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How to Raise a Mandrake

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Four ounces of Calendula infused olive oil

½ ounce of beeswax

1 teaspoon of Vitamin E


With a double boiler, heat the oil and beeswax together on medium-low heat until melted. Blend them together. Take off the heat and add Vitamin E. Combine well then pour it into the desired container.


Following the easy recipe that he could follow blindfolded, Castiel poured the contents into the two-ounce containers spread around the table. Each one filled to the brim, he admired his work before holding his hand over all the containers to mutter a short incantation.

The salve gave off a soft yellow glow for a few seconds before flickering out.

Smiling down at his finished product, he capped them, waved his hand to seal them so that he could place them in his bag to take to work.

Right as he zipped up the bag, the clock on the wall chimed, signaling 10 am. Running a hand through his already messy hair, he walked to the sliding glass door, picking up the already filled watering can.

The crisp autumn air wafted over him as he started on the closest plant, watering the roots before running some over the plant itself. His back yard wasn’t huge, just average-sized. It was big enough to hold his small greenhouse and the plethora of other plants lining the fenced-in property.

He went from one side to the other, greeting each plant individually. Complimenting some on their growth and even snipping out the weeds that seemed to have grown overnight.

When he came to his pride and joy, a smile spread across his face when he saw a tiny purple flower sprouting from the Mandragora.

He’s had this plant for two years, a present from Gabriel after Castiel had finished his schooling in Apothocary.

“Good Morning,” He greeted while pouring the rest of the water from the can into the soil around the plant. He squat down to the plants level, checking the leaves and stems for bugs or weeds.

“You sprouted a new flower. It’s very beautiful” he cooed, admiring the small purple flower on top of the leaves. “Must be happy now to have become fully grown,” he pat the soil around the plant before standing and grabbing the watering can.

As he rubbed his hands together to rid the dirt from them as he let his mind wander to the countless recipes for Mandragora Root that he’s learned about. It would be his first time working with it, not counting the time he watched the teacher demonstrate its use during a lesson.

He just remembered that mandrake root was also an aphrodisiac when he stepped across the threshold. Placing the watering can by the door, he glanced at the clock. 10:45 am, just enough time to get ready for work.


At 7:25 pm, Castiel was just walking through the door, clothes rumpled from the extra flow of customers. People were coming in to gather enough supplies before they leave town for the holidays.

Most people leave their quaint little town during the colder months, opting for the slightly warmer weather in the south. How that makes sense, no one knows. Honestly, Castiel loves the cold. Bundling up in winter clothes, cozying up by the fireplace., and marshmallows!

The sun was just reaching below the horizon when Cas took a spray bottle, already filled with water to the back yard to give some of his plants a once over. Some plants needed extra watering than others.

He rechecked some leaves in the light of the lamps he had hung on along the walls. Spritzing leaves here and there, spraying some of the roots as he went.

Once he got to the Mandragora, a big smile appeared on his face. Three more purple flowers had bloomed.

-The Next Day-

The alarm blared from his alarm clock, indicating that it was 6:30 am.

A hand appeared from under the covers to silence the noise.

“Five more minutes,” a voice uttered out from underneath the warmth of the blankets. It was Saturday after all, there wasn’t a real reason to get up right this instance.

What turned out to be twenty minutes later of just laying there with his eyes closed, he burst from his cocoon of blankets to get up. Rolling off the bed, he trudged to the bathroom to start his morning routine peeing, showering, shaving and brushing his teeth.

After choosing to wear just a pair of sweatpants, he walked down the hall to his kitchen, where the coffee was already brewing. He scratched at his chest as he waited for the coffee to finish, he rummaged around his cabinets for a clean cup. Even though Castiel was a witch, he didn’t want to become lazy and depend on his magic for everything. Sure, charms here and there don’t hurt, but stuff like cleaning, well, Castiel enjoys it.

He stood there watching the coffee drip, enjoying the relaxing feeling of a quiet Saturday morning. Nowhere to go, his hair dripping wet from the shower, not bothering to dry it like he usually did.

A loud beep echoed through the kitchen, indicating that the coffee maker was done with its brewing of the sweet nectar of life. He would need the copious amount of energy for later when he decided to do harvest some of his plants from the greenhouse. But that can wait.

Speaking of, after pouring himself a cup and taking a sip, he walked over to the watering can that sat by the sliding glass door, making sure it was filled. A simple charm to automatically fill at the same time every day. That was something he could afford to do, if not, he would forget to fill it himself.

Just as he was about to turn away, something caught his eye.

A very...naked...something.

Standing in his backyard.

There was someone standing naked in his backyard!

A tanned man standing naked, with his back to Castiel, whose arms are raised above his head.

He was swaying slowly from side to side, enjoying the morning sunrise.

The cup in Castiel’s hand slipped from his grasp, shattering on the floor on impact. Spilling the sweet nectar of life everywhere on his wood floors.

At the sound, the man turned his head in Castiel’s direction and wow. Holy crap those eyes. A shade of green that he’s ever seen staring directly at him.

Slowly, Castiel backed away from the door, until he bumped into the kitchen counter, heart beating in his chest.

There’s an intruder in his back yard and all Castiel could think about were his poor plants. They’re gonna dry out soon!

The man turned completely towards Castiel, a smile showing pearly white teeth, compared to the dirt that was covering the man’s very naked body, when they’re eyes made contact with one another.

It was when the man took a tentative step forward, then another, is when Castiel griped at himself and his pants in search of his wand. That’s when he realized it was still on the nightstand. And he didn’t want to take his eyes off this guy who kept Castiel’s gaze as he got closer.

