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End Simulation

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Of all the things Lena Luthor could handle, having a rational discussion about being pregnant with a Kryptonian baby was absolutely not one of them. To be pregnant at all was hard enough, but for it to have happened so fast and as the result of a foolish mistake was a whole other level of disastrous. Most people planned for their families with their partners, but she didn’t have a partner. She had a lying best friend, and the only plan she made involving Kara was to eject the alpha from her life as soon as her efforts to reform humanity came to fruition. Now she would have to alter her course, because like it or not, there was a little piece of Kara inside of her and they would always be connected from that day onward.


Not that she would ever go easy on the alpha or forget about the lies that wrecked their relationship.


Pure, unadulterated rage had Lena grinding her teeth as she stopped in front of Kara. “I said take your clothes off.” She reiterated, because all of the roiling emotions within her demanded a release and the only kind she could stomach wasn’t a cathartic heart to heart.


Lena would ride out her anger, literally, until her body and mind disconnected from each other. She couldn’t face what came after that, not yet.


“Last chance, or you can get out,” Lena warned.


Kara seemed to be at odds with herself and wrestling with her limited options. Her face showed concern, but her rut was getting stronger and her erection was ready to rip through her Super suit. She tugged at her top, exposing her toned abs, and then made the mistake of opening her mouth. “We need to have this conversation. It’s not just about us. It’s about the bab—”


Lena’s hand sliced through the air to slap Kara’s invisible glasses so hard it sent them flying across the room and suddenly Kara was back in her civilian clothes, looking at her with wild, disbelieving eyes.


The noise still rang in Lena’s ears, sharp and startling like a gun shot, and she exhaled a stuttered breath because she couldn’t believe she had just struck Supergirl.


It didn’t hurt Kara, physically at least, but the shock on her face fragmented and solidified until she was staring tight-lipped at Lena. “You just hit me.” She finally remarked, her eyes dark and jaw tense.


Red hot anger scalded up Lena’s neck and tears pooled in her eyes. She felt like a new example of Schrödinger’s cat, simultaneously sorry and not sorry, fearful and fearless, filled with love and loathing in equal measures. “I told you several times to stop talking!” She hissed out, her omega hormones making her positively feral. “Besides, it was only your glasses and it helped you out of your suit much faster.”


“I know you’re angry with me because — well, because I knotted in you without protection,” Kara insisted and stepped forward with her hands outstretched and a pleading gleam in her eyes. “I get that it was irresponsible, but looking past all of that, aren’t you the least bit excited? I just want to know how you feel. Please, Lena.”


Lena’s natural pheromones were reaching levels they shouldn’t have been able to reach and somewhere in the back of her brain she knew it was the pregnancy already affecting her moods and making them more extreme. “We’re not talking about my feelings!” She shouted with a hysterical and angry tremor to her voice. “Keep your mouth shut, or you can put your glasses back on, suit up and fly away. Do you hear me?”


“Oh I hear you.” Kara shot back, and reached up to rip her own shirt off so roughly that she knocked a lamp over with it. She was reacting to the heady scent in the air, as if Lena was a drug that had been pumped into the room the same way oxygen was in casinos. Except the stakes were so much higher between them and Kara stood trembling, as if barely holding herself together.


The sight of Kara so close to losing herself completely propelled Lena forward and she urgently tugged the belt on her pants open as Kara’s rough hands tore the lacy fabric of Lena's bra.


“That was expensive.” Lena shrilly stated, her designer bra nothing but shreds now.


“Bill me.” Kara fired back, and there was something aggressive and close to enjoyment in her dark eyes that sparkled like all of the stars in space.


Lena sneered in return, all white teeth and red stained lips as if she was ready to attack. Her hot breath came out in short, excited pants right before she lunged at Kara. They came together like a natural disaster, destined to turn the surrounding area to rubble around them, devastating but wonderful in their chaotic beauty.


