be invited, as just a second later a new group chat bubble appeared on his phone screen. He had obviously clicked it. The interactions between him and his friends went something like this:

Kirishima: Hey, bros!  My girl is out in Harajuku tonight celebrating Toru’s birthday.  The girls in our class and some 4-B girls are there. You wanna party?!  

A second went by, and then a half dozen other chimes sounded in succession.

Shinso: Yeah, okay.

Sero: B)

Sen: Count me in.

Kaminari: *.gif of finger guns*

Iida: Alright, so long as we aren’t out too late!

Todoroki: Sounds fun.

Katsuki scoweld.  He was sure fucking Icy-Hot didn’t even know what ‘fun’ was.

Bakugou: What the fuck do you know about fun?

Take that, you bastard.

Deku: Oh, awesome! What club? ^_^

Todoroki : Where are we meeting up?

He invited the fucking nerd ?!  Goddamnit, Kirishima.  And was Icy-Hot just gonna ignore him?! Those two fuckers could -  

Ding. He glared at his phone while reading the most recent message.

Kirishima: Club Bakudan!!!  Meet at my room at 8:30.  We’ll walk down to the train station together! :D

His eyebrow twitched.   ‘Calm down, you nutjob.’  His inner voice snickered. He gritted his teeth in response, taking a deep breath and then letting it out.  Whatever...fine. He had better things to do with his energy and figure out what the hell he was going to wear. What did you wear to shit like this, anyway?  He didn’t think he had anything appropriate. He had sportswear, casual clothes, and suits, but nothing ‘mid-level fancy.’ Thankfully, Shitty Hair had decent sense in fashion...and they were roughly around the same size.  Finding the chat between him and Kirishima, he typed:

Ground Zero: Yo, I’m in. Can I borrow some of your shit, though?  I don’t have anything to wear to a club.

Red Riot: Sure, man!  No prob. I’ll lay a few options out for you on my couch.  Come over at 8 to try stuff on? But also…

A minute or two went by and Kirishima was still typing.

Ground Zero:   ?  

Red Riot: Mina told me you decided to drop Jirou...quite suddenly and not super nicely, if her description was accurate.  Not very manly, bro. Idk what happened between you and Jirou exactly, but...don’t mess with her, alright? She’s her own person and can handle herself, but she is also my friend, and I care about her feelings.  Also, I have to ask. Why the sudden change of heart? I can only assume you’re goin’ tonight cuz she’ll be there. You hate clubs, man.

Katsuki paused, thinking how best to respond.  He wasn’t sure himself what exactly changed his mind.  It’s probable his resolve to stay away from Jirou would have crumbled one way or another, and that it had nothing to do with how damn fine she looked in her club outfit...He decided to be honest.  Shitty Hair was his closest friend, afterall.

Ground Zero: I promise I won’t play with her feelings.  I thought I didn’t want distractions, but I guess her. I can’t quit her, it seems. She’s too…

Red Riot: Awesome? Amazingly rad? :P

Ground Zero: ……

Red Riot: Extremely sexy? ;) :*

Ground Zero: …sure.

Red Riot: :D :D :D Nice, man. Happy for you. She’s pissed at you though for being a dick, so...good luck tonight lol.  

Ground Zero: I don’t need luck.

Red Riot: Riiiiiight. Well, see ya soon!

Katsuki did indeed arrive at Kirishima’s room at 8 o’clock sharp to pick out an outfit.  Predictably, Kaminari and Sero were late, but all the same, the group had made it to the train station to arrive at the club at exactly 9:30 pm. Katsuki, of course, had scowled the entire train ride and walk over to the club, but his scowl had vanished the moment he laid eyes on Jirou. It hadn’t been too difficult to spot her, despite the large crowd of people on the dance floor and scattered throughout the seating and bar area.  She was the only one in a large swath of moving bodies that was wearing bright red. Plus...the friends she had surrounded herself with all had rather iconic looks.

Which brings us to the moment that Katsuki had followed our dear Jirou onto the dance floor, eyes glued to her deliciously swaying backside as she moved to the beat while somewhat skillfully juggling two drinks.  In case there was any doubt, Katsuki was, at this point, most certainly erect...and painfully so.  In his opinion, Jirou was nothing short of smoking hot on an average night, but tonight...she was a vision.  Thankfully he had been able to sneakily ‘gentleman’s tuck’ his rigid member earlier to hide it.  He didn’t need to broadcast to the world that he was a horn-dog who couldn’t control his bodily responses.


fast-forward to where the previous chapter left off!


“Hey, girl!  Here’s your drink!” Jirou shouted over the music at Toru, handing her the full glass.

Toru leaned over to kiss her on the cheek, being careful not to smudge the paint on Jirou’s face.

“Thanks, doll. You’re a peach!” Toru said.  She then sashayed away towards Yao-momo who was blushing quite adorably at a rather smug-looking Todoroki.  Hmmm...Jirou would have to grill her friend about that later.

Jirou, oblivious to the lustful demon lurking behind her, began dancing again.  The song had an amazing bass line, so she was loving it, her body falling into sinuous, skilled movements while taking intermittent swigs of her beverage.  Dance came almost as natural to Jirou as breathing. She stretched her arms over her head, rolling her hips and making mock eyes at Mina who giggled...but then her eyes widened comically, narrowing shortly after into a glare aimed over Jirou’s shoulder.  Confused, Jirou turned around only to come almost chest-to-chest with none other than Bakugou...and his gaze was absolute fire .  She gulped, backing away a bit while clutching the remains of her drink to her chest, relatively speechless.  She clearly did not expect him to follow her.

“H-hey, Bakugou...Fancy seeing you here?” she said, sweat-dropping. She had no idea what to say to him.  Now two and a quarter drinks into the night, her mind was a tad fuzzy.

“Dance with me, princess?”  He extended a hand to her, smirking handsomely.  Damn him. A chibi version of Jirou stomped her feet in her head. It wasn’t fair.

Jirou, despite her better judgment, put her hand tentatively in his. Bakugou immediately pulled her lower body flush against him, lightly grinding his pelvis into her in time with the new song playing. She gasped. Had the other one ended already? She hadn’t noticed…

He had a decent sense of rhythm, and Jirou would have pondered on this surprising fact more except that she could feel him pressed quite obviously against her lower stomach...which was distracting, to say the least.  Mind full of only thoughts of how good it felt to be held like this by him, Jirou let completely go, nuzzling her head forward into his shoulder. Fuck, he smelled so good

She would definitely regret this in the morning, but tonight her reservations could go fuck themselves.  She wanted him...and she would have him in all the ways he was willing to offer.

