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End Simulation

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Lena lowered the lights in her office to suit her mood, which was dark, brooding and oh so aroused.


She had been around Kara for practically the entire day and smiled until her face hurt. In all of the years of their friendship, she never expected to find herself in a position where she needed to fake pleasure in Kara’s presence. Then again, those past few years had involved constant lying on Kara’s part. Nothing would mend their damaged relationship now, but Lena’s traitorous body wanted a quick fix. Her body needed it, because she was on the brink of starting her heat and all of her thoughts were of Kara.


Slipping in a pair of knock-off virtual reality lenses that she designed herself, Lena paced around and tried to come up with a suitable fantasy to explore.


In the end, she went with a simple scenario: Kara coming to check on her late at night, only to discover her masturbating.


Lena removed her lab coat and unzipped her skirt. She stepped out of her heels and let her hair down, then settled onto her comfortable leather couch. Her pussy had already soaked through her panties and she dragged the fabric out of the way.


“Begin simulation.” Lena husked, teasing herself with light circles that sent tendrils of pleasure through her empty cunt. The thought of being caught in the act was more thrilling than she imagined it would be, and she found herself staring at the balcony door, waiting for Kara to barge in just as she usually did.


It took a few minutes before anything happened — long enough to heighten the experience and make it feel real as Lena rubbed herself firmly, biting her lower lip and rocking her hips.


Kara came through the glass balcony door only to stop in her tracks with a strangled whine.


“Lena! Oh Rao – uh - god,” Kara sputtered. Her face flamed and her eyes widened at the sight of the Lena enjoying herself privately. “I’m so sorry.” She rambled, bowing her head and looking at her feet, despite the way she huffed at the scents in the air greedily, as if to pull as much of them into her lungs as possible. “I was — I just wanted to make sure you were okay – and – ”


Lena smirked at the sight of Kara so flustered and opened her legs wider. “Don’t act so coy, Kara, look at me.” She demanded, her fingers swiping through her copious slick until Kara’s eyes were fixated on her pussy. Pushing two fingers inside of herself, she groaned and Kara gasped, dropping the bag of take-out she had brought.


“You’ve wanted to see this for a long time, haven’t you?” Lena quirked a dark eyebrow that pinned Kara to the spot as she fucked herself roughly. She relished the smacking sound of her wet pussy because it made the whole fantasy more obscene.


“Well I… it’s…. I’ve — yes.” Kara finally blurted, both mortified by the confession, and yet so enthralled by Lena that she couldn’t deny it any longer. The front of her pants had tented and she seemed torn between wanting to hide it and wanting to show it off.


“Under all that soft blustering there’s an aggressive streak you try to hide. We both know it’s there, Kara, so why pretend?” Lena’s lips spread in a dangerous grin and she slipped her fingers out of her blushing hole to spread herself for Kara’s ravenous gaze. “Take your pants off and show me how much you’ve wanted to fuck me all of these years.”


Not many people were privy to the knowledge of how dirty Lena could be in the bedroom, but to see the shock on Kara’s face was positively worth it, even though it was merely a simulation.


Kara hesitated, and her lips worked to form words, but she said nothing as she deactivated her Super suit. Underneath she wore a tan jacket that she shrugged off and a white muscle tank that revealed her ripped biceps. She fumbled with her glasses, putting them aside before she pulled open the buckle on her belt.


“Lena — are you sure you want to do this?” Kara nervously sputtered out and chewed her bottom lip while she unzipped her pants. “I just — I imagined we would talk – about our feelings first.”


It wasn’t lost on Lena that while Kara appeared reluctant, she continued to undress and move closer. The aroma of alpha pheromones filled Lena’s nostrils and she beckoned to Kara with both of her hands outstretched.


“There will be time for discussion later,” Lena assured her, although she would certainly be turning off the simulation before any realistic talk about feelings was necessary. “I’ve just gone into heat, Kara, and I could really use the help of my best friend. Please.


Lena’s lips curled into a soft but devious smile — which along with her plea was enough to affect Kara.