“Oomf!” came the muffled sound from the man, having run right into the glass door. He looked around, a hand on the glass, his face contorted in confusion. He brought his other hand up, leaning his face so that it smushed against the glass.

A smile appeared again on his face when his gaze fell on Castiel. He leaned back to stare at the glass, his brow creasing in frustration? Contemplation?

Castiel was able to calm his racing heart, knowing the man was stuck. He went to turn away when he realized, as his heart sank, that he had unlocked the sliding glass while he was checking the water in the watering can!

With a flick of his wrist, the locked clicked into place, but not before alerting the stranger.

The man squinted in the direction of the sound, placing his hand in the groove of the handle, giving it a small tug. Nothing.

He frowned at it and tugged again. Nothing.

Sighing in relief, Castiel looked around for his cellphone, needing to call the police to come and get this lunatic who clearly had too many beers last night. Possibly smoked something to be this happy. Or something.

The man let go of the handle, both hands clenching into fists on the glass.


He pounded on the glass.


Castiel felt his heart jump in his throat when a crack in the glass appeared. ‘Crap!’ Castiel thought, moving around the counter to the area farthest from the man and the door. The man continued to pound on the glass, harder each time until the sound of glass shattering was the only thing heard.

If Castiel ran now for his wand, who knows what this guy was capable ok. Was he a magic user as well? Some kind of creature? A dark witch, possibly?

The man starred in amazement from the noise and from what he had done, all the glass on the floor then to his hands. It was when Castiel moved closer to the wall did he catch the man’s attention again.

It was like Castiel was his sole focus, stepping onto the glass and broken coffee cup like it was nothing, and through the threshold.

“What the hell is this thing?” Castiel thought, bringing his hand up, muttering a small incantation towards the intruder.


Spell after spell did nothing to the man, except for the one that was able to bring the man to his knees. Which didn’t last very long.

If Castiel had his wand, the magic would be much stronger, possibly incapacitating the man until reinforcement came to arrest him. But he watched as the man begin to crawl towards him.

That’s when Castiel noticed a nasty, yellow, goo like texture on the floor from where the man had been standing.

He’s not human!

That’s when Castiel decided to stop messing around. He walked right up to the man or whatever it was, bent down to look it right in the eye and asked,

“What are you?”

The response he got was not what he expected when the thing leaned over, swiping its tongue from Castiel’s chin to the corner of his left eye.

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"It's perfectly harmless,"

"It shattered the sliding glass window to get in,"

"Harmless, it just wanted to see you,"

Castiel rubbed his thumb and forefinger at the bridge of his nose, seriously contemplating the thought of strangling his brother.

"That's not the point!" Castiel voiced out, interrupting the rant his brother was on.

"Sure it is,"

"Gabriel," Castiel said, his low in warning.

"Oh Cassie, if it hasn't hurt you by now, then you're fine,"

Castiel looked up in time to lock eyes with the man before him. He was sitting at the kitchen table, after being told three times to stay before Castiel could run to grab his wand and cellphone.

When he got back, the man stood up again only for Castiel to point at the seat.

Like a kicked puppy, the man sat back down. Castiel had waved his wand to clean the mess he had made. Including the strange yellow goo that seemed to have come from the guy.

Once everything was cleaned up, Castiel walked over to the man, who seemed to light up like it was Christmas, only to be confused when the man ducked down to look at his feet.

The cuts on his feet were gone but they had left the same yellow goo behind that was on the floor.

When Castiel looked up, the man was beaming at him. Even wiggling his toes.

Standing up straighter, Castiel pointed the wand at the man asking who he was.

He was not expecting baby babble in return.

What the hell is he
Castiel had thought, turning away to call his brother.

"Keep him as a pet," Gabriel’s voice commented, bringing Castiel back to reality.

"I'm not going to keep him as a pet," he hissed into the phone, noticing the man tilting his head in confusion. "He could just be on some heavy drugs," he guessed, thinking it was the only answer to this dilemma.

"You're the one who went to school for the weird and whatever, I know you'll figure it out," a loud crash on the other end had Castiel furrowing his brows in confusion. "Let me call you back. Be nice to him," was Gabriel's reply before hanging up.

Huffing in irritation as he placed his phone in his pants pocket, Cas had to do a double-take when the man wasn't in the spot he left him.

An "ahh" sound was the only thing to alert him before a splashing noise followed suit. Turning towards the source, he really couldn't believe it. The man had the watering in his arms above his head, the hole where you fill it facing him. The water...all over the floor. Green eyes turning towards him with a smile on his face.

Castiel brought a hand up to rub the palm into his eyes, hoping the slow irritation in his head that was forming would hopefully die away.

"Bad!" Was the only thing he could say, the smile slowly turning downwards.

He walked over to the man, pulling the watering can from his hands. He placed his back down and pointed his wand to water, waving it so the water would dry up and not ruin the wood flooring.

Castiel, when he looked back to the man, wasn't expecting him to look like he was about to cry.

"Crap-I-uh...didn't mean to sound so harsh," the man stared at him. "Do you want water?"

Green eyes lit up at the sound of water, Castiel nodding as he went to get a glass from the cupboard, filling it with water, and coming back to hand it to the man.

Green eyes stared at the glass like he's never seen it in his life, before dumping it on himself.

"No," Castiel dragged out. The man kept his smile in place like he'd did the best thing in the world.

Taking the glass from him, he had a thought that might help him.