Katsuki bit back a moan as Jirou accepted his embrace, her pert breasts grazing his torso. He fought hard to be cognizant of the fact that they were both being watched by their friends, but it was difficult to not get lost in the gorgeous creature before him.  Her eyes were closed as she swayed expertly to the music. Her free arm came up to tangle in his hair, and he lost the battle to keep quiet as he groaned audibly. He hoped the music was loud enough to swallow the sound.

He wasn’t aware of how much time had passed as one song faded seamlessly into the next. Their bodies undulated against one another, Katsuki following Jirou’s lead.  It seemed dancing wasn’t as difficult as he had feared, especially when he had such an alluring instructor. Eventually though, he felt an insistent tap on his shoulder.

“Mind if I cut in?” He swiveled his head towards the presence behind him.  It was Mina. Her dark look booked no room for argument, so Katsuki let Mina take Jirou away from him to dance.

He could do nothing but helplessly look on as Mina pulled Jirou further into the crowd.

Chapter Text

“Girl, are you okay?” Mina asked Jirou.  Her brows were drawn with concern.

Jirou nodded, smiling a little goofily. Hmmm...maybe she was a little more drunk than she originally thought. “Yeah, I’m good. What’s up?”

“Well...I was under the impression you were pissed at Bakugou.  Are you guys okay now or something? You didn’t tell me he apologized.” Mina put a hand on Jirou’s shoulder.

“Thanks for lookin’ out, love, but I honestly have no clue,” Jirou answered with a tinge of warmth, touched by the care of her friend.  “He hasn’t said anything about what happened, and I wasn’t really thinking about it. I kind of just...went with it?” She finished, looking sheepishly at Mina.

“Hmmm, okay.  Well-”

Mina paused mid sentence as Kirshima appeared before them both quite suddenly, cocktail in hand.

“Hey, babe. Can I talk to you for a sec?”  He seemed antsy, eyes darting over to where Bakugou was standing, so she reluctantly acquiesced. 

“Uh, okay. I guess this can’t wait. Sorry, girl. Brb.” Mina said, pulling Kiri further onto the dance floor so they could chat.

Jirou just shrugged, unperturbed.  The song changed into one with a heavier tempo, and she happily began dancing on her own.



Bakugou saw Kirishima apparently come to his rescue and seized the opportunity to swoop back in.  He approached Jirou from behind, wrapping his arms around her svelte waist. She leaned back into him almost immediately.

“Hey, welcome back,” she said, tilting her head up and smiling at him.  

He gave a small, genuine smile in return, gazing down at her.  “Thanks. Did you miss me?”

“Well…” she said, teasingly leaving her statement open.

“Hey!” he said, pretending to be offended. He tickled her sides a little, and she let out a laugh that did funny things to his stomach.

“You have a cute laugh,” he complimented her, unknowingly mirroring her comment to him the other day.  

She blushed sweetly, uttering a barely audible ‘thanks’ as he tucked her head beneath his chin, his body following Jirou’s movements to the beat.

He didn’t know why he said that.  He wasn’t normally complimentary to anyone , not even his closest friends and family. Compliments had always seemed rather empty and pointless to him, like blowing smoke up someone’s ass for no reason.  With Jirou, however, everything he had once thought mushy and ingenuine just seemed...natural. All of the puzzle pieces that had never quite found a home in him suddenly fit just right.  His chest felt warm and glowy whenever he was around her, and as cheesy as that sounds, he relished in it. Fuck him for being such a dick to her, honestly. She didn’t deserve that from anyone, especially from a bastard like him.

“Hey,” he said. “I’m...sorry I didn’t text you back when I said I would.” He stepped back a little as he felt Jirou twist around to face him.

“Yeah, that was not very ‘Plus Ultra’ of you, Bakugou!” She said, poking a finger into his chest, but she was still smiling slightly.  He could tell though, despite the mood boost the alcohol was giving her, that she was hurt underneath her happy pretense.

“You’re right. It wasn’t...and I’m sorry.  I was being stupid, but I promise I won’t be like that anymore.  Can we maybe...start over?” Katsuki looked deeply into her eyes, hoping she would agree.

“I appreciate your apology,” Jirou said, sounding sincere.  “ are gonna have to work much harder for it now, Bakubro .” She flirted with him, winking saucily as she started swaying her hips seductively to the bass of the current song.  “Are you willing to put in the work?” As she said this last bit, she put her arms over her head and undulated her stomach so fluidly that Katsuki had to visibly restrain himself from taking her back into his arms.

“Princess, around you, I’m always working hard,” he growled, his voice huskier than normal.  

He smirked devilishly as she barked out a laugh, catching on to his innuendo. She danced around him a bit, sexier than ever with that flirtatious glint in her onyx eyes, clearly determined to stay in the groove pocket of the music. She was gaining confidence in her ability to torture him with her fluid movements, and Katsuki didn’t know how much more of it he could take.  

‘Have mercy,’ Katsuki thought, trying to even out his breathing.  He failed, obviously.

“Hmmm…” Jirou said, pretending to ponder what he said. “Well, I guess that settles it, then.” she finished with finality, stepping in close to Katsuki as she rolled her hips into his.  Katsuki stifled a groan.

“What have we settled on, exactly?” Katsuki asked, genuinely curious. Where was his little vixen going with this?

“That you’re going to work hard to get back into my good graces,” Jirou teased again, unconsciously licking her lips.

Katsuki gave her stiff nod, his eyes darkening as he followed the motion of her pink tongue that darted out and across her ruby red painted lips. He leaned down so his face was only an inch or so apart from hers before saying, “You tease me, princess.  Do you know how often I fantasize about that mouth of yours?”

Jirou looked a little flustered.  She shook her head no as his arms wrapped around her waist once more.

“I can’t get you out of my head,” he confessed.  “These past few days, all I can think about is you...and at night, you’re even the star of my dreams.  I want you so bad, princess, that my body aches…”

His was almost speaking against her lips now. They were so very, very close...

“Oh,” Jirou said, stunned.  His confession had rendered her speechless.

“Can I please kiss you,” he pleaded with her, sounding desperate.  “I need to kiss you right now.”

Jirou had no sooner nodded than Katsuki brushed his lips against hers, feather light.  The kiss was warm and gentle, so unlike his usual self. Katsuki, despite being irrevocably horny, wanted to refrain from sucking face with her in front of so many prying eyes.  Jirou sighed as he pulled away, resting his forehead against hers.

“Are you okay? You’re shaking,” Jirou asked, her voice tinged with worry.