Kara pulled Lena against her and it knocked the air from Lena’s lungs. She tore at her skirt and Lena retaliated with frantic hands that clawed at Kara’s back, embedding in the waistband of her pants as she fought to push them off. They were a mess of limbs and fabric, full of so much desperation that they toppled a coffee table and shoved a leather chair so hard it ended up on the balcony.


Lena’s kiss was a declaration of war and she sealed it with a snarl as her hands tangled in Kara’s hair to fist roughly. Her love was fierce and deadly, and her heat and the pregnancy and her plan to save humanity all blurred and burned and left her raw until all that was left was Kara. Lena wanted to destroy her and remake her and revere her until the screaming inside her heart stopped.


Kara finished kicking off her pants and pushed her tongue between Lena’s lips, groaning when she bit at them. She grabbed at Lena possessively and her cock pressed into Lena’s side. They both scrambled to rid Lena of her panties, and then Kara pushed Lena onto the floor like she belonged there. Lena opened her legs and held on as Kara forcefully plunged into her cunt, all while moaning wantonly, so eager to be fucked to oblivion.


Submitting to the savage intensity of her desires, Lena curled her knees up and Kara held them in place to drill deliciously deep into her pussy. Lena’s liquid silk clung to Kara’s huge erection in warm strands whenever their bodies separated. The thick head of Kara’s cock bumped out her small belly with every thrust.


Kara slid fully out just to watch herself sink back in, to see the tip of her cock force Lena’s tight cunt into a spread. Her thin inner lips gripped harder each time, turning a vivid bright pink from it. That subtle change set Kara in motion again, pounding into her until a pleasurable ache had Lena groaning.


Rubbing her between the legs with an eager hand, Kara made Lena’s jaw quiver and her spine bend. She craned her neck, shoulders lifting from the floor as she panted furiously. Her body rocked under Kara, and her quiet ah, uh, ahh broke up the silence, along with the sounds of her wet cunt giving it all up for the alpha.


“You’re not allowed to come in me,” Lena warned out of spite, although denying Kara also meant denying herself, and all she could think about was Kara’s seed pouring into her, filling up her cunt and womb. She could practically feel the slushy warmth of it between her thighs already and she hated how much she reacted to that.


Her wild, heat-inflicted mind came up with all kinds of filthy thoughts of Kara covering her breasts and stomach and pussy in come. The powerful fragrance of Kara’s rut pheromones and the pregnancy hormones made her yearn for it, and she did herself no favors by purposely inhaling all of the suffocating scents in the air.


Kara set her lip in a line of determination and huffed against Lena’s neck while thrusting into her. “We’ll see if you change your mind,” she grunted into her ear. “You might ask for it. You begged for my knot, Lena. I gave you what you wanted, each and every time.”


Even now, Lena deliriously realized, as Kara pinned her to the floor and gave her the rough fuck she needed.


It was a twisted victory to see how she could make Kara perform for her whims, like a trained pet, she bitterly thought, but she knew that was far from the truth of it. Kara only caved to Lena’s desires because she loved her, and Lena couldn’t handle that knowledge, so she buried it deep inside herself along with Kara’s cock.


“It’s like you’re not even trying,” Lena rasped wickedly, her teeth scraping at Kara’s shoulder as she dug her fingers into the solid muscles of her back. She knew Kara would go harder to prove herself because she wanted Lena to see her as a mate. Lena grunted as every stroke of Kara’s cock pushed her forward and bathed her thighs in her own pleasure. “I expected more from your rut, but I should be used to disappointment when it comes to you.”


Kara appeared to be grinding her teeth together, but all of the sudden a frustrated sound burst from her throat and she exhaled a heavy breath. She secured her arm around Lena and flipped her onto her knees, locking her into a close embrace from behind.


“You don’t mean that,” Kara whispered, her voice wounded and soft in direct contrast to how hard she slammed her hips into Lena’s ass. “I can hear how fast your heart beats when I’m in the room. I know how much you want me, Lena, and how much you’ve needed an alpha—"


“You still think that alpha is you?” Lena scoffed. “I’m not yours just because you got me pregnant.” She could have elbowed Kara off if she was vindictive enough, but she wanted the sensual, slick friction of their bodies. With her palms pressed into the carpet, and her head hanging forward until the long vein formed on the side of her forehead, she entered a heat delirium. All that mattered was sex. Along her hairline, sweat formed and she stared hard at the stark white walls before her eyes settled on a framed picture of them.


