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Markiplier Fluffy Collection

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Date: 14/12/19 – 16/12/19
Time: 11:16 pm – 12:17 am

Dark had felt a strange presence in the manor had gone to investigate, it felt similar to when someone from another universe was transported to the manor, he was concerned when he found Yancy curled up in one of the spare rooms with nothing more than a worn blanket and ratty pillow. He was shivering and looked terrified when Dark walked into the room.

"Yancy, what are you doing in here?" Dark questioned walking over to the ex-convict slowly, Yancy didn’t answer, just curled into a tighter ball, pulling his thin blanket around him more, trying to hide as Dark walked closer. It took Dark a few seconds to realise this wasn’t their version of Yancy but a different version. If the lack of scars on his arms and the brown leather collar he was wearing.

It had two D-rings on either side and a thin rectangular box held in place by another leather band. Dark knew he had to be careful, he didn’t want Yancy panicking, particularly if he, like their version had wings. He had seen the sort of damage Yancy’s wings could do to someone.

"I-I'm sorry, I'll do a better job next time, I promise, I'll do anything you want, can I please go back to my cell," SC Yancy pleaded, his voice a horse whisper. Dark felt sick and his resolve to kill Warden Murder-Slaughter in a very painful way got stronger. It seemed the Warden was only a respectable person in one universe, in the rest he was an abusive arsehole who put Yancy (and likely the other inmates) through hell.

Despite being in charge of looking after and providing for them during their stay in Happy Trails State Penitentiary.

"You have nothing to apologise for. You're safe now," Dark reassured, kneeling next to SC Yancy gently pulling him into a hug, the young ego tensed though soon relaxed when Dark started to run his back and hum softly. SC Yancy soon slumped against the person holding him, feeling safe for the first time in a very long time.

He was finding it harder and harder to do so and soon fell asleep against the man. He had no idea how he ended up in this room, he had been in solitary with nothing more than a blanket and pillow. The room was always cold, the blanket being nowhere near thick enough anymore to be even remotely warm, but it was something.

He leaned more into the man holding him, they were warm and solid and far more comfortable than the ground.

He tried to keep his eyes open but was finding progressively harder to do and soon fell asleep. Dark stared down at SC Yancy and sighed sadly wondering what sort of hell his version of the Warden had put him through. He smiled when he felt the soft brush of feathers against his arms and gently started to comb his finger through the unseen feathers.

He clicked his fingers and warm and fluffy blanket appeared and he carefully wrapped it around SC Yancy and picked him up and walked out of the room, ensuring the ego in his arms remained asleep wasn’t’ difficult as he walked into one of the spare bedrooms. Yancy was about to start drinking his coffee when the tattoo on his right hand started to burn and tingle.

He put his cup down, closed his eyes and held his hand, breathing through the pain, hoping it would pass soon. Before he went on parole and come to the manor he had no idea what his knuckle tattoos burning and tingling meant but he did now. Dark was angry about something. He traced Dark’s name, hoping it would calm the entity down. It only worked some of the time depending on how upset he was.

Finding out Yancy from another universe had appeared in one of the unused rooms wasn’t exactly a shock but it expected either. They had visitors from different universes all the time. It was something they were used to. It took a few days for the ‘Main’ egos to finally SC Yancy, when they did, they noticed the differences right away. SC Yancy wasn’t as muscular as Yancy nor was he as tan.

He has the same tattoos as Yancy, but they were different somehow, standing out more against his pale skin. He had brown leather cuffs around his wrists. The way he held himself was different as well. Even though he wasn't hunched like Eric was when he first arrived, he was still noticeably shorter than Yancy.

It was only when Yancy got up and stood next to him did they realise it was because he was younger than Yancy which was mind-bending and confusing but something they had gotten used to.

"How can he look younger than you?" Ed questioned staring at the two-winged men, readjusting his hat when the slight wind from Yancy’s fluttering wings made it tilt over his eyes. It had taken them a while to get used to Yancy having wings and the unique problems that come with that. Thankfully Yancy’s wings were often intangible making things easier though there was almost always a slight breeze from his wings flapping and fluttering.