Her manipulations all depended on Kara’s willingness to do anything for her, and of course Kara’s guilt was a powerful motivator. Kara would do whatever it took to make Lena happy, even in this simulated form.


But what Lena hadn’t expected from the simulation was that Kara would come over and take her hand, or whisper such a genuine confession that it would shock her.


“I need to say this beforehand,” Kara insisted with a gentle and nervous smile, while she reached out to push a dark strand of hair away from Lena’s face. “I’ve always wanted more than a friendship with you. If we do this, it’s going to mean a lot to me.”


Lena nodded in silent agreement and her eyebrows tightened together with tension that only broke as Kara cupped her cheek.


Kara bent forward and smiled into a kiss that was both intense and deeply romantic. She wove her fingers into Lena’s hair, tickling the nape of her neck.


It was more intimacy than Lena had bargained for, and her ridiculous heart simultaneously ached from, and craved the sweet nonsense of this fabrication. As much as she loathed Kara for breaking her heart, some small part of her still wanted the Super to be the one to mend it back together again.


In the safety of the simulation, Lena indulged herself by desperately kissing Kara in return. She couldn’t abide the softer emotions that flowed freely between them when she felt so conflicted, so she chose to scorch the romance from the kiss with a pure lustful heat instead.


Kara groaned into her mouth and Lena latched onto the Super’s belt and pulled her closer. “Get them off right now.” She commanded with a rasp of urgency.


The sooner Kara was inside her, the sooner Lena could reclaim her sanity, and she wouldn’t have to worry about the simulation trying to guide this act into something sickeningly close to love. Lena impatiently tugged the pants down and inadvertently came to eye level with Kara’s large cock. “My calculations must have been off.” She murmured as her throat dried.


“Huh?” Kara asked above her, with a confused head tilt and a scrunch of her eyebrows so uncanny that Lena silently prided herself on how well she had made these new lenses.


“You know me, always thinking of work.” Lena offered in lieu of an explanation, and that seemed to satisfy the algorithm because Kara nodded and her eyes were back to devouring the sight of her.


Lena pressed her tongue to the droplet of desire that formed at the tip of Kara’s cock. Licking it away shifted Kara’s attention completely back to sex. With the gloss of arousal all over her mouth, Lena gripped at the base and gave a firm pull on Kara’s cock. She lowered her lips onto it, popping them wetly over Kara’s head. Hollowing her cheeks, she began to suck sensually and curl her tongue under the sensitive rim.


Lena breathed through her nose and forced as much of Kara’s length into her mouth as possible.


Kara’s muscles tensed in reflex and she groaned in surprise. “Lee – Lee – nuh – what are you doing? Not that it isn’t a – fantasy come true, but why —”


“You’re too tightly wound,” Lena softly chastised and placed her hands on Kara’s hips to urge them to buck. “Tell me the truth. You thought about this often, didn’t you?” Her red lipstick smudged, and she stretched her jaw to a painful ache to take more of Kara’s cock.


Kara rocked her hips tentatively as she confessed, “Rao, so much, almost daily – I mean, not every day, but— but a lot.” She rambled, clearly enthralled by Lena’s lips wrapped around her cock.


Moaning at every inch she pushed inside Lena’s warm and wet mouth, Kara’s confidence grew the more Lena encouraged her to let loose.


Lena could feel the tremble run through Kara’s thighs and she sucked harder, working her tongue down the underside of her shaft. She tried not to laugh when she realized how close Kara was to coming and made a soft moaning sound instead.


Of course the simulation would peg Kara for the kind of alpha that had no control over herself in the bedroom. Lena could adjust that, but she wasn’t about to stop in the middle of this to tweak any settings.


Instead she pulled her mouth free with a wet smack of her lips and grinned up at Kara. National City’s hero was nearly hyperventilating, she looked pained from being so close to the edge, and her cock was dripping excitement.


“Well that won’t do, I expect a superhero to have more stamina and self-control than the average adolescent,” Lena husked. “I’ve barely touched you and you’re ready to finish. How selfish.”