“Yeah…” he breathed, holding her close. “I’m perfect.”

She flushed, smiling angelically at him, and his heart lurched.  He needed to get off of this dance floor, though, else he go into cardiac arrest.

“Help me pick out a drink?” Katsuki queried, nudging her slightly with his hips in the direction of the bar.

“Okay,” Jirou agreed happily. She took his slightly sweaty hand in hers and led him off the dance floor.

Too absorbed in one another, they didn’t notice the curious looks and smiles they were getting from their friends. 



“What did you order me?” Bakugou poked her gently on the shoulder.

“An Old Fashioned,” Jirou stated matter-of-factly as she received the beverage in question from the bartender.  Bakugou accepted the drink from her with a raised brow.

Sniffing the chilled liquid, he wrinkled his nose a bit, but took a sip of it all the same.  “Not half bad,” he admitted, the surprise at her guessing what he’d like correctly showing a little on his face.

“Told you!  You seem like a whiskey kind of guy,” Jirou spoke around her glass of water, taking a big sip.  She needed to pace herself. She had no desire to get plastered at her bff’s birthday outing. “I do find it a bit funny though that the ‘All Mighty Bakubro’ has never really drank before.”

He smirked. “Keep callin’ me that, princess, and see what happens,” he dared her, challenge in his tone.

“Oh yeah?” Jirou quipped, intrigued.  “I’m not scared of you, Bakubro. Bring it on.”  She stuck her tongue out at him as she placed her empty glass on the bartop.  Squaring her shoulders, she turned to face him head on. “Do your worst!”

Bakugou moved quick as lightning, pulling her against him faster than she could react. Damn alcohol slowing her reaction time!

He growled into her ear, “Princess, do you think it’s smart to taunt me like that in such a public place?  Do you really wanna have all these people bear witness to me ravishing you, Jirou ?”  The sound of her name on his lips caused a shiver to run all the way from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.  She had never heard him say her given name before. She wanted him to say it again.

“Say my name again...please.” Jirou felt breathless, as if the wind got knocked out of her. 

He put his face right next to hers, nibbling her ear a little before acquiescing to her request. “Jirou ,” he breathed, his mouth cradling every syllable of her name like it was the most precious thing in the world.  

She felt faint.  Her knees buckled slightly but he caught her, his strong arm like an iron band against her back.  Bakugou smirked down at her, and she shuddered in response, overcome with desire.

“Maybe we should take this someplace more...private?” He asked her, seemingly eager to have her alone to himself.  He tipped back his drink to finish. After taking a few deep swigs to empty his glass, he put it on the bar next to Jirou’s.

“Yeah, that’s...probably a good idea. I know where we can go.” Jirou motioned towards a hallway that was caddy-corner to the booths in the back.

Checking the hallway to make sure it was empty - and it was - she then opened a door and pulled him inside of a janitor’s closet, locking the door behind them.

Bakugou chuckled. “How did you find this place, your royal highness?”  He hugged her to him and nuzzled his face into her neck, placing soft kisses on her weak spot under her ear.  She gave out a little breathy sound.

“’s difficult to think when you kiss me like that, Bakugou,” she replied dreamily.

“I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not,” Bakugou said as he continued to kiss, nip, lick, and suck down the length of her throat to the junction where her neck met her shoulder. He sunk his teeth in there, and Jirou moaned out a rather loud ‘fuuuuuuck.’

Jirou gathered her wits a bit and responded after some time of him lavishing both sides of her neck with kisses. “Toru told me about it...she got pretty drunk early on, and she opened it on accident while looking for the restroom…”

“Hmm…” Bakugou hummed right next to her ear, and she shivered at the intense tingling sensation.  Her ears, the source of part of her quirk, were very sensitive. It seemed that Bakugou had already figured that out, as he was taking full advantage of it.

“Bakugooou,” Jirou groaned.

Finding the ability to use her arms, she took hold of his head in her trembling hands and kissed him full on the mouth.  Her lips moved fervently against his, and Katsuki growled. He was more animal than man around her, she noticed faintly. Bakugou knocked the brooms down that were propped up behind her and used the muscled length of his body to press her into the wall.  She could feel his erection throbbing against the fabric of his pants, and she couldn’t fight the urge to touch it. Her fingers tentatively pet the base of his bulge she had access to under his belt, and her mouth eagerly swallowed his moan.

“Princess…” He broke their kiss, his breath coming in short pants. “Please, don't stop touching me.”

She never thought in her wildest dreams that she would have someone like Bakugou beg her to touch them intimately, and that fact had her whole body flush with pleasure.  Her core began to ache. Too turned on to think straight, she obliged his plea and fiddled clumsily with his belt until he helped her undo it. She quickly unzipped his trousers and freed his erection from its confines. 

Bakugou hissed as the air hit his engorged member.  “ Jirou ,” he moaned her name so sweetly that she felt herself grow even wetter.

She took his erection into her hand and stroked it delicately from base to tip. Fuck, and he was huge, her mouth salivating a little at that revelation. She brought her thumb up to the tip of him, using it to wipe away his precum.  She then swirled her thumb and forefinger deftly around the head of his cock, drawing out a long moan from Bakugou. She smirked triumphantly to herself in the darkness.  Jirou was definitely a virgin, but she wasn’t entirely innocent in the ways of intercourse.  Porn, as well as some very graphic descriptions from her sexually active friends, fueled her knowledge.  

Bakugou growled agressively. “Jirou, let me touch you…”  He beseeched her, thrusting his erection almost instinctively into her hand.

She nodded to show her consent only to verbalize it a moment later when she realized he couldn’t see her response in the dark of the closet.  “Bakugou, touch me,” she ordered, growing more confident in her skills as he thrusted again into her hand now firmly wrapped around his cock.

His large hands immediately went to her breasts, kneading them roughly and pinching their taut nipples through the material of her dress. Her head fell back against the wall in ecstasy.  She had no idea any of this stuff could feel so good.  No wonder why her friends were always raving about it.

Bakugou hurriedly undid her chest harness in the front, parting it so it slid over her shoulders and down onto her forearms.  His hands left fire in their wake as he pushed down the straps of her dress to reveal her naked torso. She had forgone wearing a bra, as the dress she wore had cups. She didn’t need much support anyway, as her breasts were rather small.  She felt a twinge of self-consciousness. Stopping her ministrations to Bakugou’s twitching member, she covered herself...not that he could see her breasts at the moment, but he would definitely feel how small they were.  She was in no way as well-endowed as her other female friends, and she was admittedly insecure about it.