Yancy laughed, shaking his head as he walked over to the fridge. His wings continued to shift and flutter. They flared briefly as he started to rummage around in the fridge trying to find something. It was easy to read Yancy’s mood if his wings were visible. It had taken them a while to understand how Yancy’s wings reacted to his moods. The near-constant breeze had taken some getting used to.

"I'm only 34, I’m not that young," SC Yancy replied staring at Ed, he looked remarkably like Eric when he was annoyed with them. SC Yancy looked like he was maybe a year or two older than Eric. The younger ego had stopped hunch so much after Google had given new prosthetics. It was startling to realise just how many of Eric mannerisms were dictated by his prosthetics.

"That would mean youse are 13 years younger than me and 11 years into youse 24 year stay at that Hell Hole people call Happy Trails Penitentiary," Yancy commented absentmindedly as he dug around in the fridge trying to find something. His wings puffed up in annoyance as he moved things around, he leaned more into it. They had found their fridge could a ridiculous amount of food.

It was bigger on the inside, much like the TARDIS, except for food. Ed, Google, Eric, Bim, King, CJ, RJ, Host, Reynolds, Dark and Wilford stared at Yancy as he finally pulled what appeared to be cupcakes from somewhere in the fridge. Bim frowned, he didn’t remember baking any cupcakes recently. The plate of cupcakes were frosted and much bigger than the ones Bim usually made. Reynold's eyes lit up as soon as he saw them.

"Yancy, that doesn't explain how he looks younger than you," Bim stated, Yancy, closed the fridge with his hip and turned to face them, one cupcake already in his mouth. Eric had to stop himself from laughing at the sight. Yancy glared at Eric, holding the plat closer to him when Eric started to make grabby hands. Bim had to stifle his laughter when Eric pouted, crossed his arms and glared at his brother.

He really was too cute.

"I may look 30 but I'm 47. I tend to look younger than I am," Yancy explained munching on the cupcake. Eric lost his battle and started to laugh at the shocked look on everyone’s face. A lot of people had always said he looked a lot like his brother. He had no idea what they had meant. He didn’t look anything like his brothers. The only person he looked like was Yan.

"It’s true. Yan looked like he was 23 when he was 18 and 18 when he was 23. It was hilarious. Hand over the cupcakes. You can't hog them all to yourself," Reynolds answered holding out a hand for a cupcake only for Yancy to glare at him. Bing had noticed how possessive and protective Yancy was of anything given to him, be it blankets, clothes or food. He wanted to know why but didn’t want to find out at the same time.

“No, it wasn’t Voorhees, it was beyond irritating.  People generally don’t believe them when someone who looks like their 18 and should be in school that there is something seriously wrong with their car. I can and I will,” Yancy snapped, Reynolds sighed, shaking his head knowing it was hopeless to try and get food off of Yancy.

If he had thought Yancy was protective of possessive of his food and bedding before he went to prison, it had nothing on when he got out.

Reynolds had always put it down to Yancy having 13 younger brothers and having to put up with them stealing his food and bedding but hadn’t thought much of it after that. It was only after Dark and Matthew had rescued him did he start to suspect the Warden had taken away his food and bedding at times as a form of punishment when Yancy did something wrong.

The thought of Yancy got getting anything to eat or having to make do with a very thin blanket in a very cold cell made something cold settle in Reynolds stomach. He knew the Warden abused Yancy not only physically but emotionally and mentally. 

Playing with Yancy's expectations, saying he would punish Yancy for doing something wrong one time and not punish him and then punishing him the next time he broke a 'rule' (whether known or unknown) even though he said he wouldn't. It had seriously messed with Yancy's head. He never believed anyone when they said he 'wasn't in trouble' because of the Warden's treatment.

Reynolds knew from Eric had told him of his eight-month stay in Happy Trails Penitentiary that the inmates were only allowed a certain amount of food for each meal. If they did something wrong their food would be restricted or they would be given more if they had been good. He had mentioned or more than one occasion that the Warden would often restrict how much Yancy could eat for weeks at a time.