“Go harder,” Lena demanded in a cold voice, and her eyes glittered like dark crystals, just as green and as harmful as Kryptonite in those moments.


Get me to open up for you, Kara, this time with my legs instead of emotionally, and then fuck me over again.


Although the cruel words occurred to her, Lena avoided speaking them out loud, even if she clung to the toxic emotions they inspired. She used it all as a fuel to provoke Kara into holding nothing back. “Fuck me like you want to claim me,” Lena groaned and turned her neck so that her cheek was by Kara’s face. “You already have it in your head that I belong to you, so show me, Kara.”


She was playing with fire, the kind that could easily burn out of control, and part of Lena wanted that. To be scorched in the flames of Kara’s true desires, the ones the Super tried to lock away. All of her taunts were working through the defenses Kara had built to keep it inside and she groaned when Kara suddenly pushed her face into the carpet.


Kara grabbed her wrists with one hand to pin above her head and forced Lena down by the back of the neck with the other. Lena’s shoulders and chest were rubbing against the plush threads with every powerful thrust Kara gave her, the friction unforgiving as it ravaged her sensitive nipples.


“Is this what you want?” Kara snarled under her breath and replaced her hand with her mouth at the back of Lena’s neck. She parted her lips and latched onto the delicate skin with her teeth to keep Lena trapped under her weight. Kara didn’t bite down as she pistoned her hips to fill Lena’s cunt roughly with her cock, but the threat of it was all consuming.


Lena shuddered in a mixture of fear and desire, her cunt gushing with slick in response to Kara’s dominance.


“You don’t have it in you to stake your claim,” Lena breathlessly argued, pushing Kara to the limit just so the alpha would push her in return. “You need me to give you permission, and you won’t get it.” She could feel the beginnings of her release building, tightening her muscles and squeezing hard in her gut with every low grunt and exhale she gave.


It was the pressure of Kara’s teeth as they sank deeper into her skin, the twinge of pain and fierce growl that pushed Lena over the edge. She came with a cry, trembling violently as her cunt clenched and milked at Kara’s cock as if desperate for her seed.


Kara hadn’t claimed her but it was the closest she had ever gotten. The alpha relented her hold just so she could pull out and roll Lena onto her back as she pumped her fist over her cock a few times. Kara came with a groan, painting Lena’s cunt and abdomen with thick jets of opalescent desire that pooled and trickled over her sweat-slicked skin.


There was so much of Kara’s thick seed glazing Lena’s breasts and belly. Lena delicately stroked her fingers through it as another hot blast landed closer to her neck. She jumped a little in surprise from Kara’s aim, but then a vicious smile twisted at her red lips.


Moving back onto her knees, Lena sucked at the huge head of Kara’s cock and gripped firmly at the base where a knot was beginning to bulge.


It might leave her jaw sore, but Lena’s lips popped wetly over Kara’s cock and she breathed in the rich musk of the alpha’s come. She shoved as much of Kara’s cock down her throat as she could manage and gulped hard around it. Her eyes watered until they were almost glassy, and saliva and Kara’s come ran down her chin, but she put some power behind her motions.


Curling her tongue under the rim of Kara’s cock made the alpha shake, and Lena repeated the move until she could feel the knot expanding in her. She settled for locking her mouth around the head of Kara’s cock, and as soon as another round of pulsating throbs went through it, Lena’s throat leapt as she swallowed. Ropy streams of Kara’s pleasure filled her, and she could feel it against the roof of her mouth and all over her teeth and tongue.


Lena refused to let a single drop roll down her chin. She removed herself only after the knot softened and said nothing as she walked over to her wet bar to find her drink. While she took a sip of the juice, she kept an eye on Kara from afar.