"Let's go to the backyard," Castiel ushered, moving his hands in a shooing motion so that he didn't have to touch him. The guy looked at him for a moment before turning around and walking towards the now repaired glass door.

Opening the door with his wand, so they didn't have another incident, as he watched the man walk outside to the grass.

Muttering a simple charm, a blast of water sprouted from the tip of his wand at the man, who jumped at the sensation.

Castiel wasn't expecting the huge smile on the guy’s face, as he continued to turn, the dirt sliding off in the process. He even leaned forward with his mouth open, attempting to drink it, before turning with his arms in the air.

That's when he noticed it.

Right there, on top of the man's head, something was sticking out amongst the brown hair.

Squinting from the light to get a better look, his gaze changed to one of awe at what he recognized.

Purple flowers were sprouting from the man's head!

And not just any flowers!

The ones that were sprouting from his Mandrake just yesterday!

Keeping the wand points the man, the water still going as the man played in it, he reached for his phone to dial Gabriel again.

It went straight to voicemail.

He tried again. It rang once. It went straight to voicemail again.

Sighing in irritation, if this man was who he thinks it is, Gabriel is in for some real trouble.

When he thought the man was clean enough, he muttered the spell to turn off the water. The man looked sad that it stopped but held his arms out towards the sun, a relaxed smile on his face.

Castiel took the opportunity to walk over to where his Mandrake. Or was. A giant, man-size hole, where it was supposed to be.

So that means.

That this guy.

Gabriel is in a shit ton of trouble!

The babbling behind him had him turning back to the man. It was ultimately bizarre to see a grown-ass man, or thing since this man has no genitals, purple flowers growing out of his head, babbling like a toddler.

The man locked eyes with Castiel, taking a step towards him.

“No!” Castiel stated firmly, hand out in warning. Was Castiel’s mind must be playing tricks on him, he did not just see the flowers on this guys head droop when he frowned.

The guy-

“We need to give you a name,” Castiel remarked, watching the man give him a curious look, the flowers on his head perking up just a bit.


“Hmmm,” green eyes hummed out, gesturing to the tv frantically.

Blue eyes looked up from this phone, in the process of spamming Gabriel’s phone, to look at the man. A cartoon was playing, the bright colors attracting the man, as he smiled at Castiel and looked back.

Castiel did not smile at the simplicity, simply shaking his head as he looked back down at the current string of text messages he had sent to his brother.

“Hmph!” Looking up again, the screen had changed over to the news. The man’s eyes were wide in amazement. He must not have seen another human outside of Castiel.

After getting the man inside, he did what would keep most men busy, he turned the television on. The man was so fascinated, he sat right in front to watch. Of course, Castiel had to tell him to back up or he’d damage his eyes.

Another reason he put the TV on, was so that the guy could figure out a name for himself while Castiel tried to get in touch with his brother.

Course, that had been an hour ago.

Irritated, Cas threw his phone to the other side of the couch, huffing as he made himself comfortable by bringing his legs up to lounge on the couch, his gaze landing on the man. The flowers on his head, twitching every now and then, depending on what was happening on the screen.

He watched the man click the button on the remote, the station changing again. The screen turning from colors to black and white. White words scrolling across, “The Dean Martin Show”, before the audience started clapping.

Castiel watched Dean Martin trot down a piano stairwell, hop and a skip before quickly jumping onto the makeshift stage that looked like a cozy little room. The music starting up while the audience began clapping, the man swaying the beat with a cigarette in his hand.

“Hmm!” The man standing up, gaze intent on the screen, as he began to mimic Mr. Martins moves as he started singing “L-O-V-E,”

Castiel couldn’t help the small smile, this guy was acting like the toddlers that come by the shop with their parent. Dancing awkwardly with their small bodies. Except this was a fully-grown man.

Covering his mouth right when the man spun around, nearly tripping over his fit in the process, it was too late because the man had spotted it.

“Hmm,” the man pointing to Castiel then the TV and back to himself.

Moving his hand to stare at him, a raised brow in confusion. The man looked from the TV to Cas.

Using his hands to flail about, whenever Mr. Martin appeared on the screen, pointing to himself anxiously.

“Dean Martin?” Castiel asked, causing the man to nod rapidly, pointing to the screen again. “Martin? You want to be called Martin?” Confused at the comment, not really liking the name for green eyes.

Raising a hand to his chin to ponder it, he vigorously shook his head, the flowers on top of his head moving with him but thankfully staying in place.

“You don’t like Martin?” Castiel asked, watching the show go to commercial. Shaking his head up and down. He agrees.

“Dean?” he tried, looking for a reaction. He was surprised when the guy contemplated it for a second before moving his head up and down in excitement.

Castiel is really surprised that those flowers in his head aren’t falling out with how hard he was shaking his head.

“Ok ok, Dean,” Castiel tried out, watching the man’s, Dean’s eyes widen, the flowers on his head straightening up as far as possible.

“Dean,” he tried again, watching the man jump up and down slightly at the name.

“Dean,” he said out of nowhere. Completely throwing Castiel off, his voice lower than he thought it would. Heck, he didn’t think the man would be able to speak.

The man smiling at the reaction as he continued to say the name over and over, turning in circles with a smile on his face.

Chapter Text

Castiel watched from the kitchen, coffee cup filled with the sweet elixir of life in hand, as he stared at the Madr-Dean, sitting a good distance away on the floor, cross-legged, in front of the TV. Completely entranced by a show that Cas has personally never heard of, ‘Dr. Sexy MD’.