Forcing him to rely on the other inmates to get him enough food. Then there were times where he was given more than he could handle but he ate it anyway because he had no idea when he would next get to eat that much. It was horrible and depressing but explained why Yancy, for his first week at the manor and after he had come back from Happy Trails would eat a large amount of food faster than a normal person.

Even though Yancy knew he was going to getting another meal, Dark had repeatedly reassured him he would never be hungry while he was in the manor, he still did it anyway because he wasn't convinced Dark would actually let him eat during the next meal. It was something they had learned after Dark and Matthew had retrieved him from Happy Trails after he disappeared.

The cautiously hopeful look on his face when Will had given him some bread and soup (he hadn't eaten much during his three-week disappearance thus couldn't stomach much rich food) was heartbreaking. He acted like he expected Dark to take away his meal at any minute something Reynolds was sure the Warden had done to Yancy.

Thus he learned how to quickly eat his food so the Warden wouldn't have the chance to take it away from him. SC YAncy appeared to have been treated the same but on a more severe level. He would eat his food as quickly as possible but not as for more even though it was clear he was still hungry and wanted more but was afraid to ask. 

Very afraid. Yancy had been nervous and cautious about asking but he had never been outright afraid to ask for more of anything. 

“Do you want some more?” Wilford questioned when he saw SC Yancy staring at the stew. He opened his mouth like he was about to say something when he stiffened, he eyes widened and his wings appeared flapping and fluttering. He stumped after two minutes, his wings folded against his back, shivering. Not once in those two minutes had his hands moved from the table, or did he make a sound. 

He was shivering, his wings and arms would occasionally jerk.

“N-no, I-I’m not hungry,” SC Yancy answered, his voice horse and thin, Wilford knew it was a lie. He knew SC Yancy was still hungry and wanted more food but wasn't going to ask for anymore. A bread roll appeared on his plat, he went to reach for it but stiffened again, it last longer this time. Each time he tried to reach for the bread roll he was offered. 

Each episode lasted long and long, he eventually let out a painful sounding whine and started to tug and scratch at the collar around his neck.

Soon enough the scratch marks started to bleed. Yancy stalked over to CJ and RJ when he heard them giggling and grabbed the black remote they were holding and switched it off. SC Yancy slumped against the table sobbing a little. CJ and RJ looked alarmed when they found themselves staring up at a clearly very pissed off Yancy, his wings flared out on him either side of him making him look bigger and threatening.

“What do you think you’re doing and where did you find this?” Yancy demanded, holding the black remote like the thing was going to bite him, the twins grabbed the remote and pressed something before darting out of the room. SC Yancy let out a pained whine, his fingernails digging into his neck, his legs kicked against the chair.

Yancy growled and crushed the remote, SC Yancy slumped, tears leaking from his eyes as he stared at the table. Yancy walked over to the younger convict and easily removed the collar revealing what appeared to be two strange dots on the side of his neck along with what looked like scratch and cut marks.

He flinched when Yancy touched his neck and unbuckled the collar. He removed the trap holding the rectangular box and throwing it in the trash before putting the collar back on gently though not before putting tissue between the collar and cleaning and bandaging the scratches before putting the collar back on. 

“What the hell is that thing?” Eric questioned staring at the strange collar. The look on Yancy's face was frankly scary. SC Yancy flinch and looked like he wanted to pull away but didn't. He wrapped his arms around his waist and seemed to curl into a little ball. It was painful. Wilford wanted to give SC Yancy lots of hugs. 

A cold feeling settled in his stomach when he saw the blank look on Yancy's face. 

He had improved a great deal since Dark and Matthew had gotten back from Happy Trails Penitentiary. He didn't act like that very often, but it was jarring when it did happen. It was almost like he was a completely different person. He acted a lot like Richard. Reynolds had mentioned that was how Yancy had acted before he had gone to prison. 

