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Time had managed to slip through his fingers again, and all of a sudden it was past six o’clock on a Friday night, and Shouta was still working on grading papers from his Hero Studies class.

He had to stop himself a considerable amount of times from slamming his head down on his desk and screaming. The papers were just so stupid sometimes. But he steeled himself and kept working through the six he had remaining.

Some were better than others he’ll admit, but not by a lot. He was glad to see that a few students had retained what he had said and wrote good essays, but the rest? They just made his head hurt.

He almost threw the last one on the pile with the rest of the graded papers once he finished. But instead, he just put it down gently and put his grading pen back in its place. Glancing around, he saw that he was the only one left in the staff room, and he wasn’t very surprised about that. The clock did read 7:30 PM after all.

Due to his habit of working way past his hours, he and Hizashi took two different cars to work, which allowed his husband and son to go home at a reasonable hour.

Thinking of his family made Shouta feel a bit better about finishing his work. Wanting to get home as soon as possible, he practically shoved all of his things into his bag, then putting it over his shoulder.

The halls were silent as he walked through them to his car. He had gotten used to the loud echoing sound of the halls long ago when he was still a student here. As much as he had learned from being at UA, he tried not to think back to it much, as it held some painful memories.

Now though, he was able to see it in a better light. He saw the hallways where his students were growing into heroes, the halls where his son was learning that he could make just as much of a difference as the others.

Shouta had always thought fondly of Hitoshi after seeing him in the entrance exams. The boy had reminded him of himself at that age; struggling to be seen in a world full of flashy heroes. So when the time came to offer internships to the students, he wasted no time putting one in for Hitoshi.

He had been training the boy for months before he found out about his home life. He and Hizashi had jumped through so many hoops and torn down so much red tape to get Hitoshi into their custody as fast as they could. But, in the end, it was all worth it.

Being in a safe environment, as well as now being in the hero course, had done wonders for Hitoshi, and both Shouta and Hizashi had seen how his confidence had grown.

As he drove home, he kept thinking about his family. He and Hizashi were better than ever, Hitoshi was more confident, and Eri, well, Eri was now acting a little bit more like a little girl.

His heart had broken in two when he was first put on the mission to rescue Eri, but he had fought tooth and nail to get her back. Thankfully, the mission was a success (even with everything they lost that day) and Eri was put in Shouta and Hizashi’s custody since she was the most comfortable with him.

Just the other day she had asked him to play dress-up with her and Shouta swore he could hear Hizashi cry out in happiness three rooms over.


His family was good, his life was good.

But this? This wasn’t good.

The kitchen was in complete disarray. Almost every surface was drenched in cake batter, and some had even made its way out into the living room.

In the middle of the whole catastrophe were his idiotic husband and both of his children.

“Welcome home!” Hizashi exclaimed, putting Eri down from where she was propped up on his hip. While walking over to him Shouta watched as he nearly fell over from some batter that he had managed to slip on.

Shouta just let out a huge sigh and let himself get wrapped up in a hug from Hizashi. As much as he was upset with the other, he could admit that the hug was comforting after the long day he had.

Over the blond’s shoulder, he could see Hitoshi wiping some of the batter off of Eri’s face, who was desperately trying to escape the wet towel he was using.

He buried his face in Hizashi’s shoulder, “What in the seven hells happened Zashi?”

He gets a nervous chuckle in return but he just gets hugged tighter. “Well, that’s a surprise, Shou! You’ll just have to wait a bit!”

Shouta shakes his head and pulls away, carefully stepping over the batter. Hitoshi looks up and gives him a nervous grin. “Uh, welcome home Sensei?” Eri takes his awkwardness as an opportunity to escape and launches herself into Shouta’s chest.

He’s gotten used to her doing this so he stays upright and catches her easily. “Hi, Shouta! We tried to bake something but it went everywhere!” She tells him with a bright smile on her face.

Shouta finds himself smiling too, “Well I can see that. Did you at least have fun?”