Now, Castiel doesn’t watch a lot of TV to begin with, so watching some medical Doctor get in the elevator with a nurse and randomly starts making out with them...just isn’t Castiel’s thing.

Dean loves it though. From the time Castiel got up, thankful that the man hadn’t tried anything funny while he slept, to the whole brewing of the coffee, to now, he’s watched 3 episodes.

The sun was just rising over the horizon when the clock on the wall started chiming at seven o’clock. Dean hardly flinched, unlike the first time he heard it, just simply continued staring at the screen.

Rolling his head and neck to get rid of the stiffness, his brother still hasn’t gotten back with him, thinking maybe he should just pop over to the guy’s place...but then, what would he do with Dean. He can’t bring this man with him. Who knows what he’d do along the way.

Speaking of, should he get this guy some clothes to wear? Glancing over at the bare backside of said man. If Castiel did end up taking this guy somewhere, he very well can’t take him while he was naked. And besides, the man would obviously stand out that he wasn’t human with the missing genitals.

While Castiel contemplated those thoughts, he hadn’t realized Dean had gotten up till he was right in Castiel’s face.

“Yes?” Castiel asked, backing up to put some space between them.

“Dean,” he said while pointing to his mouth. Raising a brow at the statement.

“Your mouth?” he questioned bluntly, watching Dean continue to point. When he wasn’t understood, he looked down at the cup in Cas’ hand before turning to the side in the direction of the watering can.

A bolt of fear and dread that Dean was going to do the same thing from yesterday, he placed his cup on the table, readying himself in case he had to stop Dean from spilling the water everywhere.

Relief washed over him when Dean pointed to the can and used his other hand to point to his mouth.

Oh, he was thirsty. Nodding in understanding, quickly saying ‘No’ when Dean reached for the can. Castiel held his hand up, palm out, telling him to stay as he went to the cupboard, mentally glad he kept the plastic cups from when he first moved in here. Filling it from the water dispenser attached to the fridge before handing it to Dean.

Dean stared at the glass, unsure of what to do. Castiel picked up his coffee cup, showing it to Dean, before taking a sip of the now warm coffee. He watched over the rim of his cup as Dean stared at the cup in question before bringing it to his lips. Glancing over at Castiel before tipping it and the contents into his mouth.

Castiel watching as Dean took gulp after gulp, pulling the cup away with a satisfied sigh. He looked at the cup then looked to Castiel, holding the cup out.

“Dean,” he said.

Castiel starred.

“Dean,” he said again, looking past Castiel to something behind him. Turning around to see what he was looking at, he realized he was asking for more water. Taking the cup from the man, Castiel walked over to refill it. Again, Dean chugged the water down.

“Dean,” he said, walking around the counter this time to the fridge to fill again. Figuring out how the machine worked rather quickly. Glancing at the clock, which read 7:30 and then towards the sun slowly rising, a thought struck him. If Dean was thirsty, does that mean his plants were as well?

Placing his cup in the sink, Dean still at the water dispenser and chugging each cup full, Castiel walked over to the watering can, making sure it was full before going to find his slippers so he could go outside to water the plants

When he came back into the room, Dean was still at the fridge drinking from the cup. Shaking his head at the display Castiel walked over to the sliding glass door, picking up the watering can and opening the door.

The cool crisp air was refreshing as he made his way along the row of plants, conversing with each one, smiling when he saw a new blossom on one of his plants. He was so absorbed in what he was doing that he hadn’t noticed Dean walk outside until Castiel nearly walked into him. He was crouched down in front of one of the plants, mumbling incoherently to it, a hand resting on top of the dirt.

“Can to plants?” It seems like a high possibility, given Dean is a plant, but it’s just a thought. The man turned to look at him, a smile on his face. He reached with both hands for  Castiel. Unsure of what he was doing, Castiel handed over the watering can, watching as Dean beam as he turned the spouted end towards the soil under the plant, tipping it for the water to come out.

Castiel watched in awe as the man moved from plant to plant, ‘talking’ to them, giving some water, and skipping some.







Shaking his head, Castiel huffed in exaggeration, adjusting himself in his seat on the couch. Dean sitting on the floor, staring up at him, trying to learn how to pronounce Castiel’s name.

“Cas,” he started, raising a brow for the man to follow. His response was the man biting his lip, something he learned from watching TV, bringing his knees to his chest to rock back slightly. “Cas,” he tried again.


Nodding his head in affirmation, Castiel continued.





Sighing in exhaustion, he decided to just leave it be, they’ve been at it for fifteen minutes and it only started because Dean kept calling him ‘Dean’.

“Cas,” Dean said again, a smile on his face, enjoying the fact that this was the second word he’s learned.

Castiel couldn’t help but smile back, despite everything surrounding him, he was, and Cas hates to admit it. Dean was quite handsome.


“Did you name it?” was Gabriel’s first question when he finally answered the phone. It also tripped Castiel up a bit when he went to start on his tangent.

“How does that matter right now?” the irritation clear in his voice, leaning against the kitchen counter, pressing the phone harder into his ear. “You left me stranded to figure out what the hell broke into my house!”

He heard a tsking noise on the other end.

“As I said since we were kids, ‘If it hasn’t hurt you by now, then it’s not dangerous,’”

“Gabriel,” pulling at his hair in frustration, “That’s not the point! As a big brother, you should have been rushing over here to help.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re good or I wouldn’t be talking to you right now,”

“Gabriel,” Castiel said in a warning tone, his gaze dropped to the floor, whipping a hand over his face.

“So what has it been doing?”

