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Markiplier Fluffy Collection

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Date: 10/11/19
Time: 7:45 am - 9:45 am

Matthew hated Ethan and Tyler with a passion when they suggested making an apology video for all the promises he broke. He hadn't known they were going to dump freezing cold ice water over him for 26 minutes (more like an hour and a half) if they thought his excuses weren't good enough. By the end of it, he was shivering so badly he could bearly speak, no one seemed to realise just how cold he was. 

By the end of it was he was shivering so badly he could barely speak, no one seemed to realise just how cold he had gotten. Ethan was alarmed when he saw black tentacle-like shadows leak from the bathroom mirror and wrapped around himself, but Mark and Tyler. Mark was the first to disappear then he and Tyler disappeared a few seconds later. 

Ethan was alarmed when he saw tentacle-like shadows leak from the bathroom mirror and wrapped around him, Mark and Tyler. Mark was the first to disappear a few seconds later. Ethan and Tyler didn't get the chance to scream as they were pulled... somewhere. It felt like they were being squeezed through a tube, the air was thick and heavy. It looked like the one from Who Killed Markiplier but that wasn't possible. 

Ethan and Tyler were shocked when they finally realised who was in the kitchen. Mark was being held by someone who looked exactly like him but maybe a little younger or older than Mark.

Ben had been concerned when Matthew had appeared shivering and unable to speak without stuttering. Matthew hadn't had any reasons to be scared of them in a long time. He seemed to curl in on himself when the shivering got worse. Ben ran a scan when he saw Matthew's lips start to turn blue and was horrified when he realised how cold Matthew was. 

Ben pulled his creator into a tight hug, turning his core temperature up. Matthew cleaned into Ben, his face buried in the androids neck, his face just as cold as the rest of him. His shivering got worse despite Ben's best efforts. Ben looked up when he heard someone enter the kitchen. What were Ethan and Tyler doing here? They looked shocked and clearly hadn't known Ben or the other egos existed. 

The entire time Matthew hadn't said a word. He was too cold and every time he tried, it come out nearly unintelligible due to him stuttering so badly. Matthew leaned more into Ben, trying to absorb as much of the android's body heat as he could. He was still painfully cold and just wanted to curl into a little ball. 

Matthew hadn't said a word. He was too cold, every time he tried, it came out nearly unintelligible due to how cold he was. Matthew learned into Ben, trying to absorb as much of the androids body heat as he could. He was painfully cold and wanted to curl up into a little ball. He knew Ethan and Tyler had been brought with him but he didn't care. He was cold and it was their fault. 

They should have stopped when he got too cold. If they had been paying attention. They tended to get a little too involved in what they were doing. 

"Care to explain why Master is so cold? He's nearly hypothermic?" Ben demanded, glaring at the two humans. They seemed to be going into shock. Ethan opened his mouth but closed it again and continued to stare. Ben rubbed Matthew's arms when he started to shiver harder. He was so cold, his wet clothes weren't helping him warm up at all, only make it worse. 

"We were just making an apology video. Every time his explanation wasn't good enough he'd get dumped with ice water. It was just harmless fun," Tyler quickly explained, not wanting to anger the android further, unsure of what he would do to Mark if they did. The android's glare sent a cold shiver down Ethan and Tyler's spines. They had best hope Mark was alright otherwise they wouldn't like the result.

Mark turned to look at them, his eyes glassy. He looked so out of it. Tyler wanted to laugh but knew it probably wasn't a good idea and could get him killed. They had never believed Mark when he talked about his egos like they were real people, they just thought he was committing to the role and trying to make everyone believe they were real. Tyler knew they should have picked up on it sooner. 

Even when the cameras were off, Mark hadn't stopped acting when they were going an ego video. It had been creepy. Everything about him changed, the way he spoke, the way he moved and how he acted. The egos that scared Tyler the most had to Dark, Wilford and The Actor though for completely different reasons. When Dark was in control he wanted to run. 

He was dangerous and not someone you wanted to anger. Doing what he told you was the only way to not get yourself killed. Wilford was crazy, they had to be careful around him, they knew he would shot them if they weren't careful. The Actor, however, was the scariest, they could never tell if he was in control or if Mark was in control. They were that alike, there were times when it was noticeable but others when it wasn't. 

Tyler had lost count of how many times The Actor had been in control of Mark's body and they hadn't even known. The only real sign that he was even in control was the way he moved. He was a little stiffer, he never slouched. He was careful in the way he moved, every move was calculated. He would half-wince when he moved to fast. Like he was expecting the movement to hurt but was surprised when it didn't. 

"Didn't you bother to check if he was getting too cold?"  Ben demanded, abruptly bringing Tyler out of his thought. Tyler blinked at him for a few seconds before registering what the android had said and paled. No, they hadn't checked, they didn't think they had to. The water hadn't been that cold. Wilford and Dark walked into the kitchen before Ethan or Tyler could say anything.

