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Blooming Birthday Candle

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The date has come. 8th November, marking another year has passed by and solid proof that he was still alive, healthy, and happy with his husband, cats, and so many children (official and non-official). 


Shouta looked at the table calendar beside his king size bed, the perk of having a celebrity for a husband. 


It has been years since someone else other than his family, and Hizashi and Nemuri, celebrated his birthday. Last year, the bond between him and his students deepen more than his previous students. He finally found people who weren’t scared at him, not that his students weren’t but it was lesser. 


Last year they made a surprise party for him. Confetti, cokes, cakes mixed into one big of a mess. Aizawa let them partied until midnight, resulting in a bunch of sleepy kids in his morning class. 


He kinda worried about this year. The kids have been great. They passed their final tests, gaining their own provisional license, and clearly LoV didn’t waste more than two weeks before ambushing them even when they were studying. Their relationship between students and teacher were based on layers of trust and respect, which was a fundamental point in pro-heroes relationship. 


However, despite being on a highway to be a wonderful pro-hero, having a tight connection meant getting bolder and much more mischievous. Their last prank included him inside and that was a no no in his book. Shouta released them with a 10-page paper on describing the purpose of a prank and its use in making an ambush plan. 


This year Shouta’s marriage status has been revealed to his students. Most of them were shocked, as expected, but excited nonetheless. Shouta was 100% sure they would rope Hizashi in tomorrow’s surprise. 


A late night sound of keys jingling made him walked outside his bedroom to the living room. When the door opened, his three official kids bound inside full of happiness and tiredness. Eri quickly disentangled her hand from Shouto and ran up to his sweat pants. 


“Daddy! We are back!”


Shouta took her into his arms the way she loved it. She gave him a chuckle and a peck to his cheek. 


“Sorry it’s so late, dad”


Hitoshi said. Shouto beside him nodded. In their hands were several plastic bags from a super market in the area. They had offered him to buy their monthly supplies and Shouta gave them the money and told them to be safe, as most parents would. 


“No worries. Place the bags on the counter. I will put the groceries while you guys rest”


Both boys nodded. They retreated to the plushy sofa while he placed each content into cabinets and refrigerator. Eri became his little helper. When they finished, Eri guided his hand to come into the living room to watch some movies with Shouto and Hitoshi. The cats slipped in the crooks between their bodies.


When the clock strucked 11.30, the door was opened once again to reveal his blonde husband. 




Shouto and Hitoshi were startled awake. They had fallen asleep on the couch and was in the middle of dreaming when Hizashi came back. Eri, who also had followed to the dreamland had awoken with a start, but she quickly came to her sense. She looked to her left and right, trying to figure out where she was before she climbed down Shouta's lap and done the same thing to Hizashi, running to her dad's leg. 




"Hey there, little listener!!"


Eri loved it when her papa called her little listener because she was the only who was named so by Hizashi. As usual, Hizashi took Eri in his arms and walked to the couch. The DJ walked to Shouta's side, leaned down to peck him on the lips before taking a place beside the awaken boys. 


"Watcha' watching?"


"Detyective Conaaaa--"


Hitoshi replied while yawning and rubbing his eyes. He stood up and bounded to the kitchen to make a mug of tea. Since he had slept for an hour, he probably wouldn't be asleep for another 3 hours, a disadvantage of having insomnia as a part of your sleeping life. 


Shouto meanwhile stretched on the couch, hands upward and upper body curved to the right and left. Beside him, Mocha was also stretching her body. It was so eventful that Hizashi had took a picture to commemorate said event. 


"Shouto, want some tea?"


Hitoshi asked from the kitchen.




He said loud enough, then he snuggled back into the leather comfort of the sofa and melt there. Mocha turned into a puddle on his left side. Macha strolled to him to join the only female cat. He purred loud enough beside Mocha. 


Another 35 minutes later, he heard a series of knocks. 


Shouta looked up from the wide tv screen to his families around. None of them made a move to be aware of the sound of someone thumping their door. So Shouta prepared himself to relax once again. Probably he was just hearing things. The knock had sound so soft, he reasoned. 