He must have felt her cross her arms as they were pressed together so closely because what he said next shocked her into stillness, “I fucking love your breasts, Jirou.  You don’t ever need to hide yourself from me. You’re perfect.”

He gently took her wrists in his hands and pulled her arms away from her chest.  He then palmed both of her breasts, brushing his thumbs over her nipples.

Fuck,” Jirou said in response to his actions, mind clouded entirely with lust...and something else, something much warmer.

“Eventually,” he teasingly replied to her unintentional request.  “But not now, not like this. I just want to give you a sample of what we can do together, but I promise you...I will have you come for me tonight, princess.”

He bent his head to take a nipple into his hot, wet mouth.  He twirled his tongue around the pert bud, and she had to suppress a scream from how amazing it felt.  And to think, this was just second base. If they ever reached third or beyond, she would probably spontaneously combust.  Jirou, feeling feverish as he did the same thing to her other breast, took his member back into her hands and began stroking him fervently.

After a bit, Bakugou pulled away from her nipple with a pop, and she felt his hot breath come in pants on her bare chest. He slipped his hands under her dress, and, lifting it up and grabbing her hips, he removed his erection from her grasp to grind it directly into her barely covered sex.  Jirou couldn’t keep the strangled sounds from escaping her throat anymore.

“Uunnnhhh! Bakugou !”

“Call me Katsuki,” he insisted, slipping one finger under her panties to rub her clit.  

“Ka... Katsuki !” she called out as he inserted his middle finger into her slit up to his last knuckle.  

She felt him shiver at her exclamation, but instead of pausing, he inserted another finger into her dripping sex and began pumping in and out. Jirou felt like she was losing her mind...Bakugou Katsuki was going to be her undoing.  Completely lost to the sensations he was giving her, she matched the rhythm of his fingers to her own ministrations as she grasped his member again, pumping up and down. Cupping his balls with her free hand, she grasped him more firmly as she felt herself growing close to her orgasm.

“Katsuki, I...I’m going to come,” She informed him, breathing ragged.

“Not yet,” he instructed her.  “I’m not done with you yet.”

Removing his fingers from her slit and her hands from his cock, he knelt down, bunching up her dress around her waist. He began nipping at her thighs, soothing each bite with his lips and tongue.

As he inched his way closer to the juncture between her legs, she jolted a little. “What are you doing?”

“You’ll like this, princess.  Just trust me,” he mumbled against her skin, kissing the spot where her thigh met the bottom of her panties.

“O-okay,” she shakily agreed.

At her assent, he hooked his fingers under the side strings of her lacy panties and tugged them down her legs until they fell at her ankles, caught in the tops of her boots. With no pretense, he spread her legs apart and shoved his face directly into her core, licking from the bottom of her dripping sex to her clit.  He began to lap at her greedily like a starved beast, snarling and sucking up her juices ravenously.

Her thighs began to quake at the new sensations rolling through her, so to keep her from losing her footing, Katsuki slipped her panties completely off and coerced her to put her legs over his shoulders. Supporting her fully, he then put his face back right where it was and attacked her supremely sensitive pussy with renewed vigor.  

“Fuck, Katsuki. Please, ah !”  She was beyond desperate now, gyrating helplessly into his hungry, feral mouth. She felt as if she was going to explode.

In response to her insistence, he sucked directly on her clit and inserted his fingers into her, pistoning them in and out at a hurried pace.  Just as he hooked his fingers forward in a ‘come hither’ motion and sucked particularly hard, Jirou felt the full force of her orgasm slam into her.  

She shouted, seeing stars. “Katsuki !!!”


Chapter Text

Jirou’s legs were quaking as she tried and failed to untangle her lower limbs from around Bakugou’s neck and shoulders. Pressing a kiss to one of her inner thighs, the man in question helped her scooch off of him, supporting her as she stood upright. Before she was fully aware of her surroundings, taking a bit to come down from the high of her orgasm, Bakugou had apparently slipped his erection deftly back into his pants and pulled up the zipper.  She went to reach for him and made a small, distressed sound when she couldn’t take him into her hands again. She wanted to make sure he got off, too. She had no desire to ever be considered a selfish in matters such as this.

“It’s okay, princess,” he told her, understanding what she was trying to do.  He took one of her hands into his much larger ones, holding their clasped hands between them.  His palms were sweaty, but she didn’t mind. “This was about you, not me. I just wanted to show you that I care, to make up for being such a dick to you recently.”

Realizing her current state of undress, she felt slightly mortified by it despite having just had her lady bits pressed against Bakugou’s eager mouth.  She reluctantly pulled out of Bakugou’s grasp and began wiggling her panties back on, slightly clumsily in the dark. 

“But,” she protested, adjusting the straps of her dress and rebuckling her harness. “I want to please you, too.  I...I don’t know if I’m any good at it, as I’ve never tried, but...I want to try, with you. Please?” she implored him, hoping the sincerity of her plea came across in her tone.

He chuckled a little, lightly bumping his forward against hers.  “I would love nothing more than to have your lips wrapped around my cock, princess,” his warm breath puffed out and down across her face.  “But I want to have you fully naked for that, and I want to have the lights watch you take me into that delectably heart-shaped mouth of yours.”

“Bakugou .” She let a little moan slip out. “You have such a dirty mouth.”

“Katsuki,” he corrected her.  “And are you complaining?” She could tell he was grinning like a madman by his inflections.

“Definitely not,” she assured him.  “Just stating the obvious, but...if you don’t want me ripping off your pants in the next ten seconds to suck on that cock of yours, you probably should stop teasing me.  It’s turning me on.”

“Noted,” he laughed.  “You ready to go back out there?”

She checked her appearance using her phone light and a compact.  Her lipstick was faded but not smudged and her cheek makeup was still in place.  Thank god for setting spray. She looked up at Katsuki and noticed his lips were a little tinted in the dim light.  Wetting her thumb with her tongue, she swiped at his smirking mouth to smudge away the lipstick residue. 

“Well, we don’t look like total wrecks, so yeah, I guess. Let’s boogie.”

“You’re such a dork,” he laughed again, bumping his shoulder into hers playfully.

“And are you complaining?” she flirted.

“Definitely not.” 




Katsuki, to the surprise of everyone, ended up sticking it out at the club the entire night...that is, until Birthday Girl Toru proclaimed that she wanted to play Spin the Bottle back at the dorms.  Everyone, effectively liquored up, agreed to it - even Four-Eyes, their normally strict class president had a difficult time protesting the prospect of late-night shenanigans - much to the chagrin of Katsuki and Jirou. So, Jirou’s hand in his, they both returned to the dorms along with all of their very drunk classmates to engage in what would certainly be ‘an experience.’