Kara’s face burned with humiliation and she pressed her lips together as she nodded sharply. “I can last longer I - I usually do, it’s just you’re so… you, and this is everything I’ve wanted for so long. I can do better. I’ll prove it.” She finished assertively, and before Lena could utter another word of complaint, the simulation kicked it up a gear and Kara flipped her over the arm of the couch so that her ass was in the air. Kara pushed into her drenched cunt with a forceful thrust that spread her pleasurably, and yet painfully wide.


“Gentle,” Lena hissed and grabbed Kara by the wrist to guide her hand between her thighs. “Touch me.”


The sheer girth of Kara was a challenge for her pussy, stretching her inside as their bodies came together. It felt so real when Kara rocked into her and began to rub her clit at the same time, and Lena’s natural wetness soon made them both slick and ready.


Kara took her good and hard, noticing all of the little responses of Lena’s body that signaled her need for it.


Her heat changed her sensitivities and Kara seemed to understand that. Kara continued to play with Lena’s swollen clit, but also gripped her breast while filling up her pussy with more cock than she had ever taken before. The sensations overwhelmed Lena and she opened her mouth, exhaling breathy noises of satisfaction and encouragement.


Kara’s arms secured her in a submissive bend and Lena clutched at the cushion in front of her for support.


Pounding into her and keeping her in place, Kara lost her inhibitions and groaned out, “You’re so good and so wet for me, Lena.”


Kara’s praise kindled her inner warmth and sent tingles through Lena’s skin. She softly begged, “Say it again. Tell me I’m a good girl and I deserve to come.”


Though her hips never stopped, Kara leaned into the curve of Lena’s back and urgently strummed her clit with two fingers as she husked into her ear, “You’re being so good for me Lena. Such a good girl, and you deserve to come hard.”


It shouldn’t have felt this wonderful, but even simulated praise had her moaning. She was louder than the raunchy, slapping sounds of sex that filled the room. Lena forced herself further into the pillow to stifle her whimpers, but then she realized it didn’t matter how she sounded when the only witness was herself.


Lena gave into her urges and reached around to grab onto any part of Kara that she could. Her short nails dug into the Super’s thighs as she tried to hold onto her, and she made an undignified noise as Kara pressed wet, open mouthed kisses over the back of her neck and shoulders.


“So good Lena, you’re so good,” Kara repeated in breathy murmurs as she moved with Lena instead of against her. Their heated fucking shifted to a more coordinated undulation and Kara worshipped every inch of her she could touch. “I want you to come. I need it. Please Lena, be a good girl for me. I need it so bad...”


Lena would hate herself in the morning for how quickly her body reacted to this fantasy but she was too far gone to even experience shame at how her pleasure escalated. She tensed fully at first, then shuddered almost violently as an orgasm sparked through her system and left her breathless but not satiated, at least not yet.


“I want you on your back,” Lena rasped, unwilling to acknowledge that she wanted to look at Kara as she took what she needed from this simulation. There was power in being the one on top, riding Kara as hard or as slow as she saw fit.


Kara sprawled eagerly on the couch as Lena straddled her, but as their eyes locked, strong emotions flowed through Lena that she tried to conceal.


“You’re so beautiful, Lena, and I’m so lucky,” Kara worshipfully gushed, her face a study in pure intentions and sincerity. She seemed enchanted with Lena’s body and reached out to touch her all over. Her hands mapped the curves of Lena’s hips and came together around her waist, then grasped both of her breasts.


Lena rotated her hips and closed her eyes, concentrating only on her breathing and her own sexual gratification. She fisted a hand in Kara’s blonde curls and gripped one of her shoulders. Her movements became frantic and unstable, and Kara held her firmly at the waist, taking control of the act.


She barely set a rhythm before Kara plunged deep inside her pussy. With fluid motions, Kara bucked and used her upper body strength to bounce Lena on her cock.


Every fast paced surge from Kara filled Lena to her fullest, and the delicious ache from how she bottomed out spread through Lena’s abdomen until she felt the steady building pressure of her muscles tensing. When she cracked her eyes open, Kara was still mesmerized with her, and she shut them again tightly to try and block that from her mind.


