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Baby, You're a Haunted House

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Eddie couldn’t imagine Richie to be even more annoying than he was. But much to his shock, he proved he was a thousand times more annoying as hell. Despite Eddie initially admitting he didn’t want to know more about the ghost, it was actually entertaining. Admittingly, it was difficult to keep up with the ghost because he kept jumping from topic to topic. He swore Richie could’ve been a rapper if he kept speaking too fast. However, there were quite a few things he learned about the ghost. He had learned Richie was a drama major, good at impressions, and super gay. Speaking about his sexuality, Richie didn’t miss an opportunity to make a gay joke. His jokes were suffocating. The brunette offered the occasional response to the ghost’s stories, but the ghost wasn’t having this at all.

“When I said I wanted to get to know you, I meant you. Not me. I’m flattered you would listen to me blabber though.” Richie put on a little grin.

Eddie scowled. He didn’t want to talk about himself. He was afraid the ghost would use it to blackmail him or something. On another note, he quite frankly didn’t like to open up to people who he didn’t naturally converse with.

“I would bore you to death with my own stories. I promise you. You’re way more interesting than me.”

“Wait, did you just compliment me?” Richie genuinely asked. “I knew we were making progress on our relationship.”

“Relationship? I’ve told you several times I wouldn’t date you ya piece of junk.” Eddie fought back.

“You mean hot piece of junk, right? You can’t deny we got chemistry, babe. I can see it in your eyes.” Richie whispered the last part in his ear. Eddie felt his breath, which he hated that sensation.

He shoved all those weird thoughts popping inside his mind. “Are we done here? I want to do my homework.”

“Why do your homework when you can do me instead?”

And there he goes again with the crude jokes. He is going to find a way to kill the ghost no matter if that didn’t make any sense. He would fire another remark, but he was getting tired of the useless bickering. It all seemed so pointless to him now. He made a run to his room, but the ghost cried out loud.

“Aye! Where are you going? You haven’t told me anything about you, Eddie spaghetti!”

Eddie stopped in his tracks and turned to the transparent figure. “What did you just call me?”

“Eddie spaghetti. A nice ring it has!” Richie said in Yoda’s voice. Eddie tried his best to not stifle a giggle at the ghost’s spot-on impression.

Resist! You must resist! You don’t want him to be victorious!

Richie made his way towards Eddie. When he was close to Eddie, he whispered in his ear, not dropping the Yoda voice, “Give in already just. Trash in your place right, you don’t want?”

Richie’s phantom breath tickled him a bit and he almost shuddered. What was up with him whispering in his ear? He didn’t know how to respond.

Richie noticing Eddie’s discomfort dropped the Yoda voice and gave Eddie some space. “If you’re really that uncomfortable, you can just tell me one thing. One thing and I’ll stop bothering you, okay?”

Seeing the ghost being concerned was a first. Even though he didn’t know Richie for too long, it felt odd to see him down. Being sad didn’t suit the ghost at all.

Swallowing his disgust, the brunette said, “I like to cook, okay?”

Richie blinked and his famous shit-eating grin came back, “Oh really? Well, do you want to make a burger? I'll bring the beef and you can bring the buns.”

“I regret ever speaking.” Eddie groaned and put his face in his hands. This was probably a mistake.

Richie quickly replied, “I bet you’re a great cook though. If I was alive, I would love to try your cooking.”

Eddie’s eyebrows furrowed and looked up at the ghost across from him. “Maybe I won’t poison you.”

Richie fired back with another suggestive comment. “How could you poison me when you’ve poisoned me with your dashing good looks?”

But somehow, he gradually let his guard down and eased into the conversation. Richie was contagious. The way he spoke and the body language he displayed was too hard not to look at. He was a literal walking chick magnet. Richie was probably the popular kid in school and was always getting all the girls and guys. He actually wondered if the ghost had gone steady with someone, but he wouldn’t dare say that to his face. He also noticed the ghost displayed so much confidence, a trait he always desired but couldn’t work towards achieving it. He had to thank his mother for making him never able to be like that.