“Woooo!  Are you guys ready for FATE to intervene!” Invisible Girl, ever the drama queen, exclaimed quite enthusiastically while shimmying her way through the entrance to the class 4 dormitory. 

“Where are we planning to do this? The common room is right next to the main door.  It is also surrounded almost entirely by glass windows,” Icy-Hot said dully, ever the practical one.

“We can use my room, if you would like,” Rich Bitch - he couldn’t remember her name for the life of him - offered politely.

“Okay! Sounds good to me!” Invisible Girl’s voice was from a bit farther away, as she could be heard in the kitchen washing out a used soda bottle.

It took a bit for everyone to make their way up to Rich Bitch’s room, as there were quite a few of them that went to the club, but after about 30 minutes or so, the club-goers were all herded successfully into the room. They sat down in a circle on the plushly carpeted floor, Invisible Girl placing the bottle in the center of the circle.

“Alright, everyone!  I’ll go first, since it’s my birthday!  And then we take turns, going around the circle counter-clockwise from me! Sound alright?” she excitedly asked.

Everyone nodded or affirmed their consent in some way. Katsuki frowned deeply, grumpy already.

‘Please, kill me,’ Katsuki thought, rolling his eyes heavenward.

Jirou, as if sensing his growing irritation, put her soft, slight hand over his and gave it a light squeeze.  He gave her a small smile in response which she bashfully returned. She rested her head on his shoulder, yawning.

He put his arm around her. “Looks like someone is getting tired. Now who’s the old person?”  he whispered, teasing her.

She elbowed him lightly. “Shut it, ojiisan,” she hissed back, but he could tell by her smile that she was picking on him light-heartedly and not actually upset.

“Make me,” he dared her, grinning wickedly.

“Maybe I will, if the bottle lands on you.  Who knows? I could be smooching someone else…” she drew out her statement, waggling her eyebrows up at him, and he scowled at the thought.

“As if,” he squeezed a little her around her shoulders and she wiggled in closer to him. 

“This is the way,” Jirou quoted, gesturing around the circle with her arms as Invisible Girl’s bottle spin finally stopped...on fucking Four-Eyes, of all people. Jirou and a few other people catcalled as he blushed, getting up with the birthday girl and going into Rich Bitch’s vast closet for ‘7 minutes in Heaven.’  He saw that Pinky set a timer on her phone as soon as the doors closed behind them.

“You’re not a Mandalorian,” he said, calling her out.  He didn’t know she liked Star Wars. Huh, another check for her on his checklist of worthiness.

“How do you know?” she skeptically asked, eyes wide in a challenge.

“Because they don’t exist,” he said flatly. 

Jirou scoffed.  “Oh ye of little faith.  You don’t know all the secrets of the universe, fam.  I could very well be a badass Mandalorian alien babe.”

“Fam?” He couldn’t resist picking on her for using ‘hip’ slang.

“Yup, I’m a cool kid, didn’t you know?”

“You’re certainly something,” he agreed, briefly tickling her side.

She giggled and squirmed a little, and his heart lurched.  The pleasantness of her laughter may very well be his cause of death someday, he was sure of it.

“Time’s up!” Pinky shouted, her phone alarm chiming.

Weird, where did the time go? Seven minutes was by no means a long time, but he hadn’t even noticed it passing.  Maybe this game won’t be so bad after all, at least with Jirou snuggled up to him.

The class president and Invisible Girl came out of the closet looking quite disheveled. Shitty Hair wolf whistled at them, along with other people’s whoops and cheers, causing Four-Eyes to turn red as a beet. Katsuki smirked. Good for the nerd, maybe he’d loosen up a little finally. The irony of him thinking that thought was lost on him, however.

Invisible Girl cleared her throat.  He could tell she’d be blushing if she was, well...visible.

“I’ve decided to make a new rule! Once someone has been picked by the bottle, they’re out of the circle and can’t be chosen again!”  She announced, taking hold of Four-Eyes' hand and having him sit down next to her a bit behind the others. If possible, he turned even redder.

“But that will make the choices narrower.  And when there are only two people left, there will be no reason to spin the bottle,” Vine Bitch pointed out - Katsuki hated to admit it - rather astutely.

“I HAVE SPOKEN!” Invisible Girl said, who must also watch Mandalorian, as she appeared to be quoting the helpful moisture farmer Kuiil with her best surly alien impersonation. 

Maybe she was cooler than Katsuki originally thought.  Maybe he misjudged her…She then blew a raspberry at Pinky who was sticking out her tongue at her and crossing her eyes.  Nah, definitely still a dork.

Time passed much like this, with jests between him and Jirou and lewd catcalls and playful jeers from the people present as the bottle chose couples to go into the closet, one by one, and the circle dwindled.  Eventually, it was Jirou’s turn to spin.

She turned to him, saying mock severely, “May the odds be ever in your favor” and deftly spun the bottle on its side.  He glared at the offending hunk of glass, daring it to pick anyone other than him. It swiveled to a stop...right at his feet. 

‘That’s fuckin’ right, you little shit,’ he insulted the inanimate object in his head. ‘You better know what’s good for ya.’

Done giving the bottle ‘what for,’ he stood, offering Jirou his hand. She accepted it, and he gently helped her stand up, leading her towards the closet. He assumed their friends must be saying something at this development. He could see their mouths moving and hear them faintly as he started to close the closet door behind them, but all he could really hear was the loud beating of his heart in his ears. His palms started to sweat. Why the fuck was he so nervous all of a sudden?  He ate her out earlier in a janitor’s closet, for fuck’s sake. Was it the fact that he was sobering up? Was it the lack of darkness to hide in?  Perhaps it was both factors weighing in equally. Nevertheless, he gulped, his throat bobbing as he went to kneel down across from Jirou who looked...nothing short of lovely just sitting there, twirling one of her ear jack cords around her finger.  Honestly, he had no idea how he had resisted her for as long as he had. She was likely the most beautiful creature in existence. 

“Sooo...did ya wanna kiss me, or did ya change your mind?”  Jirou seemed a bit anxious, her gaze trained on the carpet. Fuck, he must have zoned out while staring at her.

He immediately leaned forward to take her face in his hands. Their lips met in a searing kiss, fireworks going off in his brain.  His entire body was tingling at the satiny feel of her mouth moving on his. She was the spark to his fire, and he felt like said fire was going to consume him.  He was burning from the inside out.

“Time’s up, lover birds!!!!” Pinky’s voice screeched from outside the closet, and Katsuki reluctantly pulled away.