The timidness as a result of Derek's treatment of him and his time at Happy Trails State Penitentiary 

“That, Eric, is a shock collar. Come on, those scratches need to be clean out,” Yancy answered flatly before grabbing a few bread rolls, pulling SC Yancy out of his seat and out of the kitchen, likely heading up to his room which had its own bathroom. As he led younger convict out of the room Wilford and had noticed the cuffs around his ankles.

Sharing a worried wondering how much Murder-Slaughter had abused this version of Yancy as he stumbled, his legs not working correctly, Yancy sighed and wrapped an arm around his waist as he led the younger prisoner to his room. SC Yancy stared in shock when he was led into a nice-looking room with dark walls, extremely soft carpet and a huge bed. 

He flinched a little as he was led into the bathroom and his collar was removed again and the scratches were cleaned again, bandages were wrapped around his neck, but the collar wasn't put back on.

“He’s not going to hurt you again, not if Dark and Matthew can do anything about it. They not going to stop you from eating,” Yancy reassured after he walked back into his bedroom with a spare set of clothes. The younger convict took the clothes with a smile and quickly changed, trying to stop his limbs from shaking. it was embarrassing that he even needed help at all.  

“A-are y-you sure?” SC Yancy questioned, his voice thin and horse thanks to the shock collar. Yancy nodded, dragging him over to the huge bed. The growled when he saw the cuffs around SC Yancy's tights and just under his knees and knew exactly what it was for, knowing his version of the Warden likely chained him up, either to his bed or in solitary using the collar and the cuffs.

He crawled into bed and pulled the 34-year-old into a hug, encouraging him to curl against his chest as he wrapped his wings around him, completely covering him. 

“Quite sure. They’re not like the Warden.  They do care about us. You might not be from this universe but while you’re here your safe,” Yancy replied shifting a little as the younger man got more comfortable, his arms trapped between his and Yancy's chest. SC Yancy looked up at him, it was strange seeing his own face looking down at him yet not recognising it.

“S-So I won -won’t be tied up every night?” SC Yancy asked timidly sighing and snuggling closer when Yancy just nodded. The Warden used his collar and cuffs to tie him to his bed every night. He was unable to move or stop anyone from doing what they wish to him if they entered his cell. He was usually tied up with his back facing the bars.

He learned to eat all the food given to him as quickly as possible before the Warden or the guards got impatient. He never asked for more, if he did then he would be shocked. The other inmates had taken to feeding him when the guards weren't looking knowing they were allowed to eat as much as they wanted. 

Yancy was the only with the food restriction. He knew he would never escape Happy Trails State Penitentiary. The Warden would never let his pet go no matter how much he begged and pleaded. He was just thankful he still had his wings. He had no idea what he would have done if the Warden had removed them. 

He had noticed the scars and bite marks on Yancy's arms and couldn't help but wonder where they had come from but didn't dare ask, he didn't want Yancy angry with him. He knew very well what he was like when he was angry.

CJ and RJ were alarmed when they were dragged to the meeting by Dark's aura. They had no idea why the 'Main' egos were upset with them and knew as soon as Dark started asking questions that they had blacked out again. It had been happening more frequently recently. Dark did not look pleased when they told him they didn't remember leaving their room to go to breakfast. 

They didn't want to hurt anyone and yet it somehow kept happening. From hurting Prince to tying Yancy to a chair and leaving in a cold dark room for hours and now they had electrocuted a badly abused version of Yancy, it didn't matter that he was from another universe. It was alarming but they had no idea how to stop it. 

It was like they were puppets and there was nothing they could do but dance to their master's tune.

SC Yancy jerked awake in the middle of the night, he didn't remember falling asleep. It was dark and warm which immediately had him on alert, his cell was never warm. He couldn't move, whatever was wrapped around him was tight but not uncomfortable. He tried not to panic but it was impossible, he thought he had finally escaped but he could still feel his collar and cuffs. 

Whatever was holding tightened when he started to struggle. He stopped when he felt something pressing against his face and opened his eyes to a dimly lit room when he felt the warm weight move off him and saw his own face staring back at him. It took him a few seconds to realise where he was and he relaxed knowing he was safe but he could still feel his collar and cuffs. 

"Hey, calm down, your safe now. He'll pay for what he did,"