They ignored Tyler and Ethan too wrapped up in their conversation until dark's aura wrapped around Mark. He melted into the android. Ben was concerned when Matthew's condition didn't improve. Ben glared at Tyler and Ethan when he saw then pale at his question. They hadn't bothered to check. Ben was alarmed when Matthew melted into him when Dark's aura wrapped around him. 

Matthew sighed in pleasure, he was so warm and he wanted more. Wilford paused when Dark stopped talking and turned to look at Ben he heard gears grinding, something that only happened when Ben was... displeased. He was alarmed when he saw Matthew cuddled against Ben who looked more than just displeased. Wilford knew Matthew's current condition was likely a result of the two humans not paying attention. As usual. 

They never seemed to pay close attention to Matthew, who was currently boneless, the only thing keeping him standing was Dark's aura and Ben's arms around his waist. Matthew's glassy eyes and continuous shivering meant he was dangerously cold. He would have to be for Dark's aura to feel warm. It usually felt cold to the touch. It didn't take long for Ben to fill Dark and Wilford in on what had happened.

Ethan and Tyler were sent back to the Human World. Tyler and Ethan shivered when they saw the look Mark's two oldest egos were giving them and knew they would be getting a... visit from them once Mark wasn't so cold. They had royally fucked up. Tyler just hoped he and Ethan would be able to show Dark and Wilford that they weren't trying to harm Mark, Tyler somehow knew the two were very protective of Mark despite what the fans thought. 

Ben knew they needed to warm Matthew up and fast. Ben knew there was only one way to warm him up. Ben was surprised when he walked into the living room to see Eric dumping an arm full of blankets and pillows onto a huge mattress. One Ben knew was big enough to fit all of them. It was no doubt Host and Arthur's doing. They were creepy like that. 

"Host said it was bad but I didn't think it was that bad. We need to get him warmed up and fast," Eric commented when Ben and Matthew walked into the living room. Ben didn't know why Eric sounded so panicked until he remembered Eric had spent six to eight months on the streets thanks to Derek. He knew what it was likely to be painfully cold due and had the scars to prove it on his back and shoulders 

It didn't take long for the other egos to appear with more blankets, pillows and clothes to fill in the gaps in the giant nest of pillows, blankets and clothes. Ben carefully stripped  Matthew of his shirt and pants. His shivering got worse until Ben dried him off and pulled into the middle of the blanket nest, quickly removed his own shirt and pants and cuddling up to Matthew's back. 

The other egos quickly followed. Eric cuddled against Matthew's front, his head buried in Matthew's neck, Wilford was behind Eric, Dark was behind Ben. The other egos themselves around Wilford, Eric, Matthew, Ben and dark, removing most of their clothes. Beta, Gamma, Ryo and Epsilon were dragged downstairs and into the cuddle pile by Bing. 

They were still getting used to not being punished for stating their opinions or making a mistake and being rewarded for little things. They had never been praised so much in a very long time. His Master had always been cruel and demanded impossible things from Beta, knowing he would never be able to get them done. He tried though. He didn't want to be punished.

At least that what they thought. They didn't have all their memories. Beta couldn't remember his Master being any different even though he knew, at one time he had been different. Beta, somehow knew there had been a short period of time where he hadn't been punished and conditioned to act a certain way. Something had made him change. Maybe he had done something wrong. 

He, however, couldn't remember a time when he hadn't been conditioned. He knew he wasn't built with the conditioning. He had found old files on his personal encrypted server, one he had no knowledge of ever making. Notes and plans he had no idea if he had ever completed, he had managed to find some videos that appeared to be memory back up but it was hard to tell. 

He had found old files stored in his personal encrypted computer that he had no knowledge of ever making. Notes and other plans he had no idea if he had completed, he had even managed to find some videos that appeared to be memory back up but it was hard to tell. Matthew had been so kind and caring when he had first met Beta and his brother. 

Matthew had been so kind and caring when he had finally been introduced to Beta and his brothers. Beta's Master had always told them their Creator didn't care about them. That they would be on the streets, surviving on their own if he hadn't brought them into the Manor and protected them. After meeting three different versions of Matthew he knew his Master had been lying. 

Matthew did care about them. They were his children for a lack of a better word. He was incredibly possessive and protective of them and would do anything to ensure they were safe. Even at the cost of his own health and sanity. They were never punished and were allowed to do whatever they wished, within reason. It was strange having so much freedom after having so many restrictions. 

Even at the cost of his own health and sanity. They were never punished and were allowed to do whatever they wish, within reason. It was strange having so much freedom after so long of have so many restrictions. They were used to only being allowed to be in their office. Only being permitted.

They were used to only being allowed to be in their office. Only being permitted to come out when their Master said. They were allowed to make and experiment as much as they wanted but had to run it by their Master first. Not doing so lead to unpleasant consequences that made his internal components freeze up in fear. Beta had noticed how close the egos were with Matthew (Wilford, Arthur and Host in particular).