“Let’s ditch this,” He urged, thinking that he wanted nothing more than to continue to be close to her for as long as possible. “Meet me in my room, and bring stuff to sleepover...if you want.”

“Okay,” she agreed, tenderly smiling up at him as he began to rise. He helped her up again, and she gave him a brief hug before continuing. “I’m pretty beat, anyway. It’s late.”



Katsuki laid in bed, arms behind his head and biting the insides of his cheeks. He rolled over to check his nightstand clock: 2:30 AM. It had been almost an hour since he and Jirou had left the party, and she still hadn’t arrived.  Just as he began to wonder if she changed her mind, he heard a gentle knock on his door.

“Come in,” he said gruffly, sitting up.

She poked her head tentatively around the door at first, black eyes meeting his through her lavender-framed prescription glasses. 

‘She must wear contacts during the day,’ he mused to himself.

Her whole body then came into view as she fully stepped inside, revealing her bedtime attire: a pair of black sweatpants, a baggy t-shirt emblazoned with ‘UA Dance Club 2018’ across the front, and pink bunny slippers.  He normally hated girly stuff, but...on her, it was kinda cute. Even in pajamas with no makeup and ridiculous footwear, she was extremely pretty. Though he did miss her Princess Mononoke triangles. It also didn’t hurt that he had a thing for girls in glasses.

She walked up to his bed, setting her bag down at the foot of it. 

“You didn’t need to bring anything, ya know. You’re right next door.”

“I know,” she responded hurriedly, stepping out of her slippers. “I just...still had some of my stuff packed from earlier this week. I was at a sleepover at Mina’s.”

“Ah,” he answered, understanding now. “Makes sense.”

“Yep.” She plopped down on the end of his bed. “So, what did you uh...wanna do?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to be close to you,” he confessed, scratching his head. “Is that okay?”

“Yeah,” she nodded, crawling up to lay next to him. “Definitely okay." She took of her glasses and held them out to him with a sheepish smile. He smirked in return, taking them from her gently and placing them on his night stand. He sat back, and she snuggled into his side, resting her head on the spot where his shoulder met his chest.  With her head so close to his face, he could smell the fragrance of her hair: cherries and spice. Was it her shampoo, or did she just smell damn good naturally?

“Good,” he said, pulling his comforter up to cover them.

A few moments passed as their breathing evened out, both of them starting to fall asleep.

“G’night, Katsuki,” Jirou mumbled against his shirt, pressing a tender kiss to his neck and then snuggling back down to her previous position.

“Night, princess.”

He held her close, and drifted off to thoughts of just how fucking great it felt to just share his space with her.

Chapter Text

As Jirou began to return to the waking world, she opened her bleary eyes and noticed two things: one, she was most definitely not in her own room or a room she recognized (even with her poor and hazy vision) and two, there was someone lying asleep in bed next to her.  Her heart began to race as the memories of the previous night flooded back to her. 

Bakugou showed up with the guys at the club. He found her and proceeded to dance and flirt with her all night, front of their mutual friends. They front of everyone. He had- her face bloomed scarlet. She couldn’t even think of what she had let him do to her in the club’s janitorial closet without wanting to hide. Was she really that drunk? Was she out of her mind? And she had agreed to go to bed with him, without even thinking about what that might imply! She covered her face with her hands, mortified.  What must he think of her now? Did he think she was desperate? Slutty? Ugh…! 

She attempted to inch out of bed without him noticing, pulling the covers down, but her slight movements roused the sleeping form next to her. She froze, clutching her arms to her chest. Bakugou awoke with a yawn and a stretch, rolling over towards her, his lids peeling back slowly to reveal his crimson orbs. Crimson eyes locked with charcoal back, their faces mere inches apart. She watched as his lips curved up into a devilish smirk. What was going through that head of his?! Jirou gulped, throat bobbing. She didn't want to stay to find out.

“Um, good morning? Ahaha,” Jirou greeted awkwardly, hurriedly scrambling out of bed like a rabbit running from a fox.

She shoved her feet into her slippers and made her way to what she could sort of ? see as the door, but then had to double back because she forgot her bag. She bent down at the front of the bed to grab the straps, not daring to look up at Bakugou.  Slinging the bag onto her shoulders, she turned around and ambled her way towards the exit, uttering the words, “Thanks for last night, okay, see you later!” in a failed attempt at nonchalance, but Bakugou’s deep timbre of a voice stopped her in her tracks, her hand resting on the doorknob.

“Forgetting something?” He asked, sounding smug.

She slowly turned around towards him, dark eyes comically wide. There, standing at the foot of his bed, was Bakugou, the blurry outline of her lavender glasses dangling jauntily from his right hand. She found it a small blessing that her poor eyesight kept her from seeing what haughty expression must be on his face.

“Heh heh, oops!” Jirou said, sweat-dropping.  She walked towards him timidly, feet shuffling.  “I’ll just be uh, taking those then, and be on my way!”

“Oh will you now?” Bakugou’s voice was lightly laced with something vaguely sinister...yet alluring.  Her heart was in her throat.

“Uh, yep!” She held out one hand between them, palm face up like a gesture of peace.  “Thanks for the reminder, can I have my glasses, please?”

Instead of acquiescing to her request, he held them high above his head, way out of her reach. He was baiting her. “I think I would like you to do something for me first, princess. It’s only fair, yeah?”

“W-what?!” Jirou was a literal tomato at this point, frustrated and jumpy. “What do you mean, fair? You aren’t doing anything for me!”

“Tch, I could have let you walk out of here without your glasses, for one. Not to mention I am graciously handing them to you myself. I think that constitutes as something.”

“B-but…!” she began to protest, but then stopped, realizing it was pointless. “Ugh, fine! What do you want, Bakugou?” She then winced. She may have said that a little too harshly.

“Back to Bakugou, are we, princess? I thought I told you to call me Katsuki.”  If Jirou wasn’t so panicked she might have noticed the disappointment in his tone. But she didn’t.  Instead, all she heard was monotone coldness.

“Uh, s-sorry. Katsuki, what did you want me to do?” Jirou corrected, sounding abashed and worried. Had she upset him? Oh no.

“I’d like you to explain why you’re all of a sudden acting as if being near me will give you the plague, for starters.”

“Oh,” Jirou frowned. “Well, if you must know...I am...embarrassed.”

“Why?” Bakugou asked roughly.

“W-well, y-you see...I don’t want you to think less of me. For what we did last night and um...I am not usually so-” Jirou gestured with her hands in the air wildly, to emphasize her point.