She nods quickly before burying her face in his shoulder. Shouta just carries her further into the kitchen, picking out the pieces of dried batter that are all over her hair.

Hitoshi is still slightly grinning while using the towel he had to wipe his own face off. “It’s not as bad as it looks,” he trys to justify but Shouta just rolls his eyes, not believing it for a second.


They spend the better part of an hour cleaning the kitchen. Or well, he and Hizashi do after sending Hitoshi and Eri to go clean themselves up. Hizashi just laughs at the glare that he gives him, pulling him into another hug.

It really wasn't as bad as it looked like Hitoshi said. The batter came off easily with some water, and even though they were completely out of towels by the end, it didn’t take very long.

Hizashi however, was a complete and total mess. Apparently, he had been in the epicenter of the disaster, so he was covered head to toe in the tan batter. Shouta also had some on him since Hizashi had insisted on giving him many hugs as they cleaned.

Eventually, Hizashi forced him out of the kitchen with the claim that he would finish the rest of it, and that Shouta should go and change into something to go out to dinner in, because apparently they were now going out to dinner.

Not protesting, Shouta made his way to their bedroom. He could hear the running water of the shower and figured that Hitoshi was cleaning up. Ducking his head into Eri’s room proved this to be true, as she was sitting there coloring one of the many coloring books she had.

Her hair was wet so Hitoshi must’ve given her a bath. Good.

He and Hizashi had initially been worried about introducing Hitoshi to Eri when he first moved in with them since she had only lived with them for a month at that point. Turns out that they had no real reason to be nervous since Hitoshi was glad to be a brother to the little girl.

Eri seemed to like him a lot and trusted him just as much as the other two adults. He was patient with her and could understand he pain better than Shouta and Hizashi ever could.

One of their two cats, Cheese Ball, was asleep on their bed. The other was nowhere to be seen, but Shouta figured she was probably somewhere in Hitoshi’s room.

After moving the cat to the floor he sat down on the bed and started the long process of getting his hero costume off.

While it wasn’t nearly as bad as Hizashi’s costume, (how he deals with it, Shouta doesn't know), he still had lots of little parts to his. Things like light body armor and concealed tools were attached to him and took quite a bit of time to take off.

Apparently, Hizashi had thought ahead and put out some of Shouta’s nicer clothes on the head of the bed. He wasn’t surprised, his husband did love to pick out his clothes when he got the chance. If Shouta was the one in charge of his outfits, he would be going outside every day in sweatpants and a sweater.

Said man walked in while he was pulling the shirt on and gave him a kiss on the cheek before moving to the closet and digging through it. Shouta noticed that he had managed to get all the batter out of his hair, which he knew from experience was a feat in and of itself.

“So, are you going to tell me what the hell happened out there?” Shouta asked his husband, who was still rifling through the closet.

He paused for a second, “…I’ll tell you soon enough,” he responded before going back to digging around for what Shouta could only assume was the perfect outfit.

Knowing that he wasn’t going to get anything else out of him, Shouta turned and left the room.

Hitoshi and Eri were sitting in the living room when he entered, with Hitoshi reading a book to her on the couch as she continued to color the same picture from earlier.

He got a small nod from Hitoshi as he walked past and he ruffled his wild purple hair, which earned him a small glare in return. He ignored this and poked his head into the kitchen. To his surprise it was practically spotless, the only thing out of place was the stack of dirty dishes that had been left in the sink.

Deciding that those could be taken care of later, Shouta made his way back to the living room, picking up his bag from where he had dropped it in the front hall earlier. Knowing that it would take Hizashi a little bit to get ready, he made himself comfortable in front of the kotatsu and pulling out some homework sheets that he hadn’t graded yet.

Eri soon joined him at the kotatsu, putting her coloring on the table and trying to look all serious while working on it, how he looked as he worked on his grading. He ruffled her hair a bit at this, which earned him a smile from her.

Hitoshi apparently gave up trying to read more to her, and instead pulled out his own homework and sat with the other two. Shouta held himself back from mentioning that Hitoshi was given that work three days ago and still hadn’t worked on it.