It bothered Lena that she wanted to see it — that she wanted Kara to look at her like she was as amazing and as vital as the bright yellow sun that made her Super. Lena’s breath hitched from her competing emotions, no doubt brought on by the hormones that coursed freely through her blood and polluted her mind.


This was her heat playing with her, and Lena grudgingly opened her eyes to watch the way Kara touched her. Kara’s thumb glided exquisitely over her swollen clit and pulled raw moans from Lena. She held on tighter, almost spitefully as she tried to ride every pistoning thrust that Kara gave her.


“You’re close again,” Kara murmured thickly, enraptured by the sight of Lena so wild and uninhibited. “I can feel you tightening around me.” Kara groaned in awe, but instead of slowing down she chose that second to speed up. Her thighs smacked wetly into Lena’s ass, and she stared avidly at the cherry red of Lena’s spread cunt taking such a thorough pounding. “Come for me, Lena,” Kara rasped. “You are so good. I lo— ”


Lena slapped a hand over Kara’s mouth to stop her from saying something else and ruining the powerful release as she jerked uncontrollably and threw her head back. Her pussy clenched and throbbed around the enormous shaft buried inside her velvety hole. She groaned, her slick pouring from her to soak Kara and the leather sofa beneath her.


Kara was still and thoughtful for a few seconds, as if trying to work out why Lena silenced her instead of allowing her to speak freely. They stared at each other until Kara shifted and took Lena with her.


Sliding her arms under Lena’s knees, Kara hoisted her up and carried her towards the well-lit alcove by the door.


“Kara, where are we going?” Lena softly questioned, only to fall quiet when the alpha held her against the wall and continued to pump into her. Those quick motions extended her orgasm and Lena gasped into Kara’s shoulder and whimpered from the sensitivity of her cunt.


“I’ve always wanted to do this,” Kara explained and worked the muscles in her quads, rutting into Lena’s still spasming body.


Lena had visions of them ruining the wall behind her, but it was Kara’s hand that broke through the plaster. Kara failed to notice, and then she pinned Lena with her extraordinarily strong grip and her words. “I’ve always been drawn to you, Lena. You are just so important to me—“


Lena stopped breathing from fear that Kara would confess her feelings in the middle of sex, and she considered ending the simulation, but instead she took back control of it in the easiest way she knew how.


“I want to feel your knot in me,” Lena demanded, though her voice was shaky from the vigorous way Kara hammered into her over-aroused pussy.


Kara groaned and excitement rippled through Lena. She watched the blue of Kara’s eyes fade to black as her pupils dilated.


“Oh you liked hearing that,” Lena noted before she could stop herself. Being face to face in this carnal position, Lena had the urge to confide all sorts of dirty thoughts to this simulated version of Kara.


“I used to fantasize about you knotting me over my desk,” Lena whispered recklessly. “I’d get myself off to the idea of my sweet, flustered Kara falling into a powerful rut that she couldn’t control, and losing all of her good sense and inhibitions. I imagined her ravishing me— just tearing at my dress and taking what she considered hers, finally.


The noises that Kara made edged on animalistic and she slammed her cock into Lena, making her breasts bounce from the force. Kara’s thighs were slapping at Lena’s ass so roughly that it turned it a bright, beautiful red.


“I’ve fucked myself in that very chair when I was here at night with nothing but my imagination and sexual frustration for company.” Lena confessed, intrigued by the effect her words were having. It was cathartic and hedonistic, and she clawed her fingernails down Kara’s muscled back while hissing in her ear, “I called you more than once after I had come just to hear your voice, and you never knew what I had done to the thought of you.”


Listening to Lena turned Kara frantic with need and she moved towards the desk with purpose. She pinned Lena on the cold surface of it without pulling out and lunged fast and hard into her while spreading her legs wide. The desk jolted forward and Kara, forgetting her own strength, continued to rock with such extreme force that she pushed it halfway across the office.