“So...?” Bakugou was smiling again now, she could hear it. Well, at least he wasn’t upset with her anymore.

“I’m not usually so...slutty?”  Jirou winced again, lips pulled into a grimace.

Bakugou seemed to take pity on her and held out her glasses. “Here, put these on. It’s unnerving talking to someone who can’t actually make eye contact.”

“Thanks.” She took her glasses from him and slipped them on, everything at once coming into sharp focus.  She looked up at the man in front of her and tried to give him a small smile. His mouth was half smiling, but his eyebrows were drawn.  He looked concerned? Huh. She did not expect that.

“Jirou,” he began. “I don’t think you’re slutty. At all. If anything, I thought you were a prude up until recently.”

“Hey!” She was offended...a little. She punched him lightly on the shoulder. “Rude!”

“No, ‘prude,’” He corrected, teasing.  “But in all seriousness, Jirou, I would never think that of you, okay? What we did last night was a first for me too. Do you think that I am slutty now because of what happened between us?”

“No! Not at all!”

“Okay then, why would you think I would consider you slutty then?”

“Um…” She couldn’t answer him, eyes downcast.  He was right. It was bullshit stigma that was clouding her judgment, that women couldn’t engage in intimacy without being seen as tramps or sluts.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. C’mere.”  He pulled her into his arms, placing her head against his chest so that she could hear the beat of his heart. It was deep and steady, and it calmed her.

“Going forward, whatever we decide to do together, however that naturally comes about...I am not going to think less of you, understand?”  As he spoke, the rumbling in his chest was soothing to Jirou.

She closed her eyes for a brief moment before responding contentedly, “Mmmkay.”

“Good,” he said with finality. “How about we get some breakfast in us then, yeah?”

Jirou nodded, stepping out of Bakugou’s embrace and checking the time on his night stand: 7:00 AM.  Huh, her internal clock was flawless, as always. In fact, that was ‘sleeping in’ for her on the weekends, usually. It did not bode with for late nights, however.  They had both only gotten about...5 hours of sleep. Oh man, she probably had gross raccoon eyes right now. She flushed again at the thought.

“Why are you blushing? I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t be embarrassed?”

“Well, I am embarrassed about something different right now!” she defended.

“Which is?”  He queried, obviously amused and perplexed by her antics.

“I probably look awful right now,” Jirou confessed. “I must have terrible bedhead and bags under my eyes and all that.”

Bakugou’s face became serious again. “You don't. You look beautiful.”

“Stop!” She pushed at his arm again. “There’s no way!”

“It’s true,” he assured. “But I always think that about you.”

“Um.” She didn’t know how to respond. She was floored by how genuine he sounded and how sweet he was being to her. It was throwing her for a loop, this new side of Baku- er, Katsuki.  She couldn't marry this image of him with the image of how he used to be. At least not yet.  It was all so new, but not at all unwelcome.  Just...surprising.

“C’mon, princess. I’m starving," he spoke, interrupting her thoughts. "Let’s get some food in us and we can talk some more.” He took her hand in his and tugged her towards the door. “Leave your bag. You can get it later.”

“Okay,” she agreed, dropping her stuff right there where they stood. She let him lead her out of the room, her mind going quiet, filled only with the thought of how good it felt to hold his hand.

Chapter Text

Katsuki had expertly prepared them both breakfast, whipping up in an astonishingly small amount of time a meal worthy of a specialty cooking show.  The picture perfect breakfast of oyakodon with a side of miso soup was many leagues above Jirou’s usual buttered bagel and black coffee, and she made sure to make that known. Katsuki however, much to her chagrin, ignored her feeble protests and simply insisted that they needed a healthy breakfast if they were going to spar later, to which Jirou reluctantly agreed. She did win the coffee battle though, Katsuki glowering behind her the entire time she brewed her cup. He clearly did not approve of her addiction to caffeine.  Hands warm around her favorite porcelain mug (it depicted a watercolor scene of a mountain view her mom painted), she sat dutifully down on one of the kitchen bar stools as Katsuki served up the piping hot food. The steam from the coffee and breakfast combined caused Jirou’s glasses to fog up, and Katsuki, of course, teased her about it while she blushed.

They ate in relative silence, as they both weren’t really that talkative, nor did they feel the need to fill the quiet with needless chatter.  It was unusual...but nice. Really nice, actually, they thought. Thankfully, it was also way too early for anyone else to be up yet, so they enjoyed their private little morning meal in peace without the badgering questions their friends were sure to ask once they put two and two together.  Or and one in Jirou and Katsuki being an item.

After they finished their meal, Jirou quietly thanked her now...boyfriend?  Lover? What were they? Maybe she would work up the courage to ask later. En lieu of asking at that moment, however, she bit her lip instead and opted to help Katsuki wash the dishes.  Their fingers brushed a few times while dipping bowls and chopsticks in the dishwater, and they blushed deeper each time. Once finished cleaning up, she expressed her gratitude to Katsuki for the meal and went to head up to her room to shower, but before she could leave, he gently grabbed her wrist and pulled her in for a kiss.  Shocked, she stiffened a bit before closing her eyes and melting into him. He pulled away from the kiss after a few moments to ruffle her hair affectionately, to which she playfully scowled. They departed from the kitchen then to return to their respective rooms, both with small smiles on their faces.


A little later that day, Katsuki couldn’t fully concentrate on his workout routine, and that was highly unlike him.  He could usually tune anything out with just some physical activity, as a little adrenaline went a long way for him, especially when trying to combat his less than cooperative - and rather volatile - emotions.  This time, as he landed another solid punch to a punching bag, his mind ran a mile a minute with thoughts of something, or rather, someone else.  He couldn’t get her out of his head...the deep, warm honey of her laugh...the crinkle around her eyes when she was really starting to piss him off. Sure, he had no intention of pulling away from the lady of his infatuation and being a total dick again, but he was getting pretty frustrated with himself for not being able to control his emotions and be the master of his own mind.  He could keep himself from throttling shitty Deku every 5 seconds, but he couldn’t corral his focus onto anything else other than a girl ? His treacherous body was acting like a lovesick puppy, and on top of the fact that it was distracting him from his goals, he didn’t want Jirou to think of him as desperate.

‘Tch, pathetic.’ Inner Katsuki scolded.  Outer Katsuki, well...he scowled.  

A vibration in his back pocket alerted him to his phone alarm, and the time. He wiped the sweat off of his forehead with the towel around his neck. Only 10 minutes until he had to go meet Jirou in the gymnasium for their fight. He shrugged, scowl deepening. He might as well head over there now to stretch and warm up. At least he wasn’t distracted enough to forgo being punctual.  Lateness would not be tolerated now...or ever.



