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Markiplier Fluffy Collection

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Date: 22/11/19
Time: 11:10 pm - 1:17 am

Only a select few knew William James Barnum was female despite the fact she acted and dressed like a male. Damien and Mark would have never found out if it hadn’t been for the camping trip where a certain giant red, black, grey and white fluffy squirrel ‘accidentally’ knocked a jar of Arthur’s ink onto Will’s clothes.

Will of course panicked and quickly removed her shirt revealing what at first appeared to be a white crop top but when Damien looked closer, he could see three rows of looked to hook an eye clasps on the side of the crop top under Will’s right arm. It didn’t take long for Damien, Arthur or Mark to figure out what the ‘crop top’ meant and by the time they had Will had realised which she had done.

They promised not to tell anyone and spent the rest of the ‘camping trip’ figuring out how to stop other people from accidentally finding out William James Barnum was actually Wilhelmina Jemima Barnum the rarely seen but very beautiful heiress. Arthur created several clothing items that would help Mina appear male.

Soon enough people started to notice William always seemed to be wearing a white or black tank top underneath his clothes but they thought nothing of it, he never went completely shirtless, it was a little strange but no one dared to say anything after some unlucky sod said the wrong thing to William and ended up getting punched. In the face.

“Oh you’ve got to be fucking kidding,” the person cursed, they were soaking wet, their black hair plastered to their face, they paled when they saw The Jim’s, Bim, King and Eric staring down at them, they opened their mouth to say something when the front door opened creating a draft and the person shivered.

“Are you alright?” Eric asked trying his best to keep his eyes on what he could see of the persons face rather than their very naked body as they curled in a tighter ball sighing a little when Dark finally pushed the door shut before turning his attention back to the person curled up on the floor shivering from the cold. He clicked his fingers and a huge, fluffy towel appeared. He wrapped it around their shoulder’s.

“Thank you. At least one of you has some manners. Eye’s on my face Trimmer. I’m fine for the most part other than wanting to strangle the person responsible for sending me here,” the person answered as they wrapped the towel around them and stood with Dark’s help smiling. They brush their hair out of their wet hair out of their face and Eric realised how much they looked like Darkling.

“You’re welcome. I do try. How did you end up here?” Dark questioned and the person sighed clearly annoyed about something. A pale pink aura flickered around them and for a few seconds, they looked like Wilford before their appearance returned to normal. They growled and looked like they wanted to murder someone.

“I have no fucking idea though I suspect it has to do with my friend sister who is a fucking bitch in more ways than one,” the person answered as Wilford walked into the living room scribbling notes down on a piece of paper as he walked but stopped when he heard the person speaking and cursed after a few seconds.

“She didn’t take the news so well then? What did they say?” Will questioned, the person shook their head, he clicked his fingers and the personal appearance changed to look like Will but only briefly which was trippy but something they were used to. They had met several different versions of their surrogate father over the years.

“No, she didn’t. She fucking childish when she bloody well wants to be. No idea what she did to my powers though. They’re shot to hell at the moment” the person answered brushing their hair out of their face yet again before sighing in irritation, pulling a hair tie off their wrist and tying their long curly black hair into a messy twisted bun so it was out of their face and of their neck.

Bim stared at the person for a few seconds before looking down, noticing the way the towel clung to their body and realised that she was female

"Keep your eyes on my face Trimmer"