Not a second before he tried to focus back on the actor, the knock had sound even more viscious than before, like someone was trying to knock down his door with a hammer. Funnily, it also accompanied with muffle angry comments behind the wooden door. 


Shouta stared back at his family with a single brow raised. 


How in the damn hell they were all looked like they hear nothing when Shouta was getting more and more annoyed by their impromptu guest?


He was still staring confused at them, afraid that something will happen like a villain popped out from behind the television, when he answered "I'm coming!" and walked to the door. His husband rigid back was on his peripheral sight. 


Shouta didn't bother to check the fish eye hole on the door, he just hoped that the guy would walk away or something so he could interrogate his fishy families attitude or probably making them go to the ENT specialist. 


"What c-"




Rather than surprised, he was not at all pleased to encounter an angry Bakugou in the middle of the night. The blonde was in the middle of the pack, the leader of his school mates who were standing behind him. He looked well dressed with moss green jacket and broken white sweater. The blonde waste no time to explain before marching inside his apartment yelling 'idiots' and 'Half and half' all the way. Shouta's eyes trailing on Bakugou before he smelled smoke and a call of 'sensei' before he was drenched. 



In 15 more minutes, the clock would signal the change of date into 8th November. Class 2-A had red marked tomorrow as Aizawa-Sensei's birthday and of course being a diligent students who respect and adore their homeroom teacher, they planned a birthday suprise just like last year. This year they have many help. Todoroki Shouto and Shinsou Hitoshi as Aizawa-Sensei's official sons helped as much as they could with afternoon preparation. Present Mic, their english teacher and homeroom teacher's spouse helped in making his husband stayed in the apartment. 


Class 2-A had made a cake, courtesy of their classmate slash chef Rikido Satou. The cake was quite big in size, has so many cats decorations and every cat things. For gifts Ashido had prepared something, probably another prank for their poor homeroom teacher. In the last minute preparation, Sero had changed the expensive candles with magic candles, the one which wouldn't die easily, and a flower candle, flower shape that bloomed and sing 'happy birthday' when lightened. Rikido placed the flower-shaped candle in the middle and the magic candles in one corner near the flower because they couldn't put it anywhere else with the amount of cat decoration there was. Anyway, they had came to the apartment, standing in the lobby while waiting for the others to arrive. Present Mic had told the staff to give them access to their penthouse apartment in the top floor. Tsuyu and Jirou came the last and they went up. 


When they saw the digital watch in Kirishima's wrist turned to 23.59, they lit the candles. It went nicely. One candle was enough to lit the others since it was huddled in the corner together. Unfortunately the fire also light up the flower and it started to sing the birthday song when it supposed to be lightened by their teacher. 


So they quickly knock the only door in the floor in panic. It was probably their mistake because Kouda was the once in charge for knocking. The knocks were too soft and could easily be misheard. Then it became even worse when Kaminari shouted.




17 pairs of eyes watched in horror as the magic candles were lit and created a big fire. Apparently, being jammed together made the fire accumulate and smoke starting to came out of it. The mechanical sound of birthday song was a nice touch in the horror situation they were in. Bakugou finally strode forward and thumped the door loudly. Their Sensei was out in one minute but it was too late. The smoke from the fire was too much that the fire alarm went off and the sprinkler turned on, drenching them all in the middle of the night. 



Shouta thanked the heaven for turning off the fire that was turning his birthday cake into overcooked one. The water from the sprinkler had diminished the big fire and sadly drenched the cake, even the part which was still edible. The glazed Rikido had worked so hard had melted. Said chef looked disheartened at his now soggy and burnt masterpiece. 


Now Shouta stared at 17 kids in his living room, drenched with water and looking dejected as hell. Hizashi was still working on the hellish flower candle that wouldn't stop singing. He had tried to sink it into a bucket of water, crushing it, and yelling at it with his quirk and the flower still wouldn't stop singing. In the last effort, he put it into the trash bin and covered it with plastics and old newspapers. Then he simply placed it in a corner of the living room. Mocha, Macha, and Mango sat on their hind legs while staring at the mysterious black bag resembling a dark cult. 


Aizawa turned his attention to Shouto and Hitoshi who had distributed towels to their friends. 




