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Blue Treasure

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Once Upon a time,


A little boy with an easy smile and a heart of gold.

He lived with his parents and older brother.

The mother, your light.

The father, your protection.

The older brother, your model.

When they were together, the little boy had nothing to worry about, everything would be all right.


But one day,

The light went out.

The protection has abandoned him.

The model has was deformed.


The little boy cried a lot.

Suffered a lot.

Scars were left on his face.

And in your soul.



The little boy grew up.

In the shadow of your deformed model,

It became a scary boy,


His new reality demanded that.

He walked through the darkness,

Following your brother wherever he went.


The power he gained along this path reflected his past,

A power that could erase everything around you,

Just as everything he loved and most treasured was erased from his life.


But one day, in the darkness, the boy saw something shine.

It was a faint glow seen from afar,

But the closer it got,

Stronger became.

He felt confused.

I couldn't understand why something so beautiful was there.

Beautiful as a diamond.

Glowing like crazy in the darkness.


For a moment,

Your golden heart from a long time ago,

That seemed to have been lost,

It seemed to resurface there.

And with him came the desire to gather what little was left of his happy days,

And start over.

Maybe convince your brother that,

if you tried, everything could be all right.


And what was not your sadness in looking back,

And your brother was no longer there.

He was alone.


Until that glow caught her attention again.

Reaching out to reach the source of that glow,

What was not your surprise when came across another boy.


One Boy who carried a map,

And told him that he was looking for a treasure.

It stated that the location of this treasure was marked with an 'X'.

And this boy smiled and smiled at him,

A sweet smile,

As a long time no one offered him.


Let the tears fall,

For the brother,

For the father,

For the mother.


The map boy waited for him to calm down.

Didn't question your motives,

Just thought,

How sad it must be to be there alone.


Putting the map in the hands of the sad boy,

Pointing the 'X' marked on it,

He strove to cheer up the boy,

To convince you to help in your search for that treasure.

The map boy just didn't think it was right to leave that boy there any longer.


Wiping your tears,

He reflected on what he felt as he saw the glow that the other emanated,

Remembering the light your mother emitted in your life,

Deciding to let your heart guide you,

Followed the sparkle of that diamond.


And the 'treasure',

The two later found out,

It was their meeting,

There, in that dark place.


The 'X',

That marked the place,

Were the scars on the face of the one who,

Thanks to the sparkle of the diamond,

Could be the boy with the easy smile and the golden heart he once was.