But there was one thing that couldn’t leave Eddie’s mind. And he had to get it out.

“So, I was wondering, how did you figure out you were a ghost?”

“Well, when I tried to open that door,” Richie pointed to said door. “My hand went through the door.”

“But if your hand could go through the door, couldn’t you walk through the door? I thought ghosts can walk through walls and stuff.”

“As if I already didn’t try that way.” Richie sarcastically said and pointed at his body. “I thought ghosts can walk through walls, but all that stuff is a big fat lie.”

“Is there any chance you remembered how you died?” The question made Eddie uncomfortable, but he couldn’t deny wanting to know more about Richie’s transformation as a ghost.

“I don’t remember at all. All I remember was waking up to an empty apartment and that I’m translucent.” Richie’s happy demeanor disappeared as he talked about this. Eddie was stunned from Richie’s response. He couldn’t find the right words to say after he filled an emotional atmosphere between the two. Silence fell onto the pair.


But suddenly the phone rang, interrupting the awkward silence that fell on the pair. Eddie left his spot on the couch, not noticing Richie’s little pout.


“Hey, Eddie. Where are you?” Stan asked.

“I’m at my apartment. Why?” It quickly dawned onto the brunette that he and his friends had a group study session tonight. He also most certainly forgot all about it.

“Oh shit! I am so sorry. I got super caught up with my homework that I must’ve lost track of time.” Eddie lied about the last part. He didn’t want his friends knowing that a ghost was trying to befriend him.

“Oh no, that’s fine. Are you still coming?” Eddie could hear his friends chatting in the background of the call.

“Yeah, yeah I am. I’ll be there in a few. You guys can start the study session without me though.”

“Okay, I’ll see you there.” Eddie hung up the phone and started to walk towards his bedroom to grab the stuff he needed.

“What was that? You got a date?” Richie yelled at the brunette.

“Uh no. I have this group study session with my friends and I forgot about it.” He yelled back as he was putting a bunch of stuff in his backpack.

“Wow. I’m irresistible to you, Eds.” Richie proudly commented.

“No, you’re not.” Eddie left his room with his backpack slung over his shoulder and keys in hand. “Anyways, I’ll be going now and you behave.”

“Can’t I tag along with you instead? I promise I’ll be a good boy.” Richie pleaded with puppy dog eyes and his transparent hands clasped together.

Eddie thought about it for a moment. If he stays, he might throw a fit and mess up his place again, which isn’t what he wants. And if he goes with him, there’s the possibility he might screw things up with his friends. He mentally kicked himself. He really wasn’t going to like both outcomes.

“You have to behave, okay?” Eddie told this to Richie as if he was talking to a little kid. “And no fucking things up with my friends? I don’t want to lose friendships tonight. They’re my childhood friends and the only friends I have.”

“Anything for you, Eddie spaghetti.” Richie got up from the couch and followed Eddie to the door.

Could this day get any worse?


Richie never liked the quiet. It was nerve-wracking and awkward. That was one of the main reasons why he never liked the library at all. Not to mention the quiet can be lonely. Maybe he felt like this after being alone for a year in silence. He couldn’t believe he begged to tag along with Eddie to one of the places he never liked! On the plus side, he gets to meet Eddie’s friends (informally). But the ghost was itching for some kind of action to occur during the study sesh.

When the pair made it to the library, Eddie’s friends had warmly greeted the brunette before continuing their studying. Richie saw Eddie left his side and take the remaining empty chair that was in between a guy with light brown curls and the only girl in the group. The brunette placed his backpack on the floor. He chatted happily with the guy with light brown curls.

Despite being invisible to most of the people at the table, Richie couldn’t help but feel awkward. He felt he didn’t belong there. His cheery mood was fading when he saw Eddie laugh with the others. The brunette didn’t acknowledge his presence as soon as he sat at the table. Maybe this was a bad idea, after all, the ghost thought.

Eddie glanced at where Richie stood for a few seconds and got up from his spot. The sound of Eddie’s chair moving caught the ghost off guard.

“Where are you going, Eddie?” The guy with the light brown curls questioned the brunette, a little confused at his actions.

