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The Class Of Memes

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Sonic has created Class 1-A.

Sonic: :)

Spiderman: I'm not normally part of group chats but I'm gonna stay for what just happened

Acid_as_a_human: What happened?

Spiderman: Iida just made the group chat and I looked at him and he smiled at me and my heart just died istsruurstsiris-

Shark: I can't believe that Sero just died

Pikachu: F

I can technically fly: Iida has a great smile

Grape juice: Not as great as Yaoyorozu's boobs

I can technically fly: Stfu Mineta

Sonic: Please be nice to eachother.

I can technically fly: Sorry sunshine boy

Spiderman: SUNSHINE BOY-

Spiderman has changed Sonic's name to "Sunshine Boy".

Sunshine Boy: I like that name.

Spiderman: AWWWWWW-

Tired™️: What is happening

Big_Buff: Oh God

AHHHH: why am I on here

MyQuirkIsCrying: Oh my god guys please shut up it's almost 12 am

Tired™️: Yes, agreed, Midoriya. Also, Sero, get back to bed.

Spiderman: OKAY, MOM-



I'm sorry it's so short lol

I'll try to update this as often as possible!

I hope you all enjoy!