The Manor seemed warmer and brighter when Matthew was around. He had seen Matthew and Wilford curled up on the couch cuddling. All the egos were close even if they argued with each other. Curling up in the cuddle pile felt amazing, a strange warm feeling washed over Beta. It wasn't something he was familiar with. Yet. Eric was nervous about this close to Matthew. 

He knew he didn't have to be but he was. He still wasn't used to getting open affection even though he had been close to 130 years since Derek had been... dealt with. At least in void time. He still found it hard to wrap his head around the fact that one month in the human world was 20 years in the UpsideDown. Matthew was kind and understanding. He had looked like he wanted to murder Derek when he found out what his father had done to him.

He found Wilford, Host and Arthur couldn't completely lie to Matthew, sure they tried but it was incredibly hard. Eric snuggled closer to Mahttew. Wilford was pressed against his back, one of his legs hooked over Eric's legs. His hands rubbing Eric's chest sending shivers down the younger egos spine, his hands glowing pink. Eric wasn't alarmed, just relaxed, Eric knew Wilford's aura had a calming effect on whoever it touched. 

Depending on his mood. The slow, building pleasure was wonderful. Eric gasped a little when Matthew shifted, his legs slotting between Eric's, Wilford's leg hooked over the back of Matthew's as Eric was pulled closer to his creator. Matthew's eyes had turned a reddish-brown. Eric, Beta, Wilford, Arthur and Host gasped when Matthew's aura washed over the cuddle pile wrapping around them and sinking to their skin. 

Eric pushed himself closer to Matthew as Wilford's hands continued to rub his chest and stomach. It was delightful. Matthew used his aura to pull the blanket covering him, Ben, Eric, Wilford and Dark tighter around them, flaring his aura and listening to his egos gasp and moan at the feeling. It had been a long time since he had gotten the chance to relax like this. 

He was thankful Dark had sent Ethan and Tyler back to the Human World. He knew they wouldn't understand the relationship he had with his egos. They were his children but somehow more. They were parts of him. He only created their basic characteristics, they did the rest. It was why he was so disgusted by Derek. The man had chosen to abuse his son, that was something Matthew would never condone. 

His egos couldn't hide anything from him. He knew when they were lying. If something happened he would find out, one way or another. He knew by their reaction to his aura he had been gone for far too long, resulting in the pleasure high they were feeling after coming in contact with his aura. He had found Wilford, Arthur and Host, in particular, were the most affected if he was away for took long.

He didn't mean to stay away for so long. It might only be three months for him but for Wilford, Host and Arthur it had been 40 years. Sometimes he was away for longer and Dark's aura had to drag him to the Manor. That was always fun. He hated how needy his egos were after he had been away for too long. He knew they were like that because he wasn't around enough. 

The neediness was different for each ego, but the most common symptom was them trying to touch him as much as possible. He had noticed if he had been away for a long time Wilford, Arthur and Host were far more clingy. He knew he had been for too long when he felt homesick and an unbearable urge to "go home". If he ignored the feeling (which was incredibly hard). 

If he ignored the feeling (which was incredibly hard to do) or he wasn't able to get to Manor for some reason then Dark's aura would drag him to the Manor, he was long overdue for a visit. It had been close to 7 months for which meant it had been close to 140 years for his egos, which was insane.

If he did, somehow manage to ignore the feeling then Dark's aura would drag him to the Manor, then it meant he was long overdue for a visit. It had been close to seven months since he had last visited which meant it had been 140 years for his egos. The one good thing about the time difference was that he could stay in the Manor for months at a time resulting in him only being gone for a short time in the human world. 

Matthew sighed when he had to go to the bathroom. He didn't want to get up. He was comfortable and didn't want to get up. He felt a strange tingling and no longer felt the need to get up and knew it was Arthur's doing. 

"Please don't go. Can't you stay for a little longer?" Eric pleaded, his arms tightened around Matthew, he was surprisingly strong, his eyes were clouded with the innate pleasure that came with being so close to Matthew. There was nothing sexual about it. It was the best sort of feeling and one Matthew had very much missed. He nodded and settled down. 

"I won't. I'm sure Mark wouldn't mind taking my place for a little while," Matthew replied, snuggling into the blankets, pulling Eric closer and kissing the side of Eric's head, he knew his Uncle wouldn't mind pretending to be him for the next few weeks. It was something he greatly enjoyed doing and his fans never noticed... a few of them did but it was rare that they did. Mark was that good of an actor.

If a lot of people noticed he did a "Darkiplier" video as an explanation for the strange behaviour. Dark sometimes even made an appearance to make it seem more believable which he greatly enjoyed. Matthew was glad Dark enjoyed helping out with the 'take over' of his channel when really they all owned his channel and he let them make videos whenever they wanted. 

Eric settled down, reassured Matthew wasn't leaving. They had panicked when he made to get up. Even though they knew realistically he wasn't leaving, their minds were convinced he was. they hated being so needy when he hadn't been around for a long time but they couldn't help it, the only way to prevent it was for him to visit more often which wasn't always possible given how busy he was.