Glancing over his shoulder, Castiel looked outside to said man who was ‘sunbathing’ with his arms stretched over his head, swaying slowly from side to side, the flowers on his head moving slightly with the breeze.

“Hello, earth to Cassie,” Gabriel’s voice called out, pulling Castiel back from his gaze.

"You're the one who gave me the mandrake," Castiel started, turning away from Dean to focus on his now cold tea before him. "What did you do to it before giving it to me."

The line was quiet.

"So you did do something,"

"Not...a whole lot. You know the history, they do tend to grow-"

"Unless there's a magical component involved," Castiel's voice becoming more and more irritated with his brother beating around the bush. "And the history of the mandrake is quite complicated."

"It's really not,"


"Back to my original question, did you name it?” completely detouring Castiel’s tangent again.

“He named himself actually,” stopping when he heard the sliding glass door opened.

“Well, that’s good. What did he decide on?”

“Dean,” was all Cas said, watching him turn and smile at him. Those green eyes so full of life and the flowers on his head almost seemed like they were dancing.

The conversation between the two brothers continued on and on, Castiel attempting to get a better answer out of Gabriel.

Gabriel deflecting until every time with some sort of nonsensical question. At that point Castiel gave up, hanging up on him when he started to describe his recent conquests.

Sighing at his predicament, Castiel looked up, jumping slightly when he realized that Dean was no longer in the living room.

“Dean,” he called out, checking outside, turning around in the kitchen. Nowhere. The cold dread of fear settled along his spine at the thought of Dean having possibly gone out the front door.

Turning the corner, he was relieved to find that the door was shut and locked.

So where was he?

“Dean,” he tried again, walking down the small hallway towards his bedroom.

He was not expecting him to be lying on Cas’ bed, conked out with on top of the covers.

3:10 pm was the time that read on Castiel’s watch after checking it, not really sure of what to do now. He wasn’t causing any Castiel slowly closed the door on his way out.


At 7:02 pm, the door to his bedroom creaked open, pausing in his work, Castiel turned his head in time to see Dean walking out of the hallway, arms stretched over his head in mid-yawn.

“Sleep well?” He doesn’t know why he bothered asking, but the way Dean’s flowers are drooping, it must have been a fitful sleep.

“Cas,” he said sleepily, rubbing at his eyes as he walked across the room, a hand on his stomach, stopping to stand next to him. Castiel looked up at him with a raised brow.

“Are you...hungry?” Castiel gauged, unsure if that's what he wanted.


“Hungry,” gesturing to his own mouth to emphasize.


“Gry, Hung-ry,”

“Hun...ry,” he finally said, a smile on his face. Unable to help the smile on his own face, Castiel looked down at his workstation, remembering he had a small bowl of chips set aside to munch on.

He grabbed the side of the bowl, lifting it up for Dean to try.

Dean stared at the bowl in wonder, taking in every detail of the chip when he lifted a piece out.

He looked to Cas, who mimicked the action then popping one into his own mouth to show him how it's done.

He copied Cas’, hearing the crunch of the chip was any indication before Dean was suddenly spitting it all back out.

Worth a shot Castiel thought, standing to grab a cup of water while Dean continued to spit and make noises.

“Here,” Cas said while handing him the now full cup, watching him grab at anxiously and downing it quickly.

“Careful Dean, you’re going to choke,” he warned right as the man pulled the glass away to look at Dean. His face twisted, Castiel unsure as to why before he heard a loud sneeze.

Dean looked in horror at what he did, Castiel chuckling before reassuring him that it was ok.

The smile was back just as quickly. Dean placed a hand on his chest as he said “Dean,” then pointing at Castiel while saying his name before walking past Castiel to refill his cup. Something catching Cas’ attention as he walked by.

Looking down, right by his left foot was a flower. A purple flower. Cocking his head to the side as he picked it up, he looked at it closely before looking towards Dean.

That’s when he realized it was one of his flowers.

Chapter Text

This was a bad idea, a bad, bad idea. Castiel chanted in his head as he unchained his bike from the rack. He shouldn’t have left Dean alone.

But what else could he have done?

It’s Monday. It’s not like Castiel could have called off. What would he have told people?

“I can’t come in because my brother decided to give me a mandrake that turned into a person-plant thing and now he has to take care of it?”

Yeah...that would do it. He’d also have a witch hunt or something on his hand if something abnormal as that were walking around.

He peddled up the road in the direction of his house as he went over all the instructions he told Dean before leaving.

Don’t open the door for anyone.

If the phone rings, don’t answer it.

Just stay in one spot, watch TV or browse the internet.

Castiel was ok within the first few hours of work. He had decided to leave a couple of crystals around the house just he could check up on him from time to time. Around 1 o’clock, three hours before Castiel could go home, he checked the crystals only to receive nothing but static in return.

Peddling his bike as fast as possible for the last stretch, he was relieved to see no police cars or other witches surrounding his house. No other creatures eyeballing the place either.

Punching the code into the garage door, he ducked under when it was high enough to pull the bike in.

Closing the garage at the same he opened to the door to the kitchen, he quickly looked around, half expecting the house to be in shambles.

But it was as clean as when he left it this morning.

He could hear the TV playing softly from the living.

That and another kind of noise.


“Yea...right there.”

Raising a brow at the low voice, he quietly shut the door before walking calmly around the island.

He was NOT expecting this.

Dean was sitting on the floor, the laptop perched on the couch.

Porn playing on the screen.

“Dean?” he asked, glancing at the screen. Green eyes turned on him, wide with excitement?