Lena dug her fingers into Kara’s shoulder blades with a keening moan and shut her eyes to listen to the hot exhales Kara breathed against her neck.


Fuck me,” Lena rasped, her left hand tangling in Kara’s blonde hair as her lips found her ear, “Fuck me so hard I can’t think anymore.


Kara snarled, a startling primal sound that had Lena’s pussy flooding with more liquid heat that pooled between her legs and coated Kara’s thick cock liberally. “I used to think about making you come so many times I completely exhausted you,” Kara confided, and Lena’s pussy clenched in response. “I’ve always wanted to show you this other side of myself, this more powerful and confident side - not just as Supergirl, but the person you make me. The strong alpha I can be, just for you. I want you, Lena - I want you in so, so many ways.”


The algorithm must have sensed the shift in Lena. The rational side of her switched off and was replaced by the more animalistic urges that she kept buried inside herself, and so Kara’s hands suddenly moved from her legs to grip her hips and the Super gave a throaty rumble of, “I’m going to give you my knot, Lena, and you’re going to be very good for me and take it.”


The assertive tone did all kinds of wonderful things to Lena, and she hooked her feet behind Kara’s thighs and nodded vigorously, “Yes give me it, show me you’re the alpha I’ve been needing.” She deliriously rambled, her heat reaching a peak that had her so enthralled by the idea of being knotted that she grasped at Kara to pull her closer. Her hips gyrated to keep them locked together as she felt the base of Kara’s cock begin to swell.


Kara’s dark eyes were fixated on the sight of Lena’s glistening hole stretching wider to accommodate her knot and she was breathing heavily. Lena couldn’t see it but god, she could feel it. Every fast rock of Kara’s hips pushed the swelling knot inside her and she felt full to bursting. Her body was ready for it so the ache was pleasurable, but the sensation of being opened so thoroughly by something so fucking massive and hot rendered her mindless.


Lena’s jaw was slack and she clawed at Kara’s back, her legs wrapped roughly around her thighs as she ground herself against Kara as if she couldn’t get enough.


Pounding into her relentlessly, Kara slipped one hand between them to massage Lena’s clit and grunted when it caused her velvety walls to spasm around her thick length.


“Come with me,” Kara demanded, her fingers working at Lena at a furious pace. It was unclear which of them hit their release first, but they both began to tremble and rock together as if electrified by the ecstasy they felt. Kara groaned, long and loud as her cock throbbed and a rush of spurting warmth filled Lena to sate her omega instincts.


Lena dropped against the desk so hard that she smacked the back of her head. She relaxed and panted heavily, comfortable underneath Kara, who held her in a loose embrace while she regained her energy. Kara still seemed alert rather than spent, although her eyes were unfocused as she emptied another hot jet of seed into Lena. The sensation of it soothed Lena in ways she never considered, and so she allowed it to continue rather than cutting off the simulation.


Kara’s face expressed her emotions, her happiness and devotion. “I could hold you for hours,” she whispered as she nuzzled into Lena’s neck.


Lena guessed she would have ten, maybe fifteen minutes of peace before the simulation insisted they discuss their feelings. She was loath to move, but as Kara opened her mouth to make some other soft declaration that would no doubt trouble Lena for days, she realized that she needed to end this experience.


“End simulation,” Lena commanded and then she waited for Kara to disappear. She expected to find herself sprawled out on her desk with only her fingers buried deep inside her pussy.


Nothing happened.


Kara lifted her head to glance down at her in confusion and Lena more urgently repeated, “End simulation. End simulation.


The simulation would not end, and that was when Lena realized that it had never begun. The lenses were no longer glowing when she glanced at herself in the dark windowpane by her desk.


She had actually slept with Kara, and had admitted so many of her most private fantasies out loud to her.


Kara’s eyebrows came together and she tipped her head to the side as worry clouded her gaze. “Um, Lena, don’t be mad, but I… I think I’ve concussed you…”


Stuck with Kara’s knot inside her, Lena could do nothing but slap her hands over her face and exhale a panicked, “Fuck.