"Uhh....happy birthday"


Hitoshi said, but it sounded more like a question. 


In front of him were his students kneeling, a ruined birthday cake, and the sound of Hizashi cursing at the bag in the corner. When Eri poked the burnt cake with her finger and licked it and made this particular face, he couldn't handle it. 


At first it was just a soft chuckle, then it escalated into a maniacal laughter that filled the room. 


His students were staring at him, shocked, when he wiped away a stray tear from the corner of his eye. 


"You kids really done it"


Shining eyes full of hope looked up to him and Shouta really couldn't blame them. It was really a surprise, not a very pleasant surprise but surprising indeed.


"Thank you for the cake"


Then they had stood and really tried to towel themselves dry for real. Hitoshi and Shouto gave their clothes for the boys to change and Hizashi bought new ones for the girls. Shouta himself went to change into another soft cotton shirt. When he came out, confetti were popped and the students, kids, and husband was there.


"Happy birthday!!!"


Shouta gave a sigh before giving them a small smile.


"Thank you"


The kids cheered happily. He padded into the living room to find it full of foods and snacks. The part-soggy-part-burnt cake was still there in the table. Beside it was another cake, definitely freshly bought from the bakery downstairs. Hizashi really worked fast in picking up necessary things. 


His husband wandered to his side and brought their lips into a soft, short, kiss. Shouta couldn't help smiling fondly and ignoring the catcalls from his students. Hizashi gently pulled their faces near. His green orbs staring lovingly at him.


"Happy birthday, Sho"


"Thank you, Zashi"


...and he was euphoric. 


"Sensei! We have a gift for you!"


It was Hagakure's voice. He leaned quick for another peck before padding to the dining room where the bakusquad were, minus Bakugou. Hagakure handed him a small black rectangle box topped with a beautiful golden yellow ribbon. Shouta murmured his thanks before unboxing it in front of them. His eyes widen in surprise when he saw a pen, the branded one, lying neatly inside the box. Beneath it was a card from his students wishing him happy birthday. 


He nearly cry. 


But then Ashido, eyes glinting mischievously, handed him another thing- 


"You see, Sensei, that pen actually has a purpose"


-a folder after he inspected it. Just a plain cheap plastic folder actually, with several papers inside. He took one of them out and read it. He scanned it quick and found that it literally said :


The one who signed below has agreed to adopt Ashido Mina, Class 2-A student, to be his unofficial adopted kid. 




(Aizawa Shouta)


Shouta turned to the next piece of paper and yeah. It said the same thing except the student name was changed to Ojiro. He was sure there would be 17 of it. 


He couldn't believe it. After he turned down their first prank, his students prepared his gift in purpose. He gave a small snort before placing the folder on the dining table and sat. he signed on the appropriate blank space above his name and put it aside. 




"Yes sir!"


She spoke beside him, startled from happiness of seeing her homeroom teacher actually played along. 


"Make your unofficial father a coffee. There is still so many to sign and I need to be awaken for it"


Her eyes were full of sparkles. She gave him a salute before sauntering into the kitchen and brought him back a mug of fresh coffee. The whole night was spent partying and lounging in his livid living room, feeling beyond happy with his new unofficial kids. Hitoshi and Shouto actually pouted when Hizashi also signed the papers beside his signature. Only Eri getting confused over the definition of unofficial. Hizashi and he laid down soft blankets and pillows on the floor to cover the cold wooden tile for the kids to sleep. There was no way he would let any of them came home in 3.09 a.m. When the last awaken student, Tokoyami had asleep, he turned the light off. Eri had been placed on her bed before both boys went back to their friends pile of sleeping bodies and slept in the empty spaces. Hizashi came up beside him and smiled at them. Then he gently lead Shouta to their bedroom where he handed a big box. Shouta didn't hesitate to open it and gasped in surprise when he found a yellow hygger, a sleeping bag with arms and legs. Shouta hugged his husband of 7 years, murmuring a soft thank you in his ear. Hizashi replied with an equally soft 'welcome'. Then they both arranged themselves to cuddle together and slept soundly. 


In the morning they found the flower candle was still singing in broken tunes, probably because the battery was almost drained. Shouta let Shouto burnt it into crisp.