“Cas,” he exclaimed, scrambling to stand up and holy crap that was not there before!

Dangling between Dean’s leg was an actual dick. Flopping back and forth as Dean made his way to grab hold of Cas in an awkward hug, Castiel keeping his hands up to he didn’t accidentally touch anything.

“What are you watching?” already knowing full well, he just wanted to see if Dean knew.

“Cas,” was all he said, pulling away from the hug, one hand on Cas as he pointed to the screen with the other.

“Yes yes,” Castiel said, watching Dean move back to the laptop, picking it up to bring it to him.

Crap. Despite Dean not understanding the situation, this was completely uncomfortable. He watched the man place the laptop on the table and point to himself.

Cocking his head to the side and squinting, Castiel tried to make out what he was trying to do. That was until Dean pointed lower.

He let out a squawk of surprise when he saw it.

Dean was growing and shrinking the phallus between his legs. Smiling without a care in the world when he decided to shake it back and forth.

The flowers on his hand standing tall, the leaves raised high as if this new trick was something to be proud of.

While on any other day, Castiel would find it appealing, this was just weird!


Who wouldn’t want a naked man, with a dong that long, walking around their house? Castiel thought as he went through his search history, scrubbing it clean and blocking those sites like a parental block.

But this wasn’t Dean’s fault, per se, things like this happen by accident went you click one link and another.

After setting the ‘Parental lock’ on anything Dean could accidentally stumble upon, that was when Castiel’s stomach decided to make its presence known.

Rubbing a hand over his belly, he looked up from his spot on the couch to Dean who was sitting cross-legged on the floor, watching more of “Dr. Sexy”

He’s going to need to find some pants to fit the guy since he decided to keep it. Though to make matters worse, Dean had wanted to see if Cas had one as well.

The man was stronger than he looked but Castiel had managed to distract him by changing the station on the tv to Dr. Sexy with a flick of his wrist.

Closing the laptop he made his way to the kitchen to make himself a sandwich. There’s no use in making extraordinarily big or fancy dinners when it's just him. But he also was a good cook. He once burned toast beyond recognition.

He got all the fixings and had the sandwich all made up when he looked up right as he was taking a bite, he noticed Dean staring at him.

“Want a bite?” he offered, watching the man’s eyes light up.

Nodding his head vigorously, he walked up and stood too close to Cas as he handed the sandwich off.

Dean stared at the item with curious eyes, opening his mouth wide to chomp down.

It didn’t last long.

Next thing Cas knew, Dean was spitting out the sandwich all over the counter.

Chapter Text

Castiel felt a lot better when he left Dean home the next day after blocking all the adult content with passwords on all devices that had a connection to the internet.

But Castiel had to give it to Dean, he was picking up on some words. Here and there, like ‘Cat’, ‘TV’, ‘Couch’, and ‘Night’.

What he wasn’t expecting later that night was discovering another purple flower on the floor near the sliding glass door.

He didn’t know what it meant, but it worried Castiel. Was he dying? Dean wasn’t acting like he was dying. He still went out to sunbath every morning and drinking tons of water.

After Dean had stopped showing off how big or long, he can make his dick, with his face flushed red, Castiel decided it was time for him to wear clothes. What made Castiel laugh, which encouraged Dean more, was making different parts of his body look different.

Dean, mostly, looked like a normal man. But after all the television he had been watching, he had been ‘transforming’ his body.

He made his stomach look large like a beer belly or a pregnant one after watching a chick walk around Dr. Sexy with one. That had freaked Castiel out.

Then he would morph himself into one of those Adonis looking guys then into those overly buff bodybuilders. Again, that just freaked Castiel out. Especially with how Dean could change his skin color to match those ridiculously tanned men.

Thankfully Dean transformed back to the way he was when he first appeared.

Castiel hit the button to shut the garage on his way in, unable to keep the smile off his face when he saw Dean at the counter.

He was tending the small plants that Castiel had grown in the biodegradable pots that Gabriel had given him.

Dean had watched and learned what Castiel had done, mimicking everything he did.

“I good?” Dean asked, smiling wide when he had walked in, spray bottle in hand.

“Very good,” He said, unable to keep the pride from his voice.

“Drink more?” he questioned, looking down at the tiny bud of a plant. Nodding a second later.

“Not thirsty no more,”

“Did you have a nice day?” Castiel asked, placing his bag down full of empty jars.


“What did you do?” He wasn’t being nosy, from what he knows of growing children or from what he read online, it was to speak to them like an adult. From what he learned, Babies learn to speak by imitating the sounds they hear around them. So the more you talk to your baby, or in this case, plant, the faster he will gain speech and language skills.

So far, after being only what, four days old, he’s progressing very well.

“TV,” he started, turning towards the said object. “Dr. Sexy,”. Of course. “Anything else?”

“Plants, feed,” He gestured to the plants before him and the ones outside. It didn’t seem like a lot to Castiel, but it could very well entertain a plant-like Dean.

“Why don’t you go sit on the couch and we can watch some Jeopardy or something?” Yes, Jeopardy. It’s one of Castiel’s favorite shows but it’s better at educating someone than that Dr. Sexy show.

Dean jumped out the chair, fixing the sweatpants Cas had given him, not used to wearing them on the constant. But at least he kept them on all day.

Unlike yesterday where he kept stripping at random. Castiel wouldn’t have cared as much if the guy decided to keep the Ken doll appearance of nothing down there. But Dean ‘Liked’ having the extra extremity. At least he decided not to keep the female reproductive part when he was demonstrating what he could do in front of Castiel.