He figured he would harp on him about that later on.

Shouta only got through a few papers before Hizashi finally made his way out of their bedroom. “Are we all ready to go?” He said with a clap that startled Eri for a second. She got it over quickly and forgot all about her coloring as she leaped into his arms.

He held onto her with a laugh, “I suppose that means a yes?” Shouta nodded as he put away his stuff, making sure that Hitoshi was doing the same.

After putting Eri in her car seat, Hizashi insisted that he be the one to drive since he was the one that knew where they were going. Once again, Shouta didn’t protest, not finding himself to even want to drive in the first place.

He pulled the car out of the driveway and started on their way, putting on the radio as he did so. It was always tuned to his own station no matter what, since he claimed it was the only station that played the kinds of music that he liked.

They took the familiar route to a restaurant that he and Hizashi had been going to since they first rented an apartment together almost eleven years ago. It was much more open and busy than the cafe that he took Hitoshi to after training some days, but it was just as enjoyable.

Hizashi had started talking about his day at some point, going on about the improvement in class A in English that he was seeing. Shouta was pleased with this. It was most likely due to both Yaoyorozu and Bakugo tutoring their respective friends, but it was still something.

“Oh yeah, I’m going to need some help with some English homework Hizashi,” Hitoshi pipes up from the back seat.

Hizashi hummed, “Is it on the sheet that I passed out yesterday?”

“Yeah, I don’t really get some of the questions.”

“That’s alright!” Hizashi exclaims, “I’d be happy to help out!”

Shouta sees Hitoshi turn and looks towards him. “I’m catching up fast on all the work that you gave me to be at the same level as the rest of the class. It should only be a few more days before I have it all done.”

“Good, make sure you give it all to me then.” Shouta was proud of him. He knew that the amount of work he had given him was a lot, so seeing that he was done with it only 2 months after receiving it was proof of just how dedicated Hitoshi was to the hero course.

The conversation was cut short by them arriving, and all of them pilled out of the car and into the restaurant. It was bustling, as was expected of a Friday night, but to Shouta’s relief the sound was only at a low murmur.

Shouta was still a bit confused as to why they were here in the first place, but he decided to let it go and just enjoy being together with his family.


Dinner went by quickly. Eri was slightly confused about some of the things on the menu, but other than that, everything was enjoyable. Hitoshi had mainly filled the time talking about how he was getting along with the other kids in class 1-A.

Shouta will admit that he was surprised that he was more involved with Bakugo’s friends than the others in his class, but he supposed it was better than having no friends at all.

The ride home was quiet and peaceful since Eri had fallen asleep the moment she was buckled in, and Hitoshi had put in headphones.

Taking the opportunity to just talk to Hizashi, he asked the question again; “What has been going on today that makes you want to go out to dinner and apparently bake something?”

Hizashi takes his eyes off the road and looks at him incredulously. “You seriously don’t know, do you?”

Shouta just shakes his head.

“Of course you would forget. Well like I said, you’ll see when we get home.”

Now Shouta was just exasperated. Apparently, he had forgotten something, but he couldn’t for the life of him remember what it was.

He didn’t have much time to think about it before they were pulling into the house. Shouta carefully lifted Eri out of the car, making sure that she stayed asleep. Hizashi had already gone inside and turned on the lights, so it was easy for him to make his way into her room and put her properly to bed.

Hitoshi gave him a small hug and a quiet “good night” as he walked past to his own room. Shouta bid him goodnight and headed back to the living room where Hizashi was sitting with a movie on.
Shouta got a large smile and a hug from him as he sat down on the couch, and he let himself melt into it. He would never admit it, but he did quite like the hugs that Hizashi randomly gave him.

They curled up together on the couch, reveling in each other’s presence and the calm of the room around them.

Before he could drift off to sleep in the warm embrace of his husband, Hizashi kissed his head. “Happy birthday,” he whispered while leaning his head on Shouta’s.

Shouta could only smile as he sank into sleep. Of course, that was what he had forgotten.