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Baby, You're a Haunted House

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4 days had passed since Eddie had taken a look at an apartment in Springs Complex. A rental truck and convertible had entered the apartment complex parking lot. A total of 6 bodies had exited out the vehicles.

“Is this the place?” Mike asked while taking a look at their surroundings. The parking lot of the complex wasn’t as crowded.

“Yeah, this is the place.” Eddie pointed at the third floor of the building. “You see that unit near the staircase? That’s my place.”

Eddie made a move to go get the keys for the place while his friends start to unload and carry the different pieces of furniture upstairs. After the unlocking of the apartment and furniture carried on to the third floor, the group entered the place.

“Wow! Can you guys believe it? Our little Eddie has his own place now!” Bev said after gently placing a box full of books onto the floor.

Eddie’s cheeks were flushed with pink. He didn’t appreciate being called little sometimes, but he brushed it off and accepted the praise. “You know, I wouldn’t have done it without you guys. I mean, it was all of you that suggested I leave the crappy dorms.”

He was right. His friends who all had their own places were able to push Eddie to get his own place. Eddie always dreamt of having his own place ever since he graduated high school. That wasn’t possible, however, since Eddie couldn’t afford to get his own unit during his freshman year. But now that dream is a reality.

“Yeah, this place is leagues better than the dorms, Eddie. I’m so jealous of you right now.” Ben jokingly replied while placing a box full of pots and pans on the kitchen floor.

“Oh, come on now. You got a great place, Ben. Also, you guys can swing by here anytime you want, as long as you give me a heads up first.”

“You bet I’m g-gonna crash in your place all the time,” Bill said while placing a wooden chair against the wall.

Eddie chuckled to himself at his friends’ praise. That was one of the many reasons why he loved them. They were very supportive of him when he needed it the most. Admittingly, they were more supportive of him compared to his mom. Speaking of his mom, he wondered how she had been doing. He hadn’t called her for 2 years now. Surprisingly, she hadn’t bothered to call either.

“Hey, earth to Eddie!” Bev poked Eddie’s shoulder. “Where should I put these?”

Beverly had held up a box full of photo albums. Eddie’s eyes widened a bit, quickly snatching the box of prized possessions.

“I can take it from here, Bev. Thanks for giving me notice.” Eddie put on a little forced smile. He made a mental note to himself to organize those later.

“Sure, thing Eddie.” Bev returned the smile and went back downstairs to fetch more things in the rental truck.

“Oh my god, Eddie. I can’t believe you still have these,” Stan had held up a box full of shower caps.

Eddie turned towards Stan and burst out in a fit of laughter. “I can’t believe it either! God, why do I even have that on me?”

The box Stan had held up was what they wore when they were at the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse was the group’s hangout when they were young. Looking at the box brought back fond and joyful memories Eddie had with his best friends.

Eddie took the box from Stan and examined it. “How old were we when we had these? Like 13, right?”

Stan nodded and pulled a curl away from his face. “Yeah, you’re right. It’s actually mines if I remember correctly.”

Eddie had patted the box his curly-haired best friend was still holding. “Well, I feel kinda bad for holding it from you all these years. It’s supposed to be yours anyway.”

“No, you can keep it.” Stan pushed the box to Eddie. “I have no use for it anyway. There are like zero spiders at my place.”

“You never know, you might need it when you least expect it.” Eddie pushed the box back to Stan and gave it a little pat for good luck. Stan was taken back with surprise at Eddie’s action, but he grinned.

“Come on, ya lovebirds. Get back to work.” Bev playfully nudged the pair in the back. “You don’t want to leave the rest of us doing all the heavy lifting.”

“We’re sorry. We just got caught up with this. In fact, catch this!” Eddie threw a shower cap at Bev to which Bev groaned in disgust.

“I don’t know why you just did that! You’re supposed to be a germaphobe!” Bev pulled the shower cap away from her body and threw it at the leader of the friend group. “Hey, Bill! Look out!”

Bill not aware of the spring of events shrieked when he saw a dusty looking shower cap hit him on the shoulder. The trio had begun to explode in a fit of laughter.

“That wasn’t c-cool you guys.”

Mike and Ben came back from grabbing more furniture from the rental truck. They were confused at a disgusted Bill and the trio that was on the floor laughing.

But low and behold, amidst the college students laughing while setting up the place, they were unaware of a ghost observing the group of friends. The ghost noticed how different the group members’ personalities were, but was in awe of how they clicked despite their differences.

Thankfully, this time around, Richie was able to get a better look at the slim man’s face. He had brown eyes, a long nose, and a smile that shined bright that would give the sun a run for its money. He also had neat brunette hair that was combed back. He could list the many reasons on how neat-looking the man “Eddie” was like, but surprisingly, he had tattoos littered on both of his arms. For a tidy person he consists to be, he had never thought a guy like him would get a tattoo. More specifically, more than one tattoo.

Not to mention, Eddie had worn a loose-fitting t-shirt that made his tattoos go on display. But all of that didn’t matter compared to how irritated he can easily get. Bill had almost dropped a vase and Eddie scolded him for it. He noticed how desperately he didn’t want to scold some of his friends, but he couldn’t help but burst when something wasn’t on par with him.

Richie smirked to himself as he kept watching Eddie. He had made up his mind on a housewarming treat to his roommate. And that was to make Eddie’s life a living hell. The ghost wished he had some popcorn right now because the brunette was in for a treat.