Castiel popped in a microwave dinner, pressing the buttons as he went to grab some juice from the fridge.

“Ew,” he heard Dean mumble out, glancing over his shoulder after Castiel took his seat on the couch.

“What’s 'ew’?”

Dean pointed to the heated tray on his lap, nose crinkled like he smelled something bad.

Yeah, it’s not the healthiest thing in the world but Castiel can’t live on sandwiches all day every day.


“Morning!” Dean cheered from the kitchen. Taken back from the sudden noise so early in the morning, Castiel peeked an eye open. They widened at the sight before him.

Dean stood with his arms wide open, the flowers on his head swaying side to side at what he accomplished.

“Dean, did you make me breakfast?” Staring at the semi burnt toast and scrambled eggs to the man with what looked like bits of eggshells in his hair.

“Good food,”

“Did you sleep?” a stupid question really, Dean seems to have made the living room his bedroom, staying up at all hours watching TV. Except for that one day he slept in Castiel’s bed, he hasn’t seen the man sleep. He could be taking naps while Cas wasn’t there, but every time Cas checked on him, he was sitting in front of the TV or on the couch.

Dean shook his head.

“How did you make this?”

“Food Network,”

“Oh,” suddenly hearing the low conversations in the background, turning his attention to the television where one of those chefs was working on an omelet.

When Castiel looked back, his smile slipped a little when he noticed the mess behind Dean. Runny eggs on the counter, a stack of burnt toast, butter on the wall, and whatever else Dean had made a mess of while Castiel was asleep. He should be grateful there was no fire.

He waved a hand, muttering a simple spell to clean the mess and Dean up in five seconds flat.

Dean stared with eyes wide as he looked down at himself, now clean of everything. He turned in place to see that even that mess he made had been cleaned up as well.

“I have to go to work,” Smiling at the frown on Dean’s face at the word. “Try not to burn the house down,” not understanding the flutter in his chest when Dean’s pout turned happy when he told him he didn’t work tomorrow. Was he enjoying Dean’s company?


He was running late and he felt terrible. One of their regular’s had requested a huge order early in the morning and Castiel had to run some errands across town to a neighboring store to pick up supplies in order to have it ready by 6 pm. He was walking into his house at 8:30 to find Dean, once again, in the kitchen.

“Did you make something?” taking in the delicious scent that filled the air. He watched Dean take something out of the oven, using the oven mitts Castiel had showed him after trying to take something out barehanded.

“Ziti,” Dean answered over his shoulder.

The name made Castiel’s stomach growl. He hasn’t had Ziti in ages. He placed his empty bag by the door and took a seat at the table. Watching Dean grab a giant spoon and heap a huge helping onto the plate before placing it in front of Castiel.

“Parmesan?” Dean asked, holding up a bottle of grated cheese. Taking his gaze away from the food before him to Dean, he nodded.

“This is delicious!” Castiel commented eating a forkful of the sauce covered noodle. Dean absolutely beamed at the compliment. “Try some?” he encouraged, holding out another forkful. Dean looked from the noodles to Cas, unsure. “Just a bite,”

Leaning forward, maintaining eye contact, he bit part of the noodle off. Castiel could feel his cheeks heat up, not sure why the intense stare made his heart flutter.

Dean chewed the food for a second before making a face.

“You can spit it out,” A little disappointed that Dean still didn’t like food.

The man shook his head, swallowing what was in his mouth. Raising a brow at the display, Castiel watched Dean turn around to grab a cup of water from the counter.

“You didn’t have to swallow it,” he said after another bite from his food.


“What did you do all day?” Castiel asked after the two of them sat on the couch to watch Jeopardy.

“I watched...Dr. Sexy,” Dean started, his words slow as he tried to form the sentence. “And Food Network,” Castiel figured since he now had lunch and dinner for the next day. “I watered the plants…” he trailed off as he thought more about it, the flowers rocking back and forth with an invisible wind.

Castiel secretly enjoyed the, it made figuring out Dean’s mood quite easily since the man didn’t know how to express himself.

“Did you sunbathe?” Since that’s what was his routine.

It was quiet for a moment, a finger tapping on his chin as he thought about it.

“No...” his face sheepish and equal parts confused on how he missed something so important.

“What else did you do today?” Castiel questioned, taking Dean’s mind off the subject.

“I made dinner,” he trailed off again. “I took a nap,” his smiled widening.

Castiel raised a brow, aside from the first time he slept, this would be the second.

“How was it?” he was truly curious.

“It was...relaxing,”

Before either one could say another word, something caught their eye as it fell onto the couch.

Castiel jumped at the scream that followed suit. He looked up at the man whose face was contorted in terror.

Had Dean not realized he’s been losing his flowers? 

Chapter Text

What if Castiel was killing Dean?

He was, after all, a mandrake that somehow grew into looking like a human no thanks to his brother for being involved.

This is why he threatened Gabriel to poison all his sweets if he doesn’t return his call or come over within the ten minutes.

He somehow managed to calm Dean down after the scare by distracting him with some superhero movie, batman, so that he could make the call.

The three purple flowers, which used to be six, were swaying side to side as the man watched with eyes wide as the cape crusader knocked out the bad guy.

Castiel felt a small pang in his chest, even though this thing had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, he’s gotten used to having someone here when he got home. Cooking actual meals and...just overall being happy to see him. His family doesn’t count, but in the friend department, he doesn’t have any. Aside from coworkers, he usually keeps to himself.

