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A Soul's Harmony

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It was the day that their parents had died. Vaati and Octavo were only six years old, mere children, when someone arrived to bring them the news. For a moment, both children could only stare in shock… but then, suddenly, Vaati passed out.

It was a sudden change to the past that had once been written, a change that arrived from the soul and memories of the fallen prince returning to his distant past self. Ten years of memories, of emotions, of everything had been too much to take in all at once, and the child had simply collapsed.

His sleep was restless, his mind attempting to process all of these new experiences the best it could. It certainly was not any sort of easy task, but he had to wake eventually… and when he did, he found his brother and a group of clerics watching him.

Though their mouths were moving, he couldn’t hear anything… his world was still completely silent. He squinted a little bit, trying to force himself to hear, to understand, but that obviously didn’t work. So after a few moments he just shook his head, frowning.

“I… I can’t… hear you?”

His words made Octavo and the clerics all pause, his brother looking immediately concerned.

Funny, he found himself thinking, it’s been so long since I’ve seen a face like that

Which, of itself, was an odd thing to think. Though he’d returned to the past, his mind still needed time to sort through his memories- there was much he didn’t recall. Perhaps for the better, he didn’t even yet remember that he’d died… he only had a vague feeling that he’d wished to turn things back, to try again.

“’Tavo… will you… hold my hand?”

Vaati was scared. He was scared of a future he didn’t remember- of the vague threat of a tragedy he didn’t understand, looming far off in the distance. He was scared of whatever had happened, whatever had let him remember these things that didn’t make sense… he didn’t understand it.

He was scared, terrified even, but he at least wasn’t alone. Octavo was still here… even if their parents were gone, he had his brother. They would always be able to rely on each other.

He had to change things, before it was too late again.

The thought pushed its way into his mind, and he couldn’t stop how his heart started to race in his chest. Anxiety felt like it was going to overwhelm him- that’s right… something had been… had been bad. Really bad. But… but whatever it had been, he was here now. And they were only children… everything would be fine. Just fine.

“Thank you, ‘Tavo…”

Vaati just forced himself to smile as he felt his brother squeeze his hand, trying his best to not let the worry show. Whatever was going on… he would figure it out, and he would fix things. Everything… everything would be alright. He’d be sure of it. He had time, at the very least.