Breathless and reeling, Kara staggered to her feet and stumbled slightly as she spun to find Lena staring at her. “What—” She flailed, one arm shooting through the space between them while the other lifted aimlessly by her side. “What the heck was that?” She demanded, a perplexed frown on her face as she stalked towards Lena.


Without batting an eye, Lena drained the rest of her juice and informed her dryly, “It’s called a blow job, Kara. You’re old enough to receive one so you’re old enough to say it.” She set the empty glass down and stepped around Kara as if she was an insignificant nuisance, if only to rile her further. Then she headed straight for the bathroom without a backwards glance, fully aware that Kara would be trailing after her like debris from a comet.


“You know that’s not what I meant,” Kara huffed as she charged after Lena. The swinging door to the master bathroom almost slammed into her, and when she pushed it aside in aggravation, Kara took it off the hinges. It crashed into the wall and took with it several bottles of lotion that had been precariously arranged on the shelf.


Kara stalled in the doorway, her impulse reaction to apologize sticking in her throat as her alpha instincts and wounded pride clamped her jaw shut.


Lena watched the door topple and arched her eyebrow curiously. Her efforts to provoke Kara were clearly getting results.


“Oh, so now you’re showing some of your superhuman force. If you banged me half as hard as you banged that door, maybe I would be satisfied right now instead of in need of a cold shower,” Lena taunted.


It mattered very little that Lena turned the wheel-shaped fixtures in the center of the shower to the warmer settings, or that she picked up a salt scrub bar that always left her skin tingly and hot after use.


She stepped under the spray and rubbed the soap over her legs, ignoring Kara until the alpha was right behind her. Waves of scent came from Kara, enough to make her bend at the waist in sexual submission, but Lena moved to stand proudly with her back against the tiled wall. Her throat jumped a little when she swallowed, but she hardened her jaw into a stubborn clench.


Kara’s hair stuck to her neck and face as moved under the shower heads to get to Lena. She leaned in imposingly, dragging her nose along Lena’s clavicle and towards the damnable tremble in her neck.


“You say one thing with your mouth and another with your actions.” Kara gruffly noted, her lips grazing the salty sweat on Lena’s neck as she huffed in the aroma of her pheromones. She had yet to touch Lena with her hands, but shoved herself fully into her so that every breath she took pressed her chest into Lena’s breasts. “If I’m not your alpha, then why do you still call to me with your scent? If I didn’t satisfy you, why would you put your mouth on me?” The questions were rhetorical and Kara brushed her face along the racing pulse in Lena’s throat, inhaling her mixed emotions before she parted her lips to scrape her teeth over the erratic thump in her jugular.


“You act like you don’t want me to claim you but you get so wet when you think I will.” Kara’s hand weaved between their bodies and cupped Lena’s pussy. She ran her fingers through the copious slick that had gathered as she also pushed Lena’s chin up with her nose, just to bite at the underside of her jaw. “You want me to believe you don’t care, but you never stopped to wonder what it would be like to push me too far. I could get tired of these games and find another omega, Lena.”


It was finally happening. The potent, overwhelming scents of Kara were more powerful than before and her attitude had shifted with her rut. The selfish, dormant side of Kara was beginning to surface like magma pushing through the earth's crust, volatile and deceptively beautiful with the ability to destroy everything in its path. Without warning, Kara reached around Lena and grabbed fistfuls of her ass to haul her up, and then with one powerful thrust, plunged fully back inside Lena’s drenched cunt.


All around them, the bathroom echoed with the loud slapping sounds of their bodies reuniting. Lena's need to hang on prevented her from immediately mouthing off at Kara, but her lips already twitched with rude comments. She hissed out a moan at the deeper penetration, and the way Kara hoisted her only to force her back down onto her cock.


Gripping hard at her ass, Kara buried her cock in Lena and spread her pussy by rocking her back and forth on it. Every time Kara pushed or pulled at her, Lena felt herself opening inside. Kara kept going until her cock shined with Lena’s wetness and her cunt gaped with each thrust.