“I’m just going to get another chair. Don’t mind me, Stan.” The curly-haired boy shrugged this off and continued his task of making flashcards. Eddie made his way to the nearest table to find a chair. Lucky enough, he was able to find one not too far from the friend group. He quickly carried the chair he found and made his way back to his friends. When he was nearing his friends’ table, he put the chair a little close to his chair.

Richie whispered a quick thanks as he sat on the chair. In return, Eddie nodded and went back to conversing with the guy with light brown curls. It was strange, but Richie didn’t feel like starting any shenanigans at the moment. Instead, Richie observed the friend group. 30 minutes passed by and the group was chatting to each other quietly. He finally was able to point out everyone’s names with ease. Along with learning their names, he got to know them a little better. Bill stuttered a lot but was a great writer. Mike was into anthropology. Beverly and Ben were a thing. He could tell by the constant flirting they send to each other. And finally, Stan was the one with the light brown curls. He seemed to be a lot like Eddie. Tidy, a little uptight, and good at making remarks.

Richie noticed Eddie seemed super close to Stan. He looked at the pair. The brunette was laughing quietly at something the curly-haired boy said. They looked good together. Was Eddie sure about being single?

“So, w-why were you late Eddie?” Bill spoke after looking up from his textbook.

“I told you guys I was invested in my homework and lost track of time,” Eddie says as he highlighted something in his notebook.

“For 45 minutes? That must be some difficult homework.” Ben plays with his pencil.

“I’m serious you guys! That’s just a one-time thing. I promise I won’t be late next time if I upset you guys tonight.” Eddie looks up from his notebook and put his hands up in the air in defense.

“We’re not mad, Eddie. Just worried.” Bev put a hand on Eddie’s shoulder after Eddie put his hands down. “Better late than never am I right, boys?”

The rest of the group hummed in approval. Richie couldn’t help but feel a little angry at Eddie’s friends. Recalling what Eddie had said earlier, they were childhood friends. Surely, they would be a little understanding of him, right?

“Maybe Eddie’s got a little new roommate he didn’t tell us about,” Stan noted.

Richie could’ve sworn he had seen all the color in Eddie’s face disappear.

“Wait, what?” Bev let her hand on Eddie’s shoulder drop. “You’ve always wanted a place to yourself. How did you get a roommate and who are they?”

“Stan’s just joking around.” Eddie laughed a little. “I don’t have a roommate.”

“Oh no. Eddie, hasn’t this roommate of yours messing with your place?”

“Stan! Drop it.” Eddie whispered shouted.

Richie had enough of what was happening at the moment. Before Richie knew what he was doing, he stood up from his seat and shoved Stan out of his chair. Stan was shocked at the sudden action and yelped a little. The rest of Eddie and Stan’s friends got up from their seats to see if Stan was okay. Richie took a few steps backwards, surprised at the way he reacted.

Eddie quickly helped Stan back on his feet. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good. I’m not wounded.” Stan snarkily replied.

“Hey, it’s been fun studying with you guys, but I actually gotta go now.” Eddie looked at where Richie stood before looking back at his friends. “I’ll see you guys on campus tomorrow.” The brunette started packing his things and waved goodbye to his friends. Richie silently followed Eddie.

Eddie’s friends waved him goodbye and went back to their seats confused at what had just happened. Eddie, on the other hand, was furious at what Richie did.


When Eddie and Richie went inside the apartment, Eddie dropped his things on the floor and slammed the door shut.

“What the hell was that back there?!” Eddie shouted at the ghost. “You hurt Stan!”

“But Stan was interrogating you! Also, he said he was fine!” Richie retorted.

“I can handle myself, Richie. It’s not up to you to take things into your own hands.”

“I guess you don’t want me here then, huh? Fine. Just pretend I don’t exist since you said it yourself that you don’t have a roommate.” After saying this, Richie hid in the corner of Eddie’s living room curled up in a ball. He didn’t know what had gotten into him to do what he did to Stan. After being alone for such a long time, all the ghost wanted was a friend. How hard could that be?