A knock on the door had both plant and man turning their attention to the door. Dean looked to Castiel with confusion clear on his face.

“Stay here,” he said simply, rising from his seat and walking around the corner to the door.

A glare clear on his face when he looked through the peephole and answering the door to his brother standing there with his arms wide open.

“Baby Bro, I came as soon as I could,” Castiel checked his watch. “So what seems to be the problem?”

“You know damn well,” he started, doing a double-take when he finally noticed a second figure standing a little ways behind his brother. He had a curious look on his face as he observed his surroundings when his attention landed on Castiel, he smiled wide and waved.

“This is Sam,” Gabriel introduced, gesturing between the two while introducing one another.

The man was tall, well over 6 foot considering how he towered over the two

when he walked up to shake hands.

That’s when he noticed it.

Flowing in the breeze, a single purple flower nestled amongst the long locks of brown hair.

“H-he’s one of them?”

Gabriel hummed happily while grabbing hold of the mandrake’s arm.

“Yup, now are you going to let me in to figure out your little problem?”

Standing to the side, Gabriel walked in, pulling the other man with him as the made their way to the living room. Catching up after shutting and locking the door, the three stood in the space between the kitchen and living room, all eyes on the man sitting in front of the television.

“Damn, he’s got a nice physique,” Gabriel whistled as he took in the bareback of Dean. Castiel could get the man to wear pants, but the shirts were another thing. Something about being too tight?

Dean turned at the sound, his expression turned surprised at the new people.

“Dean this is-” the abruptness of Dean standing up, practically running across the room to jump on “Sam”.

Gabriel had thankfully moved out of the way in time before he could get caught up in whatever it is that was happening.

The brothers stood as they watched the two mandrakes embraced one another, humming and murmuring incoherently with one another.

“They recognize each other,” Gabriel announced, like a proud parent. Castiel asked what he meant, turning to give his brother a weary look. Already tired of all the surprises that he’s had to go through.

“They’re from the same seed, if you catch my drift,” winking to the man. “Sasquatch over there grew faster than yours, despite yours budding first, I had to separate them, plant him in a new pot,”

There were so many questions that Castiel couldn’t decide on just one.

“He’s down to three flowers, that’s progress,” Gabriel informed.

“Why don’t we sit down,” Castiel started, trying to keep his voice calm. “And you tell me everything,

Dean was the first to end the hug, grabbing hold of Sam’s arm to drag him to the tv, leaving Castiel and Gabriel to sit at the kitchen counter.



“So he’s becoming human,” Castiel summed up, after chewing his piece of pizza.

“Yup,” Gabriel answered, taking a huge bite of his slice.

“And the flowers fall out when he learns or does something significant to human nature?”


Castiel wiped his hands, turning towards the brother’s sitting in front of the television still, watching another movie. Iron man, Castiel believes.

“So,” he paused, trying to figure out what to ask next.

“Has Dean eaten any human food?” Gabriel questioned out of the blue.

“He tries but doesn’t enjoy the taste,” he answered, watching his brother pull out a little notebook from his chest pocket.

“Ok, so Sam, lost his first flower after figuring out a name for himself,” he flipped the paper over to read the contents. “He lost his second after he was able to speak,” he rattled on. “Any of these ringing a bell?”

Gabriel took Castiel’s expression of surprise as a cue to continue.

“The third flower he lost is when he able to communicate like an actual adult,”

Castiel nodded absently to confirm Gabriel’s comment. Dean was adapting so quickly.

“Hold on,” Castiel interrupted, narrowing his eyes at the man. “Is the reason you couldn’t return my calls when this first happened was because you had your own you were dealing with?”

Gabriel bit his lip, cocking his head to the side as he thought about how to answer the question.

“Yes and no. He’s been walking and talking for the past couple of weeks. When you called the first time, he had 2 flowers left. He lost one just the other day.”

“I’m still confused about this whole thing,” Castiel admitted, bringing a hand up to rub at his forehead.

“For something to become human, it must act like a human,” Gabriel put it plainly, gesturing to Sam and Dean. Castiel turned to look at the two, a small smile on his face as he watched the two interact, talking all to each other like school children.

“Having a name, being able to talk, speak the language phonetically. Eating food, showing emotions. Joy, anger , sadness, fear , love, disliking, and liking,” Gabriel rattled off.

“You just don’t know what the last one is,” Castiel finished, turning his gaze slowly towards his brother who sighed, nodding his head while brushing a hand through his hair. “So this doesn’t answer my question on the overall subject,”

“I did it,” Gabriel started after taking a bite from his pizza. “Because you’re lonely. And don’t try to deny it,” he put in, stopping Castiel before he could say anything. “You go to work, you come home. And repeat. You don’t hang out with anyone. I force you to hang out with me because I don’t want you to become a full-on hermit, tending to your garden, and don’t try to deny it,” he cut Castiel off again before he could defend himself.

The two continued to talk. Castiel informing Gabriel that Dean hasn’t shown any anger or fear.

Dean has already expressed his ‘love’ of Dr. Sexy, how he’s always happy, likes and dislikes of different things. Sadness, Castiel is aware of only due to checking the crystals to see Dean moping on the couch shortly after he leaves for work.

Gabriel told him it’ll happen when it happens.

But Castiel wasn’t expecting it to happen two days later when he went to the store to grab more groceries. Dean insisting he wanted to make burgers. The crystal in his pocket started buzzing causing him to pull it. It had changed from clear to bright red.

He didn’t think, he didn’t care. He dropped the basket and ran for the exit.

Someone had broken into his house.