“You don’t want another omega,” Lena panted with disdain in her voice, despite how she whimpered when Kara’s thighs battered into her. “You want to fuck me. You’re not sorry that I’m carrying your baby or about any of this. If you could, you would get me pregnant again.”


Kara’s cock fluidly pumped into her cunt, faster than before.


“You’re right,” Kara snarled into Lena’s face, her teeth locked together and barely restraining her words. Her eyes glinted with indignation as she thrust into her harder, bottoming out so roughly that Lena made a pathetic noise in response. “I’m not sorry,” Kara asserted. “I want you to have my child. Claimed or not, you’re mine, Lena. You’ll always be mine.”


It was a startling confession, one that took all of the breath from Lena’s lungs due to the unshakeable conviction in Kara’s voice. Lena knew that a rut would alter Kara the way a strong heat could turn any omega into someone different, but this felt all too honest. Like staring into the sun too long, the ramifications of finding this part of Kara could cause permanent changes and Lena wasn’t sure if she could handle the burn of it.


Sick of the water, Kara moved them into the bedroom with such speed that it knocked the wind out of Lena as her back hit the sheets. Kara was still inside her, spreading her cunt wide while she rubbed at her clit. Lena’s legs shook violently as uncontrollable pleasure rendered her delirious with need and Kara pounded into her with a groan of enthusiasm.


Her pussy submitted to Kara, opening with each punishing thrust. Lena rolled her pelvis upward, desperate for more and for Kara’s tremendous knot to stretch her, in spite of what she had said earlier.


As she found the perfect rhythm, Kara forced Lena’s feet up above her head, locking her in place with her ass high in the air. She could see Kara prodding her deep inside again where her belly pushed outward. Lena was unprepared for how fast Kara jerked in release, pouring come all over her cunt as she withdrew. Long strings of seed bathed Lena’s inner thighs and Kara slammed back into her, still stiff and impatient to continue. Kara took a few more shallow thrusts and then moved off the mattress.


Lena’s lower lips dripped with Kara’s cream when the alpha had her stand and bend over the side of the bed. Kara stood behind her and raised one of her legs, keeping Lena in a wide stance.


“I changed my mind. You can come inside of me,” Lena husked thickly, shocked enough to make a startled noise, because the words were no sooner on her lips than Kara shot another load deep inside of her. She pulled at her own pussy lips, letting some of Kara’s pleasure gush out of her.


“No.” Kara growled out, swiping Lena’s hands away. She pinned Lena suddenly, face pressed into the bed, and hands forced onto her lower back. Kara moved her legs so that Lena was kneeling on the mattress, and then she mounted her in a way she hadn’t before, with her feet on either side of Lena’s legs while she held her roughly in place to slam into her sensitive cunt. Crouched behind Lena, Kara made sure she took every inch as she pulled almost all the way out just to plunge back into her gaping hole at a pace that wasn’t human.


The pounding drove Lena harder into the mattress and her lipstick and saliva ruined the sheets as Kara ruined her pussy. It was primal, hedonistic, and shameful, but Lena loved it. The twisted emotions inside her had her crying out for more and she moaned as Kara emptied sticky warm seed inside her again with pulse after pulse of her throbbing cock.


At a delay, Lena realized her rut coupled with her alien anatomy meant Kara could come far more than the average alpha, and it had her gushing slick with the thought of Kara filling her until she physically couldn’t take anymore.


Kara kept her there until she had finished, and then she moved swiftly to the chair near Lena’s vanity and pulled the omega down onto her cock. With a vice like grip, she moved Lena’s hips to ride her length until Lena began to move herself, both of them caught up in their baser desires.


Lena’s eyes were glassy and her pupils blown wide as she took what she needed from Kara. Sitting on Kara’s cock ached a little when it stretched her internally and the blunt head was forced against her cervix, but Lena endured it all for the sake of pleasure. She draped her legs over Kara’s, keeping them far apart and then sank down as much as she dared on Kara’s cock. Her pussy lips turned a carnal, heated color as she continually glided up and down on Kara’s shaft.


