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“F*CK!” Shayne screamed, causing Courtney, Noah, Keith, and Olivia to wake up.

“What the h*ll, man? I was havin’ a great dream! Keith protested.

“Are you sure you still aren’t? Look at me!” Everyone glanced around at each other and figured their eyes were playing tricks on them. But when they looked again, they knew it wasn’t a prank.

“Oh my God, you’re… me?!” Courtney screeched. “Well f*ck, now I’m in Shayne’s body!”

“Ugh, I’m in Olivia!” Keith groaned.

“And I’m Noah!” She replied frantically. “Sh*t. Sleepovers suck.”

“Guess who’s Keith?” Noah unenthusiastically asked.

“I wonder how long the magical gods of fate are going to give us to sort this out,” Shayne frustratedly satirized.

“No matter how funny this may be for you, it isn’t for me. I have to piss standing up!” Courtney freaked out.

“Me too!” Olivia agreed.

“And Keith and I have to go sitting down,” Shayne related.

“Okay, ground rules, no f***ing up other people’s lives. Don’t do anything stupid like do stuff or insult someone in their body. Go into the correct bathroom. Don’t react to your real name, react to your body’s name. Like, I have to look up when someone says Keith,” Noah (Keith) orders. The man in the example Olivia’s body) did look up, actually. “See, like that. You have to respond to Olivia.” She did not react. (A/N: so now we will be referring to them as their bodies. Shayne is now ‘Courtney’, Courtney is now ‘Shayne’, Keith is now ‘Olivia’, Olivia is now ‘Noah’, and Noah is now ‘Keith’. I’m using these ‘’ to show that they aren’t actually them.) ‘Noah’ got up to make breakfast; blueberry waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, and orange juice.

“Honestly, Courtney’s house is just cursed,” ‘Courtney’ grumbled as she took a seat at the table.

“Hey!” ‘Shayne’ protested. ‘Noah’ shushed them and set down breakfast. “Do we have work today?” ‘Keith’ paled.

“Yeah… yeah, we do!”

“Sh*t, our voices the same as us, but not our bodies’! I still talk black!” ‘Olivia’ panicked.

“Look, I’ll tell Ian and everything will be fine. He’ll know, maybe we can work extra hard tomorrow,” ‘Courtney’ hoped.

“No, but Ryan Todd is staying over from Sacramento! I’d hate to make him be away from his family for longer than he needs to!” ‘Noah’ argued. 

“Guys, I hate to say it, but, we gonna have to work today!” ‘Olivia’ pointed out. 


“Ian, we switched bodies.” Ian did not want to believe ‘Courtney’.

“Pffff, Shayne’s just behind you talking.” ‘Courtney’ turned around.

“We’re gonna go to the backroom, you two work this out.” ‘Olivia’ ushered the rest of the squad out of the room. Ian raised a brow.

“Let me guess, Keith was talking for Olivia?”

“Nope. Listen, we all stayed the night at Courtney’s and woke up in each other’s bodies, not joking. Courtney’s in my body, so ‘Shayne’ left. It’s me, Ian. We wanted to tell you so you’d know and be able to defend us if someone was to catch on during filming.” Ian’s face slowly changed from disbelieving to sympathetic.

“Man, I’m sorry. I’m gonna call you Courtney now, okay?”

“Yeah, and Noah’s body is Olivia, Keith’s body is Noah, and Olivia’s body is Keith. And Courtney’s me.”

“Yeah, okay. I get it. Well, we aren’t doing any Smosh sketches, we just have a Two Truths One Lie With Mari and Damien v.s. Lasercorn, a Why We’re Bad at Dating with you and… ‘Shayne’, and… a podcast with me, Shayne, and Damien… or I can get ‘Shayne’ in it, if that’s easier… we can pretend we lost the footage and just upload the audio to YouTube to make things easier,” Ian suggested.

“Yeah, that’s great. Um, for the Why We’re Bad at Dating thing, we can make it seem like special effects. We’ll play it off like a joke and tell the camera that we switched bodies. Because God knows they’ll be like you and not believe it. So then the rest of the day we’ll just hang out.”

“Yeah, we don’t need Olivia, Noah, and Keith, so if they want they can go home.”

“I’ll go get them.” 


“Should we tell Damien?” 

“Honestly… I think so. But not before we prank him a little!” As if on cue, Damien walked in.

“Hello, Dames.” ‘Shayne’ greeted. Damien nodded and then stopped walking, looking back confusedly.

“What the h*ll?” He chuckled.

“What do you mean?” ‘Courtney’ wondered. Damien looked back and forth between them.

“Can someone explain to me what’s going on?!”

“Nothing’s going on, Damien, you’re being really weird. I just said hi, and you started freaking out. Get a drink of water, man, you aren’t feeling good.” Damien shook his head.

“You’re probably right, Maybe you guys just got insanely good at impersonating each other.” So then everyone laughed and explained the situation. “Wow. That’s f***ing insane.”

“Yeah, we just woke up at my place.”


So that night, everyone went to sleep in their own beds, gnawing on their fingernails, tugging their hair, and squeezing their eyes tightly shut, hoping they’d wake up in their own bodies. Shayne was awoken at around 2 a.m. when Damien was Facetiming him.

“What the h*ll, Dami?” Shayne groaned, squinting at the bright light beaming from his screen.

“You look good!” Damien complimented.

“Yeah, tha- what?!” Shayne hopped out of bed and ran to the mirror in his bathroom. Using his (empty) left hand, he touched his face, his chest, and his hair to make sure it was really him. “Oh my God, Damien, I’m me!”

“Yeah, you are!”

“Dude, were you just staying up to Facetime me?”

“No, I figured it’d happen after midnight, I mean, that’s always how it is in stories and stuff, so I woke up around 1 a.m. and Facetimed Courtney. I told her not to tell anyone. Then I went down through my contacts and now you are the last one. How are you, baby boi?”

“Sleepovers suck.”