Jirou nervously bit her lip in anticipation.  She had arrived at the gymnasium 15 minutes early for two reasons: one, she was anxious and she needed to move, and two, she wanted to flex her quirk to test out the sound barrier/force wall around the training area.  She never had to make one this big before, and she wanted to make sure she got it right. She definitely did not want her and Bakugou’, Katsuki's  - she may never grow used to saying or thinking his first name - fight to go public. She had a secret to keep, for however long she still could, and well, she didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of her classmates.  All of her initial anger-induced bravado aside, she was pretty sure she was about to get her ass handed to her by one of the most powerful students at UA. She gulped.

She felt the vibrational pulses of her quirk in the center of her chest.  Her quirk was unusual like that. Whereas a lot of quirks commonly activated in the hands or feet, hers relied solely on the electrical impulses of her heart and nervous system.  She merely had to feel the ‘beat,’ as it were. Extending the vibrations down her arms, she pushed them out of her hand and projected an invisible, quivering dome around the training field just short of the mountainous terrain.  It wobbled for a second, but then stabilized. She quickly retracted it, her arms going numb for a second as they reabsorbed the energy.

‘Phew,’ she thought. ‘That should hold for awhile when I need it in a bit.’

The nice thing about her quirk was that, even though it did have some pretty intense limits, she only had to concentrate on how much energy to use to maintain a force wall like that.  The more energy she gave it, the longer it would maintain itself on its own. She could explain the physics of it, but that would probably take an entire dissertation to do. At least, as far as she currently understood it.

She heard Baku-Katsuki's approach before she saw him, his heavy-footed gait echoing to her enhanced hearing.  He really was quite loud, in every sense of the word. As they locked eyes - him by the door, her back towards the entrance to the heavy terrain training area - a shiver of anticipation shot down her spine. He was a few minutes early, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise.  To the king of punctuality, being on time was actually late. Katsuki smirked, which reminded her. Her quirk undulated down her arms and out and around them, erecting the force wall once again. Can’t forget that!

“Princess!” He called out to her as he made his way closer.  “Are you ready to get your ass beat?”  

His cockiness made Jirou roll her eyes, nervousness abating for the most part. She really wanted to try her best to knock him down a peg.  His narcissism was almost insufferable. Almost. A small part of her, the part she was trying really hard to ignore right now, found it extremely sexy for some reason?  Goddamnit.  

Also, if he wanted to be like that, she’d at least show him a thing or two.  Jirou reached inside her chest for a little bit of energy, and shot it out towards his ears.

“What’s that? I can’t hear you over the volume of your ego!”  Jirou’s voice spoke next to Katsuki's head.

“The fuck, Jirou? You a ventriloquist now?”  Despite the aggressive nature of his words, the tone in his voice gave away that he was actually pretty impressed by her show of power.  Jirou tried hard not to visibly preen, and failed, grinning instead like an idiot.

“Maaaaaaybe!”  Her voice came from behind him this time, tone infused with teasing.  Katsuki twitched, but to his credit, successfully fought the urge to turn around.

“Nice parlor trick,” he commented, lighting some sparks in his hand. “But are you ready to get serious?”

And just like that, he was off, propelling himself forward at full speed with the explosive force from his hands.  For a second, Jirou froze, but she remembered herself just in time. Right as Katsuki swung a vicious right hook at her face, she quickly put up a barrier in front of her to block his fiery fist.  

Neither of them were prepared for what happened next.

 B O O M !!!

A huge percussive force burst from the impact of his ignited fist and her barrier, sending them both flying backwards in opposite directions, their bodies slamming into the force wall surrounding the perimeter.  Jirou hit so hard she saw spots, and she barely even registered as gravity plummeted her a few feet further to the ground below.

Her vision swam for a second, the dual impacts having knocked the wind right out of her, ears still ringing from the deafening sound.  For a few moments, she gulped like a fish out of water for air, choking on the emptiness in her lungs. Suddenly, she could breathe again, and her breath came in short, grateful pants. She gingerly touched the back of her head, wincing a bit at the tenderness.  Thankfully the sound wall she put up wasn’t as solid as an actual building wall - though pretty damn solid enough to catch them at that momentum - or else they both would have sustained some serious injuries. 

'What the hell just happened?!'

Ba-Katsuki echoed her confused thoughts. “What. The actual fuck. Was that?!” 

Jirou, with her butt still firmly planted on the ground - her poor, very likely bruised and very sore butt - watched as her sparring partner stood back up from a crouch, brushing the dust of the training field floor off of his pants as if that sort of collision was nothing at all. She supposed it wasn’t, and that he had definitely endured worse. Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment when realization hit.  The unexpected occurrence of their quirks combining had thrown her completely off guard, but of course Mr. Perfect had been able to react in time to fall from the sky into a bracing crouch. The absolute jerk.  

Still looking on, she watched a smirk grow on his face, a smirk that slowly bloomed into a toothy grin that was positively feral.  Oh no, that look could only mean one thing...Bakugou Katsuki had an idea, and she was pretty sure she wasn’t gonna like it.

“Princess,” he said, sounding enormously pleased with himself and insanely elated as he sauntered towards her.  “I think I know how we can combo for the exam."  When he reached her prone form, he extended a hand to her, which she begrudgingly accepted, face contorting a bit in pain.  As soon as he pulled her back to a standing position, he backed off a few feet and motioned for her to come at him.

"Alright, come at me," Katsuki said, looking like an absolute lunatic with his sharp teeth bared. "I have something I wanna try."

"Well, fuck me."  Katsuki barked out a laugh when he heard her curse.  He wanted to fucking do that again? Was he nuts?!

"I'm serious, princess. I have an idea. Come at me!"  He squared his shoulders and crouched down, preparing himself for her attack.

Knowing it was no use arguing with him about this, she shook her head to clear it of her racing doubts. Putting up her arms, she lowered her body closer to the ground and sprinted towards him, channeling a small bit of her quirk into her leg as she swung it up towards his face. He made a move to block with his hand only barely sparking this time, apparently hoping to dull the reaction of their quirks combining.  As their quirks met, the resulting percussive force was much smaller and not as deafeningly loud this time.  It merely propelled them away from each other a few feet, their shoes skidding in the dirt as they tried to stop the progress of their bodies moving backwards.

Welp, this had certainly not gone as she had planned.  It would definitely be a long - and very painful - afternoon of training with Katsuki instead of the spar she had anticipated.  At least she didn't have to worry anymore about losing? Small miracles.