It took minimal coaxing for Kara to erupt again, flooding out her cunt with pearly seed. She tried to stand up, but Kara snared her by the waist and with some targeted thrusting and rough rubbing of her clit, Lena’s pussy clamped hard in satisfaction.


“Kara,” Lena whimpered out, her voice light and enamored, much to her humiliation.


“Lena.” Kara grunted into Lena’s shoulder, her arms tight around her waist as her cock emptied with powerful spurts as if to prove her virility. She nosed into the crook of Lena’s neck, her teeth biting down almost hard enough to claim her. Every quick buck of her hips helped to milk the rest of her seed out of her still hard length and she growled when Lena tried to get up. “I have to mate with you until you know I’m your alpha.”


That absurd statement shouldn’t have made Lena’s omega instincts flutter in agreement and she resented the provocative moan that escaped her lips before she hissed. This wasn’t Kara. It was the alpha inside her making demands and Lena knew she would never be able to endure that kind of prolonged mating with Kara in a rut.


“I’ve reached my limit,” Lena rasped, because if she didn’t do it now, she feared her heat would compel her to continue. “If you truly want to be my alpha, you’ll listen to me and not your urges.”


Kara’s hands loosened and her hips gradually stopped, but her harsh breaths and wild eyes were a sign that she still wasn’t fully herself.


Lena wrapped herself up in her robe and stepped away from Kara while she discreetly contacted Alex to ask for suppressors, both for herself and for Kara. She went into the kitchen and nursed another glass of juice while waiting anxiously for Alex to respond.


Kara followed her at a delay and lurked in the doorway with her shoulders hunched. She seemed on the verge of shaking and then rushed at Lena with a pleading frown on her face.


“Can we at least talk now — about all of this?” Kara asked with a soft warble in her voice and flailing hands. Her nostrils flared and her chest lifted with every deep breath she took.


Lena could tell that Kara was breathing her omega scents in, sustaining herself on scent alone because she had been denied sex.


“What is there to say?” Lena sighed into her glass, sulkily glancing down at the cloudy apple juice. She would have to get accustomed to drinking it, just like she would have to get accustomed to the idea of sharing a child with her best friend whom she could no longer stand.


The lack of trust between them would be an issue, but then again Lena had been raised in a household where no one could trust each other, so why not perpetuate the vicious cycle? Not that she would ever live with Kara, but she could tolerate Kara’s presence when necessary, and there was still the chance of fixing everyone.


If she could strip Kara of the ability to lie to her face, speak aloud empty reassurances, and hold back vital information, then it would create a better family life for their child.


She needed to contact Hope, and began typing out a text, only to freeze when Kara hovered close like she was reading the screen.


“Who’s Hope?” Kara blurted and glared down at the phone as if offended that Lena was giving someone else attention right after they had sex.


Cruel words burned at the tip of Lena’s tongue. How dare Kara expect her to explain anything about what she was doing, or who she was texting? She turned her cold eyes to Kara and swallowed every harsh word down until her throat felt the familiar rawness from the Scotch she could no longer drink. There was no need to destroy Kara when the Kryptonian could do it to herself with just a little nudge.


“Someone who understands me on a level you don’t,” Lena calmly divulged.


As predicted, Kara instantly took offense, and then, with a delightfully painful breath, she blinked rapidly to try and hide her rising jealousy and hurt feelings to declare, “I understand you! I know you on so many levels, more levels than she could, and we connect emotionally and physically—“


“Is that what you think?” Lena asked, all haughty disdain with one eyebrow raised for effective flair. “This dalliance we’ve been having is heat-induced, Kara. This isn’t a special connection. It’s all hormones and maybe a side effect of the pregnancy.”


Taken aback, Kara’s jaw went slack and her hands flapped before they found purchase on her own waist as she bent over with a wheezing exhale. “No,” She murmured, shaking her head and sending her golden, tangled curls bouncing over her shoulders. “No that’s—that’s not true. You just said that if I was your alpha—“


“Precisely.” Lena cut in, her tone as sharp as her jaw when she stuck her chin out to regard Kara as if she was nothing. It didn’t matter that her heart was thudding desperately in her chest because the sight of Kara’s tears glistening like ice over a crystal blue lake reflected a pain Lena couldn’t help but feel herself. She pushed on callously because she was determined to keep a wedge between them. “That was a big if, and I made no commitment to you.”


Kara huffed out a breath and took two long strides towards Lena. Creases of obstinacy appeared on forehead as she argued, “You’ve made plenty of commitments. Every time you touched me, begged me, asked me to knot inside you, they were all commitments, Lena, and I know you must be afraid and worried but—”




Lena slammed her glass down so hard it broke the crystal into a thousand little shards that spilled across the counter like scattered diamonds. “No, don’t you dare continue. You know nothing.” She could feel the tremendous rupture of pain and grief in her heart all over again, a wound that would never truly heal as tears seized her until she was nothing but anger contained in flesh. “You have no idea what I’m going through, how alone I —”


“I would never leave you.” Kara jumped in so quickly that her lips barely moved and then she stepped closer to Lena. “Even if you weren’t pregnant, I’d still be here. I lost my world once, and I thought I found it again on Earth but the truth is, Earth isn’t home to me, Lena. It’s the people here. My family. Alex. It’s you. You’re part of my family. Do you understand? This isn’t just some fling that means nothing to me. It means everything.”


For a precarious second all Lena could do was exhale a shaky breath as thick teardrops rolled down her cheeks.


“Well maybe you should have thought about that before you—”


Lena snapped her mouth shut so hard she could feel the enamel of her teeth cracking.


This wasn’t part of the plan. She couldn’t allow herself to be so easily derailed, or to express her true feelings.


Lena stalked back to the living room, and began grabbing at Kara’s clothes just to fling them at her. “Get dressed.” She snapped irritably, because anger was so much easier to wield than love. It was rougher, stronger, and so easy to keep burning, but love? All that brought Lena was pain. “Alex could be here any second.”


“Wha-why?” Kara sputtered, barely catching her pants before her shoes landed by her feet. “She’s busy at the DEO and—”


“I sent her a message.” Lena hissed, raising her hand to point accusingly at Kara as she kept her distance. “We’re not good for each other. I’m having the worst heat of my life and your rut isn’t helping it. I asked her to bring us both suppressors before we lose our minds to this chemical induced fever!”


Kara looked on the verge of tears, but she was still rock-hard and Lena hated that she enjoyed seeing her ache in multiple ways.


“But I love you.” Kara whispered as she pulled on her pants and fumbled with her bra.


Thankfully the sound of someone banging at her door saved Lena from responding, and she pulled her robe tighter around herself and hurried to answer it.


Alex stepped into the apartment cautiously, as if trying not to judge the scents in the air while she avoided direct eye contact with Lena.


“I brought some other suppressors which I hope will help,” Alex explained and rattled two pill bottles as she handed them over, then turned to leave.


“Well, hold on,” Lena blurted and stuck out her hand to forcibly stop Alex by grabbing her shoulder. “Aren’t you taking Kara with you?”


“So she can just fly back here in an hour when I get distracted at work?” Alex asked and moved through the apartment to get to her sister, who had come towards the door with a dejected expression on her face.


Lena folded her arms and mutely stood aside with the hope that Alex would persuade Kara to go. Instead, she instantly began to regret inviting Alex because she launched into a speech about the topic Lena would rather not discuss with Kara.


“The two of you need to come up with a plan,” Alex asserted and glared at Kara in irritation, not softening for a second. “I get that all of this was unexpected, but there’s a baby involved and you should be able to discuss your feelings openly.”


“I’ve been trying!” Kara cried out with a little quiver of her jaw and glanced towards Lena for confirmation.


Alex’s features darkened as she watched Lena, but she said nothing as Lena pressed her lips together and refused to respond to either of them. Lena tossed a pill bottle towards Kara and retreated to pour herself a glass of water, then popped the lid off of her own bottle.


“You know what? It isn't my place to interfere. You two need to work this out for yourselves, but just do it quickly,” Alex urged. Her eyes blazed as she glanced between Kara and Lena, then narrowed in judgement. “There’s an innocent life about to get caught up in this mess. Figure it out."


Maybe it was because of her rut, or all of the tumultuous emotions from everything they just said to one another, but Kara did something that Lena hadn’t been expecting. She snapped.


“Figure it out?” Kara reiterated with a bitter laugh that must have scratched her throat as she yelled, “Sure Alex, I’ll just go back in time and tell Lena I’m Supergirl the day I met her.”


Lena paused with the pill in her palm, her gaze lifting to curiously take in Kara’s face in this surprising moment of anger. She expected Kara to cave, to react by tucking her proverbial tail between her legs, but this was new. It was red hot and volatile, and Lena could only observe as Kara’s argument with Alex unfolded.


“Is that what this tension between you is all about?” Alex asked, her expression softening as she picked up on the hurt that radiated off of her sister. “Listen, whatever is going on, you can cope with it before the baby is born. Obviously you love each other—”


The sound of Kara’s laughter sent a chill through Lena as the alpha expelled it from her lungs.


With hands on her hips, Kara bent forward and continued to laugh, the sound simultaneously sickening and heart-wrenching as it filled the silence.


“You think she loves me?” Kara asked, her expression amused as she straightened up to rant at Alex. “Lena didn’t come right out and say it, but it’s becoming clear that she hates me. She—she pretended everything was okay between us, but it’s not. Because I lied. And who told me not to tell her the truth, huh? Who said it wasn’t the right time, and to hold off when you knew I was in love with her? Now she can’t stand me—"


That speech caused Alex to step back, her gaze flicking towards Lena before she refocused on Kara. “I don’t think that’s true, Kara,” Alex emphasized. “But you need to come with me, and we can work all of this out later, okay? You’re not thinking straight right now.”


“Straight? Good one, Alex. You’re a hoot.” Kara replied with a grin that was strained and fake. Her expression felt reminiscent of Lillian’s whenever she had to cover for Lionel’s absence, and Lena sucked in a surprised, anguished breath at the sight of it. She had wanted to hurt Kara for months, but seeing her unravel was terrible.


Lena wasn’t sure she could take it, but she held her tongue as Kara blinked back tears.


“I don’t need to listen to you.” Kara announced easily, forcing a smirk to broaden on her face as she added, “I don’t need to listen to anyone.”


“Please,” Alex murmured, her eyes watering as she stepped closer to her sister. “I screwed up, okay? I see that now, but we can still fix the mistakes we made. You and Lena can resolve this—”


“No, we can’t.” Kara fired back, her rough tone and hard sneer enough to paint a clear picture for Alex. “I try so hard to be someone who does good, and I worry so much about what others think of me. But I can’t get it right. Lena doesn’t want me, and I can’t blame her, because I hurt her. I'll never be what she needs.” Kara stated as she grabbed her glasses and pushed them up her nose. She touched the small piece that Brainy had altered and her Super suit materialized around her. “I see that now.”


“No, wait—” Alex faltered as Kara turned her back on her. Kara flew off without a backwards glance and Alex seemed perplexed as she hurried towards Lena, “What the hell just happened?”


Lena couldn’t answer Alex straight away. She was stuck on the sight of Kara’s face as she flew off, broken and miserable in ways Lena never expected.


Her hand mindlessly went to her toned stomach as if a bump was already there. “Isn’t it obvious?” Lena remarked, her voice vacant and small as she stared at the balcony. “She’s gone.”


It filled Lena with dread. A horrible, unwavering dread that had her feeling ill as she considered the prospect of having a child by herself. The more cynical side of Lena wanted her to believe that it was all for the best, and exactly in accordance with her plans, but the omega within her panicked.


“What if she doesn’t come back?” Lena asked quietly as she sank into a chair and sagged under the weight of her anguish.


“She will.” Alex whispered, because what else could she say as she peered up at the empty sky where Kara had been?